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The Foolish Missionary

Norbert Schwer Mark Ranzinger



  • October 30, 2009
    8:30 AM
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sorry about the slight delay this is a very good way to start a program on missions this is an easy never done mission trips there's nothing that ask quite like it's supposed to raise your eyes trying to meet one's missing is consistently on what I like to do in the next two minutes just briefly introduced normally tell you that the kind of program that would like to do here and then if there's things that would be more helpful for your needs as were talking we can change it has were going I my name is Mark Franzen I spent seven years in Africa during the time when the people came to visit me and was very helpful as Doctor Norbert sure where we developed a friendship we actually came to know each other in medical school and Norbert has and will burden for a short-term missions and so this is subject today will discuss kind of the theology between behind short-term missions some people think it's a waste of time why do you go why we spend so much money what will it accomplish for the people over there what is it going to do for the person going Norbert has made items on last count forty fifty short-term mission trips to all different parts of the world so part of it is going to be the theological and practical idea behind short-term missions in the news can talk about some specific trip show some pictures when only the last ten or fifteen minutes open for questions what I'd like to do is get our session going to start with the short tax them only to be used to words from this tax finance found in Matthew twenty eight and that's where Jesus says go ye and what send me for asking 20th-century how do we fulfill like commands only a few cantos of full-time missionaries there's something short of going as a full-time missionary this can be a service for people around the world and also for your church so what I like to be his habits to start with the word of prayer and help turn the remainder of the time to Doctor Square Lord it's been such a blessing to be here these meetings were ready as we have these few minutes to talk together about how we can fulfill the commission of years ago we leave we ask that you be with us in our thoughts and our discussions in your name would be blast as result of our time together as a premium price the human father thank you for that kind introduction market just a couple of items I'm running it only started one of the things that I think is most beneficial for meeting I miss is to make sure the service start sharing and pooling our resources so that way I can do this for you and you for me is if you would give me just a way to connect to you and I'm not sure whether the people in charge of the conference would do that anyway but if you please share your e-mail address and phone number I'm not good at calling me does I don't like doing phone tag but I'm pretty good at answering e-mails to my side of do not like these types of meeting since I got back into it Mark said on so excited about going to the e-mail accounts I really want you to come in thinking now I don't want to do this and nice night my very available excuse was I don't have any more vacation days left in marks on the prop must give you some of my new goal staff feel like I said a kind of backed into this because really truly I don't feel like an expert if you have done mission work before as much as syndicated you you are you are at the front lines and things do not work well at the frontline frequently have to be very adapted and changed the program so it makes you feel like you're very inexperienced every time you do a trip did a lot of planning a lot of preparation but in the end things in a workout significantly different than you had imagined but I don't about sixty trips I guess Mark thought I could at least talk about some of my experiences I do not like this theoretical stuff I'm not good I don't feel really called to do it I'd rather like to go out and do a trip so that's what you like let me know not gladly sign you up for so not feeling like I'm the expert I brought my coach and I expect him to interrupt me and to stick me say this at least and I expect you to do the same I think that there is a lot of expertise about it gives represented in this room is once you might even get my attention if you have something on your mind just say please when I was eight years old our pastor hostas write a little card what we would like to do when we grow up and I thought I'm limited please the man to death today note on my card I want to be a missionary so he kept me back off to the religion class is a Norbert I want you to stick to that thought that's a really really good choice and I totally forgotten about it until years and years later ham costume some of these things that back when I said or wrote on the correct place in the house during my baccalaureate degree at bolthole from the evangelist showed up he was warned Switzerland but had been in the US for many years he came in an evangelistic series for me I was seventeen you only really really really spoke to my heart has baptized each fifteen but that's when I had my spiritual baptism and on other things that he said really touched me and I tried it and it worked he says you have to worry about Sadie are on talk tomorrow morning you are Scott the night before to wake you up but is time for you to worship and God will wait sloppy maybe it's a thirty morning does have a lot of praying to do that day and it may be ten minutes before you have to run off but God will wake you up and I tried that important and even now when I want to have a special time advertising you wake me up when it's time and it's weird sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and you tried it anyway so I thought it and I always enjoyed many men missionaries would comment how about the big story and how much of that is true but it was so exciting to hear the being at the front line of descent have to live through these sometimes terrifying experience that always come out praising God since I wanted that part of that was very egotistical I wanted to be like that I want to go and tell people the stores has after finishing my baccalaureate degree as I've always wanted to become a doctor but my counselors begged until Norbert you don't have what it takes you to stupid okay and as I something inside me said prove them wrong but for right now I have really no options in the government recommended I go on so at least let me study theologies have a way to go and communicate to do to other people decided to a couple years ago but all them into colognes bag of money sauce there and then went on to Andrew 's University I did my master debater and did very well finished with honors and people said probably while the folks magazine which is a pastor numbness and where were you when I really needed you should I had to pay from my school bells on my hard labor daily labor and that my advice and Anderson Norman I mean knowledge of this offer medicine you are very smart you graduate all honors you can do this if you want is what's in your heart go do it sigh changed until Melinda and we do a lot of sitting for four years the study major at that time he met up with a very very unique individual probably a lot of you know the card at the time which is start out the sun one on this charter student members of the sales organization student international mission services things were stands for and we started doing the trips over to San Bernardino in the evening to treat and help people that had absolutely no access to health care at the time and he's set up started my love for those types of activities is very need to be involved we prayed together we paid for our patients we were able to help them in the felt really good inside and then I was asked to set up participate in short-term missions not really never took the time or have the courage to do it until in my senior year good friend of mine Doctor ten rows of a normal gut the Portland towards Oregon whatever the only forget he invited me to come down to shop us southern Mexico he had a brother-in-law down there is a missionary and his sister and two weeks over Christmas we had a great visit physician network set up by the hand and taught as a whole bunch of stuff and that's got me started him I was assuming this is frontline this is good and you come back knowing that God is taking care of you and so many different ways that you will never figure out if you to see how so obviously that was since some of them was born within me I bought wanted to do it again I hooked up with different people different medical trips and you observe and you find out Maltby this is not all that well organized and part of it has to do is if you cannot prepare for every circumstance but I was among trade where the seventy nine priests and people were invited obviously with the hope that it would set catch not only that the mission spirit but also that they would catch our Christian you well my worse started doing archaeological seminar in the evening they were down at the bar picking up girls and drinking and smoking and insights the ministry just really really suffered side home from that particular trip and thinking you know really that wasn't good and I think I could organize it better myself and so the rest is history first I said it hooked up with friends that I've made medical school during residency that I knew were overseas such as Mark and site somebody at the other ended with a catchy okay when I'm traveled there obvious he would find out what is it that we can bring what expertise would set of materials in an together and there was somebody to receive you to help you with the paperwork to make sure that the government sort of okay Nikki didn't get stolen jail and analogous fee feed my mind my love was for missions in a two person on my wife we had signed up and had received a call to Papua New Guinea full time however we had some of the preparations and then this collated nine says you know folks we would like for you to consider releasing the call and obviously that's a question back and forth they had found an older couple not married with two kids it would've cost emission asserts to get them over there and do the same marked and we could done me a kids that need to be educated that odds are anyway Lisa called and also I come to find out as I live across the road is that as a surgeon you Saturday a hospital at the other end that is functional to the point where you can actually do surgery and there's not that many left in the world and some thinking at least I could be of help short-term I can be an assistance to our front-line missionary that are is there full-time and the way I saw his functioning was not only do I common encourage checking find equipment that they need to find some funds for some of the projects that they need to do and so I thought that would be dwindled to give this a little bit of a spiritual undermining and this was not choreographed I was thinking about sanitation a great commission as obvious you start off point God tells us to go and we called the great commission and I ask you why this is interactive you can give me an answer if you have one why do we call it the great commission okay that makes it great Jesus said it was sort of his final goodbye what else is good it was for the whole world is that the press you make excited that overwhelm you have ever be ever think about the magnitude of the task these they got it's impossible I can't do this in some people say in all this was not sent to me I was standing in that circle in our suspected disciples I really don't have a high and really you know he didn't speak to write into spoken to the galleys much better equipped to do in OB/GYN he can deliver babies I forgot how that works so we obviously are comfortable here in our environment and it's so much easier to just write a check and send marketable okay guys give no other gifts your have a wife and wants to go you know you got all the training you've done it before and I want you to understand and that's very important don't ever stop giving to the ministries that you think need help and deserve help and obviously part of what I've done here is to set a show you my little spiel my little deal and I'm hoping that some of you will be touched and help us out financially as well I am sort of startled every time place see this goal command insane word woman goal how far will have to go and do I have to go everywhere because it's like a huge huge task and then youngest to think of a whole bunch of excuses no life to new children I have really have a wife that needs comfort she doesn't want to lay on on the straw mattress and she does not deal with fleas and bug bites and she does want to get malaria and the list is obviously miles long of things that you could come up with that would disqualify you for mission service didn't say Hugo Lafayette education didn't say you go off to residents didn't say the Lafayette wife and children again data saying all off do you have said Bill Joe Little vampire okay a picture house paid for electric cars in the garage you kids are through college and you had money in the side okay no worries about the big things coming towards the end of the year about economic justice okay and something that I see repeatedly when I go on travel around the world there's people out there in the ministry I failed everything else they've done and if you don't bid if you can ask him what's your backup plan Norbert and think you know I can't get Doctor any more front to shake you cut straight down I cannot be a pastor I cannot be a missionary because it's instant status and its instant security is a big church structure that supports you have a regular salary have your insured against health problems all that and people respect you pastor so-and-so in this missionary 's own self but that's not what God asked you to do it as a tirade house when you failed and become a missionary so how far should you go where should you go and I prepared the short-term mission 's there's so much it has to come together that I don't have any control over cemetery a few of my experiences not too long ago I was ready to put a trip together getting ready to protect against the exam you to list before I left I had chest of we had switched our practice around just a midnight start operating on a new outpatient surgical center and works on a travel as nurses talk to each other not just talk to each other we talking operating while you go on a mission trip dock right now ready around your you needed what he got loudly got four boxes off of that special stuff that the dentist put since I don't feel him out and in the NCT side all questions are taken and exercising we got two hundred lenses that are close to being outdated and distancing a newcomer on the companies we need to get rid of them lenses twenty wow you know those things where you have cataracts that the protections of the potency well okay I'll taken notes that the book for you I don't think so we made extra room I paid the extra money takes to get on the luggage because knowledge the islands we squeeze your man back on to Zambia and reset it start unpacking in here I'm finding out that she just recently had hooked up with an ophthalmologist and the capital Lusaka that really needed help because she was reaching out to the total reported never could afford not even the surgery nor the lenses plus we have this huge eye Institute which I'd forgotten about right outside Lusaka so I'll be sometime towards the end of the trip we stopped in to drop off the lenses and they were chairs so blessed to get the gift now I had no foreknowledge aforethought that there was the need but God did I go out to the ministry we starts around patching the medicine and hears argument itself it was weird because you get the sense that he had something to confess but you know quite to do it inserts a certain wrong helping this thing would stop income close to me when seeing things which it showed that it has what's going on what's on your heart brother cases number we do not have an aesthetic for dental procedures we are totally flat on a money if you look at him he said rather God is taking care of you got four boxes will be for you that's exactly good for us anyhow it's nice I sent a brag about to the people that come to those evening meetings I say you know you to get the only been to store out in the bush for an old dentist will ever come to you he's got to come dealings and to give you a seizure when he takes you back T cell and this time we could necessarily because it was neither .h theorists who are traveling to Peru are playing with little playing from Solomon to Atlanta the plants I left Atlanta two hours late because big stars are moving through comics than two hours late and that's all the layout would have had to catch a plane in Atlanta going on to Lima time already praying hard items in God got a sixties I can fix it I can stop any more can't make preparations to take the next flight and even if we did what would happen you stand praying my heart out I have twelve people on this plane is is you guys better pray were in trouble beyond applying still terrible rain even something more storms in Atlanta we fight on the bumper to bumper to bumper height I mean talk to the other the hostess on the planus is we got twelve people were going very very tight connection or to monopolize the minute the plays in the leaf to leave would you please make an announcement to start I cannot because I made those announcements gazillion times they never work okay people are always in a hurry as I said would you please pray for you would you please she did the only time of the receipt work the twelve people in our trip walked off that plane without anybody getting up okay we got off the plane regrets are handpicked and I sent the fastest one hundred those of you be in town that you have to go back downstairs to take a tramp who are in turn led to go all the way to see I ran some reason you wander the healthiest people in an obviously I had this seventy six related with you always have a heart attack but has a relaxed you and I can walk slowly over to the terminal were late for the plate so be it so we walk we walked we going to see terminal row unit voice over it Satan Mister square Mrs. so-and-so you're holding up the flag mouth loaded luggage data and so we just like using aluminum will know enough and have article have a great time and so we come to the gate communicated was just really really really upset with us she was anxious you hope not despite this is not work this when and what fast as we could your own plane was late because up here we are beset on display now strange because they walk into the open area from this little training to the airport and sit down I'm enjoying the air-conditioning including effectively a commissioning and send Jesus we are on the plane but our luggage is never that make you to display any fruit on there without our luggage we have nothing we have no ministry is nothing to give okay usually I let people take one day her own stuff and I peck another back forth so we had twelve and she certainly found two bags huge bags of medical supplies some pretty dodgy data fix it so there's four names announced over the speaker of the plane safe please identify yourself and in five minutes go by the same for names please identify yourself if you don't we have to offload your luggage and criticism in the frame of hope inside anything Jesus you working on this orange is kicked up twenty five minutes to offload that luggage entails for people missed their flight the Journal 's twenty five minutes guess what when we arrive in Lima a luggage was I know this is not working for you you have no control ended really really does miracles to pray life because you will pray very very sincerely I can fix it only God can know if you've ever worried about God not knowing you personally and not taking care of you personally this story will convince you otherwise we've traveled section century we were in a boat going out into the tributaries of the Ariane River treating people set off on the way different villages beautiful experience the captain we were told this morning but have almost a full day trip to get to next village so just relax have a good time but tree for hours into the trip he turns the boat around and set apart some yet decided a river and so you know you have no concern what's going on one supposed to stop here's a something wrong with the ball of knowledge is not how I know this time I hear their Adventist I further backslidden that don't encourage them become we walk about five minutes to close inform over banana trees are lately come to them that it's in shambles vote for feet off the ground the damage he steps off those bumbling whole thing shook his these four big Americans stepped onto the little hot and so we talk to her and yes she had backslidden and she was so bad that we would stop for her made her feel so important that we would travel all the way from this was her assumption to come see her she says were big big trouble why wrong my son is needed that's what worries you soon can we see yes you can and there was is that according to Gary with bedsheets they were filthy and there was a stage and there were flies I mean lots of flies so we ask them know she points back to the corners and what can I see now I have to backtrack a little bit this particular trip I tried to be organized to get my backs Pat Blakeley four days before second relaxed tonight before was not so on that trip I packed the night before I sent for some medicine I ordered some steroid pills just because there's a few diseases are you really need to start pills for rally so the cows come in liquid form any forecast bottles okay and what I take him my mission trips are soft ball bags the crispy stuff and what I do is I put the medicine on the bottom I put toys on top because sometimes you get caught the guy wants to see what Sidney Maggie opens the bag is used twice kids toys fluffy toys beautiful in place no toys that people love to give you because you have twenty nine of them at home and don't need them anymore and he looks accusers and what else the bank gets deeper by primitive state procedure children as young .org potential it takes two toys we zip the bag is is is is okay as work multiple times and I don't considered bribery is thank you Jim so I'm thinking that my soft duffel bag is a Jesus this is not about to get there a piece of Hollywood home this little voice in the max is not impacted from the numerical forty psi rapid in the towel another towel put plastic bags around showed two different bags just in case one would make a 911 totally forget about it we have all this other stuff going on not finally gets there we get you know we have to travel from Lima to Brokaw and Bob and him him in the buses that were just totally overloaded potholed roads we come to the mission the backs of some amount from one area to the other deliverable into the mission and so the next day we so tired so to start unpacking and missionary sister who owns it when I look at all this Google stuff he has brought we will have medicine for months and how many people we can help somebody comes up to me post his two bottles of steroids in my face and that the oh you say that forces hold the bottles are not broken there to something you know is a miracle to us as well therefore bottles take one of these the other two Republican user okay so now back to the sentencing within the time I open the sing and their uses most miserable creature sitting that he looked emaciated the size prominently Job boy was fifteen he had basically no hair left system of tough here in the back and that his whole body was one big sort and blisters in fact it costs everywhere so what's going on he has something that they called wildfire okay so you pemphigus you okay and his men at the beginning of my surgical career I sit through all of my dermatology is wildfire okay so we got on the radio we talk to our radio operators as you know that there's something to call a few people we have to does more year that looks like not only on the comments about the something for the sake that it I room correctly and yes there's a specialty clinic in Brazil it's one of our Adventist opposite the treatment successfully retards on the right and herbs of concoction anyway what we don't have that what would it take to make this for a while waiting until us know we look at this boy is Mrs. Harvey feed this Chinese is the only thing I can give my take rice put in the little closet and I squeeze it and all I can do is take the group is of the Jews his mouth was full of sores on the inside he could not swallow field even if you try I knew nothing about the boy got been to protect the medicine on the way he made me packet it came in liquid form even though I asked for pills eleven votes that got to steer you him yes now I'm Natalia limited by the Masai people as it did that the design picture at the beginning if you have a want to have a beautiful family trip and serve at the same time doing lobby things to people it really needed that so I took that picture in Masai country their people their tall slender and they think that God gave to damn with all the cat in the world any fuel in some basic please bring back is a considerably different for people there no masters are forgotten by the rest of Kenya because they really have not studied a never participate in government although now their some start one hundred traditions is to mutilate their female children what's called circumcision circumcision it's brutal okay usually happens age thirteen to fifteenth and they're taught that if they cry out they failed the test so while somebody's taking a rusty razor blade or stolen rock at their genitalia to cut out the cars and whatever else they made accidentally cut out their talk much about seventy percent to calculate UK so here's this people that obviously need education also lost a know nothing by Jesus so we go there a couple times a year and I think for those of you whose mouth is to start watering the little bit we have another one coming up next year marks ten to twenty four now Mark doing on time okay so you think you and I is so what I do at the end of the trip I sent to tell people I enjoy photography myself but sometimes anyway so why does I collect all the pictures at the end of the trip and instead made to make a little slideshow and that is my thank you to people that contribute is awesome I think you good people that a clinical physics and the trip and alkyl in short multiple places in an obviously there are your best PR people so we arrived using that type of jet lag especially traveled that far and then the first duty is to serve unpack everything and repacking the small quantities many go out and obviously retreat the needy people in absolute to be for little bit and watch it to try and take job dentist so we had physical therapist this particular trip we had optometry along with us we do counseling of for communicable diseases and the obviously take those physicians are interesting whatever specialty but all this August to function as family physicians there are we doing on some bumps when we go obviously take care of fog wounds that have not been taken care of before couldn't happen tropical else is these people get bit by some to start scratching skin infection and fulfillment out sick and it is obvious to those of bugs it are in your skin laid an egg and bacon alternately and we try to involve our young people on this particular trip like I said is very enjoyable because Jim DeWitt and her husband Kurt have been over the in Kenya for six years serving at Maxwell Academy journalist times she really has developed a love for the Maasai people and so she's organizing these trips have has a lot of good connections at the underside and she parks us first we do a couple days just locally visiting Masai churches encouraging the brethren doing clinics for them in the afternoon I wish I could show you a follow-up picture that baby actually survived and did quite well me year later except for some back contractions and did quite well on she parks is right outside the Masai Mara in some very primitive conditions ten dogs we travel cheap and then in the morning we take often travel through the gate Park see God 's beautiful creatures work six seventy dollars in the clinic and then travel back to the game parking in the evening when the animals are active site is just really a really fun way to serve God and these people are very stoically functioning with problems that year I would just be screaming in pain and they just suffer they don't know any other mechanism to take care of their problems and just so the Doctor Gordon guilt he had a good time he is the also is trying to manipulate and he would just lays patients on where we could straighten other facts and this little boy analysis on his back and we do a lot of patching and bonding these children are needy and it's a lot of fun to just be there and reach out to them and show them that not all Americans are bad not all white people are bad now once you know I say that intentional because I've been in several places now where I see the child being frightened of me and set aside backstop and mom says something very harsh to them any needed to they behave and so I asked my interpreter what did they say to did you just say that Wightman 's gun each articulation don't behave that's exactly what my set so new job is the obvious fear built in these strange people showing up more into all these fancy things to I think makes beautiful people and to see them side-by-side this lady was blindness cataracts but she understood love we visited boarding school that's part of the Alsop Maasai development project and there are two hundred students there is a great more over half of them are young girls to have found out that they can safely run away be sheltered there their mad fathers will come and knock on the door and smile because I should explained is when our young woman is given into marriage the father receives the dollars which is paid dogs and cattle which makes the mouse so they want to give their daughters way soon as quickly as possible because it means wealth to them and then they have to go through this ceremonial undulation and circumcision and so these young girls have found out that there's a safe haven and they run to the school it was to protect them and shelter them and bring them and you can see that they are well taking care of you have a smile on their face and they're being cared for the nice time off for bonding it takes thirty dollars a months responsive on students for an extended numeral for NDP Maasai development product .org 's Senator website just they looking now it's a beautiful ministry are and if you have financial resources they would love to have you participate for the numeral for MDP .org is their website they also maintain and that's the trick two is a Maasai people don't never come to meeting like this okay it to prompt you don't have time beside people have to visit you have to sit down and visit with them going to their house and what we basically do is to give something for free and if you limit more obliged when the Bible worker considered nor this as you knows is my church my ministry has just come in and serve all you hear and then blend them in the air about them up about the real ministry reaches dogs to connect them to have a relationship with Jesus so the frustrating part of this particular ministries that you never get to see the harvest never know to get planes I told to see and sometimes water but there's viable workers there than that for fifty dollars a month stipend they will goal and do the harvesting for you and it's obviously another need that NPR or Hess and anything now say that again later my blessing is not only to participate and do something nice for people and help them with their disease and medical prompt I see missioners birth on every trip okay is on the big benefits of short-term missions as a GC young children participate and catch okay I mean truly touching and day for the rest of their lives will support the minister they may never physically go back and do another mission trip or even the long term but they will always have a heart for missions now pension Unisys writing check it home and praying for you and this is how God touches my heart policy to people in any juice paints the most beautiful creatures and series forty five asked the children the zebras have white stripes in the back body or black stripes and white body ha ha you think about you tell me tomorrow there is a right answer in our own hands this is the animal that kills most humans in Africa we always think it's a big cats actually if you go including six it's the jobs of the most you assisted that's part of the presentation this can is it was at was that the total time to put the advice she just had a meal of blood meal and the flight instead of feeding her eating eating the leftovers this guy is very infatuated conceived by the Rainier 's heir very interested in taking that relationship very hard to see the serval cat and this is the national bird of Zambia that purple breasted Lilac breasted roller and aspire will spider with a whole bunch of the young ones on her back and a very rare animal to see Lippert and most of them him a you are thank you what a compliment you think it's the guide of how the site outright I'd wager appetite Mark says we need to move on this got be a little bit more later on here let's talk a bit more about Joan case all of you got up this morning and you and him and you know what today was going to be like and I talk to march in the car yesterday about the embellish stories I want you know my analysis are just so that you will not find that in the Bible the commander guy from teachers got up that morning he was a sailor rough looking at an elect myself signaling muscles he only had to climb up the Masten said in the sales whatever sailors do it that morning that is you know me and repeat around the bush and took underwater washed his head he had all that he always little bundle of guys that she already waived his girlfriend good night the night before because he was coming out early at the northerly to the harbor no nothing moment it happened as they write to knows and does all the preparatory work in the boat and I now he sees this stranger looking for whatever talk to that captain the next when the next since I consider both and they shake hands vaguely about some leaders on the boat and find just an extra guy on the boat may go there next Monday for the captain from so I set out your morning when offshore uniform breeze if you ever travel to meet her Mediterranean it's a beautiful place to travel everything looked like it was going just fine okay and how the millimolar what comes the storm while where'd this come from how did I deserve this obviously the first thing to do is to do everything humanly possible don't you know I do the same thing we talked about that to the car yesterday when is the yeah breakdowns and got any help to hear the storm shows up on a minimum dollar off how do we deal with the storm we run to take a loss until all the goods in the water role harder to try and get to the shore and a trial they can and what happens the strongest force than what happens in the story is this I pray the network know that map was etc. so lots and then always joke a little for you what you doing here he watches the stranger this morning what you messing with my life for a I have a commission I just didn't tell you okay I believe in the God they can send the store might this and it frightened me that okay then what happens the O'Donnell is down and takes a big final tabs is what is wrong with you more about your your life onto blankets and are not concerned about dying so what have you got the new Jonah what do we have to go to get it is based on you talk to God but when it what is a and even these rough sailors say no we can do is your weekend selling in the water to die so what do they try trying harder Alejandro wrote some more fire out of options the Silliman one sailors had no idea by Jonah 's commission until he spoke the captain had no idea that God was sending an enlisted man on his book Jonah 's commission was not showing and I want you to know your commission is not shown okay is very very rare that you do something so extraordinary that the pain you must be a Christian tell me about as I happen to you extremely rare although when you read Peter three fifteen it says your help should be so bright that when people ask you human reason it doesn't happen to me okay so my commission is not sure so how do people find out that I'm right and from my boss and not seeing the work you should be set okay interesting part is that you read in Chapter four that don't thought about this place is smarter than God I can type I can run away okay what is he saying chapter four he gets so mad he yet so I know the Jernigan matter not because he did what God does him he had mercy on these rascals he changed his mind and inmate Joe and I looked like a full and honest as I can handle it I told Matt you got I want you to kill me finish me off I'd rather die than live with the shame now to me the neat part is gone is no problem with John's anger okay so if you really feel anger and express it God wants a very intense individual and rather have an honest intense angry individual and in different okay cannot work with indifference because you don't care and I actually think that that's a sin against the Holy Spirit okay when you do not care about cannot work and when you really ended our needs is turning around go outweigh and he's got salt turning into Paul okay so he thinks I'm smart I can run I have a commission but nobody knows how nobody let me know so I can walk down the morning right now down to the harbor nobody will know if I don't tell people joke that would last so how far you have to go do you have to go overseas like Mark dinner I do sometimes does the commission imply that it says to all the world but doesn't say you have to go all the way world how far you have to go when mullahs Moses when Jonah walked down from wherever you stay to the harbor he met tons of people in the world not a new but there were opportunities on the way maids cooks shepherds told travelers on the path there's trying to talk you sit next to people in your car on the airplane on a bus when you came here they don't know and are all headed to where it goes it was would have died that day it would head to the bottom of the ocean without ever knowing that there is a loving guy upstairs that really cares for them and wants to determine around have a good life if we don't tell if we don't truly care they will perish okay my I'd was a physician so insignificant okay I may be able to alleviate some pain suffering and may be able to add a few months to persons life that otherwise they wouldn't get but unless we connected to Jesus and unless they develop a relationship with their Savior it's all for nothing so we don't have to go where very far you can go to school person sitting next to you every opportunity but keep in our minds that that's a person that may need to know how to connect Jesus Christ so where you had I heart harshness Basiji golf and related you do not take that commission seriously and goal and like I said it's just this close to connect and talk to this person today and encourager and relationship with Jesus that's how far you have to go one person can't every day that you do not take the commission seriously you really headed for tortious now we like to join a store because it's an acute right Joan Indiana gets away with running away since this way of said bail him out and then he gets a second chance and he finally does an end well I mean I've not yet had a preacher tell me about hundred twenty thousand people turned around after forty days of print ready but we sort of get all whole story so wrapped up in the life of Joan God was just concerned about Joan not God 's perspective is a household lot bigger than Joan K now we got a remember the megabytes were not Israelites right regards people 's outcome they figured in God 's plan okay is seeking and resounding yes okay we like to vote for a man conferences were wrong the same thinking the same to all those good feelings things to my feeling parliament has nothing wrong with a continual but that sort of maintenance of tanks like oil and machine that's very important because annoyed machine travels better faster long and he says it's really about the strangers over there to know nothing about God and I was concerned about the sailors and about the captain and Robbie boy says there's how many cattle in the top and then if you really think that our God is not big enough to take care of you he keeps don't know when he's betrayed and mad at God things you you did exactly what I expected you to do makes me mad to put before and I hated that says okay the sun is shining to undo protect the next day to find eyes that says whose line is it what right do you have to get angry at me got even kissed her plants unanimously clerical friends I'm going to intimate our timesheets Demerol done no as twenty twelve this will take longer than a minute so we go for what you get a chance to start class and I will and will and is will will will will again out of missions to see I'm glad I'm not in charge of the department okay when I go on a mission trip I'm not in charge of creating your happiness are creating your experience about I seem to do is lead in the capacity and the gift that's given me so what I do is I like people and I pray very hard that the right people will show up because one sand in the gearbox one grain of sand in the gearbox can really really hurt the whole truth and make a whole bunch people come from and I've seen it happen where one person would really make it a very difficult experience for what else I pray a lot but what a person gets out of that particular mission trip soon between the person now I'll try and facilitate not trying to what ever I know how to do to make it the best possible experience that I wanted to come back I want them to get fired up I want them to do it again not necessarily with me although I would like that but any other mission trips any other outreach ministry you have to go far you can do it to church anyway I really need that up to God and asking questions or is he is he is he is lightness in this way there are some people that are in short-term mission trip saying rentable money or theory shortcuts you are I saw it escapes to the slides that will deal with that okay while the ministers our last help request is Tijuana getaway weekend thing that was going on Loma Linda I never really sign-up because a variety of things mostly because I was to begin a thought I had bigger fish to fry but I found out there was basically a getaway for physicians to take the error illegitimate sex partners down across the board have a good weekend now I know of a ministry that has painted the Saints Church in southern Peru three times in one year just so that they can write off the trip going to the Galapagos Islands okay mission Toryism is really really really finding its niche in the world okay because you can write off a bridge and have a good time you will not have to work all that hard if you don't want to pay you may have to drop something nothing on that mission trip and stand around anyway yes raw waste time and resources however many of the trip many of the people that make these statements when I asked them what's your experience work Mister okay self talk to people that really admitted the frontline in no limit about so yes no can't tell them to do cheaper better to send the money stay home personally there is some consideration tried to break this down for you if you send a full term long-term missionary five six years the tremendous amount costume off get an enlarged okay not just to them personally but also to the organization a copy of a diaphragm okay tremendous cost involved is especially if there's family involved children stuff like that to get them started I broken down just a little bit when you cover monthly needs for life insurance vehicle repatriation costs it's about three hundred K over six years and its conservative bouquet break that down comes down to about twelve hundred fifty dollars a week and I think people on my mission trips that we cannot take him usually spots around fifty to sixty five dollars depending on where we go most today's economic by the plaintiff okay so it could cost really is not that big of a difference in the breakdown nights watching out of the long-term missionaries are invaluable I appreciate the commitment and allowed the deficit we did a project that they're committed to take their whole family to the frontier and suffer in many many voice and we cannot conceive on the other hand when they come back out the time you know I miss my mate does my clothing that does my cooking and Desmond Darden Mark knows a little bit about that okay what I like and I sent this earlier okay but my blessing is not only yes I get to participate be informed like get my prayers answered in a way that I can talk about later I get to see new missionaries birth okay to me that is just such a blessing when a person comes on this trip while there just a grad student trying to get to school setting heart goes out while you know my dad is extra money they send on this mission to carry out enough what can I do for you him walk away with conversion experience of sorts saying I've seen the misery I can no longer be the same person we've obviously in the US we've won the birth lottery okay ninety nine percent maybe I'm not over ninety percent of the people in the world do not live like the living the US many fewer resources okay therefore so when you see listed changes your life you cannot expense most of that misery go home the same person and that I think although I cannot prove it if we can catch our young people early on in their life early on in the life as early as possible they will catch the vision they will catch the vision because God looks after that it's a promise he will touch their hearts and then for the rest of life their missionaries not in need of physically going on a trip but they were always goal and touch other people and no lifting your relationship with Jesus so what I bring beside stick to the project that I go to I said to bring the white face okay there's lots of patients it to show up because they want to see the white face okay they think that I've got something that they don't okay no access to it this is not anything cultural okay it's that I travel a lot and yes I'm different and so I come from America from the big place even though not American they confuse me as a set of English that's what I can give to the project over the status and the little bit of the feeling this person 's travel so far I am so important at this guy all the way from US travel said the planes at the bus all kinds of stuff came out into the middle of nowhere industry my snotty nose my infected eyes and the storm that's in a very very very tiny way Elizabeth like Jesus did for me traveling all across the universe gave up the best of the best of the best that I cannot even imagine to come and meet salvation possible for now there is obviously things are not available locally I traveled when I traveled you no way to run the mark so many Disney Disney Disney honestly try get it together bring it I usually have a little bit of extra money that I've collected from people such as yourself and say you have a project that this would know the other thing is that you can help with the local minister you can so get a feel for works going what it needs to do and to grow in the right direction and then frequently used have to be little police KY the things that you know you have to consider is that the people who give them I wonder what happened to the money there we go to waste and so you have to deal amid recent accountability issues and corruption issues in different groups of people here we had seven people in singles college and children if different people like to get involved in a short paragraph is this whole thing people children in college older retired how do you choose as friends there are certain trips where we do not except children special without their parents under ten is obviously you have all kinds of considerations children do not know in what they touch the goes into the mouth makes entirely on the conduct so it's that sort of stuff okay new mom and dad 's not around the charge until then I have all kinds of difficult decisions to make so yes there's a cutoff usually I start out to let them travel around fifteen sixteen announces a new letter of permission from hunting that it's okay for me to treat nail all the liabilities and all that there is ministries that we've been on ministry involved ministry on the Amazon River were the children on the boat we invite the whole family take to come and an Israeli because he said I have this enclosed environment opportunity watchful care of the other fifty people who could help so and then on on the other side of the spectrum I have the oldest one that has gone mincemeat was in her early eighties and manure Nepal and she has pulmonary fibrosis and she could muster that steep incline I said hop on my back she never forgotten and she was a whole ahead we thought she was in so to me I really don't set the limits if God touches you down people have been it old age and dying issues okay not ever I was involved not directly but the trip Oscars was enough there was one person died on trip and I would never ever want to bring body back home okay but worried to happen right to die what other place can I think of that would be better than to be dying in the cause of God doing front to your work okay now hope will never happen because the mass of getting a body backs over the across-the-board desire you know I might I want you know that was a difficult decision hopefully there's a great and as a people it started with this I ensure all the people I taken my trips okay and I take insurance enough that it could be flown home and stuff like that so I do not set limits that way if God calls you if you have Apache wino at the battalion on all right really really want to go but I don't have a money message you have a commitment God will give you the money it's never vanishing never okay so come in your heart is give me his passion you called me but me know happy to go my take on Christian life will use I really appreciate the course execration people think your doctor you have a lot of gifts to give over there and say what that means is I don't feel any more important than the purse nine all rights that are many times that as hard as when our janitorial work is the same I go to God the same way I'm safe the same way so when we go news mission trips I was a doll one of the highfalutin stuff that Doctor Llamas he paces and make them out wow sorry we can all serve the dead level some of us will just have to direct traffic some of us will have to count pills and put them in bags and some of us will have to clean up sound was arrived wash the tools for the dentist instruments okay for the dentist to get a clean for the next case so we will find ministries that young children to do so applying eye exams they learned that on the spot you teach them how to do it they rendered that ministry for young people did the whole optometry stuff for a sword there will in any part is I worry about it God takes care of and you know I was CO who was good to do this for me he also was good for me is like somehow got make sure that all the important spots in your ministry is becoming and sometimes not and then you know that it wasn't supposed to happen just relax in the end I'm not in charge had the neatest moment for me as I suspected to markets and Edwards are attacked that's on this I've run back and forth and organize this and that we finally get to sit on the plane Leslie God 's jazz I can change one single thing I can't it's done this is what I've got please use it and make it a beautiful something rather that I can take home and share with the people so get more people excited about seven to sixteen hundred dollars per trip seven and eight in website yes but I do is we we I I'm bored chair of our mission aboard at that and said that as she was rest feature him I've also because I physician friends that are comfortable writing checks to our church because they go to their own church I've been in the Incorporated 's called global village ministries .org you can look the website up or obviously does the actresses on the envelope that stuck in there we have incorporated so that people all that feel uncomfortable writing a check to a church can send their money to it than what I do it's three or four times a year are citrated as I detected a church that mission since mission board sits down and we sit down home personal board and decide how to distribute the money so basically this is done the umbrella organization I work with us to send them his church the incorporation of this other thing is just decided give me a more neutral way to interact with other physicians and people in the community that they don't see the name church on their check because it makes them uncomfortable we got out to you and you will you finish on time lunch is along the lines of questions and anything else that question I don't have that commitment okay is any other questions you thank you very good question the neatest trick that I work with I actually Brazil and Zambia we had Bible work is there that organize eight sweetmeats evangelistic series and we plug into the last week sometimes the second last week and is really given an added boost to their minister because hey come and see the doctors and dentist for free with Anastasia and then come back for the meeting and the attendance is huge and so we actually set up like into the ministry at the end of that ministry we see a our wrists high seen as many as a hundred people the fact that they are in town you live that doesn't touch your heart that we few things that will so it would be for all my ministries to work that way were talking to and I can interest you harvest many places I go it's hard sort Nepal is very hard son is a Hindu nation you cannot even say they were gone public and somebody may take your rump according to something okay so it's like what I can do there is to just keep ministering to the people liked this quote they were shown this morning it cannot fail to allow a person you shall not snuff sooner or later there will be fruit I'm not there to see it somebody else will do the harvesting and I'm very comfortable with that so whenever I can yes I will plug in which the local church structure will have by the workers do that footwork that I cannot do and stayed behind to do with the people that are actually interested in developing a relationship with Jesus and I wasted all my ministries work that way they're not currently doing that so sometimes I just get to plan C of your 's is eating it did really really depends on his and what I've learned is and God will not be teaching this sooner or later I said I'm pushing my and my limits physics and on five tipsy year and I'm Bailey I just got back on the nineteenth from Apollo one mission trip and and I'm leaving again on the thirteenth to Nepal and I have a kind of turnaround time it takes about twenty five hours just to sort through all the pictures make a little slideshow like I showed you have sent all the thinking of the secretary of cake I did all this myself okay so excited I love this work is my passion I will continue to do it I wish I had more help but sometimes I just take short trips because I can bring some help during that short period of time I cannot do the whole thing I cannot state if weeks of time plus if you make the trip short alarm you make of the few people can commit especially professionals of a vast number date three weeks I was practiced no you don't practice so he lost for short period time and hopefully people can sign up bit answer question while yes I know what I say when I say when the trip is the dates have given you is with travel okay you believe the thirteenth Rebecca twenty fifth beneath the third were back to fourteenth and you will is appreciated and told him to sit in yes we were father in heaven thinking so much for being this awesome God that even though you have the whole universe is a canopy and a footstool that you are mindful of fifteen -year-old boys in the middle of the gym and we are those little people lost out here in the jungle we need your help and again we want to dedicate the resources that you given to us to you in whatever ministry that you've called us give us a passion to love people like you did when you were in the service give is a passionate carryforward your truth because that's the most important way to get people to connect human medicine can be the entry wedge that us find that range and use it diligently and smart I pray for all these people here this morning bless them in a big way the service the conference and empowers regular curtains with all my heart will this video was produced by audio verse of writing that is him him like to learn more about me then please visit www. a manner that I will like there was more free online service please visit www. audio verse one


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