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The Power of One

John Bradshaw


The Bible teaches that it can take just one person to make a difference in someone else's life - or in the world. The power of One can change your world. 


John Bradshaw

Speaker/Director for It Is Written



  • October 27, 2018
    11:15 AM


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Our Father in heaven we come to you in the name of Jesus and we grateful that we can we pray Father that you would speak to us we would not OS that you would be here that prayer has been prayed we believe that you are here we ask that we would be here that you would at this time focus us that our minds would be connected with the mind that they have and that a ha would be open to hearing your voice we pray that you would speak and that we would he. Come very close to us we pray so that when we go from this place we will know for the myriad reasons that we have been in the presence of the God of heaven we thank you we love you we white on you we expect you and we pray in Jesus name please say with me a man. Right around the time that the 1260 day you prophecy was winding up right around that time a country doctor in Gloucestershire England made what really was a remarkable discovery the 18th century was pretty much the doc ages in terms of medicine back then they were still bloodletting that were practicing mesmerist them what was that other one was that one that the fellow tried on William Miller What was that for Knology That's right of course it was they were doing things like that what else was taking place they were prescribing Kalam L.. Mercury was being used in medicine it was the Wild West even if you were in the east. So what hope was there. To treat a disease that had killed 10 percent of the population and in many cities was killing 20 percent one in 5 people what hope was there there was little hope but that's will end with Jenna stepped up he started immunizing people against a smallpox using chi progs of course his methods were ridiculed caught Tunes portrayed people who had been vaccinated as having the head of a cow but today Jenna is widely regarded as the one person on earth who has saved more human lives than any other person in history imagine that a country physician who saw there was a need and thought about it and observed and said I think I can do something to make a difference in step with Jenna and 200 years later it was said that smallpox said been eradicated one man and millions say it only takes one person to make a colossal difference in the world in some bodies world you have your bible or device open up to 1st Samuel in chapter 14 1st simul and Chapter 14 we start in verse one thanks for this medical missionary work right there. All right you got the 1st chapter 14 before we start reading the king had rationally offered a sacrifice that he was not sanctioned to offer he was too impatient to wait for the man of God to Iraq I said You all did arrive but as God works here I go on God's timetable and not on King Saul's time table and with 36000 chariots are arrayed against Israel along with 6000 horsemen and people and the Bible says as the sand which is on the sea shore in multitude Saul is formed by Samuel Saul is informed by Samuel that His Kingdom is not going to continue upon which communication the prophet leaves the king to his own devices Saul does a head count he discovers he has 600 men on his side against 36000 things are not looking good Israel was disheartened and dispersed Israel was diminished and they were disarmed and they were no longer in any way the monsters of their own destiny the text says that there were no such myths in all of Israel if you wanted something shop and like a spear you had to go to the filler Stein's to get it done the Bible says there was no spear neither was there a sword found in the hand of any of the people that were with Saul and Jonathan only Saul and Jonathan possessed weapons so 2 armed men 598 unarmed men against 36000 of the enemy weight 36000 Hold on a 2nd 36000 chariots and more people than anyone could have could count Oh mine things could hardly be more desperate. But the saying goes come with the come of the man these desperate times called for decisive action so where was the mad the king was starting to come unhinged Dan Rather than doing something about it he chose to do nothing about it Chapter 14 finds our man sitting under a palm of Gretry far from taking the lead he is taking the back seat hoping that somehow the problem is going to miraculously fix itself and so we will read Chapter 14 starting in verse one it's is now it came to pass upon a day that Jonathan the son of Saul said to the young man that bear has come and let us go over to the Philistines garrison that is on the other side but he did not tell his father and Saul carried in the outermost part of Gibeah under upon the granite tree which is in my groan and the people that were with him were about 600 men and high other son of a height of about a brother the son of Phineas the son of Eli The old priest in Shiloh wearing an odd and people did not know that Jonathan was gone and between the passages by which Jonathan sought to go over under the Philistines garrison there was a shop Rock On the one side a shop Rock On the other side the name of the one was posed as one with the other was sent in the forefront of the one was situated northward over against make mash the other southward over against and John of than saide to the young men that very Zama come. And let's go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised if he had stopped right there the on the barrow I'm thinking would have turned around and fled Ah you out of your mind there are 2 of them and an army wait there are 2 of us I've been listening to Dr Schwartz There are 2 of us and an army full of dead and you are saying let's just spoke on over there underneath the Mediterranean sun I didn't sign up for a suicide mission to hog the enemy is too great and look at me I'm just you know mbira by definition I'm just going to stand around while you do your thing and while I admire you John and then I don't admire you that much I'm not crazy but Jonathan didn't end the sentence there where I left off Jonathan said let's go over and take him on and then he said it may be that the Lord will work for us for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by what many or by was all by few you see what's interesting here is we could give Jonathan the credit for wiping out and for winning a decisive victory for turning the enemy on the heel and driving them out of town we could do that but it wasn't Jonathan's idea the impulse was placed in Jonathan's heart by God Himself so God was saying I've already figured out how to take care of these fearless studs I'm just looking for somebody who was willing to go and be my men. It's already planned I've already figured this thing but what I don't have out of the 600 is somebody willing to step up and go and be used by God Jonathan rush spawn did to the call of God's Holy Spirit you see Saul figured that everything was disastrous Saul and his $600.00 were essentially waiting there to be wiped out Ah but the Holy Spirit of God was striving in that arena God already knew what he was going to do God's Spirit was waiting to do a great thing just go reading through Kings and Chronicles about the many times that God intervened and miraculously the enemy was turned away miraculously godsend annoys and one occasion there was a necker it already shaky was there as the messenger and he was saying Hezekiah we are about to wipe you out and it was over for Judah until trouble at home course and that curbs meant to turn around and go back and sinecure once he got them was killed God had it figured out he was simply looking for somebody to work in cooperation with in it's very often when it looks like there's nothing going on it's often that things look hopeless when the Spirit of God is getting ready to do something spectacular I grew up 40 minutes from one of the best left handed surfing breaks on the planet. Literally you know not actually a hyperbole I was on a plane the other day sitting next to a fellow a travel agent from Malibu and I said New Zealand and he said Raglan and I jumped out of my seat I didn't know that anybody knew where Raglan was turns out this guy's a travel agent who arranges his specialty is surfing trips he says I've been in New Zealand many times I've been all over regular named off a few other places and I said oh yes even though I'd never heard of them myself. The surfing is legendary legendary lefthanded break rocks everywhere black sand doesn't look like Hawaii but it's good surfing No no I never did learn to surf a New Zealand never even really attempted to surf in New Zealand but I was in Florida once in a young lady who was an addict and expert sure if as a matter of fact offered to teach me you know that the challenge for me was getting on the ball of these things are about as well here's anything no one told me and I did say that So if by some miracle of God I happened to get up on the board what do I do then and she said no that's the easy part all you have to do is catch the way and the wave will do the work how many people are a flown a kite let me raise any of the kite you see but I got you you've never flown a kite the wind flew the kite What did you do you say to a 4 year old all this and walked off it's easy pot ours is just to catch the wave and the Holy Spirit is the way God is working I said to this woman who is teaching me to say she was a she was a terrible teacher which is another way of saying I was a terrible student I said What if I miss the way she said no problem look and I looked out there and she said there's going to be another one along in just a few seconds they just keep on coming. Listen when it comes to the soul when it comes to a Vangelis when it comes to outreach God has not invited us to invent the way just to catch the way we don't initiate spiritual interest but we work when God is already working that person who walks into your practice you don't you may not have stopped to realize this or maybe you have but God is working in that person's life that person is sitting down in your chair when you're up to your elbows and Lola's and wisdom teeth that person has a spiritual need where the she or he realizes it or not God is working in that person's life and our job as Christians is to pray and figure out where God is working and when God wants us to walk through an open door not a lot of point kicking a hole in the wall but when God opens a door it's for us to go through and imagine if you saw 5 or 10 or 20 or a 100 people in a day depending on what it is you're doing and you got to the end of the day and you said no I don't believe God was working in even one life that's unlikely isn't it you can know that each person brings with themselves a spiritual. Is to pray to God and say God how in the world do we scratch there are 7600000000 people on planet earth right now probably 7.7 by now. And if you go to Indianapolis in a couple of years at the General Conference session you know that at those places you know I don't know if you know this but of course there are medical people there and because of what has happened in recent general conference sessions they're going to have some specialist specialist specially trained specialists specialists helping with certain had been a sprog one because what happens is this somebody is going to announce and brothers and sisters praise the Lord there are no officially 22 and a half 1000000 232120 4000007 that minutes in the world and all over the auditorium there will be church members who dislocate their shoulders but by reaching around and enthusiastically patting themselves on the back and it's a phenomenal 22000000 or oh there I go. There are 7600000000 people in the world and while I will say Amen as loudly as anybody when we recognize that there are now 20 whatever 1000000 and if we counted like some denominations count we'd be counting 333537 1000000 that leaves a lost soul amount of people who are outside the church and the majority the vast majority of those are outside God 2 and a half 1000000000 people on the planet call themselves Christian and that is taking the most generous definition of the word Christian into account Think about your hometown how many people and how many people of them know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. How many of them are in church and of those in church how many of them serious about their faith it is a colossal ta ask some would say that we are have undertaken an impossible mission but it cannot be impossible and it is not impossible because we have the assurance of the Bible that the everlasting gospel will go unto what's the next word every nation and kindred and tongue and people everybody is going to hear will not maybe everybody will no one is saying everybody is going to convert but everybody is going to have the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and then you want to be taught all of that when I was a kid out of 5 years old I played in my 1st football team now there's not American football where that with pads and helmets and so forth this is this is for real men and we had none of that 5 years old 1st team wore my black jersey with them a white V. in the white bands on the sleeve Oh Boy was I was proud as any and when I was 7 years old I got sick Dr Drew came to my house there I was up in the living room laying on the old sofa and Dr jury told my mother he thought I had meningitis Well the joke was on him I didn't I had pneumonia and so they carted me off to hospital and had to spend a few spit my 7th birthday in the hospital and then as soon as I got out of there I said to my mother well this Saturday I got to go over and play because we have a game on and my mother had to break it to me that there would be no football for me and so that weekend I sat in that caught my mother and I sat in the front seat of our own. What was it a cries of a valiant the most the nearest thing would be a Plymouth Valiant if you remove those old things from the from the from from long ago and there I was sitting in the front of the car watching my team play. And we were such a little kids at the time that we played across the field not long ways on the field we were too little run the whole length of the field you know and it was galling to sit in the car and watch the team play I wanted to be out on the field it's a disaster having to be on the sideline knowing that the action is out on the field ladies and gentlemen you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines the action is out on the field and if you like step dating I can promise you it isn't nearly as much fun as being out there in the thick of things in 1st Samuel chapter 14 the church had lost sight of its mission instead of being the HID it was the tale Oh my goodness history has a story habit of repeating and I don't want to overstate this any I don't but I learned from a ministerial Secretary one day a very wise fellow who was speaking to me about churches and he said John I have learned in my ministry that a pulling the horse does not kick and if you find a congregation where there are people kicking then you have found a congregation without people who are not pulling and that's a challenge imagine being the devil I mean maybe you don't want to be but imagine someone else was the devil. And being back at creation where there had been precious little sin Admittedly the fall and taken place just early on in the piece but then along came children and the devil was on a mission what do you think he had to go through to get Cain to kill Abel nobody had ever noted anybody before this would be the 1st one. Can you imagine the pressure that he would had to bear CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW do it you know he would have to work can you imagine our statement had to connive and scheme and employ all of us coming can you imagine you know what I imagine today I imagine the devil. At the beach on one of those chairs that lay back sitting there wearing his sunglasses and holding a multicolored drink with an umbrella in the top and somebody saying to him You're not going to work today and the devil saying. Maybe but maybe not one on because they're doing my job for me they're on autopilot What is it take the devil today to convince God's people to turn on each other and devouring each other and bite each other and go after each other and write the most the horrible things on the internet about each other I want to tell you something the current for I don't talk about this but I know the current stuff that's embroiling the church gone it has allowed to come for several reasons one of which is so that we can look in the mirror at the end of the day and see ourselves for what we really are and of what I'm hearing and what I've been reading is much of an indicator we really are in a mess and I'm not talking about the rights and the wrongs of this side or that side I'm just thinking about how people are reacting. And yet God has given us a cure for all of that you know what it is its ministry its mission if we were us focused on the mission as we ought to be we would be able to handle disagreements which must come like Christians and we would say let's deal with this and then focus on what's really important and what's really important is that there are 22000000 church members in a world where there are 7600000000 people how much bigger does the task have to be before before we take it seriously Listen friend God is calling you to take it seriously because you by virtue of having a pulse have a certain sphere of influence there are people who come into your life that God is saying that one that somebody that you can speak to the reason that I'm standing here today is because years ago my brother who had who had burned up his life in a haze of marijuana smoke was told by his live in girlfriend that if we are actually going to get married you better get a real job and so he got a job with the hospital and the job that he got was all bathing attendant that was his title he was to go into the community and plays people who could about themselves elderly people people who would disabled and so forth and one day he's bathing an old man and old men and old 7th Day Adventist men who had started to lose his way spiritually because of discouragement and while he's bathing this old fella the man's wife who was there with them turned to my brother and said So what is it you believe. And he said What do you mean she engaged him in a conversation and she shared some of what she believed and he shared some of what he believed and he went home at the end of that day's work and he said to his girlfriend I think we've found what we're looking for she shared her faith she had an opportunity he might have said I don't even care that's fine no from no leaves no but she had something that she wanted to share and so she shared and he came into the church all those years ago and he can't help himself he's been sharing his faith ever since Israel was in a mess the situation called for something more accurately a call for someone should have been Saul No not soul in the absence of decisive leadership the Spirit of God called on the son of the King God did not raise up an army at least not right away instead he called one man just one because God knew something about the power of one and Jonathan didn't ask permission he didn't attend a training seminar he didn't hold a meeting his idea didn't go to a vote he driven by the Spirit of God acted he moved he did something radical something outrageous something that under normal circumstances would have been doomed to fail a lesser man than Jonathan would have decided the mission was to risky we can go ahead with that but impelled by the spirit of the Living God Jonathan could not shrink from acting on the burden that God had placed on his hod God had spoken to him and he had heard God's voice saying Jonathan there is no limit to the usefulness of one. Who by putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his hot and lives a life wholly consecrated to God There is nothing in the Bible that tells you that John was a thrill seeker or did you have all or a madman and there is no military person no military person who says one against 600 Let's go it doesn't matter what you see in the movies they don't think that way and yet Jonathan went you can imagine the conversation they had with God God said Jonathan time you go and I just wonder if Jonathan responded by saying walk long me against all of them God might have said no limit but wait $36000.00 chariots a multitude of soldiers against $600.00 of us and we have 2 weapons no limit but I could die out there a lot and then what use would I be no limit God said oh low no limit to the usefulness of one all right. I'll go and with the boldness of aligned you before King A had or of Daniel before Darius John of and said his face like Flint and accompanied by only an Alma Barrow went up to engage the ferocity of the garrison of Phyllis Stein so choose they work out a plan ahead of time depending on how they react we will know whether or not God is with us if we can be confident God is with us then we will go forward and we will take care of business listen for and the question that you have to ask is simply this is God with me is God in this you may have an atheist you're dealing with is God with me in this you may be dealing with somebody of another faith altogether without a frame of reference in Christianity is God with me in this I recalled sharing a church board meeting when I wore a younger pastas clothes and thinking to myself what I'm about to propose this is absolutely fantastic this is an outreach initiative that we've got to be into but it was going to cost some money as things do and the dynamics that played out was fascinating were fascinating Some people said we tried that sort of stuff before it going to work other said think about the cost think about the impact on the budget. People started making excuses as to why we need to get church members involved and yet there were some who were saying is God with us is God in this if God is with us who can be against us is God with us that's our question and is there any question in our minds that God is with us surely God is with us and if God is leading We must follow and not shrink back if all you have at your disposal is a strip of leather and 5 little stones that's enough to bring down a giant If all you have is 5 loaves into fish that's enough to feed thousands of people Jesus might say what I want you to do is walk around the city do that once a day for 6 days and on the 7th day walk around 7 times and then shout you feel crazy except you know that God is with you and when you are followed what God said you watch something happen that had never happened before it shouldn't matter to you if there is a ferocious gale if the wind is in your face if the waves are looking angry if the sea is getting in the boat if Jesus has said we are going to the other side of the lake then you can believe that Christ is going to get you to the other side of the leg if God is with you he will get you there even if he has to turn your boat into a submarine he will get you there Jonathan was moved by a divine impulse and impulse to make a difference one man Well one man and his army Bera they left their camp secretly in case somebody would oppose their going. They were determined they were determined God is going to make a difference through us creeping forward under the warm of the sun they won't fall from the Mediterranean I'm imagining a breeze was cooling them ever so they were still fairly going forward careful not to make a whole lot of noise I wonder if Jonathan could hear the the the rhythmic beat of his own heart I wonder if his pulse was racing I wonder I wonder and this is where he says to his attendant those amazing words those words that tell us we can go from this place knowing God will use every the least of us to make a difference he said it may be the Lord will work for us there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few We got to when we got to remember those words God does not need an army to win a battle he does not he simply needs one man one woman and even then he does not require that you are well equipped for the tusk you have read where the Bible says the Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace God gave victory to his people over one 185000 Syrian soldiers without them having to fire a shot all they needed to do was be lieve it is God who said My strength is made perfect in what So if you are weak God says watch and see what I will do through you 2 men approaching a fearless starting stronghold they are surprised Jonathan will approach him at all by the time he and his friend are done 20 did feel a Stein's lives in the area. The filler Stein's plunged into confusion the Bible says there was ultimately and you've got to love the King James Version A very great discomfiture. You have just gotta love that language the fearless times were routed not because God sent them a roaring into the theater of battle but because there was no limit to the usefulness of tell me one that Saul if there's no limit we can aim higher if there's no limit we can pray bigger if there is no limit we have every right to expect more this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations and then shall the end come it's going to happen and we can pray and expect that it will we can expect more from God we can expect more from ourselves and Demond that god do great things you know that it was it and why you said that every city is to be ended by workers trained to do medical missionary work now if we started training today it would be decades before we'd be anywhere close except you and I both know there are already medical missionary workers in virtually every city and they've been trained they've been traded Enders and they've been trained and they've been trained to monitor Morello's and they've been trained in Argentina and they've been trained in Loma Linda and they've been trained at Southern Adventist University they've being trained once we figure out that God was talking about us. Then God will be able to use us and we will see God do amazing things you are in the believer you are in the driver's seat as a believer in your relationship with God. You have the assurance given by God through Paul that he who has begun a good work in you is faithful to perform until the day of Jesus Christ that's God's promise we don't even have to bring much to the body that's all there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting self aside that's all makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his or her heart and lives a life holy consecrated to God God wants to do more through with us around us in spite of us than we might even know the prophet a lie should told King Joe ASH to pound the ground he struck the ground 3 times a lie she said You should've kept on striking men don't stop pounding don't ask God for Little ask God for much God called one man Abraham the promise was sure he raised up one man no one and humanity was spared he used one man Daniel and never could and riots and maybe you came to faith in Christ as a result God fortified one person Joseph and his people were prosperous he raised up one woman a woman of courage whose name was J L You remember her the wife of Heber the key night did God use her yes. Cicero he splitting headache God placed his head on one woman a wise woman of able and Beth and she by their son a big cry lost his head Jesus spoke with one woman at a will a woman with a very colorful resume and as a result of that congregation an entire city came to faith in the crew arrived just. The least likely hand made in was cold but when she was cold she was driven by a come all should know we have some scientists you as you know I'm I'm a scientist but. But some real scientist and when you studied elementary science you looked at the periodic table of elements and the 1st one on the Periodic Table of Elements was hydrogen and then helium and then no Googling and then. Hydrogen helium lithium beryllium boron carbon you see what we're doing we're willing you out here. We start with like everybody hydrogen. And now we're down to hydrogen helium with a really boring carbon what comes out of carbon who was started something some say nitrogen some Seltzer which one is it or it's not you. Nitrogen oxygen fluorine neon what's next because I don't know. Neither do you. Everybody is remembers the 1st 10 but not law throw one at you what's number 55 wait for you to Google. Number 55 is something called cesium no cesium is not entirely unique among elements but but it has a fascinating little thing about it they use it today in atomic clocks it's evidently very good for that sort of thing it has a low boiling point very low. Is an alkali metal and here's the fascinating thing about cesium it has one electron on its valence shell on its outer shell one so when you put cesium next to something that lacks an electron. The cesium molecule knows just what to do that spare electron of that individual electron leaps which is why if you put cesium in water it gets pretty exciting now the explosion would be bigger except for the fact that it happens instantaneously and therefore a doesn't allow much of the hydrogen to react so you put cesium with what's another one with iodine crew because that spare electron leaps it just jumps it does what it does because it is what it is it doesn't say I wonder if I should leap it doesn't ask permission there's no study done it doesn't Google to leap oh not to leap it just leaps and it does what it does because it is what it is the little May when she spoke to the mistress and she said name an order to get himself down there and see the prophet I don't know that she went away and agonized over that there was a need she had the answer she spoke up You see we see the need in the world we see it walking into our lives we see it walking into our churches and into our offices and into up practices into our schools into our classrooms the need is there it would be a good thing if God speak poor little more like that cesium molecule when it's introduced into the right environment there's action it happens it does what it does because it is what it is and when God has us like he wants to have. We'll see a need and. Then to do something about that need we're going to leave this place and drive home fly home I just drive a fly that's about all I don't suppose anybody is walking and if you drive or you fly you're going to encounter lost people everywhere and you know they're lost you don't know it but you can assume that the vast majority are I'm going to port and a man and a guy bumps into me and I said Hey How you doing he said I'm blessed another player again I said Blessed his I'm so blessed I had a heart attack that almost killed me but I'm alive thanks to God God save me and he pulled out a phony showed me his beautiful grandchildren and I'm staying alive for these guys these little guys prayed for me as a matter of fact he said I've got the got my for you and look I've got my story right here why don't you read this you know that time. When he left his home that morning he was certain the stuff was Pocket Full of his testimony knowing that he was going to reach somebody bump into somebody and he didn't know me from Adam he didn't know what I'd be blessed turned on turned off drawn riposte he didn't know but he was like that cesium atom doing what he does because he is what he is filled with the Spirit of God I'll give him the benefit of the doubt used by God to reach somebody somehow he's not taking a day off he's not taking a moment of there is no limit to the usefulness of one and if we all put self aside and that's another summit if we'll put self aside and make room for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives there's no limit there's a. Limit to what God can do those are big words but they must be true because they were breathed by God Himself knows limits all it takes is one. Of course if the one goes wrong we saw what happened in heaven long ago just $11.00 angel Lucifer and all that God created was jeopardised it took one dissenting voice and before long the 10 were arrayed against the 2 and consequentially Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness it took one disciple one pice one unconverted HOD in the Savior was left to hang on an old rugged cross but friends let's twist this before we finish this it's imperative that we take the opportunities to minister it's imperative not only will lost people be saved but will be saved too because sharing Jesus with others react upon you I believe even more than it reacts upon others but what I want to be like to share something that you don't have you see we can understand something today about the power of one. Was in a mess and yet God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son one man all it took was one man all it took was one life all it took was one trip to Calvary one savior laying down on a cross and stretching his arms out all it took was one. And as a result we need not be defeated in our spiritual lives as a result we need not be burdened by sin and guilt as a result of what that one man did soon need not have dominion over us today we can go forward confident that God is living his life in us that we are strengthened in the in a man by the power of His might we can be confident that salvation is ours because of one the power of one the power of a decision for Jesus the power of a surrender to Christ the power of an invitation take my heart Lord I cannot give it to you but take it and make it yours and when your life and the Christ's life are connected and bound up in it strictly with each other then you all look confident then you walk sure then you walk forgiven then you will really do read D.V.M. you know what I know I know that in any group of people this size there are far too many people who know that they're not one with Christ that know there is a role is called up yonder they would not be there come on for him to have you learn something about the power of one the power of Jesus the power of what he can do in your life for it is God which work at it in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure Have you let him do what he wants to do Have you let him have you maybe you have undoubtedly many people in this place with the Lord amen but think about those that are not for in God wants to use you before he wants to use you he wants to have you wants to take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh who can do that just one Jesus can do you know something about the power of one do you know what Jesus wants to do in your life I just came back from South Africa right back on Monday we were in Pretoria conducting a meetings and we took a medical team with us and my goodness the amazing things that happened. And you want to say oh I amazing how the amazing is the one to one the young lady the AIDS clinic who spoke to a medical person and said to her you know my problem my problem is that I don't know God I need to know God can you help me to know God she said by Funny enough yes I can and lead that young person to Christ she experienced the power of Christ not by works of righteousness that she had done but by His mercy she was saved for him how is it with you today and wondering how it is with you how is it with you how is it with you you know what I learn as I traveled sometimes in other parts of the world sometimes it's right here in our own backyard what I learned is this that as much as we need to know the 2300 days and we do and as much as we ought to be clear about the state of the good and we should and we need to be and as much as we need to understand the 2nd Coming and not be fooled by false theories about that and that's important what I'm learning more and more and more there's a massive amount of God's people who need to be clear on the most important they being the love of God and the power of God's Spirit in your life and the ability of God to transform you and give you hope where otherwise you might not have hope have you come to understand experience the power of 11 Lord one faith this would one baptism surrender to Jesus have you come to that place have you put self aside and allow God's Holy Spirit to fill you up and when you do you'll never be the same when you do. People see Jesus in you when you do your ministry has a power that can never ever be denied there is no limit to the usefulness of one. Who by putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his or her heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God you find that in the book the desire of ages on page 250 it's a beautiful powerful quote and then you find this in another book called Christ's object lessons listen when we submit ourselves to Christ the hot is united with his heart the will is merged in his will the mind becomes one with his mind thoughts brought into captivity to him we live his life this is what it means to be clothed with the garment of his righteousness he is the only one you need Jesus he can do in your life what you've seen him do in the lives of others he can use you in ways that you may never have even imagined and he's waiting to imagine if we went from here filled with a purpose to share Christ where ever we can to pray with patients to make literature available you know just I shouldn't but I shot a young lady in Chattanooga went to the dentist office she took her daughter and there was a little plastic fold offering free it was written bible studies she said I'll take one she mailed it in Bible workers showed up at the doorstep a few months later she was baptized a few months later she came with us to the Philippines and preached an evangelist experience and that's because somebody in a medical environment said yeah I'll go out on a limb a little bit and give somebody the opportunity to know Jesus so imagine if we went out on a limb a little bit imagine if we did that and asked the question and prayed the prayer and made the inquiry imagine but imagine if we did that filled with the Spirit of God driven by the power of one imagine if people heard more than I would imagine if they saw Jesus in us. There is no limit to what God can do when he has you and if you are starting at the front end of a of a career in medicine imagine the possibility of God has you Korea and uses everything you do to bless others spiritually as well as physically I believe Jesus is coming back soon can you say amen he's coming back soon and he wants us all to experience something about the power of one the power of Christ in our life it can be ours it must be ours we've got to go today believing that Jesus will do in us what we can never do it ourselves and when he does everything will be different We're going to pray together and we're going to pray to that in Bell you had with me as we pray now father. In Jesus Name we look to you in Jesus Name we appeal to you in Jesus name we pray pleading the merits of his shed blood. Asking D. A god that we would believe in what you can do through us that we by your grace would allow you to use our influence in a way to let people know the God of heaven and Lord be on that I pray that we each would experience your presence in our lives in a powerful in a mighty way I pray Father that the struggling soul today would lay hold on Jesus and His righteousness I ask you Lord that doubt would never be permitted to to to overwhelm us that we don't waste see Jesus and focus on Christ and believe that he is our strength our power now goodness our righteousness today we believe in the power of Christ in our lives we believe in celebration and it's reality in our experience. Lord as we go make us work this make us missionaries make us witnesses but father when we go from here make us Christians make. This we thank you we love you we want to love you more and we praise you. She says name we pray. 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