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To Forgive Is To Benefit

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • June 11, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Ya don't take out the trash I have dig out the trash in my house and believe me if we don't take out the trash in my house it can be a problem real quick in a word diapers. In fact somebody here learned that lesson the hard way back this fall we were at the church camp out and it was raining and James left a nice little present in a diaper and Elizabeth put that in the van and it was only there for about 10 minutes and I thought whoa this is a problem I got in almost knocked me over and I said we've got to find a trash can dispose as I don't want to ride all the way home smelling this. Diaper And so we decided to we couldn't find trash can but we did find Mario's car. So we put it in their truck I put it right in the seat right here on the side you know where the con center console has kind of wedged in there I figured I'd be there all of 5 minutes before and Mario's quite the jokes or so I didn't feel guilty about it all I put it in there I close it up. And then Mario came to me later and Maria just few minutes later he said Pastor Wright we want you to come and see our place I said no problem Mario show us where it is so we went up and they all got in the truck and we're like. We got up to the cabin they all got out everything seemed fine. Interesting we saw their cabin and then we proceeded to exit and it looked like they were done with the truck for the day and I thought oh my. By morning this will be awful. Well Time passes and I don't hear anything I still don't hear anything until eventually we're at the. River Park I say hey Mario do you ever recall the thing in your truck that was unusual and. No I don't know. Now then that smell a little bit suspicious. No I can read you know oh. He was you know I was asking questions is it. For 2 weeks now this is my truck. I couldn't find him or he can say Mario clearly you introduced. It can be very important. To dispose of and take out the trash. Because it builds up it stinks sometimes it gets infested or there's maggots and all that you got to take it out and the longer you wait in the longer you leave it the worse it's going to be Am I right it just kind of festers there there was a lady in Detroit they finally came and found this apartment they estimated there was that like a pile of trash everywhere in this house it was all quite organized but it was everywhere and they estimate it was 4 years worth of trash not doing anything else they have a word for those people hoarders Yes she paid her rent on time she was always well dressed she you know always looked very presentable but you never want to throw anything away now some of you here might be wondering I really don't like this idea of trash in the house of God in the sanctuary and I would agree but how many of us week after week after week after week are bringing our garbage things that we need to let go and get rid of. But we hang on to them and we harbor them and we don't think it's going to matter we don't think it's going to affect us but there's a stench that goes along with that and it permeates throughout our spiritual life through our relationships through how we view God. I mean if you go into a room that doesn't smell good and you can clean and clean and spray and clean but until you empty the trash you're wasting your time and my right if there's something potent in there it won't make any difference taking out the trash if you have your Bibles out encourage you to turn on the to the Book of Genesis we're going to look very briefly at a well known story here about Joseph you may recall Jacob and Rachel's 1st son after many years of waiting Joseph finally comes along and so we pick up this story and revel story in Genesis Chapter 37 verse 3 and 4 like to hear the sound of those pages turning that's wonderful Genesis Chapter 37 beginning verse 3 and we read now Israel love Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age also he made him a tunic of many colors but when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers they hated him and could not speak peaceably to him and as you go on through this story he starts to reveal some dreams that he has people don't like him his brothers don't like him I should say and they conspire to kill him it says in verse 18 in fact was read that in verse 17 and 18 the middle of 17 so Joseph when after his brothers and found them and doeth and and now when they saw him a far off they could recognize that hated robe and they conspired against him to kill him. And as the story goes off the course trip that robe and verse $23.00 they cast him into a pit in verse $24.00 and finally they're talked out of actually killing him let's just sell him as a slave and that's exactly what they do at the price of a handicap slave and as the story goes Joseph wallows in self-pity he rehearses the wrongs of his brothers he dreams of revenge of making them pay and dies a bitter angry slave is that right no he must have chosen to forgive but then he works his way up if you will he's put in charge of part of his house and then he is falsely accused of rape of all things by his master's wife so Joseph put in prison where he again wallows in self-pity rehearses the way he was set up he dreams of revenge making her pay and he dies in prison an angry and bitter man is that right no you must have chosen to forgive his accuser he obviously let it go because he became so helpful in prison they put him in charge of the entire prison. And the Lord gives him the interpretation of dreams and the butler promises to remember Joseph but for 2 more years Joseph hears nothing so does Joseph get bitter and angry filled with revenge as he refers to the faults of the other no he chooses obviously to forgive once more and move on and now Pharaoh has a dream and he's brought before Pharaoh. And Joseph Riley tells him the dream and Farrow places him as the chief minister in charge of the preparations and during the famine he sees and this is where the story gets very interesting he sees who's his brothers and so Joseph of being a shrewd man takes advantage of the situation and in revenge he shames them he has them tortured he gives them a piece of his mind and he throws them into the dungeon to rot forever because they deserve it years have gone by you read and ruined my life though it says let's read about it. Just as 45 many chapters have gone by a lot of time has gone by Genesis 45 beginning verse 3 then Joseph said to his brothers. I am Joseph to my father still live but his brothers cannot answer him for they were dismayed in his presence and Joseph said to his brothers please come near to me so they came near and he said I am Joseph your brother whom you sold into Egypt but now do not therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here for God sent me before you to preserve life is not incredible incredible story of forgiveness because unresolved anger is like a cancer and it rarely affects or impacts the person you're angry at but it just rots away it causes all Cers in the person that's angry that's unforgiving and all the while the other person oftentimes doesn't know or care and is unaffected proverbs 1722 says Mary Hart I do with good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones we know that physiologically that is true. We know today that bones are not dense masses that blood travels through the bones we know that a broken depressed discourage Spirit does literally dry the bones scientific studies have shown that but we have a 1st here in Proverbs is there something this morning that is drawing in your bones is there an anger that you're hanging on to a resentment a bitterness where you mistreated ministry of healing to 41 says this grief anxiety discontent remorse guilt distrust all tend to break down the life forces and invite decay and death on the flipside she says Courage hope faith sympathy and love promote health and prolong life a contented mind a cheerful spirit is health to the body and strength to the soul can you say amen to that term if you will to feed in chapter 4 Little Book of a. Chapter 4 verse 31 here Paul admonishes us in the fees in chapter 4 verse 31 he says Let all bitterness wrath anger clamor that's loud quarrelling and evil speaking in be put away from you with all now as the desire to injure So as you might have heard has a real band they have a chip on their shoulder and Paul says Put it away for your own good put it away verse 32 and be kind to one another tenderhearted forgiving one another even as God in Christ did what forgave you I imagine many here this morning just might be filled with some bitterness. Some anger some resentment maybe you're good at rehearsed seen the wrongs that have been done to you and maybe their very legitimate wrongs and everybody you tell gasps and says I cannot believe they would do such a thing maybe you dream of revenge but I would submit God wants to heal you from these things you don't understand pastors people in my life I just can't forgive if you don't understand when I was a child I was abused you don't understand my parents they never loved me you don't understand my spouse ran off on me you don't understand I stood up for what was right and as a result I got fired from my job you don't understand there are some people I just can't forgive but God says we need to forgive and he longs to cleanse us from the pain that we're hanging onto others might feel the sermon is irrelevant for you because if you don't have any bitterness you don't have any anger this is somebody else's problem let's get on to the next thing just like that patient that goes to the doctor and the doctor tells him you have diabetes you have high blood pressure you have hypertension and if you don't change your lifestyle you're going to die and the patient says But doctor I feel great I don't feel wrong and them feel wrong at all centers in the need of the grace of God I believe many of us are spiritual diabetics not recognizing our symptoms not realizing we have a spiritual condition that is silently killing us just like hypertension is known as the silent killer they have no idea they have it and then without warning there's a heart attack spiritually I magine many of us are carrying some form of anger and bitterness but we like to just push it away and pretend it's not there as the Laodicean church Scripture says we don't realize that we're read miserable poor blind and naked. We're in need of the righteousness of Christ we have to be covered with Christ rights in this but the latest C.N.N. is naked and they don't realize it we have spiritual hypertension I would propose to some of your thoughts from the mound blessings page 113114 says this he who is Unforgiven has that unforgiving spirit cuts off the very channel through which alone he can receive mercy from God We should not think that unless those who have injured us confess the wrong we are justified in with holding from them our forgiveness it is their part no doubt to humble their hearts by repentance and confession but we are to have a spirit of compassion toward those who have trespassed against us whether or not they confess their faults However surely they may have wounded as we are not to cherish our grievances and sympathize with ourselves over our injuries were not to lick our wounds or not to rehearse but as we hope to be pardoned for our offenses against God We are to pardon all who have done evil to us quote now in some instances that can be quite easy but in others that can be extremely challenging of a story this week of a woman who was driving along on the interstate Sunday many of us did this week and as they were passing over an underpass a brick came through the windshield hitter squarely in the face blinding her right eye destroying her teeth crushing her face had 3 surgeries and numerous procedures but while she waited for help she chose to forgive didn't even know who it was yet found out later it was some teenagers that were bored with nothing to do. She went as far as to appear in court pleading for mercy for the boys she chose to forgive and you say well I just couldn't do that I would challenge you with this idea that the price of forgiveness is always less than the price of unforgiveness hating someone and holding on to bitterness builds a prison around us forgive this frees us from that prison and who we have the hardest time forgiving I'd say typically those closest to us a selfish spouse a parent who's hurt us a brother a sister and an uncle for their cruel remarks a friend a teacher a pastor maybe me and yes ourselves how do we do it how do we forgive what if for 30 to say forgiving one another even as God in Christ for gave you some 86 verse 5 is a beautiful verse for you Lord are good and ready to forgive I can't help but think of the story we looked at the prodigal son just as last Wednesday night the father was ready to forgive he was ready to run he was ready to wrap that robe around and reinstate him as a son in every way some say 654 you Lord are good and ready to forgive and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon you but you like down the Lord is ready to forgive you and me and give us a new experience he's ready to give you a new life he's ready to forgive Matthew 1821 to 35 you know the story well there's a man who owes a master a huge amount of money 60000000 days wages if you're lucky you'll get in maybe 50000 days 60000000 days waiting. And he goes and he begs and he pleads for forgiveness and it is granted to him and he goes out into the street you know the story and he finds the man who owes him a very small some 100 days wage and he choked and they says pay back everything that you me friends God has forgiven us so much is it true are we in denial are you just better than everybody else I know but when people in our lives cross us offend us offend me wound me they've been so unkind they've spoken untrue words they've tarnished my reputation perhaps something far worse perhaps they stole your spouse but no matter how bad or awful the Bible tells us we are to forgive it costs us more to not forgive than does to forgive I believe nothing anyone has done to us could surpass what we have done to God our sins your sin my sin but Jesus on the cross yes we can be hurt in a legitimate way unjustly unkindly unfairly hurt but not in the way that was done to Jesus as though Jesus comes to this earth to save us and we nail him on a tree that same parable Matthew Peter asked how many times I forgive my brother 7 times the idea was 3 times but no 7 is complete number even doubling it and beyond 7 times is impressive Peter just has no 70 times 7 and some have across to 490 times is so maybe you've missed the principle altogether. Does anyone here have an unforgiving spirit toward someone you know we as human beings can hang on to words for years. And we so I know how I'm going to get him back I'm going to I'm going to just make him suffer and pay with pinpricks every time we get together for Christmas every time we get together for Easter or another holiday I'm just going to pinprick them to death I mean given the silent treatment I'm not going to look him in the eye every time they ask me do some will say OK you know OK Oh you're so smug and then if anybody tries to point out we're just being so mean why what have I done you can't point to anything pinpricks but it's obvious to everybody you're acting about 5 years old maybe 3 does God Treat is that way because he pinprick us to death who you need to forgive Who are you angry with what grudge are you holding on to and is it truly is it truly worth it manuscript manuscript releases Volume 21 page 37 very small quote hanging upon the cross of Christ was the gospel one sentence hanging on the cross Christ was the gospel why don't we understand the gospel because we don't see Jesus hanging on the cross for me in the Garden of Good Sam He was too much in that moment Jesus was overwhelmed if there's any other way but he surrendered his desires for you and for me not my will he says but yours be done my sin put in there and when people mistreat us we react how dare you do you have any idea who you are talking to I'm so hurt and so often and when I mistreat Jesus he dies in my place Psalms 865 he is ready to forgive us are we ready to forgive others was the Lord's prayer a prayer say forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. What is Matthew 615 say but if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your father forgive your trust passes the reality is my ability to forgive others is a measure as to if I have received God's forgiveness or not hanging upon the cross of Christ was the gospel Christ is our example of self denial and self sacrifice Did he deserve it was it his just do elations to 20 says I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live Jesus Christ now lives in me when the power of the Gospel is taken hold in my life I am crucified with Christ and when I'm crucified with Christ I'm a living demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ what is the gospel that he's come to save us not in our sins but from our sins that we can have a transformed life that the world will see the glories of heaven open and will say they have been with Jesus God has given them power and victory and now we see what it means to be a Christian the burdens of sin can be removed I can be free in Jesus Christ that's the gospel I've been to many churches that say all you need to do is accept Christ but you'll just keep on sinning and be weighed down by the burden of guilt until Jesus comes I want to be saved in my sin in my trash so I jump in there walk around and say I'm a new born Christian I don't want to. I don't want my evil habits I don't want my perverse thoughts I don't want my guilt my anger my bitterness I want to be transformed I want to be pulled out of the trash can. Romans 12 to Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind is that promise true or should we rip it out Imagine if we had a pathological murderer here in Henderson County and they receive the Evan message and we told them Jesus will forgive you all you have use except Jesus as your Savior and you'll be saved but you'll just keep on sinning and shooting and stabbing killing people up until Jesus comes what is that the power of the gospel I can keep snapping at my wife talking bad about people at work I can continue to have a bad attitude to be a terrible person to be around that's not the power of the rear of the real Gospel the power of the gospel brings restoration to my soul Don't we want to be delivered from our sins not saved in them this is what it means to be crucified with Christ I no longer live is Jesus that lives in me so the question is am I really dead Do I treat people like Christ would or as I would as they deserve when Christ was here he was called a sinner a drunkard he hung out with prostitutes they said when he was accused of blasphemy over and over and several times they were so angry at him that they took him to the cliff to throw him off and eventually they got what they wanted he was mistreated he was spit upon he was beaten he was cursed They put a crown of thorns on his head and nails in his hands while one of his best friends said I've never seen this man I don't know what you're talking about yet he took it patiently patiently and in the midst of it all he says Father forgive them I don't know what they're doing if Jesus can do that where do I get off with my pain. I need to be crucified with Christ. I need to see daily Jesus on the cross for me and as I behold Christ on the cross how can I hold anything back from anybody else Hebrews 121 and 2 let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily and snares us and let us run with endure and with patience some translation say the race that is set before us looking into to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we need to look into Jesus we need to be crucified with Christ we need to be a demonstration of the Gospel to the world if we preach only the theory of the gospel only the witness of the gospel without the witness of the gospel I should say so we're just preaching theory and we're not showing witness I don't believe his gospel going to go very far certainly not to go around the world sounds nice in theory but I still see you in your worst moments and I'm not convinced that you have anything that I need that's the theory without the witness I believe the world is dying to see if it works does the Gospel change people has it changed you if not why am I interested in what you have I believe God is calling us to demonstrate his everlasting on changing the gospel of the 3 angels message people have truly experience his forgiveness have experience healing they've experienced transformation and they demonstrate it and God wants to do all 3 in you this morning you know we like to come back and say this is whether they like to be changed by the power of the Gospel but they never apologized we have to choose to forgive them even when people mistreat you you choose to forgive them and you show them what jesus love is all about because you've been crucified with Christ therefore you no longer live Jesus now lives in me. I want to ask you to do something this morning I want you to take your fists come they're attached you can't lose them take your hands and I want you to clench some fists clenched I'm tight I'd like you to imagine that you're holding grief and anxiety guilt and remorse when injustice or unfairness causes bitterness and anger inside of you you are the only one that can get rid of it by choosing to forgive who's got laid on your hard disk morning why not forgive them right now well they haven't apologized they have admitted they're wrong they haven't made things right it doesn't matter hating someone and holding on to bitterness build builds a prison around us not them forgiveness frees us and I know the pain here that some of you are experiencing is sharp it is intense it's so close to the surface that it literally throbs in every waking activity of your life that pain you don't want to let it go something deep inside you says I have to have been gins on this one pass you don't know the pain they've caused how our daily lives have been affected the financial struggles that have resulted how my killed and have been put through all kinds of pain and heartache and the humiliation and we're just fighting to survive and they're off scot free you don't understand how can you tell me to forgive I'm not asking you to forgive because it was acceptable it was mean it was selfish but I'm asking you to forgive because they don't deserve the power to live in your head and turn you into a bitter and angry person because to one another tender hearted forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you and so when you walk out of church today you can walk out of here with clenched fists holding on to those things and your spiritual and physical life will suffer for. It will but instead would you like to open your hands are invited take a deep breath and say Lord I'm releasing it I'm releasing it by your grace and by your power I'm letting it go you forgiven me now I am forgiving now healing begins with forgiveness except in God's forgiveness and extending that forgiveness to others don't you think it's time that we take out the trash I think so do you have a father. I pray that today can be a watershed moment that individual that person that situation that the Holy Spirit has brought to our minds that we thought we were over we were done with Lord I pray that we can forgive as you have abundantly forgiven us Lord help us to do that we need your grace we need your strength we need all of that to make this possible but may we today be able to say we are crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live but Jesus lives in me help us to sacrifice our need in our desire. For revenge and simply let things go. To take out the trash and to move on in Christ we pray in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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