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3. Preparing Our Hearts for Tsunami of Blessings in Prayer Ministry

Melody Mason Gem Castor



  • December 31, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C. Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online. I don't know why I want to get up here and say Happy Sabbath but just what came to mind when I stand up on the starting G. Y.C. on Sabbath or on a little bit. But anyway it's been such a such a blessing so the smore ning we're going to talk more about part preparation for prayer ministry and just really how to to prepare to prepare to have an effect of her ministry and. So let's power heads for a word or prayer before we begin. Dear Heavenly Father we just thank you so much. For the privilege of prayer we thank you that we can come into your presence and you are here and as we gather together. In a group you tell us when 2 or 3 are gathered together your in their midst and we claim that promise as well and we thank you for this right now as I share I just ask for your wisdom for your Holy Spirit to give me your words and that you would truly hide hide me behind your cross that you would be exalted and that our hearts would be. Touched bother the Holy Spirit convicts us and draws us closer to you this is what we pray in your precious name Amen. So preparing for a tsunami of blessings. Some of you are probably maybe you have even heard the story I just love the story I've shared a number of times but it's about a group of explorers back in the early 18 hundreds that were traveling through Africa and they were making their maps of the territory and just scouting out the land but something unique happened during this time. Each day they would come back to their to their camp and you know they had a camp set up and they'd build a camp fire and cook their food and all these different things. And then you know go to bed and then the next morning they get up and do the same thing again. But after a few days they came back and they started started noticing around the camp or the little little stacks of fire would like someone was trying to build a fire and they couldn't figure out what was going on it was very strange they come back in there be more a little stacks around the camp like someone's trying to start a fire but they couldn't figure out why. But after a few days they realize you know there's monkeys all around in the trees and they're watching them so each day as they were building their camp fire and cooking their food the monkeys had been watching them and they decided we want to start a fire to so they put the stack together. But they didn't start a fire or something missing right this is a true story that's really really happened anyway I love to share this story because I think it really illustrates what often is the problem in our church we're very good at building a form of godliness you know we we see such and such happening really call I'm going to do that to do you know and put it all together but it's often the form without the power of the Holy Spirit it's done through our own strength without God And so that's what I want to challenge us this morning is we're beginning the some a seminar one of the ways in our life and this is something you just have to ask you know you in the Lord you know Psalms one 392324 says Search me oh God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me that's right and so we need to be praying and asking the Lord you know because we all have these areas where there's there's a little struggle there's a little bit of discrepancy between what God is calling us to do and what the word what the word in the Holy Spirit's calling us to do and what we actually do. A form of godliness and we're actually told in the Bible I believe the form of Godliness is the most popular religion at the end of time and I get that from 2nd Timothy $3125.00 It talks about in the last days what we're going to see and we see all these things happening right now this is the attitude in the spirit. That we have here in the last days having a form of godliness but denying the power from such turn away. Carl Bates former president of the Southern Baptist Convention who said if God were to take the holy spirit out of our midst today think about this this is really serious to consider 95 percent of what we are doing in our churches would go on. And we would not even know the difference yet if God had taken the Holy Spirit out of the midst of the 1st Christian community about 95 percent of what they were doing would have ceased immediately. Lord have mercy upon us for working in our own strength and thinking that we are working in his you know over and over Ellen White talks about our desperate need of the Holy Spirit and you know that it's because this topic is little thought upon and little contemplated that we see so much drought and dryness in our church today the Holy Spirit when it comes it brings all other blessings in store in train with it I love this quote from review and herald the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the church is looked forward to as in the future but it is the privilege of the church to have it tomorrow that what it says it says now that's right it's the privilege of the church to have it now seek for it pray for it believe for it we must have it and heaven is waiting to bestow it this is a gift God has given us and I love what Pastor Gary said in the message on Sabbath about Acts 18 and the Holy Spirit It's not something we achieve it's something we receive. But there's something necessary that has to happen before we receive it we desperately need the Holy Spirit is receiving the Holy Spirit outpouring our greatest need well for the sake of what I'm sharing that morning I'm going to say yes it really is but I think something has to come even before we can receive this so we're going to talk about this what hinders the Holy Spirit filling in our life often it's those private things those private send those private compromises that we hold onto you know we live in a world of spiritual devastation all around us we see homes falling apart marriages falling apart churches falling apart all these. Things are going on but God tells us in His word Isaiah $5812.00 were to be the restrict or of the breach so that is our purpose as Christians. To be the restorer of the breach to stand in the gap on behalf of those in the world and those around us but the problem is and you may have even may have heard me share this before but we need to be right reminded we cannot stand in the breaches on behalf of others we cannot stand in the breach on behalf of others oftentimes because there's so much a breach in our own life we are not strong we are not spiritually fortified as we should be and there's a lot more that I could share on this topic but I'm not going to go into this in great detail but look at this quote from education a friend share this with me a little while back as this very sobering many would shrink with horror firsts from some great trance question many who would shrink from with or from some great Transgression are led to look upon sin in little matters as of trifling consequence. You know this really isn't a big deal but these little and I call them respectable sense are the sense that eat out the life and the godliness of the soul these little respectable sense and we say well you know I could give you some some example of respectable sense that we struggle with attitudes things in our heart and forgiveness a critical spirit of judgment and spirit in V. Even anxiety if we look at the Word of God God's word actually speak against each one of these things but we think well you know how can we really speak against this because every one struggles with these things you struggle I struggle this is just the way it is normal Christianity but this is not the way that is supposed to be according to the Word of God we have fallen so low we have accepted our spiritual sensitivities I believe have become numb to what this standard that God has for us. I don't remember the exact quote you might remember the reference but inspiration tells us the ideal God's ideal is higher than the highest human thought his ideal for us is so much higher but we have settled we have settled in the culture of compromise and so we need to ask and we need to plead and pray that God will help us to become strong and fortified Christians so that we can stand in the gaps of that we can be the affective intercessors on behalf of others that God is asking us to be the life you live in private determines the ministry that you can have in public and this is so so true you know if if we do not have victory in our personal life if we are not walking with God and depending upon him if it's just self you know we can get up and we can put on a good show but it's not going to be truly effective for the glory of God It's not going to bear the fruit that we long to see and the Holy Spirit knows the difference you know we can't lie to the Holy Spirit we can't you know fool the Holy Spirit I can fool you you know I can get up here and do whatever but I can't fool the Holy Spirit and there is such a difference and there will be such a difference if there is that known. That known cherished sin or compromise that we're holding on to we're all sinners in need of a savior OK I'm not saying I'm up here the standard of perfection I'm not struggles just like all of you and I'm continually going back to the foot of the cross Lord forgive me forgive me for that attitude I was just thinking something a little bit ago and like Lord forgive me I should not be thinking hat you know we have these propensities and these tendencies but. As we continually are walking forward and we're continually focusing on Christ we can get so bogged down focusing on our ourselves and our issues if you knew all the issues you know we can get really depressed and God doesn't want us to do that either he wants us to be aware because if we're not aware he can't save us if we don't recognize our need and so that's why bring some of these things forward because we need to evaluate what is the fruit we need to evaluate what is happening and as we evaluate Then we recognize our desperate need of Christ and Ellen White actually says the closer we come to Christ the more faulty We are going to appear in our own eyes that's because we recognize the glory of God and we recognize how far we fall. From that standard and that glory so that's why I chair these things but. We are on a journey sanctification of the journey of a lifetime and we must keep going forward and looking to Christ as we behold Him we are changed so what kind of fruit does our life bear you know if people are are looking at our life if people saw the life that we lived behind the scenes when they say I want to be a Christian like him I mean he's an example I see Jesus in him I want to be like that because He points me to Jesus or She points me to Jesus I think we should be. Asking asking that we have to continually be giving God our heart and love the promise of his. 3626 a new heart will I give you new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a hard heart a flesh Jim share the quote the other the other day when you are sharing Lord take my heart I cannot give it it's your property keep it for me save me. In spite of myself my weak un-Christ like self you feel that way yeah that's that's how we come to Christ Lord save me in spite of myself and praise the Lord he hears that prayer and he answers what does that you can fear most he fears that we're going to remove these things that we're going to come to God in penitence at the foot of the cross and say Lord take these things take my heart take complete control because. God does that the Holy Spirit is able to pour into our life so I'm talking about in this seminar preparing for a tsunami of blessings in prayer ministry and we're talking about the need of the Holy Spirit what is our greatest need but before we can receive that there has to be clearance of those Obs truck chains and things that get in the way so is removing all our spiritual breeches our greatest need this is a great need but I think there is even more you know we live in a culture of wilderness Christianity we've been talking about that we know that we need revival of godliness in fact let's look at this quote from last day events Ellen White writes a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek this should be our 2nd work 3rd work 1st work I know you've seen this before but this is good to be reminded again this should be our 1st work there must be an earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to put his blessing upon us but because we are prepared to receive it so is experiencing personal revival in reformation our greatest need kind of what it sounded like by what she just said I think there's something more in the needs to come before we're going to experience revival and reformation. Now as we look at the Word of God. We actually see that faith is one of the most infamous sized gifts in all of Scripture we say we see we walk by faith we live by faith we overcome by faith big Torrijos and faith all these different things saved by grace through faith this is one of the most imprecise gifts and I want to write makes this statement the greatest our greatest need TO DAY is an increase of faith. We need an increase of faith and we need to to really see and understand the God that we serve is he who he says he is this isn't just you know yeah we've it's difficult sometimes I think when we we grow up with understanding certain things we've read about it all our life with or different things we tend to take the word of God for granted but God's word really is true how do we get faith strengthened. The Word of God says right faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God So if you're struggling in this area of Thady get into the Word of God start writing down those promises and in fact something probably talk more about this this afternoon but something that has helped me so much in my life is making this this promise no book it's promises that God has given me it's quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy and they all have do have to do with prayer and faith in claiming the Word of God and why God's going to fulfill his word and so when I'm struggling with issues in my life personal things that I'm needing God to give me victory and our attitudes then I am struggling with when something is hurtful in my life we have the 10 C. to to you know have our little pity parties and feel sorry for ourself and go down roads that we shouldn't go on and we have to continually be going back to the Word of God Lord make me like you change me forgive me give me your heart give me your eyes help me not to see the people that hurt me but help me to see the cross above them we have to continually be going back to the Word of God And so it's something I'm just sharing my own personal experience as made a huge difference in my life is just this notebook that I've put together of promises and quotes from the Spirit of Prophecy and I'm continually going back to the same ones they don't wear out they're good they're good yesterday they're good today they're good tomorrow and that has built my faith and encouraged my faith you know we have the tendency in our Christian walk to tend to. Follow our feelings instead of faith I don't feel like he's near I don't feel like he's really capable of answering I don't feel but we have to follow the facts of God's Word not our feelings because our feelings are always going to betray us. The Word of God does not betray us so how do we grow faith we need to get in the word memorize the words saturate our mind with the word poor our heart into the word and as we do we are changed something else though that really will help grow our faith and you know what that is that is reflecting upon lives and stories of faith you know how encouraging it is when you read a story about America or something that God has done in someone else's life for example maybe maybe some of you have read the book one miracle after another the public story anybody read that book how totally inspiring this is to see what God did in this man's life and what he continues to do. Just incredible some of you probably heard of the book at 1000 shall fall that's one of my favorite stories as well seeing how God delivered this family during the Hitler regime in Germany Nazi regime another the story of Desmond DAs and what God did in his life just beautiful when we see what God has done in the lives of others course we have it in his word and so we this this really isn't enough right we see what he did with the children of Israel and how we brought him through the Red Sea and all these different things but how helpful when we see something that's happened in our day or in recent times we serve the God the still the same right he has not changed so he's asking us to have faith our greatest need today is an increase of faith now you know I don't have to tell you this is not news to you. But we're in a crisis right now. We're in a crisis in our world we're in a crisis of our homes we're in a crisis in our world and we are in a crisis in our church and if ever there was the time that we need to start exercising faith and being in God's word it's now I want to share an encouraging quote that's really inspired me. About the life of a life. It was because allied Joe was a man of large faith that God could use him in the grave crisis that was facing the history of Israel as he prayed his faith reached out and grasped the promises of heaven and he persevered in prayer until his petitions were answered he did not wait for the full evidence that God had heard him but was willing to venture all on the slightest token of divine favor and yet what he was unable to do under God all may do in their spirit of activity in God's service. Faith such as this is needed in the world today faith that will lay hold on the promises of God's Word we lay hold and we will not let go until Heaven hears God's word is trustworthy it's true we're told his word is forever settled in heaven Psalms 1989 were toward their 5511 His Word does not return to Him void now I know these are not new You've heard these things before but I just want you to think about that situation in your own life or your own walk What is that situation right now that you are up against in your own life it might be a work related situation a ministry related situation maybe even an interpersonal relationship situation but something in your life that you're probably struggling with the right now and you're like yeah but. I mean yes he's been faithful in the past and I see how he's done this but my problem my situation is the exception to the rule you know I'm not sure if God's going to come through. I want to encourage you guys today God is going to come through now this doesn't mean he's going to come through the way you think he should he doesn't always come through in the way we think oftentimes he has a different plan but I've seen in my own life it's a better plan. When you're. When you're in the middle and you can be interesting still here. OK we'll just leave that right here just in case I need it you can just put it on mute so it's difficult if you're in the middle of a situation and you can actually see the end of the story you can't see the end of the picture you can't see the end of the crisis but God will come through if we hold on so we're talking about what is our greatest need preparing for a tsunami of blessings in prayer ministry. I've already shared my testimony I shared some of my testimony yesterday and I talked about my experience growing up in the church and staying in the church being faithful in the church but struggling. Didn't really see a lot of life in the church at least where I grew up it was very dry and cold and it was a struggle but I stayed praise the Lord God mentors and parents and faithfully prayed and taught me what it meant to have an authentic walk with God and I gave my life to God it a young age and went into service and ministry and as I shared yesterday about the battle with pride and doing all these good things for God and not like it was this outright arrogant like I'm better than you thing but the subtle pride the subtle spiritual pride that I struggled with and I didn't share this quote yesterday I wanted to share it today and so that's why I'm saving it for now a lot actually this isn't the quote it'll come here in a 2nd but in Revelation 3 we see God describing a people of the last days as the Church of Laodicea describing these people of Revelation 3 this is what Ellen White writes here is represented to people who pride themselves in their possession of spiritual knowledge and advantages but they have not responded to the unmerited blessings that God has put stowed upon them they have been satisfied to sink down in contentment and in gratitude and hollow. Formalism Christ cannot take up the names of those who are satisfied in their own sufficiency he cannot importune in behalf of people who feel no need of his help who claim to know and possess everything. Here here's the quote that I wanted to share yesterday that I didn't share that just really brings this whole pride issue home. Such a huge issue we struggle with pride but we think. Well everyone struggles you know there's worse issues than this OK that's what I think sometimes we think however trifling this or that wrong act may seem in the eyes of men no Santa small in the sight of God man's judgment is partial imperfect but God estimates all things as they really are the drunkard is despised and told that his center will exclude him from heaven while pride selfishness and covetousness too often go and rebuked but these are sins that are especially offensive to God for they are contrary to the benevolence of his character to the unselfish love which is the very atmosphere of the unfallen universe he who falls into some of the grosser sense may feel a sense of his shame and poverty and his need of the grace of Christ but this is the clincher pride feels no need. And so it closes the heart against Christ in the infinite blessings that He came to give our only claim to his mercy is the great need. Our great need and we have a problem especially when we grow up in the culture of the church were rich and increased with goods were rich in spiritual knowledge you know how many Bible verses Have you memorized you know how many do you know so we get into a competition and and you know no but we have our little personal subtle arrogance going on you know like I'm doing this I've memorized the whole book of Matthew isn't that really amazing how many of you have done that I haven't done that by will by the way my brother's done that but I haven't done that but we can have our little subtle it's subtle The thing I'm talking about is this little spiritual pride that eats away the godliness of the soul or rich and increased with knowledge we have to be stripped of our self sufficiency we have to be completely stripped of self and pride and surrender to Christ before he can use us as as as he desires as he longs to you know often we want a painless Pentecost we want to be full free fruitful in our lives without getting to the cross without being broken. To be broken is the beginning of revival It is painful. It is humiliating it is the only way you know yesterday Jim and I shared a little bit of our testimonies and some of the journeys that God has taken us on. And ways that we have been broken and we are still being broken and this is a journey that we're on and you know. I think I was reading this in Oswald Chambers just within the last week or 2 if God has to break our hearts to bring us to the foot of the cross to show us our great need to use us then thank him for breaking your heart let that brokenness push you to the cross to recognize your great need what's what keeps us though from being broken can you tell me what it is it's pride exactly pride is what keeps us from being broken Christ optical lessons has this very encouraging quote. On the topic of pride there is nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self sufficiency of all the sins that is the most hopeless. The most incurable. While the most hopeless the most incurable you know you may look at these things and think you know I really struggle with pride I don't even know where to begin I praise the Lord that it was what is hopeless and seems like the end for us and God is able he is able to heal he is able to pull us through and I praise him for that but I've been talking about these different things. This morning and I'm going to let you talk here in just a moment Jim. You know about our need for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit our need for a deeper revival and reformation our need to remove spiritual breaches and have personal victory in our life we are never going to experience these things until we are broken and we are daintily being broken at the foot of the cross and recognizing our desperate desperate spiritual need now this brings us back to what I started with you know I said in the beginning you know as our greatest need the outpouring of the Holy Spirit it really is we are helpless without the Holy Spirit in our lives and I brought you through the whole process of the fact you know but are we going to receive the Holy Spirit if we don't recognize our need we have to recognize our need but you know way who shows up to our need. The Holy Spirit we would not recognize our need if the Holy Spirit did not show it to us so praise the Lord for this gift that he gives us the draws us to him self to draws us to himself it's been so inspiring for me and so encouraging for me working in prayer ministry and traveling to different places around the world and recognizing seeing with my own eyes how God is bringing people together in brokenness and desperate need now let me just share here just a quick word on brokenness brokenness does not mean that you're a weepy necessarily emotional person always the one that's you know making a big weeping mess when we have our prayer times and different things often times when the Holy Spirit's convicting us tears are going to come and that's good but that's not what true brokenness is brokenness true brokenness is not something that comes as a relating as a response to some tragic event or something like that yes we are broken in those situations and those broken times often do push us to the cross but true brokenness spiritual brokenness the brokenness that I'm talking about today is actually the brokenness that recognizes my true condition in light of who God is and as we recognize we fall on our knees like the like the publican and say The Lord be merciful to me Be merciful to me a center I mean like I don't know how you can use me do you because he sees broken this is not false humility it's like well you know it wasn't really you know we sometimes say things. With intent maybe to deflect glory to God and not take the credit but inside. We're still taking credit you know like people praise you and this is a very difficult thing especially when you're in ministry and especially when you see success in ministry because we want to take it to ourselves and we're like it was really the Lord it was really the Lord. It's good thing he has me on his team you know it's a good thing you know we have these little subtle things and that's what I'm trying to get out with this whole preparation for a tsunami of blessings impairment a story is this the heart where is the heart the motive of the heart do we recognize God's word says our heart hard to see full and desperately wicked do we recognize the deplorable condition of our heart I don't care if you've been a 7th Day Adventist your entire life I don't care if you're a 5 generation 7 day of us or you do this and you do that do you recognize your condition do you recognize your great need and this is not just happened once when we give our life to Christ it's a continual brokenness back to the foot of the cross again and again and again and it's been beautiful like I'm saying seeing what God is doing as he has breaking his people around the world this group right here Jim may share a little bit more on this but this is a group from the Philippine have had the privilege to work with the Philippines Youth for Christ last couple of years and I heard about the amazing things that God was doing. A leading up to their conference they had like 100 days of prayer and when I arrived there in the Philippines for that I could tell the spirit of the Lord was there and I when I went to the prayer meeting. At 5 o'clock in the morning it was 5 o'clock in the morning not 6 and how was amazed because they're like already close to 400 young people there and they're just earnestly if you just hear their prayers you see their hearts will praise the Lord when I 1st went there and experience this what's happening here at U.I.C. I had not seen yet. So I praise the Lord that he's doing the same thing here and not just here but in many other places around the world and throughout Asia and Africa and different places he is bringing his people together to the foot of the cross China and it's just beautiful to see there is no limit to the usefulness of one who putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit and live the life holy consecrated to God God is calling us to continue brokenness we're told and I say at 57 verse 15 there's only 2 places where he dwells 2 places where he dwells one is in the high in holy place. And one is in the broken contrary to heart and that sort of spiritual brokenness and God's just bring something else to my mind as I'm saying this too so I. Don't know that I should have made that blanket statement because he also tells us that he inhabits breathes of his people he dwells in the spirit of praise and worship and admiration so these are heart attitudes and conditions where God meets us but brokenness is heart of it so this is part of it this is the heart preparation that prepares us for a tsunami of blessings brokenness I shared yesterday about going to the General Conference and coming in to pray at 3 o'clock in the morning our prayer team would come in and one of the 1st things we did when we came in in the morning we went to the basement there is this beautiful mural there where you can say the narrow way painted with Jesus there and we would just get on our knees and just consecrate ourselves to God and ask him make sure there's nothing between us of the team or or nothing going on that would inhibit the power of the Holy Spirit because you know we can spend 3 hours or 4 hours walking through this building praying for the church and praying for the leaders but is God is the Holy Spirit going to bless if there's variance between us or if there's something going on I remember one morning there was something that happened between a couple members on the team and there was some hurt feelings over something and you have to understand we were I share the story yesterday in some Sorry I'm not sharing the whole story right now but we were we were taking 21 days to fast and pray on behalf of our church at the World Headquarters and there's a group of us of us living in a house all together and of course you know we're in tight quarters so there's going to be some interaction and some rubbing each other and so there was some interpersonal stuff not huge but just little things between us and so I remember starting one morning and we recognize this and we sat down on the. Or and I think we talked and prayed for probably an hour clearing that before we had peace again and then we went forward it's not about covering ground it's not about checking something off a checklist it's not about any of this that's about the heart it's about the heart preparation behind so the time I'm going to let him share for. A few minutes. Pay me a few minutes of. You have to stop me mail. OK So Melody shared about the prayer session to tap into Philippines and since Melody went there I remember 1st 1st day when the melody arrived it aspired to to the start. Of the event a group of young people gathered together it was like 40 or 50 young people who gathered and melody was already weeping you suggest the conference has not even started yet and I'm already bawling in tears I don't know what to expect for the next for the next few days and after that experience Melody said Jem We need to see this in G A Y U C So we prayed and prayed and by God's grace the door opened up and at the prayer ministry right now in July you see it's full on and I remember one time when I was asked to present. The promo for a for the prayer room and I stood there and I presented there was a Jew I said this was in Houston 2 years ago and you know what before you I see what is the event Christmas so I was with my friends back in another state and you know what when Filipino celebrate Christmas they celebrate Christmas. So I did not even know that. That my mindset was somehow distracted I was disturbed and what I was presenting and this is one good thing about me and my sister we are we are straightforward with one another and we could notice it other's weakness and and somehow we remind each other so after the promotion during that night went back to bed and I'm thinking I'll have a good night's rest or by heart will be prepared my mind will be prepared in the morning so I woke up at around 4 o'clock in the morning for the 6 o'clock preparation and when I know actually I was awakened by God at 3 in the morning and the 1st thing that I saw was Melody's text he says it says here Jim I love you and I'm concerned I'm praying for you I'm not sure what is going on in your heart right now but my friend and I both felt that last night's prayer room invitation from the stage didn't seem to carry the normal convicting Holy Spirit punch and power that usually comes when you get up and speak again I have no idea what's going on but we are praying for you this is a once in a lifetime opportunity with you I see so much prayer emphasis we can blow this opportunity for all this young people praying that God really helps us at that and that the enemy is allowed no foothold that might spoil this important work friends when I saw this text message. I just broke down and I'm thinking Lord please help me not to be the source of the ruin of this event and friends when I felt that accountability when I saw myself being the source of of the destruction of this thing that we have been praying for I broke down and said Lord please cleanse me whatever it is that the enemy put in my head during those those styles during Christmas please cleanse me from all that I broke down and friends this is one amazing thing to be broken. Because when we are broken self gets taken out and the Holy Spirit could fill it in and France that was that was 2 years ago and our prayer room was like only one 3rd of the size of this of this ballroom right now and as our sister Michelle said Jem a few years ago it was like pulling teeth to bring people to the prayer room so we were praying and praying on the Lord filled in the prayer room the 1st day it was like 200 and we are already very happy. And then the next day it was like more than 300 and then on Sabbath it was more than 400 people who came in and I was already mind blowing for us and then the next year when 2017 it was an infinity and I now know that preparation is very very important and sometimes people will tell me jam you are so effective in in leading out people in prayer you have the gift I tell them you just don't know it's not. Actually I could ruin the whole prayer session do you believe this. If my heart is not prepared you know what my dear friends Jem is not the key to an effective prayer session Melody's not the key we could ruin the prayer session if our heart is not right with God so right you know what friends last year when we had pathways to health in preparation for for G Y C and I already signed up for for G Y C and my friend encouraged me sign up for pathways to health I didn't know what I was going into and. Another director asked me to be prayer coordinator for battery so health and I was thinking OK maybe this discord discord we're friends and pathways to help the prayer opens an 8 hours like a whole day and I was supposed to lead out in every morning devotional and I switch my alarm because there there devotional starts at 8 I said OK I'll wake up at 5 the boardwalk me up friends and it is always useful to tell the Lord Lord be my alarm clock and the Lord woke me up at 2 15 in the morning. And when I walk about 2 for 15 you know it's the Lord that wakes you up it's not it's not the noise it's not the bathroom break it's not anything God just walked me up and I could not go back to bed and friends the moment I spend that time with God for heart preparation it was amazing and the next day the Lord gave me a grace one minute grace the Lord walked me to 16. And the next day the Lord walked me guess what time to 17 and when G Y C came I was already exhausted from from pathways to health when G Y Z happen you know what the Lord walked me up what time. No it was 1256. And I could not go back to bed and I'm thinking oh lord what is happening I will not be able to function for the rest of the day if I will not be able to get a few nights sleep but my dear friends you know why the Lord saw that I still have a lot of self to be emptied out it's not that I'm a very very prayerful person that I have to wake up at 12301256 No it's because there is a lot of self that needs to be broken that needs to be squeezed out that needs to be emptied out that's why it takes the Lord a long time for me to be prepared and when that happened my dear friends I remember praying to the Lord Lord what do you want to tell me this morning and when the Lord convicted my heart prepare because I will fill in the prayer room and our prayer was like twice the size it's like half the size of this hole right now I'm not thinking how we're going to feel this Lord and we remembered what I was kneeling down that around around 555 and there were just like 30 people I looked up to the Lord as a fill in ha. But when we began singing friends people just flocked I begin to realize the Lord could not pull out his blessing if the heart is not right if the heart is not prepared this is why that is very very important in every ministry my dear friends in leading out a prayer session friends I'll be reading I'll be reading and and singing before God and I'm not even prepared for the devotion that I'm going to give that morning because once I I read this the Lord is this the right devotion and the Lord will not give me peace the Lord would just wanted me to spend time with him. And every every section every devotions the largest. The right words the right thoughts the right coat God is just so amazing my dear friends and this is one thing that I realize right now that I could not lead out in front of God's people without him if just left to me to melody or to any prayer leader here we would ruin the prayer session made a difference so I just like to tell you it's all God when people tells me that was a very very powerful prayer session praise God Praise God Amen you know that it's not me you know that it's not Melody we could ruin it and I remember I'll just tell this this quick story Mel Mel shared this yesterday that she had a hard time coming up with a book and one time Melody and I were over in A S I S I booth and there's one lady who came to melody and she was crying that you were a member of the maze and she's she's like a rock star and that lady was the lady was crying and melody asked asked melody to sign her book and told melody that oh you do you did just don't know how you changed my life so melody played with her after the lady left melody turned around and cried she wept in front of me and I don't know how to comfort her and said Mel What's wrong said Jem I don't want this glory that's not supposed to be mine this belongs to God she just didn't know that it was not me it's not me who wrote those books. It took me 3 weeks to be emptied of self. I fasted and prayed and when the Holy Spirit took over it was all his words this is not my book I even hate my name in front of this book this is the book that belongs to God my dear friends this is how we should see every ministry every opportunity that God has given us all for the glory of his name well. You know as Jim is talking I'm struggling just sitting here because I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. You know we say we've been battling with self for all battling with self but self is not completely gone I'm struggling with soft right now just standing here just thinking you know you know you come in and you're like how many people are going to come to the seminar do they want to hear what we have to say that's soft Who cares how many people come you know if the people that come get the message if the people God only needs a few people it only took 10 disciples 10 disciples in the upper room that completely fell at his feet in humility and humbled himself and Pentecost came we don't have to have a packed prayer. For the Holy Spirit to fall and I understand what you're saying Jim but at the same time I have to make this into what you said because what the Holy Spirit is going to do he's going to do in spite of us we're not going to mess that up but we can I believe mess up our ability to be used our ability for the Holy Spirit to flow through us so I'm not necessarily responsible for messing up your experience but I can mess up what God wants to do through me the Holy Spirit is going to work God is going to work he's going to accomplish his work whether there are many or few and actually we're told in the Word of God that the true message the true disciples and following this the least it's the smallest So it's not about popularity it's not about numbers it's not about you know how many thousands of people can we get together in our permanent stree we're not judging our success based on the numbers it's beautiful it was beautiful what we saw happen in the Philippines and it did break my heart and it's just been beautiful seeing what God's doing in young people around the world and I come back to the states and I'm like lord where are young people and so dry you know we're in this rich and Laodicean So that's why we hunger and we pray but I know we're not the only ones that have been hungering and praying for that many have been hungering and praying I praise the Lord for the the leadership that he has brought to see a group of young people that are seriously on their knees seeking this and seeking to make this a priority because of that God is blessing I want to share this quote and then I'm going to close with a video. That I was just thinking as to because Jim was talking man can accomplish nothing without God. And God has a range his plans so as to accomplish nothing in the restoration of the human race without the cooperation of the human with the divine let me let me read that again man can accomplish nothing without God and God is arrange his plan so as to accomplish nothing in the restoration of the human race without the cooperation of the human with The Divine but here is the important part the part man is required to stain is a measurably small. How small. You measure ability can we measure it no it's so small we can't even measure it the part that God has given us to play is immeasurably small Who are we it's not up to me it's not up to you It's immeasurably small but this is a beautiful part yet in the plan of God It is just that part that is needed to make the work a success what I find so humbling and breaking. Is the fact that God will use that US despite the fact he sees We still have self in our heart we're still struggling this or that or whatever pride these different things yeah he takes us we give him any takes us any changes and he transforms and he's continually pulling us up higher and higher and it's beautiful like how can he do this he does he take us and he will take you you may not feel worthy praise the lord that's the perfect place to begin because we are not worthy not one of us is worthy to be used of God but he still uses us. Yeah I could share this in the next section I think I will I think I'll come back to that in the next section you know I'll just go ahead and share it here. I really I really like to challenge I would really like to challenge you more here I see tomorrow as the new year we're getting ready to start a new year I would really like to challenge I don't know where we are in our walk with God but I can guarantee Wherever You Are we all need a deeper experience doesn't matter we need a deeper experience I want to challenge you to really take some personal private time starting the new year for prayer and fasting to seek a closer experience with God a closer walk with him a closer walk in His Word. God is really used this to encourage my own walk in so many ways and I have actually put together a 10 day challenge to begin the new year and it's just something you can meditate on and things that you can pray over. But you don't have to use it but it's something if you want to that's available and I actually put up the revival Reformation website so you can see that revival Reformation dot org If you look up under prayer resources on the upper right. You can find a number of resources on prayer we're going to talk more about this in the next session but 5 specific ways to grow your walk with God This new year in that specific resource I have a 10 day Heart challenge that I just want to encourage you have a video that I want to share here before we close the you know we're a very great organization you know we're great at pulling together method in all these different things and you're coming to the seminar saying I want to will how to start a prayer ministry I want to you know how do I begin what we're going to be talking about some more practical specific things in the next 2 sessions dealing with the tools to ministry and then the next session after Let's be talking about how to not have a disaster. Per ministry dealing with different difficulties and how to relate to one per ministry so we're going to give you some practical tools but you know the secret to effective prayer ministry is not about tools it's not about methods it's about the heart preparation and that's what we've been trying to share. Because we're great as a people and organization and work and all these different things but I believe we need to be less about organization and more about agonizing at the foot of the cross. And that's why I want to share this video with you I debated a little bit whether to share this video or not this is a short clip of David Wilkerson sharing David Walker said for those of you that are not familiar with him was the story the cross in the Switchblade was written about him back in the 1980 S. and he was ministering to drug addicts and young people on the streets of New York and just amazing things happened as a result he is not a 7th Day Adventists most of you know that already but just God gave him such an agonizing burden for souls and he has this message he didn't put it together other people put it together after he died but it's called a call to anguish so it's just a few minute clip I'm going to pray I'm going to play for you as we began and I have to get it up here where I actually have my sound. And I looked at the whole religious scenes and. I see this is a ministry chemin and. It's mostly foreigners and there's no impact on the world. And I see more of the world coming into the church and impacting the church or the church impacting the world. Music taking over the house and God I feel intertainment taking over the. System with her team of. It in a sort of. Marriage anymore. Whatever happened. Happened in the ministry. Here it is. You know and here it. Means extreme pain and distress. It becomes pain. And deep. Pain because conditions in you are around you. Wish. And you can a. Religious rhetoric and. We become. The baptism with. You flying to determine 3 cover rule in situation. He would share his illness. Or what. Happening to a church into his then he went to find a praying and he went. That manage literally. Playing into the book of Nehemiah. Rule and. Deal with this telling. Me I was not a brief it was a. This was a. Guy just kind. Of concerned. And I went out and I'm. Not fast. Enough begin to pray night. Why did. Why did I have an answer why didn't God gives them and restoration. Because there was no sign of my anguish. Bring not a word of prayer. Is it mattered to you today it is a matter of you know it all that. The church is now married to the world. Sweeping the land. Is a matter of this in our own hearts. The sign of rulers and slowly draining spiritual power and passion. Lying to lukewarmness. Into the mix this evening and. To do is give the lie down if you think killing so you will play during prayer anymore if you will we've gone to the mall or you can sit much talent in your. Concern. Concern is something. You. Do you take an interest in. Concern and you. Would say something I heard over all my years and years of preaching. And it is not born in a wish and it is not been born by the Holy Spirit. Or when you saw her ruin. You do your knee. Down into bad just in the bank where you begin to pray and seek God. I know now. Oh my God do I know it. And all our projects Oh my ministry several. Of the Sunday school teachers. Not hearing and. He. Begins to play something we should. You see as you said your heart to pray to God is going to come and start sharing your heart this heart with you your heart begins to cry out to God Your name is being an ass being. Trying to destroy the testimony of the Lord's playfulness and something else to be done. To. Getting laid and it's getting serious. Tell me. More the something even if it's older in comparison. What I was. I was. Going I don't have your heart or your burden I've been one of the E.C.. I think there's nothing of the joy I don't care how much money I don't care what kind of new house there is absolutely nothing physical joy it's only what is called piece by the Holy Spirit when he will be empty on his heart. Of your family feel the walls around your own heart. To forgive the. God is what we do. God that's what we desire break up the fresh. Let's pray. To your heavenly father we admit that we are not who you have called us to be. They died for us sinners our righteousness of the. Father we praise you for taking our filthy rags and covering us with the righteous. And breaking our hearts are fresh with our need of you. Father please keep us at the foot of the cross. Keep us from the foot of the Cross thank you. This message was recorded at the. Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And so Christians. Purchase other resources like this visit us online.


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