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Lost Opportunities

Carissa Vitorovic Laren Tan



1. Increase awareness that creating an institutional prayer focus seminar is one of many ways to answer the call to service. 

2. Discuss the needs for prayer at various institutions and discuss strategies on how to meet these needs to ensure successful implementation. 

3. Discuss the barriers of instituting a prayer focus seminar and strategies to overcome these barriers. 

4. Demonstrate the effectiveness of prayer in patient outcomes and its positive impact on the institution as a whole. 


As stated by Sister White, prayer should be offered for the sick with calm faith. The need for healing through prayer is great because vast is the multitude of diseased souls. This session emphasizes on the real need of prayer within the hospital setting and various practical ways to implement prayer in your practice and everyday life. We will also be highlighting that reliance of healing for the ill is solely upon the unseen power of God rather than man. 



  • October 26, 2018
    4:00 PM
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Gracious God Heavenly Father I just ask that you will clear everything within our minds help us to be able to focus help us to believe hear your voice help us to remember the calling that which you have put in each of our hearts lead us as we go throughout this whole weekend touch our lives and as we leave this place to me we be a better person to go out there to reach your people everything we pray in Jesus name Amen All right can you hear me well all right to try to project here as was stated my name is Larry and tan and what I didn't state and put up here is actually my title and why is that because I really just wanted to highlight basically who the 2 speakers are but also didn't want to lose anybody but I'm glad you guys are here so why do I titled this lost opportunities because you'll hear many other talks and breakout sessions throughout this week a lot about the what and the how but I'm going to tell you about the why and how important it actually is that we should be doing the things that we're doing and so I'll explain that as we're going a little bit further. As this being a C.M.E. course we've got to state what we have to disclose will Chris and I have nothing to disclose except they God loves you and everyone in this room so I go out and pass it on and that's a big disclosure that we actually have. When I was actually figuring our task to actually talk for here it was I was actually asked to talk about where and how we can actually do this a prayer initiative at any university and any institution any place and so in trying to think about how can I actually present this they had to be a need right what is the need before we can move forward. So I want to begin with this this is called Helmer one of anybody knows about him but he's a given talent just at Cornell in gerontology is the study of social cultural psychological cognitive and biological aspects of aging and he's an author of this book which is a wonderful book actually 30 Lessons for Living tried and true advice from the wisest Americans and what do they do Walt they surveyed 1500 people over the age of 65 and asked them what are the things actually haunt you what are things that you pretty much regret not doing or lost opportunities that you may have actually had throughout your life OK And this is where I start to get really interesting where we could make it like a family feud Stoute right like Survey says but I want to pas here and just say that even though what we're hearing from this 1500 people that they've actually surveyed I think is also important to be able to reflect it in cross if not see what the Bible says and also perhaps with Sister White is actually stated to OK So bear with me as I go through this with you so 8 lessons right from older Americans number one not being careful enough when choosing a life partner OK now I'm going to ask at the very end you don't show by hands perhaps something in this list that you like Man I wish I had done better and right not resolving a family a strange moment Number 3 putting off saying how you feel Number 4 not traveling enough number 5 spending too much time worrying number 6 not being honest number 7 not taking enough current career chances and number 8 not taking care of your body in a very interesting that Dr Hans was speaking here about lifestyle and everything else the rep a sizing and I still want to you know it's it's one of the top 8. Now being opponent critical care physician we do deal with a lot of end of life cases and I'll tell you that out of the top 8 these 4 right here are the most common things that we actually hear patients and their family discussing about before they actually die so let's talk about number one right now not being careful enough when choosing a life partner the elders agreed that choosing a mate is one of the most important decisions a human being makes but looking back over their own experience they believe many people aren't careful enough so what was their advice take time to get to know someone before committing really make sure you know that person is the right 11 of them I will say look at proverbs right find a wife find the good thing a team in favor of the Lord house in riches I'd inherited a father's and a prudent wife is from the Lord so a lot of things I like to see parallels Well biblically and yet whatever man may be saying that these are my wisest comments to you I think they're all biblical to begin with right why is that because wisdom truly comes from God in that god i love it is that power energy corner right and public speaking you gotta look where that energy corners it is right here right now so wonderful our sisters our molecular 2 guys occasionally and occasionally at the M's on that side too so not resolving a family is Strange me this is so critical we see that this comes up time and time again almost all wish we had tried harder to reconcile asked forgiveness apologized or tried to communicate before it became too late so their advice if it's within your power to resolve an estrangement in strange Mitt whether with a child parent a sibling or friend do whatever you can to repair that rift whenever you have an opportunity to forgive forgive and whenever you have an opportunity reconcile reconcile. What does the Bible say repent then turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out that times of refreshing may come from the Lord that he may send the Messiah who has been appointed for you make every effort to live in peace with everyone to be wholly without holiness no one will see the Lord Lastly be kind and compassionate to one another for giving each other just as Christ God forgave you so these are little principles and little things that we've actually start to implement at least within the I.C.U. in moments of like this to build to bring up biblical verses to to redirect patients to you know help them to be able to reconcile things moving on to number 3 putting off saying how you feel I think there a couple men in here often been a big regret of older men was not expressing love frequently enough to their wives Filmer said but it could be anything you feel strongly about but hesitate to bring up so the advice is don't wait say what's on your mind now while the person is still around Hebrews 102425 says and let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds not giving up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing but encouraging one another and all the more as you see as the day is approaching in Adventists home men and women can reach God's ideal for them if they will take Christ as their helper with human wisdom cannot do his grace will accomplish for those who give themselves to him in loving trust his providence can unite hearts and bonds in our heavenly origin love will not be a mere exchange of soft and flattering words so Christ continues to need to be that center that pillar. And lastly let's tag on to Dr Hans and all in all of lifestyle All right healthy lifestyles not taking care of your body this is interesting what people what would be end up saying all the people who smoked didn't exercise or become obese or regretful about it but the issue wasn't only about dying many people would say to themselves I enjoy smoking I don't like to exercise or I just like to eat who cares if I die of a little bit sooner and Mary what Dr Hansen of saying previously as I read your great United States to keep people alive right and look at what that last the last bullet point is the problem in this day and age is that you're not going to die soon or we're going to keep you going we see you in the I.C.U. time and time and time again right you're going to be stuck with another 10 or 20 years either in bed or do debilitated right we're great at doing that so what did they say their advice was pay attention to your health change your lifestyle it's making you want to well otherwise the incredible burden of chronic disease will make your life miserable I mean that is something we've got to keep emphasizing right we know that you're living a lifestyle that is definitely detrimental to you but do you realize how many more years of suffering you're going to have having because of this lifestyle well what Ellen G. White saying God is the owner of the whole man's soul body and spirit are his God gave His only begotten Son for the body as well as the soul and our entire life belongs to God to be consecrated to a service that through the exercise of every faculty he was given we may glorify him from the 1st dawn of reason the human mind should become intelligent in regard to the physical structure of the body here Jehovah was given a specimen of himself for man was made in the image of God So what I've given to you is not just of the 8 but we've actually discuss this top 4 and why is that because these are the things we commonly see end of life now upon this room here can somebody show me your hands when you know you're actually going to die we don't know of us actually knows that. So the point is that things that we would think as a lost opportunity that perhaps we'll have tomorrow to be able to do we are not guaranteed that we're never guarantee that and neither are the people that you interact with your patients that you interact with you never know that this moment right now may be the last moment that you and I are going to be able to interact and that after that point is an eternal lost opportunity and that's not what we want right so by James for you is what seed and James for verse 14 why you do not even know what will happen tomorrow what is your life you are a mist that appears for a while and then vanishes for we are but of yesterday and know nothing because our days upon earth are as a shadow interestingly enough Dr Hans and I are on the same page look at the C.D.C. in 2016 there were 2700000 deaths you talked about the number one cause of death is disease of the heart number 2 malignant neoplasms number 3 unintentional injuries although you stated that it was mostly due to medical errors I completely disagree but you know we can we can agree to disagree a number for a lot of respiratory problems most likely actually C O P.D. and when you compare this death in 201682980 you can see that we've increased in terms of mortality but so is actually our population but the number 3 and number 4 have actually switched it actually turned around to now how about US Census I took this just this morning this is our current population as of today but look at how many deaths are occurring within the United States one every 12 seconds someone is actually dying and this is according to the census governing here at for the for the United States so within the hour of this talk $300.00 people would have actually died but end of today $7200.00 deaths will have occurred. At the end of the Amen conference 20800 deaths will have occurred so my question to us what more can we do to help those that are ill and are about to die Matthew 10 percent through 8 states as you go as would Jesus clearly stated to proclaim this message the kingdom of heaven has come near heal the sick raise the dead cleanse those who have leprosy drive out demons freely for you have received freely give when we talk about healing I think Ellen G. White stated most eloquently in this answer the question has been asked by some as Sister White healed the sick for answer was No she has been called to pray for the sick and to anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and with them she has claimed that the filming of The Promise the prayer of faith shall save the sick prayer as women emphasize no human power can save the sick but through the prayer of faith the mighty healers fulfilled his promise to those who have called upon his name no human power can pardon sin or save the sinner no one can do this but Christ the merciful physician of body and soul the combination that pillar still needs to continue to be Christ has often been my privilege to pray with the sick we should do this much more often than we do if more prayer were offered in our sanitariums to be healing of sick the mighty power of the healer would be seen many more would be strengthened and blessed and many more acute acute sickness would be healed the power of price disc a disease has been revealed in the past in a remarkable manner before we were blessed with institutions with a sick could get help from suffering by diligent treatment and earnest prayer and faith of God We carried the most seemingly hopeless cases through successfully today the Lord invites suffering ones to faith in Him mass necessity is God's opportunity and that's the opportunity right there and that is through prayer prayer at the very last opportunity with that patient that you don't even know. And this is one example that we were able to set someone's life was some His life was actually touched. I joined the linen 2003 initially indictments in the US and the art men. And I've been here since that. Shortly after I became Chico Homer and critical care 2 weeks to be exact June 15th 2013 I was riding my bicycle with my son just for recreation and we were riding on the Santana river trail. And about 15 miles into the ride I hit enough turn going down slope and I slipped on some sand on the boat and I basically hit the fence I lost control and not on the ground and immediately after landing I realize I could not wind up on was pretty much completely paralyzed and what had happened was I fracture my neck at about 6 o 4 am now which is the opening with no clue to exit into the lap arm and that was compressed so I had an injury causing paralysis at the neck on. Meeting you went to the hospital the operation. To decompress the know who so now I'm a patient being in the hospital so my role has completely recourse you know I'm no longer his nation and I did not know what to expect being a patient now not a physician and the greatest thing was that I knew I was receiving great care my family was with me the whole time and just to see my kids coming is it me every day this was really just you know to help my recovery I think one particular incident I believe remember to disk day. You know Dr Roger had me come and visit me when I was in rehab and it was actually on a Saturday. In the morning. And I would remember close to an hour just talking with a hammer I think that was the time that you knew the next person and she and I would have prayer for me and to me it was it was interesting because he was absolutely. So I don't know how to top it except that perhaps it was a message that I would be OK. In addition. To took care of me were my colleagues so all my friends from the colleagues from outside the division. Hospital School medicine leadership were all money. Visited me and and showed their walk in my healing and I was really really memorable I believe this experience really has changed how I perceive patient care and interact with pensions exposition I think a lot of time we are very focused on the disease the condition and the treatment. And a lot of time we get a bottle the patient as a whole person and the spiritual aspect of patient care. So my experience I think moving forward I remember every time when I take an oppression it's not just about seeing the condition improvement in be able to discharge the patient home but to make sure that the patient has the support you know. Remembering that we need to ask a chaplain to come visit the pension. Or for the pension and the back side and that I think significantly will contribute to the healing process. In addition to what we know with medical science. Will discuss this a little bit later about the seminar that we actually in 2017 was very touching and what a lot of people don't know about the brain when it's actually my boss is recovered. He's recovered almost all use of his hand. Exactly and this is the kicker he's actually Buddhist. See that's that is eye opening isn't it that that even those that are not Christians can still be touched by what we're willing to do and not miss that opportunity because of that it been a lost opportunity for Dr had to brighten when I don't know how our division would actually be he has been so supportive of so many spiritual initiatives that are being brought through the division now and I think and I like to pray and hope that it's because of that so don't miss that opportunity that is the why because you never know if that's going to be that very last moment and that last time so moving forward I want to show you just a little bit more but with all the treatments given to sick to the sick simple fervent prayer should be offered to the blessing of healing where to point to the sick to the compassionate savior because of his power to build to forgive and heal and to his gracious providence they may be restored and to point all sufferers to advocate in the heavenly courts tell them that Christ will heal the sick if they will repent and cease the trying to transgress the laws of God There is a Savior who will reveal Himself in our sanitariums to save those who will submit themselves to him the suffering ones who can unite with you in prayer confessing their sin and receiving pardons So again Sr White has never claimed to heal the sick it is Christ who is healed in every instance it was Christ who in the days of his ministry raise the dead to life it is Christ who performs every one mighty work to the ministry of his servants this crisis to be trusted and believed in his blessing upon the means used for restoration to health will bring success the mercy of Christ the lights to manifest itself in the house in behalf of human suffering it is he who imparts the ministration of healing to the sick and physicians are also even health care providers now which are to give to him the glory only to him the glory the wonderful works that have been performed. So my question to you again also is who has been commissioned to pray for healing of the sick exactly all of us right every able and willing believe or not where is that not anywhere in the answer is I am of this profession I am of this or a degree or of on this social status it is everyone it doesn't even necessarily mean that you need to be in contact with that patient if you don't need if you know it is me that you can make contact with that teaching that you can't pray for that patient so that was the impetus as to the reason why we really tried to push for prayer initiatives that moment amongst many other great initiatives that were going on at Loma Linda we did the 1st 3 part series in July 2017 and I was praying for the critically ill on the 1st day we talked about the importance and power of prayer the 2nd we talk about the personal relationship and prayer especially emphasizing a Matthew 515 through 16 which is let your light shine before others that we see your good deeds and glorify your Heavenly Father and the practical ways to pray in the hospital but I'll tell you all of this doesn't mean much until you understand the reason why it is that you are pushed and want to be able to pray with your patients that led us to be able to do 4 different videos here each actually identifying core different principles core different parts that are actually online and continue to minister despite us not even having a prayer series or seminar that's ongoing Luis is actually here and he actually helped make one of the all these videos to our 2nd prayer initiative occurred in April 2018 and this time we actually talked about the revival of your calling praying for the medical learner and so during this series we talked about the power in hope and prayer the portrait of the current medical student or resident. And also real life stories of print work and how you can grow your personal life on campus now this was critical because I don't know if a lot of you guys knew but we actually had a lot of suicides that actually occurred at Loma Linda and more than ever we had to redirect to a source that was infinite to a source that was full of love and not of this world they gave us the opportunity to be able to make 5 videos to build to continue to minister of the message with Dr Amy Hayden we've got a resident here and also 3 medical students one of which is also now internal medicine resident here at Loma Linda and they've been through their stories continue to minister in the importance of prayer so what have we actually learned during these 2 years we have learned that prayer and when you're actually starting an initiative requires an absolute personal prayer life you need to be able to have that personal prayer life to be able to have a personal testimony and I think it's very important that I put down when appropriate because some people are just not willing to listen and it just may not be the right time but you've got to be mindful of that and that leads us to be that also means you have to be ready to witness through prayer right a simple prayer can lead to us to Bill talking more about Christ they can lead us to explore it's a little bit more about their life and then perhaps even help them more into a healthier life. Be alert and aware be aware that the Holy Spirit's going to impress upon you and also environmental awareness we stress about this time and time again especially in the critical care field when you go into a room you're looking at numbers you're looking at drips you're looking at the patient but a lot of times when you go into a room you can see they may have a cross they may have the Bible next to him you meet hear the word saying prison lord you may hear the words it's according to His will you may hear the words will thank God that this is actually occurring and that gives you that window that opportunity to tell me a little more about that what do you mean by by when you said well you know if it's according to God's will and that led us to build to unite with the patients that lets us to be able to also talk more about Christ and lead eventually lead to prayer you will then you're in you're essentially what we're asking here is just be patient the Lord will move you've got to be patient don't force it especially for those that are actively dying I think that's very important because when those that are actively dying they're in a very vulnerable state and it is not upon you to take advantage of that vulnerable state. Lastly actually almost towards the end would be empathy but the Lord said to Samuel do not consider his appearance or his height proper ject of Him the Lord does not look at things people look at people look at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart there was a patient that was actively dying and we asked would you think prayer would actually be helpful we really thought that this was a patient that would be willing and not open to it and this is what her response was You mean Bart I mean like roll that taken back would mean by Bart when we realized a little bit later with their daughter explain to us that her brother had died a very traumatic death so much so that mom still continue continues to question God's presence and even his purpose in this life and so because of that you've got to be empathetic because each of them have their own stories and we've got to just be ready to accept that don't take it as as as something that you want to go to battle with but rather just be understanding knowing that there's probably a story behind it and then lastly resistance be prepared external and internal This is something I wish someone had told me many many years ago and that is whatever work you are going to end up doing the enemy is going to work just as hard to stop it and that enemy is going to use external forces to try to stop their series and that also internal wherever you're at so there are different things that are going to occur but just be ready for it and know that our Lord will to help you to overcome it so where will God lead us in 200-1000 that is our question for our next person is our Person our prayer for us we hope that it will be just as fruitful but more importantly since we're here what is God calling you to do now if there is ever a question within your mind that you want to be able to do a person or persimmon are DO IT DO IT Do you have to take that 1st step fear or not but just do it. Keep your wants your joys your sorrows your cares and your fears before God you cannot burn him you cannot weary him he who numbers the hairs of your head is not indifferent to the wants of his children the Lord is very pitiful pitiful and of tender mercy His heart of love is touch Meyer sorrows and even by utters sins of them take him everything that perplexes the mind nothing is too great for him to bear for he holds up the world he rules over all the affairs of the universe so I'm going to go through this there is no greater love and I think as for Christians what is great is that for us is not the end and I think that is always a reassuring thing at least during prayer with patients that are actively dying that we realize in family realize that this is not the last time we're going to see our loved ones and that's very comforting So with that I'm going to hand over the mike over to Christa to be able to give more testimony on this. Why do you say. When you stand by the bedside of a woman shot in the face with a shotgun. By the man one. How do you respond to the patient anxiously inquiring whether the driver her partner is a lot but if not you know. What do you say to that young boy a teenager who had moved all life ahead of him that night started off in a joyride but it ended and. He helped get the passenger as the passenger painfully took his last breath. A lot of that passenger his little brother. Quite literally and figuratively still on. While. You are a medical professional likely these stories sound familiar you may have encountered similar stories similar journey and when I 1st began around the now the student chaplain I asked my advocate or how do I respond to what do I do. And I advocate a reply. Be. Now I am very good at being task oriented type individuals to know not what do I do what do I What do I say what the right thing to say how do I calm them how do you know. Just be the words act with your my mind as I said the fire will be. Large enough to be a basketball player and yet a little baby that never made it 30 days or does a few the words again are actually in there my mind as I'm there of a fine young man yelling at his father died grieving I don't. See. The presence the compassionate. Caring. Silence. Just. Often and especially the health care professionals we're trained what to do what do you do when this medical emergency happens what do you do when someone has a heart of type what do you do and then we reach the situations where there is nothing we can do. But in that home who will we be. Jesus knew exactly what it meant to be I can't help but think of his experience and I there 639 it's one of my favorite passages actually and it speaks of how in all of their own collection he was afflicted. The lower than all of their mean he was he was hurting he was really now. Is there 43 verses one in to tell us that we go through the Fire God goes with us and we walk through the water use the side. And a company of that passage is you can't help but look at it in consider why didn't you just remove boxes why didn't you just take up the heart of the fire why doesn't he just take us out of the flooded and yet sometimes in our lives God may not remove us from the trial but we're guaranteed that we're going to. Run it is going to be where. He's going to journey along in our area. There was a physician around being in a critical care unit early one morning the patient a paraplegic was joined by his faithful friend. And as this great physician turned to the patient after and in fact. Take part not be of here why. Years and are forget. When I look at that car that I couldn't help but think if I was in the audience on that day what dots would be going through your mind. Is that why the man came that day. Natalie what would you prefer to presume that you want to. Physical healing he is a paraplegic and again we're talking about a day in an age where. The survival of the depended on him being able to move into work. How would you tell a critically ill patient be of good cheer No not because you're feel not because you're better not because you're sick but because years and I forget. When I asked the question is that really what part of viruses are you not of your head yet the reason he genuinely had on that day was actually not only for physical healing it was his greatest desire. For pardon for that for that emotional feeling for that spiritual healing and later of course he also received that physical feeling and through the inside of Alan like you can see that in that moment when he the feds aren't real good here your sins are forgiven he forgot all about it to the confirmatory the forgot all about the paralysis and you just lay there back in the love of God I'm saying wow thank you diva. And I have had the privilege again a working as a traveler and seen medical professionals seen physicians nurses ministering gets a physically. But also to be emotional to this spiritual I was mentioned also the family needs that desire for their reunification to come to come back together to experience that harmony and we see that in the feeling ministry of Jesus Christ physical healing would never remove from emotional and spiritual. We were always united. And I believe that our calling to in that medical missionary work. Recently I was around the next few months one of the units of the unit secretary said we have a very argument if he said he is yelling at the nurse every time she walks then can you go talk to him. Now of course those are the most exciting patients I feel a little bit like start faith racing here is a very non-compliant patient to carry them for us and I walked into the room with all the words and from then on I did I recognized him we had talked previously but his condition had deteriorated substantially and in fact he was soon going to be discharged for hospice care and as I went in the top with this gentleman. He wanted to say anything but live. And I am here with I want to know how he was doing and and his family looked at me and they said you didn't want to ask that. And they were probably right for the next 5 or 10 minutes he did nothing but to be out for all the problems in the world Amber the nurse response rate to expect if you push that button there there is head back so here you have it he is frustrated he is just sad about everything in the world. Finally in the midst of all have complained that it is though I don't matter anymore just because I'm going to die. With the really thing. Care if scared to die does my life have meaning of it still have a purpose you see it wasn't the response rate with the fat of out the back of the nurse maybe it's a couple minutes to come into his room what he was really upset about if Are you saying that I'm no longer worth anything just because I'm going to die I got my life have meaning does it still have value and it's so easy to get caught up in the diagnoses if so easy to get caught up in treating the symptoms right and forget that the complaints may not actually be the complaints there may actually be for more meaningful means that they are experiencing and you prefer the Great Depression you could be like when we take a look at that paralytic and say you know what physical healing is what this man freighted society has through our desire is that more that the earth for. And I believe that is how we too can truly fall in the words a surprise in that healing ministry please share with you a quote again from Ellen one. From ministry feeling page 229. We are told that in prayer for this it should be remembering that we know not what we should pray for as we are we do not know what the one thing we desire will be fast or not therefore our prayer should include this thought word and now know as the secret of the Soul that you are acquainted with these person Jesus there I became It gave His life for them his love for them is greater than ours are we. If therefore it is for like war in the good of the afflicted ones we can either give them that they may be reversed or. If it is not that I will that they will be restored we are something free comfort and I says. There's. Another word Actually I might ask for your feedback here as we're reading through those that were saying OK this is our call when we pray with patients these are some things that we should include in our prayers is there anything that's getting out to you here. We're leaving it open that they may not be healed another words we're removing fault hope if I was to go in there in a tap of the role that it could be in a. Nurse or vision and you want to pray and poor and help and be healed right now make it happen Lord you are the God of wonder and God We get what is the medical team going to be thinking. Allows us to preserve of that situation right and astrology line I can be very much setting them up for hope. As you're sharing one of the ways you remove that all of this is to honestly and authentically say about Lord we don't know our future but we know that our lives. Are more we transfer to. A very good point thank you for and for. Anything else stand out here with me read this morning. She's sharing about how Christ can say migraines this is official and use the example of when all that fortnight would not remove but God forbid in my grace is sufficient for you my strain of me for a week or so knowing that again the question is not will they be healed through the grace in the power of thought every patient can experience healing every patient. Does that mean that it's going to be physical healing in and of that moment. But could it be emotional healing put it using your it's real healing could it be that family restored our soul. And that it's a God that you're sharing with while. Other important point I just want to emphasize is we oughtn't to city in this prayer sometimes were afraid to pray for patients because maybe as a medical professional you look at the situation and you say there is no way they are going to survive their condition is terminal there is no cure and you look at the situation you say possible have you been there. And I'm afraid that sometimes we too can take that into our prayer. Maybe we are trying to let God off the hook by not asking something so big of him and so we don't authentically share what the patient is asking for. Another word if the patient is praying for a miracle and. To authentically pray for me or. It's OK to fail or as I am here with Anthony's parents Anthony's parents or me for a miracle their dream that their son maybe he'll be able to be real with God We don't have to protect God we don't have the crazy prayers because then we know a lot of the cable will be able to remount one. Giving prayers you know authentic God is what they are praying for while also as mentioned earlier. In the work you know our lives are very your. Father we surrender our will run. You see we talked today about the last opportunities that that patients can experience those lost opportunities to maybe they will they've always wished they had gathered to restore those family connections again there can certainly also be a lot of opportunities that we can experience as opportunities or maybe someone was open to receiving healing and in one form or another. Recently as I was rounding I noticed a patient one of the intensive care unit who was quite distressed he was rather anxious and the medical team with and there at the time with the consultation so I said OK although I will come back later I made a mental note about half an hour or so later I came back to meet with the patient again and see how we've been doing how we can help support him during this time. And I began to explore this journey with the Haitian usually you know the physicians were just in here my guy and knows it doesn't look that good you don't have much hope of leaving the hospital here and he said you know I was very anxious I was scared I was afraid but. One of the nurses saw my fear at our. Table. And when I entered that room this was not the same patients even though his condition had not changed his expression of meter had made a 180. He was at ease you would calm and so although with his wife by the bedside and what because of a chaplain Oh it was because of a nurse it was because someone that is there beside him with able to minister in that deep and me. I just want to encourage all of us regardless of what areas of the physically we work together that God has called all of us to be a part of that healing ministry. Ocean only spiritually perhaps effectively. To enter into that ministry we do this time by so doing we too can redeem that time as we encourage people in that journey with. You know your friends with me as. Tell me father died when I said I thank you so much for the feeling that you have brought our life Father I thank you that we come to you often that we can come to you with heart burn into the heart Here's a father thank you for caring for answering the. Lord I just want to thank you for the divine appointment that we have for us Father help us to remember what it is. Just as you are with us this is your area this is you never leave us Father. Only. Those listening ears at the arms of eyes our father we see. A part of that. Father we thank you for this opportunity to pray. This video was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot. Org.


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