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Loving Service: The Heart of the Early Christian Faith

Mark Finley


In some amazing new research, Pastor Finley traces the growth of the early Christian church, medical evangelism, and loving service. Be prepared to discover suprising new evidence of why the New Testament church grew so rapidly. 


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 27, 2018
    7:15 PM


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Father in heaven we thank you so much tonight for the opportunity of opening your word we pray that the Spirit that inspired the word would inspire our hearts lift our vision from what is to what can be open our eyes from seeing what's around us to see what's above us help us to see every patient as a child of God created in the very image of God that Jesus wants restored back to his image as we open your word tonight grant us a sense of your divine presence may we know that we've been with you and you've been with us in Christ name on them sickness is really debilitating not only to the body but to the mind have you ever been sick for a week and you've run a high fever maybe had the flu for a week and you kind of feeling feel really wiped out after the week what about being sick for 2 weeks or what about being sick for 3 weeks what if you had a lingering illness that kept you did billeted for a year what if your illness sapped your strength. And took away your energy for 2 or 3 years what if you were sick for 12 years you can identify with a woman in mark the 5th chapter. Mark's account and Luke's account of this story of the woman with the issue of blood are somewhat different Mark is much harder on physicians than he was a Luke and I wondered about that a little bit because I wondered if Luke had a little more charity being a physician himself but if you compare the story in Mark's gospel of the story of Luke's Gospel Mark is much harder on the physicians than 8 years who were turning in our Bible here to mark the 5th chapter and we're beginning with the 25th verse Now as Mark Chapter 5 verse 25 now a certain woman had a flow of blood for 12 years she was hemorrhaging continually her clothes were a stained with a continual crimson sprit move blood she was tired she was worn out she was weak she was a May she ate it but worst of all she could no longer experience the hugs of her husband she had to cry on clean unclean every place that she went she was discouraged she was depressed she lived in an utter desperation her children could no longer jump up on her lap she was an outcast she wandered the dusty streets of Jerusalem she wandered through the countryside every place she went because when a woman had continual excessive hemorrhaging she was considered to be unclean Can you imagine this woman see her in your mind her hair is to cheval when blown out of place her eyes are deeply sunk in her head she has a look of discouragement on her face. The garment that she's wearing is blood stained and it's dirty her head is down people point at her in mockery she goes to physician after physician now Mark's Gospel puts it this way this woman alongst to be well she longs for healing she searches for a cure but nothing seems to work in March after 5 we look there and Mark is quite gentle on the physicians he says she suffered many things for many physicians she spends all she has but she wasn't any better bunch then he says she grew worse so Mark's Gospel says he's a little gentle but then he comes right to the point now Luke is much more diplomatic he doesn't want to offend the medical community now Mark says this he says she suffers many things from many physicians look doesn't say that doesn't say the physicians made her suffer look basically so she didn't get any better. Mark says she spends all her money but she's no better and then Mark adds these words she got worse let's go now to Luke's account you take your Bible go to look the 8th chapter. I want you to picture the woman tired I'm a she aged worn out continue flow of blood Luke Chapter 8 she is weak she spends all her money she has nothing left she spends her hard earned savings for these quack cures now she's not only desperate but she's hopeless she's not only discouraged but she's in total despair darkness feels 1st Saul she spent her money and she is work worse off the Bible says In Luke the 8th chapter the 43rd verse now a woman having a flow of blood for 12 years spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed of any notice looks pretty good diplomatically doesn't say she got worse and he doesn't say that that she suffered many things by the hands of position he only says she could not be healed by and now this story is a remarkable story on what genuine healing is all about and in the story there are 3 Greek words used for healing. And those words are extremely significant because they take you from conventional healing to the healing ministry of Christ when you look at verse 43 it says she spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by ending Now if you have a little pen you may want to circle the word healing the word there in the Greek is therapy you Oh and what it's literally translated you know the word we get from therapy all it's therapy and so essentially the text is say she's spending all our money but there was no therapy for her she basically is saying Doc I don't know what it's going to take I've used all these quack cures I've tried everything possible but Doc whatever therapy you have whatever medicine you can give me whatever cure all I want is a cure so the patient focuses on the cure now the story goes on she comes behind Christ she sees Jesus she knows that he is performer Oculus healings in the concentrated faith of her life she reaches out to touch him and through that crowd she touches the hem of his garment she has an active living thing she believes that the living Christ can transform her life she believes that the living Christ can change or she believes that there is healing in the living Christ and Jesus honors that faith and immediately she senses that there is new life flowing in her body and Jesus verse 45 Jesus said who touched. When Alton I did Peter said look you're being thronged in the crowd master's multitudes are pressing you what do you say you touched me Jesus always can pick out from the crowd the touch of faith in the casual touch when you and I need and pray not casually not carelessly not flippantly not superficially but when we are on our knees crying out to God in the touch of living fate Jesus always hears Jesus OIS listens and Jesus always moves with that miracle Jesus says verse 46 Jesus said somebody touch me for I perceive power going out of me verse 47 now when the woman saw that she was not heeded she came trembling and falling down before him and she declared to him the presence of all the people the reason she touched him and how she was healed immediately now you see there is a 2nd word for healed Luke is very precise as a physician physicians know that words matter physician no physicians know that their charts make a difference this is the chart of Luke the physician and he uses a different word for healing here in the Greek he uses I a male and I a male focuses not on the therapy but it focuses on the removal of the disease so the patient is interested in the cure the patient says what I want is one thing I don't care what it takes give me some pill doc give me some medication Doc whatever it takes cured the physician is he interested in the diagnosis of disease and interested in the removal of that disease and so the position may have varying therapies you then come. To the essence of the Gospel in verse 48 and he said to her daughter Jesus didn't see her as a nameless face on the chart Jesus did not see her as one more patient to treat in a busy day of treatment Jesus said daughter daughter he respected her dignity he saw her as a human being created in the image of God He did not see it does she have all despair at did despairing discouraged down hearted woman he saw her created in the image of God and he says Turn not you that I am. Not that one he says Daughter No nameless face on a chart a human being that needs the loving touch a human big that needs hope and encouragement daughter. Be of good cheer be of good cheer the ministry of Christ is to lift the spirit to encourage the heart to bring hope to the hopeless to bring joy to the sorrowing to bring healing to the sick Be of good cheer your faith your faith has made you well go in peace now the word well can also be translated whole or it has healed you but it's a total different word the word well there is the familiar word 000 So is used to 100 in 10 times in the New Testament and 90 of those times it is used for South Asian. It's a very large word in the Greek it's a word for a whole Miss It's a word for complete ness it's the word for the totality of feeling that has to do with with physical mental emotional and spiritual healing so when Jesus viewed human beings he saw them as indivisible units they were physical mental They were emotional and they were spiritual the patient looks for a cure or any cure the traditional non-Christian physician looks for some kind of relief for the disease and anything they'll deal with the disease but the Gospel medical missionary medical practitioner looks for something more they wall to see the patient whole they long to see that patient renewed in the image of God because see in divides human beings it separates them from the source of help and the source of healing the devil is the great destroyer and Jesus is the great restart her and here we see in the method of Jesus healing this emphasis on hold this the Bible says in John Chapter 10 verse 10 the thief come not but for to steal and to kill and destroy. But Jesus says I have come that they might have what life and have it more abundantly our role as medical practitioners. Is to help people have a life and have it more abundantly Jesus wants to restore health the devil wants to destroy him now in the book medical ministry page 20 Ellen White makes this remarkable statement Christ stands before us as the pattern man the great medical missionary an example for all who should come after we are to do the same work that the great medical missionary undertook in our behalf the essence of Christ life which is the essence of the gospel is the poor out of self sacrificing sacrificial love not for your own good but for the good of others every time somebody walks into your office every time you visit by the bedside at the hospital you have an opportunity for the self sacrificing love God to flow through your very life for the healing powers of Christ to flow through the very life that you live to touch that patient in ways that a non Christian patient could not touch them the reason the New Testament Church grew so rapidly and tonight I'm going to take a look very briefly at 6 major epics in history and show that when there are mighty revivals in history it was because of the self sacrificing love of Christ ministered to the total being physical mental spiritual and emotional when you look at the ministry of Christ thousands followed. Not merely because he charmed them with these sermons which he did not merely because he preached magnificent theological truths which he did not merely because of the sermon on them out in the parables those were magnificent treaties of divine inspired godly weaved but Jesus drew crowds to hear because nobody had ever seen before such a manifestation of the love of God and as the result of that Jesus touch the eyes of the blind and they were open to touch the years of the death of their own stuff touch the withers man's arm it was healed and when people saw that and they sensed the healing power of God up they jumped and followed him by the masses now after Christ died and was resurrected in ascended to heaven he commissioned his disciples to do the same work and so we come now to the Book of Acts and we'll look at 2 experiences in Acts in the 2nd phase of our journey the 1st phase of our journey is the ministry of Christ a ministry of self sacrificing unselfish love the 2nd phase of our journey is the Ministry of the disciples after he left the 1st story we look at is acts the 3rd chapter. A 1st look at Acts Chapter 3 miss is the major point I taught a class A summer ago on The Book of Acts for Andrew for Southern admonition of versity we have a master's degree 3 program at our school at the living hope that we are affiliated with Southern University and we teach It's a 36 hour master's program in religion health and and evangelism actually we teach medical missionary evangelism they can students can take 9 hours of academic credit at our institution in $27.00 hours over a summer period they don't have to go full time they go in the summers at Southern but I was teaching a course in the book of Acts and I told my students I said to them 1st day of class now they're only going to be 2 questions on the final exam and all my students began to clap and I said but I didn't tell you what the questions were you question number one what is in every chapter of the book of Acts now you don't have to memorize it but it would be helpful if you did I want to know it's in every chapter the book of Acts I want to know how the chapter begins chapter in the middle so you need to basically memorize X. Secondly. Secondly I want you after you have told me what's in that chapter one as I want to add to this question about every chapter How does this apply to your practical life and how does this apply to your ministry one of my students was a C.P.A. and he said Man my C.P.A. exam was 4 hours but it wasn't as hard as this exam. When I was teaching the war began to impress me about some things in Acts Chapter 3 now there are 2 great stories in acts that I want you to take a look at just briefly with me for a moment when the church grew in acts. In actual chapter one you have 120 believers that meet in the upper Rupe there's about 60000000 people in the Roman Empire at the time some Josephus will give us higher numbers but they're much too high so it's about 60000000 people if you look at the ratio of 120 to 60000000 it's wonder 500000 so it's about one Christian for every 500000 people in the Roman Empire now there may have been more Christians than 120 in the upper room but I use that as a comparison figure by the time you come to the end 30 years later from the beginning of the book of Acts again by the time you come to the end there's at least a 1000000 Christians most a social demographic tell us or at least a 1000000 Christians by the time you come to the end the book of Acts So now rather than 12500000 if you had 60000000 it's one to 60 I mean that's amazing you got one 7th Day Adventists in the world today to about every 280 people but when the New Testament church started it was 12500000 in the conditions they faced with much more challenging the ones we face most of the time we believe that the church grew rapidly because of prayer in the book of actually find that because of preaching in the book of Acts because a witness and all that is true but it's not that's not the only truth the church grew rapidly in the book of Acts because there was medical missionary work in being done and I can show you that all through the book there is caring for the poor there is reaching out in self sacrificial service now we go to actually chapter 3 we're going to look at 2 stories in X. X. chapter 3. Petering Shan are coming into the temple and there is a man sitting there who has been a lame from birth according to actually after 3 verse 2 and 3 he is sitting there and as they are walking into the temple for worship this man looks up and asks them for some money now here is the key point to remember in the story he asked them for money but they have something much more to give him than what he asked people come into your office and they need healing but you have something much more to give them than they ask that's the point here so he's asking for a few pennies they have something much more to give you he's going to be surprised with what they have to offer so he'll eat he says he begs for arms and verse core and fixing his eyes on him John in Peter said look at us and so he gave them his attention expecting to receive from something from them he expects one thing but they give him something else patients come into your office all they're expecting is Healy and that woman is going through the trauma of a divorce and she can't sleep at night and she's got stomach pain and she comes to get appeal to help to calm her nerves and at the end you say is there something traumatic going on in your life that I might pray for and she breaks down a begins crying in your office and you pray with her in the Spirit of God gives her peace and she walks out of that office with much more than a bottle of pills she walks out with the peace of Christ living in her heart because you have helped her to take the 1st step on a journey here this man expected a few pennies and Peterson is what every preacher says silver and gold have I known. But what I have I give to you in the name of Jesus get up and walk that the next verse is he's She could not do it by herself he could not do it by himself that woman that you prayed for could not do it by herself this man cannot get up by himself he doesn't have the strength in his legs he doesn't have the strength in his muscles he's been a lame from birth and notice what the Bible says He took him by the right hand and he lifted him up and immediately feet and ankle bones received there astray there are times that people come to your office they are broken their Bruce their crush they have little or no faith and you take them by the hand and through the strength that Christ has given you you lift them to their feet and they rejoice and walk again and I notice what happens to point so far the man comes to the temple for one thing he has no idea that that day is going to change his whole life he comes for one thing and he gets another but he needs the assistance of Peter in charge to stay and to his feet and then the Scripture says this man is whole verse 8 so leaping up he stood and walked and entered into the temple with them the Bible says he's praising God People walk through the door of your office seeking one thing. Gentle he kindly lovingly compassionately you lead them to Jesus and you give them much more than they dream for but their faith is weak and you help them stand on their feet eventually they praise God and on Sabbath walk into the church with you in action after 3 we see that the miracle working power of the Living Christ impacted crowd so they came to Christ now in Acts the 16th chapter you have another story in Acts the 16th chapter Paul has doors shut in his face and as he does he comes to trial as in Luke is there a godly physician Polis establishing a medical missionary T. and there as he's establishing that medical missionary to you he has Silas he has and he has another group of disciples with him some unnamed and their Luke joins them in Acts 16 they go to Philip high and there in Philip high they meet Lydia out by the river side there was no Jewish synagogue and Philip I Philip I was a Roman retirement center of about 15000 people at the end of the egg nation away. It was a wealthy city because they had discovered gold in the past going in the hills and their poor begins to minister and Lydia is baptized he ministers further and a young lady who's a slave girl possessed by demons is delivered he ministers further and he gets himself put in prison and the Philippian jailer is converted when the prison falls down and ministers and Silas to their old at that point the whole city is in an uproar and Paul knows they asked to leave the city now when he leaves the city there is a little small fledgling church it's probably 30 or 40 people at most there is Lydia and her household there is the little slave girl and there is the Roman jailer Now that's fascinating in itself because the 1st church in Europe is a multi-ethnic church you've got Lydia who's a Jew you've got the Roman and she's very wealthy by the way upper class you've got the Roman who is middle class and you've got the slave girl who's largely from Africa so you have a multi-ethnic multi-generational church that starts but Paul leaves now Acts 16 does not tell you the rest of the story you can read that in the book Acts of the Apostles so you can read it in ministry of healing page $141.00 and here's what I want white says which is fascinating she said Paul left but he left Luke the physician in the city and these are her words for many years. So polies Luke stays there with the medical missionary team and Ellen White goes on to say that he visited people house to house that he gave the medical treatments that he used natural remedies to work with them then he did the best he could with the medical knowledge of the day and she says he was a physician and a teacher in that city and the Church of Philip I grew to be one of the strongest New Testament Christian churches why did the church grow so rapidly in the book of Acts 2 really meant multiple reasons but 2 that relate to elf One is that God works supernatural miracles to God use godly positions like Luke to minister to the needs of people on selfishly we come now to the 3rd epic There are some recent studies being done about 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th generation 4th century Christianity some of those studies are really remarkable and they tell about the hit in factors that the church grew so rapidly one of the books written by the eminent scholar Rodney Stark it's called the rise of Christianity it talks about the historic Marvel to properly interpret what happened in the 1st 2nd and 3rd centuries now one of the chapters in his book is called serve full rates in the golden rule he talks about 2 pandemics that came through Europe in and the Middle East in 168 D. and 260 A.D. and he just scribes that whole villages were being wiped out whole towns were dying. And Stark says. He describes the contrast between what was happening in the Christian community of the church and what was happening in the pagan community he quotes from Dionysus and stark goes back to the original sources and he's quoting from Dion E.C.C. into $68.00 D. and he's talking about the pandemic and it's powerful he says this most of our brother Christian showed unbounded love and loyalty never sparing themselves and thinking only of one another he did less so the danger they took charge of the sick attending to their every need ministering to them in Christ and with them departed this life supreme serenely happy for they were infected by others with the disease drawing on themselves the sickness of their neighbors and cheerfully accepting their pains many in nursing and curing others transferred their death to themselves and died in their stead the best of our brothers who lost their lives in this manner we lost a number of elders deacons and laymen winning high commendation so that death in this form the result of great piety and strong faith seems every way equal to martyrdom and Dionysius goes on to say that because of this a loving care because of this self sacrificial giving their lives in the pandemic that the Christian Church in credibility and thousands became Christians now. Listen I continue reading $96.00 Having noted at the Christian community nurse the sick and dying and even spared nothing in preparing the dead for proper burial the Piggins the haven the very opposite way Donny she said at the very onset of the disease they pushed the sufferers away they fled from their dearest they threw their bodies onto the roads even before they were dead they treated the UN buried corpses as dirt hoping thereby to avert the spread and contagion of the fight fatal disease but do what they might they found it difficult to escape you know reminds me of Ellen White Snape in evangelism 153 nothing will open doors for the proclamation of the truth like evangelistic medical missionary work in the 1st 2nd and 3rd century when disease ravaged villages and the community saw medical professionals and they saw Christians with self sacrificing love ministering to the sick they saw the gospel with Flash on they saw a manifestation of the living Christ and they said that's worth following that's worth following Now one of the early Christians Turtill Ian wrote this he said it is our care of the helpless our practice of loving kindness that brands us in the eyes of many of our opponents only look they say how they love one another the early Christians Stark says acting in obedience to Christ began to care for the poor the sick the marginalized marginalized so Alienware their charitable acts and self sacrificial lives that the Romans referred to them as the 3rd race. The Romans looked at the Christians who were giving their lives continually in self sacrificial service they were not living self-centered ego to stickle arrogant lives separate from their communities but they were plunging into the need of their community they cast their lives into the far oh of this world's need and as they did in fact the Gospel was the incarnation of Christ again they saw Jesus again and as Jesus ministers through them they were called the 3rd race this was true throughout the middle or the Dark Ages we come now to the 4th period 1st period that we've looked at is the very life of Christ given in self sacrificial service the 2nd period is the New Testament Christian Church given in self sacrificial Christian service the 3rd period it is those early centuries and throughout the dark ages we come now to the forerunners of the Reformation we come now to the seed of the woman. Planted there in the wilderness we come now to northern Italy and Southern France we come now to the world dens ease and the hidden story of the world AMCs now the world then sees for example our spiritual forbearers they constitute a link between early Christianity and the churches of the Reformation they have chorus with the seed of the woman they revealed the love of Christ in the dark ages now Ellen White makes an interesting statement about the world densities and it's a very short statement that I haven't studied very much in till recent weeks but it's this is this statement that helped get my mind working to do the research in the medical missionary work of the world dances and here's what she says the world Demsey pastors not only preached the gospel but they visited the sick now that was kind of surprising to me so I wondered what kind of medical training did the world Dancy's have and so I began to do some research on it and one of the 1st persons that I discovered that did any significant research on medical missionary work among the advances was Professor Alfred voter he was one of the professors at our French seminary in Cologne so it's the sort of in France he's really an authority on the world densities and he goes back and he says this he's quoting one of the renowned historians who is actually a war dance to give you a story. And here is what was written in one of the world dancing in textbooks Moreover the greatest part of the world density in use gave themselves to the study of physiology and surgery and here in they excelled thereby rendering themselves most able in skillful physicians both of the soul in the body they had much experience in medicine and surgery and in these arts pose Yes Amazing Secrets wonderful in their simplicity Well densely in young people learn surgery they learn medicine they learn simple natural treatments and so as they were traveling through Europe with their long rows with their handwritten Bible manuscripts How did they get those openings to open the Word of God They found people that were sick they found people that were dying and they treated them sometimes they did surgery on them sometimes they treated them with natural remedies and that's one of the reasons that the reformation in the pre-Reformation spread so rapidly is because minds were open and hearts were open through the cell sacrificial Ministry of the world densities now one low density scholar says this each one of those barbs and barbs of course is another name for pastors each one of those bards had also knowledge and practice of ministry but they also had a practical trade especially medicine and surgery for which they were skillful and well considered and practice to charitably assist their needy brethren as well as to cover them and help for the expenses of their long and dangerous journeys the world then sees ministered to mind body emotion and spirit. Down through the centuries God has always had men and women that not only have preserved the theological truths of scripture but God has always had men and women down through the centuries who have sensed that the self sacrificing ministry of Christ reached out holistically to men and women physically mentally emotionally and spiritually we come now to the forerunners the 5th great epic we come to the fore runners of advocates the Methodists you may or may not be aware the John Wesley the founder of Methodism understood this holistic view of human beings did you know that John Wesley wrote a medical textbook the founder of Methodism wrote a medical textbook it went through 32 additions and it is one of the best selling medical textbooks ever written of all time the title of the medical textbook is the primary physique 32 additions very early on Wesley believed that every one of his pastors if they're going to be effective in ministry needed to know something about anatomy and physiology so in the training course for his pastors he taught the medicine in anatomy and physiology. Wesley was writing enough in this to Alexander Knox in the 17 hundreds and he's trying to emphasize to Knox the importance of medical missionary work and he says it will be a double blessing if you give yourself up to the great physician that you may feel soul and body together in unquestionably This is his design he wants to give you both inward and outward help now Wesley understood the relationship between physical mental and spiritual dynamics Wesley became a vegetarian and as he did a number of other evangelical Protestant ministers began to criticize him as being a legal is now he wrote to the Bishop of London in 1747 and these are Wesley's words thanks be to God since the time I gave up the use of flesh meats and wine I've been delivered from physical ills but the ministers came on him pretty strong and they said you're a legal IST So he went back to eating meat and he got sick again so his doctor wrote to him and he said Wesley you tell those creatures that this is the Doctor's orders you got to go back to being a vegetarian and Wesley did actually the actual impact of being a vegetarian John Wesley understood that when God created us He created us physically mentally spiritually and emotionally Wesley understood that a godly physician a godly dentist a godly medical practitioner is just as much a minister as the pastor that stands in the desk and preaches the word of God Wesley understood. That people will not necessarily accept your theological teachings unless they understand that you're ministering to them in Christ like self-sacrifice and. There was an 863 that God gave to Ellen White a vision of health early advocates pioneers who are dying because of their lack of knowledge of the health message but the reason why God gave the 7th Day Adventists the health message was not only to make us healthy although that was one reason it was not only to be a positive public relations tool for the world but one of the prime reasons that God gave the 7th Day Adventists the health message was a revelation of the glory of God through self sacrificial service to mankind that 7th Day Adventists would reach out and care reach out into love reach out and compassion and one day the glory of God will be revealed in a world of selfishness unselfish love will be revealed and a world of darkness the light will pierce that darkness God is going to raise up a generation God is raising up a generation of pastors and medical professionals and the lay people who have the prime goal of using the gifts and talents in the abilities that they have to minister to others and when in self sacrificing love when in compassionate care when the Gospel is lived out in human flesh hearts are touch. And lives are changed and men and women become open for the Gospel revelation the 18th chapter describes some of the most traumatic times in Earth's history even a casual reading of Revelation 80 reveals that there will be an economic collapse that this world is going to face very rapidly revelation 18 talks about in one hour in one hour their riches become to naught the merchants by their birch and dice no more their luxuries that they lusted after are gone revelation 18 talks about an economic collapse it talks about physical natural disasters it talks about a society that is thrust into chaos but it introduces of that in Revelation 18 verse one John says looking in prophetic vision and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven and Big having great authority and the earth was you lumen aged within scoring the glory of God will shine from one end of the earth to the other and what is God's glory its character what is this world waiting for what will attract the multitude of this world to Christianity and to Christ it is when the character of Jesus is revealed once again in the lives of his followers where they are no longer playing church they are no longer fit to linger on the knife edge of eternity they are no longer waiting in the key waiting pulls of fate. They are no longer. Laodicean complaisant Adventists but their hearts are broken over the greatness of Christ's love the magnificence of his goodness the majesty of his grace they have come to the cross and there at the cross they have seen one dying for them that would rather be lost himself than have them no longer in heaven they have come to the cross and they've seen it in Christ the one bearing the guilt in shame of seein they have come to the cross and they are at the cross they have seen self sacrificing love and they leave the cross to serve they leave the cross to touch they leave the cross the BLESS they leave the cross transformed and changed you to reveal the love of God There is one thing more important than sewing a good speech although that is important if you work it on me as one thing more important than pulling a tooth although that's important if you want to get my cavity out I don't mean to downplay scientific expertise when I go to the physician or a dentist so I want the best but there is something more important that every person that walks into your office is touched by a lot that they sense something different about you you may not pray for everyone but there is an atmosphere in that office that is really as real as because you have given your life in self sacrificing love to touch somebody for Jesus go from this place go from this place to be be eyes of Christ that see human need to be the feet of Christ. At walk to where needed is to be the hands of Christ to touch somebody to touch somebody with grace to be the heart of Christ to love them for him to be the mind of Christ the world is waiting with a long desire to see Jesus in you let's pray Father in heaven. As we look at some of the great revivals down through history we see that proclamation which you 90 did with practice we see the doctrine which you 19th with duty and we see that in loving words where you 9 to do with loving acts son dust from this place changed father we are here because we're committed consecrated dedicated medical professionals we are here because we want to manifest your love to a dying world before a waiting world and a watching universe send us renewed send us refreshed send us revitalised send us redetermined to share your love in sacrificial ways with others may we say like Jesus daughter son your faith your faith has made you whole as we minister to people physically mentally emotionally. And spiritual May we leave this place anointed by the Spirit of God to be true Gospel medical mission is in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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