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1. The Genesis Before Genesis

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • December 30, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y seem to be end in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. Web. So the 1st question is going to be we're going to look at like the beginnings of the story going to set a foundation for those of you who are somewhat familiar with the cosmic conflict as a matter of narrative what our purpose is going to be in setting the foundation is to do is to come up with principles that will help us in the 2nd half of our seminar when we're going to be applying now the great controversy to different scenarios so there are a lot of themes and a lot of things you can get out of the great controversy but what we're going to try to do is get principals out of it that are going to help us when we're now trying to apply the narrative to different scenarios that make sense OK. So that's what we're doing in the 1st half so maybe the 1st and 2nd and then the 3rd one is going to start that application process and then the 2nd half is going to be mostly like really practical stuff. I forget the order we put it in I think we'll talk about. Relationship stuff. Like dating marriage those type of things men women things gender relations that. The the next one will be a lifestyle things. Yeah the minister marijuana one it's alluding to like lifestyle stuff so like the way you dress. Entertainment. Extra curricular etc and then the last one we're going to talk about the stuff that affects us in our churches I saw most of you have been in an Adventist church at least more than a year so issues that come up in our churches and how we can use the great controversy as a lens to help us navigate these things. We call. Questions. Go OK. Thank you for the warning like how careful. K.. So again my name is C. Cooper. It's really weird for me to be here at U.I.C. because I was at the 2nd U.I.C. that was ever held in Ann Arbor Michigan and I was a college student back then so it's like it's really trippy for me being at a G.I.C. as a seminar speaker because I'm like but I'm going to attend. One person who goes to do a C. and is blessed or like it's kind of weird for me and and this is a side note before we get into the seminar you know. I think for a lot of us who kind of have grown up with the G. Y.C. thing you know from our late teens like going into our twenty's thirty's. When we went to do I see we weren't planning to keep going to G Y C. Like we really really believe that like we left you I see with the fire and we were like We're going to go and I do crazy stuff for God. I remember. I was I took a year off after college to work as a missionary on a public university campus. And I see a couple other campus missionaries here as well. And. When when when we did that like that that summer after the after the program we went canvassing and like when our twenty's and the way that I knew about canvassing was like it's something that high schoolers do or we're like we're going to go crazy for God like we're going to sleep on the floor we're going to spread the gospel so we have goals we're like we're going to give out we're going to sell the great controversy like that but and I think maybe that's why my passion for the great controversy kind of started to go door to door and we were like our summer goal was like 250 great controversies before the half the summer we were done with the goal we're like OK let's double it. And how I mean we were we were just like everybody needs to know the stuff that we know does anybody else feel that way yeah you know and I would goal wasn't to come to you I see next year it wasn't like hey let's go to you I see you have a good time and then next year and come to you I see and meet up with our buddies and go to another G.I.C. was like let's go home and let's go all out for God and next year no more G. Y.C. because we're going to be in heaven. So that's why it's trippy for us you know like for me being here it's like dude was still here. But at the same time and this comes out for me as we study the great controversy I think about the mercy of God. The fact that we're still here because how many of you were born after 2003 show hands. But you got people who wouldn't wouldn't exist. You would not exist. Yeah like you would not exist and yet God in His wisdom. God in His wisdom has seen fit that you are here and that you are part of the End Time movement. And we are going to finish the work together I repeat if Jesus was coming soon then I believe it with all of my heart he's coming even sooner now. And if we don't get on board we're going to get left behind and I want to be part of that movement and just because I'm past the age of being a Jew I see are technically doesn't mean that I can't be part of this movement Amen those of you who are passage. Let's hasten the soon return of Christ let's buy his will print will start us and our. Dear Lord. Here we are at U.I.C. it's such a blessing it's been a blessing hearing all the messages the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts Lord we know that there's a world that is dying for a knowledge of Jesus Christ and we are here because we want to gain that knowledge so that we can spread the gospel to the world. Well we pray that the Holy Spirit would be in the room and in every other seminar as well that you would come in a mighty and powerful way that you would fill our hearts with the knowledge of Christ that would compel us to go out and spread the gospel to the world thank you for hearing our prayers we pray in your name Amen. OK Bibles out please. Let's start in the book of Genesis the seminar is the title of this session is the genesis of the genesis. Is the story behind the story. Genesis Chapter one. We're going to come up with 7. That. 7 lessons about God that we get from Genesis one and 2. These are not the only things you learn about God from Genesis $1.00 and $2.00 but these are going to be foundational for us as we wanna. As we go into our cosmic controversy narrative. About. God. Genesis Chapter one. Verse one in the beginning is anyone against reading the Word of God we're good OK in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said Let there be light and there was light got saw the light that it was good God divided the light from the dock and us God called the light Day and the darkness he called night the evening and the morning were the 1st day. And then God created and he said. Let there be a firmament Heaven he made the firmament God called the firmament Heaven and the evening and the morning with the 2nd day in verse 8 was 9 God said Let the waters under heaven be gathered together he called the Earth the he called the dry land Earth and God said Let the earth bring forth the grass and the earth brought forth grass and verse 13 that evening and the morning weather. 3rd day for us 13 but 14 Let there be light in the firmament of the heaven let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven and verse 16 he made 2 great lights he set them in the firmament to rule over the day and over the night 1000 in the evening and the morning were the. 4th day God said Let the waters bring forth abundantly and God created great whales and God bless them saying Be fruitful and multiply it was 23 and the evening and the morning whether 5th day. And God said Let the earth bring forth the living creatures and God made the beast of the earth and verse 26 got to let us make man in our image after our likeness created man in His image and he blessed them and he said I have given you every herb to every beast and God said everything that he had made in verse 31 that and behold it was very good and the evening and the morning were the. 6th day what do we learn about God. From the fact that God. When he created he went day one. And then day 2. And then day 3. He went sequentially in his creation what does that tell us about our. God of order. God is. God is. God is organized. Yes but he doesn't do things random like he is organized in the way that he does his things but notice to the way that he created right so did did God make the plants before he made light. Because plants need light. In order to survive or felt photosynthesis right so God is not just organized but God is intentional. We get that right. Intentional. I mean there are devotional qualities to these lessons are you organized. When when you start your week or you organize I'm going to have a 1st day and a 2nd day and the 3rd day and you know 7th Day Adventists should be the most organized people on the planet you know why because we have the Sabbath and every week is a countdown to the Sabbath so when I come to Monday and we sing the song with my with my 3 year old and my my one year old saying only only 6 days told us that. And then the next day we said only 5 days til the Sabbath day until it's only one day tell the Sabbath day because you know what the 7th Day Adventist everything that I'm doing is a countdown to the Sabbath. Which means that When Friday Comes I'm not rushing to mock my floors in my house I'm not rushing to finish my homework assignment because on Sunday I knew Sabbath is coming yeah so I'm going to do my homework to make sure that on Friday night I'm not stressed and now because I have an assignment do that night at midnight I'm going to do my assignment as early as possible so that I'm ready by Sabbath make sense God is organized God is intentional he decides what his going to do 1st because what you do 1st impacts what you're going to do next you've seen you've seen the illustration of you know you've got rocks and you've got the container you put the big rocks in 1st and then you put the little rocks after because they'll fill in the gaps that's showing intentionality I think before you act 7th Day Adventists like their heavenly father should be organized intentional. Here's something else that I get from it might not be as intuitive as these guys. So I'm going to take some time to explain it. God is omniscient. I get that from Genesis one and 2. We only read Genesis one. A mission it means all knowing. Now in in feel logical circles. There are certain qualities that are ascribed to God and God alone they call his omni qualities OK and the next one will do after this will be on the potential which means all powerful. Pole tent. So a mission means he knows everything most of the time when people think omniscient they think knowing what's going to happen in the future right but let me ask you this how many of you guys remember how many of you have younger siblings younger siblings OK. How many of you have younger siblings who are less than less than 3 years younger than you. Are right for those of you with your hands raised do you remember when they were born. Kind of. Sort of yet OK Do you remember like the day after they were born. Do you remember the week after they were born OK actually even those even those of you who don't have younger siblings how many of you have kids. OK I'm asking the parents now because no parents love their cares and you know you caught them like they were just so precious Do you remember the 1st 3 months of their life I mean every single day of the 1st 3 months. Because every single day of the 1st 3 months of their life was a blur I remember it happened to me recently because you wake up and you feed the child. You change the diaper you go to sleep and you wake up and you feed the child you change the diaper and you go to sleep and then once in a while you look at the child and you're like whoa so cute. OK. We our memory even our memory of things past we don't have an awareness or a realisation a knish of every single detail of everything that ever happened in our lives yet. Those were younger than 22 you remember every single thing that ever happened to you know. COD. Remembers every single thing. That's part of God's omniscience that's part of God knowing stuff like God knows every single thing that has ever happened in the entire history of the whole universe now can you imagine having a memory bank like that all right. Those of you who have friends you know when your friend wrongs you and you remember what they did that time the other time they did the same thing and you're like man you keep doing that to me right now with the last time the last time we went out to eat I'm the one who bought and I'm the one buying again. Because we remember now can you remember can you imagine having that arsenal of like information at your fingertips all the time. Like you know everything. Like my husband hates that he's like then you remember everything I don't remember everything but I remember the stuff that's important. But God God has he has this memory back but let me take it even further you know they say that when they think about the way that our brains work the way we remember even events that are currently happening it differs from person to person they say women tend to remember things that are more emotionally charged. So so something if you're female like something that's emotionally charged happens you're like she was wearing a red dress and she was wearing black shoes and that scarf didn't even match and then she said this like your memory is like God like if it's emotionally charged right that women are kind of like that but men you know like you're like he's like hey did you know someone who had a baby like who. Oh that that stuff doesn't really matter to them but then you get some guys who are into sports sitting together and they're like men you know the Lakers and you know Golden State Warriors if you compare the way the Lakers played in 95 and the way the Golden State Warriors. Are our memories work differently right in terms of our experiences. God not only has a memory bank of things in the past but God's Experion yen show knowledge is all encompassing. Thank you doesn't just remember like the emotional stuff or like the detail stuff like that the logistics stuff he remembers all of it so God has knowledge is all encompassing his he's present knowledge is all encompassing this is part of his admissions and his future knowledge is all encompassing this is the one that people have a hard part with a hard time with and this is what we'll talk about when we talk about free will and the sovereignty of God. I'll put that in the future but I get God's omniscience from Genesis chapter one and 2 because God at the end of every day God looked at what he had mean and he looked at everything that he had Main and he made an assessment in order for God to make an accurate assessment of what he had created he had to have an intimate knowledge of everything he had done some make sense to you God Knowledge is all encompassing God is also an impotent. Think about in the Bible we never got talks about doing amazing things what does he refer to what is reference point when he talks to Israel and is like Israel I want you to obey me because I am the God who who did what for you. I brought you out of Egypt. And thing out that says he did. I know that God created you. Right he says he says look I want to do something special in your life and you know on what authority I can say that because I am the creator. So God as creator god creator ship is is like his mark of his I'm the protests is there anything that is too difficult for God let me put it to you this way. At any science buffs here anyone interested in science OK. Matter. Doesn't matter created self I mean no right everything that exists in the universe when we study it comes from something that was already preexisting right so matter had to exist in order for metal to exist and yet. When Genesis chapter one tells us that God. Spoke. I'm speaking to you right now and I believe in the power of words words words make a difference you know words can hurt people words worth of make a make can can move people to action but my words do not physically create a reality. Let there be dark chocolate cake that is big and somehow and yet delicious. Right here. That's not there. Because my words cannot generate matter right God spoke. And matter came into existence. I think when I when I do something when I if I push this chair it moves actually all of them moved. And that's OK when when if I do something it it packs right that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction I've moved and the thing that I'm moving against like my movement is actually affecting the air around me but the air exists yet God speaks into a vacuum. And things that never existed come into existence that is the power of God that that's the power of God's word and we're talking about their devotional aspects to all of these elements you know when when we study the Word of God. Come to the Bible in the morning. Do I believe that the Word of God. Has power. I mean that that that that the Word of God This is what we just read I don't know we browsed through Genesis chapter one but that God's Word has the ability. To create where there was nothing. If you've seen a life that has been transformed by the power of God you know that it's real you know you go from being a person who and OK nice to me say that I grew up going to church I grew up in the Adventist Church. I must have been about. 13 or 14 and I said to my mom said mom I'm really annoyed that I was born into the app to stretch you know like it really bugs me. And she's like why because my parents were Congress into the advent of the church and she couldn't understand like what I like I wish I had known these truths from when I was a kid she could understand what my problem was and I said I said mom every time I go to church when people give their testimonies they talk about they were drug addicts they talk about they were in jail they talk about they were you know partying it up and then you know they gave their life to Jesus and suddenly everything changed and I said What's my testimony. What's my testimony going to be I grew up going to church I helped out in Sabbath school I memorized all the memory verses you know and then I went to all the evangelistic series what's my testimony mob. But you know what I realized and it took me years and he was part of that experience for me was that even though I grew up going to church I grew up quote doing the right things there's a change that God wants to work in my heart that going to church can't do. There's something like To love the day I surrendered my heart to God and decided that I was going to love my little sister. I don't understand. She is 5 years younger than me I love her to bits now Bush is 5 years younger than me and she came and ruined my life. I was the Princess in that house I mean my parents took me everywhere I got everything I wanted and then she was born and suddenly nobody got time for me. I was in my teens and I hated this child. I love her now so I can see. And obviously like just just that transformation the realisation that I started reading the Bible then one into evangelism and I realized that in my heart I don't even love my own sister and I know there's somebody up in here who needs to love their brother or sister. And I said Lord change my heart. Help me to love my own family. But give me the kind of love that I'll be willing to die for because I don't have that and I tell you God worked a miracle in my life. So when I talk about the power of God. I've experienced it in very real I guess small things but very real things things that you can't manufacture but the power to forgive when you've been really hurt when somebody not just hurt you in the past but continues to hurt you even now how do you forgive but what does the give us look like in that situation. God's Word has the power to bring about real change in our lives. God is omnipotent he creates something out of nothing and that's why we know that he can recreate us Amen. All right let's keep going I think we're 4 things. On my time Oh my OK. Here's here's here's something else let's go to Genesis chapter 2. Genesis Chapter 2 we're going to do what we did in chapter one kind of browsing through real quick I encourage you you know go back to your rooms or when you go back home go through Genesis one and 2 and study Genesis one and 2. And see what you can learn about who God is. There's a beautiful thing in the Bible. If you put it there's a beautiful thing in the Bible called repeat and large. Kate the Bible. Gives you like a picture and then it repeats the picture in the next next phase it repeats the same thing but it gives you more details and then it gives you more and more and more details and the magically speaking the Book of Genesis. I see this is a challenge every doctrine that we have every I'm including the century and there every doctrine that we have you can find it in the book of Genesis. You study the Book of Genesis every single doctrine is in there but then you go you keep going to the rest of the pen to Took you have those things repeated from Genesis and enlarged in the rest of the Penna took everything that we have from Genesis to Revelation every doctrine we have you can find in the 1st 5 books of the Bible. But then you have those the 1st 5 books of the Bible they come in they take those things and they repeat it and they enlarge it you know why God does that. Because we are dense. God does that Probenecid. You heard the same repetition depression. So God has to repeat and he doesn't just repeated the same way he's like let me let me tell you from another angle you know remember when I said that you know that I'm organized let me tell you from a different angle Remember the Children of Israel when they were traveling and I said hey organize yourself so that you can be more efficient like Moses in not being effective in the way that you do and stuff like a number I told you of organized up all the nines and and then he repeats by the time you get to X. is like hey. Little of the church needs to organize itself a ministry so you know you need to set up you've got elders you've got to have deacons up in there you got organized it's also ministry because I'm a God of order so he repeats it and then he in large and said so that we can better understand what he's saying right OK when I say that the tenets have to Genesis 2 verse one that's the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them on the 7th day God may ended his work which he had made for us 3 he blessed the 7 Davis or. The Book of Genesis goes chapter one verse all the way to 31 and then up to chapter 2 verse 3 that's where kind of the narrative of the 1st narrative of creation ends then you have a repeat and then large that happens in chapter 2 it repeats a portion of chapter one and then it expands on that part. Where in the repeat part for sport these are the generations of the heavens of the earth when they were created every part of the field before it was in the earth every over the field before it grew verse 6 they went up a mist from the earth the 7 The Lord God for man of the dust of the ground with ate the law got back to the garden eastward in Eden. The god out of the ground he made to grow every tree verse $9.10 a river went out of Eden the name of the 1st is peace. The gold of that land is good the name of the 2nd is the Han the name of the 3rd is he dead Tel verse 15 the Lord God took the man put him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it and the not God commanded the man saying verse 16 of every tree of the garden that now Mayor just freely eat and stop there. God is munificent. Me you me. That means God is is very good generous. I used to wonder about. This eating of the tree in the garden you know you have caught something. Don't you know of the street and my God Like why can't you do that tree and also my kids now you know in a hotel room it's like they take they have these like their toy little toy cars. It's. The type of the cars driving around. And then the car takes off into the air and it goes to the window and. I'm on the way you know that the huge groups have like a big wall to like a room has a floor to floor to ceiling window and their light. On the window and I'm pretty confident they're not strong enough to break it. But it's kind of the principle of you don't take a hard object and hit it against a class you know like c'mon kid like. Don't do that right but now because I said don't do that that's all. In the entire hotel room that they want to do. Like you can reach you poop so you can go eat of. It you can like run a route you can even jump on the bed because it's not mines you know. But you can do whatever you want but now the only thing they want to do is that one thing you told him not to do and never had that experience and I think it got here in the Garden of Eden says eat. Anything. But the only thing I'm asking you not to eat is of this tree what I get from that is actually that God is a very giving God. Growing up for those who grew up in the church or grown up Christian sometimes you can feel like God is restricted don't do this don't do that in Doc play with so and so and don't go always here don't watch this or that and it's like all these rules like don't do this that than the other but in reality God is a given God God is this is what God's goal is do every need of these things. Just not this. That's the kind of God He is. And we're at Wells who are about to finish the last 2 and then we'll switch into the actual story of how the devil flips that around and we buy into it forgot it actually a munificent God is a 6 thing and this one also may not be as intuitive because it's dependent on what we're going to talk about next God is patient. We will talk about a story that happens before we get to the Book of Genesis in the narrative of the great controversy this story had already begun when Genesis happens but if you notice what we read God creates all of these things and then he makes man and he puts him in the garden and he says eat of anything but just don't you love this one tree and in that God is never like OK just hurry up and let me know if you're going to be on my side or not because. Let's get the show calling out I just want to know and I think about you know situations where. Where you just kind of want to know right now. You know it's like woman going to marry. One of them. I mean can you just give me a vision. Then I'll wait. Like and God is patient in waiting for things to work themselves out we'll see that as we keep going and the last thing I want to point out probably the the climax the end the crux of all of this God is love. You put you put all the positive attributes together you put. The way that God created why God created this because God is love he didn't create us because he needed to. He didn't create the world for us because he had to I mean he could have given us oxygen without creating beautiful trees. Couldn't he I mean he he because he's God but he was like you know I want you to be able to breathe and see beautiful things. That's the kind of God that we serve God is love but you get to Genesis Chapter 3 OK we're going on where we have what I do and again $1030.00 right OK. We're going to start Genesis 3 and then I'm going to pause like give you like 5 minutes for if you have questions if not I'll just keep going and then will will keep going in the next section Genesis Chapter 31 of my favorite texts in the Bible because it opens the veil to why we are where we are and how things came to be how they are Genesis chapter 3 verse one somebody's got it someone on a. Now the serpent was more most up to 2 than any other the field which the Lord God heard me and he said unto the woman Yea the gods say you shall not eat or every tree of the under woman and to the south and we may eat of the who took the trees. But the root of the tree which is in the midst of the good God say you shall not eat of it neither shall he touch it least you. And this up and say them to the woman you show North your. Thank you sister. Here we have the story right. God has created Adam and Eve you put them in the garden he said you can eat up everything over here just told you of this one tree the serpent comes down and we're going to read later in Revelation Chapter 12 that the serpent is the devil himself right the serpent comes and he says. I'm curious Eve. Did God say you should eat of any treat others he put it yeah did God say you shouldn't eat of every tree. Notice the way that God phrased it God said You shall eat of every tree except for this one the devil comes and he says Did God say you should not eat of every tree you did the difference it's kind of subtle but it's suggestive right God has put it in a positive light look I want you to do whatever you want except for this. But the devil comes and he is like is God restricting your freedom he's telling you you can't do whatever you want because he told you you can't do this one thing. And leave here's the problem he stops to talk to the serpent. Don't stop to talk to the serpent how this relates to your personal life is you will have questions and you will have. A reason about certain things in the Bible about your experience even and that's OK I remember talking to a friend of mine a college friend of mine and she grew up Muslim and she said to me she in high school her last year of high school she had a roommate who was Christian who was a mutual friend of ours and she said you know what sequel. Rooming with grace with our mutual friend it made me doubt my Muslim experience she said because for all my life I thought you had to be Muslim to be good and then I met a Christian who was good and I thought all Christians were evil because you know you watch T.V. and Hollywood is Christianity. You know and she was like I thought all Christians are evil but here's this girl and she's Christian and she's good and she said it caused me to start questioning my Muslim experience and you know what I told I was honest with I said you know what I grew up Christian and when I interacted with people of different faiths it actually caused me to question my Christian experience too because sometimes you grow up hearing that you have to be Christian to be good and then you meet someone who is not Christian and they're a nice person that you're like. You're trying to trick me. But but he isn't here is the key is the key you could you are going to have those experiences and it's good. Because if you never get to a place where you're questioning and you're wondering about your fame then you can never affirm your faith and so what I encourage her to do I said you know what my friend I had those questions in my faith experience and what it caused me to do was to study more what I believe and I challenge her I said I challenge you to study what you believe don't just take it because you grew up Muslim now you have to be Muslim the rest of your life if this is causing you to question what you've grown up believing question it as in study it not question it as in rejected you Father I'm saying I'm telling you this because I said this to a Muslim and I said this with all confidence that if she studies she'll find Jesus. If she studies the Koran and she asks God to open her eyes to truth he will lead her to truth I am confident of it. I say this with confidence to you my brothers and my sisters if you've got questions in your mind if you got like man I remember I went through a phase where I couldn't understand prayer Mike what's the point it's like you're talking to the air. And I told this to a mentor of mine I said I don't understand prayer like I pray but I don't get it and she said That's good study it. Study prayer from the Bible and I'm telling you that was one of the richest experiences I ever had. So having a conversation with the devil is when instead of studying for yourself instead of going to God if I could have been like hold up I don't want to talk about just give me a 2nd god. The devil said. And you go study it out with got like figure it out instead of that she went and doubted the Word of God and she was like yeah man you don't have to be a Christian you can be whatever I mean you don't even need to act like. You know forget this religious wars have been for more wars have been fought over religion the incoming atheist sad story but I have I have friends of God that are out so I can I cannot have I said this clearly when you have questions don't be afraid of the questions take those questions to God in prayer study the Bible for the answers and you will find them there do you follow Am I clear. I'm not encouraging skepticism I'm encouraging Bible study in men OK the devil says has God truly said and the woman said We may eat of the fruit of the tree of the garden by the through the tree which is the most that God doesn't you must not give in either so you touch it and then the Suppan said to the woman here blatant lie and this is a genius lie and hate to call it genius but it is he says You shall not surely die this is the 1st recorded blatant lie in Scripture. Why is it genius genius because. If you tell me something what you said. Emily Emily. And you're a listener OK. If Emily comes to me and says you know what sequel I've known Alyssa for years and Alyssa That girl's a liar I mean she does everything that comes out of her mouth is not true I'm like really hate Alyssa is it true that you're a liar. And then evidence that I told you she was a liar. That's the brilliance of the lie. It puts God in a position where. Whatever he says it doesn't make a difference at least as far as the accusation goes you follow what I mean God said if you eat of it you will die the devil says if you don't you won't die which means God is lying to you if goes back to God It is like God if you give it will I die is like yes you will die. They will want me about you you are a liar. And so the devil put the 1st through insinuation and then blatantly he puts this question on the character of God. He is the biggest question what kind of a god in here now the devil he expounds right what kind of a god would stop you from eating of the street 1st by God No in his omniscience and his all knowledge he knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you'll be as God's knowing good and evil. The reason that God is stopping you from whatever it is you're trying to do in your life is because he's trying to hold you back. You want to go out and party. But then they're like don't go out there and whatever because they try to hold you back. You want to go and look whatever kind of life you want to have whatever kind of relationships they're just trying to hold you back from what you could accomplish because they know that if they let you go you're going to become even greater than you ever imagined. What kind of a person holds you back from something good. As a person love you. If they're if they're trying to hold you back from something that would make you happy as a nice to human. Do they care about you. What words would you put to such a person what kind of a person with holds good things from other people. Evil. Elfish. Insecure I like that word yes insecure God is insecure. Jealous. The way they came to my mind was mean. And this because I look at them like God is just me or me to do what I want to do so all these things that we said about God forget that. God is mean insecure jealous selfish These are all things insinuated by the devil this wasn't the 1st time the Devil was insinuating these things. He did it before he came down to the Garden of Eden and that's what we're going to talk about. To restart or. We want to finish that section. I really think with a vote we're about to go into now the priest or 3 of the story we think we should just start in the next session we can do Q. and A and like take a breather or we can start delving into it right now who wants to start right now. OK Hands down who wants to just chill All right let's start. If you want to chill you can. Close your minds. Revelation Chapter 12. Relationship to 12. Versts one they appear to great one day in heaven and a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon ahead a crowd of 12 stars and she being with child travailing in Perth pain to be delivered and there appeared another one in heaven and behold a great red dragon having 7 heads temperance 7 crowns upon his heads. One part of their. You know starting in January we're going to be studying the book of Revelation for the Sabbath school adults Bible study guide who knew that yeah OK I'm stoked about it because. I grew up scared of the Book of Revelation I mean petrified this was the torture if my brother wanted to torture me he'd like go to your room and read the book of Revelation. Straight up and I'll go to my home and I don't know why all he would open the book I'll go to my room and who. Should have just read it. But it was scary to me because I didn't understand then it's like beasts of dragons and fire and brimstone and smoke and torment and it was scary but here's the good news when you got a question what you got to do study it. When you actually study the Book of Revelation it is a beautiful beautiful picture of Jesus it really is. I with my friends we do a T.V. show called in various Has anyone heard of it OK we do a television show called in verse and in preparation for next quarter we were studying the book of Revelation together and I'm telling you it was just mind blowing really like I'm super excited about the study for next quarter saw chainless plug for Sabbath school. Study the Book of Revelation in men. Who are local. So here we have these symbols in Revelation Chapter 3 told us 3. There was a one day in heaven a great red dragon having 7 heads and 117 crowns upon his head and his tail drew the 3rd part of the stars of heaven and it cost them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born hold the 1st 9 simplifies it OK the great dread them was cast out Who's that dragon. That old serpent called The Devil and Satan OK no need to be scared no dragon hiding under your bed. This is talking about the devil and what is telling us in verse 3. Sidedness 4 was that the dragon was up in heaven and he drew the 3rd part of the stars of heaven and cost them to the earth OK but we keep reading because it clarifies even more as we keep going reading by 7 there was a war in heaven you know you imagine heaven is like little babies sitting on their floating on clouds or harps. But here are heaven is the real like it's intense there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels OK I don't know if any of you are into that world lead like. Movies where like they're fighting creatures I'm amongst like fighting stuff it's scary but this is like worse than that so I want to say this is like a Cosmic War. Michael and his angels like imagine these majestic beings there is a conflict that is happening and it is to the extent verse 8 that they prevailed not the dragon and his angels did not prevail neither was their place found any more in heaven and that dragon was cast out and was cast out to the earth that's where you get in verse 4 that he took one 3rd of the angels from heaven how intense of a battle must it be for one 3rd of angels we're not talking about human beings not about fallen people not about you and me we're talking about angels up in heaven. One 3rd of them left heaven how many of you want to go to heaven. OK most of us here want to go to heaven and it's based on what we've heard of heaven Heaven is a wonderful place filled with glory and grace and heaven Heaven is is beautiful and it's peaceful Why would these Angels one 3rd OK one 3rd is like. A lot. Of this is a little less than a half and then one 3rd is like you know minus these front ones right there about. So be like all of those people not coming back for the 2nd part of the seminar. A kidding I'm kidding it's not like that it's way worse then why would these angels leave Heaven that's part has a prayer and we'll take a break. Loving Father we are so thankful for the gift of the Word of God. Pray that as we study your word we could come to a deeper understanding of its truth that they would impact our lives that our lives if you can swap as a result help us to understand the themes that are contained in this cosmic metanarrative and then figure out how it applies to our lives personally and individually we thank you for your optimism in. This message was recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at you I see what have.


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