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Harnessing the Resources of the Church in Medical Evangelism



  • October 30, 2009
    11:15 AM
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afternoon is good to be with you today today I will be sharing you my story of how God has led me and I don't know for you but for me when I listen to presentations I have found that some of the most aside Steve and memorable ways that presentations are done is through the medium of story so today I want to ask you to sit back relax and enjoy it story time believe it or not it's story time now in the venue of story time I hope you'll come across some new facts or enlightening facts but anyway sit back it's story time I'm going to start out with the with the topic that seems unrelated to harnessing the power of the church but in actuality it's clinical and is a vital and that is how are we as physicians and dentists how are we in our homes are we the priests of our home away the priest of the family are in our family a well-organized family after God 's order anything why does this matter what difference does it make and it might challenge to your our my my testimony to you with if were not effective missionaries at home if were not rare in our family after God 's order and Oregon have a really hard time the on that and what's more it's even biblical first Timothy three twelve you know what well do talking about deacons and how deacon should be in no husband of one wife and have a family that's the follows God so in before I start my story actually I want you to know that this actually had been happening with and introduced to a young independent minister you may or may not have heard about restoration international on Tom Waters and group that grew had an influence on our family and has helped to direct us in the way that we should go I want you to know before we start out family really has to be first in and foremost after that comes the majority of what I know to be talking about today so and the September two thousand and moved to Klamath Falls actually and I move there for several reasons among them with a part-time job and I feel that as physicians we work twelve and fourteen hours a day that's hard to be an influence in our family so as part of the reason I moved to Klamath was because I did have a part-time position lined up for myself there so as soon after moving to Klamath Falls I took a half-day off work and I went to career workshop gas you heard me correctly a career workshop might level my satisfaction with and with medicine was less than zero it just wasn't there I wasn't happy with what it is I went to career works up to investigate other options look at other opportunities how else could I do what else could I do could every train could I go through engineering some could I do something else and I went to that career workshop and completed all got my scores then went home and for the next several months and I don't know how long I think God to let me out of medicine I said I don't like this I don't want to do this this is not much for me and that went on for quite a while and finally I understood God to be saying no I want you in medicine and so I said oh I got some decisions to make I followed up and follow God in on how it works so I I is already a fairly okay God and I see you know what you're talking about I don't see how this will make me yes but I think you know how to make me happier than I know how to make me happier I will stay in medicine so I decided to stay in medicine and I went on not particularly enjoying my job have you ever notice when you're in personal growth when you're trying to grow personally the obvious is anything but obvious but that's how it's for me I see in an obvious question is if God wants me in Madison obviously he's got something he wants me to do right well I change that conclusion them for five years later in total while the obvious is not so obvious I've come to believe that I think I have it titanium plated student 's goal is hard forgot to get through to me so this brings us to your two thousand five friends invited us to go to ASI we declined more frenzied invited us to ASI out we explained about an accepted and went in retrospect that turned out to be a life-changing event for me and the reason was I got reintroduced and re- challenge to study some of the principles of medical evangelism so I did I went home and I started studying and I started studying and I started studying and there's a lot there and a lot that I should have known and should have been taught long ago I would like to share some of those with you and at this point it has him going through I'm confident to tell you stories of of how this can apply an antenna to illustrate the particular principals one principle of medical evangelism is a basic principle principle of all Christianity to reveal God 's love plain and simple we should be showing God 's love to all of those around us all of the time and I think I included in your handout the quote from a ministry the object of our mission is the same as the object of Christ's mission why did God sent his son to the fallen world to make known and to demonstrate to mankind his love for them that's one primary one key principle of medical evangelism allegedly the story of Jane Jane came to me as a patient with an fired from another practice why had she been fired violation of a narcotics contract most of your physicians know that that's not the first type of patient you want as a matter of fact it's kind of the last kind of patient you why it could spread it all now limited with this wasn't a large gene lists usually crying when she came in and to make matters any better and so this was a difficult situation from the startup but I have learned in my practice is to try to give these folks a second chance so I said okay I'm done to give Jane a second chance and as time progressed she proceeded to be exactly who she was she wasn't an abuser of narcotics that I found out she was frequently tearful down hard to work with you note less than the ideal cheerful happy patient and unfortunately I had some negative feelings because this was a challenging patient somehow should be but that's the honest truth one day Jane came to me and she gave me a rosary Sejanus Catholic she gave me her father 's rosary as a token of her persistent and I wow why was this year was eleven when I do this in the another time Jane came into me and Jane said you know Doctor Heidegger you have done more for me than any other doctor I was really taken back if I knew how I felt this is not my favorite visit not the one I knew that I like where is this coming from what I can come was my south Amman is a stammer out a man and why is that in the answer but it seems like you can Keillor and simple it seems like you care to somehow God covered up my negative feelings and sea salt beyond that and saw something else and she did knew that complements in God that complement actually so after that actually things progress a little bit more and I had the day in opportunity actually to talk with Jane is a spiritual thing and in fact I had the opportunity of my effort to come to Bible studies which she did she came begin of the devil devil works hard he doesn't give up easily and she was Catholic and her family started exerting a lot of pressure on her and finally she quit she did she quit coming to Bible studies and in fact the story does not have a great ending like I would like to think of this at some point in time to actually left me not because she was upset with me but she felt uncomfortable with an aspect of two and so she actually found another physician the that the point that I want to make is if we just demonstrate care up to show God to our patients that is one primary principle of medical evangelism this will limit you that I want to mention today's education part of medical evangelism is education on Monday quoted medical ministry again we must educate educate agitate pleasantly and intelligently we must preach it Jews pray that you and live the truth I want to tell your story now I'm jumping ahead a bit but to illustrate this point I wonder how much a something that's exciting for me currently in my practice I'm not doing much education let's just be honest so that that's a hard thing to do we are working that direction and I want to share with you briefly in what way again I see it is probably so although it hasn't come to fruition so I can't I can tell you there the end result I had a patient come in to meet with an elderly patient and him came another person with her and that other person was actually directing the majority of the conversation and whatnot sci-fi civil who are you well as it turned out she was involved in parish nursing and she was doing parish nursing for her church members and I talked with there I discussed with her little bed and I finally said he challenged by how you can make this as an outreach tool and set of just or your church is talked a little bit more Sicilian all others wanted me to do this to his grant monies out there for this she did in fact I had a group telling me begging me to ask for grant money I should ask for no less than two hundred fifty thousand half the million one million no problem please ask we have the money ready and waiting lexical my brain the littlest as well not a lot of money I can do something with the money like that and so as they thought about it and prayed about it I decided maybe I should write for a glass for grabs so I found out that one of my patients was a grant writer he'd written a half-million grant for use work in our town himself as a Christian non- non- Adventist and is it a hobby integrated Grand Prix I guess if you have time absolutely I will make time I want this to happen nonhazardous I want this to happen so then he says you need a nonprofit or his brother works for gelled when most of New York in Klamath state on a gel that is up multi- gazillion door and window company international owns banks resorts of that you name it it's got it I made a very well-off company and his brother worked for gentlemen at the tax consultant international tax consultant if it feel like to know that the former nonprofit free when all of you know all profits are hard to do I think how much would this cost of your brother wasn't donating this all ten of fifteen thousand why does you want to do that he says he believes in this he wants us to happen to store concept at this point to two incorporate education is my receptionist all of eighteen years old has had a has had a passion and a desire to do restaurant type work work work vegetarian and vegan cooking in this type of thing is demonstrated in the process of doing that using it as an outreach tool to educate people on nutrition and openly to incorporate the spiritual and with that she has full of friends lived into the horizon F these type of places and who are anxious to participate in that so that's in the future I don't know if we'll actually get the grant but it's exciting for me to think about it and I'm thinking I'm seeing some providential working leading up to this point in time principal numbers three a third principle of medical baptism is combining the work of both pastor and physician you know we do poorly at that matter fact we do very poorly at that and I fall the floor that I said that that's approximately how we should do better about that it's not for lack of understanding though gender quotas and in fact as stated in no case is a work to be separated that's a quote from Ellen White of the CAC analogy makes analogy that pastors and physicians as we've already reference should be as closely connected as the Army is to the body and I want to share with you some of the things that the how how the church and I have have worked together and identity vulnerable and upfront with you and share with you some things that really happened worked a some things actually that seem to remember that we have done one thing I did is I thought we could do these the kind of access service team for the community at large so I went through and within surveys for all the church members and said church members where your skills what could you do and the church members responded they filled out things but as I looked and found out my contact with the patient's was in the as such and then you such an avenue that most of what I've felt like they needed was no counseling any in-depth counseling as you're working with them that the battered and bruised in the end the rate and that another difficult cases and he can't ask church members to do do that type of counseling so that part actually has not worked as well though it has not been entirely unsuccessful we have done some things like build up wheelchair ramp and a few things like that and the patients are extremely appreciated when that happens one thing that I did was I also formed a steering committee to help guide me in this process and I invited some of the pastors at one retired pastor in the past of the church to be on that as well as one or two others and one of the pastors talked about annoying things and I don't know if any of you have been involved with annoying things but I want to share with you that this is a biblical concept and God response in marvelous ways one of my patients I'll call her Sally Sally has severe spinal stenosis and S ideations with them I put a dream you and I had her in the hospital frequently for the hyponatremia of the consult that everything very difficult to manage at times or so it was you know info one fifteen range in other concerning stuff and set along with that she has the severe spinal stenosis and a lot of pain and was at my wits end I had nothing else to offer other physicians other specialists worked going with this as well I suggested to earn anointing with Sally is a Christians and yes I would like that so she came I invited the pastors and then some of the elders and we had an anointing service for her now I wish I knew and could understand when and why God chooses to heal what I don't understand that in this case I can honestly tell you since then anointing service I have never seen her sodium below one twenty seven generally over one thirty to the point last chicken in every two weeks I haven't checked it in months at this point the best I can say is God performed a miracle God fielder now we also prayed for healing for her severe back pain and spinal stenosis not a change nothing happened there and I don't understand that but I have to leave some things at the Pentagon another story about anointing is my nurse and I mentally will tell you a little bit later on in the presentation how I happen to choose minors that she works for me she was giving stressed she was transitioning from dental assistant and medical system for me and both of us underestimated the size of that transition to be honest it is a sizable transition and so she was getting more and more stressed she started breaking out in a rash she actually started asking me to fire her she wasn't willing to quit I called what she wanted me to fire her and I sat down and talk to their intuitive occasions nothing seemed to happen I finally said her name is Jan and I can share with you her real name her name is Jan Jan may be used to consider an anointing and Shanna has of difficult troubled past in the sense that she's had a alcoholic father background and all that comes with that and she liked the idea and she's on and I was thinking we write something see what her turned to her pastors and arrays and anointing like posthaste one two days telling you she continues to be a different person in my office passes are gone stress is gone much more relaxed much more than just a completely changed person as a result of an anointing their person is one that is a patient who will calm partially Becky will color backing Becky I've been working with for six eight years highly dysfunctional person not a dumb person but by dysfunctional and when I transitioned away from my practice which of your about later on she finally decided to come with me but she waffled back and forth and that she also has issues of pain sphincter of stenosis since sitting there on the stenosis nobody seemed to knew the GIs could they resist another no one seems to be of a help type thing I suggested anointing for her and we got the pastors and elders together as she came to the anointing again her pain is not gone the pain did not go away but a very different person interested in spiritual things I've been able to give her steps to Christ at this point she read through it she's starting to really read through it so these of the concept of anointing working with the pastors I think is a valuable strong concept I would encourage you to consider that I don't know all the times when that's appropriate or inappropriate that's an ongoing question of mine actually but I have found it to be very useful for a number of that I've worked with another way that I'm working with the passes as the pastors are to come to my office they'll have a weekly devotional for us on the interact with us I had do some counseling for me I don't know about you but traditional counseling I think is a two-edged sword it includes biblical and nonbiblical principles and I struggle with that to be honest so there are lots of different ways to work with the pastor 's and work with the church and I found them beneficial I found them useful I have found that to be examined at a definite aid in the practice okay principles number four and five principle number four is a medical exam evangelism is to be a living example of righteousness by faith and what I understand is that the right arm of the gospel and she says and then again is a quote here councils on how the medical missionary work is the gospel in illustration so I I reason myself I asked myself what is this gospel how does this work what happens and in of the gospel the unit of the gospel is the good news and God says you know come to me believe on me and I will change on making a person you'll be killed as a worthless to do my understanding of how this advises you know John Doe comes in his goggles as you saved me a stock doing this do this take these medications and you see him back in an amount in six weeks and he's all better now if necessary John Doe if you will in the same way that you trusted me learn to trust God you also experience healing from your sin and from your disease your spiritual disease I found a challenging to put into place I happen I question and my mind exactly how forty pushes what should you exactly be promising that this type of thing that has been a challenge for me even if this point in the last principle is one that is very exciting to me and that is God is waiting and anxious to work marvelously among the among us no she says that we should leave the centenarians institutions to expect large things and another patient says that a rich harvest and soda questions that I have for you and that I have myself is how much do you promise your patients to go to them and say you'll do this you'll be totally well I'm doing my minutes left putting for all okay so that's another area that I was that I struggle with it I'm not sure exactly how to how to apply and that is enough how much do promise the patient how what kind of large things will kind of rich harvest should we be expecting I said that some of the principles of medical evangelism that I learned after two thousand five part three of my presentation to you is applying this medical evangelism to real life as a study these pretzels I began to learn I began to almost fantasize in my mind I began to start understand things and I started to realize the potential of the pastor physician team I started to realize I could have the passes help out with counseling him and things like that I started to see the church actually is an extension of my office is I can't personally help and meet all these patients needs with the church can help dramatically and that members share with you my might not have time there are ways that we can do that and there are ways that that's happening even even in Klamath Falls now I began to see how a God fearing reception asked to make a big difference oh that the human story I told you this is story time one of my patients is a retired police officer foulmouthed crossing Larry person you get the idea he came into my office nominee for a long time came in early Jan was comes in early what we started out having devotions a staff worship today comes in early and he and I had talked about spiritual things and he said I want nothing to do with it I said okay fine I want talking about out to stay away from that but my reception at getting now about this kind of unspoken contract so becomes an early one day and he says I'm here early and sit on my receptionist at all which is getting ready for worship would you like and I about dropped my jaw when he came to this anything so we comes in there is six three six four big guy he's nervous when I said I don't think I have learned is nervous as can be withdrawn for their beauty as we had worship and I'm not the most observant person but my staffer observant after that worship may notice some moisture around design so evidently we impacted him now again nothings that you can you tell me for the next six visit I want nothing to do with that stuff so much so that we started thinking he really does want and they can take it just bringing it up not as I soaked the point I want to make is that if we half staff that are Christian outreach oriented we can make a big difference we can make a difference when the physician himself may not be building anything the staff can and do things my nurse frequently praise with folks and frequently counsels with them and they appreciate it they appreciated the launch so I began to see that by following the principles of medical evangelism everything in an office could be oriented toward outreach you can actually do a lot for others laziness or responsibility I sat that few of us engage in it actually well as this happened the conviction grew and grew in my heart that I needed to be a true full-fledged medical evangelist and resisted two thousand seven when when they are found myself telling my colleagues at work effective one year I quit I actually did not have anything lined up I didn't know where I was going to go and I I'm Dennis belong here does it think I'm running out of time is a whole story to to do that as well since it is a psychic yet you have the skills I got has other hand have any of the ever struggled with presumption versus faith I struggled that all the time one is a presumption one is afraid and in this particular example was a presumption to step out not having a job lined up not having him to say I quit that traders are presumption I didn't know I didn't know and I struggled and wrestled and prayed about it and I was more and more sure that I needed to be doing this I finally called I reference Jim Tom Waters a restoration of that man here is the Spirit 's voice better than anybody I have ever met in my entire life I have heard him preaching this is an aside I've heard him preaching and has a digital dance and stop midsentence never mind the spirit told me not to say that I have never I wish I was that spirit directed a easy more spirit directed the name so anyway I called Tim and I talked to him as well there's nothing on biblical here that doesn't guide as you know you need a phone advisor biblical signs are yet all you need to sign so I went for a walk in eyes of God what shall I ask for what sign and I said I'm a dream nine oh one Western culture dreams are not well thought from a biblical perspective trends are I met pronounced way actually in which God has communicated with mankind I pray for a dream Notre Dame but what didn't come with the conviction grew stronger and stronger and stronger until I was assured I was certain that God wanted me to quit so I did I quit that's a story of when I quit my my practice well do you let your practice and innovator not like the Eagles owns that happen you have a lot of work ahead of you were a regular practice is to be my staff houses get a workout with the money coming from etc. etc. etc. in any of you who have done that realizes this and challenges involved and I didn't want just any employee I wanted employees that work outreach oriented the wanted to do medical evangelism and I remember one morning on and about you but when I get stressed unfortunately I don't sleep the one morning I woke up early three clock in the morning four o'clock in the morning I want to read you are just a small quote from that wrote in my journal I'm not sure I have all the answers to my question above but I am assured of one thing the struggle the unknown the temptation to frustration the lack of sleep all are meant to drive me to Christ it's usually just faith is strengthened my faith to teach me how God leads so despite it all I choose to rest in Christ and God is all-natural I got it to work with pastors and unlike what I work with pastors how do I do this on yet here's another key principle on this principle continues to guide me and an apostle from it and paint the problem and again like the face presumption issue is another proud the face and that is that God says worthless and do all in our power do everything that you can to get accomplished what you accomplished do whatever you can and then at the same time was to rely entirely on God with us to depend completely unlike this is a difficult and make how to do this well I do and I'm sitting outside to decide where I should work where as a pastor I wrote proposals to pastors I will put holes to churches everything was turned I decided up about two years actually a everything was turned down nothing happened and it was frustrating to be honest that should really frustrated when Oregon has gotten out we shouldn't be growth is happening growth and learning and out of all of this I can honestly say I learned a time I learned all lots about how to work with God this dynamic of doing everything in your power and then depending on God for the rest that process was kind of forced upon me and out of that I've learned and I continue to rely on that and to experience that so as you if you choose to step out in faith Bible teaches that this hardware to grow when you're old but God will teach you stuff and see okay five minutes I should take a genuine story about my staff I was dead set on hiring Adventists identify the non- impetus here but that's okay I was dead set in my mind that hiring Adventists and I wanted that I thought that's how it should be everything Wednesday an elderly patient of mine came in with her caretaker and admit this caretaker once or twice before seemed like a nice compassionate person and that was that but what I didn't know is that this caretaker I felt like God had promised her that she would work for me one day I seize this dental assistant I knew nothing about her I didn't know she was a dental assistant I didn't know anything about it and end this is been wrestling around in her brain for a number of weeks and months and I'm at home training for staff and God has told her to work for me I see things at the ludicrous far-fetched concept and it is by human standards it is absolutely far-fetched and she comes with this patient and I had no idea of any of this and my patient who is elderly and dearly loved her as a caretaker said to her see Jan you want to work for him you're always trying to read the Bible to me and I just been talking to my patient about spiritual things that's why she and I had no idea what what is it worth is going I finally said what you need work she said yes I do is very serious yes I am so I said that we talked a little bit more and my patients it was at least as it now not only here for you so I finished my interview in which I set up in time to meet with Jan with my now nurse and I interviewed her she had the spiritual outrage she has a passion for working for souls she has a passion to outreach is exactly what I wanted and what I needed she was not convinced that bothered me so I interviewed her we prayed she seem to fit very well in every other respect I went home and I said God what he wanted to know I don't know what to do this is not my idea this is not in our and as I prayed God kept telling me the answers in the sequence of events you have gas already I orchestrated this up to this point I said well okay fine but I prayed some more you know that wasn't the answer I want to see I read whatever Penn and God reminded me of the vision that Peter had of the unclean animals kill and eat remember that and instead I think God wants me and so I did I called her up when I offered her the job and she has been a blessing to my practice a real blessing very much on board very much outreach outreach oriented and so I am thankful for God you know if we will but trust in God speak to God our problems and look for his answers God will lead us God will direct this I have seen it over and over and over again at this point all rights I probably has three minutes left all I've got to share with you all skip my practice today you probably can get it get an idea of what it's like at this point I do need to tell you one other thing I have talked about working with pastors and how critical that that isn't and how we need to do that for the last eight years or so I have been on the Oregon executive committee I was asked to be on that side then and that involves time off work and running at six hours away to be said in a committee all day long and as I was learning these principles of medical evangelism I tried to interest the conference in some of these things and totally dead nothing no interest no anything within we had a about two years ago now actually we had a term breakout session and we were solicited in RSS the goals of the conference where were going what will what should we do what we call please what should we be accomplishing at that about fifty percent of the executive committee felt like the conference should be doing toward more toward medical evangelism is very taken by that I financially to send that happens now this and as I said fine I went out to this is just a myth I like to try to do this I would like to be involved in something like this is an okay will talk to him as it turns out on that has culminated at this point to early this week in fact on Monday this week I had a phone conversation with the conference president the conference vice president myself and in the next few weeks we're going to be meeting with the CEO of AMC Portland otherwise previously Portland that is medical Center and we are in the process of designing a and a retreat during advanced RRR training session I'm not sure how you want to call it but attempting to again unite pastors and physicians together so that they work and can work together and so that we can actually finish this job that we got to do I know that the pastors are interested in this and help out and I suspect pastors nationwide are as I was working on this and prior to this about a year ago year and half ago in additional venue that brings all Adventist physicians together that's that's not it but there are venues of bring Adventist passes together the conferences you come and so they do so I asked to present other pastors retreat which I've never been to passage retreat before and they only allow me they gave me twenty minutes and I went and presented at the passage retreat I haven't told you about expects it all up or response you will be interested etc. etc. I relate to them I shared with them my testimony and how I felt God was leading and there was almost a standing ovation the whole hundred and fifty Oregon conference pastors were very interested I sat down that they were asking so many questions I was soon standing up answering questions it was out of that the pastor said as we would like a venue where we can meet and work with physicians so I am here to tell you that the Oregon conference pastors are very interested in working with their physicians and I'm going to leave you with an appeal or a challenge and out as I would challenge you to seek God and ask God what he wants you to go but I would further challenge to to work with your church could be that you are faster in your church wants to work with you and maybe doesn't know what it doesn't know how to could it be that you could maybe woo war court your pastor if you weren't and that he would respond I suspect they would be more than happy to work with you and so the challenge that would leave with you is consider immediately open that venue in your brain consider opening a conversation up with your pastor say hey I like to work with you I think you'll find that it's there's a blessing therefore both you and the church and then we can add souls to the kingdom I really appreciated his testimony didn't tell you the reason why he quit was because of his conviction on being unequally yoke of unbelievers and I spoke to my heart and I made that same commitment and that's why won't be in Oregon come November seventeen but I also found my pastor there and rest is wonderful to work with you and so it's been a wonderful experience we are very fortunate that the General conference has sent a representative for a society will he was unable to be a part of the seminar this morning is here for seminar this this afternoon and he will be sharing with our entire group this evening but the landless is a man that has been committed to church lead physician implementing evangelistic efforts he has in his own church prior to coming to the general conference he was very effective in soul winning and so I was appreciative we tried to get him last year but there were complications on my part I failed to send him a follow-up notice which is waiting for so I apologize for that Doctor Landis but we are grateful that you're here to share from the via your wider perspective of physicians and local church and working together thank you so much what a privilege to be reviewed and not almost feel that it's inappropriate to use PowerPoint 's because we've been pointed to the power and see and we need this project didn't work in office thank you for the invitation that's the privilege to be written and as I sat listening to the middle portion of the morning meeting and to this first part of this meeting of illicit affair I need to be the blended ministry has been a passion with me since I was a medical student and the Lord is based enough had the privilege of working in the clinical setting is abandoned minister for them when I was ordained in nineteen eighty two the gospel ministry and this something important about that in my life not the ordination per se but when you accept it is no turning back is no turning back you are correct the move nation must have enjoyed the stories that you shared with us because real-life experiences are what really counts and I changed while we were listening to the first presentation on changes to the way we get into the second one began to use a little bit of the PowerPoint as a later but I wanted to do a story to that story 's been brewing of the lost several months and the change that I attend is a very large church two thousand plus members in they joke about it record the Vatican of the General conference 's principal church because the president goes in the number of other people go there and we have a wonderful trip to beautiful possible when the choir all nine yards building wonderful multimillion Academy that's just being started now what a privilege and yet it worries me that if the church went to be one of the men with the community that we had people working on AIDS ministry in Africa Doctor Joe donnas comes from Argentina was convicted in wingback in fact to the timely he was born in Austin is there a Seventh-day Adventist church in this town they said yes there is visiting he said what I need to go and get to see it he went to the trip to the squid and was given the addresses to where it is good to be and the officer on them and continue with the church wants and he stopped into the store leasing is there a church she on the square is to be sold while he said if it should this house across the road and Amy said in a morning people come they sing they got a common missing the sense of loss several months my charitable has been saying it would you would you be interested in doing health ministries said David that's my living as my work it's my calling but I'm very seldom if I do know that I can undertake it and then I started to get the impression that you've been talking about people that it became more a more overwhelming if we can block model this we didn't do it what's the point of getting around the world preaching and teaching it and not doing it physically according to mind is the Dean of the school of medicine University magnet and myself got together because he'd also had the same impression and the two of us feeling busy people like you will got together and decided to do a pro forma plan for health ministries with us change and they recently need to submit to the pasta is a wonderful man of great pre- check great leader and manager and executive biggies in a and one of these technical writing processes a great caring individual 's well-being most of how to get the truth and being there for twelve years said something about we sent him off to church two sevenths ago and I'm one of the program and my photo one escape to spot his response was I've been waiting for this church to be in the health one may say within which the celebrations holidays celebrations it's the natural principles with the addition of the seafood choices the exercise will support the Queen community is English it evidence and information we should have integrity about lovely sharing hopeful optimism and make the angry vegetarian I was within identity the vegetarian I became a vegetarian of those who would do is mockingly the coals at the pantry parade and patrol and check your your shopping Bosket to seek one easy and worse still you want to stand in the cafeteria lines it is a beautiful figure that people can see what kind of a Christian you are is what you pay etc. not really and I said that I think that that's the way rejected because we are not judges however exercise environment liquids belief raced how many of you are rested today I need a ANSI and that you must forgive me I'm new to this country reasonably and I'm getting into this area and as the plane came in awful how would be huge and as I drove than I ever than getting irritated and the forty five miles analysis looking at that and all the trees and everything I was a loving one beauty the environment race appreciate tea and the church we the health professional would know the word ten print D-Day in a lengthy ten prints paintings and wants is the true definition of temperance is the judicious use of those things which are good and the avoidance of all things harmful and so you can have too much waste you can have too much Wolf eighty believe it or not you know that his physicians as you'll see there's a little out of the off of some of the issues related to want to be can use in other world is talking about our longevity they coming back and suddenly in the Chancery is saying in this is this is discrimination one minute four seven we had an opportunity with the world is talking to us and wanting to the Geneva we recently had the experience with a suit you said that I think something to offer and we as physicians have something to often enough church now than often the need to jump to the fetal sum to free and each one of you can take a CD of resources to use in your church one is the celebrations one is a chalk this program where you can run a program teaching of community and on various diseases from cancer heart disease and addictions women's disease diabetes and run as a program over a year in your church and then there is the basic approach to health as a foundation of understanding what many medical issues will we use this one widely throughout the world as part of an MA program for Austin 's working with the ministers and one thing being to this program you have no difficulty in their understanding what it's about is physiology is great that I could be a time based on the questions of the general he wants us in thank you so much and all we have we really appreciate what the general conferences during the resources for us and for them to provide this CD and is there any more head I want a CD of possible now our next presenter is Doctor Chu in this is not on not on the importance of digestion but on the V importance of working with conference in church planting I talked to Doctor James first time I've met him I talked to him on the phone and I was very stimulated just like with Doctor hiding around what the Lord has done with him in planting a church and he is consented to share with us how working with conference made this all possible a library and I'm really pleased to be here and I've been tremendously blessed so far and not just being the wonderful environment this rejuvenates you and give you a sense of balance I went to the lecture this now I'm not talk too much this time because a saving those for later this evening I think I was giving a talk this evening I I like to just give you a little bit of my experience in working in Southern California conference I graded up from Loma Linda University in nineteen ninety school of medicine and then went on to finish in telemedicine and spent three and half years in China is missionary and then return back to Linda finished three years of ideology fall short and it went on to do another year of international Fellowship so after a loss hence the longtime school will be sharing some of that experience this evening so I will pick up to much of the time speakers here after I finish my international year of fact the last year my training was done at University Massachusetts and Worcester it looks just like this except that is only about three or four weeks of this and then smell the rest of his spent most of my time in California was first time I went there and out of the training I was praying the Lord to show me where he wanted me to go and also my life the Lord has led me a I'm not really willing a person to be led but nonetheless I I prayed and God got always have a way to reach me and sometimes it if there is a struggle it's a real struggle to know the Lord 's will the Lord is very good at shutting doors as I have experienced it he doesn't want you to do certain things and you really pray about it and and you he would close the door so that you know you would go to another direction so my expenses that I have the gone through so many hurdles and so many tests and exams and I counted about twenty seven years of schooling and go through that addicts that experience you started like learn to go through each crisis after crisis and although that's not the best way to to learn but it is part of what we are is positioned to go through a lot of prices for life and through that I learned to trust the Lord that he will open ways in to the need to the right place so here I was because of my experience in China I wanted to serve a community where there is Chinese speaking patients operation and we very much enjoy the communities in Southern California winners beginning to have a influx of Chinese immigrants since we cannot be China physically because of our children they're getting education so he thought that that that that's the closest place where we could serve the Chinese community in the United States I was sent to the Chinese school and I was young in Singapore so I learned Chinese language and so that is one time that the Lord has given me so I wanted to make full use of it to incorporate with with medicine so we pray where was that was Paramount where the more we made me I sent I know there's this area here in Southern California right between Loma Linda and LA it's called the Hacienda Heights Golan Heights and diamond bar if you got from there you would know what I mean there is a lot of new Chinese immigrants that are moving towards that part in the early maybe fifteen is six days of the first wave of Chinese immigrants would move into Los Angeles there's a Chinatown there and then in the eighties there was another wave of immigration from Taiwan and Hong Kong and going to Alhambra and Margaret Parker with so we were able to establish a Chinese church one of the earliest Chinese Adventist church in a hamburger it has just celebrated its forty fifth anniversary that the locality in the mix Chinese church that was established was in Loma Linda for their lot of Chinese students and physicians who graduated from Loma Linda decided to stay there so church was there and they celebrated their twenty five twenty fifty year anniversary and so they lost refiners that that that there is no more Chinese churches set up in the Southern California where the population of the Chinese are growing tremendously especially recently so I chose this location right between Loma Linda and LA it's it's called Hacienda Heights there is well-established English churches Spanish-speaking churches and the demographics has been changing also this seeing more Hispanic population and more multicultural all members so the dynamics in that area is also changing so I move over there we would move back here I join a practice another position and now it's doing very well and still trying to God you know for the purpose of him allowing us to be there because before we went move back I did frame prayer that God you don't think I should go back you know please not let me get this job he allowed it so we moved back so we stood was still praying and soon after a my past we were attending the limit Chinese church time I pastor was telling me let's do some outreach and we need to expand the Chinese church because I would been here so long and this is only half and uses less thought and in Riverside lost their university because we have free classrooms and their students faculty of the new facility saw something for myself past the AAA doesn't make sense I said that's not where the Chinese people are that's where the Adventist students are going to start an outreach church and that's not the right location like a car why don't you start a church in Hacienda Heights swam well useless while that's not really my territory on the southeast and conference their territory the other for the first time I became aware of that while we have conferences and then there's territories of zoning this is not my phone this was somebody else without I bought myself a strange but the other day when I drove home from church I questioned her resonating my mind now why don't we start a church in Hacienda Heights where practice and a can became louder and louder and louder and the pharmacist oh I see you I was always using my own voice to speak myself set the pastor works in that conference you can come over here and say okay and I have to think of some other way and there's the Salmon California conference who they are the jurisdiction of this this area belongs them and I don't know any of the interconference people and the event and therefore for long time and I was looking at the statistics on the website the whole Southern California conference in the loss of five to ten years of membership have been declining steadily declining for while the real challenge in California and some of the conferences are so what's going on so after that I came to my mind about starting a church the Lord brought a few other people who has been thinking about this together and we put us together in a meeting and I met several individuals who has the next week trying to start an outreach program in the area for more than ten years I just realized so we work together we started with a prayer a prayer group and small prayer group after Sabbath afternoon at meeting and as someone's house one of the is a pharmacist 's name is Kim Sang and he and his wife has been living there for a long time and they wanted to start something going here so give us about hello Sir we met and prayed for about six months to ask that the board what we can do is only a few of us in this area and we see so many Chinese people that needs to hear the gospel so we pray and pray and an and then we found that a friend of mine who is a urologist who has been in practice for a long time and he also joined the group is as we thought we went we need pastors to start a church really a doctor 's note we work sixty seventy hours a week where we can do this myself when we need to have a past that is not a church to the previous attempts the high to have the doctors going there to do these evangelistic help evangelistic meetings if Musharraf 's help Hawks will happen if people condescend to get Bush out of the God and has no staying power and an end doctors can be there all the time every day you know we would spend the weekends in addition pop open then nothing really got organized so he said he witnessed on a church reality a pastor athlete to pastors so he went to the conference and ask how to split the well usually we wait we need to have a company accompanied that the church organization this is his stepwise first from a fellowship at the lowest group K and then you have enough high any of members you you can be organizing the company and then you have one type of more numbers than you can be organizing the church so while I never learned any of this stuff in medical school and they understand this is how the church works and I set well it will have a pastor how do we help members and high while that nobody can really answer that question so farewell we we we we got regard in the past the biggest is like a chicken and egg you know you don't have a pastor then you can have members of so we set out in faith to to search for pastor of their and and the Lord answered our prayer and we found a a a a a really vibrant great pastor of you know that bilingual pastors are almost like extinct animals these days as I sat on the woman the Chinese church board on the search committee for one whole year we were trying to find a bilingual pastor to pastor that Churchill has been there for twenty five years and we confinement for a whole year after finally we had to invite the current Singapore pastor to to to come over but here's the show who has been working three jobs in the Hong Kong Chinese Union conference is the treasurer is the president agrees University and and he's been really burned out over there working three jobs for the church would anyone pay and he he came over to the US to take a sabbatical to be with his daughter were so tired so we were able to get him to come on board and and it's not at the plant a church in the area so with the help of this new pastor site I started working with him and now of a referral system I would see a lot of patients and and then I would pick out those that seem inclined to spiritual matters is that I think you would you would enjoy speaking to my pastor and an really benefit from them okay now the names and numbers I'll ask the patient if it's okay for my passenger call him or invite him and him and in the agreed amount of handed names to the pastor and an passage chosen wonderful passage you would he would visit this person within days and out to sometimes even the first visit he would bring fruits over there and just just show love care and kindness to true to bring the that the patient of church started working with my pastor really closely on this position at pastor relationship and praise God that up about three years we have organized into a company at the time we have one hundred members exactly about one year one year ago and the amazing thing is that we just spoke to the conference leaders last week before I came and then organized us into a church by January next year and this is all within four years we have went on a lot of community programs during this phosphorous including the health lectures marriage and family seminars and evangelistic meetings and I'll share more about that later this evening or share more pictures of it so it could be done if we catch the vision and an give ourselves to the Lord and I hope that this testimony would encourage every two to serve the Lord thank you very much video frustrations this sometimes that come in working with organizations are actually helpful to us in God overrules all accomplish make us stronger in to the advances caused and is workable prosper and I'm very happy that we also have a church planter another church planter in Kentucky and Doctor Darren James is going to be sharing with us is 's experience in working with his clinic to establish a church thank you Philip and its been a work in progress on some kind of an update of some representative incompetence of the second incompetence in two thousand six years ago but basically in August this growth of our effort and in the city of the Danville Stanford which is also the Lexington cup Charles formation of a man in a way because I I was like many people I was telling you to store your own origin under and subject to respect the nine minutes of what it is really a fast-track but basically we were yet I wasn't I was a big church in Lexington of unelected senators elected and applied here as I it I started thinking to us all a size that is good to those one thing I realized Hayden on all their reports on ministries leader forty miles away and here are my patients in my office walked into everyday and I had a dichotomy between churchlike unpracticed life and soul the story of a railroad of many union members I basically decided to bring ministry closer to home and service invitations of the focus I also realized that within my own area there is really just we don't have become very small country church but otherwise not real for County area one hundred thousand people that are not being in fact and one reason that that that that conducted them to begin with as finished by Fellowship by the Gobi solution spoke to I'm not as an admin vision of the goal please I I meant a prime position with called Evian criteria for going somewhere as we are I can be most needed and I saw this area is being built without a church adopted the plan so so we started praying and using the practices as a new religion to practice pregnant patients and sundry insights about what all the things we can do in about three years ago we recently actually entered the original with the conference family my pastor fortunately had experience in which Marty actually attended me my before he went till though the ministry and so he had a ministry background process Solaris ideas yet I keep variable the same time so I approached and I said look what if you come into the office we contract with a conference for your services that you become a part of our staff as a health educator by the pastor he is a health educator leaves her office so so we react to answer during the conference initially commented a sum of money for his presence once a week and so he came into the office and he often held seminars and also was nice when I was able to get a people that needed additional spiritual counseling the outlet I could do I fit the time needed is more like an offer they basically I was able to refer to him is called him up in a cell phones a display the so and so it is the use part of sake example arrangements he was part of the whole thing so you basically can be printed on information and he understood all the rules governing up so we did that for Lisa because the two years Sony also be a concise event of the other side and work there as well as a great opportunity for more interaction for us to broaden our impact beyond the physician contact and then after about a couple years ago we started we decide without we also start putting Bible study on hello Holiday Inn and I removed the happen and we started up with a very undated of the five is losing then I started to the back to the ministry so we invite people from the office the Golden 's Bible study those another contact for you you engage in from the office the more spiritually directed setting and we admit that a few takers about it people still coming out and after that we decided with musical we decide to start having a church service once a week once out of the money once a month once a month we decide to have a church service and so initially we started having a church service actually in our office in the waiting room I weeded out for about six months but our real goal is the plan shader job if you will more already to where I live we are to practices and Stanford is about eleven miles in the city of Danville which is a larger population of fifteen thousand people are commuters but thirty five hundred but adroit use of a hundred thousand Re: any of his presence so we decided that that movie a movie church service over to the local in their comments room once once a month we get that from a year and then I'm please reported to have Russia and beyond is also a good this animation some other ways that we know we engage the church we also cooking classes I had a registered nurse at work that day the church I attended there but that the editors I but I also cannot I invited her to come into cooking classes once once a week yummy so she basically got engaged to church members then when the chip program recently she hot contacted these people most fun and I have actually as you call them up she would talk to them to find out how to build issues are and when the industry program she gathered people within that contact with the Chip program so these folks are no huddle a much wider contact more than I could do with a brief office as a cop and a hassle we use those resources some of the lessons I learned is recently we also added Leslie is it as soon as also lay idle lay with Colin was what about the medical event this training and intimacy somewhere that I use as well once or twice on one thing I learned that Jeff to be cautious when you use people in your office you need to sit down with him and find out we had a ardent as a traditional medical care versus there's a lot of outliers out there I was honestly I'd I didn't I learn about the website and I had talked before of the patient in Mansell Almighty she mentioned it good this was news that I looking to do the cooking class and she mentioned to me that this drug of this drug is not a good idea and I said I had to set up a conversation with her ass the way are they nowhere to demarcation is in terms of Dayton Ohio ruled that addition I would you do some things I've learned a lot as you go along the way so we started meeting on this lasts Junior our numbers grew enough and we had enough all about it we actually establish a congregation in the city of Danville we have a location of the lease for the next year and we are now meeting every week in the city of Danville we actually have a mission is without she was mentioning him learning this as well the way it works in a common setting the omission group and get the company and is against the church so eventually a mission group study ahead of us on that one basically we we have gone through similar though we did a man this is strong physician leadership Doctor Kim and I ducked in the fell out of the Shoney's internists we work together very closely at the map that we have very limited pastoral support up as a consultant once a month we pretty much operated within a church we got our speaking schedule and it's the Paschal once a month it has is as I involved is actually quite peripheral except the commonest egotists when we busily eventual process of developing a mission or vision our objectives and we have put it clearly in our objectives that want to Kiwi robust search is through medical evangelism as well as an integral part so this year as I listed here it really is a shell of what we have going on with each other on a future event as the Gilmore comp reinstalled with all this cruel as before practice developing at the convent church setting is that we are going to goal we are devoted account of the next year in which we will have sewing outreach based on medical evangelism and enough actually evangelistic event solicitude which we look far to the individual part of as a Leica has visit next year I hope to be able to speak about the souls of communism resolve it oh I give you an example of how it's just last week but two weeks ago I was sitting down with something that family was visiting me from St. Louis actually speak at our church and myths about of that town about me Linda and Friday evening I got I got a call on my cell phone I night I picked it up I was actually Tina is a patient of mine Tina has battled all call for years and Gina basically we have had this releasably is that she sees new moon and beyond just our personal physician being the physical needs of everything that the prey share literature chair from her it is the Scripture relevant term and thinking actually had also called for our very first opening in our chart such as the mail-order church at the data call nascent oxygen I have to speak to you I need you to pray with me that my mother 's in the hospital I'm having told my sister I desperately feel like I want to go and take a drink after so many years I really taught me to Tina had taught about me more icons I has some insult which would uphold the direction I have moved from being just for a physician to being away our pastor it on and she called me up on specific instead not to do if you only pray with me I know I'll be okay so I went off to my room and I had this would've printed via digital prints one line until it denies that the nowhere to be having our church and handle tomorrow I just wanted budget amount and sure enough the morning I I run a serendipity class in the back where I try to be more engaging than people the night sure enough under ten o'clock and theater shows up our church she came in she was in my class and that's that's an example of how magically does in the practice of income transfer in the church setting Doctor Donald tour is going to be sharing because his son is hired a young a chaplain and how has that worked until us about Daniel I know Hacienda Heights well my wife faster growth are actually just underrated big would Temple is going going up in hours I should say and actually her parents sold their house to a Chinese couple that came in that area so I appreciate your testimony there will hang anything on it present your day is totally borrowed stolen plagiarized everything I just have just learned from everyone here a man and don't probably not a good word to use I guess but United I first-time have this idea introduced nationally by John Chung most of you know Andy came out to Michigan years ago we have a medical retreat that the cost is a singer high campus although every year and done he mentioned he had a chaplain it was working in his office I just it just totally shocked me actually never even entered into my mind remotely that you do something like that I do start thinking about a little bit and done but you know something that would be actually very easy to do so you know Phil sent me this nice little decisive organized friends fill pay me some ideas and generators and read when I'm traveling I can hear any of you were there some questions in here that you probably think about is your considering doing chaplain Huizinga resources local church good ideas work values and work chaplains advantages disadvantages costs which cost is probably if you're thinking about doing this would be a big consideration for you bring the conference compare and contrast chocolates by worker health benefits etc. well when I thought about how the whole idea of doing this on high-pressure conference which was really what I would encourage you to be the first thing you would do and when I talked about this a couple years ago a brief ahead of you people who maybe came and talked to me and I grumbled a little bit about well in our conference doesn't want to do this your conference is my view that but I'm not sure I completely buy that you know I don't know what your experiences about your conference we have a great conference in Michigan and eighty were just extra fortunate on it I still love that we are okay but I still think that a lot of times rather than just grumbling its economy to put your money where you want something to go that a lot of times are coming I can say no to and I don't know him in pastor Macintoshes that is are some truth to that there are no so you know him and I didn't really have to do any any arm twisting it on our conference our pastor Jay Gallimard innovative very interesting trying things and especially you know you're going to find it that made it even better so Jan Arce Seinfeld I wanted me to try to get a little bit into the nitty-gritty 's of some of the so you know in our case we I have fund invests our chapter we pay for how do salary complete salary and benefit package and that the newsletter ways you can do this the way we chose to do this was actually to have them hired to the


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