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Ready to Give a Reason - The Clinician & Apologetics

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • October 27, 2018
    7:15 AM
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Well I did put it in title of the devotional today be ready to give a reason the clinician an apologetics and as I thought about that subject. It was also it was based on the text in 1st Peter chapter 3 so turning your Bibles to 1st Peter tips 3 Verse 15 and 16 1st Peter chapter 3 verse 15 and 16 but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and always be ready to give it a defense to everyone who ask you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear having a good conscience when they defame you as evil doers those who are vile your good conduct in Christ may be a shame so this is a powerful text and we can learn several lessons from with that I thought of today 1st off the text indicates that we should live questionable lives. I lives should be filling people's minds with questions. Do you live a questionable life do you have a life where people want to ask you about the hope that is in you. And. You know I was on the plane the other day coming here and I sat between 2 gentlemen and I said how can I live a questionable life. That they might ask a reason for the hope that is in me. And begin praying about that. And then I begin reading my Bible. And I started going. A man. Way as a look. Not quite that loud you know it wasn't like some kind of spiritual Tourette's Syndrome but it was it was it was loud enough where people are like you know and then the man 1st. And then goes like this. And. The man by the window said that must be very exciting what you're reading I said why would you say that he goes Well it's not usual Really I've never sat by something like this before what is it here exactly reading a man how many want to be questionable. So you know when I used to work in the and the trauma center and the emergency room for a number of years of my life another way that I thought practically to be questionable was to take my Bible with me having to remember what a bible is I mean it looks like. Physical Bible while you wait good very good and I would just take that Bible with me to the emergency room and I would set it down boom right there how many of you do that do you take your Bible with you to work you do anyone else already get 3 people 45 OK you take your Bible to work but you put people to sleep you're in and that's this I mean doesn't matter in your your line of work OK. Well this is this is very important I think Oh I think I know and I remember some of physicians that I work with I don't know if any of you know Dr John Dougie He's a cardiologist and he what he would always bring his his Bible or something and and or a little spirit of prophecy book and he would just have it out there and. This made a huge impression on the staff I would hear them talking about it. And the other thing that made a great impression was how calm he was during a code you know didn't didn't do any good for people to not be called you know that's not going to help anybody and they made this link between the fact that he had his Bible and he was calm. And I believe you know be ready to give an answer. Well make sure someone's going to ask the question you know now another thing I don't know. Not only taking your bio but how many of you you like to say how many of you sing at work nice What do you sing you do could you what do you sing sing for us a little bit. Oh look you know this is this is very important I think you know the Law Lords. Really meant you know Lolla body and that part of the Reformation they they were so enthused with what they had learned from 10 Dale's translations of an accurate that they would just they were humming. You know lala by law lords and I think that this not only. Will raise questions depending on how loud you saying but it also it helps you as well you know and I think I think the thing he's saying is scripture I would recommend scripture you know now in my line of work which is multifaceted but one of my lines of work is to get up every morning and walk with my students at 6 in the morning so I walk an hour every day with my students and you know if you don't stay focused you can get into many different areas of conversation. And so I like to be focused you know so I write songs and then I teach them songs like last week I was meditating on collisions I call it collisions because it's for the collisions of life Colossians chapter 3 and so you know I wrote a little song Let the word of Christ well in you originally in all wishes them and teaching warning others in songs and him and spirit still song singing with joy in your heart to. Like it so you let the word of Christ well in you rich Lee and all with. Men teaching warning others in songs and him sit and spin the song singing with joy in your heart. I mean it's a simple course right all through the week I heard them singing that song you know one was complaining the as it let the word of Christ swelling you know I'm like yes and also with your kids you know my kids were they. They went out on the Sabbath and they were at this. We were at some other place and the people had kayaks and everything else and and they got in the kayaks and they were in the river and they started swimming and I thought you know this is not really something that they should be doing necessarily on Sabbath to this you know intentional thing and I don't I mean you might disagree with me but so you know they disagree with me they disagree with their father and I realize man I I'm not going to turn this around with a normal. Divine statement from on high being your father. Do admonished you not to do this Thou Shall Not so that in our works I say I gotta write a song I gotta write a song you want to sign came up with based on Isaiah 58 words 1314 let's see how does it go if if you turn away or foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure. And caller on the Sabbath like the holy. Word. And. Him not doing. Nor seeking. Rowing. Nor speaking your own words then you are life by self and the law. And I will cause you to. Hear and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father for the mouth of the law you have spoken saying with me and use the light thyself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on. And feed you the heavens to Jake. Has Spoken. Now at 1st are like oh Dad you're embarrassed to sing the song was you know everything else but then I heard my little son James you know he's got a big voice don't like. It he's in his room. And I will cause you to run I'm going to breakfast I will feed you with the hay every $2.00 to $5.00 they're eating breakfast you know and then I hear them saying of each other pretty soon they're talking about what that text means and you say man and so I mean how is it that you can become questionable that they give a reason for the hope that is in you you know more direct approaches I remember a nurse I was working with when I was. You know a kid I was what was a 23 or something like that. It's like a kid said to me as he goes I'm 16 years old and you just don't understand me and I said Actually I've been 16 quite a number of times. So. The 1st time was a her hardest I said I admit that but sometimes you know you live a questionable life Arlene was a nurse that worked with me and she thought you know your witness is really I mean I had no witness and really to speak of was a bad witness and one day she said to me Don would you would you come into the dirty utility room with me and I was like sure you know I thought she was going to have me washing bed pans or something. I went in there and she could this might come down or she was short but for football maybe for 2 and one I mean when I leaned down she grabbed my neck and she began hitting man the top of the head with a bed Pad This was basically assault and battery but and I before I know what has it what why are you doing this and he said You are terrible nurse that you don't care about the patient you're only talking to the nurses and then I noticed you know after that I was afraid I was kind of sneak in Iran you know. And everyone's laughing because I had been beat up by the 62 year old nurse. And but then I noticed what she did she just lived for the patients she went in and rubbed their back she went in and gave them warm blankets and she did so much for the people she worked for and what was he is trying to get into my head with the bedpan was. That I needed to live a life like the life that she had chosen to live so number one in our text today for those of you just coming in from a wonderful night of extended sleep sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asked you a reason for the hope that is in you and our 1st point was this taxed indicates that we should live questionable lives I'm going to want to be a little more questionable than you have been though I give you some practical ideas how we think these are not going to work for me wait folks don't give up so easily I know it works have been doing for many years Number 2 the question we asked this morning is why is it. Why is it that Peter says we have hope if the question is. If the reason they're asking a question is because we have hope Why is it that Peter says we have hope and I think it's important to know why it is you have hope OK to a few good excellent well let's just look at Peter just a minute 1st Peter chapter one verse 20 he and deed was for Dan before the foundation of the world but was manifest in these last times for you. Verse 21 does your faith in hope are in God What what is this What is talking about him he was 4 days before the foundation of the world but was manifest in these last time what is that thank you for that robust response what is that what's a talking about Alright resurrection but also incarnation the incarnation he came he was as a says in terms of the manifest in the flesh how many think that is an important thing to do while. I would think that gives us hope was there a man named Jesus did he enter into human history did God come down so that fill us with hope that 1st advent number 2 and chapter 2 in verse 24 1st Peter I know you're turning there with me this morning. I can hear the pages rustling who himself bore our sins and his own body out of the tree that we having died to sense might live for righteousness by whose stripes you were healed so not only was he manifest in the flesh he died for us on Calvary's cross and that should fill us with oh how many of you thought about that today look at that person next to you and say you are as center look right at this you are a center now look at them again and say you are doomed well thought out Jesus Christ. You know Joe I didn't say that to your life you say it throughout life you're doomed without Jesus Christ how many say Matt. So look he not only was manifest in the incarnation he died for your sins and you know. You know you need to have the assurance of damnation before you can appreciate the assurance of salvation is that true. You do. You want I have nothing to bring simply to like cross I cling my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and writes this I dare not trust the sweetest friend I think your wife is the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus' name amen. So why do we have hope because of the incarnation because of redemption and then 1st Peter 13 look at Peace 1st Peter 13 blessid be the the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who according to his abundant mercy has be gotten us again to a what living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead another which he came he died but he rose the resurrection we don't talk enough about the resurrection their way possible Paul when he was witnessing an X. 17 he started with the resurrection and then he moved to creation again and 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 the resurrection and creation and with the resurrection He said look there's 500 people that such and some of the Apostles and they're still alive in other words he went through the evidences of the resurrection This is what filled him with hope because if he died and rose again that's the ground of our hope. And then so the Incarnation and then his redemption and then his resurrection but not only that 1st Peter 322 we're just looking can text with what it means to give a reason for the hope that is and has notice what it says verse 22 of 1st Peter chapter 3 I hear the pages rustling he was gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God and angels and authorities and powers having been made subject in what's that all about he not only was our incarnation ork you know we came in the end carnation he not only died in redemption for us he not only rose again but what does it mean in the text we just read all powers and principalities are subject to have what's that mean everything is he has power over everything. How we were fell I don't have power over this I don't know what good. But he has no such question here it's. Reminds of a little song I wrote 2 weeks ago I mean I think we should sing about that we're going through the book of Colossians scepter to verse 10 I think this is from goes the calm plea to. You. In. You. Believe in. You come. In. Who is the. Who is the. Let's say it's a gather he. Pleaded in his. And his. Combs leads him to him and he kill. Him who is the head who. Who Ooo is. How do you think this is wonderful look I've got a problem today with my boss. But he's well over that boss look I had a problem with my blue shirt. Is over the board and I'm complete in him in Christ I'm complete he said. I don't know about you but I think that's great he meant. So Peter says 1st Peter won 20 he came he was manifest that's the Incarnation and then 1st Peter to 24 he's all redemption in 1st Peter 13 he's our resurrection 1st Peter 322 he is above 0 principalities and powers another was he came he don't know why he rose here a nice well that's not all for us Peter 113 we need to give a reason for the hope that as soon as these are the contours of that hope therefore gird up the lines of your mind be sober rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ he came he died he rose he writes but he's coming again can you say hallelujah that he's coming again one in every 8 verses in the New Testament He's coming he's coming left up the trumpet and loud let it rain Jesus is coming again we have this hope that burns in our hearts hope in the. Hello and then came the 1st time he's coming the 2nd time I just was talking to a patient here just just this week and he said to me because you are weird. So why do you say that he says you're just unusually happy of course this is a depressed Paysan and he goes you know when I 1st met you about 10 days ago you really irritated me and I said Just think about my wife who has had to live with me for 26 years. But he says and I want to know why it is you're so happy you seem to be so happy. Now the interesting thing was when I 1st met this person he was not interested at all in anything that any of us had to say about the hope that is within us but we did very questionable things all week like we ate a plant based diet why you do with that we dip him in water that was 100 degrees and 6 degrees why am I going to do this when I went out and exercise well you do allege that well to begin to work. And so he began finally to ask questions. Second Peter 312 says that we're able to and dissipate and hasten the coming of Christ we can hasten the hope filled day so he came he died he rose he reigns he's coming again and then 1st Peter 17 were to be giving a reason for the hope that isn't as how many think we should know what that hope is or is Peter 17 that the genuineness of your faith being much more precious than gold that Paris is the one is tested by fire may be found to praise and honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ so why is it that we have hope because he came he died he rose he reigns he's coming again and when we know that then we can revel and joy even in trials we sell Oh wow. This is nothing he's coming again many of you have learned how to count all joy I wish I could tell you more details about what I'm about to tell you but even this past a week I have seen how the great controversy can be played out in ways that make me nervous. Oh oh they're praying and then the very thing I thought was very bad was actually very good and God was paving the way to bring a great victory from my limited perspective oh then less than 24 hours later I'm like whoa you know what you were doing. So now I get more comfortable with that I'm not quite as comfortable as I need to be and I used to get kind of you know really worried we I work with my my right arm is stocked or Natalie and. He opens the door to many hearts and minds as they come through there and when people come to the press recovery program sometimes you just don't know what's going to happen but I've learned that it's going to be probably seemingly bad the 1st couple days. And I did talk to this gentleman about to tell you about so it's with his permission I'm sharing this but I remember this guy came in he was anxious he was depressed he was nervous and then here and we told his his his spouse that he needed to start addressing these things without her enabling him to very bad behaviors and so she said OK I'll leave and she told him I'm leaving to go home so you can work on these things without me in a building you we didn't actually tell her to tell him that but that's what she told him and he was upset and says I'm leaving many he ran out of the building here left right then he ran out of the building and of course I ran after him and pretty soon we were running down a very busy 4 lane highway. And needless to say I was a little nervous about this. I said when we take the next exit. You know I thought this is a fail this is a big time fail this is this is a disaster this is a procedure gonna wrong as he called his relatives and then the plane came and took him away and I was like whoa fail it was a few months later I was at a large conference in San Antonio and I was standing by both and all the sudden someone came behind me and picked me up and began to swing me around like no one should do to a grown man. I'm not even sure they just showed us one a small child like that I mean I was like a rag doll just walk around in around and around and then as I was going I don't know what the rotations for a minute per minute war but I noticed this lady that I kind of recognized as I would see her every rotated. And. I said wait a minute will you see that face before as the send tropical forces were at working their way and then the guy that was swinging around goes do you know this and I said this is not his name and I said is this job and then he let me down. And I said John. You seem happy. And he said I I left the program I was running go our way and I flew right when I got home I said Now stupid I was all these people working to help me help me to rediscover all up and then I went away and here I am sitting at home. So they said I decided I would do everything that she told us to do and I got my job back and I got my wife back and I got my church back and my life is filled with hope but sometimes it seems like you know that was a very bad experience and sometimes we're tempted when when things go that way to to stop desiring to give answers well to our text today are some of the 3 verses doing sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and always be ready to give it this fans to everyone who asked you for the reason of the hope that is in you with me in this and with fear so we've talked about how the text says one number one lives questionable lives right and then number 2 we said Well well what is that hope that people are going to see right and we went through all those things he he he came in the Incarnation right he lived he died he rose he remains so we can revel in who he is even trying out that's what we've done so far right but where is that how is it that we're ready to do this our 3rd and potentially final point unless I change my mind according to this text where do we get the hope how are we ready to give an apology How long are we ready to give a defense to everyone who asks us for the hope that sent us you say well wait a minute we go on the Internet and we get Mark families Finley's book starting with others we buy the D.V.D.'s from the from the advent of the pollen jet accent are we. None of those things are true in this text. Sometimes I think I'm very happy for all those resources in fact I even have resources here this this weekend I'm not going to talk about them but anyway. They're really my apology and you can learn from others but what does this text say where is it we're is it that you get your apology your defense what to say the text always sanctify the Lord your God your hearts and always be right here on the fence or ever want to ask you a reason to hope there's in you with make this in fear so where is it that you get this it's that 1st phrase but sanctify the Lord God in your heart this is not some complicated apologetic course that some seminary which can maybe even lead you astray while you're there this is very practical I like the S V For 1st Peter 315 in your hearts honor Christ as Holy One of the readings of that verse as has Christ as Lord but sanctify Christ as Lord in your heart another words this secret forgetting hope is to magnify Christ as Lord in your heart to look to Jesus to set your mind on things a book not on things on earth because you die and your life is hidden with Christ in God So set your mind on things that. Look at Christ and do that every day reverence Him I wrote a song about the head if you want to hear the song by the way you can watch that you can listen this later and learn the songs probably go up thinking we learned that song by kids the other night at worship surprised me and they sang all the songs out from the last several weeks so I think we should ruminate cogitate. On things right Lindsay don't you think you should put together the music make it available for people to learn so here it is. See if I can remember set your mom. Thing of. Thing. For you. A life is hidden with Christ in it and when Christ who is a life of Pierre's then you are all saw. With him. Glory with. Glory search your mama and on thing. Sing it with me so that your mower. Of the. Earth for you. Life is hidden with Christ in and when Christ who is alive. Then you are all so. When. Glory. Glory your. Thingy. What do you think you need to set our mind on things above and this is what is saying when you reverence Christ as Lord your you reverence and you give honor to him you worship him and when you are able to set your mind on things above not on things that are then guess what you have bull miss you have confidence why because your life is good in with Christ I mean that's good enough but if god. You've got this double buffer zone and you've got the Holy Spirit in you it's like wow and you have boldness and you have confidence and you're ready to give a reason for the hope that's in you the other day I had a little guy in my office it he had not seemed very promising in one of the programs we were running and so he was staying some additional days and they schedule him to to see me and I said you know what I remember from our visits is that you're not really interested in God or spiritual things we said has anything changed he goes the only thing that changes all you people are very nice. And so you believe these things but I don't and I said well what would you say he says you know in our last talk you showed me how crazy it was to be an atheist because that meant that I knew everything and I I'm now an agnostic Well that's progress I think this project progress. Right OK So you're like a gust and he goes yeah so I really don't know I don't know so I don't want to talk about because I don't know about it I said OK and then one of my going to say this guy but then I thought of X. 17 where Paul went and talked to the people they saw all their gods and he says I noticed that you have a statue to the only known God and that's what I want to talk about that I showed him and I said Look here Paul was talking to the those who are agnostic about God they didn't know and then we started to study and he goes You mean you start to ask a pretty sued this guy who was supposedly not interested was asking me question after question after question isn't God good. And he began asking me Well why is it what difference does that make in your life how does that give you hope how does a give you confidence Oh man it was and then he says because I know our point was over but could you stay a little longer I said. I almost lost almost always then make the plane trip down here I'm like here. Because finally this is this breakthrough you know we're surrounded by fellow workers were surrounded by people sometimes people in our own family that make us feel as though we shouldn't share the hope that was within us don't ever give in to that don't be afraid of them when he says but reverence to God reverence. Sanctify the Lord in your hearts honor Christ as holy and other words reverence him you know that comes from an Old Testament passage and I want to show it to you it's in Isaiah Chapter 8 Isaiah Chapter 8 as I was looking at this text this morning this. Parallel text came to me Isaiah Chapter 8 verse 12 and 13 and I think this is so powerful and if I were you I would turn to it. I'm just telling you I'm turning to it I have it open now I How many are glad that God has texted us let's say 8 verse 12 do not say a conspiracy concerning all that this people call a conspiracy nor be afraid of their threats nor be troubled the LORD of hosts him you shall alow another word Him you so reverence you see where this comes from Peter's referring to this thing let him be your fear and let him be your dread and the words don't fear other things fear God Hallo. He said wait a minute that sounds weird so be afraid of God That's not what I mean proverbs 1923 check me on this I don't know but I haven't written a song on it so I'm not sure proverbs 1923 the fear of the Lord leads to life and he who asked it will abide in satisfaction is he will not be visited with the Evil say that with me the fear of the Lord leads to what and he knew as it will abide in what he will not be visited with what how we want to enter the fear of the Lord fear God give Him glory the average judgment is come right hear him give glory to him reverence them honor him and you say well what does that mean well look what it says in verse and they'll go through every conspiracy Oh no look at. Verse 12 woke up you know those people that live on that I'm on the Internet today and I just discovered that they're saying this and they're saying that and they get everybody all upset I mean you notice these people. Who I mean I'm all for prayer but it's like from one conspiracy to the next from one trauma to the next I call them conspiracy junkies every time I meet them it doesn't matter maybe a decade later it's a new conspiracy now that's no way to live. Ever try to run your car by just putting carburetor fluid in it will go down the road but it's going to blow up pretty soon I'm not a mechanic so maybe that didn't work but I'm just saying. You can't be having this roller coaster ride and notice what it says there and Isaiah this is the antecedent to this text in Peter don't check conspiracy Don't be afraid of their threats don't be trouble the LORD of hosts verse 13 him you show how Let him be your fear let him be your dread and will happen as a result verse 14 he will be like us still wary for you can you say hallelujah you're hidden with Christ in God You're not afraid anymore he's a sanctuary for you not only that verse 16 you'll be sealed in the law will be in your heart and verse 17 but I will wait on the Lord who hides his face from the house of Jacob and I will hope in him and not only that will be a sanctuary not only will he see a list not only will he feed us with the head of Jacob but those which says verse 18 finally here am I and the children whom the Lord has given me we are 1st signs and wonders when we fear God when we reference God He promises us that we'll enter into sanctuary with him how we want to enter into sanctuary with him he promises that he'll still us some going to be sealed any promises that he'll fill us with hope the heritage of Jacob puppy want that and then says because of that you and your family will be signs of the tie you'll be a family of hope. That sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and always be ready to give a defense to every one who ask you a reason for the hope that is in you with the making this and with fear. So number one little questionable Life Number 2 know the reason for your hope he came he does the Rosie wrong he's coming again we rattle then in trials number 3 how do we get this hope by referencing Christ as Lord by looking at what he has done what he is doing what he will do who add talking about it and singing about it in rejoicing in it and then what can happen then you can help others to Texas with the making this and fear another words that fear of the Lord a race is all your fears and you're able to talk to others with the way the E.S.P. says it make this an inferior says it in gentleness and with respect I read I was like Whoa that's what I need to be able to witness to others with gentleness and respect because Christ who is my life fills me with so much joy I I don't have to get defensive and thus offensive I like how 2nd Temple he puts it serving the Lord must not quarrel but be apt to teach and the older I get this is so beautiful I thought the people all upset and I go Well let me could I give a just maybe a little different perspective I know what you're saying but let me just give you some information that maybe I don't know that help me but I will feel happy and apt to teach in humility I like how the King James it this is 2nd Timothy 22426 how many of you know this from memory already whoa wait I don't see anybody writing the text down you should write the staff of The Weakest Link is stronger than the strongest may break write it down 2nd time of the 224 that's what he said. The server will or must not. Folks are we studying the word together a certain word must not quarrel but be apt to teach Let's say that again the certain Lord must not be apt to does this mean just the minister No it's any sort of Lord are you a certain Lord as a medical missionary are keeping an open up to you that don't open up to a minister to serve a lord my what's a servant Lord he does the will of God from the heart if he's in $66.00 right 7 Lord must not quarrel but be apt to teach in humility correcting those who oppose themselves and I love that tact correcting those who oppose themselves or like he's opposed himself he's like smashed into him so it makes no sense you know it's like this person is in trouble they want to know that they're opposing themselves if God Perhaps God not you it's not your abilities it's not your apologetic skills it's God If God perhaps will grant them what what is repentance That's 2 words met most not to means like metamorphosis a change of notes of mind a change of what repentance is a change of mind in humility correcting those of God perhaps will grant them what repentance that they might come to their senses and a scape the snare of the devil who's taken them captive to do his work I mean how many have met people that are very well meaning people but what they're doing is a total disaster they're totally ensnared in a thought or something else and you've got to find a way by God's grace to humbly with gentleness and with meekness with simpleness What did it say gentleness and respect. Respect me and say Hear what they say to maybe say it back and in gentleness meekness and in fear correct them how many want to have that skill I want to know the story and. I was working one night in an emergency room and man came in. The her and went off to hospital emergency radio network whether that means and they said we're bringing this person and we're going to take him to train and I was working. That night and he's he's he's he's cut up he's he's going to have to you know have some work but we just want to warn you because he's he's kind of in a bad bad way and sell We're taking a tree eyes because we know that Don McIntosh is a tree and I was like thank you very much for that confidence and so the patient comes and this guy was someone of the breed it but I believe he was being directed specifically by the devil because he was brilliant and what he said he said to the registration clerk you know if I were you. But I was your husband or your boyfriend I'd probably break up with you because of this and that and he didn't realize it but that's exactly what happened that week so she leaves in tears another person ridiculing them about some physical problems they had. Which all of us knew they'd really struggled with that week pretty soon he had the entire emergency department professionals I'd worked with for a long time all upset I mean these were people that normally were very call and they had like smoke coming out of the ears and stuff coming out of their nose and how Nick this they were all upset the whole place was like. So they said we're going to put this guy and then he started become violent they were straining the so we're going to put him in this and this this room and the most padded room there and in the Department. And then I heard him talking who are going to send in their oh yeah we ascend we're going to send Don McIntosh in there with him he's the one that brings his Bible to work he's the one that's always talking and saying something they're like to The Lion's Den You know and I'm like oh no this is bad for them and then that guy's yelling now he's yelling obscenities he's yelling at everyone he's everyone's inflamed and they take him in there and they say you go in there with them I was like you know I don't know if I have enough experience for the job and their check your bible took my Bible in there and he's yelling screaming oh I started you in here you're some kind of lone preacher moron However by all like random finally you know fulminating and I'm going Oh this is not about me. This is not about me this is about you and your glory I pray to God please help help because this is not about me this is about you your truth your church your hope it's not about me and he's yet. And I say you know really want to start working on your leg we know you get that you know it's bleeding you know you get some stitches an area it's got a dirty we need to clean it out was a better guide and everything outside everything else and I was like he has nothing to do with it you know cussing and he's cursing and I realized that I could not and so I said Wow Tell. Us why. And what he's yelling and I said why and he goes me why. We've been whispering to each other because. The people outside thought I had been killed. They open the door they come in he starts yelling yes it was you guys please believe took me another 5 minutes and pretty soon we were whispering to each other again and I don't know what to say because it says a little don't try and meditate before hand what you're going to say let God give you the words right then yes it's not like you study up for these things you don't do that and then I didn't I'm talking to him also I hear this come out of my my lips I don't know why it came out of my lips you might question it as well but he goes to me I say teacher so. And I had a question in my mind about that. And I said this I said bees words I said because I want to chest like what did I say. I was like What did I just say he goes What did you say I said because I want to be. Just like you if he goes why I was like God you got me into this get me out of this. Then God gave me this to say he gave it to me I said because. I understand. The real conflicts and needs of everybody in this to part you have seen all the problems you have accurately identified I want to testify. He goes really I said my next. Almost like you because what. I want to you is the information a little differently. Then you say man we sowed him up and he began coming back to visit me at the emergency room after he got out of jail. But sanctify or God in your hearts and always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within you and make this and with fear with gentleness and respect Father in heaven thank you today that even though we were just as vile as the pace and I described it even more so you came and you gave glory to your father and every day you went out and you went to that quiet place and you Rob. Your father everything you said came from the father verily verily all came from the Father and you are able to give an answer. For the hope that was in you help us to do the same. We thank you we come across. 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