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Relating to Others' Failures

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute


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one of the greatest practical problem the young Christian the however related well to the weakness is the Paul the lack of vision the other apparent in all his is the only Christian number viewing neither students who come to campus within the last week now that you have within your heart why the Lord brought you here the training thank you we could get and the inspiration that you expect to receive in the classes the missionary endeavors all the contact review Christian human nature being what it is some of you already been disappointed and others of you will be disappointed next week or the week up and I was speaking on the practical matter tonight on limit for the benefit of the new students who were earmarked for everybody the disease whether you live on campus tour audio hundreds of miles for this meeting my point is that everybody has problems and then one of the problems that I have read about it sooner or later is the disappointment in not finding in the lives of other Christians what he is expected by how do we relate ourselves this kind of problem I invite your attention to the masculine words in Matthew the eighteenth chapter in the seven rooms Matthew the eighteenth chapter in the number of either turning about back then I read this wonderful they remember reviewing a great honor and I disagree that God always a lot of balls are alive from you have any problems and I well there is the simple solution in fact if you find the right solution it will be a simple somebody is not going to get the problem all you don't have a problem that you wrong right now pray for those who take notes so that you can use the principles you do run into problems either of your owner of now grounded into the problem is now about how to relate ourselves all failing weaknesses inadequacies of others who are not repudiating chapter in the Denver will unto the world because of an order not need to be that offenses come but long forgotten Man by ownership his word that it is urgent it translated and is also rendered it like a thumb the ideas here I'm hopping on the money has characterized my argument related for the long rule Donald Gladwell on all my fault for not locking matter is like a follow with Vega Carlos or malicious that let the piece of lumber learn my reloaded wall unto the world all who are made from rather not make people all had long is the greater is going to discourage long other words because of those the wall of the Batman finally open all I don't understand what equipment and then reverted part on the day are in most need to be that of an occasion of stumbling it must be me well I wonder law would like the better all-around there was never integrated a pullover you will provide you with the provisions are met going to take a world where they'll never created a film were not going to have to be walking everywhere some link love when we got that right we're not going to let a thousand years from now the million euro dollars billion is not have to be watching lest we fall while being less leaders understand others will be misunderstood what you know as we follow somebody wrong again no all of belonging down here in this little planet and right now and those opportunities are not going to live very long the only chance we'll have to deal with problems like crazy right now right now some deal and he did not leave the field opportunities God these occasions and some unknown disease is not as they are mostly needed we follow wrong wrong wrong and that he knows very well you are well let's think of the example the only reason in Ohio will be in the private drive out again and again and you are in a unique law is the law I finally last evening before the crawl they were together the theater is that a law is better and you need to be working in Springfield rather and going to come problem the better life and Peter got up a e- date that the department can't post them online you'll need it I all I will I will even have on others will save you all the way that he was planning on any remaining seated problem was that he didn't know what you thought and for this reason in my name be that the pain one that will call him all and all and what living in a violent the article so it could be down in certain conditions that you will say the law along the way that I leaked the letter to the bankruptcy got to get off will right now we're really good and because it was there as well and while the doctor the Navy on the way I is being unique Peter had not been solidly a result of the fall is repented word is the father is loving the hearing had not been soundly converted in Hollywood reacted to all that is good if you would become around the lonely brethren John will be home on the matter anywhere autocrat who you are very sworn that I will do that don't you have that stuff the problem with people they can't let alone island and all the other night event made at this point and if Batman had asked me if I was a follower of Christ I was hurting anybody I wasn't bothering anybody and they had to let me alone I was at all if you don't why not you who are in school I even love indeed as noted in part and he knew that the trouble I went to me the point of drooping with a manner that the problem was with Peter if you know you weak labor in the advertisement in the courtroom before those very same people that Peter got up and eloquently the president is Greg in all removing the revolver later on I'm ready to get on a day where blaming circumstances the landing people thought along learning Anthony got the victory over the long theatrical feature while people didn't make any difference is my point his plot was revealed that they need Christ try and get them ready for the examination and your quality that the world all around them than there is still in the document was not an attitude is not the game that offenses come in your pain can be a stumbling block in the whole over and find all have been sought in a way buildable car nine October no longer run all over the low is another they are nocturnal or nonprofit water come the point within .net will have exactly the same treatment enabling your heart valve or something come up remember it was never there all the time for dinner all the time the circumstances didn't make it they merely really so my dear bringing the line at the outset of our little buddy not that one of the most important things in the meeting with the problems that come below the disappointment that other people don't measure up to our expectations I say the basic thing is to understand that is on Ruby Allah will come in contact with those who do a in order to be a certain length revealed what is in our own heart and get the victory you get the blessing of her big harmony with God and her creepy so we're never to blame for her not to blame other people not all not at all his seat in the movement is reviewing that I like very much on a wonderful book the Ministry of using a business out the book on how to keep well that the gray or average Christian and how to live the lie of the in the world a warrant is not all and circumspect our God work whereby who is brought to a other biblical statement of that same principle is wrong with the twenty eight two although I don't like that they didn't get and we know that all they were together although to them that love God all right out of the you love the new W Google are altering the all over everything that all probability of your menu however the other party does but without God and he is making all things work together for the book on as is all fine and I must point it out again tonight it doesn't say that all things Google is developing working together for the God him him on able to pay married his appointment thank you legal because the Army goes during calendar and then some bar owners provide a in a lonely documented God is able to take that his appointment you feel because that somebody that may drop your expectations and you and bring you along the same as a child and Leah right I like the league will the part of the prior live as an opportunity that the good crop in fact often the legally year than the crop don't know so that the thing that I'm talking about is guaranteed that you will develop your coming here to visit and find it help in the glad help in the applicable helping the home health Commissioner and ever and at the same time having the disappointing experiences because people don't may drop your expert and want to call privileges are what you might call the little neither one of those the will in a cell development Eric is what to do about the what will you do with when you accept them as God 's providence the dear Lord what lesson are you speaking to the community all experiences and circumstances are the work whereby it brought the white bronco will love you we Miranda blog offering known by those who really going to drive your new surgery I do now with two hundred but again you will and start harping on you because I made your life nor you won't all read and let the gray as the surgeon operate on a thoughtful volume and he is a failure and inadequacy that he who operate on an equality saying it would insist that we do the lab doing the work on Ubuntu pencil and who is doing the work in your life God was letting used it to the music when you use a supervisor role in your a heater anyone have any of the loony left to those people is highly inadequate and adequately e-mail there is William and let your body and running this article program six thousand and look down the they had read the Bible and helping you find very many people in your life our lives that you would want to follow exactly not very the way love the leg of the life of the unit that walk with God all the year but we get is appointed at the mistake to go on and on Isaac and Jacob and Moses and David and Solomon on down through the hallway but it got the land everyone on are we wrong for you to read as least as you live in the Bible and then we run our fellow Christians believe the weaknesses you shall not copy or not the home over them with you learn to look to Jesus and believe there is one of these experiences is an opportunity to press will of God and Greg like you who are not in a very interesting bird but the way back in the pages of the home that Joyce is the third chapter versus wanted to know that the eleven nation of Israel out of the population sold men women and children in the last four years in the desert we finally came across North and in the promised land they all along the article all while finalizing miracle they congregated with nations and cities and buying on a document divided the land among the twelve tribes they were so in their lovely new QA God vividly and will have some of the home in the nation here they are in the land while that but I want it made a deadline on somebody's problem you gotten the third chapter beginning with the first now these are the nations which the Lord will lead to prove Israel by even as many of Israel and had not known all the war between only that the veneration of the children of Israel might know it he then wore at the Lee side said before knew nothing about to learn Bible the loop on them all again liability and Ohio by Mount Lebanon all they wanted to all novel God is a lithic oncology all of many concrete enough to get the children of Israel and London five years another and another that you deliberately leave nation after nation will be on call improvement between them while law is the law most like to have a lot of it has to have the opportunity to learn you know you becoming all I learned cooking in a popular Thursday in a hot alert on their I learned I group out there on the farm in the garden island law on about the micro you may living in God wanted the children of Israel did the extra inviting the Lord of the law you might have about why he had him warfare about another they were fighting directly under God leaders he was falling asleep giving the direct this is that we ought they were soldiers of God and God wanted them to be successful and in the lady had the look building block will be in this week 's statement that his nation then heated in the Baja and he got it done at all let alone going to do with your doctor know and usually got Israel's start going to leave some of these problems so that the children and grandchildren of May will your being with all your you have a law that would involve all left on the air I got you that it would you would be greatly if you want now that building I called one new CIA head visible in any of you are lacking exercise along with law please let me know because I can very lose on the law I thought you got your site that are just waiting to have somebody back a little of this game we are well able to go up a this or this night that you are now on the move from the when I see the problem that the eye with the law that they could have had the opportunity and being your own I was about it when we really had but I recognize that there are different kind of what is the problem may not be a problem who is that guy in selecting the kind of problem is learning who is a DVD that there are some of your beer for the very reason you are here the thought where we will weather etc. on all the while near five hundred miles from the year on campus development that I read your thinking the problem is the writing nine nine God is your opportunity to learn wall now you may be the online the outlet coupon but God is in all I want to learn law fight the good fight of faith is domestic law but all were my life they love you all now the Lord is leading the eye I hope that there is no market gone up again are you going to learn more it is no long hold all I suggest you do is not a parade ground is a faculty things are happening things are popping they are holding real estate Oklahoma living longer than I have been a old friend let alone Google privileged to be called into the Army of God and know that you're on the winning side the when you see those problems don't they wanted I have written in what you've got it will all be all that way who enlisted in the Army all the limited run everything I want when I became a Christian I was going to get along better and I have more problems than ever a level that if we did this right when you become a Christian every one of your problem is an opportunity to learn a crisis let them develop character to return everyone knowing that one and worrying about not building is on the ball will be more people in the above is something that is on the life and I wonder if I'm in the right place or you live in a beautiful and the husband with the way I think they may go away like a life as a lawyer who is getting the ballot you on your convertible at the way I'm here to learn today I pray he goes on to use circumstances that if you store and instead of complaining about although I did no longer hoping to think that what is that the dog and is I think this is why we're called and he is only is something miraculously it happen overnight the games there are all turning me on the long-lived late executive and I wanted to say to do that move you in time you will have all that are needed to move you enjoy and what is my hope that I read it opening day in my knee the event will you remember when God put Adam and Eve in the even that beautiful home alone upon the whole world that no longer prior leave request was equally the Google garden home goal whether you want to learn greater than one hundred and you know everything is God then I believe your lying on our and where you're going up on the right love is gone and only going to get in regard .org are not only will you swear where the draw that is ongoing and you know what made it a very daily life you will need there is failing our God is known about the goal of a dilemma that landed on the way of the Bible not to get even with not only is there normal cruise it is the ground got been for Lord by the Adam and I is a long barn roller drive or walk or you are in being no longer we are called in because it is necessary for the development of the card having fallen into sin with our own human nature but they learned they had the horror they had how I will only open to your individual character Wallin who believe of my dear friends now lead that lie will level and that you verify the briars that while I will not I know I've been over the six hundred acres all-important briars are not you are dumb only the department this is rumor or write a volume that calling Dale learn from you wherever you come from the bottom drive where you are like I learned from problem are you all the people who follow me the wrong way below the only behind in what he called all is wrong for life and all who learn that is a good time to do that it is the face of Providence is a large is the best way to get back to the garden all the awkward part of the drier than the hard work on this line are solely in Lord help her soul their problem where you are if you are planning on late in the problem and I need them to come down on this story is not in his heart you know thank you the law Iowa Iowa always the very thing here is that the law here is the gray you the opportunity to develop up a goal to anything were going to this report Bromley big trouble in one holy of the other all know we're going to the coordinator that along with the holidays where Google will be on the right where are where are you whatever the problem you have donated video uncovering nakedly a long all of our problems people Mould 's daughter Lori God is always alert and outlined it problem and is ready to be limited to help now I want to give your prescription is revealing four hundred eighty one where he is blind and cannot be learned with nuclear by the date they end from the beginning and have it already had his way with her regularly it all or I come on in every difficulty he had his way prepared to bring relief when you repeat that with a beta phone rang and he had his way with her to bring relief housing ironically the difficulty level I also learn what the way to regularly gather all and I can have a difficulty he had labored to bring religion these does not lie all reviewed on the anyway is very unlikely late wherever the he had his way prepared with our heavenly father had the lead to provide her with Leona now comes the good old black that the long of making the servants of God the great well-defined perplexity that as a way that before therapy found the girl who was not gone away in one room of making the root of God while this is the letter to bring me on all our overpowering the UK what is the to put it another way is to be paid upon what is more important solving your are helping God 's all God wiki I was talking about the only people I like to put what we like who do with a dining room currently do I have in the movie come your name would like to do what you think would best develop new repair you what you would like the later or would you like that have them consider the ball while most need to be done that you know how to do now that you one of the things I've been for me I decided that the thing all along the last minute program sooner where I had anything to you but most need to be done that I can help you a very because I know the list they want to the holding I know that that attitude all the way or that work together to develop how I know because I read the very next day for a one minute review moving on I do believe is that that preparation for tomorrow that I will prepare you that all you do the things that you believe that today is the paragraph this is made possible only because God is going it alone and letting the universe making all things work together you have any group in the Google coronary drinking of the world you have any end of the organization and during the week William is like the little envelope on having been motivated by sleeping either in all duties are working in a cockpit window of the godly love that you didn't even than preparing on the list and is aggravated on whether you have allowed him to the land and I and Leslie here is happy on the Leah and I would do is let you know you would the book of the large loop guiding and controlling his life made all those circumstances work together than when it was all dollars of the datalink weather you in the moment documented for a way that you never have it I know I have a lot that elaborate in the same time and I would like to write your heart with a great botany department and ninety are probably not going on the ground all are known to go to the particular problem that you are raising is all I is that Intel is educated in relation to find out whether your problem family law on the role old problem of your glorious opportunity to learn more to learn to be only by the number and I will is not below all help everyone tonight and tomorrow night the belated b-day card that will I be the only little victory is start right where I am the light in their help me learn how God will help me know home or you your life the burger thirty three three oh one oh one two wonderful from the new one all call where all the godly people called on the lady and I was a lot and I believe he will be in my view the dongle is not rather than their problems on my lap all the minds of people here don't hear all by wrestling with God I don't if you're not like that but they currently from the line that is playing the land allowed who are in the army of Israel Memorial Day you're going to be we look to the difficulty you don't have to be out of the patent problem you see my dear friend jungle and the bottle who really call Anthony and I was busy at all the rage unlike anything was nominal I was talking with the mother over all the while here is a legal you might be surprised that I was the language of the circular vacuum on a the individual your problem to be made on my own all the help he can not going back to the Google people are but they did in the and the people felt that he and his wife and like that but because of the problem in order to get help old it will provide all the healthy all the talk about anything but with pain in all of them a little way we shall see Lorrie and recruited every problem the life you are is like that it is not a unity of uninterrupted microphone button call out of me and I will do the facility great and mighty things with valid I'd like to hear from young than old ones who come up with a platform one of the other anyone deny the right to pay your pride your determination you are really doing the will not be going to the interview don't be like the doing doing anyway is using that the law and pay over the part you can have a liable not the right thing we are confident in what has been those of you who are new here the only flaw in the Canadian wonderful setting on your way is open by Bill at five in all in and will will that God 's will is will will come up the data will him will will will I feel like you and I I know that will give me problem with the unit the only thing they know only in the evening and is not a out there is little in my only in that hunt down and my last that I think he my area not how I is now as I will will know that I didn't have a job as an auto is in nine hundred and ninety nine and one is that it is noted that a daughter in her heart is in he is in his mouth and I will the go out and while all the lifestyle he is not in the Internet is the him will him him or I will think of as is and will and I is that there is a big but I will only imagine how much easier like going while you are the home problem is the end of the day and go to the grid that God will give you all my work is in the oval on the removal of all people live the life of the people in his glory and the ball is all you and you love what God is they would vehemently and how that don't like playing every day there will be negative I did it his law he won that year but there lies the the over yet I have gone you want to me then my love when you will die a knowing and that you have a page that he is the that he had an time walking will will will will make your life even on the router will leave the user is I'm not the he will he is in more I can I will in the thing is they even run he is a you didn't think you are needed and will will you will you than it is all a you he he he he he I he he he he he he I one week now and I think you have a room or is not go to all your you I pray that I have an easy time I got there that will will will I will love you will you have a problem claim and healing God never made it feel another one in eighty eight million now all I look back and knee length along the way it is in every difficulty I went prepared bring me united and will he hold it wrong love you but the long-term and you like it it is not Google you know what you thought you meant the problem the only thing you will not know when the problem is that there are in the following month on any of you will probably be related to doing what he will and don't know if you made it out on your home was found in eight million to one one one one one


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