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  • October 27, 2018
    4:30 PM


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Lord God on this Sabbath afternoon we just praise you for this high time together we feel that your presence has been here with us and we pray that as we move into this time of worship reflection testimony that your Holy Spirit would subdue our hearts that you would speak to us and that you encourage us. As we see what you are doing in the lives of your children throughout the world as we hasten we do what we can to hasten your coming thank you again for this opportunity and these things we pray in Jesus name him and I had the opportunity to go to the Philippines in June couple months ago to inaugurate their very 1st annual Amen conference over there and some of you saw most of you probably saw the video we had this morning. And it was. You know I didn't think I was going to be in that when I asked Shana cut me out but there I was. So this 2nd video is an additional information slot that we just wanted to share with you and then immediately after the video Dr Alvin Texan is going to be sharing with us a little bit about a man Philippines its inception its progress and what to expect in the future thank you. You know name in Chapter. In any part of the world. Helps the local physicians to actually work together along with the pastors and others the hospitals that we have the institutions that we have the other health ministries and supporting ministries to be able to work together in unison to have the tapestry of work and the pattern of the Beehive where it's not just health ministry but health ministry plus others in the local conference in the union in the division this. Is a way of actually being able to reach a larger number of people with the good news of the gospel. Were asked 1st asked to come to speak of a man Philippines that was pressure maybe 40 or 50 people. From a local group I never expected to be coming from various options from the north from the south from Malaysia from core. Even even somebody from Africa and so this has been amazing we have over 200 delegates from the time that many speakers for a man conferences back in the United States have been speaking here as well some of their own speakers and I spend a very powerful. Exceptionally good start for the 1st. Day men's galloping conference I think everything. Is inspiring to me. From the devotional to the testimony to. A breakout session and I think all these things they teach me something to be a more effective doctor or a guide. And describe France could change my point of view that we are here. This earth we are just instruments to make a difference to people's lives are not just shared to heal the sick but the bringing them closer to Jesus and my point of view now is that all of the patients are more than we share them treat them like we should treat them equally and the most important thing that we should do is to bring them to his US before we were more focused on the physical layout. We hope to incorporate spiritual and out to get her help it's really the blessing. Of time that even when. I believe that we are leaving the last days and. To keep this message into it within our own selves it's a great mistake we need to share it because you know people are dying because of ignorance of US medical professionals we should all be well versed with our field I mean our specialty are how to treat diseases but more so how to. Prepare for the coming of the Lord in this meeting. The people who did energy. They're excited about what they're doing just the mere fact that more people attended than was anticipated would attend. And. It's not because they have this great marketing machine right the got everybody here it's the people who are coming. Excited and they told other people you want to come to us so. That the Tulum of people here was one of interest of. A desire to work together. I would assume that some of them were curious. As to whether this would actually take off and put their money where their mouth was and they came to see to hear to experience. From what I hear already they don't seem to be disappoint. I would like to say my Bohai from the Philippines and we are so thankful for the help by Trinity we had when we attended came in there and now we are also having that conference here and our we have been blessed by the people from even us and we need hope that he will pray for us that we will be able to do the medical missionary work and inspire they still do we will be able to do that also so that our work here in the Philippines will be united and we can even be a stronger man because. I want all the medical professionals to also join the Amen convent on wherever these are held they will really help you. Not only benefit you but also benefit others who will be under your care. Every Sabbath AMUN brother and I consider my part this afternoon as a divine appointment I am grateful to God for this opportunity to share what he has done for the medical community in the Philippines. And over a short where God made pother. Through me. Stand beside me. To my brother and hear what you have done to him and. In Jesus Name I. I feel an inadequate produced but although I have the script here but I am open to it for the Holy Spirit to impress me what to say it all started from a burden a deep burden on how the medical profession is being conducted in our country whether in our very own Adventist hospitals or individual practices. After finishing our residency training me and my wife were called to work a stuff decisions in one of our Adventist hospitals we have observed how or how our sanitariums have evolved from being missionary institutions to becoming businesslike in nature we do understand that for an institution to be sustainable it must have profits or return of investments but we felt that the focus is more on business rather than ministry we cannot even cater for charity or poor patients and we lack intentional programs for the poor wherever poor patients come to the E.R. and can to. Secure money for down payments we transfer them to government hospitals are less equipped for treatment another burden is our spiritual condition as practitioners since Philippians for a very long time do not have as the a medical or dental school most of us who are practicing now are products of secular or private state universities we have observed transformation from being active church leaders and members before entering medical school to becoming passive members and even not attending church anymore after medical school compromising our faith during our residency training and in our practice there have been attempts to organize our Adventist medical and dental professionals but to no avail doctors who are either passive resistant or suspicious some time in 2015 A friend introduced to me to my wife all due versts we have not heard about this website before which provides Bible based and Christ centered media globally we were especially encouraged by sermons from as I see and later sermons from Ayman conferences. A presentation by Pastor Mark Finley to medical students made an impact on us I began to search the website Amen as the. Going through the organization's mission vision and object objectives we were so excited and blessed to know that an organisation like this has been existing already it brought joy to our hearts knowing that God has a people in North America who are passionate about medical missionary work reminds us of what God told Alija yet I have left 7000 in Israel all the nice which have not bowed and sober and every mouth which has not kissed him this triggered a series of e-mails with Rebecca by in her 1st place the Lord for her patience that occasion and love for ministry 5 of us physicians from the Philippines were able to attend the 2016 amen right here in Indiana where I was followed by 4 delegates in the 27th in Amen Sonesta 5 of 5 of us are here today. Request my friends from the Philippines to stand up for the. Their thank you thank our officers and part of the organizing committee of him and the Libyans. We were so inspired and blessed to network with our brethren here in the US We were able to discuss with Dr Tartt go 3 about our desire of establishing a men chapter in the Philippines he gave us his blessing and support which even inspired us to move ahead in April of 2017 and even chapter was established in central Philippines but it was not until May of the same year during a health summit in Bali Indonesia sponsored by our division that Ayman Philippines was established on a national level it was probably then shell the 3rd Xeno Marcel was the main speaker during the summit we gathered the few doctors who were present in the summit around 13 or 14 of us and scheduled a working lunch since it was not part of the program it was an informal meeting and we introduced AMUN to them its mission be sure and objectives we answered their queries and solicitor their ideas later a decision has to be made whether to organize right away or to go back to our respective areas and form a min chapters 1st some concerns identified where funding. The SEC were just ration each other we did not realise doctors Xeno west across our table eating and attentively listening to every discussions. It was the Holy Spirit who inspired him to stand and speak up he introduced himself that is part of the AIM inboard and I could not forget what he said the little left formalities are read tapes prevent you for organizing the group now go ahead you're on the right track immediately we voted for the Philippine AMUN officers and advisors that meeting in Bali who was followed by to be a main gathering one in the south Philippines in September with Dr Mark Sandoval as the main speaker and the 2nd one in Manila in November 27th in these regional conferences where the pollute to the national convention which happened last June 8 to 102818 there were the work that we do that was projected future plans and goals were identified and put in place preparations to the human convention was faith building since Philippines is divided into 3 big islands it was a challenge for us to convene to gather the officers so we created a group chat and messenger where we did our discussions and planning we had united prayer every 10 o'clock in the morning to post and pray wherever we are specifically for Amen. Just to minister to church chapter 342-944-2842 extension 9 says our Savior follows his lessons of instruction with a promise that if 2 or 3 should be united in asking anything of God It should be given them Christ here shows that there must be a union with others even in our desires for a given object we have no we have nothing to start with no money donations we received from doctors from our home division Union and conferences from our hospitals and from our friends abroad. We were granted $25.00 C. M. E. units by the professional regulations Commission and the hotel agreed to serve video diary and meals this is their 1st time to do it and they asked us for assistance they vents manager later commented are you that serious with your health we have catered several Adventist functions already but this is the 1st time your request to pull Butare and me us well we just copied what you're doing here we were blessed with 7 outstanding speakers 6 from him in USA Dr Brian and Lindy the car lust the very least Chong the 3rd John Chung and Dr Xeno who offered their precious time energy efforts and money and even brought Shane to a men Philippines we have seen and felt the hand of God working and moving in the hearts of his frail children who are willing to do and continue the work which Christ Himself has started that all healing teaching and preaching is indeed a wonderful privilege and an honor my brother and thank you so much for your lab support and prayers for your brethren in the Philippines we will do the same for YOU THANK YOU THANK. You never know what God has in store and what she needs are being planted at any given moment we're going to continue now with another testimony another presentation. Our next and final presenter is well known to the Amen conference and board and family he was there kind of at the inception of this ministry. He and I shortly after I was voted onto the poor but he happened and big earthquake hit and if you remember and about 2 months after I had accepted to be a board member I found myself in Fort Lauderdale sitting next to Dr near and James on a rickety D.C. 9 plane that that was a little bit more rickety than I cared for I don't like to fly as it is but if I can look into the cockpit and I can see the rain pouring in through the cockpit windows on to the dash there's a problem here and so Dr James kept me calm and we made it to Haiti we plant in the same tent as we tried to help the people there of Haiti. He's had many highs and lows since then and he's here to share with us his testimony. Here in the time as yours yes thank you. One particle doesn't tell us that when we are Haiti we actually shared a tent together and was very very limited tense and you had to me like 3 days before me and when he left he said hey you can have my pillow. And I had the pillow man was the best pillow ever I said he you could share with me while we were there together but anyway I remember the story quite well too well we had a great time in Haiti was one of most primitive mission outreach we have and they had a hope for capturing everything is one to one it was primitive it was like. You can get a shower for 3 days you had one hot meal a day it was quite something but it was it was very rewarding it was right after the earthquake so I have tell you this I am really pleased to be here to the 1st mom speak at a man says to those that it was 11 years and actually I have to be candid I requested because I felt impressed share a testimony with you so I want to thank the men board members and the leadership and the programming committee to make it possible I also want to thank each one of you for those of you who are coming to in Hilton Head last year a few but basically you prayed for me that's why I'm here today with all your peers I would be here today I was at the time Dr Mills called me I was actually in the throes of sorts for stage disease and I wasn't sure what I was provide the way to 17 so that's pretty much give you an idea it is truly a miracle I'm here and I want to praise the Lord for that and thank you for your prayers it is a difficult message for me it may be emotional at times. I have to fish you actually left it in my coat pocket so I don't have it anymore but anyway if I had if I said a few tears I'll be able to take care of it but don't be don't be don't be at all come to know about it I have no spiritual advantage over you in my in my conversation here we are all broken the foot of the cross and a conclusion I do have to prepare you I will call you to some type of action basically I think I think we need to make decisions I have one thing I learned early in my whole limited ministry a career if you call it is that every message requires some decision making prepare yourself for that and all this I intend to do in 30 minutes or so I promise Carla So anyway investment is a hot topic today my topic that is entitled spiritual interest to murder intrapreneur ship. In search of investors Let's pray together Thank you dear God to be freed up to to be here to see him in conference and your lame in conference so excited to hear did develop and. National scope of this organization and the impact it's having on the individual lives of the individual patient medical and dental so we just want to praise you invite your presence now as we share all that Selby hidden let you come forward pray in your name Amen So all right investor is a hot topic for a magazine publisher the richest men in the world Bill Gates was once one of them former Microsoft for Warren Buffett back in my days today it has actually Jeff Bezos he's actually was just 150000000000 maybe a little less after the stock market went down but nevertheless the richest man in modern times so invest as a topic and I too will be an investor back in the year 2000 and I'm talking spiritually and materially back in the year 2000 I I came out of very deep a deep depression literally. Mental because I just started medical practice and I went through a severe financial downturn to the point that I actually was depressed for months and I came out of it was actually a close to bankruptcy situation you can read about you can actually listen are you versus the. So I kind of learned from that that basically. We are all stewards we owe nothing everything we have and everything we we think we are is actually here is the trust from him and that is what I took out of that I returned to the world for direction and one attacks that really came home to me was the one in Matthew 7 where he says everyone who hears these words of mine and acts on that would be like a wise man a billet I was on a rock and you know what happened to the man who didn't who build on sand so essentially was saying those who hear these words and act upon them they will believe or is actually both every book heard of one act and one didn't so essentially dad was a wise man and so I I took that seriously and I decided I was going to implement the gospel as much as possible with the Lord's help and so I reaffirm my commitment a sure chip a lead to a revival my personal life and my family life and my practice life that's where actually the inception of what I think a man started my own personal life because basically I began to realize my mission for you was in the practice with the individual patient not in church as a person ministries leader which I was it was in the practice and it was really quite revealing because it really energized my practice and I think any members of tell you that it fully energized my practice it truly made me come to a tremendous sense of satisfaction of medical practice which I never had before so I think it's something that I really learned and it I was impressed and stunned testimonies and ministry of healing that really we needed to share it is so that led to a luncheon at A.S.I. and since then in summer 2004 which led to the 1st gathering of modern day medical evangelists at Colorado Springs Georgia in the year 2 of the 5 elder family spearheaded that he actually he actually encourages he said you get you come together now come and speak so he spoke and that's when we launched a man as an organization the year and a spring of $2005.00 and we organized that 1st conference in the end of the fall right here in San Diego and it was quite a it was quite an experience because we like the guy was talked about in the Philippines we had nothing either we started with nothing we went in that conference now. Knowing all about a funded even and a lot of work that everything's OK we're here 14 conferences later I think it's powerful so anyway it's I serve the 1st president 3 years and then the additional 2 years an appointed board member but I want to tell you an example of the Israelites and you wrote me it one of 3 is an interesting facts which is interesting you know why I got to it because it is a New Testament Jesus called him in his very 1st temptation and you shall remember the Lord your God and lead you all the way these 40 years in a wilderness to humble you and test you know what is in your heart whether you would keep His commandments or not he humbled you he allowed you to hunger and fed you what manner which you did not know nor did your fathers know what do you do it for you did it so that you will understand that man lives by every word the pursuit of them out of God mansion I live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds in him out of the Lord so I got to ask you this question Did God need to know their hearts simple answer does God know your heart believe me does even know the need to build a heart I did not study theology to figure this out I just had extrapolated he didn't you know the hard to believe in their own hearts you basically get the point you don't know your heart I led you to the wilderness I made you hungry I allowed you to be hungry I love you because the I provided man I provided water from the rock because I want to make sure you understand you don't own your own heart I don't know your heart I know your heart I want you to know your heart and that's basically who's getting at the fact is you don't know your own heart I don't know my own heart we don't own hearts that is so scary it is real it is tangible because we think we know our hearts with deceived so often. Well we have to give our will and only in returning a will to him Do we get to know all hearts because it is a voluntary thing well you're kind of 16 I decided to do just that I realize that everything I did was literally painted with self I was basically everything I did has something about me I was at the center of it even ministry it was about me and my involvement ministry was of a marriage and it involved ministry it was I just began to realize it was a lot of it was really about me so I got on my knees a lot and started praying Lord I really don't know my heart I don't know my heart I really want to focus on what is important to you and so I got to ask you the question your Englishman in ministry your efforts in ministry which I'm talking to leaders here by the way I've sat at every table here for this week and I can tell you every single person the potential leader in a matter of central board member present whatever you are all leaders and you want to pass them their reality is I prayed seriously and I said Lord reveal to me what is your priority because I am focusing on my priority and he revealed to me that one important thing that I I guess I should known as a 70 AD is probably I knew that you and was important to God in my opinion is his character I think it's pretty straightforward I mean in the end the whole great controversy is about God's character who is God is he will God says he is or is you Satan says he is and every day in our lives by our actions and our words we determine whether we believe God or not eve there Adam did you know what happened every day your face the same question I had to face that myself so I wanted to give something back to God That's what happened after after you observe the love of God you feel impressed you cannot help but want to return something the problem is there is nothing to return. There is nothing to return because you have nothing everything you have is here is including your professional capacity your talent your license or whatever it is your board certification I don't care what it is it is already here is you don't have anything to return to and I have nothing so I realize I have nothing I started searching for something I started searching my heart what can I give to you as an act of love well there is only one thing left and it is a gift as well but it's an eerie vocal gift it's like you gave that gift to you in any true way to code or to ease it is your free will literally that's something. God cannot take it away otherwise it will be robots were created free totally free as a matter of fact a calorie exists to actually preserve our freedom without Calvary we will not have freedom Jesus valued our individuality evaluate our freedom so much to choose him or not to choose him that he was going to die on Calvary to preserve a free world with free beings to choose him out to choose him is quite impressive it's not heavy duty all seething but I tell you it was quite impressive indeed to realize that so the it is we in the end we're all going to have to be saved to save God cannot afford to have wired one iota of distrust in heaven he cannot afford in a sees us age of eternity by one individual one created being who decides that I don't think God is all yours because we have the problem all over again we cannot afford it so all of us have to be saved to see we have to come to a point of complete rest and I needed to get to that so we have to have a healthy distrust ourselves to look at the mess of Letitia because you say I'm rich have become wealthy and have need of nothing and you know no to your wretched miserable poor blood and make it all right this is really impressive right so I'm starting this year 2016 by the way I was diagnosed I didn't tell you in the midst of a man after Dracula the myths of a man involved and as president I was diagnosed a colon cancer at 45 years of age. I was having this wrestling time with God I was praying for an expanded ministry and some time after that it occurred to me that people had expanded ministry of people embrace of mortality they actually face near death the Hebrew boys and for the furnace S. to refer to can you can name them multiple of them well sure enough I had my own near death experience a few weeks after that is about a bleeding and a particle now Skippy long story short I end up at a major surgery for my colon out stage one disease 45 years of age no risk factors I want to make sure you guys Egan's understand there's no risk factor I mean if you can for years and basically I also have a family history I was below the age of screening but this happened to me so basically what happened I began to read now a year 2069 years after my initial diagnosis I recovered from it I was back to work and everything made a few changes in my practice I dropped off the obstetrics and stayed in a more or less stressful areas but nevertheless I began to realize as I read this way he said because you say I'm richer to become wealthy and you do not know that you are wretched miserable blind and naked I began to reflect on his I realize you know what I always thought it is this way and I'm sure you tend to do this as well I began to realize it's not a believe you see it a nebulous church of those church people no no it's me I am the Lucien by the way you lives into it's us live the final church and I began to pray Lord look I'm a lady see and I accept your diagnosis I accept your assessment of me that I am lukewarm I am wretched miserable blood and they can this is the ultimate fake news versus the real News this is the real news what you saying the fake news is what we think we are true is the true with us as the old me perspective my excuse of asking God to give me I asked God to give me gold the I saw the white Raymond well in August of 2016 I am praying this. I end up in the gym somewhere early August so I developed back pain some time after that mild to moderate to severe for me was a germ injury not a big deal it's 9 years now without a cancer I went for a PET scan massive tumor or in size on my L 2 vertebrae compressing the nerves literally trying to kill me and out of that my left lung base as well my pain was so severe I was I could not sleep at all I went on I went on to have radiation into therapy you guys are oncology know this stuff well something here April all of this is going on I am still in serious disease I am actually losing weight I am actually in severe pain despite all the treatments you know I gotta tell you it comes to knowing God's will is quite impressive I got to see a neurosurgeon good colleague of mine gave me a cell phone number everybody just saw wonderful to write so I go and I say Lord Your will be done your will is perfect I trust you your will be done I don't want to add I'm not going to ask for a good report I just know will be done I go in the guy cool cause me to do and he says look I want to shoot a semi right he said this thing is trying to kill you man he said this thing is worse he said not only did it in the rest of these it actually is that dancing like crazy he said you need surgery you need it soon so I don't like surgery who like surgery I don't know if you surgeons out there I like you guys I just like surgery so anyway so especially back surgery I had no patients have actually I don't want to go to surgery so I thought to myself I don't want to back surgery let's try one more body radiation you try it out again just before like around April of that year last year old you know I am walking through my office I'm holding all I'm seeing 30 patients that day I'm holding on to the furniture to get around my pain became so severe so I call a guy about I said hey this is really serious that come on and I'll see you between cases sees me on Friday morning you looked at the M.R.I. I said to me you're going to you're going to be admitted today you having surgery the morning full stop and I said I guess you know the locker. And I went off for a minute that day and basically I went through a major surgery and after that I am so the lying in my bed. All of this is happening in a context of a severe lack of planning on my part I got diagnosed 9 years ago I had no succession planning whatsoever I'm a solo to my practice is a serious problem I'm now in not only in medical problem I got a financial problem because everything was an asset I became a liability a medical billing a medical practice employees everything so essentially what I did within 3 months sold the practice divested to mask big will have the next medium size 30 employees 5 part time divested all that committed to that to selling the building at a price of substantially discounted because it was really no way around the U.S. had to agree to it and you guys are very good I really I really felt I had to get a break because they were right across the street from me and I bought the practice it was a dark time I am lying in bed with our with a bedside commode a one sided and a walk around the other side and my wife is another room because why would both of us stay up all night might as well one of us get some sleep right so anyway I am lying in there and I am going to a very dark time guys I got to know my heart and the I got to know my heart and all i Phone know that that point that everything in my identity was tied to my profession and what I wanted this fight all my statements are being assured I realize I own I really own it if I didn't own it I would be so agonizing over it I really own it so I really had to come to grips of the fact that I own that I was still my heart I got to know my heart I realized I was truly lukewarm I realized I was truly wretched miserable pool and make it. Well after that after the surgery associated CAT scans everything kept getting worse literally nothing is improving nothing there's a revolt out for you when after the surgery was expected because a tumor Burton is down but boy it just kept shooting up after that and I'm finally did down call just had him and he said to me Look I know your post chemotherapy I know you had a bad experience last time you said this is it you've got chemotherapy you've got hospice you make a choice you're chemotherapy a hospice you've got a fork in the road and prayed about it a lot finally decide I might as well do it after all what's the worst case scenario the Lord has made it in such a way that's the only option left so I went through the chemotherapy I started this bout of actual platen and. You know faster than orals a lot of the same time Boyda that he chemotherapy I hope all of the needed to because it should be needed it's horrible side effects are terrible so am I here I'm so happy with that I was obviously most important to me but any. Idea as it does it is so I finished about and you know within a week I'm back in resolved we'll be able he's amazing I went back to see this guy and he had dropped in had he looked at me and said You know I don't know what's going on he said I've never seen a response like this he said he said really you would and then the 5th percentile response so you're above average I said No no it's a miracle now you don't have miracles do you it's a miracle God works through certain things this is not chemotherapy just a chemotherapy response this is a divine intervention right that's untrue let's Amen to that that's true so anyway I got to introduce a topic which I which I do out 12 minutes left so anyway go for it so that the topic is. Scripture interpret or share so I gave you the preamble to kind of get you to this whole investment thing right so what happens in Luke 16 is where I got this message there was a certain rich man who led us to our neck ization were brought in by this man who was wasting his good so he caught him and said to him What is this I hear about you give an account of your shirt ship for you could no longer be steward this is really weird isn't it why in the world would Jesus the master himself the righteous Master use an out of righteous chored to teach a spiritual lesson I can't figure it out that's what intrigued me about this that's why I kind of focus on the like a laser beam because there's something here to master strength teachers right so what it what it is to and say set it and say what should I do like and I can't I can't beg I can dig out or I know what I'll do what do you do you give a discount you give a 20 percent is going to want to get 50 percent is going to gather all of his master's expense he's truly on righteous he's the kind of guy you want to fire on the spot he's the kind of guy that really is disloyal but Jesus is trying to make a point so you don't want to get lost in a part of the problem is not trying to teach you that dishonesty to Palestine's is something else right so look 16 going on this tour and said. What shall I do OK and he gives the discount his mass in the upper wheat to individual have an accountability have taught me we have an accountability maker right with freedom comes responsibility accountability so what is the mass the commands in for it should miss right he commands them for the children say you said I'm or shouldn't dealing with one generation that it's you know like this on right just 2 of us committed not for his dishonesty but for his should this should this is not a term we use much in English any more right for to believe our success must be to find a context of eternity otherwise John the Baptist even all the apostles of us all the martyrs from the Reformation and beyond that would be absolute fingers that died early. And I really would be absolutely a failure literally if we define life and we have to be cautious of this we have to have message we teach longevity Well I'm telling you that's not the ultimate goal that's not a holy grail of life the Holy Grail is to meet the purpose that God has for you so keep that in mind that is scripturally quite accurate Well 1st Corinthians we read your policy Alice in come to the jail and Philip by what happens they are right he says to him believe enlarges Christ and you shall be savior in your household believe simple I can believe but the devils believe in it's humble right so really what he was getting at is your believe has to be an action word it must be more an intellectual assent of truth is not sufficient truth meant it must be it's going to the psyche must be acted upon Abraham believe God a left or the challenge is he went on and say I'm going to be the father a great nation not withstand a fact of these totally all the beyond the time of having children no I believe God to build an ark on dry ground without any history of rain much as a flood all a batch of $25.00 is written to believe worse you and I both 10 virgins part of the Talents a final judgment to believe it's not on the leavers all felt they were getting to heaven they were confident they'll be in heaven. Only to be heard I never knew a very serious day so these accounts tell us that that many who think they are secure in a Salvation Army surprise and still be sieved so I have to ask you today does your day to day priorities reflect belief or just an intellectual assent of truth do they reflect biblical definition or a belief which is tangible action Well we get it we get the whole idea what is the Biblical definition in Jeremiah 9 races let not a wise man learn his wisdom leaped out of mighty man grown as might a let nor lead a rich man his riches will lead he will glorious glory in this that yonder stands and knows me that I am the Lord exercising loving kindness judgment and righteousness and that is the definition that is the ultimate Holy Grail right the Holy Grail for the believers intimacy with God That's what that's a revelation she is all about he said I will support you and you with me the ultimate Holy Grail of the Christian should be intimacy with the savior knowing him personally it is the ultimate After all that's what heaven consists of is a relationship it's not the streets of gold I.E. the disappoint you guys come and invest in you're right it's a relationship you know him or do you or don't you get to know him you to love him terribly right the ass is a very low love relation is a realignment of priorities to where the one you love you cannot love someone you do not know what I have to come to realize that so I got to ask you this right who is an intrapreneur married after dictionary said a person walking in operates a business or businesses take on great enormous financial risks or do so that's the direction the nation from here in Webster What is a spiritual in December this is my definition of personally invest in a proclamation of gospel take on greater normal personal risk to his material possessions and most important to his life and liberty itself in our do so. Here is 11 Tell tell us why Abraham way to do it he sought a city was Foundation and and builder and maker is God right like a brother must see the city made without hands or did be thinking must embrace eternity Hebrews 11 continuing Moses by faith lady duty and Judas see it was invisible even part of Egypt left everything when our people God Because wanted to go with him was invisible so we got to look beyond eternity we got to know we got to see new Jews and we got to see him was invisible we always have to be cognizant of the sovereignty so part of the spiritual Egyptian or you've heard a story we start the last quarter James in a white we're screwed intrapreneur is totally spent on pioneering work tediously teaching publishing preaching Joseph Bates one of the other forms of spending all those means to was a present truth has nothing left nothing left literally he goes down that is why Purdy means better yes the real butter guys real butter OK and to get a real bar he doesn't have any money left he goes to the post office the money was sent 2 weeks before he gets it we need more stories like that intensity of passion about it and then you want to be like Janeane who's you know a modern day people but I have to spend a last few minutes I have one a minute self see we have to understand that on less we start doing some things that are outlandish so Lannister mental capacity comes to question we're not fully vested we're not prepared for heaven as a culture because more secular humanistic we're going to have to look different we've got to be insane literally like that like Festival poll we have to join to be like know what Abraham Moses doing things that look really really really in same you know originally to make a good investment so what is it to be a spiritual interpreter today shrewdness right he was committed should this and that is to act prudently about of things as unbelievers do in regarding earthly thing that's one definition I got well indeed what is a contemporary example of food mess there's lots but I want to I want to really get to the main Really. How can we apply the passion ina vision the ideas we have to transform ideas into fixed assets that suggest vessels that are concepts translate down to fix as that our concept our end game has to be souls souls into his kingdom that is our currency that's how we define success and we have to really be intent on it so what would be a spiritual interim nerd today look $1611.00 you can do you say unrighteous mammon you exchanging that for if you can read all account we have to be faithful to submit to research and faithful to use our time and talents passion for what God is passionate about we must experience asking for God's perspective we have to ask God's perspective and that's what ideas are my will you have to entrust your will also see is fast approaching eternity is fast approaching one thing is remembered our impact returned as the only thing left in the end our work there for those who transgenerational we know who God is to experience the rest mention it was for we have to be like the 2 spies not of the 10 spies Joshua and Caleb we have to be like them we have to absolutely come to rest and God as the Hebrews 4 is about you can read it they didn't enter into my rest because of unbelief if we're going to end interest we have to get to the point of believing in totally So what would a spiritual intrapreneur ship in a manner look like today when the year 2507 I shared a mission my vision you can read about it Lord station I just happened to be a conduit you can read about it in. You can hear it in the new verse but swimming has to be primary. And not not profit making we must know and the silos that we have all of us working individually have to collaborate a lot we must figure out the practical application of medical and health evangelism I think I figured it out really I'll tell you what I've figured out it's a combined ministry of Christ preached at healing teaching and preaching Probably not or that's what his ministry is all about so what do we do it individual you a pastor or a physicians or dentists only we do collectively organizationally we must meet that goal that's how I see it so that's my opinion you can research it some more are we must whether in private practice employed physician nonprofit It doesn't matter it's how you do it it's not it's about a motivation it's not it's not a one size fits all he wants to achieve the unity we've got to get our organization back together we have to be to work together at all times and we are and that's the exciting part about this was achieve the unity of John 17 and this can only be achieved by the outpouring of the latter rain that's our greatest need and it should be our 1st work right you guys here it is our greatest need and should be our 1st work which is still pray for the outpouring we are when we do that a few things will happen the John the Baptist principle he must increase and I must decrease will be comparable it was we compare much everything becomes subservient to his ultimate goal we must have a dream of effect his ministry where the object is to win souls I present a character of God it will be more concerned with the progress of the work than about done about our visibility into work or control over it doesn't matter we must be so concerned so excitable going forward we must have a servant agile prevailing at all times practical implementations of medical evangelism regime like Church the Body of Christ every member must fit find his or her place in ministry every single one of them are here is a sham dentist I was in the position of dentist. Some other health aspect we need a whole team physician then is just a part of it your whole team to make this happen. Members must be engaged in forming action teams we did that some life and have never came out of that a medical evangelist came out of that we did that to go 6 we must like any shares of foraging ideas we must reform our educational institutions to reflect the transgenerational commitments in the test in top to the strategic planning we have to reform these institution was reform our health institutions to where they were truly reflect the principles outlined a testament to Mr feeling if you think they already reflect that you don't need to reform them I submit to you need reform I submit to you a system the reform OK we must This may require some or a physician and dentist migrating back to our institutions here and overseas in order to be effective we can blame boards and administrators if we have we do not have committed 70 administers health professionals in these institutions who can provide professional leadership and I'm saying that as one part of that been out of the medical decisions but we need to do that finally a man and these covers in the SO as a practical role as a think tank for ideas for the health work at large and the nomination of work to self-supporting work as well as privately owned work after all of this must place is a place where we are me this is what I enjoy about this and all the meeting across the table when I meet people I realize everybody meets here this is exciting stuff everybody meets here whether you're in private practice where you employ professional whether you're denominational work nothing out actual work you know academia when academia and administration are not administering we all meet here everybody is not exciting everybody meets here this is a think tank this is really an amazing opportunity for us to actually collaborate and a lot of the work in a man actually is not happening organizationally is happening at the tables is happening to you meeting other people is happening and you coming up and you ideas I just got an invitation I should go to India somebody wants me to go there and launch a man in the US aids great idea let me look at my schedule but I'm saying these things are happening. So in the end card to my stop block I get 3 minutes I'm going to go with it so anyway in the end what do the state of Philadelphia love the message of Philadelphia we can think the message of the sea is our message only the message of Philadelphia is ours also the claim what he said of Philadelphia we've all are set to open door no one can shut up for your little strength you have kept my word not a not my name when we take the Philadelphia attitude we'll have the Philadelphia response and I'm asked he will keep an open door when we take on his work so it has to be a sacrificial work remember Capernaum where it said that Jesus could not do any miracles so he did a few miracles why is it unbelief right if we take on a Philadelphia attitude imagine a belief and when that happens there will be open and we never ever thought would be like we'd be like Josh one tail of a not like the other hand spies see God wants of his same for us collectively in a man if we take on a Philadelphia attitude so I conclude by saying Look Mark 140 to 50 in my last text what did Jesus go to say the time is fulfilled a keen about of the hand repent and believe in the Gospel Revelation 146 or 7 the same thing is the gospel all over again is that any sort of gospel must be all consuming passion who God is his character who is willing to see all who are involved in terms of eternal realities we must be eager to intervene and share the good news we must surrender our free will to God what is best for us human meat was acknowledge that we're able to surrender our free will to God without knowing who we is if you have difficulty surrender God which by the way idea it was a period of time I could not marry the prayer Lord had your will be done especially after an M.R.I. I don't want to create any more is not a good prayer I didn't like the fact I prayed you will be done an M.R.I. was worse but he was still working on something perfect we need we need practical experience we must we not we can't limit our learning to be cognitive it has been practical we are uniquely designed by God who knows our hearts. So finally I go back to the very basics of fate Bible study prayer and faith based decision making that's my separate prescription for you nothing more I don't have any outlandish description of the same old thing it's new Actually you know Jesus is very what I when I really love the Gospels is Jesus was always on the go on the word work see the Scriptures how leaders that are not known descriptions of the power of God begin the most in the prophets and walk up to him out begin to most of the prophets to show his hand with the name printed because most of the prophet and by doing original Lazarus and the came back from the dead he said no no no even if one came aren't dead they will believe they have more than the prophet they can believe that not one comes up in the dead so I go back to Bible study you can't get beyond that so I just wrote to you for groups of people here today or groups the next minute and you can decide you want heart for one group does not award totally Never give your life to the Lord our challenges to the give your heart to him because I I wouldn't do it any different everything you did to me was perfect he restored me completely I would not do anything different I love him poor years I love everything you did for me I hated the prop the love the results OK surrender your next move or the surrender nots next will say I want to turn my will to you Lord. Surrender will as a 2nd group the turd group is going to say Lord I'm alone the sort of my well I just don't know you know I want to know you better that's perfectly fine God loves you and if you're not ready he'll say I'll get solid Make sure you know me better and alas will be as will say I know you I embarked on the journey I just want your spirit to be poured out upon me so I may remain steadfast and I may remain completely committed to what you ask me that's my talk and I thank you very much and in a time. Very clearly. I was alive I don't think I've ever heard there and speak so fast but he was true to his word of every shape that we were all blessed by all the presenters the ceiling. And let us take some of these challenges not all these challenges back home let's ponder on what we've heard and let's try to do something different after we go home from a man this year I want to go home what about you so I keep saying I feel like we do all these conferences and things for one reason and that reason is so that we can be we could find the keys to actually release the Holy Spirit down and add to this in a cellar at this process so we can go home. Would you stand with me as we close out this program and we can. Also want to point you to a couple I dish an omission opportunities one in Chad. Where James a pal and his wife are there looking for some providers short time long term short term long term and her same thing at the Malawi administers health center there's an e-mail contact information there if you can give 6 months 3 months 2 years 10 years these are location the centers of influence that are very. That are needing help right now so if your provider please contact these individuals as well as I don't want to forget our mission outpost in Israel and of course don't forget and prayer support for a man the Philippines let's pray. Father God we come to you at the end of this presentation we're happy to see that you are doing things around the world but we want to see more we want to be a part of more of experiencing the Holy Spirit in our lives of seeing souls come to the foot of the cross of seeing just the Latter Rain poured out over all of us Father we want to be a part of that where we want to coach labor with have and even more than what we've been doing ask a blessing over everyone at this conference. Please come soon allow us to be that people come in glory thank you again for the hope you put in our hearts and thank you for allowing us to be part of this plan of salvation we thank you we ask a blessing over this food as well and a special blessing over the missionaries throughout the world who are doing your work so for these things that brains existing even this media was brought to you by Adil force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W audio verse or.


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