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Purposed in His Heart

Tash Ching M.D.


The decisions we make affect not only us, but the lives of those around us through the power of 'peer influence.' As we live a life in response to God's call, we are often faced with challenges in which we must make a choice to compromise, or to stand for God. This is the true story of a young doctor's journey to Adventist truth through the faithfulness of a colleague who purposed to stand for God. 


Having grown up in a non-Christian home, Tash became a born-again Christian at the age of 15. She first heard the Adventist message in 2015 amidst completing her Pediatric fellowship examinations (which are completed half way through training in Australia). Tash is now a passionate Seventh-day Adventist Christian completing a dual fellowship in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases, and is working at Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. 



  • October 27, 2018
    9:30 AM


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Father God I want to thank you and praise you that you are an almighty god that you know us you are the 1st in the law the Alpha and Omega the Beginning in the end and you knew us before all born father you have counted every hair on the heads and you know the steps it will take you a sort patient long suffering with us Lord I thank you for meeting us where we're at for showing love compassion and grace to us where we're at and for showing patients and using the lives of others around us to speak to us as well Father I am so unworthy to stand before these people today and speak but Lord where I am weak you are strong and I pray Lord that you may use me in spite of myself that you will learn may be glorified Lord and that your word may be seen your character may be seeing your love and compassion for people may be seen to walk Father I pray that you be with me as I speak use my lips may be nothing more than a nail in the wall when you be the painting Father I pray that you be with every person present or in our hearts may your holy spirit be here today that we may each take out of this message in this story what you have intended for us in Jesus' name we pray and men. The vast majority of you here today would have absolutely no idea who I am and may even be asking curious this girl and why is she speaking and rightfully story you have absolutely no reason to know who I am yet for those of you that are face full attendees that I am in you have actually heard me mentioned before yet as a part of somebody else's testimony. As you can probably hear from my accent I am not from here I'm a stolen or Ozzy as we call ourselves and I've spent almost my entire life in going to stroll you. Today and he as the A man organizing committee are asked me to come and to share some of my story with you and as I said for those of you that he had to go in 2016 my all the aspects of my testimony that I'm sharing today is to carry on from those that Geralyn very nice change said back in 2016. OK sort who am I I recognized to be strong in the American residency programs a slightly different one soldier was best to speak in a way that you can understand and from what I've gathered generally your residency programs are far more intense than else however our programs along and I'm currently nearing as Carlos said the end of my 7th he working as a doctor and I will have almost completed my general Pediatrics training and still have a couple used to go with my day fellowship when I was a in the jew into new era times of our residency use general and I actually went through the same training program in pediatrics Today I am a God fearing God loving 7th Day Adventists Christian but that has not always been the case I grew up in a broken home. And although I never questioned my parents' love just circumstances surrounding my childhood years with broken and traumatic these experiences including the unexpected death of my mother at the age of 9 and the turmoil that followed going through the family courts and being moved from crime to harm led me to be a lost troubled adolescent desperately searching for purpose and meaning in life through God divine circumstances my older brother became a born again Christian and when I was 15 years old he called me along to church with him. And I truly met God and I fell in love with Christ with his words and I was actually transformed by his up by His love the transformation at the time I was radical people commented and Nerdist the change not only in my demeanor but in the very character and person that I was I being and at a true driven Berkin rebellious adolescent and God truly changed me as I met him it hasn't simply been sunshine and roses from Fender at 18 I eventually hit a crossroads in life where God asked me to surrender to him a desire and to trust him. But instead I chose a way that famous right on to a man at the end there over the top of the ways of death and it led to an 8 year struggle where I tried to clean birth to my own way and to God at the same time and during that time I lived a lukewarm Christian experience at the best and truthful honesty I was well in the world before God views some truly profound circumstances to 1st Call me harm to him and then with incredible patients lead me to a point to finally find that surrender where I chose to sincerely trust God and to live by faith. I'm going to leave my story there for now and I will come back to it but I want to briefly parallel a Bible character and how the principles that we learn from his life Palladian to me becoming a 7th Day Adventist. So I want to take a side step and look at the character of Daniel. And as a Ventus way of sort of quick to think of Daniel the prophet but today I want to look at Daniel the young man and how the decisions he made in his youth in his life demonstrates a principle that was key to me becoming servants into some standing before you today. Before we look at Daniel other why was it that the Israelites were called upon. So Genesis 12 versus one to 3 reads the Lord told Abraham you will leave your land your relatives in your father's house and garage of the land and I am going to show you all make a great nation of your descendants I'll bless you and I'll make your reputation great so that you will be a blessing I will bless those to bless you but I'll curse the one who cusses you and through you all the people of the earth will be blessed. God these are a lot apart to show you Hugh's world His glory His character he was calling a people who would on a human who are here also but why that through then all the people of the world would be blessed they were called to stand out as different and to be an example of God's law his character to the surrounding nations. Looking at Daniel you had Daniel as the young Jewish. He was born into a world position truly set up for success not only of high physical attributes but intelligent and of sound character however he was born at a time of one of Israel's greatest apostasies the Israelite to be instead a pot to be an example to the surrounding nations of people who were different to those around them both in their words and their actions because of their relationship with God yet they've gone astray and instead of being the example they were following the example of those around they were his people only by name yet by action they did worse than the surrounding nations there was no regard for moral standards or integrity there was nothing that made these a lot nation any different to those surrounding And in fact and set of being a blessing and example of the characters of God in many ways they were evil was. God in His mercy like a loving parent cried out to his children through the prophets have warned them again and again of their impending doom to turn from the evil ways and to return to him yet. They chose not to listen and so it came the exile why prophets and kings Reaves the remnant of Judah what should go into captivity to learn through adversity the lessons that they refused to learn under circumstances more favorable and 1st Corinthians 5 Posts 5 hand this matter over to Satan flew destruction of the flesh so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord God cares more about his children's long term salvation than short term pain and so he allowed them to be carried off to Babylonian exile and so we go back to Daniel and we had Daniel born into a position of favor but seemingly disadvantage to the circumstances around when in history he lived he was taken off into exile but what was Daniel offered ancient Babylon otherwise known as the jewel of the ancient world was a city viewed with or and reverence it was the center of the vendor and Welsh impenetrable wealth prosperity Daniel might have come in exile but what he was being offered wasn't of poor quality when you just looked at it he was hand chosen from among the people to serve in the king's palace to learn the language in the literature of the Babylonians the king and assigned an amount of food and wine from the king's table and self and they were to be trained for 3 years and then to enter into the King's service I mean that seems like a pretty good deal but what's wrong with that often are. Life in ancient Babylon revolved around idol worship and the fruit of the king's table would have been offered to Babylonian god prior to being served at the king's table not only this but the Jewish people had been given specific health laws and these practices were not shared with the Babylonian people and this food would not have been Krishna and sorry are being offered at all events not us not ideal circumstances Daniel was faced with a decision and what would he do Daniel one verse 8 reads but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's delicacies nor with the wine that he drank therefore he requested of the chief of the you know so he might not to defile himself so Daniel made a decision to honor God and to stand for God but he didn't just make the decision he then acted upon that decision and he approached the masters you know and asked for vegetable and water. And he was shut down and how does he respond to that rejection. 1011 the genuine 11 to 14 so Daniel said to the steward whom the chief of the you know has said over Daniel had and I am a shell and I was a riot police test 10 days and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink then let our period be examined before you and the appearance of the young men who eat the portion of the king's jealousies and as you see fit so you do with your servants. When he was shot down he persevered and he asked someone else and the point with that is it's not always easy standing for God It requires commitment and it requires perseverance and when he asked his 2nd request Daniel saying boldly I will stand for God regardless of the circumstances. Daniel had a choice and lot of circumstances were being thrown against him being sorry easy to justify himself and to simply eat the food that was given to him yet in his faithfulness what was he being to everyone else. Matthew 5 verses 14 and 16 you are the lot of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. God used Daniel and his friends to set a pot as an example of his character his life among the heathen now I have a question what if Daniel hadn't put this in his heart if you'd simply being one of the crowd and done what was asked of him and I think you found it really significant looking at was Daniel had the support of his friends it was specifically Daniel who purpose in his hot Daniel and his friends it was Daniel who approached the chief of the you know and then again who approached the steward after he was in you saw his initial request was rejected and what you really see here is the power of positive peer influence on the lives of those around in many ways the life in the story of Daniel and is there a lot parallels us as individuals and as a Ventus today we like the Israelites have been called to stand out that through us people may see God and we like Daniel are being faced with similar surrounding circumstances trials until Taishan So now back to my story and how the positive influence of my colleague who purpose in his heart of God led me to the Adventist Church. So I've gone through my 8 year struggle with God a time where I. Wanted a relationship with God But I also wanted the desires of minor in heart and I had been completely unwilling to trust him completely with that yet through this time God had never stopped after me and with great struggle I eventually came to the point of realisation that that whole time the greatest and deepest fear inning of my heart had been to walk with God as I once had that revelation gave me the strength to surrender to God My greatest stronghold the deepest desire of my heart and wholeheartedly put my trust in God and the truth is God still has not given that back to me and that is OK because I trust him and Jesus is enough and at this point in my life there was no longer anything that I was not willing to surrender to him and at the time I had been acutely aware of how intently God had pursued me and it made me curious why why me I was no longer held back by my own stubborn clinging to my own desires and my love for God grew and I catapulted towards him my daily prayer at that time became God I want to know your truth your whole truth and nothing but your truth and I would honestly say to you that the verse of Jeremiah 2913 and you shall seek me and finally when you search for Me with all your heart is sore true my prayer was sincere and God didn't offer it if he did not fall on deaf ears. At that time I was truly open to being led by God wherever that road would take me. And that was the state of my hot at that time in my life and so now in a strong junior doctors in the 1st half of the residency program it usually is on a 3 monthly basis and it was shortly after this that I changed rotations and I started to work with. I heard through my friend and colleague that he was a 7th Day Adventists and I being curious to know what was the difference between Adventists and other Christians and so I challenge him at lunch one day in that conversation he challenged me about the Sabbath being Pentecost so I thought the service was done away with on the cross that the law was done away with and he challenged me with a question was old the Lord done away with and I pointed that. Worship no other gods have no audible on your mother and father do not commit adultery. Neither of those things still stood and so I reasoned may be the 10 Commandments when done away with I was and truly ashamed to be advised that the 4th Commandment was to remember this other thing. And I left that conversation concluding that I didn't know. I didn't have an answer and I was going to have to look into it for myself I wanted to harm that day determined to search the Gospels because I believe that if Jesus had changed the Sabbath or done away with it he would have said something in there but instead of finding what I had expected to find I came across the passage that solidified my soul and search for truth in Matthew 517 to 18. Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the Prophets I am not come to destroy but to fulfill for verily I say unto you chill heaven and earth pass one jot and want to chill shall in no wise possible until all be fulfilled. Those words fall that me how could crosswords be true and the little be done away with what did this mean now for pediatric training in a story you stick your specially exams to hoffer through the program and this happened to be the year of my specialty examinations and my personal struggle and surrender to God had occurred immediately after my 1st project them and about. Starting to study exclusively for the 2nd part clinical exam that scripture had shaken me so significantly to call and set me on my path to absolute truth that over the next couple of months despite being in the midst of intense study for my fellowship exams I was hungering off to God so desperately that I would spend on average up to 4 hours a day studying my Bible. I could not get enough of God and the more I read His word the more I saw the character of a loving God and the deeper I fell in love with God I had this growing uncontainable passion and simply just a normal human will now amidst my own journey at this same time I was faced with 2 simultaneous Christian examples that influence my life one positively and one less. First was my then church friends. As my love for God had grown deeper and deeper I was deeply convicted as to what I was being as a Christian was I simply going to church on Sunday going to small groups reading the Bible studying the Bible becoming a fact Christian or was I actively being a Christian as Christ was and in the hands of feet of Christ in the example of him in the world and I was convicted to go out and to minister to those in need to feed the hungry across touch and to truly be the hands and feet of Christ and I shared this conviction with my church friends who were on it I thought it was a fantastic idea in theory but when it came to the practical application they simply didn't have the time there was always something better to do there was always something else on a sunny day go to the beach go to the slammer Some think that took priority and precedence above. Above God and certainly above being his hands and feet and at the time it really challenge me and made me ask the question to myself Where do we put God in our lives you see 1st 30000000 off the thought that comes and 15 when it suits us and in that it really challenge me that if I own of the Sabbath then at the very least there'd be a $24.00 hour period that God would be 1st the 2nd example when my life was Darryl Ching as I mentioned before it was the year of our fellow exams and now I'm sure this is probably similar here but in a star whose exams are certainly a big deal and residents basically give up 18 months of their lives to prepare full focus on and study for those exams for us with the desperate heart that you pass the 1st time because if you fail it's 12 months before you can sit it again. And so we really put out time and effort into preparing. Now in that setting Gerald did not only say that he believed in him in the service but he's actions demonstrated that. In order to help trainees be adequately prepared for the exam the hospital runs preparation for all candidates and the sessions are I big deal you go out of your They're completely free nothing that is funded for the right that the hospital be joined have to pay anything you just attend you go out of your way to get there and you really make it a priority but there's a catch these 2 tours run every Saturday morning now for those of you that marriage are all his students and hard working and what I hadn't appreciated at the time was the extent he'd struggled with. I later found out that he'd approached the director of training and pleaded with him whether there was a way to change the day it hadn't been possible in the end so being more and sort faced with a choice to stand what he believed in regardless of the cost or to compromise like Daniel he made a deliberate choice to honor God He acted upon that decision and when rejected he persevered in that conviction regardless the waves came in when and not once did he attend and through his faithfulness in his ability and to God he was acting as God's light the city upon the hill that cannot be hid it was not his words that spoke to me but he's on using faithfulness to God and standing for what he believed to be truth no matter what the cost if Gerald had compromised on his Sabbath conviction I can honestly tell you I do not think I would be standing before you today because what I was looking for was a grilling not with Apocrypha but I would wash my hands of the way now when I 1st received the same a call to service because me to sit back and to contemplate how I responding to cross call to service. Now in the past. And how do I want to be responding in the future. I'll be honest it was an interesting and convicting experience over the past few days I've had some on believable divine appointments. Moments where I've walked into a. Feedback session with a supervisor praying for a divine appointment only to have a 3 minute feedback session and a 57 minute conversation about God. Where I've been convicted to pray for a patient gone God I can't do that he's been nudged to do so and had them break down in tears before me given out more steps across the great controversy in desire of ages within the space of weeks in one year than I'd ever seen before yet it was nice to see there have been some divine appointments the truth is that within the considerable business of my current job and my role and the exhaustion that's accompanied it. At this moment in time I've gotten complacent. And I'm not currently responding to God's call to service the way I desire to be what about you how are you responding to cross call to service the Cole on the Israelites to be a lot to the surrounding nations an example of the character of God can be very much Paolo to us as a dentist today we are called to be Christ lie to the world and to stand faithful to God that others may come to see Christ and understand his truth because of our faith in us so often we think that to reach the world around we need to compromise so be more a label but like Daniel when you stand and stand faithful on the Word of God you will stand up. Daniel and his friends sort out amongst all the wise men of the round and they became an example God's light among the heathen. In the state of apostasy they were represented gods for a minute a people that will stand for God regardless of circumstance the greatest witness that you can ever display is not the words you say but the life that you live your life has an impact on those around you positively or negatively we all have an impact God is asking you to on to him stand to him out of the love for you to be a BT and to his word when faced with the challenges in life to have the strength like Daniel to purpose in your heart to honor God to then acts upon that conviction and to personally don't want to get stuff examining your heart and your life are you where you want to be with God. How are you responded to cross call to service you being his life his example or like me do you honestly find yourself in meeting not quiet for whatever reason business complacency destruction even compromise that you are not presently responding as you'd like to be if you like me today say I want to purpose in my heart to ask God to help me change that and I want to ask you to stand Father God I just want to thank you in praise you for how you work in our lives Lord we are all human yet in our humanity you were designed and when we are weak you are truly strong God none of us are perfect we all make mistakes and we don't always live up to the coal you have on our lives father. But our hearts are in the right place and we want to pass the light down your stand no matter what the cost Lord we know it's a journey and you take a take it on a take us on it every day father pray that you be with every single one of us. Change our hearts. Take away our hearts to make a heart of flesh Lord help us to draw nearer to you every day that as we fall in love with you again our 1st love that through that authentic relationship with God It is out of that that we minister to others and share your love Father I praise you for the example of faceless I had in my life and how you use that to share in me your truth and I pray Father that you can continue to help us to be that live in the lives of those around us Lord may continue to be with us on the Sabbath day whatever your Holy Spirit is speaking to us me continue to. Do well in our hearts that we don't just let it go. But that we actively seek. And hope. To use. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servants leave to visit W W W dot. Org.


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