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Mothers in Israel

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • May 12, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Imagine that there is on the screen a picture there it is aren't of Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was born in 1847 and he was the youngest of 7 children and he grew up with that community he is arguably known as one of the greatest inventors of the modern era and Thomas Edison was not a particularly precocious child he other he is OK Thomas Edison he was not particularly a precocious child meaning that he did not have a rapid developmental childhood he did not learn to talk until he was 4 years of age and when he was in school he overheard his school teacher tell the superintendent that he thought that Thomas Edison was adult now that is 19th century speak for having a scrambled brain now Thomas Edison went home and he told his mother. And this is his account of what his mother did so this is from Thomas Edison's own words then I found out what a good thing a good mother is she came out as my strong defender mother's love was aroused mother's wounded pride to the quick she brought me back to school and angrily told the teacher that he didn't know what he was talking about that I had more brains than he himself and a lot more talk like that in fact she was the most enthusiastic champion a boy ever had and I determined right then that I would be worthy of her and show her that her confidence was not misplaced what a mom what a mom defending her son and he says in his own account that this motivated him to read and by the age of 12 Tom had not only completed Givens Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Sears history of the world in Burton's anatomy of melancholy he had devoured the World Dictionary of science any number of works on practical chemistry it lit a fire under this young man the inspiration of his mom that his mom believed in him and he became a voracious reader. Edison said many years later my mother was the making of me she was so true so sure of me and I fell that I had someone to live for someone that I must not disappoint the influence of Thomas Edison's mother and here is the famous quote from Thomas Edison You probably heard it all that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my brain. Mother Wow influence of a mother and it is Mother's Day So here is your classic Mother's Day weekend sermon this morning now I want to be very sensitive because Mother's Day for some is a source of good memories and things that we can recollect on of our own mother but for others perhaps. Memories are a little bit more complicated than that. But I praise God that He's our Heavenly Parent Amen and that the Lord Jesus believes in us regardless of the circumstances and all of us may not be mothers but all of us have a mother and today I wanted to spend a few moments reflecting on 2 mothers in Israel and for the 1st one I invite you to open your Bibles to X. it is chapter 2 we go to the 1st mother in Israel that we want to focus on for our spiritual reflection in this morning and let's actually go to the last verse of Exodus chapter one and this mother's name is Jock a bed the mother of Moses an Exodus Chapter one Verse $22.00 so Pharaoh commanded all his people saying every son who is born of you shall be cast into the river and every daughter you shall save alive it was the most difficult time perhaps in earth's history to be a pregnant woman you can imagine that every mother in Israel during this death decree was nervous when she found out that she was pregnant was with child. Because they knew immediately that if it was a boy it meant death Now typically when you have baby showers it's a boy or it's a girl it determines the color of the paint on the walls or whether good boys girl clothes or girls' clothes but in this instance it meant that if you found out upon birth they didn't have alter sounds back then that you had a boy that the soldiers would take that child and cast them into the river. And so the fateful day came when Jock Abed found out that she was pregnant and the anticipation during those 9 months of pregnancy I can't even imagine what that must have been like finally she was getting those contractions and then they called the midwife and then the baby was born and the midwife said. It's a boy talk about conflicting emotions elation that they have a son but fear and trepidation and dread because they knew that was just a matter of time before the soldier would find that child the Bible indicates that they hid that child for 3 months I can't imagine what those 3 months must a been every cry had to be muffled. The feeding schedule probably had to be rearranged as that baby for 3 months was hidden from this soldiers of Pharaoh and finally they decided after 3 months that they could not continue on so they got the idea you know the story that they would make an ark a boat out of the reeds in the river Nile So Jock abed in this isn't you know this is some sanctified imagination here come on all right so I imagine jock Abed goes to the River Nile and she picks out the best RE for that ark What a what a time that must have been as she we that basket boat with their own hands and I believe she probably weaved every read with a prayer she sealed that with pitch probably took it out on the River Nile as a test to make sure the thing would float and then the entire family goes down to the river side takes that baby jump to bed no doubt likely has taken the favorite blanket of Moses and tucked it into that boat that arc and places that baby into that ark tears streaming down the face of jacket with a kiss and a prayer that only a mother can pray can you imagine placing that baby 3 months old in the ark see illing the top what a walk it must have been for Jock a bit from the banks of the River Nile back to your home do you think that she was praying for her son You better believe every moment of that well the book patriarchs and prophets says that as John said that prayer place the baby Moses into that ark that it was in that moment that angels were commissioned praise God to watch over that little boat. And it also says that angels led the daughter of feral right to that location and I wonder what it must have been like as as the pharaohs daughter is going by the River Nile and the maidens are saying how about this spot she says now I don't like that spot they go to next but no I don't like that spot either they were next but I don't like that spotty and finally she says that must be the spot so they walk over there and they see this little craft floating on the water the maiden it goes out to get it brings it back they open the top and it's a baby baby. And in that moment it's love at 1st sight no doubt under the inspiration the Holy Spirit Pharaoh's daughter decides she's going to adopt this Hebrew boy and Miriam who's playing by the river bank sees what is taking place in under the inspiration the Holy Spirit walks up to the Pharaoh's daughter and says Do you need a nurse Farrow's daughter says Yes Do you know one and I can just see the eyes of Mary and think Do I know one I know somebody was she good she's good will she take care of my baby she'll take care of your baby while running getter and Miriam's little legs run as fast as she can her mind spinning with what she's going to say she goes to jack up and says You are never going to believe what happened there was a daughter found a baby Moses and wants to adopt him and want you to be the nurse Jacobins eyes well up with tears. God has saved her son. They run back to the river Nile The Bible indicates quite a deal because the daughter of Pharaoh says I'll pay you to take care of this son while. Payment. Picture some prophets add some more detail and indicates that Jock Abed raised Moses' to about the age of 12 what do you think those 12 years were like. Most Treasured 12 years a mother could even imagine knowing that there would come that day day when the chariot would arrive outside their house and Moses would be gone what do you think jock of bed Moses. What an education that must have been those 12 years would form the foundation for the rest of his life because he rues Chapter 11 tells us about Moses that when he went into the palace that he refused in his heart to be called the son of Pharos daughter. In other words that education that foundation the the things that Moses learned from the knee of his mother Jock a bed formed the foundation that would frame is entire life what a work must have been done by that woman in some prophet says and this woman was a slave a. Wow this is from picture awesome profits page 244 commenting on the life of Jock a bed in the influence the whole future life of Moses the great mission which he fulfilled as the leader of Israel testifies to the importance of the work of the Christian mother praise God There is no other work that can equal this she is dealing with developing minds and characters working not alone for a time but for how long eternity then it will be found out that men who have blessed the world with light of genius and of truth and holiness all of the principles that were the mainspring of their influence and success to a praying Christian mother the prayers of Joc a bed. A lot of that credit of the 1st 5 books of the Bible that you hold in your hand today go to a praying mother pray for your kids amen there is power in prayer I don't understand all the dynamics of it I know that my mom was praying for me she prays for me every day and those prayers commission angels to the side of your loved ones the prayers of Jock Abed what a legacy our 2nd mother in Israel let's go very quickly 1st Samuel chapter one and 2 Don't worry I won't read the whole thing but you can do so on a Sabbath afternoon this is another mother in Israel similar story. And 2nd same of chapter one I'll just read the 1st verse just to give us a little bit of background here the 1st Samuel Chapter one Verse one opens with an introduction about some interesting family dynamics now there was a certain man of I want even pronounce that of the mountains of Ephraem and his name was L. Cain the son of Johor I'm the son of Aly who the son of Tov who the son observed if. Any had 2 wives the name of one was Hannah and the other was pinin up in a had children but Hannah had no children some prophets give some background to this Hannah was the 1st wife. And she was not able to have kids so L. Kaina went out and got another wife pinna now just as a side note the Bible never ordained polygamy. God gave Adam one wife Eve he did not give her Eve and Susie one wife and it was because of the cultural elements in the way society went that many of the practices of the surrounding nations began to creep into God's people and the Bible faithfully records the account but also gives an account of the challenges and the family dynamics that arose because of polygamy and this was no different. Evidently every year when they would go down to the feast they would get a portion of the sacrifice and L.K. now would go around the table and give each person their portion and he would give. A double portion of the sacrifice because she had children and then he would also go by and give Hannah a double portion as well even though she didn't have kids and this caused quite a bit of dissension in the home and pinin A would take this opportunity to say you know what why does she get a double portion because she is cursed of God she doesn't have kids and left the feast weeping in L.K. No when you read the account goes door and says Why are you weeping am I not worth more to you than 10 sons but you see she could have had something to say to that but anyways they have this interesting interaction and then she goes to the temple to pray and as she is praying Eli comes out and thinks that she is a drunken woman because her prayers are so profound and emotional she's not saying them out loud only her lips are moving and she says I am not a drunken woman I am praying because my heart is distressed and says Your prayers are answered her prayer was if you give me a son I will dedicate him to the Lord she conceives has a son his name him Samuel meaning God has heard and finally that fateful day comes when she has to give him to the service of the Lord under the influence of Hoffa in Phineas and a promise. Eli. And every year she would knit a new linen to give to him and this is a quote from the book picture and profits page $322.00 it says every fiber of the little garment had been woven with a prayer that he might be pure noble and true she did not ask for her son for worldly greatness but she earnestly pleaded that he might attain that greatness which heaven values that he might honor God and bless his fellow man again of praying mother and raise Samuel who would not only be prophet priest but judge in Israel and bring Israel back to God Very quickly there is a story in The Book of this man that is paralyzed that is not able to come to Jesus of his own accord he is physically incapacitated and it takes 4 of his friends to bring him to Jesus he is not able to come to Jesus of his own accord he is dependent upon his 3 friends to bring him to Jesus they tear down a roof to bring this man to Jesus and they lowered him down before Jesus and this is what the Bible says the Bible says when Jesus saw what is to say their faith in other words it wasn't just his faith it says When Jesus saw their faith plural he said to the parallel lies man your sins are forgiven rise take up your bed and walk in other words we can bring people to Jesus us and God recognizes our faith I think of that man that brought his demoniac son to Jesus. Demon possessed and the man's pleading with Jesus saved his son you can bring your son or your daughter to Jesus in prayer and the Bible says Jesus sees your faith and there's an intervention that takes place that would not have been able to take place had we not asked there's a science to prayer This is from Dennis Smith Hence we can clearly see why Saint and does everything in his power to make us believe that it is not essential or important that we should specifically pray for one another he wants us to believe that it is not really necessary for us to pray for those who are out of Christ he wants us to believe that God will work for the salvation of the lost even if we don't specifically pray for those in our circle of family and friends this is an interesting notion because God doesn't God want to save everybody that's what I've assumed and I believe this isn't God doing everything that he can save However the Bible seems to imply that there is a certain line that God will go to and he will not cross because he respects our freedom of choice he doesn't want to intrude he respects every individual's free will however there is something about intercessory prayer when we ask for someone else even if they may not be asking that God is able to intervene above and beyond in a certain way into that area hence if Satan objects and says Why are you doing this he didn't ask for this Jesus says He didn't ask for this but his mother did. His father did so I'm going to move I'm going to act there's this consent and permission in freewill that plays a role this is from Philip someone who is professor at Southern Lebanese University in the context of the great conflict between good and evil where Christ and Satan contend for human hearts and minds are intercessory prayer is allow God to more actively participate in a situation then he would otherwise stop right there would you want. To intervene in the lives of your children more than he would do otherwise you better believe that I want the Lord to intervene in my son's life more than he would otherwise I want every intervention possible and if you ever want to pray a radical prayer for yourself and for others. Is to pray Lord whatever it takes. That's a radical prayer whatever it takes save me and Lord whatever it takes save my children save my children whatever it takes you're giving God full access to intervene in other words gone can answer Satan's objections and justify his special intervention in giving him an invitation to act thereby he is simply honoring our choice in inviting him to intercede praise God Praise God there is this analogy in the Book of Revelation I shared a prayer meeting it says that there is a golden bowl in heaven. Symbolically speaking maybe there is a literal and I don't know button book or all Asians as there is a golden bowl in heaven Revelation chapter 4 and in it are the prayers of the saints the the incense and the prayers of the saints and Ellen White makes this interesting analogy playing off of the golden bowl she says that every prayer that ascends to heaven is not lost it's not forgotten it's not as though God hears our prayers like OK Thank you that's nice next prayer every prayer is remember but not only that she says that every prayer is humiliating accumulating to a certain tipping point and then the. The grace the blessing is poured out in other words have you ever felt praying and praying and praying and nothing's happening in seems like from a visible standpoint that there is no movement Well those prayers are not lost there remember there are accumulating and there is free will and freedom of choice in all this and there's a whole dimension that we don't understand God treasures your prayers and I believe that when we pray that in that moment the Bible says before we call he answers that angels are commissioned to go to the side of those that we are praying for a final quote advents on page 240 as we reflect and think for mother's next to God the mother's power for good is the strongest known on earth what a amazing work and gratitude that we can have for mothers in Israel let us pray Father in heaven we think you for the legacy of godly mothers in the Bible like Jock abed and Hannah. Who instilled in their sons a love for God and they went on to to bless humanity through the legacy of of their of their faithfulness and dedication to you so Father we thank you today for the grace that you bestow upon us and that you are our heavenly parent and that you grant to us every good and wonderful gift. Specially for those times of need for we have praise you and thank you for these things in the precious name of Jesus name and name and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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