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The Joy of Living Beyond Caprice, Inclination & Impulse

Don Mackintosh


God's love is the fount from which all true service springs. In these devotional presentations we will consider that love, and how it leads to a life of deliberate and joy filled service. 


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • October 28, 2018
    7:15 AM
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Other than heaven or thankful that. It's really your testimony that fuels our testimony they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb in other words by your testimony by your blood by what you have done by your cross by your claiming even your blood at this time for us and that heavenly sanctuary that's that's your testimony and our testimony is the point 2 years ago today we asked that your spirit would be with us to that end in Christ name it OK but some logs on my computer All right. I decided to share a little testimony today about the work that I've been involved in and the will then look at Luke Chapter 10 which is the basis of a familiar piece of our work on the Loma Linda campus and. I guess it's been 10 years that I've been ministering at this location and we March 1st with. Amazing facts. And then moving over to Wiemar Institute so the last decade of of our lives has been spent here and. Our institute. I guess tagline or mission is summarized from Matthew 935 where it says Jesus went about teaching preaching healing the gospel the Kingdom and of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people and then coming out of that little line to heal or hurting world and you know since that time we just the colleges restarted in 2008 and I actually was serving as the 1st Dean that's not something to laugh about but I was. And. All of the different programs began to be re started their natural science nursing business theology education psychology and then some certificate programs and became clear that when you get to the college age people don't want to invest in something they don't think has credibility and that means for people accreditation and so over that this last 10 years there's been steps made there towards that and the institute has achieved the can is the status and it's institute an institutional student learning outcomes have been clearly identified never be on the campus knows what they are and. And it looks like that can is the status has a strong chance of changing to accreditation here very shortly and the recommending team that came to our campus is hasn't scrutinized our program and said we are recommending you to the people that make the decision for credit ation That's quite a that's quite an amazing thing but it actually is very concerning to me because I've seen many institutions that are accredited kind of lose their focus and. Our focus there at Wiemar has been to reach around the world with a global focus with the new Star program and we have a large data set that is being called again for various scientific studies but the thing as I see me is that we have had some amazing spiritual results as we've had a new chaplain in that program and this past year there were 50 commitments to Christ and His Church. And then the depression recovery program is another program that. That I have the joy of serving with the new Star program runs 12 times a year on the campus the depressed recovery program runs 5 times and in those 5 times we are seeing amazing clinical results and research that's coming but also spiritual results and about 50 to 70 percent of people who depend that it that it's in that program make a decision for Christ and His Church and. Then then there was something that really troubled me when I arrived and that was when I started to go door to door I realized that people in the community didn't even know. What we have I was about right across the street and like I said hi and they said well what do you guys do over there and I was they this is not good you know so you know. So we decided to hold some free clinics that were kind of the precursors to to a number of other clinics but we held a number of free clinics on our campus and the people so appreciated that that the large Lord saw fit to bring a team to actually open a clinic a medical clinic and also a dental clinic and now there's 20000 it's probably more than that now but 20000 visits a year and people in the community are coming to the clinic and they just love the physicians and the staff said where else can we go the people will pray with us and of course none of these things matter unless you're working together with the local congregation so we also started to church there 2 years ago and there's growing attendance not only from our own staff and students but from the community. One of our our concerns was that heading down this direction would we keep the main thing the main thing would we be involved in personal witness would we be serving in the community or were we even serving in the community and we were serving in urban centers with the pathway to health with most of our staff heading up various departments Dr Randy been heading up radiology at those events and Dr Neil Natalie. Heading up Mental Health and Dr Roger goalline heading up the tree eyes and I can't remember the others are chaplain helping head up the chaplaincy service but we wanted to say well what are we doing not just around the world but what about across the street what's happening across the street and that's where we started to talk about something called Total Community involvement also our commitment was to receive no government funding have no debt policy for our students and look for students that desired it to plow into God's word and to fulfill Matthew 28 but our concern was that N. is and we constantly are trying to maintain this vigilance that we not have something happened to us that's happened to many schools for instance Harvard University Veritas Christo at Clichy was the original motto truth for Christ and His Church the reason people went to that school was to discover truth to be used for Christ and His church but now they dropped a significant portion of this seal and they just say truth and truth that is not really found in on the word but on social science and whatever happens to be coming up and this drift is a real real problem. And so we began praying and we don't want that to happen with our vision you know there's a danger that we can lose sight of our mission Jesus was not satisfied to attract attention to himself merely as a wonder worker or as a healer of physical disease merely merely as a wonderful work a wonder worker of healer of diseases he was seeking to draw men to him as their savior while the people were eager to believe that he had come as a king to establish an earthly reign he desired to turn their minds from the earthly to the spiritual mere worldly success would interfere with his work have we had mere worldly success and our pursuit. Do we try and separate what we do in the world from what we do for the Lord so a story that illustrates this is of course Luke 1025 to 40 and I just want to remind you of some of the contours of that by reading it with you and you can read it with me so that I know that you are alive and remain Let's read it together and behold a certain lawyer stood up and tested him saying Teacher What shall I do to inherit eternal life and he said to him what is written in the law what is your reading of it and so he answered and said you so love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with lawyer strength and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself and he said to him you have answered rightly do this and you will live but he wanting to justify himself said to Jesus and who is my neighbor notices that interesting. This liar wanted to do what justify him self I mean you think that this is not possible there's only one person who can justify you event so the root of the law is problem and what led him away from service we're going to find as a fact that he didn't understand in fact he actually denied that Christ was the one that could justify him he sighed to justify himself and his course of things let's read on then Jesus answered and said a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves who stripped him of his clothing wonted him and departed leaving him half dead now by chance a certain priest came down that road and when he saw him he passed by on the other side likewise a Levite when he arrived at the place came and looked and passed by on the other side but a certain Samaritan as he journey came where he was when he saw him he had compassion and so he went to him and bandaged his wounds or oil and wine and he sat him on his own animal and brought him to him in and took care of him and on the next day when he departed he got 2 dinero I gave them to the innkeeper and said take care of him and whatever more you spend I will come again I will repay you so which of these 3 do you think was a neighbor to him who fell among the thiis and he said he who showed mercy on him and Jesus said to him Go and do likewise do you notice how involved that priest was the this Samaritan once he saw him he had compassion on him he went to him he used his own animal he took his own money he said I will come again. This is sacrificial service in light of the sacrifice that Christ has made for us they overcame him by the. Will and by the. Word of their testimony and I just the word but the actions they did not love their lives to the death live I don't know I'm going to pay for things I don't know where I'm going to get my dinero I don't know this or that know that's all dead because of what they knew or what we know crisis them for us at least as to be a moment so only by accepting the virtue and Grace are of Christ can we keep the law only by that can we be justified so to speak right Christ becomes our righteousness and we have belief in the proper she ation for Senate in Mabel's fallen man to do some amazing things notice this to love God with his whole heart how much he want to love God with your whole heart and his neighbor as himself so it's only this understanding of Christ and a belief in the Probus he ation for send that enables us to love God or man the priest in the Levi both professed piety but the Samaritan showed that he was truly converted how many want to be truly converted this is the foundation for service isn't it it was no more agreeable for him to do the work than for the priest or Levite but in spirit and works he proved himself to be in harmony with God Now here is probably the most telling point I think from the story the priests and Levites felt that having been doesn't erd it was beneath them to minister to an unknown sufferer by the wayside thus they neglected the special opportunity was God It offered them has his agents to bless the fellow be. So good we get so much education so much position that we actually only will do ministry in context that we think we need to be in oh I can only be in the church I have to have a pulpit I have to have a I have to have a plastic podium and I have to have a. You know a wrap around Mike and that's where I minister I don't know and I have to be in a surgery suite. I have to be. In the Cathedral of the hospital the MINISTER Well it has to be in my dental chair that's when I take time to be wholly right but I noticed this this is the problem many today are making a similar mistake they separate their duties into 2 distinct classes the one class is made up of great things to be regulated by the law of God and the other class is made up of so-called little things and wish to command love a neighbor as I say up is ignored so a separation between women and the great things I'm doing in life and then well maybe I'll help my neighbor this pair of work is left to Caprice subject to inclination or impulse oh yeah I see these mission trips I'm going to decide which one I'm going to go on it'll be with my timing with my resources and no benefit me I'll be a capricious person yes I'll have photos on my wall from when I went to Costa Rica and I won't so the ones where I'm at the beast most of the time but I'm not saying that any of you have ever been involved in this but this separation Caprice subject to inclination or impulse what's Caprice mean a sudden unaccountable change of mood or behavior inclination a person's natural tendency to urge or act in a particular way it's not supernatural it's just a natural carnal inclination. Impulse a sudden strong unreflective urge or desire to act tendency to act impulsively he was a man of impulse not premeditation another word serving the neighbor as something that's done oh I want to do that only on my terms whereas the other I really really guard that even if seeking a preparation for God's service many are turned aside by wrong methods of education maybe the problem started with us as we went to school life is too generally regarded as made up of distinct periods the period of learning the period of doing a preparation and achievement in preparation for a life of service the youth are sent to school to acquire knowledge by the study of books and this is the kiss of death to their service from then on because they books overload them there are no shared values with the professors of the institution with service so consequently they overload them the only time they ever take a break if they even do that is on the Sabbath but then they have to head back to study and this is why we have such a large crowd today. Cut off from the responsibilities of everyday life they become absorbed in studying up a new side of the purpose they take out great loans so that they can only focus on one thing because they don't have time to even work or serve and when they get through will they ever remember service no. And go for years and look at me for years of college 4 years of medical school 4 years of residency 2 years of another subspecialty and always the service at least its embrace in this and not be involved unless it be capriciously in possibly the 2 week mission trip here or there. But what's the unspoken lesson. There are 2 distinct things in my life one is more important than the other so these things really convicted me personally what if we're following the guiding principles we given and I came across forgetting quotes that convicted me that I had been guilty of being the priest in the story the Levite in the story here were the guiding quotes there is a grand work to be done in relieving suffering humanity and through the labors of students who are receiving an education and training become of his'n medical missionaries the people living in many cities may become acquainted with the truth for the 3rd angels message consecrated leaders and teachers of experience to go out with these young workers that 1st giving them structure and how to labor thus opportunity found for conversation for explain the Scriptures for singing Bible songs and praying with the family there are many to whom such labor as this would prove a blessing Daphne spoke of how wonderful this was the other night when she was able to do that when she found a physician that did that with her for this he said something interesting but HIPAA would NOT allowed us to do this today I still know that's true but if it is that would be a tragedy maybe we should set up so operate ourselves that people invite us to their homes maybe that would get over the hiccup. So that was number one number 2 it is necessary to their complete education what kind of education that students be given time to do missionary work time to become acquainted with the spiritual needs of the families in the community around them this is not some kind of OK I'm going to jet off to Africa for 2 weeks and remove or whatever it is I am going to be involved in the needs of the community where I am. They should not be so loaded down with studies they have no time to use the knowledge they have acquired they should be encouraged to make an earnest Mr effort for those in error becoming acquainted with them and taking to them the true now this can be done in medical school it can be but it requires great faith and I know. Dr Philip Mills who I worked with for 13 and a half years he told me about when he was in medical school and he read it he led a brand Sabbath school he did things in the community as he was going to school not after whenever possible students should during the school year engage in City Mission work they should do Mr work in the surrounding towns and villages they can for themselves into bands to do Christian help ward students to take a broad view of their present geishas to God Why is this so important if you don't do it presently then you prioritize you have made an idol of your academics and it will be very hard to get away from that Idol because there's always something else that demands more intense and then my neighbor Now look I talk to you as a fellow journey or I work at Wiemar Is it too I know you hear the angels singing but they might be the fallen angels because between my house and we were Institute which is only a scant one mile I knew none of my neighbors really none of them I would go to the answer to and back when I read these quotes I was like What in the world am I doing this is craziness here I am proclaiming to proclaim what I'm not. Doing I'm not following the council they're not to look forward look at this is powerful to to a time after the school term closes when they can do some large work for God but they should study how during their student like to you know cope with Christ in on surface selves service for others. And then the next quote the teachers and students in our series need to divine touch God can do much more for them than he has done because in the past his way has been restricted restricted by what. Their priorities not his priority if a missionary spirit is encouraged even if it takes some hours from the program of regular study much much of what happens blessing will be given provided there is more faith and spiritual seal and more of a realization of what God will do you remember that guy he sought to justify himself. By his own works in his own way so these 4 quotes really they really kind of worked on me in. There and I said you know what if we did this what if we we took a day and we went out into the community what if all the faculty and all the students went together every week not not not not just during spring break or about every week what if we got to know the people in the neighborhood what if teachers and students went together what if we we have mended our schedule there were robust vigorous somewhat Christ like discussions somewhat Christ like discussions that ensued it was a great Conversely in a small school well. I had my Ph D. I spent years I need to be grading papers at that time what kind of a paper maché Tiger is that well you're you're a minister you know you should be thinking those things but that's your specialty not mine what So we decided to move forward we spoke with some folks who spoke with the folks and then Elder Wilson heard about this there's a 1000. $200.00 educational systems or schools in the in the administers and out all the schools he decided Well I'd like to come and help you kick off this program not total member above it but total campus involvement for total community involvement and so he came in we didn't know what would happen really. And came and kicked it off even gave us a check for some special funds $25000.00 to say look we appreciate that you're going to do this and you know what I was really happy about that you know I so happy it is now we had to do it can you say man. That's why I'm laughing right there I'm like yes take it up to 35 now I might also mention to you that when this vision was cast when the Lord gave this vision to us my. President of my institution I won't name him but he isn't a picture there and he's not elder Wilson he came to me and he said this is a great vision town and I could see in its spirit a prophet and all this but you know we're going to need like $150000.00 to cover the cost of this and you need to raise that and I was like I'm talking about this this weekend it goes well that then you need to raise that and I was like well I'll just send some e-mails to some of our donors No don't send e-mails to any of our donors this need to be people that are not already don't because we're we're we're we're dependent I was like OK this is this is a God thing and I were how many emails I sent but I know this members of a man community not only raise that money but more they read those quotes and the Amen community said that's noble We believe in that. And not only did 100 and I think you told me 120 that I had to race it was like a 160 that came in so everything you're seeing here is a reflection of the conviction of some a man members that said we want you to try that see what happens and so we started out humbly total human involvement students divided the territories up these are the territories we work in and there's different teams in each territory they go to learn the spiritual condition and the faculty and students go together in vans and cars every Wednesday and then we get in. Beginning at 2 o'clock and then coming back all of us go together is Dr Natalie working with a community program with his team his doctor Bivins working with his team in a cooking school to see the president the C.E.O. everybody going out there's a synergy that develops between the students and the staff we're serving together in the community and the kids that are earth evolves are happy some of them because of the work they're doing some of them because they're going to get married. And those of you see this picture you know what I'm talking about I won't name any names but wonderfully things happen when you're out serving and then they come back and just listen to the stories and the testimonies and what's happening and everyone's a night just to hear what's happening from this team and that team and what God did and that 1st year we just were serving you know what do you need done now you know just to Sara like maybe a little bit of my team as I know the most about it it's right next to the is to do it a lot of these people they they thought either the Institute was you know kind of weird and then I met us and they knew they were weird but. We literally walked across the street the 1st day and I were walking across the street to the very 1st house the closest house to the Institute on that on that road the closest and I walk up there and I'm nervous because it's you know I want this to be successful because I still am a human and I want to be successful right yeah right you know that's a problem too that's another human conference but anyway I go to the NIH I talk to these people and I say what approach am I going to take what do I say to someone I've never said anything to and I should have been saying something to for a long time you know like so I go to the guy's house and I say you know I just here to apologize he goes for what I said you know we see your house and your yard looks looks like you guys have problems I mean I'm I'm I'm not I'm not trying to say that mean but it looks like you fall behind a little bit and we should have been over here helping you I I just want to apologize that and I want also apologize for all of our students and staff were a bunch of selfish people and we've just been driving by you the whole time and this is awful and I'm just here to offer an apology and he goes this is the oddest thing I've ever had. And then I said and I said to him I said well you know is if there's any way we could make it up to you if we could help you it would it would actually help us it would help me and help my students because we're selfish and we're focusing Laodiceans he goes what's the latest as a never mind. And I said Could you please help us and he goes You mean you want me to say you can clean up all this stuff and that's helping you I said that's exactly what I mean he said sure knock yourself out. So we start to clean his house and I don't know if Dr Allen Mitchell is here is he here. He's in the back he went was member this. He went with us as a doctor a medical doctor a Ph D. We didn't tell him this we were all wearing these yellow search you see those search do you need help we started cleaning and the lady started cleaning the kitchen and and the men started clean and this guy was an interesting guy he had pieces of rockets in his in his living room he had rocket fuel me later on he took this role I mean to me in arresting people if you go out and witness in fact this guy had a rocket right and I said that's not really Iraqis WANT TO fired up for you this was when I went back I said sure you go here let me give you some earphones he hooked the rocket to a tree big Ponderosa pine he fired the thing up so much thrust it blew the trash cans down the road and the next trash cans and all the animals are good look friends when you witness it is a rocket like experience. So anyway we begin cleaning in his house this is not something like OK we got to know the Krebs cycle here and we got to know how everything happens. You know we're cleaning in the kitchen and then we stay and then the doctor who is with us Dr Mitchell he goes oh these guys need some shelves I'll go buy the so he goes and buys and sells he comes back and sets them up he puts up his T.V. on the wall which you know that was questionable but he puts his T.V. up on the wall and we get through there's a total transformation in this guy's wife and I said to him you know thank you so much it's been a great blessing to us we have a great joy because we've done something that we should have been doing for years and I want to thank you for allowing us to address our selfishness in your house. And he's like and I said Is there anything else we could we could serve you with today and he looked at me and I can't believe it I even have a video clip as I show you he said to me he's crying he's got tears in his eyes and his wife and I say yeah there's something else we feel like we've drifted away from each other and we need someone to merriest you know anyone that can perform a wedding I was like. And then I say anything else you know yes you know we made so he was taken a life and we need to be baptized you know so we could baptize us that was the 1st house I who knows who's living next to you who knows what their needs are I think God did that to encourage us and the other guy right down the street from me house looks like a cycle hit it and it's a tsunami just before the hurricane the place looks like you know oh man it's a disaster all of our values of our houses this is the way it was thinking all the values of our houses are going down every day because of this I'm thinking then as I drive by one drive but it's a mile away. And now I have the ordinance of humility to go talk to this guy so I go up to his house I noticed that there's a distribution of things in your property that. That. Some would say is a wreck but I want to come here and apologize and same thing again where selfish this and that he was like. Because you know I'm really sorry it did start I said I think it started going down about 2 years ago and that's the more embarrassing thing because when I started going down I sort of come right over but I didn't I want to pause if it goes well let me tell you what happened I hurt my knee blew my knee out I can't afford the surgery there's no nothing and so I couldn't get a knee surgery in and then my mother my mother had a diagnosis of cancer and she's been sick and I've been taking care of her and and then my sister lost custody for kids but they granted concede to us and all these kids moved in and were just over while I said I'm so sorry I had a completely different picture of why this happened would you mind if we come and clean up your yard what you don't have to do that I said we would like to to address our issues and yours at the same time we fill up this trailer full of stuff I wish I could show you a picture we take 2 of those to the dump we get to the dump and I said Look we all have our shirts on you know you need help you were doing a good thing for the for the neighborhood she goes You're the 4th group that's come here today and said you did something good and you know where this I'm going to search what are you some kind of yellowjackets or something and you're going to ask me to give you something free I said look you know it's trash I mean what they get if she goes OK that's one time I see a lot of dump off the tray. Another place I hope you don't mind if you stories this morning our team has been growing bill another time we go so I can look I'm going to more strategically do this I want to find where church members live and I'm going to all the neighbors around their house I'm going to learn 2 things do they know their neighbors. And if not they're going to get to know them so I go to this one place and there's this lady I go to sleep very nice house a bunch of wood there and I go and I knock on the door. The lady comes and looks at me startled she goes Well as you can hear I said just now I've not been hanging out your house you know just waiting around you know I'm not behind the bushes or something I just knocked on your door just now. And so she says she goes Who told you to come are you with the electric company because it is her and I said no but I you know I represent power but right. Now with the electric company and so she says she goes what you want I said well you know same thing again I just want to apologize for the institute we're here look at all this would NEVER thing else is obvious you haven't got to it could we stack that would split that would step step that would for he she goes What do you mean I said we split it and then we carry it we stack it where we want. Are you serious I said as a heart attack after a stroke that's how serious I am and she said OK you can do that we go over there we chop that we split that would we stay there till 8 o'clock that night and then she comes to me and she tells me something that actually broke the heart of one of the faculty it was really struggling with this activity. And she she wrote me a note she says you know my husband is depressed he's gone through various treatment programs he's not been able to even live with us because of things that have happened and my little boy said he why don't we pray we don't pray in our home but last week he said why don't we pray while we try that mom so we talked about a few days and the night before you came it was the 1st time we knelt down ever and tried to pray and we prayed God would you sell yourself would you help us if you're a guy. Next day you came and knocked on our door how many believe there's a lot more homes like that out there. So those are just some stories other people I guess heard about this they start to come these are the presidents from the 8 different universities they listen to what was happening with our program than the one thing they were interested in was not our science degrees it was. What you're doing in the community amazing things have happened student participation they're all involved students who work with the faculty basically everybody number of students reporting his or her interaction with the faculty staff was positive students that interacted with the factory and staff to give a Bible study pray with some of the community here's some of the testimonies every time total community involvement happens I feel like God has lessons not only for the people in whom I'm reaching out to but also myself I trust God more than I ever have in my entire life why isn't that obsessing over studying their trust in God to help them learn more quickly can you say Mad At 1st I was hesitant to go about committing a whole afternoon a week hour each I was afraid my schooling would suffer there were indeed times when I did not get sufficient study time but I learned to put my trust in God and he did take care of it what about saying you know I did really well in that test because God honored my commitment to him rather than I really studied and look what I did and there was oh I did it. I'm sorry that's the wrong approach it taught me to focus on others the more work I do for God The more I see my spiritual condition and my need to Christ it drives me more deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus meeting different people has definitely challenged me to find out what I believe that a person 11 has increased my interest in learning for myself what the Bible has to say. And seen as a prayer I've seen how God really wants to bless and seeing how God can use an individual such as myself has been very humbling and made me feel unworthy yet chosen to carry on with spreading the gospel soul of community involvement equip me and has encouraged me to further and unravel what God has in store for me and this is just because the institute made a commitment for tying to be involved in doing what we're supposed to be doing after doing till communion Bamma show me how many blessings guys this way to give me if I only let Him and trust Him I've always had a very strict future career life planned out for myself but taking some time to let God use me in such a simple way has really been good for me it's taught me to keep in practice practice and putting mission work above all other priorities here in the testimonies at the Evening Service has been very encouraging to help me keep focused on how God is working I realize more and more that God wants to heal people through all that we're doing whether that's health Expos cooking schools yard work after meeting one man after hearing brief updates on him I feel like I'm being allowed to see a glimpse into someone's future and being able to interact with them on a personal level that service Amen and taking my focus off my own problems as indeed help me gain victory over them putting my attention on the needs of others my own problems seem more small unconquerable going out and doing ministering to other not only took up literal time in our week but also our minds and allowed me personally to not focus on my life and its concerns but on those of others having less time to focus on myself allow me to desire a closer relations with Christ and set me on a spiritual sort of high that curb the tendency to send several time I mean a victory over said service having told me about makes me think about God more during the week. Since I began doing this I noticed that things were temptations we had decreased dramatically through witnessing to the people of doors I was able to hold myself more accountable since I've been there be there is an example serving taught me that my life is not about me it's about not what about what I can do but by God's power for others this practice has caused me to feel the presence of God closer than ever before and it's helped give me the strength and will to overcome temptation. You know to me when I heard those testimonies that came from our institutional research our self study that was involved with our accreditation I said this is amazing and the accrediting team came and as they focused on everything or as it to one of the things that they said was amazing they said you know this total community involvement thing that testimony that are happening are just amazing you know you need to really profile this in your report other schools should be doing this sometimes we think all we need to do this and that to impress other people but maybe just doing what Jesus ask you to do is impressive enough is there research yeah you know there's there's research. That also backs this up John Wesley Taylor one graduate of Wiemar now an associate education director general conference covered this in his last visit to Wiemar service participation so significant positive effects on an 11 outcome measures academic performance G.P.A. writing skills values commitment to activism promoting racial understanding self efficacy leadership leadership activity self rated leadership ability interpersonal skills choice of service career wow we're introduced to all kinds of ethnic folks all kinds of world views it is exciting to know how it into than good I was in the liquor store the other day I visit there often now. And I went into the liquor store and I said Hi my name's Don I'm I'm the pastor of your liquor store. Lady looked at me like What are you talking about I said well you know there's only one church here and we mar and there's only one liquor store and so we have to start working together and I think we're all both of us at least the common and I say we're both representing spirits. The ladies this lad said to me and I said I believe I'm representing at least at times the Holy Spirit and I noticed here in your in your store you have some orange juice of course to make you know some kind of drink out of but he said I want to commend you for the orange juice. And notice that you have fostered over here and I just say that I think we should be drunk in the spirit and I would say the Holy Spirit and she goes you know I don't go to church I say why not and she told me the story of what happened 3040 years ago in the church we're developing a relationship and I believe God's leading and that he can't really lead if you're not involved in service this is not service that necessarily is along your line but it's what God wants you to do how many you want to be involved in service take heed of thy self the doctrine continue in them for in doing this you say by self and them that here the SO look at the double blessing of service I want to show you a clip one of our. Students made of what. What happened inside our is but look at what's happening in the community it's so. I'm tired of being a fake Chris and. I'm tired of just going through the motions and not really. Practicing what I believe. We're college students we hang out we have fun and we can really know but at the end of the day there's something missing. To call ourselves Christians there's not enough we have to live. So one day a week to institute as a whole staff and students take 4 hours out of their day to go do ministry 100 percent dedicated to others even though it's only been a few weeks it's already making a huge impact on our lives and on the campus. We decided to go help a lady who is actually a member of the Lions Club from Colfax and she works a lot with the schools and she actually needed some help herself with her yard. Fortunately her husband passed away and actually 3 people died of cancer in her life recently some hard times unable to keep up unable to do a lot of these things she really doesn't have anyone to help her out so we decided to fill that. Leaves here. You know even though Reiki may not. In the most glorious thing you do it's amazing how something so insignificant can make such an impact during a fantastic I don't know why are you saying Why use a word fantastically because I don't even recognize it. I think Danny sweet just as we were out doing outreach we were giving handing out flyers for diabetes classes and she just started opening up and pouring out her life story she has all of these deep questions that she's of wrestling with like Is God really there and I don't know why you believe in this guy and her 1st sense of humor because why would he let me go through all had it been 3 or she shared with me that she was planning to move up to Oregon and take off and just try to find a better life up there and I said hey well I could bring some friends over we'd be happy to help you out move on your stuff and pack and she was just like really really wish you could see that. I took all afternoon but the whole time she was saying how she saw in us true Christians and she hadn't seen them before my sisters and I are now starting to conversational You know there might be a god just because of the people that we've made that we mark. And I don't know how else to say but you know that's just the way it is when you on the outside looking in wishing that you had a god but you can't really have one because you run up against something horrific. To meet Christians that aren't her or if it is something truly special. The most important work I can be doing is out there meeting people and not necessarily pouring over my nursing books. Or. God wants me I think to. On the front lines I'm praying that you T.C. and you we can surely reveal that your character and his. Grades might be fine or leave his home well it's light into the thick where. They're still passing they're in cliques exams 100 percent of every grads are the nursing program has passed they're still doing well on their M cats but they're also doing well on something that's more important than both of those and that is an ongoing commitment to service remember that guy we visited the 1st time I told you he said could you baptize us in his wife's about ready to be baptized she's got enough narcotics and still struggling a little bit was smoking but he was the 1st fruits from our team and there's many others and all the teams now they've moved from serving them to giving studies to many of them they're telling me where we've got this Bible study started it took about a year and a half sometimes for people to even start talking about that as we just served within the confines confines of what they wanted service they naturally began asking the question what about your deeper spiritual values what causes you to do this 1st of all from an incredulous statement of what's wrong with you and then to more inquisitive Where can I get that spirit how can I have the joy you have my team it's interesting some of our community members have said I just want to go out with You Can I go out with you and we've had up to 5 community members that we serve before now working with us and serving others and they get a great joy in doing that and now I've started saying hey look let's raise some money and I invite them to come to the Institute for lunch as my guest. And then I gave him a tour of all the buildings this is I just did this 3 times now and after I did that and that's their right I showed them and they were they wanted to know what about this and what about that I show them that and then guess what they felt comfortable coming to church then because they already visited the church when nobody was in it and 3 of them came last weekend for the very 1st time and I just want to say share with you that that's that's kind of my testimony. Selfish focused only on what I was doing compartmentalising life just like it was in that story but now when I walk down the street when I walk from my house to the institute I know everybody on the street I don't know I'm not only know what their house looks like on the outside I know what it looks like on the inside and I know what they look like as a person I know their family and I know what their struggles are and I know what to pray for and I enjoy taking walks in my little neighborhood because these are not now just my neighbors they're people who know me and I know them and they know my students and we love them if you want to be involved in a life of service that's organic not capricious not impulsive remember that true joy can be found only in unselfish service let's pray. That have a North thank you today for addressing my selfishness my pride I need more work in that area and maybe there are some others here today that need that same work or some listening I'm certainly no model and the only role model is you and as we look at you you didn't just take a half a day to be involved in your community. It it every day what a radical difference might come if we looked at the world like you do thank you for this group of committed Christians clinicians pastors teachers whoever is here thank you for every thing in their life that you have accomplished but if they are like me today we ask to be even more deeply converted give us and even greater desire give me an even greater desire. To be like you. In Christ name we write. 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