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Samson, Sex and Salvation

Andre Waller


Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions




  • August 31, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven just thank you again for the privilege of opening the word please arrest our minds we pray in Jesus' name amen if you can open your bible see the Book of Judges The Book of Judges and what we're going to try to do in the limited time that we have is to peruse 3 to 4 chapters covering the story of Samson as we go through these passages just have your mind open as the Spirit speaks to our minds are right in Judges Chapter 13 we're going to begin reading that verse number one if you have a just say a man judges Chapter 13 verse one the Bible says and the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord and the Lord delivered them into the hand of the Phyllis Stein's 40 years and there was a certain man of Zora of other family of the Dan ites whose name was Minoa and his wife was barren and bare nots and the angle of the Lord appeared unto the woman and said under her behold now down barren and bear is not but that I'll show conceive and bear a son. Now therefore be aware I pray thee and drink not wine nor strong drink and eat not any on clean thing verse 5 follow the show conceive and bear a son and no Rangers will come upon his head for the challenge will be announced right on to God from the womb and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines not entitle our talk tonight Samson sex sin and salvation Samson sex sin and salvation Song of Solomon to verse 15 said cats to foxes for us the little foxes that spoil the VIN yarns keep that in mind as we're going to study tonight now I want to go back to Judge just after 13 for a moment I want you to analyze what we've just read we see that God has an issue with Israel Israel is constantly rebelling against gaunt and in their acts of rebellion against God God is now looking for someone to help deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistine comes to a woman and in this story many times I've heard this story many times over but in my observation of the text I saw something I never saw before in the text you'll see there where it says Now therefore be where I pray the verse for drink not wine or strong drink and need eat no unclean thing for Lol Thou shall conceive and bear a son and no razor should come upon his head for the child's will be a natural right from the womb and I was thinking about it as I was reading it always and as a child as I read this story I knew Samson was a Nazarite right that was clear to me that Samson was a Nazarite But did you know that his mama was a Nazarite. I saw the quizzical look on your face go with me hold your hand here in the book of Judges I want to go to the Book of Numbers the Book of Numbers Chapter 6 and I want you to see and Observateur what is required to be a Nazarite and Numbers Chapter 6 beginning at verse one the Bible says and the last week in the most a saying Speak on to the chosen a visual and say unto them when either man or was to say man or woman shall separate themselves to evolve our of a Nazarite to separate themselves into the Lord he shall separate himself from wine and strong drink and show drink no Vinocur of wine or vinegar of strong drink neither show he drink any liquor of grapes nor eat more grapes or dried you see that verse 4 says all the days of his separation show eat nothing that is made of the vine tree from the kernels even to the husk all the days of the valve a separation there show no razor come upon his head until the days before field in which he separated himself unto the Lord he shall be holy and shall let the locks of his hair of his head grow I'm a pause for a moment I want you to think and observe the you notice that if you were and Nazarite often times you were a Nazarite by choice you chose to be a Nazarite you would choose say you know what I want to be a Nazarite for 21 days and going on a fast for this many days I'm going to consecrate myself to God for this many days and you could choose to do that male or female but do you know that Samson did not have a choice now as a right he was from birth remember the angel said I want to the mommy I want you to take on this route as you take on this vow when this boy is born he will be born into this covenant relationship. Listen I'm I'm laying a foundation we've just begun so interestingly you and I suppose the anything from of mine where there was a grape where there was a great juice whether was what it was wine or whatever what not you could not do that now watch what else it Sis It says all the days that he separated himself unto the Lord he com at no dead body do you see that verse 7 he shall not make himself unclean for his father or for his mother for his brother or for sister when they die because the consecration of his God is upon his head all the days of a separation he is holy unto the Lord last one we're going to read now and if any man died very suddenly by him and you have to found the head of his consecration pay attention then he shows shave his head in the day of his cleansing on the 7th day Shelley shave it. You are a Bible student you should already know the rest of the sermon you see with it just. Now that now that we've read the text Let's go back to the story the judges Chapter 13 go back to the story now Judge Chapter 13 watch now and reread this woman has been encountered or has encountered an angel of the Lord the angel the Lord says you're going to raise this child in particular way now I tell you the truth I've been married now for let's look at the numbers here 12 years have to calculate my wife will hear there's been married for 12 years now I don't care for a man comes to my wife Mrs You know what this is how we should raise you should raise your child I would be highly suspicious doesn't make sense nobody gets to come into my house and tell me how I'm going to raise my children. But here this woman says someone from the Lord has come look at verse 6 of Chapter 13 then the woman came and told her husband saying a man of God came on to me and his countenance was like the count as of an angel of God very terrible but I asked them not whence he was and even told me his name but he sent it to me behold conceive a bear a son and not drinking wine a strong drink did the union any and King thing for the child should be a nice right to God from the womb to the day of his death Please note Samson does not have a choice whether or not he's going to be a Nazarite. Then Minoan in treated the Lord and said Oh my lord let the man of God wished out there is sin come again into us and watch what assess and teach us what we shall do unto the child that shall be born all that the parents of this day would do as parents did lower show us how we should raise this child show us how we should guide this young person in the way of righteousness Oh if parents would have done or do what Sampson's parents have done now I want you to jump down because we're just perusing carefully through the text here I want you to go to verse number 12. It says in verse 12 this is now the man of God has come back in verse 12 a menorah said Now let my words come to pass how shall we order the child and how shall we do unto him and the angel of the law or sentence and know all of all that I said unto the woman let her be where she may not eat of anything that had come of the divine need to let her drink wine or strong drink nor eat and any unclean thing all that I commanded to her letter serve verse 15 and Minocin unto the end of the Lord I pray thee let us detain the until we have made a ready a kid for the SO I want to observe for a moment do we have and I'm having a conversation with you Do we have any word from the Lord in regard to how to raise children and he Do we have any word from life. Now we were it's a peruse the Old Testament and we will go through a step by step study and figure out who the angel of the Lord was you would find in your detailed study that the angel of the war was none other than Jesus pre-incarnate So what we have here is the testimony of Jesus directly to Manoa and his wife and how to raise children do we have anything called the testimony of Jesus to spread a prophecy amongst us that teaches us how to raise children yes we do we have childhood as we have avenues home we have our Bibles you know what I think about this and you know and I am serving the text and how God does things he's not any different today than he was back then and I'm saying to you parents and guardians and church leaders we don't have to guess about how to raise children it's funny it was so we had a prophecy we have things like councils and stewardship we have Christian ministry we have ministry hilling the Spirit of Prophecy is amongst us friends and I'm saying this amongst us it's not like we have to go make something up we don't have to go to school to get it. I'm saying I have a school I'm not saying schools are bad I'm saying you don't have to go to school to get it I'm saying if we really want to know if we really want to be consecrated to God's work in a service we can go get those books we can pick them up we can read them we can apply them to our experience so here the family is looking there they are excited and I want you to know to get the experience that they have in verse 17 it says I'm a know what's in it to the end of the LORD What is the name that when Die sayings come to pass we may do the honor and the angel of the law remember the angel or Jesus said unto him why ask us after my name seeing it is a secret so no it's like a kid with a meat offering and offered and upon a rock unto the Lord and the angel did wonderfully and when no one his wife looked on for it came to pass when the flame went up toward heaven from off the altar that the angel of the Lord ascended how to descend inside the flame my friends this is no ordinary angel in the flame and when Noah and his wife looked on and fell on their faces to the ground but the anger of the Lord did no more appear to Minoan to his wife then when no one knew that he was an angel of the Lord I read that as background because again we're about to study this young man now this young man do you think he was special Oh yeah totally of an angel the Lord comes down and talks to you especially this young man a special not I'm going to restate back I'm going to paint the picture for you Samson did not choose to be a Nazarite an angel the Lord comes down instructs the family how to raise this young men gives them details on what to do with him now we meet the young man you would expect now that he's been raised in this administration that the principles have been followed you would expect that when we meet this young man he's going to be pristine Let's meet him Judge chapter 14 this is the 1st meeting of Sampson what we see and Samson went down to to math. And saw a woman in 10 Nath of the daughters of the Philistines and he came up and told his father and mother and said this Our 1st meeting of Sampson I have seen a woman in 10 Nath of the daughters of the Phyllis 9 now therefore get her for me to wife mercy friends this is the 1st time we meet Sampson this is the 1st time we get introduced to discharge has been raised in an avid his home under the direction of spirit or prophecy and we meet him and he's not listening for his parents instruction he's telling his parents what to do go get me a woman that's not even of the special people of God If I thought like that mama. That's all like that to my dad that's not going to go down very well but here Samson speaks like that to his parents verse 3 says and his father and his mother said under him is there never a woman among the daughters of our brother or among people that thou goest to take a wife of the uncircumcised Philistines and Samson said unto his father get her for me for she pleases me well now I'm going to propose to you parents and I'm going to propose to you young people that Samson resented his special calling I'll say it again Samson resented that he was a 7 day Aves he resents it the restrictions that his home was put on him he resisted his special calling and his uniqueness why do we have to be so peculiar so different I don't want to be different though get that woman over there for me he resented his calling my friends I'm going to prove it to you more as we go along watch this now it's interesting when you begin to read a story again we're perusing restudying tonight look at verse 4. This is what his father mother knew not that it was of the Lord that He sought an occasional guest to fill a stands for at that time the Philistines had dominion over the Israel now remember Samson special calling what was its calling in the beginning of the chapter Why did God call Sampson to do what to deliver Israel listen to me carefully I'm going to show you on the screen in a minute but listen to me carefully one way or the other you're going to feel God's calling. One way or the other you're going to fulfill God's calling Not that you don't have a choice in life or or that he's dictating to you what to do at the end of the day God is working all things after the counsel of his own will for the plan of salvation one way or the other God's calling on your life will be fulfilled the question is which way do you want if you will so here watch what he says Now pay attention to details or responses then Sampson would down and his father mother to tend there and came to the vineyard of $10.00 Nath and behold a young lion roared against him now your notice as you read through the chapters and judges the judge at $1314.00 for the Whenever Samson goes by a vineyard there's always a woman involved just saying verse 6 and a spirit a lord came out only upon him any rent him as he would have rent a kid and he had nothing in his hand but he told not his father or his mother what he had done for it tension and he went down and talked with the woman and she pleads Samson well grown ups you know what that means. And after time he returned to take her and he turned aside to see the carcass of the Lion and behold there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcass of the lion and he took their 4 in his hands and went on eating and came to his father and mother and he gave them and they did eat but he told not them that he had taken the honey out of the what carcass of I want. A listing for half a 2nd Numbers Chapter 6 told us the prerequisites for being set aside as an answer right please tell me what was one of the prerequisites regarding being set aside as a national at what was one of them do not tell each dead carcasses not only to dismantle their carcass just think about this again when you read the Bible is OK you should sanctified imagination. Dead carcass of lion honey inside dead carcass of lion man goes to dead carcass of a lion puts hand inside a carcass to get said Honey would you do that some of you would. Now I wouldn't do that honey can stay inside the carcass but this man resented and was testing the limits of the grace of God So much so that he says let me see how close I can come to the breaking of this vile and see if my strength will remain you know I used to think when I read this story that it was only when the Lyall was messing with his head and playing with his hair that that's when he was really testing it but we 1st meet this man he's walking by the thing why does he have to walk by the vineyards was he smelling the grapes Why is it that he's just cruising ever so closely to the edge of the object God said do not go here. Samson resents his calling and as he's resenting the call he's willing to go inside of a dead carcass take the honey but it's so interesting like when you and I sin when we do it some of us like to keep it secret some of us like to share our sins some of us don't want to keep it to ourselves This man took the honey out of the dead lion takes us to his parents Bible makes it clear he did not tell his parents where he got it from if he had said it mama Deborah what are you doing don't you know you have a special calling on your life. You see Sampson did not desire to abide he resented his uniqueness he resented his calling not a viable zone to talk about this woman and if you read the chapter I won't go through every detail they are about to try to get married and this is a big feast and now he tells a riddle right and tells the riddle to the woman to tell her the answer to the riddle they his the riddle everyone else every else can't get it so they can begin to press upon the woman to give the answer to the riddle of course the woman gives the answer to the riddle then upon given the answer to the riddle put Sampson in a better place now notice the weakness of Samson and again I read verse 15 now of chapter 14 and the right now which is examining the passages were sifting says and it came to pass in the 7th day that they said to Sampson's wife enticed I husband that he may declare unto us the riddle less we burned the end I father's house with fire have you called us to take that we have is it not so verse 16 and Sam says wife wept before him and said that does hate me and loves me not that has put forth the riddle want to the children of my people has not told it me and he said to her Behold I have not told it my father nor my mother and said I tell it. And she wept before him the 7 day mercy. While their feast lasted and it came to pass on the 7th day there he told her because she lay sore upon him and she told the riddle to the children of her people and the minute the city said unto him on the 7th day before the sun went down what is sweeter than honey and what is stronger than a lion and he sent it to them if ye had not plowed with my have for you had not found out Maradona pause for a 2nd and. You see the last one resident who talks like that doesn't like the Virgin menu the salad Good golly person you watch what happened next and the spirit of the Lord came upon him Is anybody paying attention this man has violated his covenant this man does not like his special calling but the spirit look comes upon him and he would down to ask a man and slew 30 men of them and took the spoil and gave change of garments under them which expounded the Rideau and as anger was kindled any when up to his father's house I'm reading this again for the 1st time Samson just told you see that the spittle or came upon him he uses this almighty power to now rob other people to pay his own debt nobody's paying attention and his anger was kindled and he went up to his father's house but Samson's wife was given his companion whom he had used as a friend Samson doesn't come across as a godly man does he come across as a girlie man you I'm reading a story and I'm I'm shaking my head my brains that process and what's going on here because this man is being used by gun to fulfill it particular mission. When I recently to you is this is The Little Foxes the S'pore the vines the little neglects the little deficiencies the little dishonesties the little departures from principle that blind the soul and separated from God There is a BIG things all those things. We're talking about abiding in Christ. With all my being connected with him as the little things Samson was doing little things separating his soul from God It is the little things of life that develop the spirit and determine the character those who neglect the little things will not be prepared to endure severe test when they are brought to bear upon them remember that the character building is not finish to life in its every day a good or bad brick is placed in the structure you worry the building cricket Lee or with the exactness and correctness that will make a beautiful temple for God Therefore in looking for great things to do neglect not the what to say little opportunities that come to you day by day he who neglect the little things and yet flatters themselves that he is ready to do wonderful things for the master is in danger of failing altogether life is made up not of great sacrifices and wonderful achievements but what to say those things Samson had neglected the little things my friends but even in his neglect got was merciful as God was still using him got was still pouring out His Spirit upon him God was still directing Samson's life to the point now of course you reach Chapter 15 when I can read every detail there Samson is upset that his wife has been given to someone else he takes all these foxes time has their tails together in fact reversed 3 it is a sentence that concerning the now I should be more blameless than the fullest science though I do them a displeasure for us for and sent to when caught 300 foxes 1st of all how do you catch 300 foxes I mean at some skill he catches them and then he takes. Them and ties them together employers fire I mean he had to think that thing through and then they're running through the field and they're burning everything up right so as they're doing this not again I'm watching the Texas burning everything up everybody's mad and it says in verse number 7 and Santa send to them though you have done this yet I will to avenge Opus they burn his wife up I will avenge you and after that I will cease and he smoked them hip and thigh with a great slaughter and he went down and well in the top of the rock of it I'm than a fella signs went up and pitched in Judah and spread themselves and Lehi and the men of Judah said why are you come up against us and the answer to bind Samson are we come up to do to him as he have done to us then 3000 men of Judah. I think that's interesting what it take 3000 men they go get one guy went to the top of it's a message to send didn't know was that out not that the fullest as a rule over us don't you understand what's in charge what is this that was done of us and he said of them as they did on to me so I have done to them then he said unto him we are come down to buying the that we may deliver the into the head of the Philistines and senses it into them to me that you will not fall upon me yourselves and they spake unto him saying no but we will bind the fast and delivered into their hand but surely we will not kill the and they bound him watch the phrase here and they bound him with 2 new cords and they brought him up from the rock verse 14 and when he came on to Lehigh the Philistines shouted against him the spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him watch and the course that were upon his arms became his flax that was burnt with fire and his bands loose from off his hands watch carefully. And he found a was a say a new job bone of an ass now 1st of all why is it a new job and you know what a new drug on it to look at or a new job own is fresh Lee did bone with all the sinew and stuff on it he found a new job bone of an ass but wait a 2nd I'm thinking aloud because I go back to the very beginning the premise if you're a Nazarite you put a touch down animals So listen what's happening even under the unction of the Spirit of God He grabs something that he's not supposed to there's God take his spirit away right when he does it he takes the job on of an ass and he kills her and how many does it kill a 1000 men so even under the unction of the Spirit of God He's doing a mighty work and in doing that mighty work he's still polluting his own soul because he's still not following instructions still not following instruction each step each progress a step is leading him to a point where he's going to be blinded brothers and sisters and God in His mercy does not exact judgment right away and in him doing that sometimes our hearts become hard it is interesting you know traveling and preaching and doing all this this is not the 1st conscious of the year this is this is probably my 3rd or 4th or 5th converse I've been to this year preaching preaching preaching and people come come come they always come every year there's a new group coming and I think to myself God has us come together all these different times every time the word is given every time an appeal is made if you do not give your all do you know what's happening inside your heart your heart and you are so it's almost dangerous to come to meetings especially if you're just coming to be entertained coming to hang out come and hang us chills chill time in my mind as I'm looking at the story and I'm watching this man Samson I see myself hopefully you see yourself I see myself a 7 is young man in the church. Hearing the sermons hearing the messages over and over again doing just about what's right God Spirit is upon me but every so often is interesting after he slays a 1000 men notice what he says after verse 16 and Samson sit with the job on of it ass hits upon heaps of the job and of an Ass have I slain 1000 men now this is actually a song has actually seen this so when you sing the song look at the song again look at the heart of the song and Santas it with the dropping of an ass heaps of money for the drop of an Ass have a slain a $1000.00 men do you see him praising God Do you see him thanking God for giving him my ID victories he's taking pride in to himself This is great work that I've done this is a great ministry that I set up this is a great work that all we're doing is the great intellect that I hand the sing a song of self exaltation after God has done a mighty works through him but you'll quickly see that he's a man he takes over in verse number 17 because he gets thirsty and what the Bible says he says and it came to pass when he had made an end of speaking that he cast away the job own out of his hand and called the place run Matthioli high and he was sore service and called of on the Lord and said Thou has given this great deliverance to the hand of the servant and now so loud I have just fallen to the hand of the UN circumcise but Clave a hollow place that was in the jaw and there came water there out of that though so strange that you think strange I felt strange and I and I do it like this so as your matriculating through life and God stars give you all these wonderful victories and things to happen in you and of sometimes take yourself there happens then when bad things happen you start getting thirsty hungry you know the cities of LIFESTAR pushing up against you you call out back to God God help and God is so humble. That he will still come down to help you even though in that time that he was already helping you were neglecting him. I think about God's mercy and His grace and his long suffering and sometimes I say to myself father I don't deserve you keep coming back to me I don't deserve you keep coming back to me in fact it is sometimes dangerous when he keeps coming back you know because you start thinking in your mind he's going to keep coming back so in your mind your Christianity now resolvable on living righteous and falling and he's going to get me back up and I'm going to live righteous then I'm a fall again and you know ever get to the place where you truly believe they can keep you don't make sense what I'm saying so God. Places a spirit upon him again and he's revived and he called the place thereof in the Haku or which is in Lehigh into this day and then he says and you judge Israel in the days of the 1st 20 years last the next year after Man this guy Chapter 16 then when Sam sent to Gaza and saw their harlot and went in on terror and he was told the gas saying Samson is come hither and the compas a man and laid wait for him all night in the good of the city and were quiet all the night saying in the morning when it is day we shall kill him and Samson later midnight and rose at midnight and took the doors of the gate of the city and its 2 poles and went away with them barring all and put them on his shoulders and carried them up into the top of the hill that is before him brunt wait a 2nd Samson just let with a harlot if you and I were having church meeting he would be disfellowshipped Yes yes he would be disfellowshipped right he wakes up from that harlot behavior and he still has supernatural strength God's spirit is still upon him John I hear what I'm saying. Just because God uses you doesn't mean that you are truly His I hope you hear what I'm saying doesn't mean you're truly here this is what he's trying to do is trying to win you he's trying the extent his mercy toward he's trying to pull you in to himself he's crying out to you please much I'll come to me Come with me that's what he's saying but supernatural evidence power in preaching gives in Bible study healing of people doesn't mean you are fully. You see God desires something more. He desires your heart I read the story and the 1st time I read it as I had more understanding I actually cried because I read this and there's another study that I do with talks about the Holy Spirit not only being with you but in you and I'm saying to myself Lord I don't want to come down to the end of all these things and like it said in that certain truth haven't I preached in your name and haven't I done by was and did not go to G Y C Did I do all these prayer conferences do not do all these things and he comes and says I never knew you I don't know you one of the greatest dangers is to be in this room right now it's safer to be a harlot in the street because at least you know you don't harlotry it's religiosity that is the most dangerous thing to us as a people God even says you have a form of godliness and tells the world from such stay away don't go near that fig tree it bears no fruit. By with me he says if you abide and you will there for good for fruit that comes from a divine place. Remember the story of the parents rather but it remember the rod was completely barren It bore no fruit at all in order for them to figure out who was really God's chosen person they would take their OS they put a special marking on it and they took this completely dead rod and put it in the presence of God and the one God shows that brought it bore fruit that brought bore fruit not because they had any life in it of itself it was a dead wrong I see my friends it's very interesting when you start looking at the fall of Lucifer Lucifer is looking at his the fruits the jewels the gym's and begins to get corrupted by reason of his brightness right he's looking at the fruit and against the which his own self you can do God's work and worship your own fruits below us so here he is and now we get to the part of the rat we are all very familiar with but I'm going to emphasize it in such a manner it says and it came to pass 1st for after that he loved a woman in the valley of Sorich whose name was the lie low Please note remember in the beginning it was Tim that valley of 10 the Sorich is also a place where they had much vineyards around her name with Delilah and the Lord to the fullest and came on to her and said into her entice him and see where in his great strength a lion and by what means we may prevail against him that we made buying him to afflict him and we will give the every one of us 1100 pieces of silver I do want you to note that those of us who seek to live right in God say This way you know family members know how to push your buttons but you can be around a whole bunch of the people they can say whatever you believe whatever your little brother says to come around they say what you know you are ready to jump right so right in the car my family member minimum business. And then they started you know in the only way the family could do it just peep peep they just kept going he and I say what I said a little bit of frustration and a person's turn back to me and said See I knew you were just like me they intentionally on purpose were pushing my buttons to see if I will come off there are people with that intent for anyone who claimed to be a Christian they watching you they're organizing things for you you say you don't eat that we watch Oh you say you are some Devin is all we see you're you to the US. You're Facebook scrolling. Your metadata you want to I'm going to stand firm in a national son in law comes. Listen this Christianity thing that we say that we believe at some level my friends we got to get real with it the superficial front with these nice suits you know holy smiles I'm sad. Now at some level we're going to have to get real with it and be honest with God about our true condition so they were looking a way to prevail against them and they were willing to pay her lots of money this is a it's this is the same idea with the false prophet but Iraq and. They'll I'm thank you the same sort of a bell and say they would then you know the 3 Hebrews right the same thing with Daniel in the princes in Persia same thing for 6 and a lot of said Samson tell me I pray they were in that great strength liar and we're with the modesty bound to afflict that's our 1st request and Samson and her if they buy me we're 7 green with us that were never dried then shall I be we and be as another man please no and you can look this up yourself 7 green words why do you choose 7 bring with us green with so what. You dream will serve with the great guard my friend he's playing with it versus says in the law as a filler star brought up to her 7 green with us which had not been dried and she bound him with them now there were men lying in wait a body with her in the chamber and she said in the him the village does be upon the Samson any breakthrough with as a thread of toes broken when he touches the fire so his trip was not known and a lot of sentences after beholder has mocked me and told me lies now tell me I prayed the wherewithal Manas be bound this or 2nd time and he said under her if they bind me fast with new ropes that never were occupied then July be we can be as another man Delilah therefore took new rope them bound him there with and set him to him the 1st side be upon the Samson and there were liars in weight a body in the chamber them to the big house and he break them from office ons like a thread and a lot of them to stems and here the 2 that had mocked me and told me line tell me where with the might is be bound and he said on to her we've is to 7 locks in my head with the web so called her 2nd. Any rational god this point would know if she did the 1st. She don't do it again at this point I don't think Samson really believed that his covenant relationship was real in other words Samson now is letting her play with his hair going closer to the root of it you follow Him thing so before I put my hand in the Lion and nothing happened to me I don't sleep with all these women nothing happened to me out later time even to the great minds not to happen to me a little clearer my hair see what happens he's coming closer and closer and closer to violating his covenant altogether you see an immigrant. He doesn't believe that the coven is real because God's judgments are delayed my friends one much verse 14 and she fastened it with a pen and said under her the Philistines be upon the Samson and he await out of his sleep and went away with the pin of the beam and with the web my imagination just sees this big thing this and he's walking off. And then he does a darn thing in my mind Samson man you need to get out of the house and she said in the him how can still say I love the window and heart is not with me listen to this listen to the language how can you say I love the when one heart is not with me that has marked me these 3 times it has not told me where in the lie it and it came to pass when she pressed him daily with her worse and urged her so that his soul was vexed and to death that he told her all his heart. You know but the proverbs talks about a righteous man find his a righteous woman and he can trust her with all his heart but don't trust no flame. Don't be telling people was the deepest part of your heart and then out with the Lord don't be seeking counsel from people that don't know more truly what God Council is there's a danger my friends and this is a little sign No there's a danger and sharing your heart with people that don't even know what to do with their own do you realize there's a pattern here too that remember the 1st woman she pressed him daily and then after several days he gives it here again Sampson is pressed daily with this woman and finally he gives in I want to pause for a 2nd we're looking at Samson as Samson I hope you examine yourself what is your pattern of weakness. You've been alive long enough you should be able to see a pattern the devil comes pretty much the same way most of the time and some of us are not overcome certain sins so the there's a repeat on our temptations we haven't graduated to level 2 we'll level one's temptation and the enemy comes the same way the same way prodding our weaknesses over and over and so what is your weakness we look at Samson like Dude you've got a woman problem and Samson has a pride problem and a woman problem and he has an identity problem all these problems are causing him to be separated from the What's what's your problem what's my problem tallest heart for it now watch what he says Listen to this now mind you even when he tells her does he not think that she's going to do it he has to know because all those 3 times before she did exactly what he told her yes so you have to believe Sampson knew somewhere in the back of his brain when I open my mouth and I tell this woman that was my secret she's going to cut my hair off some way it had to be there somewhere and watch what he says and you can hear his heart here that he told her all his heart and said on to her and I say what's in his heart there have not come a razor upon my head for I have been a Nazarite under God from my mother's womb and you know say that with great joy he's saying that on the frustration if I be shaven then my strength will go from me and I shall become weak and be like any other man and when the Dallas saw this is amazing and when the lala saw that he had told her all his heart she sent him call for the Lord for the fill started saying Come up this once for he has showed me all his heart then the laws of the fullest and came up on to her brought money in their hands and she made him sleep upon her knees. She called for a man and she caused him to shave off the 7 locks of his head and she began to afflict him and his strength went from him sorry that there's several things going on and no one now when I read this I'm thinking OK the strength of stamps and head was super natural meaning that my wife can't beat me up to understand my wife's top so if we wrestle it I know how to maneuver Sampson had no strength when supernatural strength was taken away are you saying that. It's not like Delilah will brawl like she was a woman and this woman was able to afflict him to the point where he could not resist her strength watch and she said the fittest I would be upon the Samson and he awoke out of his sleep and said I will go out as other times before I was a mean and shake myself and he wishes not that the load was departed from him now my friends when I read verse 20 I read the experience of Adventists who come up in the last crisis who believe they will be strong like they were before and they find that spirit has been withdrawn prophecies being fulfilled yes this time not a raise well before we got to go I'll not not today and I can see it in my mind's eye and it's a sad look my friends we want to be out there trying to preach and teach her find ourselves week and enfeebled not even able to memorize a verse where is that verse and I know Brother WALLACE Well I don't even remember what else because we have neglected my friends we have set ourselves up for a great fall he says verse 21 of the Philistines took him and put out his eyes. And brought him down to Gaza and bound him with fetters and brass and he did grind in the prison home and recently to you the gossip promised that through Samson he would begin to deliver Israel out of the head of the for the science was fulfilled but how dark and terrible the record of that life which might have been a praise to God and the glory to the nation goes on to say had Sampson been true to his divine calling the purpose of God could have been accomplished in his honor and exultation but he yielded to temptation and proved untrue to his trust and his mission was was a say his mission was what his mission was fulfilled in defeat bondage and death was this mission completed Yes it was notice physically Samson was the strongest man upon the earth but in self-control integrity and firmness he was one of the weakest of men many mistakes strong passion for strong character but the truth is that he who is mastered by his passions is a what to say weak man a weak woman notice the real greatness of the man is measured by the power of the feelings that he controls not by those that control him I was doing a study one time and I was I heard and read that within Adventism there are still men that abuse their wives and I think to myself what kind of man would abuses wife is a man that thinks that his strength is found in his authority and in control and in that type of man in that type of woman. That thinks their way is great weakness I want you to think about for a moment I don't want you to think about everybody else I don't want you to think about the conference and what you think about a posse in the church I want to think about yourself where or you with your savior do your passions have control over you do your temptations your lust your desires have control over you you know tonight Jesus offers strength for those who are found in souls week. He goes on to say the very ones whom God purpose is to use as his instruments for special work which will be everybody in this room Satan employs his upmost power to lead astray he attacks us at our was to say my friends that are weak points what shall we point my friend you can see sense as we point what your weak point. He attacked us are we points working through defects in the character to gain control of the whole man and he knows that if these defects are cherished he will succeed but I love the last part but none need be what. None none may be overcome you do not have to be a slave to your temptations you do not need to be a slave to your sins none need be overcome why why tell us why it says man is not left alone to conquer the power of evil by his own feeble efforts help is at hand and will be given to every saw who really desires a do you desire my friends. It says angels of God that ascended they send a letter which take a solemn vision will help every soul who will to climb even to the highest heaven pages and prophets 56 year period to my friends that is a promise how many of you want to go to higher ground those who in the way of duty are brought into trial may be sure that God will preserve them but if men willfully placed themselves under the power of temptation they will fall what to say sooner or what do you see that in Sampson you know whenever I've given this talk I'm afraid of this talk and the reason why I'm afraid of this talk is because I'm talking to Adventists here if there was a way that we can link our minds with the screen and I will put your brain on the screen and then all the truth of your life will be placed there so it's like this is not an exercise for me just to get up and preach to you this is an exercise so you can examine yourself to see where you truly are of God that there be nothing left secretly inside that were corrode your soul because we could quickly leave this place and then run about and start doing all the different and then never really deal with us here we start doing body work again we start preaching again we start going back to work again and then covering all that up covering all of it up and then when we get to the cross over back but I started this ministry and no friends it doesn't matter what ministry you're part of them or Martha worked a lot one shares in how many my friends want your sin will little by little debase the character bringing all that snow will powers into is objection to the desire the removal of one safeguard how many safeguards. I was talking to a gardener today said you know what before you start planning a garden you put a fence up to protect what is about to be precious in your garden removal of one safeguard from the conscience the indulgence of one evil habit one the glare of the high claims of the before we can really do we not see this with Adam and Eve How many times she from the fruit how many times we don't need a bunch of things friends just me one the indulgence of one evil habit one neglect of the high claims of duty one breaks down defenses of the soul and opens the way for Satan to come in and lead us astray the only safe course Paul's whenever we inspiration is says only I should do a sermon called Only the only safe course is to lead our prayers go for daily from a sincere heart as did David hold up my goings in paths that my footsteps. That should be the nature of the inspiration of our prayers hold up my go is in our path that must footsteps Let not the righteousness of Christ will not cover one shares a man may be a law breaker in heart yet if he commits no outward transgression he may be regarded by the world as process in great integrity let me read it again the rise of Christ will not cover one cherish sin a man may be a law breaker where my friends in the heart if he commits no outward act of trance question he may be regarded by the world as a poser see what. I say have a say in men but God's law looks into the secrets of the heart. Every act is judged by the motors that prompt it only that which is in the core with the principles of the law will stand in the judgment out where conformity to religious norms gains us nothing the truth must proceed from the inward man and the only way that it really proceeds from the inward man is that that man that is unrighteous unclean somehow is in the presence of the almighty one and you stay there you are by their use day there and as you stay there some supernatural begins to happen and your experience my friend Education Page 102 my favorite quote As a student of the Bible behold the Redeemer there's awaken in the soul the mysterious power of faith at aeration and love upon the vision of Christ the gaze is fixed and the beholder grows into the likeness of that which he adores I'm telling you there's only one way you must behold the man Jesus you gotta figure it out when I say the phrase everybody knows the phrase but how do you behold I'm quite sure is going to be explained as we go along friends we've got to figure out a behold we've got to figure out how to see it because the change has to be a supernatural one it has to happen from the inside out it has to happen from the Inside Out a true fruit experience of being connected to the almighty vine even one wrong trait of character one simple desire persistently cherish will eventually neutralize the power of the Gospel every central indulgence strengthens the souls of version to God the man who manifested it for the hardihood or stolid indifference to divine truth is but a reaping the harvest of that which he have himself sown. In all the Bible there is not a more fuel for warning against trifling with evil than the words of the wise man that the sinner shall be holden with the cords of sin and once you go back to the chapter we're going to end because I know you're sleepy it's probably 1 o'clock where I'm from so you'll be all right chapter 16 verse 22 it says how be at the hair of his head begin to grow again after he was shaven Do you remember what it said in Numbers Chapter 6 that if a Nazarite had defiled himself how was he to make himself going with a shaved head and Sam his head being shaved symbolically he was about to go through a cleansing now his hair is growing back verse 23 then the Lord to the fullest and gathered himself together for a great sacrifice and to day gone they got to fish God with the fish head looking thing to rejoice for they said our God have delivered Stanton our enemy into our hands and when the people saw him they praised their God for they said our God have delivered into our hands our enemy and a destroyer of our country which slew many of us and it came to pass when our hearts are merry that they say a call Samson that he may make a sport and they call for Samson out of the prison house and he made them sport and they set him between the pillars. And Samson said into the lad that held him by the hand suffer me that I may feel the pillars whereupon the House stand but I may lean upon them now the house is full of men and women and all the floor to the fullest and with there and there were upon the roof about $3000.00 men and women that beheld while Samson made sport watch now and Samson called unto the Lord and said Oh Lord you know 1st time in this so do you realize that this is the 1st time in all of the chapters here spoken of that Samson actually calls on God for strength. In the other party never called a golfer strength any other time except when he was hungry thirsty want to water but this is the 1st time he's calling for strength to deal with his enemies and he says oh Lord remember me I pray thee and strengthen me I prayed the only this once oh God that I may be at once events of the for those times when my 2 eyes and satin took hold of the 2 middle pillars upon which the House of the stood on which was borne up of the one with his right hand of the other with his left and Santa said let me die with the Philistines and he bowed itself with all his might and house fell upon the Lord and upon all the people that were there and sold the dead when he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life story this and I think man this man is in the whole the face he's in Hebrews chapter 11 ah I mean if he made it. I you know what I was saying. If Samson made it then it's hope for me if Samson made it then there's hope for you he flew more in his death than in his life. I remember reading a quotation it says it is a solemn thing for man to die but a much more solemn thing for man to live. I wonder if there could be more slain in our life than in our death but if you look at it the other way we need to die in Christ so that Christ can live and then be more slain in our death to self than our own living to our own selves if God can save Samson they can save you if God can save Samson then he can save me and there's much more to the story I can go to prophetic parallels and I was one of the things that I think the media the matter simple was going on in your heart was going on in your soul is there a secret sin is there a cherished sin you know to cherish then it's a cherished sentance. You know there are sins that you can be like yeah I don't have to do that anymore a chair center is more like this is my baby I might keep this one. Sin like that. That one sin will neutralize the power of the Gospel Do you understand the power of the Gospel Do you understand the power of the Gospel the power gas was sold so much demonstrated that the man Jesus is in the grave and resurrection power calls the modern agree one chair or send can neutralize resurrection power yes it can my pill is simple tonight I already know God's Spirit is going to move. And he is moving but if he's going to do what he has to do you and I have to be willing to let him do it you and I have to be willing to give me said a different way you and I have to be willing to allow him to take our hearts for we cannot give them their his property we have to ask him to keep them for we cannot keep them ourselves we have to ask him to save us from ourselves our weak Christ like selves then we have to ask him to lift us into his hole the impure atmosphere where the rich currents of his love can truly flow through us all that's my prayer if you want to pray that same prayer join me on your knees. Father I sense a presence in the lower We just want to abide we just want to stay here with you it is so very easy to have a false pretense an affront but you see everything as it truly is please save us Father is only going to be holding your son that there is a true knowledge of self please show us your son I read over and over again Lord it is in gatherings like these that you desire the poor to Spirit upon you people this so often that we gather like this for. And we don't receive what you intend to be poor out a father right here right now we're on our knees and we're saying take a harsh we cannot give them they are your property keep them for we cannot keep them for the save us from ourselves our week on Christ like cells and raise us into a pure and holy atmosphere father where we can truly understand and experience your love for Father I know that if we experience your love this heart in heart is crazy desire for the world will go away so police are hoping. You are no respecter of persons. Help us to see it is sin that separates us. Show us how to see Jesus thank you Father for being here with us thank you for loving us thank you for the plan of salvation thank you for the stories of Samson and the other great characters of scripture thank you for this conference thank you for answering operator. We pray all these things in the name of Jesus and we claim the merits of us holy a most precious blood. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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