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Episode 30: J.N. Loughbourough: What Doest Thou Here Elijah

Adam Ramdin
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What would you do if met with the question - 'What doest thou here Elijah?' if you were not following God's will for your life. One man was met with this question by Ellen White.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • January 23, 2019
    8:30 AM
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In 852 James White wrote an article in the review on Herald suggesting that some of the believers in New England consider moving out west to Iowa this was before the tithing system and systematic benevolence so they would have to do self-supporting work and witness today neighbors. Said that where there had been one convert in the East they'll be 20 in the West Jay and Andrew and his family spoke it over and along with Cyprian Stevens and his family and his wife they decided to relocate out west in total around 30 believe us from New England moved out west to the small town of walkin Iowa. However it wasn't long before the new believers found the day to day living was so hot and took so much of their energy that they didn't have much left to share their faith with their neighbors fellow what was shown that the believers in walk Iowa needed her encouragement and counsel as they were faltering in their original task the area was populated and on top of that it was a particularly high which made traveling around difficult when the weather moderated. And bought some copies and went to work. James and Ellen made the journey west in the winter time by horse drawn sled and standing in the on the journey was the Mississippi River however by the time they reached the ice had melted and the falling snow falling rain and it was 12 inches of water on top of the mush. As they approached the river drive. To Illinois the answer was given go forward trusting in Israel's God. As they made their way across into the. Ice crowd had gathered on the other side and cheered as they reached they continue their journey on a walk on. And Hosea Mead working on a store they found out that she was there and they came to see her. Elijah receiving no response she asked again and then the 3rd time understandably was embarrassed not knowing what to say. That night. And the greatly encouraged by the Ministry of the wife. And Andrew's renewed their commitment to service and to God. And driven my last nail J.M. would return with the white. Andrews. To be a powerful missionary for the church Unfortunately soon after his wife died in childbirth giving birth to twins and one of the twins did not make it they had been married for over 16 years and she was a tremendous support never holding him back in his ministry she had supported him faithfully all his travels and his relentlessly busy schedule. Missionary here in California. In the United Kingdom. In the city. I wonder what would have happened if James and Ellen White didn't make that treacherous journey and out to walk Iowa sometimes out on the project but then we get discouraged and we stop. And Andrews you have been successful in ministry but then you've stepped away for a while and you need to get your life back on track I want to encourage you to get your life in harmony with God's plan for it and if that involves making some tough decisions that you would have the courage and the boldness to do so.


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