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Bridging the Gap

Kianna Simmons DDS



1. Illustrates the importance of, and ways by which, practitioners can educate patients on the connection between oral health and overall systemic health.

2. Demonstrate effective methods of connecting the practice of dentistry (the oral cavity) with treatment of the patient's total systemic health through oral medicine. 

3. Describe how to implement spiritual elements into the dental office environment and practice. 


Engaging and interactive talk about the vital need to wholistically care for dental health patients, spiritually, mentally, and phsyically. Will outline the need to view and interact with patients at a far deeper level than simply completing a root canal on 8 or a crown on 30, but rather view their visits as opportunities to also encourage and provide information to improve their health and life. Reiterate to colleagues how uniquely our scope of practice automatically brings us into a more intimate relationship with patients and teach how to build upon this opportunity in our dialogues with them. Personal cases and stories will be used to emphasize the benefits spiritually, mentally and physically that such a deeper interaction with patients has on not only the patients, but the clinician and staff alike, not to mention the practice overall. Additionally, simple, practical suggestions on how to transition from a dental business into a dental ministry will be suggested to help colleagues engage in such a transition as they are prayerfully inspired. 


Kianna Simmons DDS

Private Dental Practice in Bermuda



  • October 26, 2018
    3:00 PM
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Well good afternoon everyone I see some faces that I'm familiar with my family is here all day from me my my mother and father in law my husband my son keening and my god daughter China so we traveled were very tired it was 2223 hours to get here from the Atlantic Ocean so we'd come clear across North America. 3 claims but they fared very well my in-laws actually have come clear across the world they just came back from Nepal India on Monday and got on the plane to come to California on Wednesday so I guess you can say that my in-laws love me that's an actual blessing. But a little bit about myself before I start. I started coming to the Amen conference about 4 years ago like Carlos. It dramatically changed my life in so many ways talk a little bit about that throughout the presentation but. I had no idea then last year even a month ago that this would really happen that Carlos would have me speaking for God always has a plan for us that we don't even know so I praising them here my parents are in here but they are so forward looking forward to this audio virus because they rich they could be here. I'm here and I didn't get the opportunity of going to the Melinda. Dam school when I came to was going to come out here a quick just so many of you familiar with this so I. Didn't let alone Melinda but I came to the Amen conference 1st time on the East Coast and it was every dentist was from Loma Linda and I was just like harm so out of place here I did my dental studies that University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. My choice was between limb Linda and Penn and Penn won out because it was closer to home. Lots of a flight through I chose for the Delphia but I would say 4 years 5 years ago my husband I got married 6 years ago we got married our 1st anniversary we came to California as my 1st time ever you went to a conference I never had the opportunity to go to live with and I interviewed actually on campus in Alabama I didn't have to come out here so I never saw the campus I never saw the school and just this past year we have our senior at our church who loves Loma Linda anything Loma Linda he is an avid fan and he convinced my husband and I that we needed to take this trip to Loma Linda and we came and we came and saw this and it made such a tremendous impact on me I mean we are so blessed as a church we really truly are if you don't know our Ventas pioneer history you're really at a loss really and truly I keep this picture on my computer even though I didn't get a limb and it says so much about who I am as a 7th Day Adventist and it's just so inspirational to me to see that God had Loma Linda and his plan for what we're supposed to be doing as medical missionary physicians dentists and so it's a reminder to me every time I open up my laptop that this is all cause calling was for us I just wanted to show that they are that kind of gives me my little memo in the connection a little bit. Well before we start if you don't mind I'd like to have a little word of prayer and that's probably a little different but yeah I have been a father we thank you so much for the opportunity to be in this place right now we saw pictures of what's taken place inside pan just this week and we're just so blessed that we could be here in this facility on harmed on skates and we just thank you so he acknowledges I speak to my colleagues my friends my family brothers sisters in Christ that you speak through me that ultimately we can continue our work for you to bring souls to your kingdom through dentistry is our prince he's a man all right let's see if I can open this back up again so. Can I met him I think last year in health in hand and he was trying to convince me to get a 5 K. and that Gram I said we have to talk to my husband about that but. He segue beautifully into my talk I did 4 years of training at University of Pennsylvania and I really really fell in love with or medicine I don't know how many of you familiar with it it's still not officially in A.D.H. specialty in of itself but we are the American Academy of oral medicine does definitely have a group of individuals diplomats fellow 6 out of. Who actually do oral medicine what that is we'll talk about it a little bit more in-depth it's treating patients a little bit more holistically some of us you'll notice that had a few people actually already I'm sure German gets this all the time too I do agree is the D.M.V. we're not D.D.S.. Or D.M.D. and a lot of people act as what's the difference while in dental school in Philadelphia they told us because our program was a more heavily medicine based program and so I fell in love with the aspect of maddest thing and I found that all Madison was a great segue between dentistry and medicine and treating patients holistically So our talk today is actually called Bridging the gap. There we go so what that really means is we want to get past this concept of dentistry is on the left and Madison's on the right after all as Christians we believe that there is one body so believe it or not our head is actually connected to that body and they actually talk to each other and can presentation really really let's turn to some of the points that what we do actually impacts the systemic health and what physicians do actually impacts the oral health so we're going to bridge the gap a little bit today so these are the objectives we're going to illustrate the importance and ways by which is the practitioners we can educate our patients on the connection between oral health and overall systemic health how many of you in private practice. OK how many people work in a hospital based that. OK All right how many of you in private practice have missed cancellations in your book. I don't know if you got the opportunity to actually opposition colleagues that but I'm pretty sure most physicians don't have missed appointments and the general consensus is because when patients call to get up and set up an appointment for their doctor they feel it's important that they be there for us sometimes if it doesn't hurt it's not a problem and that's a big issue because we really need to educate patients that bleeding in the mouth is a problem if they wake up in their arms bleeding they're going to their doctor but there are millions of people who wake up every day bleeding gums and absolutely nothing and that's not healthy demonstrate effective methods of connecting the practice of dentistry the oral cavity with treatment of the patients total systemic health through oral medicine and describe ways in which we can implement spiritual elements into our down office environment and our practice so the Dennis now a few years back and we get into this little bit most of you will look at this thing like that looks like the Nathan green painting for something different so just a little background on this most of you're familiar with they think Green's painting I look nothing like the dentist in that thing. So I was visiting my mom's from Haiti and after the big earthquake in 2010 I went down there to do some work in the clinic. And I met a Haitian artist and I said to him Listen I have a practice and I really love this picture but it looks nothing like me. And I really want my patients to see the message of what my practice is the ball and I want to see if you can recreate this some HALL Now my patients come in and I don't know if you see it or not but they believe that's me I don't know how you did it I didn't fit for him or anything I mean it was God inspired to be quite honest with you but that's what's in my lobby and so I'm patients come in and they look at this and they recognize automatically Hall I'm going to approach my care for them so for all of us as dentists were to look upon every duty however humble as a sacred one because it's a part of God's service and our daily prayer should be and I'm speaking to myself as Lord help me to do my best teach me how to do better work give me energy and cheerfulness sometimes my patients think I'm too cheerful help me to bring into my star is the loving Ministry of the Savior but our Taman everything that we try to do will avail absolutely nothing if it's not put to use for the honor of God and for the good of humanity on last our knowledge is a stepping stone to the accomplishment of the highest purposes it's worthless and this is so true and I found it because sometimes I'm sure all of you can really you have patients who come in and you do your very best you go Bob and beyond and you know that that's your best work and patients are still unhappy patients are still dissatisfied no one can do it better you know that but they're still not happy and the truth is the patients issues not a tooth issue there's something more so as we get started I want to illustrate here the 1st objective the importance of ways by which practitioners can educate our patients are down know how impacts our physical health like Ken said earlier. So he was talking about futuristically this concept of hard on these 5 but the future is actually here we have no in our Madison probably oral surgery as well there are labs popping up all over the continental United States where you can test the libel just like they're testing for Braco one and record 2 for breast cancer know soon we're going to be testing patients saliva chairside to see if there are pretty risks for heart disease diabetes some cancers the I don't think it's big enough you can't see but for the longest while we've heard there's a connection between heart disease and oral health but no they're starting to link it with even more illnesses all the laws. Rheumatoid arthritis pancreatic and kidney cancers they're becoming really major issues and this bacteria that lives in breeds in our mouths especially in patients who have poor oral How is starting to show up like Ken said in some of these illnesses that they're seeing systemically So now we've got to start having a conversation it's no longer the physician sending the patient to the dentist because that's something in their mouth or US even a patient saying to us look at this on my cheek and not saying just go see your physician about it we have to be able to recognize these things and then treat our patients oh OK 1st Corinthians 6920 says what no you're not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God in you not you know what with the price there for glorify God in your body and your spirit which are God's. All men have been bought with a price when they walk into our office over their off focus is their mouth really that mouth is connected to a whole person and that person has been bought with an infinite price Christ. By pouring the whole treasury of heaven our speaker this morning. Into this row by giving us think Christ all have in God has purchased the will the faction the mind the soil of every human being rather they are believe or or and. All men are the Lord's property so that means every patient that comes into our office are God's property and we have to treat them like that we have a sacred calling our responsibility even you know it's really easy for us as health care providers to know what our requirements are by our dental boards etc licensing licensure committees etc But as Christian healthcare professionals we have a higher calling God is calling us to take our health care of patients to a whole nother level so they're not just coming in and they're going to be that route can Our that crown patient these are patients that we have to look at Hall we can address them completely All right so what does this mean for the dentist or an all oral health care provider Well farce it means that patients are just more than just a mile a missing tooth a cavity or crop wrap or whatever it is that you think you've got schedule in your column for the day they're more than that. The 2nd thing is that poor oral How has a cause and it has an effect I don't know how many of you were at the A man conference I don't know if was last year or the last time we were in California but out of doing Lemon spoke and he spoke to Paul disease there being a cause and effect and as physicians we have to be able to physicians and dentist health care providers we have to be willing to look just beyond what's happening and treating the symptoms he spoke mainly to our physician colleagues but that really applies to us too when patients come in and they've got swelling or they've got a bad to think or they've got a lesion in their mouth it's not just enough for us to just take care of it and send them on their way we need to go the step further and help them understand that this is what's causing this to happen and help them fix what's causing the problem so as Christian providers but specifically 7th Day Adventists Christian providers we have to begin or continue to ascertain the causes and treat them but also understand the effects that patients who are all how has on their total stomach how and primarily hall this relates to their spiritual health because remember Frost John John 12 says We love it I wish above all things that you may as prosper and be in how even as you're so prosperous So if a patient comes in there on healthy What does that mean there spiritually and well as well and so we have an obligation to help them become healthy not just what we call healthy Sooners but hopefully healthy Christians as well so providers have to be knowledgeable and railing to educate their patients on their all how being a part of their total how physically mentally and spiritually. That early period periodontal disease is not a dam a condition it's a medical condition it's a lifestyle condition it's a problem for the total health the patient physicians don't treat this we do this doesn't make us a physician it doesn't make them a dentist It just means this is our role and for so long we've gotten used to separating roles that we don't recognize that a patient you don't cut them in half you know like Solomon said to the woman the 2 women and the baby that's just cut it in half and then each of you can have a part we've done that in the medical field for so long I mean sometimes I don't know some of you take a never practices a look in your patient's charts and you don't even know who the patient's position is and I'm for it probably happens now most physicians don't even know who their patients dentist is but it's time for us as Christian providers to try to change that dynamic like can said Get in touch with your patients their physicians understand what are some of the lifestyle challenges that they're having health issues that they're having and how these actually impact their own health because when you do that ironically your patients are actually going to recognize that there's something different about you they're going to feel that there's holistic care and what happens is you become more than just the dentist the patient comes to you to actually. Sometimes becomes a little intimidating but they trust you because they recognize you have your back that you have their best interests at heart and like Dr Swartz said last night. And patients know they can trust you they're open to the Gospel because they know that you have their best interests at heart so provider should keep abreast of their patient medical conditions and any changes as well as the director in direct implications that result from poor oral health and vice versa. I just want to share a quick testimony I had a patient who came. In my office on how many of you take pressure regularly on your patients every visit general dentist OK all right in our office. We took some flak when we started but it's pretty common knowledge everybody. And I 1st came back because I was I was the 1st all medicine trained dentist in Bermuda ever so when I started to implement some things some of my physician colleagues were very unhappy because I started to do blood pressure readings on every patients every hygiene patient that comes in and whether I do a recall exam or not that day my high Genest take their blood pressure and be documented so what happens when they come in and I see every patient at least once a year and I review and if there are high blood pressure has been high at both consecutive visits my directive to them is you need to see your physician follow up with this the 1st couple of months also even years. Patients then come back with good reports from their positions I was supposed to be minding my own business I just do teeth they would tell me. Can be a little unnerving when you're the new kid on the block at the youngest and they can be pretty intimidating it's only 21 square miles in Bermuda so you can imagine. How quick you can have a bad name so to speak from colleagues or not and you guys know patients have no idea rather not you're good dentist or not you know that right you can do the best work you can do the worst work ever and you still could be the greatest dentist you do know that from a patient perspective that again. Yeah if it didn't hurt that it doesn't matter so when it comes from a colleague's perspective it's a little bit more challenging but I really felt impressed with my training but also because of my belief system that I needed to go this route fast for about 6 years 8 years I had a gentleman come in and he had a consistent high blood pressure usually 170 something like 90 this thing you got to work on that work on that yeah I am I am I am no problem he came back in just 8 months ago 8 months ago for his recall appointment and his blood pressure was too 0 one over like 115 or something like that and my generous vend when they're systolic is over 100 MY HIGH Jenna's called me and every patient whatever it is. And I go in and I talk to him I said listen you've got to go to your physician today. You're walking heart attack stroke whatever you're that's what's going to happen I don't want to pick up the newspaper and see you can be a bitch or errors. And so he says. I've been working I said well it's not working because this is there for the last 34 years you promised you haven't so I'm really want to go so I'm not sure home how it works here in the U.S. or even in California but I'm pretty familiar with some of the health there are providers who have like wellness centers where they specifically can help patients with my lifestyle illnesses diabetes hypertension stuff like that so if you know about that little segue for the last one if you know if any of them in your community or your churches have programs like that how little listing your office so you can refer patients to these programs so that they can have because it's one thing I've learned from patients it's one thing for me to tell them something but when they don't know where to go looking for it it's another thing so some of them really have the best intentions but they need the tools or even to know where they could go to get this help so anyway I gave him the contact information for 22 programs one of them actually is a 7th Day Adventist affiliate. And I sent him over to that practice and I didn't hear anything back from him 6 months later he came in for a recall exam and I actually the day came and I was in surgery so there would have been a day I would have missed the point but saw my high Genesis No he really really wants to see you so she's like OK no problem so I finished up here and he ended up waiting for about 20 minutes and I went to see him and he was just like Doc. I am just so great you have no idea and his eyes started to well and I said What have. I and he says I went to that program I've lost 50 pounds I've changed my eating I have never felt as good as I feel now I can walk up stairs without losing my breath he says my blood pressure I mean I don't think I can remember the last time I saw numbers like this he says but I can feel the difference I can feel if it starts to get higher I can feel a bit lower He says you have no idea what you don't mean so much thank you says this is such a long time you kept telling me you kept telling me I wasn't listening but Oh my gracious thank you and gave me a big hug and he's like really happy and my Genesis on the sly she's been meaning she's like Cirque cited. But it was one of the vast moments of my life as a health care practitioner and funny thing is the dentist wasn't a crown. It wasn't an implant and it wasn't the best burnished amalgam it was in a composite that I couldn't even recognize because it looks so good it was because the patient's life was changed in such a real way and I'm not a physician I'm a dentist and the expectation is not there for us to have that type of impact on our patients but we can take interest in them so that's what it means for us is all health care providers so what are some ways in which you can educate your patients I have a gentleman in my church I I've been the Sabbath school superintendent for too many years know. And he's in the class and he always says in one of the classes you got to make it practical. Every Sabbath got to make it practical so I had his conversation in my head when I put my slice together so I said I can say all of that but just like I need to give the patients the tools how can I give my colleagues the tools that this hasn't been your practice what can you do so here is some ways in which you can educate your patients talk openly and honest with them honestly with them about their total oral how as well as Paul would have faxed their total systemic call and vice a versa have signs have placards have little pamphlets there are so many great ones out there you can just order them and have them in your rooms or whatnot and the for patients to them but have that dialogue have that conversation with them engage with your patients on a personal level my hi Janice are always. There always appalled at how I can remember and I think it's the I think it's a God given gift I don't think everybody can do it people have to write notes I'm pretty good of patients come in and tell me they were going to Panama if the grandkids or their dog was about to have babies or something like that I'm pretty good value have to see them there know when they come in to say how those puppy use are how the birds are How's the trip to Panama my my head Janice just like how do you do that and she's been in practice very longer than I have and she's just like this is amazing but believe it or not that interaction with patients and they recognize that patients can tell if you've been reading their chart or if you just know so engages your patients on a personal level take the time to see what's important to them what's exciting to them what they like to do. And talk to them beyond just what's happening in their model take blood pressure readings for your patients routinely and review them with it so that they understand that it's really important you not just doing it just to do it. Discuss with them they're chronic most of us have chronic illness patients diabetes high blood pressure H I mean all these are kind of like normal Let's just live with these diseases Nala mean medicine has gotten so great I guess we could say that patients are living on healthily and they think they're healthy which is very ironic talking about the curse of the medicine as you said this morning but talk with your patients for chronic illness patients I'm about alternative massive methods of care I had a patient who came in. How many of you had about sleep apnea and dentistry that's like the big the big thing right now I would even say the big money maker because some of the things that they're doing I personally think it's just a way to get money from patients. They just need to lose weight and run and then they'll sleep OK I send my son out to run and he's knocked out not everybody I'm not saying everybody but I had a patient come in and middle aged guy. At least 100 pounds overweight self diagnosed with sleep apnea. And he comes and he says this and I need to make me a sleep vice and I was like asleep the case for why he says well I have sleep apnea my doctor mentioned it and he said it's possible they haven't tested me but I'm really sure that this is what I need to fix what's going on so I said OK well tell me a little bit about what's going on now for those of us this is different we don't have 15 minute console so we have schedule time for whatever procedure we're doing so sometimes I have to send the patient away and bring them back or step or console sometimes. Sometimes I have to forego treatment for the day and actually have the conversation about what's really more important so that's a decision that you have to make on your own. But believe me whatever it is 150 dollars 300 dollars whatever the co-pay or production for the day God will multiply it will be nothing. Wrong with the patients but anyway he came in he says I want the sleep apnea device I said listen. I hear you but I want to be honest if you can come and talk about what's going on and so he said Yeah so I said to Tommy live up to your diet for diet I don't think he drinks any water well 6 cups of coffee to start the day. 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night. Computer right before bed he doesn't really get much X. or song like I said about 100 pounds overweight so I said to Miss thin. Before we go to sleep device. For me just kind of very similar to California and New York we have a really high What is it rate of living so asleep device to get it because everything we have is imported so even our cases get imported except for those who have cat cam stuff like that but even the park everything has to be imported so the fee is upon fees $1.00 fees attached to all of that so asleep device a real stink device is going to run a patient at least a $1000.00 and when you know. So I said to myself Well listen before we go that route let's do some things that are going to be a lot more cost effective for you but that will actually help you feel better I start 1st that start with your eating and your exercise you got to accessorize you know I said listen you don't have to get a gym membership but at work instead of taking the elevator to start taking the stairs you have to do it all day every day but say I'm going to walk up in the morning or to come down at night even if during the day you take the elevator just start there just start there if you're eating try to cut back on time with things you eat one of the things is work really great I want to say about 4 years ago I completely revamped my diet I completely went plant based and it's amazing I used to think it was for me but I'm realizing it's been more for my patients because they come in now and I can give them so many recipes and tips It's like unbelievable My mother in law and I started cooking class people keep acting as when you're going to have it again when you're going to have it again but it's amazing because these personal decisions that I made of my own life and all segues into how I can help patients so a lot of this has to do with our moon. Moon Walk and how we grow and change and I think. Dr Bicknell to start this morning you know we've had this idea of. Medicine and the Gospel but wouldn't it be great if medicine in the Gospel was. And that's really what it is like to be in me then how much more of a testimony that written this it is that I can easily talk to patients about something so I talk to him about. How much. I talk to him about. His diet and changing his habits so usually the 1st 2 things I kick off of all my patients diet is red meat and dairy products. I take them on right away and I said listen I don't have to be forever but I'm just recommending it you know for the next 6 weeks whatever just try to stay away from that I let them have fish we are on an island so you know I can't really feel becoming to me having withdrawal symptoms they have absolutely nothing so I told him you know no read me things like that and I sent him away he came back he had lost about 25 pounds and he said that was really great I started out great but it's really hard I'm busy I can't commit to this etc that I really want to sleep device and I said OK listen well let's take it a step further what your sleep habits like etc etc I said was that you know before bed time you really need to power down a little bit more don't stand front of that laptop you know kind of really get your back and let your body on why it's you can get some sleep so I sent him away again much to his dismay you know it happened that. He came back I feel better but I still want to sleep device experience what can we agree to disagree that what I'm telling you is working but you just want it so he says yes but I assure you that because the patients do know when these alternatives do make a difference especially when they stick to. So discuss if you're patient chronic illness patients alternative Macas to care and then provide programs in the area that they can get it provide literature and educate patients on the benefits of healthy living you guys are so blast when I came out here earlier this year we met I forget her name obviously. She's a fabulous maid at little and she's like 80 something she's amazing she took us on a tour of the campus but she gave us all this literature on like how often like Loma Linda magazine and so I took it all back and I put it on my radio room and just before I came here I was the man who is like only like a couple left the patients come in they take them they take them with them so what's the literature and stuff in their recipes whatever it is the patients actually do love it so go ahead and put some of the literature out there talk to them about hall they actually decrease health care costs by investing more healthy living quality of life benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle as well as the longevity of life and then this is a more personal one but I think probably it is probably the most important because everything else comes from this see farther personal growth and education in the total health connection I can share on that website I was really appreciative of that I've never heard that book before but I took a picture of it like it's so important for us to continue to learn God has provided whether it's the world or not any type of education God given it so you know it's it's really up to us to take advantage and I think there's a slide in here that's possible Paul we are. God expects us to get the most education that we can so get take those classes or go online and look at these things so you can be more educated on it so our objective to demonstrate effective methods of connecting the practice of dentistry with treatment of the patients total systemic how through all medicine let's put this together they weren't sure how this was different than the 1st one but this this is different than objective one in the sense that we're not going to approach our patients from an all medicine perspective so instead of them being looked at is just the patient for dentistry we're going to look at them for the eyes of an all medicine specialist just see how we can do it after all are all cavity is the gateway to the rest of the body so what do all medicine specialist do and for those of you don't know this is the specialty of dentistry that's concerned with all health care of patients who have chronic recurrent and medically related disorders of the all AMEX the official region their diagnosis and nonstarter management they treat patients all medicine kind of sits at the interface between dentistry and medicine so what's our job description well where are our health care providers we diagnose all disease either of local and or of the stomach origin as it presents in the old cavity and we provide non-surgical care and treatment for patients with chronic recon and medically related disorders and it's my personal belief that saw. As a general dentist everyone can actually function as an all medicine dentist and I'll talk a little bit about that so how can we do that so 1st as all health care providers as Dennis we can evaluate and treat our patients not just the hard to shoe but the soft tissue. Especially now because the oral medicine doesn't or medicine specialist when I learned most of my colleagues refer patients to me for any lesion in the mouth before patients but I treat it when I 1st moved back. I had patients coming in who had like implant and so are the auto immune this is that there are physicians even with treatment for any biopics for years or patients or T.M.V. who were on narcotics for years and all they wanted was to just give them another prescription for practice that. It was really really hard and prostrating because it's like why these patients being treated like this but I mean I have to realize too that we've grown a lot in terms of education and our knowledge base not just in technology but I think dentistry is probably one of the fastest growing areas in any health care profession but I think in any profession really must health care providers and dentistry I mean manage if you don't read a journal or you don't read an article or you don't go to a convention I mean you're behind in the year because there are so many materials that are new all on the market you know. What you want to evaluate and treatment plan your patients not just the hard to shoot issues not just their teeth but also things in their model white lines of straw A is not normal most times that's like an audit immune disease like like in planning or something else in some patients can actually prevent and actually have no symptoms with it and you're the 1st person you or your hi Jan is to actually notice is that there is a problem though because the patients. It's on on us because the patient doesn't have an ache on their soft tissue to still addressed it we can't on one hand tell our patients you got to come in for hygiene because you don't have a toothpick but then we see a lesion in their mouth because it doesn't hurt you don't treat it so we've got to be able to evaluate hard and soft tissue become a little bit more familiar what some of these common soft tissue injuries are problems are there are some great little pamphlets on soft tissues for the general dentist that you can get just having your office you see something just refer to it don't be afraid to tell a patient you know I'm not sure what it is but it could be this but I want you to see either an all sergeant or find a normal distance specialising in area refer them to them just to follow up with it often times these things can be of systemic origin I the patient coming in once. This was when I was in residency and. Perfect how looks fine no problems opened a small major complaint that has gone for bleeding so that's why they actually sent him to dentistry. So he looked into she very 1st thing you think probably he's on dry land thing or he's on some type of. Seizure medication because guns are just really in plain touch them used to joke US residents look at him he's going to start bleeding and once we did some lab work on the patient we recognise you had leukemia and when the patient we finished the history the patient actually was walking around with guns like this for about 2 or 3 years he'd been a dentist and had hygiene recalls the whole 9 yards and they just kept telling him you know you sure are all rents is your flossing all that type of stuff and he even shared with us and I take what patients say with a grain of salt because I know patients come in to me and I give them a whole rundown the what to do and then they don't do it so they come in and tell me well my dentist never said. I really give my colleagues a lot more credit so I'm not going to say that they weren't treated well for 3 years he's telling me that his dentist said oh you just make more black than most people which I don't necessarily agree with well come to find no he actually had leukemia so we had to refer him over to on college Ian kind of get him didn't you go Pasar and it's amazing because of that he was able to actually get treatment and he survives so it was really great rewarding thing because we took the actual time to look at what's going on my 1st patient back and remuda I will remember her name she still lives in so I can't really say what Indians by very very elderly nation of all 86 or 87 all very dear to my heart. After I gave her diagnosis I went to my office and cry. Because I felt like man I'm coming and telling my grandmother she's got cancer. She came into my office she had seen her dentist and she had a little swelling on her. Upper Max that on Hamas the low and they sent her to her physician to physicians hello oh you've got an infected tooth and don't tell our colleagues that I said this but someone do you mean she had a denture not a tooth. What he sent it to me happens I've got a lot of holes in residence these for fractured jaws and the patients just had dentures. No offense corners. But she came into my office and I had a locks and it did look like it could be an abscess but the patient have teeth so I knew it was an abscess and. And I had to do a biopsy so we did a biopsy and I sent it to the path ologies that that time I don't know of a pathologist an island with Darren pathologist there is a difference and so they sent me back a report that said not cancer. But like what is. Done cancer is not a diagnosis so anybody send you back a report this is not cancer tell them that's not a diagnosis so I got her slide and I sent him back to Penn to my college. Attendance and sent back and she had screen my cell carcinoma I think at that point was like stage so I had to bring in this outer new medium I tell you know bring your son in and she comes in and she sits down and I tell her she's 80 at the time and. You're going to have to have your jaw respected. The doctors with You saw it rather not you got to go through chemotherapy radiation and stuff she's 80 so you know surgery like this. She's compromised anyway so we found her overseas before that at that time actually let me say this by that time we were still going through formalities like I said I was the 1st all medicine doc back in Bermuda our insurance system is such that they had actually logged in treatment to physicians and dentist again separating health care so I couldn't pay for her for treatment I wasn't qualified in their eyes so was the ball 6 to 8 weeks before we could actually get her to see someone and I actually circumvented that because I went through I referred to in T. doc that I knew and I said she's got a file and so we got off and she went she had it resected and it's been involved 10 years now and she came into my office probably about 6 months ago she was just like Hi I was like what's going on because she's got up there and stuff like that she says well I had to come see you because my tooth broke off with the arch so I thought Oh OK she says yeah but I'm not going to anybody else because nobody else could help me like you did so it was just only one experience you know when you take the time to really see what's happening with patients and to really look. It's great so she comes back to fix the. Even there her biggest issue with cancer so many years so we want to be able to look at the soft tissues and actually treat them we might not be able to do biopsies a little bit more comfortable with them I know some of my colleagues this dentist are not comfortable cutting and I can talk about his experience of learning it inside hand if I know here in the U.S. in gun or sergeant on the street or something you're not comfortable that's fine but at least take the time to be for them have a look and make sure you send them to diagnose the oral disease of local and systemic origin again if you can't diagnose still take the interest so if you refer them don't just refer them and say OK I did it and check it off keep up with it because you're the primary you're the primary other dentist so you're over you're the chief of what's happening in their mouth. And then provide that nonstarter care educate your patients and then provide a referral care and review their care updates so that they know you're keeping up with their case so again has that practical component has some practical method in which you can implement this using oral medicine to treat your patients include a medical history questionnaire ask them questions about their systemic health not just you know they had Sarge read or if they have hypertension and diabetes have a thorough one I really really advise this especially for doctors who are doing surgery it's really important I mean you probably already know this because I'm sure litigation in the U.S. is much higher than Bermuda but if you're going to do something even like an implant. You're online like you need to know so make sure you have that and you review it OK it's not enough to make sure your ad man just takes the information have a look at a patient's chart to see what's happening there medical doctor information try to include that honest face in there know who your patients physician is so you can have a report a family. Consult with and share it care of your patients with their primary care providers if you're doing major work on campus what up the issue of therapies no. These you have patients going to pardon the maintenance in my office I like I don't know if that makes me crazy and I but I do. So we actually have a pair program in our office because we have had on a small island again I'm on an island he comes every couple of weeks so I treat most of my patients and get them at least the best that I can to a certain spot if they're beyond that then reprogram the parea So if you're treating patients for parea just inform their physicians and let them know they know what's happening. Especially your paradigm the calm her down to compromise patients and even some of your diabetic patients to might need to do that as well because there is a direct link with her you and I just keep that in mind. Medical history of you engage in a full depth in the after skosh and as relates to the health status accidents lies residents diets of your patients this impacts their teeth but it also impacts their moral How I mean their systemic health and provide alternative lifestyle options health messages some of the. Vendors in there have some great little small pamphlets and packets and stuff that you can use they're really great take the blood pressure routinely specially for star dreams that hygiene visits and stuff documented and you view it educate and discuss the ganders natural alternatives for reducing hypertension and complete more thorough soft tissue examinations of patients so you can make sure that either there are local origin and then treat them or if their stomachs origin just make sure they're getting the treatment that. All right so the final one just one little bit more why our call to service here at a man described ways to implement spiritual element into your down office environment in practice and speaking from experience this can be really hard like I share with you guys I didn't get a level in though so I didn't go to Venice school it's a matter of fact I've been through the advent of education system K. through college I went to an Adventist school Bermuda Institute which is 75 on this account and then I went to a local college on scholarship in Alabama so I've been in the Adventist system so when I went to University of Pennsylvania huge Jewish population so there was some some benefits I got to take exams were different even Sabbath they made this adjustments so that was great. But we had professors who would get up in class and tell us oh who ever designed the Krebs cycle I'd give them a C.. And I was sick there like Hope last was can you be. But it was really an eye opener to really haul really wildly people are and really give God no credit or even grade him that it's worse so this was really hard for me at 1st because I came from a system that really gave God no credit that really didn't teach us anything about God so I'm doing this in the practice setting was a little bit difficult for me and that's what. Made a huge difference for me so I just have a few quotes that I really thought of really important they're really helpful for me. I don't know if you can see what. You want to know to build as you will be able to furnish to circulate yourself to society and to life that you may answer the purpose of God's creation God in your creation sorry as disciples of Christ you are NOT be barred from engaging in temporal pursuits. What you should carry your religion with you whatever the business you may qualify yourself to engage in and never entertain the idea that you cannot make such Sask of it without sacrificing principle and this is a testimony for me because when I 1st came to a man I was just like whoa whoa my going to be able to implement this holiday going to talk to patients about their spirituality when I'm doing a class that is such an oxymoron in my mind but I recognized it started with the practice of dentistry so when I finished doing a composite and there was a void and it's going to take me 15 more minutes or do I just let the patient go it's not a big deal principle let me take that 15 minute and do that composite right let me win that crown prep fail let me do another crime for the patient. And it started there. And God is truly blessed so much so I had my son and I really felt impressed that God wanted me to spend time with him and so I cut back my hours really I have to share the story another day of my testimony there I had to have a c section or give the short version and so I was planning to go to work like 6 weeks right after. And I was like the day before I went in for surgery to deliver action in my local Muslim women and that's funny the strain that women in the US of really it's a small world just seen him so anyway he came in and he was like What are you doing I wish they could just pick them to chant before I go oh don't worry I'll be back in 6 make the reading we fought for that I held my son in my whole world changed and God showed me that it's got to be different and so I started to read a lot more and this quote really hit me because it's really the principle of the Model A lot of times there are things that will work or can work but is it the right thing to do by our patients especially if we're going to take their money. And I can't say what that is for you but know that God is watching and that God rather not your patients nor you know gotten this and so is left to you to Ovation number to do the principal thing it's the privilege of every soul to be a living channel through which God can communicate to the world the treasures of his grace be on searchable riches of Christ there is nothing that Christ desires so much as an agent who will represent to the world his spirit and his character there is nothing that the world needs so much as the manifestation through humanity of the serious love all heaven is baiting for a channel through which can be poor the holy oil to be enjoyed and a blast into human hearts there's no profession as intimate as ours there's nobody not even the G.P. who gets in the face of his patients like we do and. So we have a really unique opportunity I mean other patients like it or not we're pretty intimate with them and so we have an opportunity to interact with them on a different level because even though that's the mold we're still a little bit more safe than some of them think in terms of their health care providers in terms of physicians or whomever else so we have a unique opportunity to reflect to them that you know and that through humanity the Spirit of Christ whatever we do and so I really really like this hope because I think it's really help with ha we can implement that spiritual component in ha we practice dentistry which impacts what our office is like. So these are 2 pictures that I have up in my office the right one I thought was like so cool my 1st name and conference wasn't this particular one but I forget his name I think was Dr Kim or somebody like that he shared something they had in his office and it just really like sent me into this space like whoa this is pretty cool how can I do that and I found this picture of this dolphin and these teams and I don't know how many of you ever saw this tax in the Bible Psalm 8110 which says open my mouth wide and I will feel it I thought it was really my patients love it they absolutely do. They really really love it. And so I put it on but I mean it's so small but it's just like a wall how much more good local Can that be right since that's the turn that this thing got of in this and they love it because this is just like amazing to me that I walk by it sometimes you get used to these things but when I was put the presentations Gallo's like this is pretty cool just like you have a picture of this stuff like this in your office a really really great and that brings that spiritual component in it very easily and you'd be surprised when you have this How many discussions come up just on this picture and it's an entering wedge and then there was a colleague of mine I would almost say like a father in dentistry he gave me this plaque I had never seen it before is the dentist's prayer I don't know how many of you are familiar If it but it's a beautiful prayers those Lord be with me as I practice dentistry me a treat with gentle hands all who put their trust in me in my calm assurance helps you raise their fears to relax the 10 adults and drive the child's tears may treat each patient with competence and skill rather a difficult procedure or 2 that I must feel as I diagnose and treat you with me all the while and reward me with my patients lovely healthy smile and the beautiful thing about this is that rather really believe it or not we're handing out crawls God is going to have lost a crown based on what we call patients and so we want to make sure we keep this in the forefront of our mine. So again that practical math that stumped. Question artwork like my Dolphin open up wide. Really great this is another one you can't really see it on his little small but it's a prescription the picture of a prescription and it says Christian Christianity taken daily and as prescribed cures everything. And it's all in J C Jesus Christ it's really cute because patients think that's a cute little thing too but just these small little things open up dynamics of patient private patients this is really an amazing. I can't even tell you how this changed my life in the beginning I was just like with a patient that is just the most awkward thing to do with them sitting in your dental chair and I pray because it's it's not my thing that you know it's not like you're over it or our table and people are going to make sure surgeon whatever find you and anesthetic needle a lot of patients alike sure whether her. Crying patient is been such a great thing for me I have patients who come in who are really really anxious and I had a lady come in I didn't know her back all she was from the US like her accent from the south and. She was really nervous we had to take out a tooth and I said Listen would you mind if I pray with you and I think it shocked her I think if I had had like. Heart blood pressure reading on her would have been my sky high she was like what I thought America they can play with me over there so I play with her and she calmed down a lot to this day she still talks ball she can't be neither her doctor prayed for her before procedure and it made such a big difference that just like catapulted me. I pray over my I think it was Carlos a few years back you mentioned. I got my office someone into things a little tough we're now going to have a talk procedure I try to get in early and I kind of my office I don't know how many how many of you have a complete the outline of the office. And by the way I don't either as a matter of fact I'm only one of 2 in my 8 clinic office and. Believe it or not my prayer with patients is the witness to my staff too so it's really a beautiful thing so much so that when my staff coming in and we have morning huddle sometimes the doc. Which is a whole another testament that I have to share in all the time lobby literature like I talk about I'm having some of the confidence the health benefits but also some of the signs of the time the glow tracks the ball how patients love it and I think free patients love so if you have it they're going to take it and it's it's wonderful special know it's I implemented this I don't know maybe about 3 years ago. They even green the dentist picture they actually have postcards and so Bermuda is much smaller so you guys probably don't see this but in our newspaper they run a bitch rarities and they list like the family and stuff every patient who dies in our practice reset and a card when the Nathan green cards to the family expressing our condolences we may not have met the family but because their relative was a patient in our practice we stun them especially when you have no idea how much that means the families I mean patients come because we got a note from the office when our dad died died or whoever it's such a great great. Staff interaction again how you treat your staff as a Christian impacts all your patients and it also impacts your business because remember not just the patient had been brought to you or so is your staff who was going to hold you accountable for the influence that you've had over their life whatever that may be so just make sure that you're interacting with them at the level that they are being exposed to cries warning huddles just like so on and the morning huddles or devotions we have morning huddled in our office and I don't know if you're familiar with. His name Ralph Marston anybody from knowing him at all he has it's I didn't put it on here but you can write it down it's called The Daily Motivator it's not a devotion per se but he's a Christian author and so it's like an inspirational thought but if I will base but you wouldn't know it's Bible based so it's a very perfect way to implement almost like a spiritual devotion with your staff 1st thing in the morning before you start so it's the Daily Motivator dot com So having those morning divisions to kind of starting games. Like I said where answerable to God for the souls of those with you me a brought into contact. And the closer our connections with our fellow man the greater our responsibility we are one great brotherhood in the our fear of our fellow man should be our greatest interest we have not one moment if we have been careless in this matter it is high time that we were not arnest to redeem the time lost the blood of souls be fallen are gone as children of God none of us are excused from taking part in the great work of Christ in the salvation of our fellow man it will be a difficult work so overcome prejudice some of which is already inside of us. And to convince the unbelieving that our efforts to help them are just interested we're not trying to sell them or dentistry but they should not hinder our labor there is no precept in the Word of God That's how it was to do good to those only who appreciate and respond to our efforts and to benefit there's only he will thank us for it God has sent us to work in His vineyard and it is our business to do all that we can exclude the ask this 116 says in the morning so that I see it and in the evening with her not mine hand for they all know it's not rather shall prosper either this or that we may never see the benefit of what we do this side of the kingdom but I promise you that you definitely will see it when we get to heaven and that's really what are and I just want to end this really quickly here of May I will say the last 3 months or so in Iraq I don't know how many of you read there's not a lot on. But I really delved into a study of him and it's really become my mainstay in office walk with God was not a trance or vision but in all the duties of daily life as a husband as a father as a friend as a citizen he was the unwavering sarvant of the law in not walked of God He honor guard in every affair of his life in His Her them and in his business he inquired Will this be acceptable to the law and by remembering God and following his counsel he was transformed in character and became a godly man his base please the Lord we are exalted to add to godliness rather than economists Oh how much we need to take this step to add this to our car. We are to the babe the laws of His Kingdom making ourselves all that it is possible for us to be honestly or to cultivate the highest powers of our being remembering every year God's property God building we are required to improve every day we may buy our newest parts the varying after rise to the highest spiritual efficiency we are to please God this we may do for in October they're living in a degenerate age and there are in this our day and this is the final thing for what we can do pray our hearts Haman's will avail nothing like I said earlier if we do not put it to use for the honor of God and humanity the good of humanity and lost our knowledge of the stepping stone to the complement of the highest purpose it's worth no matter how many crowns the place how many physical fillings we fix no matter how many abscesses we correct it is not done for God's glory. And this is my prayer and I encourage to be yours according to my earnest expectation and my hope that in nothing I shall be a sheen but that was all bonus as always so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body rather in my life or by that I know from my dentist my colleagues are you willing to serve your patients. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him or you 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W audio 1st dot org.


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