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Rediscovering Our Roots, Motivated for Mission

Jeff Horn



  • November 24, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Dear God I just want to ask your presence to be here today just be with me this is your message and it's powerful and it's compelling and it's clear but I may not be able to present it that way on my own so I ask that you would just I'm speak through me and give everybody an attentive and clear mines that we could understand and that we would be. Motivated for the mission that you have for each of our lives and your name I pray Amen OK the message I have today is called Rediscovering Our roots motivated for mission when we talk about our roots I wanted to ask you a question 1st what what bible verse do you think was the impetus behind Miller a movement that of course became grew and adamant is impure to pick one verse what verse would you pick OK I think I'm hearing mostly a consensus Daniel a 14 right here is a little bit more subjective what if you think of one verse today if you think of Adventism and you think of one verse that might and capsulated represent Adventism what verse would you pick what was yours read Revelation 10 what you think of a specific verse and. OK Revelation 1011 I think it is prophesied again that's a good one anybody else heard Revelation 14146 the race of 1st angels message OK you know. Any others yeah Hebrews 81 What is that one say. OK So talking about the High Priest Sure OK so what I wanted to point out is if we think about how we started as a movement and we think about our movement today. The critical verses that 1st come to mind probably come from Daniel and Revelation so we're talking about our roots those are the 2 books that I'm going to suggest that we look at today and that's what we're going to go over Thanks for working on this. So the title again is rediscovering our roots and then our objective is to be motivated for a mission So here's kind of an agenda for today what we're going to do is we're going to look at the purpose of prophecy and we're going to use that as a framework to look at Daniel and Revelation of course it's going to be a high level view there's so much you can go into it's going to be high level and. I've heard it said you know that Daniel is kind of algebra to prepare you for the calculus of Revelation. And I think that and I would say the sanctuary is maybe like basic math you know if you if you don't have a foundation in the sanctuary you're going to end up kind of lost in both books so we're not going to look at the sanctuary today that's kind of a prerequisite so if you haven't done that in a while or studied that you know go through the last part of Exodus and Leviticus that's going to be the groundwork that you're going to need so we're going to look at the major time prophecies that are introduced in Daniel and expounded on in Revelation and then a 2 minute drill so if you're talking to somebody that you know may be familiar with the Bible but not not super familiar with Daniel revelation in particular you can't sit down and you know bring out all these charts like you know these sloppy ones that I drew on the board right you just have a minute or 2 what are you going to tell him about Daniel and Revelation so we're going to try to do that and then how does how does this all tie together how does it drive our mission OK So the purpose of prophecy I'm curious Were any of you here and do you remember a guy from Michigan named Aaron Cruz that spoke here about 2 years ago about a member that message to see if you. OK so I really liked his his message was called this title The purpose of prophecy and he used 3 seasons how he described it and we're going to kind of use that that framework as we go through today so the purpose of prophecy the 1st thing is prophecy gives us confidence. When people see you know when they look at their inner do sue in the image of Daniel let's say it's not just that they're seeing you know an image and nations and things like that you know they start to see when they when they see that history has followed just as predicted you know there's something starts to change inside of them or a they start to more think about you know if God knows the future before it happens what else does he know you know he probably knows what I'm going through and what I'm thinking right so it gives it gives people confidence and in God's divinity and in the truthfulness of the Bible OK. It provides context it shows the time that we're living in in terms of earthly history as well as spiritual history and then finally Christ so this is we're going to spend a little bit more time on this one just to develop it a little bit but really prophecy is calculated I mean it's specifically to introduce people to Christ and not just introduce but those of us that already have been introduced to him to increase our love for him as we learn more about him and what his plans for the future are so once we understand we call these the 3 Cs of the purpose of prophecy once we understand these 3 C's I think it a really motivate us to complete the mission that we had the 7th Day Adventists OK So like I said we'll talk about the purpose of prophecy and how it relates relates to Christ just a little bit to set this up. In Daniel Daniel says in chapter 2. But as for me the secret has not been revealed to me because I have more wisdom than anyone living but that you may know the thoughts of your heart OK so here this is of course talking and never can as are so that you may know the thoughts of your heart well What was Jesus' purpose if you look and look to says then Simeon blessed them and said to Mary Jesus Mother behold this child is destined for the fallen rising of many in Israel and for a sign which will be spoken against that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed interesting how the purpose. Never can as are the dream that he had now prophecy in the purpose of Jesus looks pretty similar doesn't it is to reveal the thoughts of our hearts and so you know I think there's a sentiment you know I don't have any. Quantitative data on this or anything but you people kind of I hear criticisms of you know why does the administration do these prophecy seminars shouldn't we. Instead of scaring people with Beeston images you know should we maybe just tell them about Jesus 1st tell them about Christ now but I think rightly understood the purpose of prophecy in the purpose of Christ are ultimately one in the same you know that the purpose of both is to shine light and really into our hearts which without that light are completely dark. OK Couple more about Christ Ellen White says the truth for this time is broad and it's outlines far reaching embracing many doctrines but these doctrines are not detached items they are united by golden threads forming a complete whole and noticed this with Christ as the living center so the truth for this time certainly includes prophecy right many might say it's specifically prophecy and Christ is the living center of this and then 2nd Peter $119.00 is I think probably the most straightforward passage about this topic says and so we have what kind of word. Prophetic word we have the prophetic word confirmed which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts and the morning star there of course is Jesus right so again the purpose of the prophetic word is to have the morning star in the light of Jesus rise in our hearts OK one more statement from testimonies to ministers and gospel workers she says when the books of Daniel Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with a character that all must develop in order to realize the blessedness which is to be the reward of the pure in heart powerful statement. So 1st let's talk about Daniel a little bit using our context of the 3 Caesar framework of the 3 C's confidence how does Daniel give us confidence while shows that God knows and controls the future and he predicted it accurately thousands of years before it happened OK context Daniel we're going to look at this a little bit more but Daniel repeatedly focuses on the end of time in the last days and it shows us that we're living in that time right now and Christ there's many many things here that we could glean out of Daniel but here's a few and this helps if you understand the sanctuary 1st but judgment is going to be rendered in favor of the saints. Crisis is going to come to Earth which was a future event when Daniel was written to make reconciliation for us and that he's alternately going to defeat sin. OK So we have you can see I put on the board here a couple of charts which hopefully you have in with handouts in your bulletins as well the same thing except for they're nice and square in your bulletins and they're not appear OK so let's go through we'll go through this 1st so they the Empire's prophesied in Daniel we can run through right Babylon Mito Persia Greece Rome and Rome has it's 2 phases right that's important pagan phase and papal phase and then we have Rome divided or divided Europe however you want to describe it and then there's actually 4 visions in Daniel that go through the same sequence but the the 3 main ones I've I've put here let's talk a little bit about those why do you think the the bear is raised up on one side and the Ram has 2 horns what's the what's the parallel there what are we seeing OK Mito Persia right a 2 part empire. Also to note there the bear is raised up higher on one side and one horn is higher than the other right so just like Reed put Persia that turned out to be the dominant empire is Mido Persian but the 1st key the 1st king was from media that all the kings after that were from Persia So there's some important even even the chest and arms of silver you know give to arms you get the idea of a divided kingdom OK Greece why does the why does the leopard have 4 heads Greece was divided 4 ways 4 generals Yeah absolutely and. Why do you think. If we look at Chapter 8 Why do you think the 1st box is blank why don't we see Babylon up there in Chapter 8 I'm hearing it already passed I'm looking for something a little different because it didn't actually already passive still around for about 12 more years anything else read. Yes exactly so it's a 1st in a make sense right logically where you think well this is getting towards the end of Babylon maybe they're kind of off the scene but that's actually not the case so if you look at Chapter 8 it's very important because Chapter 8 is all about cleansing the sanctuary and it's even even down to the detail that it starts not with Babylon even though Babylon was still raining then it starts with me to Persia because that's where our 2300 days over here if we come over here in 457 B.C. this falls in the kingdom of Mito Persia Riyadi kind of hit on this but why why do you think it's that the animals that are used in Chapter 8 are ram in a goat there is significance there sacrificial animal sanctuary animals right absolutely so Chapter 8 is clearly just keeps reinforcing this point we're talking about the sanctuary here is the sanctuary animals we're talking about the 2300 days that's where Daniel 814 is the cleansing of the sanctuary it all starts and Mido Persia over here OK Good job Thanks Reed for doing that and it was a lot of blanks I did also want to point out people have question I've heard skeptics say you know maybe maybe Daniel is kind of added later in the Bible after these empires all came into view and they kind of snuck it in there right but in 1947 the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and that pretty much put that to bed I mean. With several different dating methods we can tell that this book was existing at least a couple 100 few 100 years before Christ so these prophecies were written when. You know before the nations came to power OK So one thing that people wonder about a lot is the little horn you know what is this little horn power well being a horn myself I had some knowledge about that so I thought I would share with you guys what I know about that. So this is how we're so this is the horn family. And as you can see Daniel 89 clearly says out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great so this is the one here that the little horn came from and he showed up on. September 13th he showed up and you can see he's starting to grow exceedingly great. So that's him so if anyone tries to tell you something differently about the Little Horn don't listen to them. OK let's look at. Let's look at Mackenzie's work a little bit here everybody that I saw already gave a thumbs up so look pretty good and let's talk about this this time prophecy so Daniel introduces us to 3 key time prophecies and a fundamental date they need to remember because it actually starts the 70 weeks and the 2300 days is this 457 B.C. the date over here and that was the decreed to restore and rebuild Jerusalem it's an important date because I mean we don't get to 844 without starting in that date right it's a very important date also starts of 70 weeks but it's also a very well established date because we have extra biblical sources we can track down and see you know as Or tells us the certain year of our desert sees rain where this occurred and we have I think it's called the scroll of Ptolemy but it's an extra biblical source that you know we can track what year this actually happened and so we have great support for that for $57.00 B.C. and once you have that as your as your linchpin the rest of it it falls into place so we go through the the 70 weeks prophecy right and most of the action in the 70 weeks happens in the last week. So if you look at it $27.00 A.D. So this is it comes out to 490 years right prophetically and the last 7 years of the last week is where most of it takes place so this is about you know Jesus coming he starts his ministry when he's baptized here 27 A.D. 31 A.D. the middle of the week he's cut off that sound familiar the middle of the week he's cut off so that brings us into the spring of $31.00 A.D. when Jesus died and then finally in $34.00 A.D. Stephen was stone and that brought an end to the probationary time period for the Israelites where Jesus said you know not individual Jews but as a people you guys have rejected I've been patient I've been forbearing with you guys give me profits after Prophet I came I so now even 3 and a half years later after that you still haven't gotten it you've stolen another prophet your time as my chosen nation is done right. And that's if you if you remember when Peter asked Jesus right how many times should I forgive somebody 70 times 7 which is 490 is this right here it's how many times how long Jesus for gave Israel 490 years OK you continue on the 2300 days then we have the 1260 day time period which goes from 538 A.D. until 7980 and this is the time period of papal down and so you might hear it also explained as a time times in a dividing of time time times and half a time you do the math on it this this is actually I think 7 times between Daniel and Revelation It's mention it's called $42.00 months but it all gives us the same time period and this is the time period where the papacy had authority to rule over church and state 533 just a few years before 538. Just standing in the Emperor had basically declared the pope to be the head of all churches he wanted to invest in with the supreme authority and in 538 that was kind of able to be implemented as the as the papacy was able to gain a victory over the Ostrogoths and become a dominant religious and political power OK so we get to $798.00 and that power is finally broken the pope is captured he was taken into captivity and at that by the French by the way and at that time the papacy no longer is able to control the state they don't have civil authority we know that that deadly wound is going to be healed though but for now it's in the process of being healed and the $2300.00 days ends in $844.00 which is where we see the judgment beginning and have been OK I know that was thanks for bearing with me there OK So Daniel we are talked about how it gives us confidence it gives us context Daniel highlights the time of the end there is for visions and Daniel for prophetic visions they each run through the same sequence of kingdoms and they use this principle called repeat and enlarge so each vision gives us some more details more details more information but what I want to focus on is if you look at the end of each vision so chapter 2 and as the rock smashes the image in this the 2nd coming right chapter $7.00 and $8.00 and in the judgment time period and have and so the cleansing of the sanctuary and the judgment in Heaven which we just reviewed starts in 1904. And then chapter 11 the final prophetic section in Daniel and again with the 2nd coming OK so you have this theme Daniel keeps pointing out hey this is all building up earthly history all these kingdoms are coming and going but hey it's all going to end between it's going to focus on the time of the judgment Daniel basically calls this the time of the end until the 2nd coming so that's the time period that Daniel is highlighting. It's a it's a judgment time period and we see that theme in Daniel of judgment and that's where we find ourselves living right now OK so let's try to do Daniel in 2 minutes now this is my attempt at it so key theme and Dan you have to understand is a judgment theme the name Daniel means God is my judge so right off the bat we have a clue about that the 1st 6 chapters of Daniel. We can say the 1st half is basically 2 books put into one we find the story of 4 captive Israelites that are faithful to God in all circumstances no matter how difficult right we have Chapter one Daniel spadeful in diet and then in chapter 3 Daniel's friends are faithful and worship in chapter 6 Daniel himself is faithful and worship and they're living in a judgment time period themselves or may they understand they're demonstrating Hey I understand God is my judge there is this this other foreign nation that's trying to put all these laws on me but actually God is my judge and I'm going to follow him no matter what so they give us lessons for how we can live now that we see prophetically we're living in a judgment time period as well so you get to the 2nd half of Daniel and there's 4 prophetic visions that reveal the future it may seem like kingdoms and Earth's history are coming and going in a random sequence whoever happens to be stronger but actually we see that God knew how it was all going to happen his hand is and all of it each of the 4 visions points to a time of judgment at the end of Earth's history and then Daniel along with revelation show that we're in that time period today. And then finally the point you have to see is that God's victorious His kingdom will conquer and last forever and we're all invited to be part of it right OK so there is Daniel going to be our next revelation All right so here's a little bit of a visual visual that I kind of put together there are different ways you can kind of try to break down revelation but if you look at it the 1st roughly 12 chapters are mostly dealing with historical events this is stuff that's already happened OK we can look back at it was no historical to John when he wrote it but it is now Chapter 13 on is mostly dealing with eschatological or prophetic events stuff that we expect to happen at the end of time so if that's prophesied Similarly you can view it chapters one in Chapters one through 14 you see all these conflicts going on the struggles you know some good things happen for God's people and some bad things happen some good things happen some bad things so it's is this the struggle going on which you know we kind of know is the great controversy but then in chapters 15 on it's really only positive things for God's people it's all about victory and so we get this picture that you know there's going to be struggles about ultimately it's going to turn out alright for God's people that some of the main themes we have of course a lot of sevens in Revelation the number 7 representing the complete history of the church 7 being a number of completion so you have the history of the church kind of looked at from some different angles you have the 7 churches the 7 seals the 7 trumpets then in chapters 12 through 14 it's kind of a behind the scenes look at the controversy that's been going on between Christ and Satan OK you have in the last part of Revelation. Plagues Babylon being destroyed in the 2nd coming and then the grand climax final judgment in Eden is restored OK So these are some of the things that we talked about here I did want to point out this is one way to think about the series of sevens that we have in the 1st half of Revelation the 7 churches are basically a relationship between God and His church his people. The 7 seals our relationship between his people and the world the church in the world and then the 7 trumpets or God response of the SEALs because the relationship between the church in the world is has been pretty brutal a lot of times lot of killing going on and God responds in the trumpets and says OK I have I have some judgments that are going to be poured out on the church as enemies OK And then the great controversy summary like I talked about the conflict between Christ and Satan is in those middle chapters in Revelation the 2nd section which is all positive for God's people we see the destruction of the wicked and we see Eden being restored OK So that applying the same 3 cds to Revelation confidence context and Christ are some thoughts that I had about that revelation gives us confidence because most of it's already been fulfilled you know if we look at from John's perspective it was all future but we can look back now and see historical fulfillment in most of the book and actually specifically we've already seen 6 churches fulfilled we're living in the 7th church. You get to the Seals we're kind of at the end of the 6th Seal So we've seen 5 and a half seals fulfilled or more and we've seen 6 trumpets fulfilled as well so if you look at the church history in those contexts it's all pointing us that you know we're at the end of kind of revelation gives us context it shows us where in lats let in the last days again we're in the 7th church of Revelation the 6th seal and the 7th Trumpet. Also the 7th church if you remember you probably have because it's our church right we're called the Church of Laodicea Does anybody know what the name Laodicea means lukewarm That's a description of Laodicea is not what it means a people judged Yeah a judge a judge people right so even the name Laodicea gives us the idea again just like the son Daniel we're living in a judgment time period OK and Christ there's so much that you see with Christ which is beautiful when you tie the sanctuary into it as well and see what Christ has been doing on our behalf but revelation shows us that throughout the church's history Jesus what he's been doing is working for our salvation tirelessly and we also see that he's alternately going to be victorious in this great controversy battle with Seaton OK or so revelation in 2 minutes what can we say about revelation 1st of all revelation it's the revelation of Jesus Christ right that's what it all comes down to we're told this right at the beginning but we lot of times we forget we get lost in the in the symbols people give up say can't be understood as the Revelation of Jesus Christ reveals his work on our behalf working for our salvation all the way until the 2nd coming OK So there's a problem introduced early in Revelation when you get to the last church in Laodicea the problem is the church is in a bad state it's supposed to be this judgment our church but it's lukewarm exultant already pointed out right it's lukewarm there's a bad problem you could even say it's the worst of the 7 churches so you get you move on you get to the end of the 7 seals gosh knows what he's going to do about it he says there's this problem but I have an answer for that I'm going to raise up a faithful remnant people even though things are really bad out of this last church there's going to be a group that is faithful to me you move on you get to the end of the 7 trumpets and God reveals which movement that's going to be Chapter 10 he says this is going to be the 2nd Advent movement. He goes on you get to Chapter 14 and he says specifically how he is going to accomplish this he's going to do it with the 3 Angels' messages and there's going to be a proclamation of the everlasting Gospel the true Gospel in the context of the 3 engines messages so then in conclusion we see that those that allow Christ to change their character are redeemed and we go all the way back to Genesis and we remember Eden being lost in the very beginning of the Bible become all the way to the end and we see finally that even has been restored in Revelation OK So in summary Daniel and Revelation again with this framework confidence God knows and controls the future right we can trust his word we can trust Him His timing is perfect he even dated So again this chart here he even dated key spiritual events in advance for us nations rise and fall but God's Kingdom last forever context we're living in Earth's last days Daniel especially Daniel and Revelation both repeatedly point that point that out to us $844.00 until the 2nd coming is specifically highlighted as the most important period in earth's history and the reason I say that not to downplay the cross that was the single most important event but I say time period because it's when the great controversy comes to a head Satan says you know humans have been getting worse and worse and worse God you can't you don't have anyone that can keep your law and God says out of this church even the last church Laodicea I have a people that's going to be faithful and that's And now I am victorious in the great controversy so you don't have anything else to say and price shows Jesus working on our behalf for our salvation through out history it shows that Christ is our advocate in the judgment and the judgment is actually going to be in our favor so as long as we have a relationship with Christ the Jesuits actually a good thing and then it shows Christ unwavering purpose which is to be with us for eternity OK So in closing. Studying prophecy leads us to have confidence in God's Word understand the spiritual context of the times that we're living in and to know Christ on a personal level as we see his labor of love for us in the past and what his plans are which are to give us eternal life so I think once we see these these 3 things confidence context in Christ and when we're using that framework to look at prophecy I think for myself and I pray for everybody the result is that we're going to be motivated for mission and we know that we have a specific mission as Christians in the 7th day administration and the miss the mission is introduced pretty simply here in Matthew Wright go you therefore and make disciples of all nations so how do we do this kind of what I want to leave you with I think we do it by rediscovering our roots we started in the books of Daniel and Revelation and I think we need to look back there again because in so doing what we're really doing is looking back at Christ that started this whole movement in the 1st place and I think that we must prophesy. 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