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Me vs. You, Part 1

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator


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eating and how are you this evening and tonight I want to talk about me versus you with some additional word of prayer father in heaven today we're in need of your spirit we confess that need to confess that our minds are feeble our hearts are deceitful and we need your spirit to guide and guide them as he open your word we just let pray that you would help us that our hearts may be turned towards you that we might become more like human character we think in Jesus name amen to many Bible studies each of Chapter twenty eight 's order to be looking at the Bible story here little bit of context for what we as Seventh-day Adventists know and speak of as the great controversy and great controversy we understand there is a conflict between opposing forces right there's something happening in this world that is bigger than us something happening is bigger than nations and and systems of thought or theology there's some there's some struggle it's taking place on a spiritual level not cosmic level that we are involved in your set of the Adventists we believe in taking things in context and sometimes there there are many things that we teach as Seventh-day Adventists but it's difficult force others to understand at first because they see them in a different context than we see them there especially principles that we are the seventh it out of living in the last days of earth history have been called to you preach and to live by which most of the world in fact many Christians and many are missing they don't understand anymore because they've taken them out of context when you talk about context we usually think about what we read the whole chapter rightly read the whole passage using we think of that as meaning context that the contents of any passage is that the verses that is around it but it's also the entire book that it's found in if the entire Bible ultimately as you read the whole Bible ultimately you get a better context for what God is doing of what is happening and beyond the Bible we actually have a broader context and here's where we had the damage that interests you have an understanding of the pre- controversy and the great controversy provides the ultimate context for understanding any truth in the lifestyle of reform anything that God is speaking to his people today can best be understood in the context of the great controversy and so we look in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight seething Ezekiel chapter twenty eight the story of the fall of Lucifer the story of the fall of Lucifer the Bible here's speaking of the Prince of Tyre but it's speaking of symbolically I guess you would say of Lucifer because it says in verse fourteen thou art the anointed chair of that covers and I've sent you so you were upon the holy mountain of God you walked up and down the midst of the stones of fire clearly this is talking about Lucifer that it most exalted of the Angels the Bible says in verse fifteen you are perfect in your ways from the day you were created till iniquity was found you notice how iniquity was found in Lucifer verse seventeen nine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty thou must corrupt in thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness I will cast into the ground I will leave you before team they may behold the Bible says Alyssa began to think about himself and he realized that he was one of the most beautiful beings in all the universe vaccine was the most beautiful the Bible says that God who loves them beautiful amen adorn him with precious stones jewels by the way this is aside off the topic but I have to say God loves jewelry some unless some of us don't understand why can we wear jewelry why can we be adorning ourselves to find a clue right here God loves jewelry but there's something is the perfect part of a Lucifer was lifted up because of his beauty then how about our fallen hearts might we be tempted also to focus on the external instead of the god loves jewelry adorned Lucifer with every precious stone but he says to us living in a fallen world of fallen human natures are going to do that in a minute avoid focusing on the external lecture adorning beauty adorning of the heart seek God knows our weaknesses and asked to spare us from the temptations to give us and they teach in overcoming it gives us the confidence about adornment Isaiah chapter fourteen Timothy there Isaiah chapter fourteen what are we talking about this evening me versus you Isaiah chapter fourteen the Bible 's as verse twelve how are thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations for you verse thirteen for you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation the sides of the north verse fourteen I will ascend above the height of the clouds I will be like the most high if you notice something that is repeated over and over in these verses what kind of a problem divisive or have we sometimes say yet I write sin came about because elusive remaking focus on himself right Lucifer became totally focused on Lucifer as he thought about beautifully what you thought about the power he had to think he basked in the phrase in the honor that he received from his fellow created beings Lucifer began to set his eyes on the very throne of God and he began to say hi want to be not just the way I am now I want to be higher I would need more powerful I want to have more honor even worship Lucifer 's spot speaking centered on himself and this my friends is the very essence of sin if you could distill sin into its original states it is a breakdown of the smallest component it would be selfishness is believing for me instead of living for you so Lucifer began doing it he began to ache to think please I say these words and feel these feelings as he did so he began to develop a character that was altogether out of harmony with the character of God because there's a there's something completely different from that that that is that just that completely defines the character of God we sometimes try to put it in human terms of words like love or charity we read for example read first Corinthians chapter thirteen read those characteristics of charity and the characteristic of charity it is looking outward not a word is not thinking it's always seeking the benefit of others is not living at some of his friend with other people up and down and saying that the character of God God is love right not is charity in fact if you and I could live in complete harmony with charity as is and first in his thirteen we would have the character of God right now Lucifer was not landing in harmony with verse twenty thirteen he was living in harmony with well Prince of Tyre would later live in the same way selfishly he was a high watch give me and so this is how the low great controversy began a conflict between not just to people but to ways of Lizzie a conflict between two characters we sometimes think of the conflict between God and Satan we sometimes think about that controversy that that that that is ensued in essence another battle you know there's those that good angels and is the evil angels and their out duke it out somewhere you know they're fighting over are in and it becomes personal to us in the fact that we we say well they they login as you live there fighting over our rooms in our hearts in our life the fact the matter Ms. added essence again the great controversy is about character and it's about whose character were going to have as of the devil from the fall in heaven sets himself about to try to establish others who had his character you see when talking about it wasn't good enough for him to be just satisfied with this business of fighting against God and claiming that God 's government God 's character were unjust or unfair he wanted others who were like him in this battle he wanted others who would have aced similar a similar mindset you ever heard the saying imitation is the highest form of flattery ever heard a thing as soon as Satan became selfish he wanted other people to imitate him it also be selfish because then he would see the little Lucifer 's running around and that you selfish heart is no saying misery loves company and make no mistake my friends I want you to understand something this evening make no mistake about it when Lucifer fell in heaven he began to be miserable sometimes we divorce him from feelings and emotions but guilt is a cruel taskmaster whether you are Lucifer whether you're Chester Clark L Lucifer became a miserable beam was intent on having company someone to join him in his misery is so the great controversy came down here to planet earth and what is that great controversy that a controversy in our personal lives is whose character are we going to reflect are we going to be selfish or unselfish army going to be egocentric or others is centered are we going to have that love of self or the love that is unselfish charity adopt the love that my friends in the battle that we hear about that of the battle that we are involved in is a battle over our characters so what happen Genesis chapter three who's working down to the garden right in the Garden of Eden there even was any apartment being also what they what did Lucifer appeal to you peeled to her self you will be as God 's knowing both good and evil isn't it a using thing isn't it an amazing thing that today we think we are able to fight against evil and resists temptation Satan went Eve in the Garden of Eden imperfection fell like that to the temptation to be selfish Genesis chapter for the Bible goes on Cain and Abel King saw Abel sacrificed the extending his act was not being his ability to go self rose up he thought that he should be able to bring is all best fruits from these all toil his own work as a laborer in the garden self-centered instead of God 's Esau Abels sacrifice burning and it made him angry why because he wasn't interested in the betterment of people or able successor happiness he was only concerned about himself I became very when he killed his own we could go to Bible story after Bible story through the course of time you can see the conflict between God and Satan is a conflict between two different characters who are you going to be like so God at Mount Sinai he gave the ten Commandments that described his character in human terms for human beings also have no other gods before me right SNL make and delete any graven images was attended temptation the temptation is to elevate also or people both above God it flatters it brings about the character of Satan in mankind not the character of God what the temptation the temptation is to form images that we become the creators of our own God 's thinking we are able to determine how and what win where we worship what the commandment remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy don't do your own pleasure on God 's holy day and yet what we do is address young people to walk itself I want to do what I want to do is I'm fighting against this command honor your parents your father and your mother the only command with a promise that your days may be long upon the land lord my God will give you the what is the conflict there as a young person I want to have my way why because at the character that is instilled in me as a fallen human being I am naturally tending to follow the character of Satan not the character of God and as we keep the commandments of God re-creates in us his character focusing not on me but on others but God God wanted this this and the ones of this character to be formed into the character of love 's sake and once his care can be formed in so we find we find a constant pressure to conform to the character of Satan now in all as I thought about this a thought about it quite a bit I've realized something Satan is not so stupid as to make everything very overt and obvious and open he's not so stupid as they are okay I want to be worshiped I want to be like God and I want other people to be summers like me so therefore I made it all around it all around chanting I will be like Satan I will be like Satan I will be like that you would be very successful you think getting many people are going to go around think I want to be selfish I guess I don't want to the development character that is self-centered with having a successful it wouldn't work what it is orderly do he creates he creates all kinds of little little symbols little sideshows little things that don't look like selfishness but they are selfish and little things that seem and knock you with it but they're not filling oculus because of these things are practiced and and and repeated and performed day after day after day I'd be common character like candy sentencing you see on the plane of their Nebuchadnezzar was smart enough not to build an image I'm said he was smart enough not to ask the people to simply bow down and worship him because some people would've presented instead Nebuchadnezzar asked that people to bow down to them in the each but that image represented and so vicariously Nebuchadnezzar was being worshiped all the devils not stupid either the devil doesn't need us to be burning incense and him he made us look like in character are you falling he doesn't need us to say I will be like Lucifer I will be like Lucifer I would be Satanic and character he doesn't need his contract he simply needs us to be engage in the habit of thinking and activities in the lifestyles that strengthen selfish acts of the super early on began finding Howard for ways to strengthen mankind the character of me he created yes he created cities when a whole bunch of people get together living in close quarters there develops his spirit and the attitude of competition as there develops they need the commercialization I suppose of the city 's creates a need for stores and advertising and theme 's if I am living next door to this person this house looks better than mine my character if my characters like character Satanism I have to make my house about it in his right and he sees my house better than his now what is he due to his makes his house better than mine which means I have to make my house better than than his interest in and people get in his rat race is focused on who we for what purpose be Lebanese man shall give a child again they lost in them why because someone else had someone somehow sniggers Lindel got better I'm not trying to pick at straws I'm trying to use see some of few meager examples of how little things are used by Satan to create in as a character that is not the character of God 's character of himself in the over watched advertisements on television the goal of television advertisements is for you to think man I wish I could get that for somebody else deductible the goal of retailing is make you think you can't live without it I want back to you walk through the mall and everything is counted for nothing is a similar shopping don't take this out of context I'm saying this my friends everything in this world that Satan tempt her towards transforming our characters into selfish characters he's turned into he has turned everything that he can possibly turn to his use so that so that when we when we are walking through the mall when we are watching television when we're reading over and over and over throughout her day were bombarded with the influence of being more and more selfish unless unselfish in a silencing and the more time we spend with being in the you see is this he has created and I'm don't think I'm being too extreme to say that the more time we spend living in the atmosphere and under the influence of Satan is treated and largely has control over the more likely we are to become character like that in the last these registry God calls from people to live in the country USAID God calls his people to the country is the biggest cities as it is similarly sitting no but it's much harder to develop the character of God and we need every advantage we can get in this our first history and my friends that the issue for us should not be what I please be saying in the city I like a lot being sold on the mound all are pleased as a small-town here can I please go there when the state that was then questioned Russian army can I be saved in whatever activity or whatever location or whatever situation the question for us in the what is the ideal what is the last so God clearly is given to us living in Alaska versus three a method of country living and my friends if they are the lifestyle practice or habit that is to be characterized that is to characterize the last generation it must also characterize true education and laceration and with no map and whether there's going to be a group of people in the last days to understand and reflect the character of God and you do so by seeking the best that God has to offer some him under the true education must be molding young people into that way of living to have a sense we are involved in every controversy controversy is whose character or even reflect is an enemy me me me and I deliver self or am I going to be living for others and my time to have the character of God such an education or counsel our schools should beware in the country why not because we're saying your loss if you live in the city is because the watchword of all true education is something better and something better that God has to offer his people the last days his country and the country you are more likely able to reflect the character of God and if you see when you live in the city is constantly bombarding with the character of seat guises back away from that observed in nature my character spent time in my word and observe my character sometimes when I think of what it means to be in overcoming I get discouraged sometimes I think Ford you said there should be a hundred and forty four thousand but where are they I mean my character is so selfish and if I take my eyes on Jesus long enough which I shouldn't do but I look at people all I'm going to notice about other people 's character are likewise selfishness on the mouth of his characters we want other people to be unselfish what were selfish as it is very discouraging when other people are selfish mostly because I'm selfish the true the students the Bible is X was certainly clear that there is going to be a group of people who reflect the character revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen and verse one the Bible says I looked at below a Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written in therefore it's whose name is written therefore it's the father 's name was a name a symbol of character God 's name was written on their hands you need to receive the mark of the beast in one of two places you can receive the mark of the beast in either your hand or in your four head that means to be lost to be unsafe inside you can either go willingly or unwillingly you can either say I don't believe in the principles of Satanism I don't believe in the deceptions of apostate Christianity but I choose practiced the menu way maybe because I'm helpless on my own Douglas power that would be the mark in the hand there are some really believe they're doing the right thing in the end time while violating the law of God thinking they're bringing about this great revival of Christianity God spark is only found where before it's because God only takes a willing surface people whose whose lives have not been coworkers Bluetooth shows and their characters got me his character has been impressed upon their minds if that's going to happen my friends we need to quickly about me I need three to quit thinking about me I need to avoid those activities and practices and habits that strengthens self and instead find ways to strengthen the character of God if you find yourself feeling sorry for yourself it might be because you're thinking about the two much how can I reverse that how can I quit thinking about me find somebody else to help you I think of them the story of Job Job was a man who feared God he was perfect the Bible says Maisie Dobbs Okun seems perfect but make that clear Becky says jobs as if I were perfect I would know my own soul of like I said I was perfect my own words approve me perverse right but God said Job was perfect him as a mercy in this time becomes invalid I said I come from walking to and fro upon planet Earth and God said oh really have you considered my servant Job non-Arab layout planner these yours and chilled and Lucifer when we say taken why these serve you God he serves you because you bless them in other words Lucifer Satan was saying killed a selling shell because these selfish and a dig something out of his relationship with you so what if God allowed us to produce a can do he took away everything he had all of his family all of his possessions all the blessings of this ever thought where that's where the rewards Job was seeking after they were gone his own wife sinker Scott indicts three friends came and they gave him bad advice visit obviously you're way off and God punishing you in the end you know I love the way the story of Job in because to it all the Bible says Jobson not he's a board game or take it away blessed with anymore but the end the Bible says you look for appears of run time the Bible says the last chapter of Job and the Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends John was sitting in boils and ashes is why visitors got a guy 's friends are blasting him and you and I are healthy for myself only with their URI would be tempted to be praying for me but Joe was so like God in character and I like Sagan in character he started praying for the people who get 's and the Lord turned the captivity to friends tonight we need to begin Philippine the not secure to seek when you tend to think about me ask God to give you victory over self and find somebody else you can help let's not focus on me its focus on having the character of God the Bible 's own wife says she speaks of a number of Bible passages would you be well for us to frequently read in one of those she speaks of couple chapters in Psalms she also speaks of first twenty thirteen she says it would be good for us to read first twenty thirteen how often everything I want to invite you to exercise tonight as you kneel beside your bed as you review your day with God turned the first twenty thirteen and read it prayerfully and ask God how did my day match up with the character of a copy were there things that I said that were selfish did I seek my own good I rejoice in iniquity or did I rejoice in the truth that I lift myself up Holy Spirit showed me oysters and I would encourage you to make it a habit read first twenty thirteen regular why it's me versus you at least think character Satan the character of God it's pretty new for dear Jerry Dupree father in heaven in our fallen human hearts we are selfish motive self rose up any perfect angel itself is a powerful temptation any an uninformed human being what hope do we have our only hope is that you would perform a miracle in our deceitful and desperately wicked hearts our only hope is that we would seek not the least we can do but the greatest advantage in overcoming Lord forgive us for being so selfish forgive us for thinking of ourselves and pitting ourselves and uplifting ourselves and attracting attention to ourselves Lord help us to have characters like yours help us to have the character of love Lord on the cross you weren't even thinking of yourself you are thinking of your mother you are thinking of your disciples you are thinking of the soldiers who were hounding the nails in your flesh and bones were saying father forgive them O Lord we false so far she sure selfish help us to be cut by that cross helplessly because by your greatest manifestation of selflessness the Lord as you demonstrated to the watching universe your character it has lose over like lightning fell from the hearts of beings throughout the universe help his character to be purged from our hearts as we spend time contemplating across the spend time contemplating your character Lord the North love of self is the cause of unhappiness site is traded for unhappy that you especially help us to see the danger of our course to repent and come to you knowing that you welcome us with open 's Lord help us not to be deceived as Eve was by the Devils presentation of opportunity which is really joining him in his ministry help us to be a part of that group who has the father 's name written and therefore hates father I want to fray right now for the school that this school might be a place where we seek not the minimum that we seek the best we seek every advantage you have to offer to restore in mankind your character me our door is in our classes in our offices and our conversations Mimi DVB becoming more like Jesus this is our prayer in his name thank you for joining the Washita health family for the special presentation we pray give them bless him twice of the health history married young and old alike the second coming of Jesus Christ and in both the Academy in college we seek to follow God is our last day Adventist education is to train an army of young people is what the hell is a faith ministry and depends upon the thought just like you if you have been blessed by this program is please consider hung on my case used to further this will please contact us at Washita Hills Academy and College PO Box thirty five MC Arkansas seven one nine two one for more information or to download or order high quality is that please visit www. wash styles .org story


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