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2: The Crisis of Authority in the SDA Church: The Misinterpretation of the Spirit of Prophecy

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH



  • Secretariat, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, “A Study of Church Governance and Unity,” Sept 2016, 
  • North American Division 2018 Year-end Meeting Response to the Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions. 
  • North American Division Theology of Ordination Study Committee Report, 2013. 
  • "Unions and Ordination,” GC Secretariat Statement, Aug. 2015.


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • December 22, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Thank you very much everyone those who have helped me to set up here and those that come in the audience and. That is yours as the Lord to bless this presentation because this is very sensitive material it some people may love it so may not love it actually some may get quite annoyed so let us just pray pray she's Heavenly Father beotch you to. List his presentation give me the late words to say so that it may be helpful for those who are searching and their honestly looking for truth. Midis also help to improve the condition in our church in Jesus name Amen. And the presentation is called the crazes of authority in the 70 AD in the steerage misinterpretation of the Spirit of Prophecy Now this is one of the difficulties that we have you have that a misinterpretation of the Bible the of the misinterpretation of the Spirit of Prophecy but the last May last presentation of are simply the development of the crisis so that you can see where we are now how it all came together and. The vague future that we have ahead of us. Now if everyone understands how to interpret the spirit of prophecy then great problems would already be solved. But just as it will see here during spawns of the various divisions 2 D. presentation. And the vote on the 2015 cent attorney general conference clearly shows that people have the term and that they will get their way no matter what. So documentation and you know it's all available is nothing new here it is there is one that is published in 2016 a budget secretariat of the junk office of 70 Adventist and that is the study of church governors governance and unity and it was published in September 2016 and there you find the whole aspect from the General Conference and how they see the situation and why they feel a need to improve and how to get forward toward you know you have to keep in mind we in our city years beyond seem to Tonio. And city attorney who said we can not do certain things and have to see years we still have not found a solution to how to go forward to it. Secondly that is the North American division 2018 year end meeting a response to the regard for and practice of the joke over in session and the deal conference Executive Committee actions so that is the response to whatever took place in Santa Tonio and so if you want to get the accurate documentation there is where you have to go. So we start out to 2015 general conference session in Senate Tonio and the motion as well as mate is in the context of church authorities. Keep it in mind he did this where ists the 70 administers affirms that God has ordained that the representative oversteer from all parts of the earth when assembled in general conference session she help with Article. So there is the highest authority if you vote it that's going to be and so this was the motion that was going to be voted Therefore after and this is for all the $0.00 to $3000.00 delegates and after you have preferably study your study on the ordination from the Bible. The writings of L. Knight and the reports of this study commissions and after if carefully consideration of what is the best for the church and the fulfillment of its mission it is acceptable for division executed committees as they may deem appropriate in the territories to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry yes or no in the passages Procrit No but this is yes but in our culture our society be a different and we need to have some kind of an exception. So this was a vote for the exception and if it was accepted in the North American division and in Australia and you have to code go ahead so yes or no can you go ahead or not. You did the results Yes $977.00 No $1381.00 abstained 5 was a total of $2300.00 votes. And so this motion did not pass so there is no part in our church that can go ahead unilaterally. So here was then the response to the negotiations for Sri years and this was just taking place in November last month and this was their response of North America vision and deity spawns of the other divisions see other divisions is very very similar. And that is the response of North America to regard to war and protectors of general coffin session and you know coffins Executive Committee actions November 6th 2018. They said and this was the writing committee that put it together the record Christ is the head of the church Colossians $118.00 we are guided by the Bible as our only creat the Holy Spirit who inspired and interpret it the ravings of a long night that shines light on it and resulting Spirit of Christ like Will Berens So when you look at this you know you say amen you go where the Bible spirit prophecy you know the spirit and so let's see here. Then the document coast where there the dishy document that was presented on the annual Council in 2018 moves is 0 when from the principles behind the 19 reorganization endorsed by L. and see where it was decentralized denominational authorities so the appeal. Duded de centralization of not denomination of the origin not just. Having it in control in Silver Spring. The voicing over obedience or objections is in agreement with the $877.00 young coffins voted actions which allow for questioning and coffins vote shown to conflict with the Word of God and the rights of the individual conscience. Of job or 487-7106 if you look at this you know now. Why not you know if it is an action that is in conflict with the Word of God we don't accept it and it goes against our conscious we don't accept it either so this seemed to be positive thinks and we're going to evaluate this. Then. The data Committee continues Ellen's US response to an $888.00 young conference session vote. She had counseled against lethal wrote it was not right for the conference to pass it. It was not in God's order and this is a razor Lucian will fall powerless to the ground I shall not sustain it what I would not be found working against the hot and I give it countenance for a moment letter 22889 B. to stand in 11. We believe the church to take heed to this council at this moment in our history. So that is what the response is and you know looking at this response it doesn't seem to be bet the Word of God. Speed of prophecy the Holy Spirit. Now it is a problem there is a confusion now about what Ellen made that wrote concerning your thoughts as you church what did she really write and these accounts of controversy here effect some argue. That her views on the authority of Junko influence session changed so once it was done at few and now she changed and therefore it is not clear if any and and so our observation of us we need to look at all our statements on the conference and authority before we come to a fan who grew. You know comparing Scripture to Scripture getting everything together on the same Sepehr. And then if you have them all there you will see a result. So the 1st testimonies on the authority of the junk conference comes from $875.00. In Eden 75 she wrote to Charles Lee It was a Scandinavian believer who was very forceful in his authority and elements wrote quote The Word of God does not give license for one man to set up his judgment in opposition to the judgment of the church either he is allowed to urge his opinions against the opinion of the church. If there were no church discipline and government the church would go to freshman's it could not hold together as a body. 3rd volume of the testimonies $428.00. Even get. Keep in mind here one man. Against the church you see here if you speak out very forcefully thank you then that is the problem here is the confrontation that is built and why brings out you have to respect the body. And if there is no church discipline in government the church would go to fragments. Torn to bits disciplined if necessary. Then a little later on same year 02 George Butler who seemed to have MS in misinterpreted a statement about his authority because of the president of John Coltrane's. And I says I have been shown that no man's judgments should be surrendered to the judgment of any one man but then the judgment of the junk conference which is the highest authority of God has upon the earth is exercised private independence in private jets and must not be maintained but must be certain that your Erazim persistently maintaining your private jets meant or if you duty against the voice of the highest authority the Lord has upon earth. You did not seem to have true sense of the power that God has given to his church in the voice of the General Conference. So he received clearly debt to be should not certain that our judgment but when it is given to the General Conference then we should be careful how we usually private jets meant. The highest authority the highest authority. So. You can have questions later this is record it elevates position indeed 875 is plain one man's mind one man's judgment is not sufficient to be trusted 3rd volume of the testimony 445 Do not give to one man that authority and influence which God has he finished that initial church in a judgment and voice of the Jellicoe friends it is the same book base for ninety's 3 is a general conference which is the highest authority that God has upon the earth base for 92 but. Now the question here is what is now men such what is now meant by General Conference to Day Adventists would probably would refer to a permanent overarching organization in the world headquarters in Silver Spring you know that's what you more normally would say. And in the organization of the organization one thing no one you have the Junco friends and the divisions then the unions then the conferences and then the churches and so that is no scenes that time but before that it was a little different. So again what is mentioned bed to junk office in our 1st 2 or 3 decades however there was almost no permanent structure or staff then church members and it usually use the road of the junk Overton's in the early years they typically mention the G.C. session and they had the session every year. This fits me telling me it's comments. It is negative about an individual exercising authority but the statements are very positive about being exercised by the church as a cool lect of Body of Believers you can see here the one individual. Who are the body. And she has great respect for the body. Now we get in the 890 S. And she makes a number of statements there that she take the context you don't know really what she's talking about sometimes some have argued about as clear it is clear that sometimes elements consider the decisions of the Uncle Ben's to represent God's leading and sometimes he did not so what are you going to make of that the context of Ellen made statements makes it clear however that a concern was with the claims to exercise your 31 men or in the 8090 by a smoke group. Rather than the entire body of at interest. C So if you don't understand this you're going to draw incorrect conclusions one man. This becomes clear if you distinguish between the different meanings of the cauldrons in the 890 S. because by the time it was of on the G.C. administration and there's also invention Creek it was the president the permanent staff around him. But it is also referred to Joel extractive Committee which at this time was very tiny just a couple of people. And they did the day to day seemingly work and thirdly the jungle he said. So you see to see different things and unless you look at the context you thought on conclusions and that is probably one of the cases of the confusion in the US today. Did General Conference in the 1st 2 census CD night represent a divorce of got. But rather than the D.C. sessions. So let's now look at the distinction between a D.C. administration a G She says she. And all made clearly distinguished between the D.C. administration and the G. She said. In 89102. Quote There was not the voice of God in the demo coffins management and decisions methods implants could be devised that God did not sanction and yet did young congressperson and made it appear to the decisions of the other cauldrons were the voice of God. We have to very careful what's taking place here the problem then was be those managing to D.C. or to Joe a conference administration as you now see the control last concert going straight in just a few hands rather than a representative body as element points out. Quote one or more men gave assent to measures laid out before the brought board or councils but all the time they decided they would have their own way and carry out matters as they chose. And quote then the verdict was quote Many of the positions taken going forth as the voice of his own coffers have been the voice of 12 or 3 men who were misleading the government manuscript 33891. Again the distinction between the 2 elements used the term General Conference when speaking of the body in Battle Creek the side of the headquarters of the G.C. administration there were only 7 members of the D.C. committee at this time and evidently the committee could too easily be cyclic as that result. In a testimony written in 895 elements writes As for York 2 committee on the present administration with the men who know presided I would note entrust to them for publication in books the light given me of God As for the voice of the Joe conference there is no voice from God through dead body that is reliable managed 57895. Then a few years later writing from a straight to friends in the US in the middle of the $898.00 element strongly stated that quote It has been some years since I have confidence considered the junk of news as the voice of caught and quote later regretting that she does not have a quote strong faith in the Battle Creek and the workings of the Cause of God in the institutions there and could lead to 77898. Now we go a few years later in 1001901 Junco is very very important because it is in conference dealing with the organization of the church. At the 90 no one D.C. She called for a major structural reform she made an appeal for what we want now is reorganization and quote again quote the not to be more than one or 2 or so the men to consider the whole vast field and quote later she has quote Now I want to say God has not put any king the power in ordering to control this or that branch of the work. The work has been greatly U.-T. slicked it by the effort to control it in everyday life. That is from the joke over this proceeding April to June 1000 no one. Against you continues someone else quote God wants us to come to a place where we shall be unite to teach in the work we do whole burden will not be laid on to orse the men and quote manuscripts 40 sleep a 991. You see here are united as a body or are the following 2 or 3 men I hope you can catch see that emphasis started yours is very very consistent in this. Notice there is no contradiction between a counsels in 875 interviews in 1000 no one just as in 875 she had cautioned against granting too much authority to individuals. So in 1009. 100 percent of the or thought A-T. exercise the individuals and sick call that King the power or tiny groups of leaders to arse the men. It is the abuses of such leadership proved repeatedly in an $890.00 S. And now in 1900. Claim to be divorce of God So as a result of the reorganization all the committees are greatly enlarged and not one or 2 or 3 at the controlling power. It included at a time to creation of unions throughout North America as well as industry in Europe. Conferences became members of union constituencies which union is now becoming constituent members of the conference so you share all kind of responsibilities unions have now considerable authority delegated to them to avoid overconcentration of authority in too few hands I hope you can see here the importance that to place specially at a time that there was also a major reform of the junk over his executive committee and Elam a church that quote the power and strength must be brought into the committees by increase she end quote by increasing the membership again Jellicoe has procedures April to 90 new one beach $25.00. To Joe The gold was executed committee membership was increased now to 25 from the small thing before virtually doubled and every union president became known X. or physio member of the D.C. Executive Committee so if you are a union present are dramatically. D.C. committee. No In 1000. And young companies there and she made statements against kingly power but real interest is she a ticking the power is not directed to G.'s She president or some of the other people but in another power that came here in the summer of 90 no study she counseled the leaders of the editors medical work against the votes here repeat Lee calls kingly power now what is going on in the medical work press Sievers the feeling not to G.C. administration with that out to Dr kill looks tendency to shine through lies well thought out in his own person which was one of enemies longstanding concerns about Kellogg and you can find it in a testimony 232233 later in 18 in 1903 in the reflection prompted by the covers in mainstream news media of the dispute between the church leaders and Kalak. Where it returned to the earliest themes repudiating didn't notion that one men wielding quote kingly power could quote control the whole body and quote 8 testimonies 236 and 37 and if you read the whole struggle between Elam I attended church and callup you saw that it Kellock wrestled the whole medical institution then a better creek away from the church and he had much greater ambitions programs to do much more but and for of but fortunately they did not take place. So one man usually kingly power could control the whole body the whole church. Again in 1900 is a statement it's a consumate on thought A-T. which follows the statements of 875 in 1001 and might set quote I have often been a struck by the Lord that no man's judgments should be set and the to the judgment of any other one man never should be demanded of one man or demands of a few men beauty guarded and sufficient in wisdom and power to control the worked at least to say and to say what plans shall be followed and quote night Voyage of the testimony page to 60. Who can quote Venda Djoko friends he did in a joke over the judgment of the bread and assembled from all parts of the field is exercised drive it independence and private jets Mint must not be stubbornly maintained but said and you see here the emphasis is now step Burnley maintained. And if you do that. You should get rid unity of the church. Never ceases that suit a label or regarded as a virtue in the persistent maintenance of his position of independence contrary to the decision of the young body. Again 90 to 60. I hope you can clearly understand now her or her way of reasoning What is it or 30 of got and what is not. Element continues at times when a smaller group of men entrusted with a gel management of the work half in the name of the young often sought to carry out and waste plans and to restrict God's work and I have said that I could no longer regard the voice of the jungle friends represented by D.C. few men as the voice of God but. Again one to diminish to 60. But she continues. This is not seeing the decisions of the young coffins composed of an assembly of duly appointed representative men from all parts of the field should know beauty suspected. God has ordained that the representative of his church from all parts of the earth when assembled in a gentle cauldrons shall have authority the error that some are in danger of committing is given to the mind in judgment of one men who are part of a small group of men and of full measure of authority and influence that God has vested in his church in the judgment and voice of the General Conference assembled to plan for the prosperity and advancement of his church again 90 to 60 again the few. Against to do really elect it of the world field. And so Eleanor's consistent views on the authority in 807-519-0319 extension 09 are very very similar Ellen writes position in 1909 is consistent with those stated in 875-1000 new one in 1003. In the 875 testimonies she stresses that no one leader could embody to steer to on Earth or represent God's will. In $1009.00 CD Peter view of the mind in judgment of one man man but Xtend says now to include a small group of men they are not anyone men should be given the full measure of authority and influence God has vested in his church. Again 9260. Nancy continues. In 1011. God has made his Church on earth a channel of light and Stuart he communicates his purposes in his will he does not give to one of his servants and experience independent and contrary to the experience of the church itself neither does he give one man a knowledge of His will for the entire church will the church Christ body is left in darkness. God has vested events in his church with special authority and power which no one can be justified in disregarding and despising. For he who does this and despises the words of God. Who viewed Herald me 111911 so if you keep it in mind in the struggles that are going on today in the church you. He clearly and those statements were proceeding to vote in 2015. And everybody seemed to agree and now this. But she isn't consistent she has changed you know all of this kind of things and of course we will look at some of the statements what about this argument that you just read before. They all made a response to an $888.00 young conversation vote she had counseled against later also he opposed a confidence he counseled against. But the vote in to through and through Anyway it says here she wrote it was not the right for the conference to pass it it was not God's order in God's order that is the reason Lucian will fall powerless to the ground and I shall not sustain it. For I root not be found working against caught. This is not God's way of working and I will not give it countenance for a moment letter 221819 pages 10 to 11 so for it is that this is definitely not a group of a few people. This is a statement about and such and so D.N.A. ideas right did you know here it is and she speaks against it. And is through and so let is now see what wash this region Lucian because we should have seen how important the 2000 in the 15 is illusion of us dealing with the unity of the church and some parts of the church went you know let me go ahead another was not. And this has been an issue that has been all of it is for over 40 years so now does a little thing you know. And she spoke against it so what was that if you couldn't to the letter the reason Lucia delaminate objected to well might be 1st year to training all a cinch I license usage in the canvassing work for permitting them to enter the ministry this was to be an absolute rule and notwithstanding all I had to say against his regime Lucian it was carriage same letter to he to it in it. So the lie since she says she is who were going into the ministry did a license. But it was requested that the days prior spent time in canvassing before she could go into ministry what about this. How important is that the she should you know. This is not something that you know involves the Bible in the spirit of prophecy though it's a very minor thing but she speaks out against it and so yes a gentle confidence is says she can make a mistake now the question is what over 40 years old it is the Russians that the taking place and all the negative rejections. He said it insignificant. And it splits whole churches. Gone physicals each other unions the visions. That is not an insignificant thing Prince. And so you know. Speaks in the Bible also is no unilateralism Now what do you let a loser you go to your own independent of the bottle. Unilateral action over important matters is contrary to the biblical model and to long standing at this practice. Significant decisions should be made after prayer consultation at other levels of church structure and should be in harmony with the decisions already taken by invited or body of believers see you describe Don't go by yourself. This approach helps to guard against destruction and division promoting unity unity church length and an emphasis on mission. Invited and biblical E.V.C.. The day 1st Cygnus present with unilateralism is inconsistent with the biblical model of church as a body and Paul uses the metaphor of the body for the church he describes different organs of the body criticizing each other and imagining that they can be in a band of each other so the Heart goes on his radio learns the kidneys the blood of other you have that person the Bible emphasizes harmony of the operation of all organs of the body its different parts are to work together as a whole with all the members in sympathy sympathetic relationship with one another boss conclusion buss that it should be no schism in the body to church bird that the members should have to the same care for one another. First contingents 1225. Furthermore but all calls on believers to submit to one another out of interest if he she is $521.00. Although there can be a diversity and difference of opinion or practice in the body of believers they should not separate them to the point over schism or split. What matters is how believers respond to a diverse situation the believer's response should be to need for mutual submission to each other to preserve the unity and exclude you need to let little action very clear. Alan might oppose unilateralism. And we might maintains that collective and cool love it if rather than independent or unilateral decision making processes should be the norm in 70 administered because the church is one body. In a testimony written in 18 in the 18 eighties 1st published in 1909 states firmly one point will have to be guarded against and that is individual independence and food she wrote quote each leader should act with reference to whether followers of Jesus Christ will not act independently of one another in unity there is strength 5 testimonies $535.00. And 6 in 885 she urged as misleaders in Europe. Where you have multi ethnic multi national you know. Entities working to be working with each other and she urged the leaders in Europe quote all should make it a point to counsel together. No no worker has all the wisdom that is needed there should be comparing of plans and counseling together and quote little 6618 he chicks 20 years later she counts of church leaders who disagreed about how to work for different nationalities and ethnic groups writing all of the visions and raising from ethnic differences she encouraged them to quote boot all this site as you know I am I'm a German I'm adults I'm a French Oh you murderous things differently. You know put it all aside. Maybe that is the reason why the growth in certain countries is so deplorable. And why it is so exit excellent in other countries she charges me she's charged them to quote work together in harmony forgetting that the Americans or Europeans Germans or Frenchmen Swedes Danes or new regions and see who want we are not to seek to maintain a peculiar the identity of our own which will separate us from a fellow laborers 9 testimony $187.00. And maybe we should realize some other statements and practice it in even our own countries. So what is now those councils How have we applied and on the rights councils. Representation in decision making now. Instead of in the past at every 5 years at the general call for sessions more than 2000 delegates from every union throughout the world do business. See it's not just one or 2. And the 2000 See 1000 people you can manipulate you can out. So so you can see the year that her council or a small group making the decisions. Is god. Even And if you read very carefully your church manual you see that it never talks about the head elder. It talks about the 1st ELDER. First among equals. And you counsel together and you counsel together and you run the picture together they you send out your minister here reasonable The church is. Interesting. Element speaks pretty strongly against sitting pastors and pastors as Scott wanted to do it in the early Church that in addition to several 100 local conferences a missions a total of $13135.00 unions and 13 divisions each with defined authority instead it or in its own executive committee are making collaborative decisions and unions also have constituencies which have their own sessions so you can see here that the total interaction between the church members on all committees is an absolute must for got to work through or. Again how are her councils applied. So you have here the joke of session 5 years later the next one in between is the general Congress Executive Committee which is a body a representative of the world church that meets regularly twice. A year every uni president sits on this committee which in dishing the includes From claim workers lay people from every division and youth representation. Each several 100 members out of both genders and that drawn from the world. This committee takes major decisions delivering the judgment in the voice of the young covens well deserving their most important mentors to the G.C. session the highest authority that God has upon earth whose judgment is definitive. So that is the ideal and they be open 8 on this however not everybody agrees with this. And so we see Denson invalid plexus coming into the church. And here we see then that remember. There are so the situations made in the guard to Shelby go along with ordination of women or not and so when it was voted down. Immediately after that you see that conferences are continued to do this video worse are produced at MS women plus equality means unity and unless there is not equality in ministry and no gender differences we have disunity at least that is being promoted. And so here that envelops ordinations now criteria for ordination as noted earlier have always been said by the World Church not by a conference or union or division. And Misha lead by G. She says sions. But Paige G.C. executive committee since 1930 when the responsibility for the selection of candidates of ordination has devolved to unions who would have played a criteria set by the World Church These come from union in ordinations D.C. Secretary of State with August 2015 so what do you see here. Is that the world church says declare Tyria and not the unions and they have seen in several divisions that unions are now determining the criteria if we're going to do you need to implement so measures to keep proceed to gether. For the 1st 60 years of the denominations his 3 women regularly received ministerial licenses while since 1981 they have been commissioned as ministers but women have never been ordained to a gospel ministry which is 70 administrators consistently regarded as qualitative different from the latest sing or commissioning and here you see some pictures of the women who were licensed here to for ministry who work. The $881.00 Junco has briefly debated a subcommittee proposal to allow the ordination of women both referred to a D.C. Executive Committee and it died there. Wasn't picked up. We simply said no we don't do that and it was not picked up the issue did not come to a session again until $9090.00. That you did you she said she considered at length whether or not to permit female pastors to be ordained and did more than decline to change the status quo it took a different action quote We do not approve ordination of women to the gospel ministry and quote 40551009 session ection July 11th 1990 C.D.G. she minutes of 191-039-2104 extension 0. So therefore when you hear it out she was it oh you know you know we there is nothing in the policy this 4 bit women to be a date. Absolutely alone deadly wrong. Because you voted but you know that is about 20 plus years ago. And you who remembers those things in the you don't remember people running ahead then proposals came to both the 995-2015 of course to allow regional variation or general limited policy but both were rejected it is incorrect therefore to assert that there is no there there is nothing in denominational policy to stop unions from ordaining females to cost ministry. And yet they go ahead. What to do. If you are junkies executive committee or do Congress administration if the world feels give you the command to do something about it. And you don't. Then you need to be replenished. So but if you know it it all kind of. Parliamentary perceives you can delay things and that has now been the case here for say years. Search your donations have been exploration early disallowed by Joko from session action in 8090 an industry or 1900 and a decision reinforced by 2 other D.C. sessions voted in 19052015. Today's issue is about church authority. Has to junk over a session the highest authority in 7 straight and if you study the Spirit of Prophecy the answers directly and yet Satan is muddling and make it very unclear. And so therefore this information that I share now with you you need to sure meet people who are confused and get them out of the fock. Here is not the opposition to junk overs complained document this is the 00s of document now after 30 years modified modified modified and that was now presented and was accepted by the real church but not by the North American division here you see the North America vision with the Columbia. And Pacific Union continue to ordain females the trans European division with some Scandinavian unions out abolishing ordination altogether as being a Biblical and that was not the conclusion of Tosca is the only ordination Study Committee that was presented to re on the council to junk overs and was accepted it's biblical yet. They don't the into the European division of the 2 German unions reject the complaints document. The South Pacific Union Pacific Division. But keep in mind it may sound very impressive but keep in mind a diesel vision make only up barely 10 percent of the as the world church membership. So it is I'm a tiny minority but in some way they seem to be very focused. And publishing that. And. What is now the big issues of the justification of rejecting this junk of the session as the authority of God the highest authority these entities have misinterpreted and a long way to statement on the authority of the jungle. Very clearly and with misinterpretation you can come very very cool and our scholars on both sides and if they're scholars you better stop your mouth. And you bow down. To the image but we don't we bow down only to the Lord. And so friends they fail to make a distinction between your authority between a juncos administration and a joke over 6 feet of committee in a D.C. sessions and I have clearly show Cheaters it is a clear distinction the context of element statement showed that she did not consider the 1st 2 entities as the voice of God but did excepted Junko recession with for the presentation from leaders all over the world as cults worse. And that the pleasures the 00s that are coming together every 5 years. As long as this misuse of the Spirit of Prophecy continues the crazes of authority the as you church will not be solved. But unfortunately there are many overly members in all kind of churches that have no idea about those things have no idea what's going on. And frequently because they have not been informed by the new leadership but I am I have a burden to inform our leadership because if we don't inform the people but if you can see then this continues to weaken the church and we have to stand up for the strength of the church and what does the Lord to give all this counsel think about us. Again there for you know if you are concerned about write letters to elder Wilson affirming his mission and also to all the Jacksons telling him the importance of united action and not unilateral action see and the more we write the more successes but if we don't get any letters from the flock they feel confident that they represent the whole body. The whole nation which is not true. And so will your anger hold that you see the light house and 3 men the stores that have been predicted to come upon the church. But there is hope. Its hope in one of the earliest religions Ellen might see brother. Pretty fishes stuck around who died before disappointment and she meets them in a vision and the bridges it how was it in the last days and the storms. And she says we try to call up our greatest trials but they look so small compared with a far more exceeding eternal weight of glory that served out at us that he could not speak them out and he cried out Hello you're having a steep enough and we test our glorious harps and made heavens our church ring. We're actually. Encouraging. My shit you know after all those pessimistic things you certainly need to have something that cheers up as she puts this picture. She is the artist in the family and so friends this is then and then again I would tell you here the documentation if you want to read it for yourself that is a study of church governors governance and unity September 20 September 26th. And 70 S. and the North American division 2018 year end meeting a response to the regard for and practice of the joke of concession and Kauffman's Executive Committee actions it's all there in the open and and I simply have used everything what is already free. Feed Internet and if you go to Google you find it listed there you put them in there and the whole document you complain of. So made a lot continue to bless this church to bless this conference to best is union and division. And lead a spree that we keep our mind together. And follow the counsels of the Lord. Following the prophets and you will prosper. And if you don't follow the prophets. You will ultimately perish. Of the ship if. 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