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The Secret to Surviving the Coming Economic Earthquake

Dwight Nelson


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • October 30, 2009
    11:15 AM
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thank you for our Friday afternoon through Hunlock think about this momentous power in human history that we we can put in this way we got the luck of the draw we need to be living at this time inverse history wasn't me this crazy economy how do we relate to that frightening it is true what are you saying to us in the midst of this fiscal meltdown make make our time together in today's teaching clear Christ's glory reprint his then you come in grab us that were sweet but they say guys actually just put right by Karen there and humanity in the back are that this is a medical professional gathering data about a hospital in Japan saving those you come in and grab study guides and FAQs are in the blue shirt would you mind being the one that grabbed is when people come in behind you just tell them not to grab a study guide bless you thank you large hospital city hospital neonatal unit somebody put up a sign right outside you going into those precious charges as little babies they wanted alert the employees just a reminder to the sign read the first five minutes of life are critical hallelujah strewn Greg your family practice it would be right first five minutes of life are critical that signs up for days on it someone came along and scribbled under these words in the last five minutes Angel Heidi there is a zone I believe we are living today very close to the last five minutes respective region and Mister to say that someone to get that out right here the beginning to look at some numbers right now I believe the story of the US economy may be the most significant story to unfold prophetic reality I started collecting on news pieces since March of oh eight the Bear Stearns meltdown remember that when Amaya college classmates works for the general conference insurance so he was watching on watch in our run material from Pioneer on the Internet they sent me an e-mail on Sabbath afternoon after watching whatever he said Wednesday that this economy right now and this is that guys March oh eight Wright right now there are forty five trillion that's any room that's when the G forty five trillion unsecured dollars of credits in the United States alone forty five excluding unsecured credit dollars per year where he earned his astronomical numbers now and for a moment before we take a look at these three sequences about in the coming economic earthquake I wanted to step four what is a trillion please continue to explain this to me after this way if you took a stack of a thousand dollar bills tight right by the way the government full of the thousand dollar bills out nineteen sixty nine who boy counterfeiting normally go for the twenty dollar bill if you took a stack of thousand dollar bills put them tight the nine et seq. would be three million and they may have a thousand by the way thousands thousands are fatal how high would a stack and problem going to go near how high would a stack be for a million dollars for just this is in the state a bunch of his dynamic forces a stack with thousand dollar bills before deciding to know you are right but find out what about what about a billion dollars facing the same thousand dollars euros how high would a billion dollars pilot four inches four million and billion okay for your VI three hundred feet high for one billion dollars for a trillion dollars and bright scientists and mathematicians how is it for a trillion dollars sixty three my heels I would even with our about this tomorrow morning when we get into the series the Temple were talk about the exponential here just because getting on IBS like that but you need sixty three trillion and that's a sixty mile credit for just one trillion and can't believe the number of her daughter and it in the news that would abandon the better value drain anymore a what the trades and often said that the thousand dollars stack of sixty three miles I went today and into his website down US debt clock .org our right US debt clock .org those eagerly make sure you get a study guide we haven't start of the study got out yet were just about ready to plunge in so what does the medicines that you begin with limited guys and in the Saturday as of Wednesday is my mentor 's dad migrated by Wednesday eleven nine three eight trillion dollars that's our national debt okay so at eleven thousand sixty three miles we got Europe in seven hundred miles into the stratosphere with just a thousand dollar bills stacked high blood in it you are striving to forget the government this is private get our debt as American citizens and sixteen seven six five million dollars that's what we all weekend I would pay off theoretically right the notice is underfunded liabilities in our nation yesterday Social Security is in the Medicare very now one hundred and five million dollars of unfunded liabilities United States of America and to the point is we have no clue we have absolutely zero close at how far we are indebted economically speaking and my weight went up and only America is not about UK is another about it at European Union is not about China nothing about Japan nothing about Korea all in the United States unbelievable how do we help out a lot we always know what almost a trillion of treasury the job itself China Japan and what was the third country now remember I know China Japan and me Marty sold the store with all our souls to the world now the replacement unit of measure this is the coconut notices and eighty quote from obviously the pain you heard this number right here in a chilly forecast the White House is predicting a ten year federal deficit raising him this is not the debts but that is already approaching twelve trying to invite the week is over we had twelve trends that's just what we owe this is this is the difference between income and outgo okay so they are now printed meeting the ministry related tenure federal deficit of nine trillion dollars according back to the debt of twenty one I heard up to twenty three you will be will be in hock now we understand the credit crisis focus on how to document the largest outlay in American history here's what were going to write now but it nine major US fiscal event Louisiana purchase Korean War Vietnam War okay the Marshall plan nine major US fiscal events taught them all up here's what we spent three hundred three ninety two trillion World War II Excel three six trillion now here comes the bailout for the mess we've been in since March of oh eight right around the end of the Bush ministration September October and in the new administration here is the tune of the trip out of a lot now twelve seven nine nine trillion trillion we don't know the numbers anymore as they did they just do there beyond human comprehension that you got this quote out as a James Howard Kunstler the number probably now hopeless American will never be able to be America are my typing America will never be able to cover its current outstanding debt it is humanly impossible to pay off is that you understand and I it cannot be paid off it just cannot be paid off what was that happened who knows we have already begun the finance another man who I didn't know all the agitated and worry will be activated only words that started at his first is no the greatest depression in history is blowing into the G7 these are the top seven economic powers on the planet Diane Ross is another one the global recession will turn into a full-blown depression Nico products JCL and one asset management meant to say this CNBC market was I see you're never going to get the full economic impact was going on to the established media right now what because they have to try to drum this thing back up Wall Street desperately needs a rally but you know what even if Wall Street rallies it doesn't do a thing with a twelve trillion it doesn't do a little arrest our pocket with this country government reports okay is my nice economist based de jure government reports point to fiscal doomsday I downloaded this day let's is a Bear Stearns March oh eight I been finding these financial sites subscribing to them and added that a guy named John Modlin who puts out some good material if you're interested in the economy you'll find out about you'll find a way to find out about and that you professionals already are very concerned about the finances you probably are in touch of all this event this is a review for you twenty reasons that I just got this this week Paul Ferro and by way can you believe is MarketWatch the staid CBS economic God website MarketWatch carried his blog and I blogged on this and visit my blog for this weekend twenty reasons on America has lost his soul and collapse is inevitable but it is starting to hear more more voices of individuals who are raising the concern are we aware as Americans what's going down I the merchants of the earth will we and more overheard because no one buys their cargoes anymore there's a whole lot and not prophecy there is no Luddite economy you can use in extrapolating about the economy but here is a direct economic pinpoint it this is Revelation eighteen this is a collapse of Rome the global alliance the goal of the related geopolitical alliance clearly there is an economic impact the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore James five to one but that when it was pretty harsh on the wealthy as I thought it leave it off James five exchange five is just a sword thrust because it is the appointed days I budget them that the the wages you have held right out like Keynes blood from the ground and got to the youth that is definitely a slaughter sickos that you want to read public but I route I was reminded these were no white I find a desolate page thirteen they are not met there are not many intellectual when I read these words I think of our president I think of the brightest brightest talents on this planet around him and the other leaders of this of this earth and I see on their thorough browse this dislike I know when to try this I think of this quotation there are not many even among educators and statesmen who comprehend the causes underlying the present that underlie the present state of society those who hold the reins of government are not able to solve the problems they are struggling in vain the place business operations on a more secure basis places on a camping it's not rocket science now they just need to the numbers can be eliminated were too far and that now we can keep masking this week and he knew that putting another mandates in another mandate in another mandates but you are our medical pros know if there comes a time when the hemorrhage is so strong that all bandits in the world cannot stanch the bloodletting and push the birds off and him Paris what were seeing today and I'm not in a prime noneconomists and I'm not a politician but what were seeing today the greatest minds on earth in vain but are desperately trying to put everything back in a secure basis that day is gone I believe for ever and ever amen so what's can happen between now and then hold on to seek God we are in for the greatest ride in history this earth a complainant on the complainant but I am reminded that what happens to earth happens to church but it is a small moment of it right now just predicts famine drought audios and unanimously millionaire you will not get an array that using my phase goodbye he's gone guess what either the prophet Elijah is forced to live in a world in drought and famine supernaturally got sent some birds to get Keegan said but even the brook where the water was coming from eventually what Brian the chosen the chosen a stock in a world in the judgment there's no pass for some of them is Christopher William ninety member manager various supportive of the local variation I'm sure doubt they care me that any bra under his economic meltdown my friend just remember Elijah God will take care review that doesn't mean keeping you afloat economically at the level you are today we will melt down with the world and what self vitamins a good other the seminar this is good news for good health is awful him stand to get me out here know the good news government no don't get all agitated right so three secrets to survive and become economic earthquake secret number one Tuesday to adopt a study guide for leaving that come in please in that study guide so that you haven't shown it like the plague not a way beyond death in the young everything or website the unchurched .tv network television ministry but all the study guide all the videocast everything this year has been on not on the television they let alone the little awkward to get up today's a something that the seminar thing kind of neither one wanted as the day-to-day weird officers could you doing here so I don't come as a expert in economics but I do come with some very good news in regards I want to do that good news now let's go directly to verse seventeen NIV the rich rule over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender duty developers in a moment starting a study guide notes jotted down but is not something the borrower is a slave to the lender we just noted twelve trillion dollars of indebtedness sixteen strata of private debt in the United States alone sixteen trillion at the truth Romans thirteen percent and give everyone what you all video taxes pay taxes and revenue the revenue of respect and respect Donovan are elected to let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt to love one another for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law became Jane says oh no man anything but you know I think that's a little harsh commemorative and in the twenty first century third millennium we do all you had to get out of we just are not the met Craig over I get his residency in family practice to get out of med school he probably had a debt or to write that nobody pays his way through med school for dental school or what have you so I likely the rendition here let no debt remain outstanding Google and in that you have to go in and at just don't let it remain outstanding Stetson ago and it was a way that secret number one a big the secret number one will have a BNC would you get this down please first rising to get out of debt but of course this jot it down get out of debt got to look at it and eventually get out of all that local environment these are schools with articles in the moment get out of debt undemocratic are so all you put the house all day about my practice all that good at it it is just that this one to view these credit card debt and he was a grown man cry I can come in my office in the final Royal church 's parents were physician and they made a mistake in giving the credit car we went off to Andrews says parents Greg R I sent healing abuses under special science correspondent and understand he's in my office and he's weeping you don't know what you go online now and that you can order right there is no exchange of anything all you have to do is give a credit card number hits and you have purchased and enough forty eight hours initiative almost overnight whatever it is you want to go it's in your room in today's you can't believe what I want are one of our young marrieds run the business dealing concerned about the NASA you cannot know that it doesn't bother him him will he struggling just to survive personally fifty thousand dollars of credit card debt I know it's nothing anymore fifty thousand dollars it was an grown men cry what do these credit cards Dave Ramsey ever heard in the running in a pioneer open it up to the public integrate modeling is needed that are our local church leaders and sure all of you are the Ramsey it's not analogous approach to storage and trust me but it's a very engaging approach that can draw people off the street and into your little church building on a Monday night which we were doing right now my own at seventy couples seventy two couple Shona hay was seventy two couples that want their money ninety four it's an engaging way anything to talk finance he's going to talk about God he's not a quote down why do you not have hit the stewardship and angle were donated from but that's okay it's an open door survey Ramsey in his treatment of debt that is run some month of material by you he says what we got to do is we got it when we got of performing effectively we can get into a plastic me get that plastic cut out your life so that down have a plastic to me with you about financial counselors are to Amana woman agreed to eliminate credit card debt is to quit using your credit card you got to cut that plastic up and go by the rule cash only some of you might feel a little pinch year because were start to talk about where it might be affecting your life right now occur to me just with our voices got married in August now little girl came and she was is in tears she's married to a medical U.S. Army Rangers then down at Fort Knox in Kentucky here and know those kids bless her heart there's a schizoid three twenty four but they've gotten themselves into trouble with that credit card you know it when we talk about debt it's a four letter word and always begin to squirm just a little rant to say letting to get the plastic out a lot what is safe to say that but I only use it because I pay it off every month good for you but what Ramsey and thought there is no positive side of credit card use you will spend twelve job is down twelve to eighteen percent more need to use credit cards or cash even if you pay your card on every single month just having the card is negative but the foot on the gas and you accelerate your not there's no break when you use and that green stuff is coming out your purse out your wallet your thinking about every one of those your land are just nothing about with a credit card and I can fill my car for forty five dollars still enough to care back in my wallet but if I were laying forty five one dollar bills then and I guess station trust me I would be but twenty and in the time as it is I know I don't go over thirty I got this is this thing against fellow companies are not ever going over thirty and not that I give you merit again and again EOE merits and they said that I didn't he was at the joint indicating they said that Mister Blair we got your beans in four pieces it wouldn't cut it in eight pieces which is good for recent cut in for I could never eat eggs that are I self-fulfilling up twenty dollars a course is a moral statement I thought it is hard for me to present more use credit cards or cash if you have to use plastic wrap his commodities and enterprises are traveled by way we went to pick up our railcar here at Nashville at the in Knoxville debit card accepted these to be always protected that a car you got it but that are credited to Google from the long with another women have ideas that does card for travel indicator dreaming is a boring something over the Internet or phone other than that these cash right there we go number two always pay more than the minimum by a talkative group of professionals will hasten to this but I bet University three thousand five hundred university students in my parish so that we can like everybody here needs a little reminder pay more than the minimum you understand the credit card companies are loan sharks the understandability all they want all they want is that payment that payment is designed to keep the mnemonics forever and ever amen it's intensely low you never pay off would it finance charges up in your regular please so pay more than the minimum don't don't be stuck in the minimum never treat happy credit cards beginning with the lowest balance in order to experience success as soon as possible my son-in-law was a a forty months in Baghdad came back with TBI dramatic brain injury luck with a cane now sleep apnea and amend the villagers try to decide what to do within the vicinity of Fort Lewis Washington he may get a medical discharge maybe medical retirement not sure over the next sixty days say a prayer for Andrew if you could please but they got a Social Security disability check already and secrecy called up one or two so said today that the sentences some money from Social Security and argued off one credit card because I told to start with the with the smallest balance is paid off because it feels good to pay off to get you going right I reduce interest rate guess what they will in order to keep you in their end thereof the clutches and tentacles to keep you the next follows they will negotiate down the interest rate if you call you back don't go through a finance don't go through a debt management company I think I may become because they'll kill you go directly to the credit card numbers out one lower rate otherwise in default and you're stuck with my bit oh well yes sir what's with what would you like they don't want to lose you we can afford to lose you are the way that the next shoe to drop credit card of the credit card bubble when anything explodes these companies are held with massive debts where can I so know what you do fire us all right performing this illustrative number five beware the debt settlement companies then they are vicious they will return your calls during to make money building the build try to represent you don't don't go that don't go down that road I was listening to NPR once at our university stations of the know what was it but maybe some of you heard an NPR report on these payday storefronts in many cities to your patients stay away from those payday storefronts legalize okay signing information you need to your patients if you have patient by way of developing underpayments to you and happen you know doesn't you know you know what the default rate is for fees for medical fees same thing you can even provide his counsel to people that user talk to somebody talk to somebody is a great quote from James schlock Sherlock Scurlock Dawkins book next out maybe it's because or Dave Ramsey called the intense shame that everybody feels about their vices the false certainty that everyone else has got it all together I know you guys amending that a member you mean this seminar because everything I got there on our breakout this year just for curiosity sake you feel shame over the net or maybe it's what Bob the debtors anonymous member I interviewed told me that is simply not a socially separable topics one can talk about one sex life or even one's drug addiction as though it were fashionable but holding onto one's financial troubles me being ostracized in the world of polite conversation I didn't do that but the key point you're going to have to be able to talk about it talk to somebody don't suffer alone you have to go to get you to have to go to somebody in the office you have to go to somebody in the church and talk to somebody effective that there is an eight hundred number there are just as diverse as the first step to help because I don't talk about it I cannot articulate my needed nobody would help me make the name you got to be like figuring to the national comfort consumer credit this is not this is not a loan shark outfit this is help to get on a toll-free number to get in the study got to call someone to talk to somebody you can talk to the doctor somebody integers on the respect them even around the entire issue for a while somebody will hold confidences talk to that person said no way were really feeling right now could you help train me through this is nothing more you haven't had a voice before the throne of grace on your behalf to Jesus as their seven eight percent twenty five hundred twenty four seven he ever lives to make intercession for us to talk to God but sometimes you need to talk to human don't be too embarrassed to say we got a debt problem going on spent a lot of time at student loan debt some apply through this but that is a candidate and those needed Benjamin school have that debt don't pay more than happy for college of this is just for colleges let me just run this by doping more than happy for college they debuted at this review ran a piece this last March or April on debt and interviewed a student from middle school name is Sue and she left metal with printed thousand at which I brought is not a huge amount is a huge that is you don't get since he left Mexico with a three cipher not know if she left that school with a equivalent of a house the payoff for education is not about now she learned about this and this and this and this because he can somehow confront that debt but if you're going to the school and severe thing about changing error a career delivered a career shift and listen don't don't pay more than you have to don't go plunging in just for the sake and get another degree be careful not be more than for cause not the number two course revenue means you that you can't discriminate Nancy Batson on your patience live within your means number three prioritize your debt what's that mean will take the lowest interest rates now are not under the credit card thing is a little one off the student debt is asked to your cheapest debt your rates should be the lowest rated loans so put those the whole limit to get rid of those loansharking debts that are consuming you get rid of those credit cards as fast as you can student you come to the government wants to hang on to you and so that they can work with you but get rid of the treatment of the Baha'i finance charge that please avoid impulse purchases say before you buy advanced interesting to talk about young on that students coming out of coming out of med school thinking you know I have an image now I don't drive like I'm a doctor I got a leave and what it is like a doctor and so they are incurring massive amounts of added that the unstable just for the sake of making a statement of the community where they're going with her headed to forget it forget the statement you are who you are you just out of school and you have massive debts and your concentrate on those debts thank you before you start pursuing other needs avoid impulse purchases say before you buy this accountability Council I was very effective if you're in a low crunch time now and you have to have something in the daytime famous for having spent a few months pulling that equivalent of the timeframe it out and see how you live input that in savings but see how you lived without that time payment in your budget if you make a few months a year this really isn't too bad you might be located on a timeframe after he delivered a three hundred eleven dollars a month the parties after three months we were doing okay without their eleven month as the Council avoided both purchases and provided your credit card wife is not intuitive I think you can afford but it's good you just forget that while we would weekend papers will misuse of credit card okay now write the checks we began with you are no words the borrower is slave to the lender as Proverbs twenty two seven the wise menu is talking about any of the borrower is slave to the lender and then jot down Romans thirteen eight let no debt remain outstanding secret number one in get out of debt Sigrid ever want to be standing there now this one I hope will be helpful for you are right now the best way to stay out of debt just this town is to quit looking at the ads don't need those ads are masterfully designed by psychologists to you to want what you don't need that this will not Jerry what's his lenses less any manner that no manner gerrymandered on the top agencies ad agency San Francisco wrote a book for arguments for the elimination of television by way I did my being Amazon.com it is deliberate got to read the book for arguments for the elimination of television buddies talk about how television works in advertising exhibited bad TV only to purvey what people don't need to do I have to see an ad to tell me I should be bread today practicing at all I should brush my teeth I forgot all about that thank you television I do know I need to brush my teeth what you need you don't need marketing for you are you will go and do it inherent it's what you don't need that you be marketing for because you will go and do it unless somebody gets you to think you needed to anyone who needs whenever whatever people do need they will find that advertising the gone advertising is discontent or to put it another way an internal scarcity of contentment like that way careful and universities you have every disciplines and now their interrogation if I got my foot this up the spring of one of our marketing professors under the guise of PhD 's in marketing is it what you know you making you made marketing look like a sometimes evil force among us was that it is a sick members please was marketing to violence it's truly defines products that it identifies a product I always wanted by that car so now you know that car exist I suppose there's a certain element of that but I'm much more cynical lazy jump the ads are intended to make me need what I never needed before need but I never needed before our eyes that's another great book for Israel and elimination of television what's what's what's the antidote all facilities for verse eleven that old warrior creature the apostle Paul not saying this because I'm in need for I have learned that it is outlawed for I have learned to be content what ever the circumstances and what do I know what it is to be me and I know what it is to have like-minded and other double-sided up and I learned the secret of being content in any every situation whether welfare hungry whether living in plenty or in want for mind to allow love this circle is in your Bible God will meet all your needs by way but the word air needs and wants my guy will meet all your needs are according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus and that an amen how they promise God is going to take care of you and leave policies look at I learned the secret of being content he was not a Zen Buddhist he was a Christian but I learned in my walk with Christ that I can be content with what I have if I have a little unsympathetic and I have much of the content however whatever state I'm in pain that doesn't means West Virginia Kentucky Michigan whatever state financially on man I learned to be content and contentment as a client state of mind based upon a simple way of life when you come under the guaranty with that is due out by the weight of the ball is much more glorious for some reason of north than it is now here is a video videos now here's my script and come up in business but when you come to visit a business rival do not have to see our garage I beg of you please somehow apparently it is true that the storage space in your home is inversely proportional to the length of time in your house to get I mean it's a mess what a week some content Granderson embarrassment of the human race why do we have to have on this and why is it in the garage we had half as a matter of what's on the agenda is a glycated mind is based upon a simple way of life my God will supply all your needs when you reduce your wants then your content address guide with your needs this reduced once dressed we need we do she wants customer needs you refine your link to make right and this is not a C for figure number one live out of debts of the first one that is unknown this is about a debt you annotate what this means that the treatment that slows the droid right live out of debt that means live out of a sense of indebtedness one oh one not theologically the Forsythe turn of the nineteenth and twenty century gratings writer Forsyth made appointment down in motion and test is a sense of indebtedness that the dominant emotion invested a sense of indebtedness ladies and gentlemen we are in massive debt to the God of this universe that's the point but it argues that it is our greatest of all treasuries elicit the whole treasury of heaven is open to those gods exist save me collected the riches on this love is having collected the riches of the universe had laid open the resources of infinite power to use them all the hands of Christ Jesus Jesus all these are for the human race use these gifts to convince man and woman that there is no greater love than mine in heaven or earth is meeting our greatest happiness will be found in loving God the entire treasury of heaven has been empty for the human race when you say that amuses in a name conference what do they live in a stalled treasure in heaven but German narratives when you realize that God has emptied his treasury to save you and may not say what that will reduce our wants faster than anything else while I would like to have everything and everything I have everything I need is wrapped up in the Lord Jesus Christ the whole treasury of heaven have you there is secret number one thing a breath secret number two figure number two go over the head a warm buffet there that website again go over the head of Warren Buffett yielded mass usually do that that's our man weatherman warned Buffett for the magazine ran a piece on him in the date which is tailored about Warren Buffett age seventy I met a man rather seventy seven source shot happily on his big investment house in the Omaha County 's citizenship United States residents Omaha industry investments Merrill says widow remarried three children education you receive Nebraska Lincoln Doctor Martz the University master signs of America's most beloved investor is now the world 's richest man sword passed for an original under Bill Gates has shares of Berkshire Hathaway climbed twenty five percent since the middle of last July so Nebraska politician deliver newspapers as a boy file first tax return at age thirteen claiming thirty five dollars deduction for his bicycle pretty good dedicated hat he just had it from the get-go he knew what to do with money present worth sixty two billion dollars that were not how I was in second and billion dollars more than through every so and so did you guys intervene that come a thousand dollar bills he owns a time which is worth sixty two million dollars so let's just say Warren Buffett somehow found out you were Damon to Gatlinburg and he disagrees it is a cumulative phone numbers from those people that even conferencing is your phone number call you up this next week is a lesson on warm-up and I know we have met I noted that you talk to him on the phone was working in the finances in Los Angeles he suggests that these at any university now remember me when he talked with Mister Hathaway said he's quite a crusty old guy on this gives reverse a partner his so let's just say that you got warm bath ratifies a second digital numbers are pretty impressive you display name I can tell you somebody special the citizen I got sixty two million worth of one hundred to be all right with you if I take my sixty two billion and I put it up as a surety case anything ever happens to you would you be amenable to my thinking my sixty two billion and put it up as assured in case you ever you need to I may not be that they the most colorful crayon in the box but I would say something like him to be very simple to you before about the chemicals with an offer just say yes Mister Buffett think about you today and Friday and you call me why yes please at least pluralistic agenda in transition the figures I ever write it in a tiny big money behind me they got the point don't you get the point that's the point that's the point we just do the Bible story reminded with that point is to let the regime and set up her hair using a heap of trouble guys run when he reaches certain places the night because the sunset old boy and guess what happened when the stone theory put it under his head and asleep your dream in which he saw staircase resting on the air for this top reaching the heaven and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it there above it at the top of the ladder still the Lord Almighty himself and he said God to the sleep being she violated on the instead of the Jacob was a cheap did you also know my way was a liar did you also know he was a deceiver is all those thing did you come up with the Lord God Almighty stands at the top of that letter needs as I am the Lord God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac I will give you and your descendents a land in which you align your descendents will be like the dust of the earth and you will spread out to the west of the East and in the North and the South Shelby was on earth we bless to you and your offspring I guess I J I will watch over you wherever you go and I will bring you back to this land and I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised to you amen you know you got that call mercy is what Louis was thinking about this morning call grace given me and see me alive even BSO players are even be a deceiver Curtis passed currently being run economy alive for a long time to follow by the way even the all of the above gotten back into business with you I can do business with you bless you through this holy and when I bring you back is never ethical grace mercy have mercy exactly got down Jacob takeaways of an agreement case is surely the Lord is in the company where he was afraid how awesome is this place this is none other than the house of God this is a good atmosphere Jacobs of the stony place hundreds any set it up as a report oil on the top of any call that place Bethel bathhouse Al God is a God did the city used to be called his name Jacob made about a watch this same God will be with me and will watch over me on this journey I am taking through the middle and even closer with the director Xavier my father is also in the Lord will be my God and is told that I have said that there will be gotten out and I'll let you dear God give me I will give you the tenth machine it feels good feels like a deliberate quid pro quo going on here in this for that you deserve me it is for you that Jacob is out of absolute all the guys doing business with you that it have to say you give me something to get another time is zero if you get me something I get back to you I will give it back to you amazing amazing story apparently and here's what I want to detect fleas it's okay to allow and crisis to forge a new compact between you and God so we are going to an economic challenge right now and with this teaching it will not examine is going to cut it close to your mind and your heart is okay is good news right after this at the beginning it's okay to allow economic crisis to force a new compact between you and God said it was a enough was actually really ultrathin when God shall become to God when we truly love him and are happy to be within fifteen and you know how often we be away from if we do that now we are human Kayla God you get me out of this mess but also moved by Doctor Kim is a story today was not submit testimony mercy is happening in verse but a lot of times it's a necklace that we are now Cleveland and even you get me out of this I'll be yours forever and ever just helped save my marriage bring my children home make this practice work and will be together will be buds apparently it's okay to even do that apparently crisis is not a bad time for you to come back that every crisis you think about it is a call for renewed contact with God every crisis is a call for renewed contact with God but they let the only thing worse than turning to God in a crisis is not turning to God in a crisis to living worse some crisis is in your life right now turn it like you never had to intensify intensify your relationship with Jesus crises are God 's way of saying a CS Lewis 's the grizzlies of your prosperity God whispers in paying the megaphone that is an ever caused the crisis has been very clear about Lucifer 's role in all of this mess were in a Gotshal crisis is right there saying calling you and me every crisis is a call to renew carbon guy just is whether Jacob in the midst of a crisis got dropped especially Muriel S talking with her crisis right now my latest attempt at economic and can be marital it can be social it can be physical you know what you believe your office the leader office and sometimes it's a meltdown as you well know you go home that night feeling great that you know somebody went home to his wife today with the bad news is in a physical meltdown that whatever the crisis some of us are going to a crisis right now the good news is in the midst that God draws especially near to us hallelujah so what Jacob do you mean about us okay got to be with me watch over me take care may I need food I need food and close I got it back safely this tone does the Soviets is that society we make out and you are not at all that you give me of all that you give me I will return attempts to you as a recognition of God as his Savior and sustainer Jacob offers back to God one ten of his income okay got your message and you are my sustainer but it is the Jacob Internet filing into a nonevent I heard about it from his program framework you remember Abraham but because it died your knew that human great-granddaughter sticking assailant seventh brought out bread and wine he was a priest of God most high any blessed Abram and his Blessed be Abram I got was I created heaven and earth and praise be to God was time delimited reason you hand that Abraham gave him a tenth of everything that Abraham is the first recorded instance of that it wasn't a martyr between Jacob and God alone it really wasn't a bargain Jacob was just out of overwhelming gratitude but but for Abraham it was an act of worship is having a communion service right here is worshiping the most I got specific violated a RAM return type is great but grateful act of worship before God wears Jacob gave it as a grateful active partnership with Jeff Staley got stay with me get me through this life humans have everything on the way what's wrong that it renders the guidance of vitamin taken digs and I need you all the way stay with to do very different motivations but God got honors and will the government has assigned to finance with the wisest man on earth sigh Warren Buffett not humans on the wisest and richest man on earth said onto the Lord really well the firstfruits of all your crops of Abraham 's new shaky to have invented this page is present in Montevideo and overflowing and your vats of Brentwood I needed it it definitely got to have you have the response of gratitude for divine blessings that Abraham best drivers three nine but the very next verse progress three ten describes a human request ingratitude for more divine blessing testing so there's nothing wrong when he returned inside and out of the envelope in a church where you worship is nothing wrong with using got it been so good to me and you throw that if you drop that in the offering that his account by visiting his or passing it be dropping it does nothing while we think God stay with me stay with me and wouldn't you we got some rough seas ahead I'm really need you to be my sustainer okay guys I got a set of primers three ninety three member of his redemptive Pritikin soliciting a single organism this is an almost unbelievable unfathomable promise of God makes Will a mere mortal rob God that you run me it is always make you feel bad and the current activities of the more rough system what were once were and what the softer language Ron please note your Vietnamese rough were sitting around in all matters I thought at least I thought it in the Disney where was this I got it somewhere how then can you believe that this is true does it to strike this down and not just north of Miami listed as North America Palm Beach woman searching for Houston Iraq Zachman the care that she put her WebCam up in a corner house so that when she went to work she could log on Michigan waters have been in her house so this way you will ever get back again there was a homicide at the massive and Rob one nature strike just a few months ago she's looking on her as she deliberated their work at a computer she looked in her living room she said was a gut shot it was another neck tell me to better house the sensitivity sure that it will buy again signaling the kitchen open refrigerator and her watchdog is standing right there was anything I cc all nicely called 911 and notably as they arrive at my home origin of the field I'm watching them go back 911 comes in its roundhouse when these two guys come out that the only squad car to wait for what have we robbed you take something that does not belong to you remains to be real fancier when he says he brought me he means you've taken something that belongs to me either years but wanted to ask you about it with all your fine finger discount here in the know the mere mortal rob got it you rob me we talk about God but you ask how we robbing you and ties and offerings we all know this droplet is presented either in size and offerings just like Thomas got really owns the big empty is it your risk the goal here is slightly these accepted to restate what is I think the silver is mine the gold is mine legal system in the world 's mind the goal of this world is my all currencies my whole axis on thirty percent of the cat on a thousand hills are my cattle on a thousand hills in my infinitely from the last reports we got the hills under the cattle are also his lead in Canada thousand Hills are my citizens on twenty four of the earth is the Lord everything in the world and all the limits all saw on my unbelievable and you and God says guess what you have it all lobby that got got it right in the this is my father 's world it really is it is his from stem to stern this is my funds were he got the whole world in his hands there there there is something in our independent human spirit is as you know what I really not really keen on this because look like I was holding me hostage he owns everything I got nothing what's the problem with this I don't like this arrangement now know this was not new with you and me is visiting this week twenty we may not remain just as defending the Lord took the man and woman can put them in the garden to work and to take care of it the enemy to take it it's mine you manage it the summary of practices that business managers can work for very practices were for the standard practice for run for around seventeen years are twins Lauren Lohan Baldwin defended back to specialize in that great but at a higher manager manages it does nothing but matters of practice and the managers never confused thinking that I'm really doing well managers and it is no confusion the manager knows everything in this thing here on the books belongs to the practice and is managing but guess what people love to manage the flow of energy in the wrong literal when you find out they got a little think that's the best job in the world now is the only one left him and he owns everything is another way of the house you do the honors the really that that's a point when you take care someone else's property you are an owner in a robbery at your steward or manager what's wrong with being a steward or manager to the word stewards so use the word today manager visits a professor position you did a very good bucks to be a manager to high honor this when you're a kid growing up and when your kid growing up how much did you load them in the truth zero zero not nothing but you know what that was good news is you never have to worry about how the family finances when an because your dad was a guy that had to worry about it one is that why you think they'd be bad for your him he'll lose everything Jeanette on everything Monday I will worry you tell me you ever develop an ulcer as an eight -year-old is ever worried you ever did you ever develop tachycardia because you struggling for the gradations of light has a nine -year-old why does you worry my dad my dad is doing at all that's the point that's the point would just register that we as the audience for storage managers got designed that God designed inside to be as direct contact with him he's our CFO what's it will stand for chief financial officer Peter CFO only does the CEO is a CFO and we are his administrative assistance that's how we are not around being an administrative assistant the best job around we are his administrative assistants got to say an example with the meaning may Garcia thought this is what it means when we return his one ten okay at that number there went to when we return is one sent back to him we recognize this ten percent ownership of us and he's one hundred percent partnership with us there are one of the sixty two billion dollars these that I might put that behind you you will have sixty million is your security femininity just call me if I got a sixty two million where this dog came from sixty two more billion of these what's the word got to say I'm a hundred percent partnered with you my man my woman stay with me and run your life that you run your life give me your finances can you practice could meet everything you have a brownish that are either red here's a little part about my God 's ownership of my stewardship is our partnership that's it to get God 's ownership plus my stewardship our partnership he guesses Karen anyway in this one more about the Warren Buffett saw the Gulf but his promises this am bring the whole tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house now testing two months a.m. irrational thinking I know skeptics you go ahead and test put me on the line test me in this way says the Lord Almighty and see if I will not throw open the floodgates are like this the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it not to yield to the max and you check me out anything is anyways and Gemini what an honor to meet you is as rich as Warren Buffett as with any to be as rich as Warren Buffett whose iniquities that DNA sixty two billion dollars worth of headache and are you saying trying to stymie guidelines if I don't like halogen no no I mean that is more blessed to put the entire bank in heaven behind you on the CFO say what you may never be his riches were buffeted from undue freedom and treats you like I treated myself my children going to the wilderness within us Deuteronomy twenty Congress five during those four years just like in your closed in our house nor in your sandals and I know you only have one wardrobe that's okay no more I got used to seeing the same old stripes I used to the sandals you get used to the sandals examine moving upkeep the sandals with talking the tires treaded for you folks understand they look at Mrs. two thousand was two thousand nine over eight thousand months race happy to life on this planet understand that we got equipped with adequate factoring out the divine miracle of the Seattle well you can't measure the ability of Internet and you guys know I like my sizes we will get out of their fifty thousand mile tires in the amount I have on seventy thousand in all injuries rises it was possible you must be tied I explained that while you know I baptize that crazy ties with me so mad when I was thirty thousand on what's up with that and go to God 's it was a probably viewed twenty thousand short of the warranty is a ability deal and got the deal got it from he wants when we were when we were discussed in the ministry had an organ we would have those months where there was more month than money and yet in the month and we were looking at one of those months and I would say me and Mrs. check outstanding but it has it has been it has commenced against you know I can't digest right here it's it's it's still outstanding is so dry cleaner so it is maybe the check amount owing on his dry cleaner but the check comes in I go under so were okay because the checks out some of the Drucker essay this was a problem I got it I run a check event of the suit driving the region and the still soliciting on a check for Doug and the date of I know it happened he said you know what that night our store was run everything to capture each I don't necessarily right out of a dreaded check is insurance covered all and I think you and you get as is the other Rob drycleaners for assessing laminate at TSA doesn't do you take care of us and intangible ways as a preventative measure closer worn out since taking the uneasy info trust me are the summers of twenty five I had never seen the righteous forsaken or the Jamaican bred boy anyway none of that young parents especially hang on to that old parents hang on to reduce because you worry about your kids you know what much of there is that you never messy life is and what you can get married as well now they're gone on their own table accurately on your own they're still just as much in your heart is before the runner on you're worried about every little bit that you see here you just said doctors like the David's is a guy 's time trial now that I've never seen the righteous forsaken I never signature remain big breath God will take care of you making a CFO to take care of you to take care to children but with the children and youth be read really type guy if you're not tightly got your number letting you down the children there they are depending on you think I can be tight with your family finances and practice finances if you are tight with God particularly children because the individual is being tight with God bring all the time in the storehouse there may be food in my house testing cannot sit on the throne the floodgates while I brought so much blessing that there will be room enough to store it there is secret number three has to be number two of the seniors go over the hedge was established over the head of Warren Buffett and it was God as you see info by returning is one tenth the eleven please that's the secret right there she's a bastard when I'm on parties and even death can we I can afford return to guide his tie the knot rings right now gimme gimme gimme a little breather with talking on this in six months my friend you cannot afford to not take Ghana immediately if you've been gone in order to put it off for that rainy day three days here at a lot where ever whatever your financial status is right now you can afford to give the issue is not to have forty physician can I trust God to fill his promise that the issue sucking and forty eight he reported in the give out Olivia have been to go and give the question is can I trust God to fulfill his promise and get back to me can I trust God will take care of your love that song business and younger giving it without they were giving gotten something supernatural or allies when we get but it's getting touches a nerve in us that nothing else does we look a lot like God when we do it forgot to lower the game at three sixty seconds that's I guess I need you to get I don't know how much don't worry that I'm not very impressive the amount put the just doing you like me when you do it when you give you to find a fear that you won't have enough that's good you give five feet high dairy of fear to freeze me paralyzed me I'm given anyway to do that honey how could she do that and you know the situation where the picture Chris got distressed you and so great all of that doing so gradient both acquire possess more than one needs and deserves if you really believe that God owns it all that and that he is your source and providers the classic without an agreement out of the dog is to provide every hand Mister was up everything goes up if you really believe an honest Addison's goes giving will be a simple matter we just got to do it this is going to be a simple matter of the arena of giving is the only place where exactly what's going on in your heart is revealed that some is the only way for somebody outside view details happening inside the to she give this if you don't give some I saw the singer that will not let go as an issue you guys are skilled many of you in being able to look at a very normal exterior and to through diagnostic testing determine what's happening what where what no one else can see you can tell the inside giving is an x-ray street in New York when you don't give the x-ray into the one who sees is where not there yet we are not there yet but more life from the from the what happened there one more line according to Jesus giving keep your like this keeps your heart in motion toward God and away from material things your heart will follow the direction of you getting the get profile begin gay men begin to disorganization shutdown the officer to which you go down under us I wouldn't do this can shut down the opposite to it and give of my time admission service bundling is not just financial giving this is getting on every level you can do this against you yes you can shut the practice shut it down go alt. security on the Seattle remember you did Israel do this for you open the floodgates okay three simple rules written a computer there is a batteries out right well is there something would happen him I'm saving it it is not even mentioned in here believe that guided the devil mad by saying some not so this is a visit the laser work activity battery knowing that those who will win it was a laptop freeze and is still working its hot really use this for like this not glad that that this was at the nervous current as Ray it was like we are concluding quote in a very nice to have already come again Carnegie going here over at something different but were not British it is not only listen us even a retreat so keep going what the last thing we had up there so they would get younger at their you precepts of any industry steps at this time okay I'm trying to run a set number one the sampling step number one always set aside got one chance whenever you receive money the moment you get to said is I get yourself in a practice set aside one ten government send a check one ten grams of the check one ten my investments and check the presented check the one ten which is rolled over on the understand that works sort of not that when he went like one tenth are right number to incrementally work up to another one just forgot as he blesses you work your way up to another tenth single act fight is only you doing more normal now but I do not refuse any running tithe and offering the added just didn't didn't didn't go the extra mile is about to another tenth as he probably aren't doing that anyway incrementally work up another one testify number three but every gift you give me the contact between you and got to intend to transfer the other gotten out and cancer you bought his unit didn't answer me in my light is a is is it a lithic density with you the defense arena the list would you get back to me skinnier contents one can't want that content is of the three world one since one to ten tenths I sentence you you get contents to me was about time there is little will pertain to church she had nothing on it zero not enough unless you have something fisheries in your purse was embarrassing since the women when they operate like and bought it I sometimes you don't drop your message and bring much CPU time shopping on you hand is like that sort of bikes and away season she did that she kept her little panties that the right like this and when when when when my kids went down like this in his letter to go and went by the family was standing in the church and happen to see it and in a stage whisper that everybody could hear the sentence you see how much that we're just being starts such as you see she gave more than everybody else in church today why you remain to their abundance such as share and illiterate widow went home to sleep in the cloud nine because the God of the universe had recognized what she did she gave everything to go back now to that one bless you and our faith in God right now it's not what you give that counts it's what you have left over that matters that me for the same conference never be administered in this critical hour in history is not what you do that counts is what you have left over that matters is the wealth they were given that day but the only one that got recognized by the creator was the little lady who slipped her panties under her thumb so that nobody could see it was a last pension and she gave the most it has something to Jesus he always has a way of going straight to the heart and give it all here at all bless you there's a special place for unity thank you thank you very much because here it is guys played a sacred event nine for you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and though he was rich isn't that something though he was rich yet for your sakes he became poor so that used to his poverty might become rich he cannot give the giver he cannot God will take care of you trust me when you want to right now to organize take care of youth and secret number three is one open for you now I'm door of infinite adventure with the kingdom is losing to number three not even take a break Sigrid presented as Riley coming economic earthquake number three got it down turning your surviving and thriving at the time of this agreement it means more than as Rivera find out that's go once upon a time Jesus said there was a man the ground of a certain rich man yielded an abundant harvest man ascending that night it is little desk high-intensity lamp there in the format is been one of those unbelievable days you know what he had he had his big but he had to read every Pinsky Penske truck he did get his hands on the drive up beside the combine so that they could collect this was a bumper bumper bumper crop all day long these rent talks are coming holiday longer driving by finding at the end of the day they yard he owes Penske big time but that you are is you with these trucks the field has been mowed and ranges in NSE sitting at his trusty little RadioShack calculator as farmers use those and punch in the numbers in recent I can't believe that he did it again it turns out he has more cubic footage of golden grain then he no footage he says but we and he does the number is four times to make sure and when he pushes away that night as his life as I go to bed when he pushes away that night he's thinking to himself and to have no place and Silas would have to bid on at the tear down my barns I'm not the new something was minimalist or my surplus grain and they don't want to say to myself self you have plenty of grade laid up for many years take life easy he drink and be merry and he crawled it beside his slumbering wife Annie pulled the shade of around his chin and he said he didn't know why but he just got broken into and he began to hone the words if I wasn't rich and below himself to sleep sound asleep snoring wind live curtains beside his open window and allowed in that sliver of silver from the full moon the fall across his slumbering countenanced those limp curtains some least and then begin to move there is no breeze but they move and certainly has a presence that entered will in the narco voice of God ascending and busy only place in the Bible God calls anybody of you old very nice yard I thought we learned from you then I will get what you have prepared for yourself just like in the draining them that since clutches his chest head before he can awaken her he's dead awful terrible until the human race Jesus told and then he gives the punchline this is how it will be for those who store up things for themselves but are not rich toward God in other one thing that Jesus told more stories about anonymity money he must've known us like a book money that it isn't enough Luke has Artie given the punchline before the parable of the skin begins to begin this way first up is not dig into the beginning of the chapter whatever means okay so we don't know yet what it means but it surely this idea being rich toward God as Jesus says in which forgot this idea being rich work that must be utterly essential to life to living life on the maximum level whatever it means because if you're not all that you have and all that you are will die with you that was the point of Jesus prayer is all gone the outward unity with it the selected beginning someone in the crowd says Halo teacher tell my brother to divide inheritance of me Jesus replied and appointed me a judge or hybrid between you they said to them they watch out guys then your guard against all kinds agreed life does not consist him in abundance of possessions with you that line down please life does not consist in an abundance of possessions there's something apparently exponentially more important than the accumulation of possessions actually we meet we should already know to answer that because Doctor Luke when we plunge right into the middle of Luke DRE given the secret of your reading affect the reader was ghastly we rely gotten and surround enough that the reader just want One Life Matthew reason why completely out of his around the mouth but I'm so grateful Doctor Luke includes it still looks at thirty eight Tammy Geer and it will be given to you a good measure pressed down shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap for with the measure you use it will be measured to you now the Greek word for blues and there would still can James uses the Greek word is this you can look up here it describes when you know you got the flo


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