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The Lost Coin

Dean Cullinane


Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.



  • November 3, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven this is your word and we ask that you would share it Father use me humble me hide me and let your words do that which it was designed to do to change hearts change us all of us for help us to recognize that we have sinned against you and against heaven Father God we are not worthy to be called your daughters or your sons but was so grateful for your Son Jesus Christ for He will forever be worthy to be called our Savior and that's what matters so we are asked that he would speak to us and we pray in his name Amen OK The parable of the last coin this is I have a passion for 4 stories in the Bible that are too often used as children's stories I say that again I have a passion for stories in the Bible that are too often used as children's stories sometimes we we grow up you know we graduate from our junior Sabbath school classes and and we're adults now and we we think that really the only things worth studying may be Galatians and Romans and testimony ends and these books are of course great they were inspired just as the rest of the Bible of us sometimes we neglect the stories that were so central when we were finding off faith stories such as no was arc how many times you heard us a sermon about Noah's Ark in the past 10 years but you've probably heard many a children's story about it you know come on into the ark little children when really no was preaching for 120 years you better get in this thing or everyone's going to die it was a serious message and the same with a lot of these parables the parables of the Prodigal Son the parable of the lost sheep and the parable of the last point so to spend just a little time this afternoon I guess I made the preacher mistake of saying that this won't take that long but it might. The parable of the last point now this woman this woman is says she has how many pieces of silver she has one piece of silver How many have a lost money before none of you just 4 of you OK I know it we just had lunch you know raising arms can be tedious but just for the sake of me knowing whether this is even a tour of it I just move on to the next point how do you have a lost money before Right OK and you find money when once you once you lose it of course you want to find it I have I have this annoying habit of of putting money in places where I shouldn't like you know suit jacket pockets and stuff like that and then I lose it and I'm counting I can't find it but then I you know months later look at my my suit jacket and I'm like wow look what we're pressing money you might get. The same money. But but rarely rarely do we follow the pattern of this woman where we lose some money and we diligently search to find it but then when we find it we just call everyone over guys come over I love some money and now I found us let's come together and let's celebrate how do you have done that right unless you've lost like a $1000000.00 bucks and then even still you don't want to call them over because they don't know. OK I've thought about this before this and so the woman loses a piece of so but I don't know reading it I just felt like maybe you was it was a little overreaction or just losing a silver coin and so I thought you know this is maybe something that I need to dig to really understand it and I found that these coins were called drachmas it's the Greek core and that's the equivalent of a Roman denarius basically it is worth a day's wage OK it's worth a day's wage and she has how many of them. She has 10 now in these days it was said that married women what kind of women married women if you're not married to someone is still for you don't go anywhere but married women wore a headband that was made up of callings that would have been strung together they would have worn this this head piece that would have had a coins strung together and these coins or even the entire head piece at times would have been provided by the woman's father when she was getting married and it had very specific functions for the married woman the 1st one is that it declared that she was in fact married a man would see that the woman is wearing the headband and she would see OK he would see she's married I shouldn't approach or kind of like the modern day equivalent of the wedding ring the wedding ring is designed to show OK we are in a union that cannot be broken and some men obviously all men would see a wedding ring and think that woman is taken I won't make any advances does it make sense so the headband So as a says functioned in a similar way that showed that this woman was in fact married now what else another another application another function that this this headband of of coins had is it declared that the woman was in fact independent Now was she married or not she was married but she was also independent is show that the woman if something had happened if the husband decided to leave or if you wanted to divorce her it showed that she would be able to look after herself it was a constant reminder to the husband that if you do mess this woman about she and you send her elsewhere it's not like she's going to die she's going to be able to at least for a time look after herself until she can find a greater support group does this make sense to you with me so far. So that was another function it was also also however used to identify sin for women because if there were coins missing from this headrest normally what would happen if the husband had found that his wife had been unfaithful he would remove one of the coins and the minimum was generally 10 and we can we can probably infer from this that this couple the met the woman in question and her husband if you were still alive were actually quite poor because they only had 10 richer families would have headrests that have many more coins so if there was if you counted only 9 it's said to the rest of society the social groups and so on and so forth that this woman was in fact unfaithful so this headrest told people a lot about the woman so it kind of makes sense now why it seems to be so precious to her that if she loses just a single piece she still has 9 more it's not a drastic financial deficit but but to the woman given what it means it's important she loses one piece and she she searches diligently for it this coin has no value while it is lost it cannot adorn her head while it is lost it cannot help provide the essential ZX of life when it was lost and so it is imperative to this woman that she find this piece of silver in other words this over represented to the woman her glory her what her glory now the coin was lost way in the house. The coin was lost in the house and there's something about these 3 parables they all have in fact is there's numerous things that that these power bills have been called men but I think it's essential for us just to keep in mind that the woman loses the coin in the house in the house in her house was a Roman normally represented in the scriptures right normally when we read of a woman we read of an actual woman but in certain places it alludes to a church the woman loses the Koran in the house you know it used to be that to hide from God People would leave the church used to be that way to hide from God they would leave the church but now to hide from God We stay in the church to really get away from God We stay in the church because rarely are we confronted with God in the church right is so easy for it to become a form we're just saying and we give offering and we listen to a summon that likely just encourages us to live and that's it you know ready to think about this I had this experience and it's a very unfortunate experience but I have this import I had this experience a week or 2 ago where I was sitting down and I was into a sermon and I was like wow I feel convicted and I don't remember the last time why I heard an actual message and I was convicted to change my life I was convicted to really come closer to Jesus so often I walk out of church and think oh that was all right that was cool that was interesting but how many times I think to myself Have I gone home and sat down in my bed after the message and I thought to myself all. Now I really need Cheesus I don't know so sure that I haven't Right now there's the Senate my life that maybe I didn't even see before this message and I go home and I'm convicted I get only like a lot I need you to change me so I think it was last week I thought to myself wow that's conviction I'm feeling it's been a while since I sat in church and heard a message that stirred my heart hopefully this hasn't been your experience I'm just sharing what what my experience has been book but what I found is that that's often the experience of many people and coins get lost in the house the woman's coins get lost in the house I remember the stories funny story of this woman and her husband was a pilot and he would he would fly all sorts of all sorts of journeys and and he was quite forgetful though at home is not a good trait for a pilot but he was he was quite forgetful and he's at home and he's he's you know you see him down for dinner and his wife's getting some things ready with with the kids sitting down and he tasted it and it's nice but it needs a little bit of salt and so he's like Honey where's the salt confines the soul and so she says to him How is it that you can find a single runway and a dark night when there's a blizzard in Detroit but you can't find the soul in your own kitchen and he responds Well I don't move Detroit. But here the reason the reason why the coin lost Don't miss this point the coin didn't lose itself the coin didn't lose itself the calling was lost because the woman lost the coin. And and I think that it's imperative it's of the utmost importance that we come to to our senses and realize that sometimes people get lost in the church because of the church is it not reality sometimes the church itself causes people to be lost and we think oh no maybe maybe the universal church but not the 7th Day Adventist Church yes the 7th Day Adventist Church which are come of our high horse and admit that we have problems in the form of some things we're doing just aren't working and some people are getting lost in the church coins that are going missing coins that mean the world to the church now I don't believe that it's the fault of the actual church in the sense the doctrine and the structure and the function of the church I'm talking about the Church meet and you may be more me but maybe you do our mission has been to be to be here to be present to be to be in the now bringing people to Christ but I often wonder Dean how many people have you led the opposite way over because it's exciting it's exciting when when when you when you're doing things and people are like oh man I was really encouraged by by by that thing that you did all this outreach project or so on and so forth and I really want to really maybe want to come closer to the Lord but but how often does that really happen and I think to myself how many times have have I actually had an influence on people to the point where like yeah if that's a Christian I don't really know with if I want to be that because they're not going to come up and to me by the way just really want to let you know that you've returned real Christianity and maybe I'll never see you again by. You don't get those testimonies you get the one random person that's actually been touched but how many people have we let a straight subconsciously not intentionally look like we're going out of our way to work for the enemy's kingdom but in contrast to how many people we've brought to the church how many people have left because of us the woman lost the coins the woman not the women the what the church the church lost the coin and the coin doesn't know obviously right the coin doesn't know that it's lost the coin the coin attends the church and and the coin the coin sits in the church and the coin listens to the sum and and the sum is calling people that are lost to come back to Christ but the coin doesn't think it's of the coin saying no I'm just under the sofa or I know where I am I'm not lost right I look I maybe I look lost everyone else but no I'm not lost i'm people are searching searching and searching and searching but whilst we're in the church you know that some and was deep and it was if my cousin was here our man I wish that they had come I wish they'd come to to hear that message because that was for them the sin in their life that was for them the preacher hit it boy or God knew they weren't coming and God still sent that same preacher to preach that same sermon and you were there you know I think we lose a lot of people I think we lose a lot of people because we're not really interested in them or not really interested in them there's this horrible phrase that we often use it's called contacts contacts that were just just makes my head stand up on end I've got a contact in the community what's a contact or what are you doing to them contacts now you know there's a person and there's a difference between a person and a contact. There's someone there's someone that's out there that's crying out for them not to contact the donor number that honest to to sic their real person who's important in God's eyes as you all know but often often we humanize people because we're so focused on mission where I come from where I go to school you don't stop to speak to people unless they're not Adventists if they if they're not adventurous they can have all your time but if they're adventurous and if they're from their well you kind of just you just talk to each other as you're walking in opposite directions it's like you see them all way how's it going how's your day been and I don't know I was talking to walking in off work we're not really interested it's just become a formality Now don't get me wrong don't get me wrong. I might need another one of these. Outreach evangelism these things are important but they're only heart of the gospel because the people here already that aren't getting fed there's actual Christians that are struggling to find Jesus the one who they claim to be following. Last inside the building and how often do we stop and actually show interest you see it's easy to show interest in me I've come here on the special guest speaker it's easy to like my family and so on and so forth but what about the person next to you that you've never spoken to before outreach is important but not at the neglect of those who we fellowship with week in week out sometimes days in days out these people you and I need Jesus also whatever we're putting forth for them because because if we're being completely honest Sabbath school and divine service and kind it I can't survive. A week as a Christian on one some on a Sabbath doesn't work the church is meant to be a a a a social structure we come together and we empower one another we equip one another we're there for one another coins lost in the church and you might ask a question well how do you stop the coin from even getting lost right how do you find something that doesn't even know it's lost Should I tell you show an interest before the last write show an interest before the last because how easy is it when you've had this particular person attend your church we can we count we can we count sometimes for years on end but but no one really talks about that no one invites them to a potluck No one hangs out with them but the moment they stop attending church always Brother Solon so I saw them the other day walking with someone so who's not in the church I saw them holding hands we should call the elder right it's so easy to show interest in people when it's already too late when the coins are already falling from the headband what I call the calling but how much interested you show the coin when it was still there the coin is lost in the church how how does such a thing happen while the houses of this time the houses of Jesus Jesus age they actually wouldn't have had windows really they would have had some sort of you know light that would have been able to come in through the ceiling but they wouldn't Many of the rooms within the house wouldn't have had windows they relied on auto official lights such as candles in other words the coin gets lost in the house and it takes the woman so long to find the coin because it's dark in the house I with me. It is easy to lose the coin in the house when it's dark in the house the house in which is said to to it to hold the light of the world how was it that we can have the light of the world and still be in darkness to the point where we can't even see the people amongst us that are lost something would tell me just a hunch is that maybe the light isn't really on in there maybe we're not really paying attention maybe in fact it is pretty dark and Jesus is the light of the world not just the light of the house the light of the world but you know what sometimes it's brighter out there than in here and this shouldn't come as a shock when Jesus was speaking to the church of Laodicea he was doing so through a closed door him being on the other side knocking asking if they would let him come in so that he could suffer with him we're living we're living in an age where we have a church that has all the truth but Jesus is outside of it the light is on it's outside the house and it's dark inside and coins are getting lost inside and the light is saying Can I come in but the door is shut there's darkness in the house Jesus absent often time from the church you know Jesus has no obligation to be here Jesus is not obliged to be here alone Melinda just because we have a great hospital and a great university and we're producing doctors like there's no tomorrow doesn't compel Jesus to be here at Loma Linda or an Advent hope our works don't compel Jesus to be present Jesus cannot be here if he is not 1st here and if we have a Chrysler's heart will have a crisis religion will have a crisis the church will have a dark house and is it any surprise that people stumble in a doghouse. Is it any surprise that we constantly trip over and fall when we're just walking amongst darkness and so I ask yourself what can you do to brighten the room what can you do to brighten the room or you can bring Jesus in with you if you have it here 1st in the house as an only dog it's also pretty dirty it's as if she lose one piece does she not light a candle and sweep the house the house is what it's dirty is filthy the house is filthy there's filth in the house the house that should be spotless and the house that should be pure is filthy but I don't know if you've caught on to this we've got a pretty good housekeeper the Bible says that even even now Jesus is in the most holy place cleansing the house cleansing the most holy place cleansing the sanctuary cleansing the church. There's filth in the church but Jesus is here to clean the church not to clean the building more to build a new one but to clean the heart because sin has made the heart filthy sin has allowed darkness to triumph in the church and so Jesus at work have you ever contemplated this we often say OK the world to end Matthew 24 verse 14 I think I mentioned this this morning that when the Gospel goes to the whole world as a what as a witness the then the end will come right in men Amen Jesus is is our High Priest in the most holy place of the sanctuary right now when the high priest went into the most holy place in the actual sanctuary he could only come out when the sanction was what cleansed the sanctuary was filthy defiled with blood. The blood of the lands in whom us sins would be transferred to so the center is filthy because of sin so the high priest would be cleansing the sanctuary of sin and Jesus now the high priest in heaven in the heavenly century is cleaning the heavenly sanctuary of sin but how is he going to clean it if we keep depositing right he's only really going to come when there's nothing left to clean the high priest was in the sanctuary not for the world the high priest was in the sanctuary for the church it was only the sins of Israel that went into the sanctuary because no one else was asking for forgiveness of sins Jesus is only not here now because of us he's now waiting for the well to get right he's not sitting down I'd be just like well there are only 3 prophecies left and then I'm going to going to begin my my descent you and I keep him then and I think is a symbol Taney us work the gospel will go to the whole world yes and then the end shall come Sure but that Gospel goes as a witness and we're not a very good witness if we keep tripping over in the dock and so how do you find the coin Well you sweep the house you sweep the house you search the hot for sin do you know that the reason why you may not have noticed that that person was leaving God was because you were leaving God We say that spiritual things are what spiritually discerned and people are leaving God long before they leave the church you know they're right they don't leave the church and then leave God then you've got and then they leave the church they hang around a little bit because they're still that guilt until they convince themselves that it's just not worth it and then they can finally leave this sign us there's enough for us to notice that one of the coins is missing but lost people don't find lost people right lost people don't find lost people. So they sweep the house they search diligently to see if there's any filth that could be hiding the coin and they turn on the lights the Bible says that the word is a Anyone know a light unto our feet allow onto our part of the word is lights but they only turn on the light once something is lost they only go to the light when something is already lost do you think maybe if they'd gone to the light before the thing was lost they might have been able to keep it from being lost how often we treat this as medication or well times are hard a bit go to the Bible all I need an answer to my prayer better go to the bible oh Sabbath is coming up and and then I better go to the Bible because otherwise people are going to know never have we had more access to this book then this day and age and never has it been read so little we have it everywhere with us we've got Bibles of all shapes and sizes when the Israelites were carrying around scrolls we've got Bibles that fit in our pocket now we've got Bibles where you don't even need to know that James comes off to Hebrews You just need to be able to recognize the word James and you'll be able to scroll right there we don't need to even memorize scripture anymore because it only takes 5 little buttons of the 1st 2 words for us to search and tell people that encouraging verse never have we had so much access to the light and lived in so much darkness to search for the last point they turn on the lights and they sweep the house last thing stay lost without the light and want to encourage you guys it sounds almost Monday in creature by Jesus we love to read. Especially in places like this we read publications and we read dissertations we read magazines and we even read devotionals but how often do we actually read the Bible as if we graduated from reading the Bible we only read or want now or we only read what people write about the Bible but how often do we actually go to the word what does the word have to say to me directly to me today word of God It sounds almost too easy too simplistic that within my hand right now lies the answers to global problems and personal individual problems that I literally have it all here and we all have a toy yet so many of us lost the coin was lost in the church look out for your people pay interest in the people that are around you we're not going to accomplish this work as individuals Jesus isn't going to come back it is you do your bit I do my bit we've been put here as a church as a movement a collective movement various times in the Old Testament we see people shining their faces shining with the glory of God but we've never seen a whole movement a whole group of people Israel was meant to be that darkness our church has been sent for a time like this to reveal the glory of God not just not just as an individual but as a collective and we can't do that if we're not in the world we can't do that if we're not training young people how to read the Bible how to study the Bible how to preach the word is that of preaching calling the device fables and stories it was the young people preaching the word the 15 year old in the 16 year olds and the 18 year olds of such where Evan and James what when they started this thing. It's as if you have to have gray hair to be in a position of leadership around here within our church The only way you're really going to be the head of this ahead of that is if you've got a Ph D. in M D N A B. C. D. E. F. G. right and qualifications are important yes you I hope you know what you're doing but what about the qualification of the Holy Spirit why has he gone from moment to the disciples had Ph D.'s in numerous languages having never gone to school because of the Holy Spirit perfectly fluent no classes necessary but ties in people left right and center and never had taken theology do we believe that that power is still present today that you and I can accomplish the things they turned the world upside down and we've been busy just read refocusing in the last in the church the word says and when she has found it she calls her friends and her neighbors together saying rejoice with me for I have found the peace which I have lost the woman is brave enough to admit that the coin was lost because of her that's the kind of leadership that speaks to my heart I don't know about you guys but I've been around too many hoary heads that have refused to say sorry when they will most definitely the ones in the wrong too many people sitting at the top of all these different pyramids that refuse to acknowledge their own shortcomings but of the 1st to point out my sins true leadership is able to hold its hands up and say I messed this one up this is on me the woman said Hey guys come over I found the coin which I lost we use the next part Likewise I say unto you There is joy in the presence of angels in the angels of God over one sinner that repents we often use that baptisms right when people have have come to the law and there is joy in heaven yeah. But that's not what this talk about isn't all about baptism this isn't talking about someone that didn't know Jesus that suddenly found him this is talking about someone that was in the church that knew Jesus that lost their way but someone sort them out and someone found them before it was too late and someone managed to help bring them back to the Lord there's joy in heaven when one sinner in the church repents and is found not something worth celebrating but seen it's a celebrate when the drug dealer comes to Jesus and is baptized and his whole life changes you have that's fine but what about the celebration of the young Adventists that grew up in the church and was always in the church but lost their way because everything just became a form and suddenly things just clicked for them and it's all gone Jesus loves me that much that's what we're celebrating that's what inviting people over that's one of the having dinners and special events Sol says the father of the prodigal son my son which was the last is now found this sheep was part of the fold the coin was in the house the son was in the house we're not just talking about people coming from without and coming in were saying those that were always here undoubtedly there can be people amongst us now that had been lost from the moment they came to church and so God looks at you and I the woman and says So what are you going to do about it what are you going to do about it there's people amongst you stuck in sin and they feel like there's no way out and they've tried this and they've tried that and they think they've tried Jesus and they think they've claimed every bible promise what are we going to do just say well you know it worked for me this people in our church suffering with depression. Suffering with lowliness and they come to church week after week and they sit right by themselves in the corner not because they want to be alone but because they need to feel that someone wants to sit next to them this people in our church who are suicidal that come here as a last resort looking desperately for God and when they come here looking for God They don't look at this way they look at this way they look at me and they look at you they look at us to see if there's proof that God is real for the son and for the Bible they're looking at us they're looking at this church they're looking at places like Loma Linda that's that's literally designed to be a place of healing most callings in the church as Don't neglect each other don't neglect each other yes keep the passion and keep this emphasis on reaching out to your community but reach out to the person that is sitting next to as well let them know that Jesus loves them let them know that you love them it's so easy nowadays to just to to mosque kindness and to mosque Truelove in super fishy ality Well happy Sabbath have a blessed day don't tell me that come to me speak to me find out where I am Where is my heart don't ask me how my week was was you're talking to someone else show an interest in one another I'm not asking is a bombard me off of this message but don't want someone even if you think they're fine even if you think they're OK We are experts at all writing who and what we truly are spend some time getting to know the people that you think you know Jesus took 12 and he knew them inside out. He didn't take for granted that one of them was already lost he reached out gave him something to do included him in the group made him feel like he had a puppet just for the hope that one day this brother would realize that he needs to be saved do the same be the helping hand someone in here needs be the Jesus be the God be the church that the lost coin is crying out for sweep the house turn on the light pay attention not just to the ones that are on fire but for the ones that are looking for that Spock we have a responsibility a God given responsibility to build this church until Jesus comes and we cannot feel it if we are destroying its very foundation growth works both ways discipleship isn't just about evangelism it's working from the inside out not the outside in rejoice because the calling that was lost even though it didn't know it was lost was found and there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents just one just look for that one and if it's to you if you or that one I know it's difficult to reach out reach out even if it's to someone that you don't even know the name of reach out and let them know you're struggling you need some help you need someone strong that can that can get you through this difficult time that can help you come to Jesus reach out to someone they you think has a strong pro-life you might find that they don't at all but then at least you're in the same boat and together you can look for someone else reach out. Don't suffer in silence don't feel like you're the only one Elijah felt like that there was 5000 more reach out let someone know that you're struggling it can literally change your life let someone know that you're stuck in darkness and you need someone to bring some light into your life it can do the world of difference don't settle for being lost Don't settle for apathy don't settle for depression reach out not just to those amongst you but reach out to the Lord he promised if you search for Me with all your heart you will find me claiming such a look through the Word of God It has the answers I promise I promise we don't have to suffer alone we don't have to be in this just by ourselves Father in Heaven is Klein was lost and it didn't even know we don't even know how long it was last fall but we thank you for those diligent seekers those that surely are seeking the last but not only those that are going to fall but those that are staying right here thank you for those Lord who have never stopped praying for us though we don't even know their names Thank you Lord for those that offered a genuine word of encouragement and not just wish does a happy Sabbath as they walk by Father I ask that you give us the desire to see souls saved in your kingdom but help us not to neglect those whose names were already written once father we're living in a time of darkness and we know that the darkness is greatest Just before the dawn we believe that your Son Jesus Christ is is coming very soon but Help us Lord to reach out to those that are slipping reach out to those that are falling those that are languishing in darkness that see no light help us to have a personal light Lord to know who you are for ourselves. That we can help the others that don't father there is joy in heaven over one sinner that is found my prayer is that there is joy in heaven right now that there's someone here today that says I'm lost I'm lost but I know that Jesus is looking for me I'm lost but there's a brother or sister here that's been searching me out Father we're told that spiritual things are spiritually discerned So give us your Holy Spirit we plead Lord for your Holy Spirit we cannot we Dan not do this work without him fill us rid us of everything that is unlike you and fill us with your Spirit fill out shut all our church is being smashed from left to right attacked by all the demons of Hell give us the Holy Spirit the same Holy Spirit that rebuked demonic forces in this written word let us see it today let us see it in the church that we love in the church that you love and Father help us to be the church that you've called us to be a lights. To the world yes but to our own members whose. This is just. 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