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My Story, His Faithfulness

Dafne Moretta


Dafne Moretta had a dream to become a doctor, but after her initial attempt it seemed her dream would not come true. Along with her engagement being called off it appeared as though everything else was falling apart as well. Through many years of pain, joy, failures, and achievements her dream to serve others as a doctor remained. Listen as Dafne relates her story of God's faithfulness through it all!



  • October 26, 2018
    7:00 PM


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The committee asked me wrong. To shirk my testimony and my story to me so I'm here to tell you that but I happen. To be from. First I'm not. I certainly. Am not even a good photo way back in my house but I wish I rise. To Englishness Now my 1st long waits. Be patient with me and even though I. Actually rather ordinary I truly believe people tell me how to have. An extraordinary God So what I'm. Actually goes beyond my testimony actually a recount of for. Me I think about about truthfulness and real life tonight. So I say she spoke for me and fixed. The room but can meet. A possible pass to go become something. I really want to but. Mainly for. Tonight got. So close. To the welcome to most potent. Back in a and pushover low people by the grace of God in the now a quick disclaimer. You know I could hear. By God. I watch. But I truly believe that I even believe that all the right decisions we made in our lives even the choosing are following God's ways it's just grace if you think about it so we find my best friend share with me a. Text this week in the fountain 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 me 1st. And meditate on this 1st as you hear my story and chest facts your mind in this thought is 1st number we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything of ours. But I will sufficiency is of God. So years ago I actually read this quote that I want to share with you to me because I think it's very appropriate for before I start sharing my story is 1st our confession of his faithful in heaven chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world were I to acknowledge His Grace made known through the holy many. But that which will be must a factual testimony of our our own experience we are witnesses for God as we revealed in our staff the working of a power that is divine every individual has a life this saint from each other and experience differently different essentially from there the precious acknowledgment of his grace when supported by Christ like life have to receive power that works for the salvation of souls. Elation 12. We overcome. By the right of the AM and by the war of our testimony and when right now we have a come to the wall by 3 things I hope you know are those to overcome by the blood of the Lamb in by the word of our testimony in she continues far more than we do we need to speak of the precious chapters in our experience. Greatly increased by recounting. He's won the phone rights in behalf of his children. So if you never share your testimony I hope after tonight you too my name is Daphne Moran. But I thought I would never be one least not in this country in at least not at this time in my life and I want to share why but before I too I want to ask you about your heads with me in prayer. I know. My. Way. Now. I I. Feel. Well OK so my story began here. I was born in Argentina in a very very small town of 120 people the right. You know picture they used the endless actually a very. Advanced population this days back there and it was only 120 people there my mother was it the red or actually the principal of the on the rural school and my father was the waiter of the only restaurant in town my dad was pushing actually 50 when I was born I was the surprise of all their parents who after years of attempting conception defaulted to adoption bringing 2 grown up kids into the family. My dad was the 1st time of took a slab in immigration and when he met my mom he was able to speak only broken in Spanish believe it or not just to show how isolated some of this immigrants where just live in colonies and different parts of the world after World War 2. My mother was a school teacher here in sensually continue pursuing education until he she became a. Actually. A professor of Latin of Spanish Lake Church here and even the superintendent for the public school system on the other hand my dad learned to ride in Reed on his own never had a formal education until he was 61 years old when he graduated from elementary school believe it or not. I'm very proud of my dad. My mother is the very strong woman and it's wonderful to have been here in just exposed them and they have no clue what I'm talking about because they don't understand English a strong. My mother is. Prone to addictive behavior very blond and. She was deep in spiritual. Tobacco Alcohol and amphetamine abuse when she was invited to a 5 day. Vacation program it took 2 years to a Bible study that when she got baptized into the administration she left everything behind when he came very fateful 7th Day Adventist on the other hand my dad and I'm pretty sure you have met people like this is gifted with this innate just like compassion and meekness he loves her we know others but his. Practical pragmatism never allowed him to become even interest in God or anything anything remotely spiritual. Thank you ma'am life is very short in the temple too complicated too with impractical Christianity and after a child I was never allowed by him to go to church with my father. So what I did was to become in a kind of 7th Day Adventists and heart at a very very tender age so my mom every week this other school lesson to me so soon after I turned 4 and I don't remember my spiritual life much back then but I remember by age 7 just spending Sabbath in my room by myself hearing from my dad reading the Bible and. And sharing what I have learned with my friends many pastors had ventured to come home and visit me and my mom but my dad as meek as he was he would be calm in raged so enraged It was close to a physical abuse against this poor man so I imagine the entire church knew about my dad who would say it probably drop my mom off at church every Sabbath and would not speak one word to me or my mom until Sunday every single weekend for years. But in my last year in high school a new pastor came into town he was to meet her and my older son my father and he consistently this kid in me while my dad it was not around or he was simply this retired my God my mind sorry my dad outburst when he was around. This pastor and his wife became my state he even my best friends my mentors my spiritual parents I called him my dad until this day. The family. Really experienced seen word a real church family was I mounted all the curch that I needed to stand up to my dad. So. I took all the Kurds have to match but I'm fasting all the church by playing fast teen and I travel to I was where to where my dad was working and I saw our my question vanished as soon as sized to in front of him I was ready for any type of reaction force cream in personal hearing but instead my dad started crying begging me not to get baptized so. I got into the back when back home in for 3 my. My dad did not return home he did not speak to me and my mom then for many of you with experience might be kind of sound treeview all but for the doctors in the audience you understand the bond between a father and daughter. And our Until that day was Jim 1st of all just because my mom had chose to pursue it academia and career I had to spend my entire childhood with my dad so after 3 months he returned no explanation saying that I was his daughter or that he left me in that he would never ever for me get him baptized into this sect but the he was my father had regardless since that day I have not stopped one single day for 25 year prayed for my dad. Sorry. He has not given his heart to God He has not going to be baptized but he studied the Bible with us every night and he has allowed me to. Keep him. So low so prepared. So few months after my baptism. I moved to River Plate university in his university in Argentina with my pastor and his family he was pursuing a doctorate degree and I was ready for my medical degree. Then my spiritual life lost and to what became the most life changing years in my life however I soon receive a letter informing me that I will not be able to actually be part of the 1st medical school class ever at that university since the call for men had not yet I credit the school for that program so receiving that letter was extremely hard I was 17 years all in this was my 1st disappoint men as a Christian. But my father was happy that you know things haven't worked out and he thought I would give up this crazy idea of same fire away at this small school. However by the grace of God Only I value creased Christian education more than a. Song To much I decided I would apply to nursing school instead and got us tempted I know now that got let me took career Nurse Jane to the pain my love for this sake and and honestly I wouldn't have done it any other any other way. And I was right. And I think this was just pretty much describes my spirit and if he sees it best not to grant our desires he will contra balance there were a few so by giving most tokens his love and trust Him to us and all other service. Loving Care in interest for us off think he would understand he who understands us better than we understand our stars refused to. Leave to seek the gratification of our own. He does not permit us to pass by the homely best sacred duty stone a box to us after. A fall of the. Poor supposed to hire work after our plans to fail that God's plan for us may succeed. And now since girl no in medical school Unfortunately I learned the importance of spiritual care for patients there I study and that big as part of our curriculum. Books like the Ministry of healing Council some type in food and what the Bible truly teaches about healing and about service the school of nursing in theology have I rechecked a video service afternoon that taught me how to get bible study help dogs and how to minister to children so after my graduation from nursing. I stayed in the avenues to hospitals to work us to nurse on the Met search unit for my heart I was in critical care so what I would to I would finish my shift in my you show unit I will go out to the I.C.U. and essentially observe and learn so not long after that I was asked to recover patients from cardiac arrest 6 surgeries and in just few months I became the church nurse for the day I see you there in that time I was extremely pressed with example of one of the intensive best in the unit he had become a 7 they happen as well can well such as coral. Non in. Campus and this particular position which just a visit all the patients would be this charge from the I.C.U. in their home Sabbath afternoons and give them Bible study with him but that wouldn't but here but in Argentina there was perfectly fine your doctor may show up at your. On Sabbath afternoon. And that had such an impact on me at that time I decided I have to becoming a station I had a company of him many times today in this piece this it said I'm sorry for the quality of this picture this picture was actually taken by him that in some of the states will. Help people dress in their wombs and then give them bible study the joy that we experience doing that it was describe what will. Now in the middle of mine are still in school. I met him that is always to him or her right and I have every testimony I met there one call I thought it would be the man with whom I was shared the rest of my life he was a seminary student he. Told love the war and people we dated for 2 years with decided to get married but after returning from a climate of 14 only 4 months before our wedding. Our relationship. Chua God was the only good I was the. Only one week later. Financial strain in the hospital or what I was working in and the Afghanistan sprawl trust translated into a massive laid off and I in the span of 2 weeks I was chock less and have has been less if that's the work. I try with the passion for money. And I was only 20 years our own. Family lore had taught me small letters to trust throughout. My journey so somehow I implemented all that experiential teaching that he had granted me. To take it to year up with all the money I have saved for my wedding and moved to Spain to become a student missionary for a year for several weeks before my trip to Spain I had been pondering about ice $61.00 about this idea of the year to wall to the war I won at that specific year to be like a year of jubilee you know like when pretty much everything returns to its its origin all. Owner I want in my life to return to got completely the year I didn't want any selfish plans or any personal plans no schooling or relationships nothing. I wanted that year to be completely. And. I want to tell you if you are strongly with the pressure and I don't find any other effectual way to be healed them service. It is not all the way and by doing this my healing was so sweet and token plea that man in the show year became few so he was in Europe during my 2nd year as a starter missionary I was actually they associate one teen over there in the campus and the campus nurse and they are finance college it was during that time that my story really really really began so I'm sorry about this who long introduction. I met actually the family of one of the app and his college student. I became so close to this. Student's band that they invited me to come to Texas when my. Mission appointment was over so my plan was to come to Houston has penned the summer and then go to Montana Morella's Mexico and chose finish my. Training or actually my masters of nursing after that time or however because of different circumstances and I don't have all the time to go through those but I think God orchestrated all this I found myself back in Argentina. And the hospital and its hospital was happy to take me back and for 10 years I kept in contact with this family because I was immensely you know grateful for the way they had opened their hearts and their homes during that summer. And then the miracle happened so if you are sleepy or sleeping wake up. One morning God It impressed on them the memory that my alter met his tire had been to pursue IT degree in medicine. Like kind of like when the cop bearer remember just surf after a couple of years where this took 10. But then in that time this apparent time of forgetfulness God has worked on me powerful Ian Dury doing that usual work every day growing me into an amazing. An amazing way so after 10 years. I met Bobby and Sherry McIntosh and Europe they offered me to pay for me to come to the US to learn and live English as I understand that. Dream of becoming If a station I never asked for yet. I actually didn't think that they will remember I mention it to them warms so in May of 2002 I landed in Ontario California No In 10 words in English so now after my arrival I started my classes last year university all paid praise the Lord. One of the students and the university Paul you. Actually approached me very soon. And invited me to go to this conference from Palm's Prince ranch that he say he will pay for and I was like wow people here are very generous. And I was like OK I could barely understand English back then you have to understand we perceive the world the surround through our senses right that makes sense of all that impute through our intellect when we put everything together and communicate what we experience through our word language so when we you don't have a language that is a completely disconnect and you find yourself completely isolated and you will never understand until you don't experience it. But that you know experience really change people and change to me so you can't joke or philosophize express the deep thoughts get angry effectively expects XOVER and joy you can't it is difficult to memorize scripture you understand on the in part or you don't get local expressions or E.D.M. source links are condensations of sorry condescension so euphemisms or. Praise God The He's not limited by language or by linguistic comprehension so in 2000 to a few months after arriving in California Paul you pay for me to go to the 1st XI Weiss see I had no idea what to expect. However in the darkness of my almost non-existent in English understand the comprehension whatever you want to call it. The Holy Spirit not only gave me the gift of interpretation of understanding me but also and most importantly he got a grip to from my heart as to never before so I had to backtrack a little bit if you weeks before my very 1st she why I see in this my. Experience I have met someone. In another he and the man. Do it in a high concept of afternoon we had a friend in common that is here tonight and God has used lists and a powerful way in my life but honestly I didn't think much about him until this I were 2nd encounter and my 2nd impression of how our prayer was disturbing. Honestly what I have thought was who is to tell you a poster has had not just to believe he is. However. By the afternoon we got back together and. Just going to see of hawk to throw in the blood and I saw in him something it was precious. And if you know Carlos. You know that he has a character but let's not pretend. He Chandra Levy loved God fellow man and that when my heart and not time so almost 3 years later. We were married and I had to put this picture of Carlos because to me that that's him. We were marry in May 22nd 2005 I was still at last here are finishing my requirements for medical school when we got married I was 30 very late into the NIH the books opened the Bible once tied the dictionary on the altar and what to put in native English speaker to read and understand a few hours he would take me all day and half the night. But God was the creator of. And I wanted to be taught by him and I remember having some sticky notes on my desk was some of our powerful quotes that took me through those times and I want to share those for the students only too precious Are there opportunities all for you today in the time you spend all. Make your words turn her life as perfect as possible you will pass over this way that one. In a race with you your scarf whether you work shall be a success or a failure as you succeed in gaining a knowledge of the Bible your story treasures to impart God requires the training of mental faculties but. This one says if placed under the control of the hope that of his spirit then months only the intellect is cultivated The effectively he can be used in the service of God then nature. Consecrated to God in longs to close all others can be and is used by the war in his term as a man. But the same spirit of consecration and thus the key have had the benefit of a thorough it took a shit into a much more extensive work for Christ they stand to vantage ground we should. Even want to be of qualifying our own. Not to lecture only to work for God but. Set to work with the terminations to obtain me to no way for an opening make one for yourselves. To make. Inefficient as God calls here to me. In France or in whatever you undertake and the way I branch. Chicken strengthening the intellect. Hungry for more Roach plans to follow my own will. Last from God. So God I love me to finish off my pretty reckless. Class A bunch of other high professional classes and curses for medical school having 3 jobs in 2 years with H.E.P.A. of 3.9 I remember struggling to understand exam question. But somehow I knew the material I was well to make connections to recall diagrams and to pick up the right turn. This was miraculous on its own but in my 1st Thomas cost someone actually. That taking a year or longer for counted chemistry in 8 weeks was a good idea. So I find out that the class dropout just usually hits 50 percent. So your 1st restimulate close to 4 chapters a day when usually you take one chapter every week or so so I can tell you that I remember much of the experience I can remember much of her going to chemistry either but I remember God waking me up every morning Q.B. me just what I needed and I know times have. Mornings when you wake up and you said Oh my goodness I can keep calling and God gave you just what you need to continue so I want to share with you some verses. May you be strengthened by our power according to his glorious might believe in the mind of all the all powerful God for all enduring ends in patients with joy we can certainly do all things through Christ with strength and. For the lurk if seek wisdom from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding. So stood in. You are not this horse of success and if you understand that you will be fine so now after my prerequisites were completed I embarked into the venture to study for the wonderful in CAT TO GOD BE THE GLORY for past being all my steps certifications or 3 national boards on my 1st attempt but the end cat oh my goodness was the most difficult test of all I took them cat not once twice but 3 times and each time the squirrel was tame now one more point one last point. I remember. Praying and asking God are where are you leading me honestly why would he opened doors for me to come to the states and allow me to excel in my condensed pre-college or medical call or whatever pre-med college experience all I need to draw on the shores of the made the ark her and cast or I continue praying I took a year off during our 1st year of marriage I took my in class and became the nurse in the emergency department Linda and I did cancer research during that year and finally I chose to buy to medical school white it and I unexpectedly got an interview. It was nerve wracking just to go and talk to someone about myself specially when you can talk the language very well. So I'm sorry but I detest this culture so permeated in the medical community this culture of self exile Tahsin perform and now we are so accustomed to so with this attitude imagine how well it went I completely choked my 1st interview but thank God for 2nd chances. 3rd in my 2nd interview I went to the School of Public Health an interview with Dr Louis. He had actually lived in Africa for many many years. And you know all the African decorations in the office were very inviting him and he was called to or he was super nice it was easy to talk to him. We laugh we cry we prayed in at the end he told me taffy I have a hunch I have a hunch that I won't be your teacher very very soon. You know I smile 10 left his office and I frantically run a look typed their meaning for a hunch because I had no idea I and I just wanted to know if my laugh a D.N.A. had been appropriate or not I knew only so thank God it was. So the man when buying and I finally got a letter and then me also saying we are happy to inform you and that I was a medical student by the grace of God. So how many of the. Dentist of Tama trays here in the audience have to go back to this today and they can I see your hand come on. Yeah that's what I thought well OK it was. Well if you look at it it's perhaps because you have forgotten. The experiences that students go through and I just want to refresh your mind on what a bit I went to make a parentheses. In my story and actually with so many students here with us tonight I want to address the elephant in the room. According to the churner of American Medical Association only 30 percent of medical students suffer from depression one in 10 students medical students report experience in suicide on far. That means the medical students are 5 times more susceptible to the oppression that the general population if you think about it. Academic competition My explain this finding thousands of applicants compete for very few spots around the nation in 2015 they I watch medical school on a Sept 3rd only 6 percent of their application and some elite schools like Mayo only have one point 8 percent of all those that apply and circumstances as you might believe this is the perfect breeding ground for competition and feelings of inadequacy inadequacy pre-professional students. Must learn and is totally an amount of material in a short time like one of my residents tell me it's like drinking water from a fire hose so students grapple with high volume with no clothes who are at work where Sorry was batting for multiple rounds of national license he expands and preparing applications for residency and then you will believe that once they go into the clinical part that everything is beautiful and many of them praise for 1st time taken dying patients and instead of receiving support in this situation to students often 1st humiliation from their seniors relations. This has hired he enchanters a culture of bullying toward medical training. Or not and I was shocked with this numbers and I know it this doesn't happen woman Linda but 80 percent of our medical students report mistreatment from supervisors to train. So my knee also weigh heavily on the minds of students and I'm not going to share how much is the average now that I met this day. But it's kind of insurmountable. So how many of you would like to go back to the wonderful years of magic a score or and then ask whatever it is so somehow we need to help us to it and to navigate through these circumstances and I have a deep burden for the back. And in an attempt to mitigate. This situation a lot of medical and dental schools. Have in place the past failing grading system they have all this team based learning. Is an emerging tranches to avoid making students Eiseley but just you know bring going curch collaboration and Christie so he sickness and so forth so it's called have introduced a variety of wellness programs including counseling group that and then sucked he would least I thought we treated healthy eating I mean ours Bible studies we have one in our house where we Sunday evening you're welcome to come but if you feel are talking about what to eat in the mold. And to me that information. The best and they need a lot of hope and I don't find any of those things outside the Gospel of Jesus Christ so for us students if you are over one to 98 Please go read memory. First Peter 118 and 20. You know that a price was paid to with the enemy you from following the N.T. were used to you by your ancestors it was no pay with things that perish like silver and gold but with the precious blood of the anointed who was my proposal to the I'm going to the sacrificial lamb got there trying to send him before he can but he he came into the world last days for your sake. So. Close in the parentheses how was my medical school experience I think like pre-match everyone else's overwhelming exciting and. I was newly wed early in my medical school training so I was feeling constantly guilty for not having time to spend with my has been but he was a surgical resident so pretty much the Kyoto was reciprocal. I think they way we survived those days it was simple. We were not there to leave the house until we were sure we had taken cheesed us all in and dad took only money and late and. Got going and never failed a test in medical school and that is great and that is a miracle. By the grace of God I graduated from medical school 17 years after my 1st. Offer objection from a medical school teaching team. So I believe in that prayers with all my heart that God has a perfect time for everything and he makes everything on his time. So studen don't get stressed when things don't happen according to plan or at your own time patiently waiting on the border it is always better to be whatever what God wants us to be in each season of our lives believe me. Or to not rush things to knock a preacher slowly for circumstances Trast and your father he knows your heart your ability to lock their off he created you He flashed on you he can be opportunities in the past there will be instrumental for your future so my god only known Trast and his work and his time. I'm going to keep a little better so that in my medical school I became very involved can I go back. Very involved in church activities and that was the way I kept myself saying so students if you feel like you are losing your mind just get B.C. and God business. Believe me that is healing so I was part of restoration of the restoration team is to going to lead a bunch of lists experienced on campus and part of the secular committee of 5 and hope also student led at Sabbath school and those 2 ministries. To engage Craven inconsistent in my spiritual war but in those years I started coming to a man as well a man for a man and a man has helped me in 2 different ways have provided mentorship and inspiration. And those are 2 things that are essential to untrain so students look for a mentor. And the safety of this conference got brought you here this week and for the purpose to find it OK network with people everyone is super nice here anyway and the end of my 3rd year I couldn't decide what to do because I loved it all so I applied through 3 different specialties Don't you ever do that and I wanted to say pursued met Peter Loma Linda but God came in my 2nd choice and I ended up a caring medical center in Ohio so 3 years where the hardest harass in our marriage. We moved away from our lovely church family Carlos couldn't find work. And only men can understand what that that is to a man. And. And people were interested interesting in. And about there was this flaky frozen nastiness that was covering everything from November to March No It's hard when you come from sunny California. And I was as soon as you got into that building the use of a bear that I was proud that I. Honestly I got an excellent training in my teachers were genuinely interest in my learning and my growth and those 2 worry years. A lot of growing. And excellent training. So he came to the end of my training in probably Dr Schwartz remember I didn't know what to do. I wanted to. Play Sudha fellowship and pulmonary in critical care but I knew that the training was to print tan and that life doesn't get better once they train in a stall where and I was scared of dad and I was also scared because. It's a male dominated field very intense man dominated the field by she said. So I can't possibly go into all the details but I after match prayer I finish my training and that up along Melinda University proportion are in critical care medicine going back to normal in that was a blessing seen that fellowship was one of the most challenging experiences in my life and truly truly changed me how was this can sickening process something that I needed to experience. Fellowship taught me how to take criticism well and no be easily insulted I think all about sooner or later we're going to learn to trust in God absolutely and completely and he panned on the expectation of fathers. Fellowship it's all about expectations people have a lot of expectations about you and you meet more demands are Sue become an expert in your field so you need to teach lessons you need to prepare lectures me research that lines become proficient in. Procedure have very difficult tasks with families. Be there before 6 am leave whenever their work is done in the I.C.U. which is never and they start all over again next day for 3 years. So I truly wish I had time to this crowd my experience and fellowship for God taught me about pain and how to minister to people in weeks I have my own original presentation has 3 pages of our stories up and stories but I don't have time to go by possibly. Another presentation but by God's grace alone I completed my fellowship I was able to pass my 3 medical boards and I'm quoting fully working now you see some of the pictures from fellowship it's funny because I'm always smiling you would believe that it was the best time of my life. And I'm currently one me I mean involved with the faculty members along with the university and even though the life of a gene you're attending is full of challenges I rest in the assurance that God equipped those who he calls so I want to take 5 minutes before us finish him briefly briefly reflect on that. On the meaning of God's calling. We come to him and. If you think about it she says with pain with software and with that every single day of he was on her. And honestly I don't see any other way we can answer this calling father Graham following his footsteps if you ask me so. When I read this when we lost the world. As he has loved it then for us His mission is accomplished we have fit it for have been what we have heaven and our heart honestly is the love of Christ them all to us service so if you don't spend time pondering about that wall off believe me you would never be ready for service you were perfect they were called and transform your service. And it will help you to learn from. Let me tell you about this Jesus he himself said I had giving you an example that he should do as I have done. Cystic sample that he gave us Christ gave not just into service here to this work by our as his time his heart his strength were given to labor for the benefit of humanity. So when we basically toiled. Banter in prayer for grace and mentor instead he my to a greater work so when I think about my soule and this 6 am I actually don't see in myself anything that I can possibly attain that example. So I came to the reality station. That this same source that empower Christ to to what he did has to mutate me and that horse is called the Holy Spirit so I truly. And deeply believe that until we are no field with the Holy Spirit we are not going to be able to touch to school rolled in the way we are called touched it if that's how many rost I achieve after C.P.R. or how many smokers give up we could team because of my cancer we know how many. Cancers are completely cured and respect for how many people there are tiny in the I.C.U. make it a life out of those boards if they leave the hospital as they do just continuing life as usual I have failed I have not the power of God that he is willing to give us. A double toaster put it this way. He's the Holy Ghost was taken away from our church today 95 percent of what we do will continue and no one will notice the difference. If the Holy Ghost we draw from their church and the 95 percent of what they want to hear and have stopped and everyone will have noticed a difference look $1113.00 says if you. Being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your father keep the Holy Spirit to ask so I ask. In abiding she says you know I have met a lot of frustrations I have lost the joy of starving the joy of practicing medicine and that for a bit any of us go through that experience but she says in self give us the formula. Abiding got sorry a bad thing that you Joy me before all the ricers that we some Why. It is there is so let all of this Spirit of God manifest said it's there we learn to do it without it and if you think about it about your practice and my practice we have learned to do it without the Holy Spirit for way too long. So we need to underline things because the Bible calls started a form of godliness. We don't have the spirit of it so if you want to become a truth a station after the model of Jesus Christ. They influence of the Holy Spirit is the best medicine so my appeal to you tonight is simple. Ask for the Holy Spirit study the conditions to receive it abide in Jesus Christ then follow his example because honestly I don't see any other way we can answer to a call to service so let's pray to your father. That you don't love to go to your children but I also know that the best gift we need is the one that we know at the moment. So. Christina chose her to prepare. To receive a transforming influence of the Holy Spirit might have time for our all for way too long. He would need to be changed so far it's time for a refresh us. Are the most precious me with Jesus. 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