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Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

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beginning in I just like to invite you to value have the need for additional prayer father tonight we party inviting your presence we recognize so that we are powerless to understand truth we are incapable of applying choose their own hearts and lives must your spirit guide so once again we want to just pause after your presence might be here may open our understandings in a way that only you can do the aphis in Jesus name tonight I want to talk with you briefly about Christian education what is the difference what is the difference between Christian education and just education in general some might say the answer lies in the fact that a Christian school you have Christian teachers because interesting answer because in reality in the founding of America there were Christian schools and there were public schools whether not and the Christian schools were courses taught by Christian teachers but guess what most of the public schools were to maybe that's not the main difference between Christian education and education in general semi- fit well a Christian school has a Bible class action because of public school doesn't have a Bible class doesn't not allow the wall of separation between church and state prohibits public schools from teaching religion as possible is one difference was that the only difference between Christian education and education in general you know if we go back to the early days and were not to spend much time there today but an early phase of God 's people education race see a priority manual all the way back to the garden be infected and read the Guardian was a personal bringing school to go to a next with God as your teacher with that garden as your classroom with their mysteries of science opening before you on a daily basis communing with God and varying school is really where we find the real purpose for education purpose for education is so that we can commune with God the human mind coming into contact with the divine mind we can come up through the history of God 's people we can look at the schools of profits on the skin down though quite a few years down to the time of the Reformation by the time the Reformation came around people recognized that they needed a change in education in fact Martin Luther said this I am much afraid that the universities will prove to be the one the great gates of hell unless they diligently labor and explaining the holy Scriptures and engraving them in the hearts of youth and draining what parts of you the Scriptures I advised know what to place his child with the Scriptures do not reign paramount every institution in which men are not unceasingly occupied with the word of God must become corrupt in Martin Luther understand there was a need for a change in the principles of education all of the universities of Marvin Thursday's word that you understand it wasn't as if they were just simple a new philosophy they studied the classics they studied ancient languages a study the science of their day they study history and all kinds of things but what do they not study the Scriptures and if they did they didn't make the study of the Scriptures term so Martin Luther says very frankly very candidly I would not encourage anyone to send their children to a institution with the Scriptures do not reign paramount these universities will become the keys of hell which way is the broad way in which ways the narrow way which way is the way the elitist to destruction in the Broadway which way is the way the lead of the life eternal it's the narrow way and Martin Luther recognized although he stood almost as a solo voice against the greatest system 's of knowledge and education in Europe he recognized that the word of God must be true it must be followed something had to change if they would save their children from eternal destruction and so schools were established by the reformers schools that need the word of God the center of education elite was as if in those schools the students were occupied with understanding the Bible better not just that ideas of the Bible but the experiences which the Bible describe the way of salvation was to be open before the students that was really the purpose of those schools that the focus their mind upon the word of God Inge ranging him the words of God in the minds of that was the purpose and then arising studying understanding these goals had such a profound impact at the Reformation very quickly spread from country to country to country because young people from all over Europe wanted to go to a school where those in the salvation was understood though they wanted to go to school not just a school where they can learn about history and philosophy in the languages of ever bigger schools and better school Paris was the great center of learning for young people from all over Europe that we want to go where we can get an education the things of God and if locked to Wittenberg to learn from Luther to learn from the length and to learn from the other professors that were teaching their the word of God the things of God and then after they learn German studied in Germany they would go back to their countries and they began this work of reformation we talk about the Reformation as if it were just sort of a sociological phenomenon young people the Reformation was nothing more than the word of God having an effect on people 's hearts and lives and that's red from country to country much of that spread was due to young people just like you young people who knew there was a difference between Christian education and any other education they might be able to receive now you think the devil like the uptight who also like that the organized church of the date like that because the Reformation included in many cases a Gephardt sure from the teachings of the Christian church Roman Catholic Church and in the second Council of Trent 's are in the Council of Trent there was this the measures taken we called counter Reformation and part of the counterreformation was to neutralize the impact of Protestant schools and within about one generation not too long after the reformers had passed from the scene the schools were no longer unceasingly occupied by the word of God and what Martin Luther predicted to place they became corrupt how do they become corrupt I'll tell you exactly how they became corrupt they started adopting the thinking of the world the study of the Bible was replaced by the study of philosopher 's of the father 's of a story in of the class six many things were studied in which it was felt by people who are educated and needed to know I mean how could you not be intelligent in the Greek mythology all of these things at every educated person you only have so many hours in school for his Lord right the purpose of school is to get you not to work nor have so many hours and every hour that is taken up with something that is not necessary is displacing something that is necessary your so the schools of the day began like this schools the rest of Europe Protestant schools began to reflect the curriculum in the thinking of the great universities the place of the Bible and educational in the Protestant system the importance of degrees it has been a being called turn all those downplayed but not with education system widespread in Europe in the schools of the Protestants there was not the end Bella Schmidt of human accomplishments there was not the praise of men and the striving for competition and to be the top and to have the most awards and achievements in prizes because the hottest and reformers recognize those things were contrary to the kingdom of God it is greatest in the kingdom of God is to be the servant they met as time went by these changes took place even the Protestant schools until the time came when even in some of the Protestant countries persecution continued and you know the story people move from one country to another country United Kingdom or Britain and finally the United States and guess what an United States they wanted to set up a different system altogether and they almost succeeded I want to tell you this evening but the principles upon which the United States were founded upon the right principles they were the principles of Protestantism the pilgrims knelt on the beach and they said we want everything that happens in this new country to be bound by the word of God we don't know show us that is the real spirit of Protestantism read about it for yourself but great controversy they know the beach they dedicated their endeavors to God to be bound by the Scriptures that is the right spirit and what made America great was that the following of these principles but a mistake was made in establishments schools because almost across the board the schools which the early Americans established were patterned after the schools of Europe some of these early educators had been in school in Europe for twenty or thirty years that whole weighing of education was ingrained in them some of them did start out with a very commendable desire to keep the word of God Paramount Harvard require the students to either five or five thirty in the morning to have devotions that Harvard got a lot required them to get off they required a written report about the study by LLC to the top the classics they talk the unusable languages they patterned their schools the schools of the old world and thus began the downfall of Protestantism in America around eighteen eighteen thirties God decided he would do something new in their transition points in we can see them in prophecy we can serve a student in history when God began to do a special work and new work at times and that problem had sunk so far spiritual Babylon talking about in their darkened comprehension of truth and the principles which even they are religious schools were based upon that God would call a rent to come out and establish a new movement based once again upon biblical principles and was God 's intention from the very beginning that the Adventist reform should be a calm accompanied by education reform read the history of our work read the counseling that given from the very beginning God intended that schools should be established not patterned after the worldly schools and there is sure in the way their thinking and their priorities they cannot be patterned after the worldly schools and the same time they distribute them out it doesn't work it didn't work for the Protestant reformers it didn't work for those who came to America it doesn't work when you begin removing the Bible or replacing the Bible with studies that are not necessary and in some cases which conflict with the Bible you Canada same time make the Bible study Herne Junior school has a lot intended to add this education should be Christian education editor should be a difference it shouldn't just be a Bible class fishing just the Christian features Asian history that people are Christians who are nicer Christian education was to be different from the foundation of the principles upon which it is established are different and so began a struggle struggle even within our own denomination as to how our schools be ordered only be run some of you more familiar with that in his history recognize it was not an easy struggle there were educators who studied their Bibles to listen to dependent voice of Ellen White and said this is how we ought to pattern our schools they studied the history of the Protestant schools he has a history of the earliest schools in America they were careful students to see what we are right and what went wrong and under the guidance of inspiration they wanted to establish schools hour after the proper order but he was an uphill battle all the way because there are always those who fought tooth and nail to avoid reforms these leaders wanted Institute it was about and some schools were established much closer to pattern some schools drifted some schools were closed and then reopened so they might be following what Christian education was supposed to be generous and give a picture right this was a challenge from the very beginning I share this in a statement from the pen of inspiration which was fun of testimonies and one thirty one says we know that there are many schools which afford opportunities for education sciences but we desire something what more or less the science of true education is the last truth which is to be so deeply impressed on the school that it cannot be obliterated by the error that everywhere now the point of Christian education is not just to give you a high quality cool very good learn in a good environment the point is that the truth God 's word is true then it the point is of the truth can be so impressed on the soil of the students and staff there that he will matter where you go in this world matter where God sinews no matter at again with the even courts about one of the pharaohs houses or wherever it is you cannot have that truth obliterating if that's solid so that the true science of education the notice continuing the same statement notices is the science of true education is the truth the third Angels message is true analyte and power that he put those two sentences together you cannot have the science into educational development of messages you need them together you cannot have true education this hour rule the world history true Christian education which does not think the message with this hour in the world history it's utter foolishness that you consider it can be very new method is through the analyte and power and he presented so that right in pressure easily made upon hearts should be the work of our schools as well as of our churches of the teacher as well the minister those of suppositions of education prize more and more the revealed will of God so plainly and strikingly presented in Daniel and Revelation you want to get a true education you better be studying under teachers who respect more and more and treasure more and more prize more and more the revealed will of God especially the messages again Revelation all you can have wanted to Bible class but you understand Christian education today is meant to be relevant and the messages of general revelation for our time we might ask yourself the question how was he is educated and when you talk within couple minutes about a series of his individualism did any of them and each overnight a series of educational reforms which got led those early educators in the Adventist movement to to enact okay some of them were strikingly different from the popular education the day when they came upon these differences they had to have some justification he understands there were those us and we have to be educated the way the world educated otherwise we won't be able to understand how the world thinks of Ericsson I got we have to know the classics we have to know that just like in earlier days he would have known brief mythology we have to know the ancient languages otherwise it will be considered editing people I want to warn you very carefully against that line of thinking that rationalize station for replacing the word of God with lesser quality materials because that is exact same rationalization that let out emptied the proof offered by MSN I mean what choice do I have easily taken from if I don't does God need our help to save the world through eBay that are following his word would have been better following his word knows what he thought you said somehow be better off if I have fruit from the tree of what knowledge education of what good and what evil one you know enough to be really easy the devil convinced he is using better off knowing both that any and the devil still doing that with young people today I've had friends tell me why have I have to read the literature out there otherwise however how to talk to people I stand here before you honestly tell you I've never read Shakespeare I have never written his request and it has never stopped me from witnessing shame I think Wenzel I've been privileged to see thousands baptized without the knowledge of Shakespeare it can be done God doesn't need knowledge from hell in order to save souls God doesn't need familiarity with infidel authors in order to be prepared for your worker 's costs that is a sophistry of the devil and you might as well call it what it is in trying to establish China's education that was different Re: educators studying the education of Jesus I'll show you something that on White wrote about because this is these famous Guinness justification in establishing a school system and educational system on different foundation founded on different principles on the world because Jesus was countercultural education Jesus had a different type of education and I believe if I'm not mistaken we might all agree that Jesus had a true education it says that every child making knowledge as Jesus did from the works of nature in the pages of godly works as we try to become acquainted with our heavenly father through his holy word Angels will come near our minds we strengthen our character will be elevated to refine and we shall become more like our Savior and has enabled the beauty and grandeur of the works of nature are sections the latter God on the heart is on the spirit subdued the soul is invigorated by coming contact infinite to his marvelous works communion with God through humble prayer develops and strengthens the mental and moral faculties and spiritual powers increase by cultivating thoughts on spiritual things to understand my friends cut true education Christian education is not just about having a Bible class is not having a personal experience with the things of God is about having a system which is not to does not detract from that personal time with God is not detract from those quiet moments spent with him which is not always form that the entertainment and exciting in the thrilling so that we have no time left to commune with God Christian education starts not when you go to a Christian school he starts when your mind comes in contact with the mind of God Christian education is not about the school you go to it's about the personal experience which you have yes the school in many cases by very policies either allows you to have that encourages you to have that or an unfortunate situation many cases basically prevents you from it is the study of the enemy of souls to so occupy the minds of youth that they will never have this experience he does that not just to the world he does that to the false system of education in childhood youth and manhood Jesus studied the Scriptures as a little child he was daily at his mother 's knee top of the scroll the province in his youth early morning and evening fly off and down along the mountainside among the trees of the force spending a quiet hour in prayer and study God 's word during his ministry his intimate acquaintance pictures testifies to his diligence in this study now some people say it was just because Jean is on after he was the word he is the living worthy of the word incarnate he was not that the one who inspired true spirit much of the Scriptures of glycine in the Bible of course you get pulled into the Pharisees of my friends Jesus gain the knowledge you noticed this last statement every child may going on as Jesus did Jesus learn the same way we learn he wasn't born free program he learned the Scriptures he memorized the Scriptures the same way you an idea that it says that the last paragraph and since he gained knowledge as we may gain it just that we can gain knowledge the same as Jesus gained is not that he was born special because he was God he learned the same way we can learn sexy gain knowledge as we negated his wonderful power momentum spiritual history testimony to the value of the Bible as a means of education the Zaman you see my friends Jesus never went to an ordinary school gene is refused to be taught by the rabbis that is very neat remember we taught them he asked questions as one who was alert even go to school the prophecy as foolishness yes questions they couldn't answer and thinking humble me that it's the product of true Christian education is wonderful powerful mental and spiritual as attested by the buyer value the Bible as a means of education directly seventy since he gained knowledge as we may do is intimate acquaintance with the Scriptures shows how diligently his early years were given to the study of God 's works can you imagine it as a key role we had schools would like young people to be educated as Jesus was educated on that the whole dream of Christian education is that's the whole point if you read the counsel given to us the point is not the religious science better the point is not that we need to be separate and different from the world that's part of it but the point is it's a personal communion with God and their things in the fall system education which I believe the devil place they are intentionally to prevent that from John seven verse fifteen said the Jews marveled these are educated people the doctors a lot the Jews marveled saying how knows the this man letters having never learned was any you didn't go to school like most people might go to school liturgy fifty two G 's increase in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man hours share with your list one of the educators which was in was involved in that early as this struggle between true education reform and patterning our schools are schools that existed was EA Sutherland E Sutherland was a educator who was instrumental in starting Walla Walla College as well as the he was an administrator at Battle Creek College he was the one responsible for the moving of the school from the city in Battle Creek to the country in burying Springs Michigan where the manual missionary College was established EA Sutherland was among those who are the forefront of the struggle how do we establish our schools in the end you'll left bank strings someone discouraged because of the struggle and he started the forerunner of Washington Hills Academy in college Madison College I say the foreigner because it was the first self-supporting educational institution in the history of that is it was the only organization which online agreed to sit on the board of feminine again his cohort were very interested in learning the lessons from the Protestant schools from the early American schools and especially in learning the biblical lessons and the principles taught by the Spirit prophecy and online he wrote a book on education reform and he lists some of the reforms of a villager even with you very quickly and I have time to dwell on each one of them I encourage you read the book for yourself some of the reform says anything that he Sutherland saw as distinguishing true Christian education from ordinary vacation the place of the Bible and education as opposed to ancient and modern worldly classics that's true in literature philosophy glasses it's true at times and sonorous I called glasses etc. any of emulation honors and prizes you Sutherland believed as the honest reformers did before that the focus on human achievement simply uplifting individuals to competitions and prizes is not focused the Christian school should have he devotes a chapter of his book in relation honors and prizes reforms and I why would reforms diving board and indecent hours versus Street any ideas if we do not have clear mines we will not have clear thinking and if you don't have clear thinking you won't be able to have an experience with God between God that he wants to have a very simple by the way we are today living any more degenerate generation than the previous generation to the agreement that make sense even do we need more badges today than we perhaps even did previous generations do you recognize also that we are living in a special time in Ursa Street we sometimes refer to as the judgment out special time and got deported for their souls search their hearts separate themselves from sin we need clear my journal that you believe we do the proper location for schools and country life for students use Sutherland believed that part of education reform that God was calling Adam 's church to was that of moving schools like he did in from the from Battle Creek into the countryside many of almost all of our address school started that way the seas grew up around them while Sierra used to be surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland Loma Linda was outside of Los Angeles than half a secure drive all of our schools are very remote because they believe in this principle even distinguishing part of education reform simplicity in buildings very interesting and Madison school the students build the buildings themselves what you think that was for some of the belt buildings would be massive monuments of marble and precious metals know their dysfunctional they are to be structural by the way at Andrews when they built their first dormitories they refused to put heat in the dormitories not because they couldn't really afford it because they wanted to train missionaries they figured they should get them used to doing without and that my friends is an machine simplicity and buildings an important principle another manual training and the practical and education is that a fundamental difference tween God 's way of education and the common way of education do you realize that the world has almost no recognition of the place of practical manual training in education it's completely missed the ball a few times I was lost someone comes upon cross it hired an interview on NPR which is known for its Christian conservative talk shows that an interview on NPR interviewing author who wouldn't study on the impact on learning of a man of manual skills and one a I only heard part of the interview he had a book I wanted but he said that one large engineering company aerospace company had actually found that after certain year and when they hired as usual the top graduates out of the best engineering schools in the nation engineers still couldn't perform up to that point even worked well what was the difference and so they decided they couldn't look at what grade they got with a GBA was what awards they had and look for something different so that it is a study know that you understand they were hiring hundreds and thousands of engineers so they can do a study of their backgrounds and their educational backgrounds you know what the difference is on NPR on the difference between the engineers you could perform and those it can perform you the difference was they discovered that the engineer should perform on the job not that they got the best rates they had all maintained their own automobile while they're in high school that was the difference they knew practical skills and what if any own wife says in a real-time look at their tonight but nonwhites is this an education derived chiefly from books leases shallow thought and superficial thinking yourself an education derived chiefly from books needs a shallow thought and superficial thinking you will think better if you learn to work with your hair the world doesn't recognize that you are God 's and practical education is not just so you could exercise a silly of the productive people in life unfortunately manual labor much more so mental training has been displaced by what sports athletics and games student self-government Christian democracy important part of Christian education in the studies in Christian education by Doctor Sutherland and training missionaries to be self-supporting a layman 's movement now what does that mean training students to become missionaries right what do missionaries have to half the missionary will have to have a new munition is not a message you need something seldom right so in order to train missionaries to be self-supporting you need to focus upon God 's word right so that every student has the principles of God 's word so deeply engraved that they cannot be obliterated in a matter what environment they go into so they can share than simply and clearly with others all that the principle they need they need the message not just any message the message this time three angels message they need to learn how to work they can support themselves because the working memory be finished when there's enough people paying tithe enough patches and gauntlet works would be finished my friends when you and I who are laypeople who support ourselves with whatever one means we learn to support ourselves our missionaries and true since Mister and that is the purpose for true education now as never before we need to understand the true science of education if we fail to understand this we will fail to have a place in the kingdom of God I want to understand to sign education and you not only that I want washed hills to be a place where true Christian education is found experience on a daily basis about you the spring father in heaven today we are grateful that you have called us such a time as this is thank you Lord that we can look back and even a cursory study of history we can see so many the principles he been trying to teach her people we can walk on the shoulders of their experiences learn from their failures from there triumph as well one day we still have a work of education reform to accomplish we still are constantly confronted with the temptation to prefer to replace that which is necessary with that which is good or even that which is not good margin I noticed on pre- entrée that our education euros institution I be after your plan that we might have a school is that the divine order what I also pray that we as individuals might be experiencing that true higher education give us daily each meet with you or make the study of the word is a greater priority in our hearts help us to want to understand its meaning for us help us to understand the message the three Angels messages for this time help us to learn how to work intelligently and efficiently to be self-supporting missionaries to take the good news of Jesus and the message and save people from deception for the whole world in this generation father save us from the deceptions the pitfalls the falsification world offers maybe learning your feet I pray Jesus thing


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