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Episode 31: Young Pioneers: Death & Honour

Adam Ramdin
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Some of our pioneers paid the ultimate sacrifice in the early years of Adventism. Whilst they would not be counted as martyrs, many lived such a life of sacrifice and hardship that an early death was arguably inevitable. Some were in their teengage years, others in their twenties and some older but they were all united by their love for Jesus and sharing the message of God's love to the world.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • January 30, 2019
    8:30 AM
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To die from overwork is not something that happens very often nowadays but in the early days of our church this seemed to happen on a frequent basis coupled with little information on what a good nutritious diet consisted of as well as poor vaccination the graves of Mount Hope cemetery here have too many young people who died early yet whose impact last far beyond their short years on Earth. The story of the Andrews family is particularly sad his wife Angeline died at the age of 482 years before he left the U.S. to be a missionary in Europe they had a close and loving relationship and the separation that his travel caused was not easy separation in death though it was even harder and he moved from Rochester New York cast the Massachusetts and continued his work there. Unfortunately his daughter Mary who had been his backbone of support contracted tuberculosis and the prognosis didn't look good he took her back to the United States to Battle Creek where he had dropped the Kellogg. Unfortunately nothing could be done to heal her and despite the advice from Dr Kellogg J. and Andrews insisted on spending almost every day with his daughter she had been his support while he was in Europe after his wife Angeline had died and he refused to leave her side in her dying days doctor warned that by proximity to his daughter he might contract tuberculosis but he would. Loyal right up until the end. J. and Andrews did contract a burka loss' from his daughter and died away for 2 young at just 54 years old and is buried in bars or Switzerland one can only wonder what impact he would have had on the church if he lived for 30 years longer or how the outcome of the 888 general conference session might have been different if he was there. During the course of his life James White held the position of the editor of review and herald as well as General Conference president amongst other things he did the work not of one man but at least 2 if not 3 from his younger years working on the railroad and cutting grass by hand to working tirelessly for the church he died 34 years before his wife in 8081 and is buried here in the old kill cemetery in Battle Creek. Nathaniel and Anna white siblings of James White worked in Rochester for a few years but both died young in their early twenties from tuberculosis J.N. Andrews for the child Kerry is also buried here along with the autumn family it will be Orton to prayed for James White's recovery in $865.00 and it was in the home of their daughter where Ella White had her Christmas Day vision that led to be establishment of the 1st 7th Day Adventist sanitariums. Key ally the graves predominantly of young people young people in their teens and twenty's who dedicated their lives to a message to a belief that the world needed to hear the truth of a crucified risen and soon to come savior young people who took their faith seriously young people who sacrificed and dead. The lives more than any of us can a pioneer in new work takes a lot more effort and sacrifice and to just keep it running and these young people sacrificed in the early years and pushed God's work forward may we examine our lives and see where we can come in and dedicate more to finish this work.


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