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As the Storm Approaches

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • November 10, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Good morning again. It's a blessing to be here I want to thank those who have invited me and what a privilege it is to be here in this church and to have a chance to share God's word I'd like to welcome those who are watching online as well it's amazing what technology can do these days people can be watching right now from different parts of the world if you have a Bible I invite you to open up your Bible or to click your app or whatever you have. Isaiah Chapter 26 verse 9. Got my title on the screen here behind me as the storm approaches. Like to read this verse and then we'll have prayer. I say a chapter 26 verse 9. Bible says with my soul have I desired you in the night. Yea with my spirit within me I will seek you early for when your and what's that next word. When your judgments are in the year the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. Powerful text Let's pray. Dear Father Heavenly Father. What an awesome time to be alive there are things happening around us that are just making people's heads spin. We look at prophecy we look at current events and we look at the Bible and Lord I just really sense that time is running out. And we pray for the Holy Spirit together to be here with us this morning as we look at your word and made Jesus be lifted up in Jesus' name man. OK And what a time to be alive. It's just amazing. As the storm approaches me put a picture here on the screen. And we're all at least most of us are aware of what happened 2 days ago we're not talking about you know 5 years ago talking about 2 days ago in northern California How many of you are aware of this terrible fire that just broke out. Somebody. Sent me the message on Thursday and said Steve you know what just happened in California Paradise California is largely gone. It's largely gone the town is pretty much been destroyed and that includes an advantage church and an administers hospital and it have been it's cool it's just gone. Here's a news report called the Hell in paradise huge wildfires sweep through paradise in northern California as thousands flee raging inferno and hundreds more are trapped. I was reading a news report where a woman named Sherry Byrne a set who was right there in the middle of all this she said her husband started knocking on doors desperately trying to tell people we've got to get out of here right away and then she said quote The whole hill is on fire may God help us. Well can you imagine being in the middle of something like that. You know and here's this news report here talks about strong winds and that's part of the problem in Northern California strong winds and dry conditions when you combine dry conditions there it hasn't been a lot of rain in California for quite a while I grew up in Los Angeles and went to school in North Hollywood and in the San Fernando Valley my dad I just. And I'll talk about this more this afternoon just died less than a month ago and we had this memorial service in Hollywood California. And I'm just very familiar with living in California and I tell you the state is just being devastated by all these fires one after another strong winds and dry conditions. And it's you know it's I look at the world and as even I look at the church I see strong winds blowing. Are you aware of that winds of doctrine are blowing among us and they God help us to get out of a dry condition we need to be in a spiritual condition with the Lord right now now here's another Here's a quotation from Volume 9 of the testimonies take a look at this it says more and more as the days go by it is becoming apparent that God's judgments are in the world which is what Isaiah 26 1st 9 says that when God's judgments are in the earth people are hopefully going to learn righteousness he is it says in fire and flood and earthquake he is warning the inhabitants of this earth of his near approach that's what's happening as these things are happening around us God is trying to warn us of the return of Jesus that we are getting closer to the time is nearing when the great crisis in the history of the world will have come when every movement in the government of God will be watched with intense interest and inexpressible apprehension in quick succession the judgments of God will fall will follow one another fire and flood and earthquake with war and bloodshed. Now I want to tell you just you know I'm going to be right up front that I believe in what this says I believe in my Bible God has taught me a lot I've been a Christian for almost 40 years and I've learned through ups and downs and ins and outs and all kinds of different battles and struggles and difficulties I've learned to trust this book to trust the Bible. One word from God is more valuable than 10000 words from men I trust the Bible and i also the Bible also says believe his prophets. Second Chronicles 2020 he says believe in the Lord your God and also says believe in His prophets and I believe that the lady that wrote this statement on the screen Ellen White was one of the messengers of God and her writings are speaking right now to what's happening in our world right in front of our eyes right in front of our eyes you should have a little book in your package that we passed out just a little free book one of many books from Whitehorse maybe did you get the coming judgment of God I hope you got that that's I don't know if we have enough for everybody here but that's one of our little pocket books that is good to give away that gives a Bible study on this whole subject. And we can see I tell you we can see these things happening right in front of our eyes now here's a statement from the book the great controversy how many of you have read the great controversy lot of Hance wonderful had that book is probably Ellen White's most important book dealing with church history and dealing with the Bible Prophecy and with the end time events and what's going to be happening before Jesus comes and here's a quote from the great controversy page 598 and it says that one of these days it will be declared that men are offending God by the violation of the Sunday Sabbath and that this sin has brought calamities which will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced and what this statement does which was written a long time ago. This statement basically connects calamities disasters like fires floods hurricanes and storms connects these things to A and eventual movement in this world to inforce sending. There's a clear connection right there and what I see happening in the days ahead. Is that these calamities are going to increase we're going to see more fires more earthquakes more floods more storms more hurricanes are going to be they're going to be increasing in the severity in intensity and in frequency. And what's going to happen is as these things continue to rattle and rock and shake and devastate this planet what's going to happen is that people are going to look at these things and they're going to interpret these edge as judgments from God. Which they're right but then they're going to say that the only way for these things to stop is for Sunday to be enforced by law that we all need to come together and go back to church come back to God go back to church on Sunday and and that that will help solve the problem that's the reasoning that is going to be put forth now 7th Day Adventists believe and I'm assuming most of you here are 7 the admin is but maybe not all and I'll just tell you straight up front that 70 Avonex have believed for a long long time that one of these days Sunday is going to be enforced by law and that that will become the biblical mark of the beast. And we believe this for a variety of reasons but primarily we believe this because of Revelation Chapter 14 versus 6 to 12 if you have your Bibles open up to Revelation 146212 Revelation 14 versus 6 to 12 describes messages that are being given to the world represented by 3 holy angels we call them the 3 messages and I've been teaching about these messages for a long time I've been studying them for over 40 years I have another little pocket book that I wrote called God's final warning the 3 angels messages it's like the little book in your packet on the coming judgments of God and that book we're all out of them because they've just been selling like hotcakes they're very inexpensive easy to get easy to share I gave one of them away on the plane to a lady named Lois flying from Spokane to Seattle and then Seattle to Omaha yesterday handed this book to a lady I sat right next to and she was very interested in reading it it's a little book that explains the 3 Angels' messages and I don't have time right now to go into all the details of these 3 angels but the 3 messages are very very powerful This is the last book of the Bible the Book of Revelation and Revelation 14 describes these 3 angels giving messages to the whole world 7th Day Adventists to not make these messages up. There God's message is there in the Bible if we believe in the Bible there right here and Revelation 14 verse 7 at the end of the verse says worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters so there's a call to worship the maker of all life in an age of evolution and people thinking we came from monkeys and from the group to you eventually the Bible says no that's not true you didn't come here by accident you were made by God. And so was. You know and it's just amazing to me to really I've thought a lot about this and I've read a lot about this and you know that computer that I'm pushing this little button it's a pretty sophisticated computer here these slides are pretty sophisticated and nobody would look at that computer and think that that computer just came about by chance. I have a cell phone sitting back there and they know it's what they call the smart phone it's pretty sophisticated can do a lot of things and nobody would think that a phone like that just came about by chance when you get leave church today and get into your cars and drive home nobody would think that that sophisticated car that you're driving just came about by chance you know I got on the one airplane and yesterday I was in the priest River Idaho and here I am in Lincoln Nebraska nobody thinks that those planes just came about by chance. And when you stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself you are looking at the most sophisticated organism on this planet far more complicated than this computer or your smartphone or your car or any airplane and yet people think that we and this brain and D.N.A. and all the incredible complexities of the human body that this just came about by chance I tell you this is just it's crazy it's crazy we have a maker and the 1st angel tells us to worship our maker worship Him who made heaven and earth and the sea in the fountains of water verse 9 says the 3rd angel followed them and said with a loud voice if any man worships the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand so the 3rd angel warns don't worship the beast and don't get the mark at 70 evidence we believe that. When you study history the beast is the symbol of an organisation of the Roman Catholic Church organisation and we don't attack individual Catholic people we love Catholic people we believe that God has lots of Catholic children all around the world says that right in the great controversy but nevertheless we believe that this system. Fulfills what the Bible says and when the Bible talks the about the beast having a mark it's a fact of history that as church history went on down the line the Roman Catholic Church was very very involved in the switch from the 7th day Sabbath to the 1st day of the week and that they have claimed that switch and they have claimed Sunday as a mark of their authority that's a fact of history now if you look at verse 12 verse 12 says here is the patience of the saints here are they that do what. That keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus so 1st 7 talks about worshiping the creator verse 9 talks about don't worship the beast in the image and get the mark and then verse 12 talks about saints who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus and it is it is a fact that when you study the 10 Commandments carefully the commandments of God There is only one commandment which is number 4 that specifically talks about the Maker of heaven and earth and the sea and everything in it. And that's and that commandment is the commandment that says keep the 7th day sabbath holy So here's my point I've been studying this for years I showed you a little television television commercial that we put together at White Horse maybe that's going to be airing on good news T.V. all over Phoenix shortly and Facebook marketing where we're going to have a meeting just outside of Phoenix in December where I am going to be we're trying to get a big crowd we're going to send out about 50000 flyers television advertising social media advertising and we hope to have a big crowd and during these meetings I'm going to go right now I'm through with the public I'm going to be explaining these messages and it's just very clear right from the Bible that we're to worship the creator and keep the commandments the only commandment about the Creator is the 7th day sabbath commandment and the Beast changed it into Sunday and Revelation 13 at the end of the chapter it says that one of these days this mark of the authority of the beast is going to be enforced all over the world. So that's why 7th Day Adventists believe that Sunday will eventually be inforced as a mark of the authority of the beast and then people will have to make a choice a final choice so we're going to follow the beast or the creator are we going to keep the commandments of God or follow the traditions of men this is a bible message that is rooted in Revelation Chapter 14 and the last word of the 3rd angel's message is Jesus they keep the commandments of God and the theta of Jesus and then there's a period in verse 12 Jesus is the last word of the 3 angels messages he is at the heart of it he's at the soul of this and when you really study your Bibles carefully we discover that Jesus is the one who made have been an earth and the sea and everything in it that it was our maker that died on the cross and the ultimate issue that the whole world is going to have to face one of these days is are we going to follow Jesus our Maker and keep his day that is the side that he is our maker or are we going to follow the beast and get the mark and ultimately the mark of the beast when you peel away all the layers of the United Nations and the onion and don't miss this the core of this issue is that the mark of the beast is a mark of commandment breaking seared into the soul into the mind and into the actions. And people will be on one side or or the other commandment keeping or commandment breaking now is this a remote possibility that Sunday will Sunday be inforced by law will this connect with all the calamities that we see happening around us like a fire that broke out in California 2 days ago well let me just show you some some quick slides here. Let me bring this up to speed so I can hopefully impress you that this is not just some far fetched cunningly devised fictitious fable that what we're talking about here is very very real Here's an article from The Associated Press talking about Pope Francis and Pope Francis is pushing for Sunday laws did you know that he's the most popular person on the planet he can gather the biggest crowd of anyone bigger than Donald Trump bigger than any rock star bigger than Oprah is Pope Francis and he is pushing for Sunday laws Here's a European publication called the parliament talking about how Sunday work is a danger to our health and our safety this organisation which is a vast organization is pushing for Sunday legislation Here's an article from A.B.C. News German court enforce this day of rest there is a movement in Germany pushing for Sunday legislation Here's another one from Fox News let's make Sunday a day of rest for God's sake this article is in favor from Fox. In favor of enforcing Sandy Here's another one this is a. Fairly recent North Dakota I don't know if you know about the debates going on in North Dakota about whether sudden it should be enforced by law they have blue laws on the books there was a movement to try to get those blue laws off the books but the North Dakota said it rejected that movement because citizens should use that time to go to worship strong movement in North Dakota to enforce Sunday here's an article of from C.N.N. church attendance should be mandatory said this woman Sylvia Allen a senator in Arizona during the gun debate Bill March 27th 2015 she said how we get back to a more rebirth in this country I don't know since we are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity we have probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday has asked for religious freedom. She says basically we all have our choice which church we want to go to on Sunday when it's in forced by law. That's a very twisted view of religious freedom Here's an article in The Guardian slow Sunday the simple solution to global warming using Sunday as a day of rest and renewal of the good for our personal health as well as the health of the planet in other words if we all kept Sunday and if all the businesses were closed on Sunday a whole lot less pollution would be going up into the environment which would then affect climate change and global warming which would lessen the disasters and the calamities that are hitting this earth so here we have a news report connecting Sunday with calamities hello who said that over 100 years ago remember what I'm saying what we read in great controversy now this article just came out just this was 2 days 2 months ago September 9 2018 new Italian government plans to curb Sunday shopping. The article said the new Italian government will introduce a ban on Sunday shopping in large commercial centers before the end of the year as the seeks to defend family traditions in a bid to Spirit to spur economic growth and then Italian prime minister Mario Monti liberalized Sunday trading in 2012 in the past despite pressure from the Roman Catholic Church and unions who said the country needed a traditional to keep its traditional day of rest so here we have pressure from the Roman Catholic Church to inforce Sunday in Italy and in 2012. The Sunday pressure was resisted but that resistance is going out the window earlier this year Poland restricted Sunday shopping as the conservative government in Warsaw pushed ahead with what it said was their return to Roman Catholic values so they're looking at Poland as an example of a return to Roman Catholic values and that is the direction that Italy is now going so there's 2 months ago. So I mean I could I could show you article after article after article after article. Showing you from Fox News A.B.C. C.B.S. Associated Press all kinds of different articles showing you that there is right now a wrong movement that is growing in Europe and in America and in different countries. To enforce the keeping of sending exactly as we have been told in the great controversy and in our Bibles we are heading toward a global crisis. This crisis will grow as these fires and floods and earthquakes and storms continue to hit this planet rapidfire that's what we're going to see and as a result of a global crisis we are going to witness governments and churches coming together. Proposing a global solution but that will be a false solution it won't be the right solution what's wrong with Sunday legislation. Sunday laws will be proposed and what's wrong with that we should all know what's wrong with Sunday laws you know we're going to have to stand before the courts did you watch the Cavanagh debates. One of these days we're going to stand before the courts and the spotlight is going to be on us and we should know exactly what's wrong with Sunday laws number one it's the wrong day. Number 2 God doesn't use force to compel people to worship him. Number 3 it comes from the beast number 4 the Bible when you study prophecy shows it's the mark of the beast. Lot of things wrong with Sunday legislation and God is going to use the crisis to bring people to the point of decision whose side are we on are we on the side of the Creator who gave us life on the cross whose day is the 7th day or are we on the side of the beast that changed God's law and is in forcing it during a final crisis that is the issue that we are going to face a great controversy page 6 o 5. Look at this here to 4 and she's describing when somebody isn't forced by law here to for those who have presented the truths of the 3rd angel's message have often been regarded as mere alarmists people have said for a long time oh you Adventists really oh really do you think in America in a land of or of religious freedom with a constitution that separates church and state do you think that's a would ever be enforced by law in this country but she says as the question of enforcing Sunday observance is widely agitated and that's where we're heading Sunday it's not just going to come in you know in the dark it's going to become a major point of contention and discussion on C.N.N. Fox News A.B.C. N.B.C. all the major networks. This is what's coming they're going to be debating and discussing this right on the news and as the question of enforcing Sunday observance is widely agitated now we're not quite there yet but we're getting closer the movement is here the discussion has begun the calamities are here brothers and sisters we're not far away from this time coming a few more fires a few more earthquakes a few more hurricanes and a few more storms where a few more cities are wiped off the map just like paradise 2 days ago and we will see these discussions about Sunday observance kicking in and then she says as this is happening and the vents so long doubted and disbelieved you seem to be approaching. There are even some among us and I'm not saying you in this church but even within Adventism some people are wondering is this really going to happen that way is great controversy really right well I want to say great controversy is based on the Bible and the Bible predicts this in Revelation Chapter 14 and Chapter 13 and as this event is seem to be approaching the 3rd angel's message will produce and the fact which he could not have had before think about this the day of Pentecost was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit we caught the early rain and that outpouring of the Holy Spirit was connected to an event that happened right in front of their eyes anybody know what that event was it was it was the cross Jesus died in fulfillment of prophecy and then he rose from the dead. Seen by over 500 witnesses do you know that the D.N.O. what this kind of a quiz question do you know what the most well documented historical event of all time is it's the resurrection of Jesus 12 men totally or 11 and totally depressed and discouraged hiding in a room in Jerusalem their master had just been crucified on a cross he was buried deep inside a rock tomb with a big stone over it with a Roman seal on it and 100 guards guarding the Tomb all of this documented in Matthew Mark Luke and John by eyewitnesses who saw these events and yet something happened that turned everything around. And made these men fearless that they were willing to die for their faith and be beheaded and you know pierced with with a sword and crucified upside down they wouldn't do that for a hoax they saw the Jesus resurrected ad. And it was in the context of the very real well documented living of then right in front of their audience Peter said you crucified Him by wicked hands but God raised Him from the dead he said you know all about this that was the context for the outpouring of the former rain of the early rain the Holy Spirit was poured out because they saw those events right in front of their eyes. And I tell you it's going to be the same thing with the latter day the latter rain is going to be poured out upon the people of God during the context of Sunday legislation when Sunday isn't forced by law right in front of people's I guess there is going to be power that it's going to come from heaven like we've never seen seen never. Never seen the 3rd angel is going to have an effect that it could not have had before now notice this this is where I'm kind of building up to with this talk as the storm approaches right that's the name of my the title of this talk as the storm approaches as the storm approaches a large class who have professed faith in the 3rd angels message but have not been sanctified through obedience to the truth they will abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition. In other words what she's saying is that there is going to be a sizable group of people who know this message but when the crisis hits they're not ready for it they're not ready for it and when the pressure's on. And they can't buy or sell and their mutual funds are at stake their IRAs are at stake their bank accounts are at stake their jobs are at stake they're not ready for this kind of crisis this kind of test and they are going to abandon their position and they're going to join the ranks of the opposition now notice the next sentence she says this is how this is how it happens it says by uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit they have come to view matters in nearly the same light and when the test is grot they are prepared to choose the easy popular side wow. I tell you all of us are in the process of preparation. You are being prepared and I am being prepared to go one way or the other way. If we are being sanctified by the truth by obeying the truth of God's Word if we're learning those lessons if we're letting God purify us and cleanse us and if we believe in the Lord and believe in His prophets if we believe in what he says God is working to purify us and get us ready. For the crisis if we don't believe this and if we're uniting with the world to go in the direction of the world the entertainment of the world the music of the world the way is of the world if we're going with the world. And partaking of the spirit of the world. Then we are being prepared by the devil to go out the door during the crisis if you see that right there so you know people think well they can just you know kind of do whatever they want and then when the crisis comes then they'll stand for God It's not going to happen that way if we're not getting ready now to stand for Jesus when the crisis comes we're going out the door. We're going out the window to tell you we live in a very solemn time. Right. Paradise California which just wiped off the map yet 2 days ago we're heading for a crisis the storm is approaching God is getting a people ready. To stand in this crisis and the devil is getting people ready to go out. To go out on his side follow him and when this time comes and the division in the final division takes place and one group goes out and one group stays in. Those that stay in will receive the latter rain. Those that stay in and stay in the message will receive the power of the Holy Spirit just like on the day of Pentecost with even greater power and they will participate in the swelling of the loud cry of the 3rd angels message as described in the Bible. Are you following me and that's where we need to be. What's the theme where is John John the theme of this event what's the theme of the event. Every member of a missionary yet and when is the time for every one of us to be missionaries for Jesus it's now all that's right I give out glow tracks when I travel just the other day I was in the Chicago airport and I saw Guy shining shoes and I thought I'm going to give him a glow track or give him a track called Trick or Truth and so I handed it to him and a little while later I walked by and it was on the floor right next to his foot. And I thought well least I tried he probably isn't going to read that tract Well you know amazingly about a half hour later after I had ledge I went down the escalator heading toward my connection gate and I saw this man with that track reading it to another man who was shining shoes. And I went down the US claim I saw him but I thought wow and I walked up tonight said smile and I took a picture of him and I put it on my emus letter and I sent it out to probably $9300.00 subscribers. And my point was you never know what a trach can do you never know what a word can do you know whatever you can do for Jesus brothers and sisters whatever we could do for Jesus now's the time to do it now's the time to do it. Because we're heading to a crisis and we're told also that people will take a stand during that crisis many of them because they have read our literature because they've been studying so the 3 angels messages the 10 Commandments the cross the 3 angels the Creator the beast the mark the gospel the fall of Babylon all of these things are very very real and we're seeing them develop it unfold right in front of our eyes right in front of our of our eyes I'm almost done here. Revelation 1412 says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Brothers and Sisters 7th Day Adventist did not make this verse up. Right. This is God's verse at the end of the 3 messages God is calling for a people. To give their lives to Jesus to trust in him to rely on His grace and His mercy and His goodness and that and you know the life that he lived when he was here on Earth the suffering he went through everything he went through to pay the price for my sin and be yours for your sin and Jesus is calling us to give our lives to him. And to show our love in our loyalty to him by keeping His commandments keeping the Big 10 that God wrote with his own finger on stone. Those who don't want to keep God's commandments are preparing for the mark of the beast they're getting preparation for a mark in their minds in their foreheads and in their actions that they have settled in to command meant breaky those who are getting ready for heaven are preparing and becoming commandment keepers through the grace of Jesus and when it's all said and done when the final crisis hits this world everybody is going to be on wonder of to science. We're either going to be commanded keepers or command breakers. Commandment keepers because we love Jesus. Or commandment breakers because we don't that's it that's where we're headed and these fires and these disasters are God's Wake-Up Call. Telling us we're getting closer we're getting closer to the final to the Final Crisis and we're getting closer to the big day. When Jesus returns is in the cloud it's when the one who died on the cross and rose from the dead who went to heaven comes back and the whole earth is illuminated with the glory. Of his face. I tell you one of these days the mountains will see the islands will disappear tombstones will crack open my dad is going to come out of one of those grapes. I'll talk about this more this afternoon I just spoke at his memorial service one week ago today in Hollywood California my dad's coming up. How to the grave. Revelation 14 years my last versus. Right after the 3 messages are done in verse 14 says I looked and behold a white cloud and upon that cloud one sat like the son of man having on its head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle as sharp to reap the harvest of the here another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud thrust in your sickle and reap for the time is come for you to reap for the harvest of the Earth is right and he that sat on the cloud thrust him his sickle on the earth and the earth was reaped I tell you brothers and sisters the harvest of the Earth is getting right. God's people are getting ripe for heaven. And evil and sin and wickedness and immorality is right pending as well bull sides have you noticed the division in our society and we even have divisions in our own church I tell you bolt sides are right to me they're getting ripe for the final harvest It's happening right in front of our I guess. Here's my last slide Jesus said If you love me do what. Keep my commandments That's right the final the final issue is an issue of love. Do we love Jesus anough to stand for him in the midst of the storm. Do we love Jesus enough to stand for him in the midst of Earth's final crisis will we be embarrassed like Peter who denied Jesus 3 times the night before he died will we be like Judas who would betray Him with the kids. Lord what are we going to do with you in the Final Crisis I'll close with a little news story actually it's not so little maybe you never heard about it but it was not too long ago that there was a group of 3 terrorists that exploded themselves inside of an airport in Turkey. In Istanbul 42 people died. It was it was just chaos. And there was a security guard inside that airport and when he saw people running and shouting and screaming and he saw one of the terrorists I had of him who was killing people this security guard decided instead not to run away but he ran right toward the terrorist right toward him with just a pistol shooting to save people's lives and when he got close enough he got him and he took him down and easy as he got this terrorist this brave security guard who ran right into the storm. As he got close enough he noticed that this man had had full. He had a full set of bombs on his body. And right before those bombs went off he dived off to the side. And he was injured but he survived. And this man was hailed as a hero as the ultimate hero who was willing to go right at this man to save other people's lives we have a hero. We have a hero. Who's the hero of the universe. He looked at you and he looked at me and he saw our see him he saw our plight he saw the Duma awaiting sinners without a savior and he decided in the garden of guess 70 and on the cross to run right into it. To go right into the midst of the storm. And to take the world's sin and the world's evil and the world's wickedness your sin and mine and to take it into his mind and it was harked. And it separated him from his own father but he was willing to do it for you and for me. He died and he rose from the dead. And he's up there Hallelujah. And brothers and sisters it won't be long until he comes back. And we have the awesome privilege of living in these last days of knowing the truth and of being missionaries while we have time to help other people to know the Savior and to prepare for what is coming upon this world as an overwhelming surprise. May God help us may he impress you and me that time is running out. Cheese this is coming soon. Let's get ready. And let's help other people to get ready. We hope you enjoyed today's broadcast with Steve Walberg We feel privileged to be a part of God's commission to share the gospel message with the world you too can be a part of our Gospel Outreach team by supporting broadcasts just like these with their financial gifts we strive to be careful with every dollar that we receive knowing these donations are sacred gifts to build up God's kingdom of grace and salvation to find other great resources or to donate online go to Whitehorse Media dot com or you can call us at 1878 buyable That's 187824253 you can follow us on Twitter at White Horse 7 or on Facebook at facebook dot com forward slash Steve that Steve W O H L B E R G If you prefer to contact us by mail write to Whitehorse media 130 priest River Idaho 83856 Thanks for your support and may God richly bless your day.


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