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Implementing the Principles and Practice of Health Evangelism

Eric Nelson Patti Guthrie Chris Anderson



1. Discuss the importance of the following variables in implementing effective health evangelism: venue, group size, spiritual emphasis, pastoral involvement. 

2. Understand and implement various outcome measures in health evangelism.

3. Describe the role of health evangelism in conversion.


Share experiences from two very different churches in implementing the "Principles and Practice of Health Evangelism."



  • October 26, 2018
    3:00 PM
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Welcome to implementing the principles and practice of health evangelism probably many of you know that Dr Alvin Adams who presented this morning wrote a book by that title the principles and practice of health evangelism and I'm told anyway that Becca has some copies of his book and some of you are here because you want to pick up a free book. And we should be able to give that to you at the end assuming back I can find them if she doesn't blame back I don't blame me but we are attempting to. Find out for you so why don't we have our heads for prayer and then I'm going to kind of talk through we're going to do during this next hour here let's pray Dear God we are so thankful for your blessings we are thankful for health a health message a message of salvation salvation from so many different habits that bind people bind us the ability to look to Jesus for power the ability to help others learn to look to Jesus for power to overcome ask that you will bless us during this hour help us to. Learn something new that we can each implement in our own lives for Jesus' sake amen. So I hope I can adequately convey to you how excited I am about this topic I've got my own energy to keep up with Patti Guthrie who's going to be sharing with us later because she's always extremely energetic and I'm very pleased that my Pastor Chris Anderson is here and he's also going to be sharing He and I will kind of be tag teaming the experience at South Bay Seventh-Day Adventist Church to talk about that and then Patti is going to be sharing the experience from a completely different church Mount Shasta and at the end we'll kind of wrap up with some spiritual observations thankful to Dr Adams is here probably give him a chance to make some comments and we're going to share together a lot of different ideas about health of vandalism and how we can optimize it. So tale of 2 churches I think that our church at South Bay is kind of the opposite of Petit Guthrie's church out of Mt Shasta in many different ways you see some of the list on the screen we are a very new church plant in fact we just became a church 2 months ago 3 months ago something like that. And so it's a very exciting time for us whereas Mt Shasta has been there for quite some time our church is very near Southern administering a versity so many people drive from the College Hill area about 1520 minutes to our church location whereas Mount Shasta is extremely rural. Our attendance is probably around $200.00 on average Sabbath and of course Mt Shasta is much smaller We're right in the middle the Bible Belt any time we go out to do outreach we can make the assumption the people that we knock on their door the vast majority consider themselves Christians already whereas Mt Shasta I've been there it is the West Coast all the land of fruits and nuts and there's a lot of fruity and nutty ideas floating around out there. Now being a Christian Unfortunately the bible belt does not make you healthy we're like the stroke capital the world the diabetes capital world obesity capital of the world in contrast many of the individuals in the Mt Shasta area are already very health conscious our church is very anxious to do evangelism we were just planted that's what happens you still that the fire of the the excitement of planting a new church you're just anxious to get out there and do stuff whereas once a church been around for a while in the natural course of things sometimes that fire dies away a little bit our church as fairly unified and by contrast I think there's a lot of diverse perspectives that you might found if you went to the Mount Shasta church our church has many many families with small children I think about 80 percent of the people in our church are families with young children there are lots and lots and lots of young kids and that presents both opportunities and challenges whereas Mount Shasta is probably more your average 7th Day Adventist Church where there's few families with small children so we're going to see how these 2 different churches did help evangelism what they have in common what my church has been common and what Mount Shasta church has in common is that someone read that book. And I cannot. I can't begin to describe to you how it completely changed my ideas about how to Vangelis and I think I've been doing it wrong my whole life I really do. Much of what I have thought I was doing as health of vandalism after reading this book and boy that was good secular health advice but I'm not sure it would qualify as evangelism. But Pastor Chris Read the book and it's possible he got more excited than I did and it was really revolutionary especially the 1st chapter it really exploded my idea of what medical missionary work really was in its place however it presented something that was Christ centered evidence based relationship focused and because of that at our church we changed everything that we were doing. And that's what we'd like to share with you this morning we're just going to share some some of our experiences I think some of them will be very similar to what many of you have experienced and I hope you can glean some ideas that will that will be helpful to you here the learning objectives if you happen to look at those in your program by the end you're supposed to be able to discuss the importance of the following variables then you group size spiritual if this pastoral involvement understand implement various outcome measures in health evangelism and describe the role of health evangelism in conversion we touched on all 3 of these things briefly this morning when Dr Adams spoke but again I hope by the end you'll have perhaps a different perspective in each of those 3 areas so here's South Bay We don't have our own church building we're renting a Methodist church our Pastor Chris Anderson and thanks to our. Audio Visual team we have a nice logo it's so let's talk about South Bay This is what we did last year as you'll see at the end we're doing something slightly different this year and want to talk about each of these programs to turn D.W.T. stands for dinner with the doctor talk about that program it's our monthly health program that then hopefully leads into a weekly health program we did the best way program which you heard about this morning Secrets to Living stronger living longer the Grundy County diabetes program the depression recovery program that's an 11 program and these hopefully lead in some miscellaneous programs some church attendance and then we're going back home from this directly into a prophecy seminar and hopefully going have a lot of people from these health programs attend that so we're going to talk about each of these in turn right now the depression recovery program is going on so after dinner with the doctor we'll talk about that one of them will kind of go through our year this is spring late spring summer fall and that's our that's our year so it's not about then with a doctor most of you are kind of familiar with this monthly health program idea and this is kind of what I grew up watching you have some health professionals usually a physician or a dentist or a nurse practitioner or someone else and you'd invite the community. In some way and they'd all come in and you'd feed them a healthy meal do a little cooking demo showing them how you fix the healthy meal probably take a door prize or 2 give them a handout about the recipes and then you'd stand up and give a didactic leisure just like I'm doing right now everyone's facing forward they're all kind of looking at you and you share some health information and then they all go home right have you seen this before we've all done this before that's what I've done probably most of my most of my life that's what I considered health of vandalism we were a little bit different in that we had some hospital sponsorship and this was a unique thing to our church which I I really want to reach out to my fellow health professionals as well so I went to the local hospital and said hey you all want to sponsor this program and they were kind enough to do so to the tune of thousands of dollars they pay for all of our table claws all the flyer printing and all the food and that helped a lot with finances more importantly was the public relations that that allowed us to do they would send e-mails to all their nurses and many of them would come out they would send their population health nurses who would measure blood pressure and weight and a few other measures on the participants who wished to teach health program and keep that data it was helpful to them that was part of their mission to the community and it was also helpful to us to see how we were doing here's how we did systolic blood pressure for about the 12 people who were there through the entire year we got data on a lot more than that but the 12 people who actually came through the entire year drop their stock blood pressure by 15 points that's pretty impressive for just having someone stand up front do a lecture on other topics and sure I gave one on hypertension but we talked about diabetes and cancer and you know all the normal things that we talk about at these type of grams and then I read this book and I said you know this really isn't health of Angeles I'm. This is not healthy vandalism and so although we haven't really a rived with the dinner with a doctor program we did try to change it such that it would get closer to that ideal we started measuring our outcomes a little bit better you've known administration visits so for $2017.00 or about the year we had about $1400.00 not out of innocent person visits that's pretty good we also implemented small groups and discussion and because this is a monthly program and you don't have the same people coming every single month it's not as good of a small group will have a table leader and throughout the lecture instead of just standing and talking the whole time I will ask interactive questions or encourage the other presenters to do so and they will then have some more interaction at their tables to try to get to know these people of those 1400 non-evidence person visits many of them have been attending dinner with a doctor for several years now and so we are starting to form more relationships with them we become more intentional about spiritual references I've asked all the presenters and I myself have tried to be more intentional about pointing people to Jesus as the only source for change. And in the future hopefully we can move this to our church this is probably one of the most important things Dr Adams said this morning I think it's very important that our health evangelism be at the church because that is the home that is the home for the Christian Well we don't have a church and if any of you have an extra $1000000.00 Pastor Chris Anderson this is a shameless plug and we're trying to raise money for a church building we'll either build by will take whatever but we were interested in having a church home so if any of you wish to contribute to that cause I think a man is OK with me raising money here I don't know so see Pastor Chris and give us the money we're we're all excited about that's CHRISTY KING OF YOU I think it is your turn to talk about dark. Well greetings it's good to be here this is my 2nd Amen last year attended out in on the East Coast and really enjoyed there I didn't make Dr Relman abs presentation but Eric sent to me later he's a Christian this out and I did I hurt others a book and I'm always trying to find good books to read and I found an i Books So if you don't want to carry on a hardback book there is a copy of my books and you can read it there and I was revolutionized in my understanding we're given good counsel about how we should do or that we should do health work but sometimes you wonder I mean I wonder how to do it and this book is a really practical hands on manual in doing it and so this is one of the problems we have we have 5. NEGLI depression anxiety recovery program it's community based and we're currently doing this in session our 1st time that we had this program we had 15 and currently have 26 and rolled it and it's really growing. They're also doing inpatient program it's the only one of them on the East Coast that will be happening here in a few weeks is the 2nd time doing that so we have a total of 9 at this person visit 310 and. The program has a small group facilitators that discuss with those that come in and are part of the program so there's a lecture and then there's a small group element that's really important there and the pastoral involvement that we have with this program is we have a retired pastor this with us and he's part one of the facilitators and he is able to connect with the guess that come. And the I want to share with you just to me I just got this text from the lady this leaving our program and. This is one of the attendees Hi this is so I really believe my depression is over I kept looking at the symptoms described by Natalie and thought I don't have these things anymore I don't know when it ended it's one of those things that just happen and you don't really notice it because you've been living with were for so long but it's been weeks maybe even longer that I've just experienced that I've last experienced any of the symptoms enough for me to be depressed her life is being cheese praise God Well this thing doesn't want to move forward here there we go oh we were supposed to add pictures here Chris sorry we can get pictures we are praying these handouts like 10 minutes ago for Patty's part as well so sorry there were some pictures of all the results there's good results Trust me I'm a doctor. So you heard about the best way program this morning briefly I'm positive if you ask Dr Adams afterwards he'll be happy to give you some. Some handouts and some resources there we do this every spring and this is kind of the prototypical program that. Hits all the points that are outlined in this book as health evangelism the spiritual is built in from the beginning there are lots and lots of measures and if the physician I like things to be evidence based I like to know that it's actually working and that's that's built into this program. There's small group discussion which is the core of the program which creates that connection with the attendees and we did see that at our at our program we did it runs for 10 weeks and by the end of that there was a strong connection not only from the small group but also with communicating with your your table attendees during the week every day you're supposed to be connecting with them or they're supposed to be connecting with you integration spiritual decisions this is built into the program we're asking them to make spiritual decisions about prayer about reading the Bible. And of course Pastor involvement Pastor Chris had an excellent devotional every single program applying the truth of the Bible to what they were learning what we've tried to do is take these principles from The Best Way program and apply them to all of the other programs which don't automatically have some of those things built in and that's what we're talking about as we go forward we had in our 1st program there are 31 and it is attendees for anonymous person visits of 160 we have 2 that have been sporadically attending our church since then we're very excited about that total weight loss if you look at the medical outcomes 195 and a half pounds for the 27 folks who completed the entire program and one person lost nearly 22 pounds so we were very excited about that 2 people actually gained weight during the program but of course they were the ones who were skipping breakfast so we don't feel too bad about that Seacrest living stronger living longer this is an out of the box program that Don mackintoshes put together if you go to prophecies of Health dot com You can purchase the program there it's a program that is built to be half health talk and half a spiritual talk and there are videos of done Macintosh doing the entire thing which you could use Of course we didn't courage people to actually give the lectures themselves they have the Power Point or Keynote slides available handouts available etc etc Each 6 weeks and each one of these weeks is based around one of the chapters in Daniel Chapter one through 6 it goes through them sequentially drawing health principles out of those chapters in the Book of Daniel and then looking at it from a spiritual perspective just very overt Bible study we were on this program immediately after the best way Program at the request of one of our That is a 10 day said you know I've been making spiritual decisions at this health program I'm afraid that when I stop the program I'm going to slide back. And they said OK well let's do something about it and I had to be aware of this program and so that's what we went into we did a few cooking demos to kind of transition from the Health Talk which was again kind of a didactic lecture that I would give in to a small group discussion which is essentially a small group Bible Study of each of the 1st 6 chapters of The Book of Daniel and the hope was that people were going to continue on doing a prophecy study afterwards. We had several people continue on but unfortunately continued on the diabetes program which was following There's a nice little final summary there's a whiteboard animation of some of your interest afterwards I can show you what that looks like it's done mackintoshes hand scribbling on the board kind of summarizing nicely the entire chapter that you study in the Book of Daniel so that Secrets to Living stronger and living longer let's see Grundy County reversing diabetes program. So this program didn't didn't really have a strong spiritual component but we took what we had learned from best when we put it here same practice and so I gave a devotional topic each time appointed to Jesus is the power that can give us help to change and the lectures were video based but we had Dr Ayesha in a car there she gave some presentations we had a little small meal that was kind of buffet style they would go over and get it and then eat together there were table hosts we had one table hostess 3 guests so the amount of guess we could take were based on the amount of church members that could mean goal with those that were coming and this program went really well when it finished. Everyone was hugging each other who were going to miss you this has been so nice thank you so much it just was music to my ears to see those relationships building So 181 not at this person visits and Eric share with those stats were systolic blood pressure was down by 5 and weight was down by just 2 and a half pounds we did not measure hemoglobin A one C. levels we plan to do that in the future. By reports people were using less insulin by the end of the program and a couple folks were getting off some of their medications but we don't actually have that data measured. As you saw from that 1st slide we tried to lead from each of these health programs we tried to lead from our monthly health program into weekly health programs that we run sequentially through the year at our church location and from that we invited people to additional kind of miscellaneous programs. Finley's here and the name of the program I wrote it down is natural lifestyle cooking talk with teeny afterwards for more information about that we try to do something similar to that where we went into people's homes and did cooking schools and we'd advertise the availability and willingness of some of our church members who are expert cooks to come to people's homes and teach them how to cook and that's really an excellent way to connect with people when you're in their home they're trusting you to come into their home you're working together with them in their own kitchen and then you eat a meal with them I mean that's that's hospitality at its best so that's a powerful way to connect with people we connect with several of our attendees from dinner with a doctor with kind of in home cooking schools we also did some shopping tours kind of after dinner with a doctor taking to the shop and taking to the store and shown how to shop we did a gardening seminar we had about 40 people attend and several people from our parent church not a parent church our rental facility the Methodist church were able to attend that and that was a good way to connect with them we have someone who's good at gardening in our church and we appreciated that one of the attendees at dinner with a doctor actually suggested hey we need to do a cookie exchange at Christmas and so we said OK sure and we did a cookie exchange healthy cookies of course healthy cookies not low carb perhaps but they were healthy cookies after the idea is that from all of these programs we want to be constantly encouraging people to come to more overtly spiritual programs and we have some targeted sermons Christmas and Thanksgiving where the obvious ones at dinner with the doctor we made a nice little handout invited people to come learn about Thanksgiving from an emotional intelligence standpoint and I gave that sermon and we had you know 4 or 5 people from dinner with a doctor attend. We. To continue our Bible studies on The Book of Daniel and although we did continue most of the folks actually with the diabetes program but that's we're planning to continue trying in the future we have a special Christmas service that I mentioned and of Angeles 6 series is happening as a continuation of study of the prophecies as like I said as soon as we get back home here so we'll see what happens with that when we don't have data to share on that one yet Patti come on up I promise everybody you're even higher energy than I am so. Did everybody get your G. mail address put down on the computer so we can share that with you all right so see Philip Philips wave your hand if any of you have a G. mail address and you have not given it to Philip do that right now because in about 5 minutes Patty is going to be sharing something I'm extremely excited about she's due and we have some handouts to one hand those are all right now as well only if you had those. Oh well Chris going to your password Patty. It's a privilege it's a privilege to be here and this is a view picture taken from our living room I'm not. Just Yahoo news came out this week and said that of all the volcanoes in the United States not just is in the top 5 most likely including the ones in Alaska and Hawaii most likely to below so this is our home. As mention what's unique about our community it's rural it's gorgeous We have more beautiful places to walk than you can imagine it's secular new age and I can't underscore that strongly enough. Health conscious and we do have beautiful scenery and I just want to mention right now we have some folks from our Siskiyou County northernmost county in California here Diana dicks year if you want to raise your hands and then my convict he has not at our church this is feedback What's that. OK. Physician pastor in Fort Jones and then back in the back we have Christina sever moved to and. My daughter Laurel Anyway we have church family here that are part of our team and so I want to emphasize this is not just me. What's unique about our church when we moved there in 2005 we found out that our church did not have a history of doing public if you Angela's and they were adverse to the concept and so. That was new for us we came from a little conservative church in the south to the left coast and so this was different but we've come to appreciate and embrace that where we're at and God has actually been able to grow us and help us learn in ways we would have never learned otherwise so. Here we have in our fellowship hall a meal being served. But over time God has blessed and we've had some bad tism And if you look closely here you'll see Christina every move to here on the far left of this bed is the picture she was baptized with her husband Mike this summer she's been she came in profession of faith several years ago but Mike was baptized and she chose to cement her commitment to Christ and his and some other folks here. That were bad as baptized so what are programs led me to do is to initiate Bible studies with people because we couldn't have public evangelism in our church or that wasn't an option that was bailable to us so we started initiating Bible studies and that by that not just because of me but because all of us working together God has blessed so what we've tried lots of programs diabetes and done weight loss support group optimize your brain and so on all these things just want to make a note that over the years that we've done these I've become increasingly frustrated. Oh Well 1st we've had lots of guest speakers as well. Come to our church different times will come up to the far north than share what you know and it's a real blessing so ways we invite people to come reaching out to neighbors and friends Dr Sheerin many of his patients he invites to come my husband Todd Guthrie also invites his patients it's really wonderful when you get a referral from an administration we run announcements in the newspaper and have developed an email Community Health mailing list that we send out regularly only to announce our health programs I don't use it for anything else in our church bulletin we also print flyers and door to door last Sabbath. This years and other folks are going for a walk and Todd ended up in surgery and I thought I don't want to go. Leave him so I'm just going to kind of hang out and I went to town and then I thought sunshine I want to walk in the sand and then I thought you know there's all these people here so I decided I was going to go and start knocking on doors and inviting them to the next thing we have going on which is going to be. Depression and sorry grief loss recovery program so I just had this little pad with me and I would I would just knock on the door and say Hi I'm Patti which is where having a grief and loss recovery program we'd like to invite you handed them the flyer and that initiated still many amazing conversations so if they were interested like this 1st guy I just had him sign up on my little notepad here so I was anyway it was just a thrill it can't tell you all the stories of what happened there but God has put a burden on my heart not just to do something because I have to because I love people and I want people to be saved so I'm not very good at keeping statistics about what how many Bible studies we're doing or how many bad dozens we had I can't tell you any of that or how many people are coming I do know how many people are coming because we keep attendance records they sign up every week when they come and if they're new for the 1st time we had them sign in and give us our information including their information address and so on including how they found out about the program but our goal is to develop relationships with these folks. So goals to bring Christ in every program that was the thing I started to really feel the weight and weakness a lot of the programs I've done over the years have been shared information about health but we haven't shared Jesus I wanted to I wanted to be like a package sharing Jesus but I I think that I have been ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I thought well maybe people won't want to hear it but I just I don't want to do that anymore we're going to just let people know we love them and you don't have to believe in Jesus but if you're coming here to this church that's what we have to offer you that's unique that's not it the other other programs you my attend So our goal to developing cultivate friendships cultivate Bible study interest through that and be with people who are exposed struggling with addictions and pray with them experiencing watching them experience lifestyle change alternately leading to conversion and bad tism. So one of the things we wanted to do there was a quest actually that we would run a 5 day stop smoking program so we had old materials we looked at I read through those and I thought where is jesus I'm sure it was there maybe perhaps but what I've seen of the materials I didn't see Jesus in that so I. Over doing programs over the years we found that more conversational approach is working really well and so I developed this 5 day plus smoking cessation plan we ran it as a pilot last February in the middle of the day 5 days and then after running it we call it 5 day plan at that time but I call this 5 day plus because 5 day plan has some deficiencies one of which we're not developing ongoing relationships with people so the 5 day plus is a program but following the program then we're going to invite them to continue doing coming to our church for support and what we started in March was a weight loss program which I also developed on the fly every day every Monday I would develop another program and then we would do it that night and so this year's they're there they're teaching some of the time and so the format here for a 5 day plan is welcome and prayer and then we present the promise the 1st one is all Lord God Behold dollars made the heavens and the earth by the great power and outstretched arm there is nothing too hard for you folks you've been struggling with something that had a hold on you but we want to we would be a crime if we didn't introduce you to the only person who can really help you Jesus came to save not the strong but the weak and no matter how weak you are you're not too weak that Jesus can't help you and we're here to love you and support you and care about you we want to provide information and if you don't want Jesus that's OK but we love you. And we care and we're going to be praying for you and that's how we started our program and that's how we continued each day talking with these folks who came and hearing their stories and so we. Gave them all over view and then I would just give them now like with the way it was I would give them my hand out so all the You Tube links I just found You Tube's on line I use some of life and health things and I just those together and I use some of the old 5 day tricks for stopping smoking or tools and I added some newer ones and so that's what this program is day one day 2 we have people. So we use the white board and I say OK folks less you're going to help me here and so I put on the left side triggers so why don't you tell me what is a trigger for you what causes you to feel like you want to start to go smoking so well when I wake up in the morning I have this routine where I go in the kitchen and I drink a cup of coffee and then I sit down in the chair read the paper and smoke a cigarette or whatever so then we have to think through OK what So on the left I would write down the triggers that's an example that I would say and together as a group we say OK now what could we do to what new thing could we plan to do that would be different than that and then we create a plan you know drink and then we bring in the laws of health so really the 5 day smoking plan is just simply. Oh yeah handouts What do you well we have this whole thing in a Google doc that you can look at I'm happy to email you P.D.F. so or whatever you'd like so anyway. I think that in churches doing a weekly health program is the very best thing we've ever done when we started the weight management program last March I didn't know how long it was going to last I know in our humanity we get tired of helping people but people the longer we go all the better the relationships are and so no as a result from that we've started Bible studies and it's just so thrilling to see God work and I just want to set California on fire with a different kind of fire where we can discover the joy of winning souls there is nothing in comparison I don't know Christina shares if you want to add anything to what I'm saying. Anyway it's really not me we want to bring them into our church family and have them get to know so we like we invite the depression recovery cause over to our house for South dinner we had the whole church over for some of the dinner including we always have. Quite a few not have been missed every time we have public at our house and so they're getting to know us OK so any other questions or thoughts about the 5 day plan the last day we show that really sad movie the Marlboro Man is just breaks your heart was. Produced many years ago but now I think we can some people home and say good luck with your smoking you know we're going to say come back next week Monday night and we're going to we're going to be here to support you and help you and learn new ways to eat and to live that are going to really bless you. So just to conclude inspired counsel medical missionary work and the gospel ministry are the channels through which God seeks to pour a constant supply of His goodness they are to be as the river of life for the irrigation of his church so I missed the there and then conclusion when medical missionary work is done utilizing this combined approach there is little need for a bridge program to transition to Bible study because the Bible isn't part of the program from the beginning so just a score this the format that we're doing is very interactive will show a video I think videos that are about 5 or 7 minutes are about great before people lose their concentration and then all right why don't we just hear in that what if we just learn and we'll discuss that by the way we just are right now if the machine of depression recovery but it's in it is written series that was done with John Bradshaw interviewing Neil medley and it's taking the principles that optimize your brain which I've done before but it's simpler and John Bradshaw is doing reflective listening to Dr never as they're talking so John Bradshaw is in the position of the person who's listening or watching the video and then we discuss it and Lorraine Gabriel who is here at this conference produced a very detailed handout for each of the it is written programs so total time video for those is like $28.00 minutes and there's 3 segments is perfect for a one hour program and we discuss those and all kinds of ideas come up but anyway we're praying and God is blessing and I. Those a handout our son that. Notes Lorraine Gabriel e-mailed them to me and I printed them out and I copied them and so everybody in fact I have them right here this is what we gave people when they came was this and it has the handouts for the depression thing so she wrote down the note so it's very factual or true to this is the handouts right here all in it's 8 weeks and so it's this coming Monday night is the last week of having run that and it's just going on do you want to add anything to this. I just you aren't hearing the whole perspective because Christina's been coming every To every chance she gets and shares are there anyway it's it's just a real blessing and a happy e-mail this to anybody that wants it yeah so if you want to just give me e-mails and we'll be happy to share All right anything else OK. So I came across this quote about a year or so ago it was of our physicians and ministers can work together in the presentation of truth to the people more can be reached and could be influenced by the minister alone and so I've appreciated working together with the health professionals in our church there's a strong. Together relationship in this process and it's been a huge blessing to me. How do you know if you're making progress in building in the workforce with health work when I used to construction business and build houses and I would wonder are we moving forward and the guys would move piles of lumber here to there and then back again and you know how do you know you're actually getting something done for me it was when I heard nails being driven into wood when nails were being fastened I knew progress was happening so. With church members how do I know that progress is happening for me it's when I see relationships being developed when Christ mingled with people that's when relationships can develop so when I see church members actually mingling I think it's a huge benefit just a little tip one of the churches we went to that I used to go to they wanted to honor the new attendees and the and the new church member so they had a special table set aside for a new church members or guess and so they would have them go through the line 1st and then they would go sit down at that table as a table of honor but then all the church members go sit at their table with their friends and that was the loneliest table an entire George right there so was there any mingling going on no it's when church members are mingling with and connecting with building relationships so when I was listening to the best way program it was given my devotional talk the lecture it happened in the church members were having their dialogue portion with the guests there was a buzz in the room of this discussion back and forth when the program was finished it wasn't just goodbye will see you later people were hugging each other and so progress when it's happening in my mind is when church members are actually mean going. Another huge component is total number involvement we try to get every single church member involved and these programs the health programs provide an excellent way to do that in particular the table host element where you have the table hosts discussing with the attendees it's huge. Youth involvement you see our youth here they're working their dinner with the doctor shirts they have been helping to serve the food to the tables are going to the doctor and the people just love it so our youth there are highly involved in this element as well as well as when we go out and hand out flyers about programs that are involved there as well. Observations list specific programs the best way and the diabetes program I felt there was a strong spiritual component and conversion can happen in that process and I think it was Mark Finley The talked about there can be a spectrum in a person's progress from from a total atheist to a Christian and so they can be moved one notch closer in one of these health of ends and as indeed they can actually become converted even if they don't realize the full. Doctrinal truth of the other the church and so it's a beautiful thing to see to see the power of God involved in these people's lives and so we're still trying to figure out how to make that list wrong or with dinner with a doctor program and breaking down prejudice one of the ladies that came to our diabetes depression anxiety recovery program she attended the church one time to share her testimony and when she was there there was a child dedication and she said I would love to dedicate my son could I do that well of course you can we'll dedicate your child to Jesus so we arranged that she brought him on a Sabbath with her mother and we dedicated her child to Jesus she's not of some of the others but she considers the administration her church and just this week she contacted the leader of our program says I really like to study the Bible with someone could you like that rocket that I could study with the evidence believe so these programs are huge with breaking down prejudiced I went to the community center that's not too far from our church and I said we're having these programs at our church is there any way we could maybe ever hold a program like that here at the community center and they said we would love it we'll partner with you will charge you nothing you can use our facility if I had asked them could we call the prophecy series here at it is that No but truly these health programs are definitely a entering wedge into into the community can make a big difference. And I am an ex and much of the prejudice that prevents the truth of the 3rd angel's message from reaching the hearts of the people might be removed if more attention were given to health reform when people become interested in this subject the way is often prepared for the entrance of other truths if they see that we are intelligent with regard to health they will be more ready to believe that we are sound in Bible doctrines and that's from this book from council to health. And this is known here as well I talked about one step closer already we had a couple that attended our prayer meeting recently and they said we learned about your church because our daughter came to the diabetes program and so we're coming to your church because of that so I thought that was pretty neat. We had another lady that had joined our church through to prophecy series it took awhile for her to finally make the decision as she did and her husband had been watching 3 B.N. and he felt like this was true but he wasn't quite ready to make that decision I got a call one evening and it was Kathy and she said Could you please pray Rocky step that isn't a life Air Force flight to the hospital he was he's having some serious complications and so I prayed in the next day went in the in the hospital had prayer with him then he was the only one there but he must have told his wife later because she heard that the evidence pastor came to visit he died later that week and. And so I never got to see him again but Rocky eventually made the decision he wanted to be that dies and he was just this last spring at his baptism his mother came and she came to watch your son be baptized and she came because that Adventists pastor visited her husband before he died just one step closer. So a couple of very practical points here and I'm sure there's many other practical points that we can share afterwards Q. and A here pass to Chris and I were talking on the flight out here it's very helpful if you can create a church calendar even 2 years in advance so people have clear expectations about what is coming it's also helpful if your leadership team at the church can sit down and ask the question what can we actually handle because you don't want to burn out halfway through a program and do it badly you want every single program to be very very effective and excellent in all ways table hosts as Dr Adams mentioned this morning are really that frontline they are the primary care for health of vandalism and training them is very very important we're privileged in the southern area to have Dr Louis try and she's one of the professors at Southern And right now she's developing a health coach curriculum for the General Conference and we're very excited January she's going to be coming and training all the table helpers are table hosts at our church in how to be effective in kind of health coaching in very asking very directive questions and helping people think through their health habits and so we're very excited about that I think that'll be very helpful we want to pretty much every single church member to be an effective table hope table host table helper and a health coach and once you have that group of people who are trained as table helpers they can be active that is many of your health programs as possible certainly with this number of health programs we have some people who can come to one program and other people who can come to others this is something that I think is extremely helpful and I'd encourage you to at least consider it. Not so much for the fact that your church could benefit financially from partnering with a local hospital because that sometimes comes with strings attached doesn't it. But it is very helpful to win the hearts of. What did Ellen White call them trying to think of what she called them go into the highways 1st you understand before you go into the by ways to remember that parable of Jesus only makes a very interesting application from that you go to the highways before you go to the by ways and frequently the people who you would consider interests you want to reach in the highways are administrators nurses physicians other workers at the hospital these are folks that you want to win for Christ as well and by partnering with the hospital you open yourself up to be able to reach them certainly you have to be wise in how you how you work this out with the hospital I've been very clear with our local It's a Catholic hospital Catholic Health Care Systems and. We have very clear boundaries I don't directly advertise the hospital services and they don't either at this health program in fact. But we have lots of people that do come asking questions and I'm happy to direct them for their medical needs to the local hospital and we do directly direct them to our church and the hospitals aware of that and they're OK with that so you do need to have those discussions but consider coordination with your local hospital on some level it's very helpful to reach that group of health care providers Pre-registration is very helpful for the more intensive weekly programs and one thing that I'm going to work on as soon as I get home is putting on our website a countdown to the next program where Dr Adams mentioned as you want to do the same thing every year at your church so that the community comes to know every spring that Adventist Church is going to do a weight loss program every spring if you missed it this year you can come next year and so on a website I want to have a count down the next best way program is happening and you know 157 days you know to keep the church members involved as well this is our plan for $2019.00 instead of doing the living struggling longer program I went to David arose as a hypertension program and he actually attends our church and so we're privileged to have him we're going to do a hypertension reversal program. The one thing. That we are not very good at doing as an Adventist Church is recognizing that someone who comes and makes a decision is converted they have trusted Jesus to help them overcome perhaps the prevailing sin of this generation which of course is gluttony or perhaps some other sin such as smoking in their life they have trusted Jesus to help them Jesus gave them the power and they recognize that. They are converted they are saved we're going to be doing this year is a graduation Sabbath immediately following each of these weekly health programs and I haven't figured out what we're going to hand him yet we've got to hand him some certificate and we need to make it spiritual Jesus has helped you you have been an overcomer thank you for attending our program we embrace you as a church family we are happy that you came and we want you to consider coming to other events at our church as well because we want to we believe in holistic health not just your physical health but your mental health your emotional health and yes your spiritual health as well so that's the big over plan for $2019.00 and we will see how it goes I would be happy to take any questions Pastor Chris maybe you could take the mike around I also like any comments as well we have a few minutes left here before I give Pastor Chris the microphone I think we have about 10 minutes if Dr Adams wants to make any comments feel free if anyone else wants to share what's worked for you at your church I.C.T. family here is well I mentioned her program please get with her afterwards Norman McNulty where he go. Norman is going to bring a stack of Dr Adams books up here only one per family group OK. Right OK I can trust you guys if you were if you were here for this whole breakout session yes you may have a free book of Ellen Adams and I trust it will be as transformative for you as it was for me. Norman if you could also bring a pad of paper up here if you want any of the materials that Patty Guthrie's developed I'm very excited about this stop smoking program in my clinic I share this 5 day plan with folks but it does seem it's more like pull yourself up by your bootstraps and that's not healthy evangelism we want people to understand that Jesus has power to help them change so if you put your email address down here we'll make sure that Paddy got through gets you those materials as well as the other program that she mentioned which I hadn't even heard of until just now so any questions any comments. Belt and suspenders and suspenders yes will take it twice write it down up here again. I have a question How many health programs do you do a year and how long are they good question so if I go back to this program dinner with the doctor is monthly except for the summer and December so 9 months out of the year we're doing our monthly health program Bestway runs 10 weeks that's the last 2 we have Tuesdays is the only time we have a rental facility so we go every Tuesday for 10 weeks starting the last Tuesday in January we take a break for about 2 weeks and then we are going to do a month on hypertension so for Tuesdays in a row we'll take a break for 3 Tuesdays after that. We did diabetes undone which is 8 weeks in the past Grundy County program is only 6 weeks and that's one of the reasons we chose it because we're having trouble squeezing everything in the Grundy County diabetes program in 6 weeks and then depression recovery correct me if I'm wrong past Chris I think it's 10 weeks is that accurate it's 10 weeks yes yes. So you always have a health program running with short breaks in between yes that's good work being 5 days now 2 to 3 weeks up to 3 weeks and then you're back on OK good and during the summer there is a longer break between diabetes and the dark program and then during the winter there's a summer summer book called time you take a little bit of time to breathe travel and then you than the rest of the 9 months you're pretty aggressive the scale we need out of the program don't we thanks for pointing that out. They will start a stop smoking problem during the summer Yes Dr Adams I just want to say a minute sir a great encouragement to an author to see people pick up a book and see that it has a practical value and I've also been very encouraged by all the adaptability that I see I think that very often people get into a mentality this is a copyrighted program you can't vary from it in any way whatsoever and I have always felt very free to modify a program to fit what I was comfortable with and I encourage everybody to do this I also want to say that you know it's not my book and it's not my plans it's not my ideas these ideas of all come from Scripture and spirit of prophecy and I have learned many if not most of them from other cohorts I've just collected them and put them into a book and I praise God that there are many people that are seeing the value in medical ministry it will hasten Christ recut return and I'm not going to take any credit for that I'm going to give him the glory along with each one of you. Spoken like a true tertiary care physician. Not. Just a quick question for Pastor Anderson here one of the thrusts has been how can we get these programs more happening in our churches in past Anderson mentioned that he's partnering with a local community to have it have some of them in more of a neutral place you want to come in on that. Yeah one of the principles in the book is to have these events at your facility so one of the areas that I'm exploring I would like to see at some point the future planning another church and so to do that you have to do work outside of where you currently are and so I misspoke a little bit about the community center it is a little bit outside of where we are an area they have an interest in developing a program but one of the strong principles in the book is to hold these health programs at your facility and that's what we're really trying to do. And I'm just. Thinking here the talk that we heard this morning there was mention made of small groups we talked about table leaders here and just wondering what if we go down this flow chart from our weight loss program to graduation Sabbath to studies I guess you by that you mean individual like in home Bible studies and I think you know what if instead of jumping to like let's do doctrinal Bible so you can get you in the church if the table leader turned out to be part of a what is often called a care group or missional community group or on what use the term companies organize for service so that these relationships are being formed now or inviting people hey next Thursday night at my house were having dinner and we're going to have a little Bible study about a topic that the pastor talked about in kind of continue those relationships in a spiritual context but in a family setting you know in someone's home rather than hey let's come in your house and do this or come to the church and is that's excellent and that's what we're doing in our home every Friday evening we have a group that we have gone through the secrets living stronger living longer curriculum and now we're continuing on through the prophecies excellent. So how do you feel that your practice connects in your patients you see in your practice how do you feel that connection with the church church is this this pathway and is there a connection and what are your thoughts about that every single person gets a flyer for dinner with the doctor pretty much and we're going to do a better job this year of having the Flyers for all of these weekly health programs available in advance so that every obese patient now is going to get a best way flier I tell them about it but I haven't had the Flyers you know 6 months in advance like I should so we've identified a person is going to create all of these flyers for us you know a year year and a half in advance so that I can be inviting people in a very intentional manner and the other physicians in in our church are going to be doing the same. Yeah this very last dinner with a doctor there's a patient needs a costly reversal and I told him I wouldn't do it till he lost a 100 pounds and said But you know I can help you with that come to dinner with the doctor and if you come next time we will tell you about the best way program and it's coming right up and they'll be about right and interestingly afterwards he stayed late he was like you know I know in the Bible God said eat a vegetarian diet where did he tell people he could start eating meat anyway and that led to a nice 15 minute discussion afterwards a Bible study about health was very interesting I was one that was very encouraging to me you know how I just wanted to talk about adaptation I'm involved with life and health and I'm just undone and we hurried to lot of churches to do it on a monthly basis so that you can do twice a week it only takes you 4 weeks to get done and the Spanish version is now ready just about ready to print the end of the booklets and so hopefully within the next month we'll have the Spanish edition as well amen wonderful. Let me just give a plug for the diabetes and I have found that works really well one on one so I have done several of those one on one in people's homes. Where I've just purchased the either the online version or some other version and then I'll cook the food for bring the raw ingredients for the food to their home and then they'll cook at that week and the next week that's their homework and they tell me about it so for a one on one I found that really effective. One of the things that we have found at our center in our health programs it's been really how helpful to get really close to the non Adventists that are coming is that we have been offering health coaching in this last cooking school we had 12 people signed up for our health coaching and 6 of those 6 people signed up for bible studies so we have our team now doing health coaching and when they do health coaching that's a once a week. Visit with them so we're getting to know them and now they're coming not only to our health programs but they're coming to our spiritual programs right now Mark is running one on the 7 great prophecies of the Bible. And we have about 40 non Adventists coming to that and so I find that if you're running a health program we found that if you're running a health program or the health coaching because then it's one on one and you really get close to them. A couple more questions here maybe 2 more questions will need to wrap it up here. And picking up on this health coaching we had a ministry in Loma Linda with students and we did health coaching and it was working really we'll we're just teaching a loss of health and we also gave them spiritual needs presentation we would do cooking on their house so we would do these like once a week and then at the end we will transition into Bible studies and we did these it was doing great until members started it started graduating from the university and I had a baby and things went crazy but it worked very well for the time that we did it thank you it's wonderful it's a problem with university students they keep leaving. One more comment I have several questions for the whole room and that is. What our thoughts on the pricing of some of these things some people that we know are struggling with you know basic costs of the depression recovery program and also I haven't heard anything at these seminars about literacy but we are probably in this room some of the most literate people in. And even educated people can be functionally illiterate as in not enjoying to read and at least the depression recovery program is very high in intensive on reading and so from this statistics that I was hearing only about 20 percent or even less are fully literate in being able to just read a book and it's surprising how we had some another person who was interested in going but he says but he told my mom I don't know how to read and this was in a church so you know a little bit surprising So anyway what are we doing about price and for those who are that's a good question so we're out of time let me briefly address the price of the paddy may want to dress it as well all of these programs are free. With the exception I think dark they need to pay for some materials is that accurate Pastor Chris about $200.00 for DARPA and the diabetes undone program we did request them to pay for their materials although we did have some scholarships but all the other programs are free. So yes Patty did you want to come as we want people coming to our church every week for health program we have a room dedicated a community health room that's where we go for this depression program that we used with it is written this packet of material we just charge a mint one time materials fee of $5.00 and then people are coming for free and they can come and go we're not taking I mean we want to be a blessing and not have cost be a hindrance so we don't toss in material it's a materials fee for something as minimal as all we do on the other hand paying something they value it more as we do want them to pay a little bit thank you all for coming please. Do you mind coming up front and Patty Coming up front and anyone who has questions for them about the other health programs please put down your email address we do have all the Adams book up here if you attended this entire seminar one per family please thank you all for coming. 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