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Episode 20: The Great Controversy

Adam Ramdin
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In the middle of a funeral Ellen White would have possibly her most significant vision. The Great Controversy vision was one that the devil did not want to make it to print. Ellen White almost died soon after but lived to write the book that has changed the lives of countless people.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • November 14, 2018
    9:30 AM
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There is one book that almost cost a white hell life and that book today is entitled The great controversy the origins of this book come to vis a rural area here just outside the town of Bowling Green in the state of Ohio element James White have been traveling across the state visiting various families and they were in this area for the funeral of a young child the funeral took place on March 14th 1858 in the Lovett's Grove schoolhouse which would have been located just across the road from here joining the funeral sermon Alawite received a vision that lasted 2 hours receiving a vision during the funeral of a grieving young family is not the ideal timing but the truth that this vision would share would be vitally important to us today. The following day James and Ellen were traveling home by train and she relayed to him what she had seen and they discussed plans for writing out the vision it was decided that when they reached home this would be her 1st work yet on that train there was what one author has described as an unseen on paying passenger who was determined that the world should never know the truth about himself that it should not get published and see the light of day arriving in Jackson Michigan they went to the home of Dan and as Ellen White was conversing with says the Palmer she suffered a cold strange sensation passed over her right side and heart. Those present earnestly prayed for her and with a partially restored strength she was able to continue her journey here to Battle Creek arriving back here in this house she began to write but it wasn't easy initially she only had enough strength to write barely one page and then she had the rest for 3 days afterward but actually continued to write and his strength increased she was able to progress and finish the book in June of that year she received some light as to what happened in Dan Palmer's home and she wrote I was shown in vision that in the attack at Jackson Satan had intended to take my life in order to hinder the work that I was about to write but angels of God were sent to my rescue the unseen underpaying passenger on that train did not want the world to know that he had been an angel in heaven they're here for all into sin and that he was the cause of the misery in this world. The 1st published account of the vision would be this book right here the $858.00 edition of spiritual gifts Volume one this would later be enlarged into the spirit of prophecy volumes once of course and then eventually to what we have today a 5 part series in titled The conflict of the ages of which the book great controversy is the last in the series the great controversy between Christ and Satan would be a major theme in the writings of L. I'm white and also the motif by which the 7th Day Adventists what I understand as key to unlocking scripture. This book the one of almost cost Ellen White Her life has changed live. All around the world and is the one that we should seek to share as much as possible L N Y herself said the great controversy should be very widely circulated it contains the story of the past the present and the future in its outline of the closing scenes of this history it bears a powerful testimony in behalf of the truth I am more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book than for any others that I have written in the great controversy the closing scenes of this world history are given more distinctly than in any of my other books if you have never read the book the great controversy then I would invite you to do so and if you have them pray and ask God for wisdom on who to share a copy with.


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