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4. Practical and Engaging Tools for a Thriving Prayer Ministry

Melody Mason Gem Castor



  • December 31, 2018
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y seem to be used in Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. Web. Let's pray I feel the need to pray he's probably going to pray again that's good we we need all the purrs that we can get here but let's just pray we're going to begin this testimony this seminar is part for practical and engaging tools for thriving prayer ministry so this some are reassured little testimonies and here in the beginning but it's going to be a few more practical things and we're going to actually have some. Of the activity that we're going to do here as well before it's over but let's just pray again for the Holy Spirit Heavenly Father thank you so much again for the opportunity to be here today and. We just ask that you draw our hearts and turn our hearts and eyes toward you and that our eyes will stay on you in the cross and not on self not on circumstances or situations or anything that's happening around us but keep our eyes on you I just want to pray for your Holy Spirit to be here as we speak and as Jim shares and we talk about practical things and Per ministry just bless this meeting we pray for your glory in your precious name human. So again good morning everyone know Oriel not going to to pray right now. So since the seminars title is practical what tools I just want to start on a note that yes we have to remember practical tools but we have to remember as well that this is a spiritual battle. So I'd like to share a testimony before I hand it to the melody it was the beginning of actually my year in a prayer ministry and we were asked to do and all counsel prayer session is like what we do at the G C But this this this prayer session was was in our division and we had a very wonderful like 5 days of bring together with our leaders and we had a surprise invitation to go to the university to Adventist University of the Philippines where they had a conference prayer and that was the 1st prayer account that we have ever attended and since they heard that that Melissa was there they proposed to the prayer camp why not we'll have an all night prayer session and I'm thinking oh lord how am I going to deal with this all night prayer and remember my testimony yesterday my prayer life is just like 5 minutes per day and now I got involved with the prayer ministry and friends the prayer ministry when we started in that division praying for the brain for the leaders I could not imagine that I could stay in the room for the next $4.00 to $5.00 hours straight and I was enjoying it and now without any rest we moved to this to the university to do the all night prayer and friends the Lord sustain me I was awake for the next 24 hours God is good a man and I'm not usually the guy you could you could stay awake and then be useful the next day. If I stay awake until 2 AM the next day I'm a doormat. Seriously as just like stare blankly but I was I was awake the moment I saw my watch oh I'm 24 hours 25 hours awake the moment I saw how many hours I felt sleepy. A moment I fell asleep I got the call that hey we'll have a prayer session in the church so we had a united prayer session together with our church members and the conference members and after that prayer session we went back to the prayer room and although I thought that I could rest but there were 13 individuals who were the waiting to have another prayer session that's how hungry those people are when they got affected by by the Holy Spirit so while we were praying there were kneeling down I was leading out in that prayer session and we always had some partners with us if you're a boy you should have a girl or lady with you to somehow cater to the needs of those people who are attending and why we were praying there was this lady who who prayed she prayed once she prayed twice and she broke down and is not just breaking down like she was just like weeping. She was just like and and since it's a girl I asked my friend hey go to her. And and she put her arm around this lady and the lady just kept on crying through out the prayer session and after the prayer session she came she came to me and said Brother John I'm so sorry I was not even able to finish my my 3rd or 2nd prayer I just broke down and I could not stop it but I want to tell you why I cried why I broke down so why we were kneeling down it's like the Lord opened my eyes and by the way friend she's not an Adventist. And like the Lord opened my eyes and I saw evil angels trying to come and destroy the the prayer session that we had. And that's why I was crying it was I saw a spiritual battle happening and it there was swift there scary but then I saw angels of the Lord standing on each and every person who is praying around the circle. And I broke down even more friends each and every person in that prayer circle has an angel standing on guard wearing the armory of heaven and the angels that the enemy ascend could not even come near my dear friends this is one thing that I would like to tell you when you are in this ministry you are with the Army of God So do not ever forget you are not alone in this battle I know we have some more stories to tell so I will give the time to my sister melody to share what happened during the cheesy session. I just want to share testimony I can't remember if I share this last time but from the 100 days of prayer leading up to G.C. session we had a 100 days of prayer praying for the church and praying for the Holy Spirit to be poured out more but at G.C. session this woman came to me from from Kenya and she was so excited they had been having. Prayer times with their church they'd been part of the 10 days of prayer with the church each year and God had been blessing but they decided as a church to take on the 100 days of prayer and as they were doing that their group continued to grow they 1st had 50 and then 100 and then 200 up with about 400 people praying. Together and it was really beautiful from from what she said was happening and evidently all these people were coming together and the they were inviting their friends so there were administrators members and members from other denominations as well and it was just beautiful and some of these visiting members from other churches began asking you know what is what is 7th Day Adventist all about you know we see the Holy Spirit working here and we see that your people of the book we want to understand more and so they were sharing with them and then these these people from the other denominations began bringing their pastors and their pastors who were attending and so they ended up with I don't remember how many pastors from from different churches that were attending this 100 days of prayer this group like 400 of them and it was just beautiful seeing how God was leading and working at the end of the 100 Days Well no actually wasn't the end it was still and during the time that it was happening. A group of 30 of the pastors got together and said Could you study with us and share with us truly what 7th Day Adventist believe and what they stand for and so they did they had 3 days and they just got into the Word of God and they showed him the truth from scripture This is what we believe and why and why we stand upon God's word in the Bible and as a result of that 16 of those pastors made the decision to become 7th Day Adventist to become baptized haven't they ominous and that story has been evolving it's been a very interesting journey I think there's a all over 50 now close to 60 that have made the transition and some of them have even brought their entire congregations with them now we're not just you know trying to kidnap congregations what we're trying to do is get people into the Word of God Ray and his people are discovering what a 7th Day Adventist stand for the beliefs that you stand for the Sabbath and and these different doctrines really are rooted in the Bible then that is the joy but we can't do this we can't be the witnesses that God's called us in our own strength right we don't have this and this came as a result of groups of people that were praying and that's why I love that testimony we're just going to run through I need your phone or something again so I have a clock. My phone is live streaming right right right now. So so I'm a little little you know losing track of time we're going to run through some just really briefly some practical steps to starting per ministry but as I said in the last session we shared already what the most important part is right and that's hard preparation OK but what just go through some practical things and Jim please jump in or when you're ready to add. The number one thing that we you know we have is pray and get your own life on track Did we already kind of talk about that. We can't give what we don't have that's the point you say I want to have a prayer ministry and effective and I want to see change in my church change starts with us change starts with you and so that's why we keep emphasizing I was reading this quote this morning in great controversy and I've seen it before and but I thought all of this is perfect I got to throw this in here to the seminar today from the secret place of prayer came the power that shook the world in the great reformation where did the power come from that secret place of prayer there with holy calmness the servants of the Lord set their feet upon the rock of his promises during the struggle it Augsburg Luther did not pass the day we're talking about Martin Luther right Martin Luther the leader of the Protestant Reformation. Luther did not pass a day without devoting 3 hours at least to prayer and these were hours selected from the most favorable of his study in the privacy of his chamber he was known to pour out his soul before God in words full of adoration fear and hope as one speaks with a friend. So what is happening in the privacy of your prayer room chamber your room your prayer clause or ever it is what is happening in the secret place that's where it must begin in the secret place Number 2 pray for God to open doors you know Gemini's we've shared some of our testimony and stuff neither one of us in vision prayer ministry for our lives this is not what we had in mind this was a gradual growing leading process of God I would have never imagined and I would quake in my shoes if I had thought you know in the same for him this is not something we just said oh oh. We want to do prayer ministry Come on guys we're going to do whatever no you know this is something God grew and he opened doors and as he's you know as he's working in our own lives of course as a starting us of course if he's doing something in you you want to share it right that's the natural responses as. You're growing in your love relationship with God You can't help but share that there's a heart burning with then but we want to be careful about bulldozing our way in to our church or youth group or wherever you are because we know the secret we've been to G Y C and this has to happen here you know we need to wake up as a church and did it and I'm not saying any of you would go and do that. But I'm saying we can't go bulldozing Arianne with that you know like we have the answers thing we need to be on our knees praying Lord you're laying this on my heart we need more prayer in our church we need more Perner youth group or whatever the situation open doors and I have here don't push for a visible stage look for how you can serve behind the scenes and you know Prime Minister he really is a behind the scenes ministry it's not the most popular thing because you know who's really who really you know. Gets the spotlight per say who really gets the affirmation and the padding on the shoulder or whatever it's not the prayer team you know it's the praise team or the speakers or whoever else doing different things and those of course should never be our object for ministry in the 1st place should never be our object for MINISTER I think Christ object lesson says the purpose of all ministry is to keep self out of sight and let Christ appear but the problem is the self is so much in control of our lives that we don't want to stage and we want. You know how to shine and people to recognize how wonderful we are and you know we've been waiting for this opportunity to spring forth under the stage of life and that's selfs natural thing but her ministry cannot be permanent strick cannot grow out of that at all and so God is calling us to faithfulness behind the scenes. But as we've already shared and we've talked some about this well it may be the behind the scenes ministry what most people don't realize. It's the most influential ministry it's the biggest key. To what we're going to see happen in our church is the permanence tree so nobody's going to patch you on the back and say you know that it out but it is the most influential Here's a quote We rushed past earlier prayers heavens are a day means of success appeals petitions and treaties between man and man move man an active part in controlling the affairs of nations but prayer moves heaven and we saw that in the story of Martin Luther from the secret place of the of prayer came own movement that shook the world in a still shaking it today 500 over 500 years later OK Step number 3 pray how to align yourself with the Holy Spirit's plans do you want to talk about this. Jim I'll just keep going OK pray how to align yourself with the Holy Spirit what are your prayer goals but it's not just what are your prayer goals what is the Holy Spirit asking what is God asking desire they just says we cannot use the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is to use us. We don't grasp a hold of the Holy Spirit for power the Holy Spirit has to flow through us broken vessels. The Ministry the Ministry the Lord has for us is waiting but oftentimes we are not ready here is a here is a quote that the gym share there is a necessity for the Lord Himself to communicate his own ideas to the soul what a thought that instead of our poor earthly contracted ideas implants the Lord will communicate to us his own ideas his own thoughts noble and broad far reaching all ways lead heavenward and here's another one that goes with this your temptations your ideas your feelings must all be laid at the foot of the cross then the soul is ready to listen to the words of divine instruction so as you're preparing and you feel God Calling you to permanent strain we need more per ministry leaders just praying that God will raise up an army of of those with this calling for the under the stage ministry but a big part is praying. What is the Holy Spirit's goal what is God's mission I have one. Short thought that I like to do that it says here we are never to prescribe our own case isn't it beautiful we are never to prescribe our own case Grice must have an entire control of our will and our action or he will not undertake in our behalf very very important thought. OK Step Number 4. Ask God to lead you to prayer partners with the same burden OK so it's not about. Having a full church of people praying together with you. It's about having a consecrated group that is unified and that is on the same page this is not about us this is not for our glory this is we want to see God's work go forward we want to see God work in our church we want to see him bring backslidden members back. It's about having a group that are on the same page and we'll talk a little bit more about this later OK Number 5 now we get into communicating and we've got layered we've outlined these in steps and I'm not sure exactly that you're going to follow them in this exact order but these are steps in the process OK you need to communicate with those in leadership in your church you know if you're wanting to start something in your church the respect full thing to do is to communicate humbly about your goal and your desire now as young people you have an ability to speak and often get in that some of us older people don't. Because pastors and leaders alike you want to do something for the Lord on a big wonderful you want to start more power to you you know oftentimes they're more encouraging not always will address some of those issues when you're pastors and leaders are not supportive unfortunately. But anyway the point is communicate with them about the fact you know you want to start a prayer group you want to do something. And not just your pastor but start with the pastor or whoever is in leadership and then get the church members involved and. You know I think personal invitation is the best I would do this after you already have you know maybe if maybe 2 or 3 core people that you know you're on the same page with what you want to see God do then you start bringing other people in and share with them you know we're starting this prayer group and we already you know see God working and and we'd like you to be part of it you know would you be interested personal invitation I think is oftentimes better than a grand invitation from the from you all we're having a prayer time anybody that wants to come you know unfortunately people aren't really responsive to that doesn't mean you can see. Will share that it can still be done but personal invitation and pray that God's burden become the church is a burden and I'm all really encouraged you know we're praying that the Holy Spirit will give us our prayer burdens and show us what we should actually be praying but one thing that's very good is that what we're praying is supporting what's happening in the church OK So there's a Vangelis stick series going on or this is the outreach going on or something else you need to make that a part and I think the Holy Spirit will lead you to do that because as we've already talked about yesterday could we see all the activity of human instrumentality as it appears before God we would see that only the work accomplished by much prayer which is sanctified by the merit of Christ will stand the test of the judgment so all these different things that are going on in our churches you know you see there's not a lot of fruit sometimes we can have an evangelistic series and 3 people come if that most of the attendees are church members I'm sure you've been in churches where that's happened. That is not going to change until the Holy Spirit is at work. And the Holy Spirit is not going to come until there are people seeking and humble in their hearts on their knees and so the most vital thing that you could actually contribute to your church would be bringing that consecrated per ministry to support these projects and it takes a while unfortunately sometimes here we are in the church takes a while to get people on board to recognize that this is the most important ministry is what happens behind the scenes it's not the preaching you know the. Week of preaching or the weekend or the or the month of preaching it's the consecration the prayers and the preparation that happened before and that is when God starts working and divine appointments start happening and and people start coming in I also encourage to get a list of in active members and start praying for those that are not coming to church I think of. A church that has done that. Thinking of several examples in my mind and you might have something to share along that line to. Where they've started praying over the list of the inactive members and within weeks they started seeing those different people come back into the church The only thing that changed is that they were praying for them by name Lord please work in their hearts bring them back help them to see their need and that makes a difference we could share a lot of testimonies about that. There's a mighty power in prayer our great adversaries constantly seeking to keep the troubled soul away from God an appeal to heaven by the humblest saint is more to be dreaded by Satan than the decrees of cabinets of the mandates of kings. And this is what. We keep trying you know we're trying to help people see you know there's a lot of issues a. Lot of struggles that are going on in the world right now politically socially all over the place and in the churches while but you know what the most effective thing that we have God has given us it's not for you or me or somebody else to become you know a president or church leader administrator so we can do things better and we can do this or do this or whatever you know if we could be the president of the country we'd fix these problems right now you know even help us you know that's not the key the greatest key to seeing difference and answers and solutions is the power of prayer Alternately we as Christians they have a stove that we're living in a great controversy so we know that things are going to get worse before they're going to get better but that doesn't that doesn't mean that we sit around and calm quiet and you know I'm concerned complacency while it's supposed to get worse before it gets better so didn't know do you know people are getting lost people are being lost and dying without the hope of salvation Well things are getting worse we have a goal now to rescue to pull out of the fire and to save all their door of probation is still open and our prayers and our labors are part of that and we don't want to see anyone. That God can save be lost so Prayer is the key I think I was thinking about. I'm not sure here Jim if I have if we put your testimony later on but I could share a number of stories how we've seen God working in division leadership you know they're struggling because there's a lot of pride in competition over who's in office and there was this one particular division. I will leave unnamed around the world that sometimes it took him 2 or 3 days to get through this voting process for new elected leadership just because there's so much inter inter fighting and stuff going on and I hate to say this but you know we have struggles. Anyway between different people. But this one year they were really really convicted that they needed to spend more time on their knees and so they did the division leaders led this this time of prayer and seeking God in a deeper way and that year I think if I remember correctly the decisions and the things that usually took like 3 days took like maybe 2 hours it just boom it went smooth everybody was on board they went and there was just like wow. What a difference yes what a difference prayer and humility of heart will make I think of an evangelistic series that was actually occurring in the Philippines and. They were. I think they were they had maybe just started and Melissa was part of this is as well and they had they had people coming but it wasn't that many at that time the series it started but they asked Melissa or prayer leader to go and have prayer with the leadership and the conference leadership and all was included in that and so. She did they only gave her like 15 minutes to have a spare time and this is so frustrating you know people call you like we want you to to leave us in time of prayer so we can really and then they give you 10 minutes you know like hello you know this is this is you need time anyway well 15 minutes actually turned into 45 minutes and God broke the hearts of those leaders even the president of the conference who was weeping and he says we have never prayed like this we need to humble our hearts we have not been doing this Lord forgive us so they were there praying together and weeping and just making things right between each other and that night the attendance at that meeting like doubled or something like that and then within the coming days they had more non members coming to the evangelistic series than they had members and they had to have you know the some of the apis members outside sitting on so that the visitors could come in and they just saw God bless but that didn't start until they got on their knees Well actually it was 600 room capacity it was a theater but there were 1000 people who were there 400 were standing up. And it was just overflowing and I remember when when we had that evangelistic series we had a very small prayer you know in the Philippines floor it's. Cement. And we had our prayer was actually in the closet of the workers in that mall because it was done in a mall and we had we didn't have. What's this. That it's a native mat and it was this big I think you know this mall not big and there were like 12. You know ceiling down. And we were kneeling and praying this by the way friends these are all young people 13 of us and on the 1st night they handed us they handed as the piece of paper Hey pray that people will not leave because 400 people are standing inside and we keep on interceding and interceding in there is eating and by the way friends this is not just a one week evangelistic series this is a 30 day evangelistic series and the people are attending are not just ordinary people medical students medical students are one of the busiest students they don't have time to spare for evangelistic series but they attended attorneys businessman there's even one guy who's the brought who's 2 brothers are priests he attended and when when the appeal was made $300.00 plus souls came forward for but this isn't. But you know what the sad thing the next year they didn't think that the prayer team is not is needed. So they went on we do prayer by to us anyways when we came in to the today venue to succeed we saw that there are empty seats and no standing room speaker it is different I mean the appeal was made there were almost $100.00 people OK And then I begin to realize we could have done more if we took it seriously so that is what I can. Thank you for that did part of the story. Oh OK. If Church leadership is not cooperated we're on the point communicate with your leadership get them on board. Do we want to deal with that more in the next session or do you want to I could share something Mel. This is one thing that I would like to tell you. Being in a prayer ministry it's not a popular ministry you'll face a lot of oppositions and I remember when when when Melissa and I went to the Philippines and we were asked to lead out and all councils in conferences we were invited by some officers but some of the leaders are not comfortable with with us and I was asked to lead out a group of people every day of that. Of that council. But they assigned leaders as well to lead out so before I could speak the leaders already spoke up so that the intention of that of that of the prayer session was somehow I should not be leading out so I did not lead out humbly I just sat down and Melissa was not there because she was attending to another conference in another country and I was just praying and as Melody said pray for the cause as well as the church and I begin praying for those people who are with me and you see the next few hours hearts begin to melt hearts begin to open up they told me hey can you come back tomorrow. And tell them Sorry I have another prayer session in another place so the only way to deal with this is on your knees the solution is not practical is spiritual we have to be in our knees when things are not walking are not working out let us continue to humble ourselves before God yes. And I want to encourage you don't get discouraged OK if people are not supportive if your church is not supportive your leadership is not supportive you're trying to start some per initiatives or ministry and they're not you know have courage you know we're told in God's Word of God before us who can be against us and he sees he knows we don't have to defend ourselves we don't have to fight our battles he says he'll fight them but I want to encourage you to have faith and to talk faith if you are truly seeking the glory of God If you are truly seeking the glory of God and not the glory of self God is going to open the doors he's going to soften hearts he's going to work we're told never to give thought to place to a thought or discouragement in the work of God prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish truly God will move the obstacles I love this quote from desire of ages the obstacles that are piled by Satan across your path though apparently is insurmountable as the eternal hills so disappear before the demand of faith nothing should be impossible so continue to pray in faith but don't force the door pray in faith and go about what you need to do. And you know we might talk about this later also had mentioned it now but you know if if your church leadership is not supportive with you doing something in the church you might have to do it in your home you might have to do it in someone else's home I don't know but don't force yourself we can never lead through force even if you're in the right you can be right but not righteous as they say you know we don't force God has to open the doors and he will in his time. Yeah exhort the brother in to pray we must seek if we would find we must ask if we would receive we must knock if we would have the door open to us if there are only a few assembled there are enough to claim the promises and that's why I say the promise in God's word says if 2 or more are gathered 2 or 3 that's enough he says I'm here we can pray in agreement of 2 or more are gathered and so again it's not the numbers it's the consecration of those that are there and that's what we are seeking for and he will be present OK so you've communicated with your leadership you have a core group you need to decide practically where are we going to pray and when are we going to pray and set a schedule that you can maintain sometimes we get so. Eagerly energetic that we kill ourselves before we've even started and I'm not saying we shouldn't go all out for God you know we need to live dangerously we need to live on the edge I agree with that message but you say we're going to get up every morning at 4 o'clock in the morning and we're going to have a prayer you know whatever time together maybe it's a conference call or you know go outside our church you know like I told you we did this at Burton hall for a little while you have to to if you're going to set something make sure that God is leading you and not just your own organ to do this that's back to the Holy Spirit leading those goals you know maybe you're going to do that for 10 days. Maybe you're going to do something different if it's going to be long term if it's going to be long term it needs to be something that you can maintain and be consistent and also set those prayer goals the number 7 is pride. Why are we starting a prayer ministry is this a social occasion is this a another time to come together with our friends and to talk about our problems and our issues and things no you know the devil loves us when we get together and we talk about our problems and our prayer request as long as we don't pray and that's why we actually encouraged and Ellen White talks about this I don't remember if I put the quote here or not I didn't but talks about the fact we need to do less talking and more praying. So when we come together in our prayer groups we actually discourage people from sharing your prayer request what's your per request OK What's yours no we don't even go there. You pray the prayer request when we pray and we will agree OK and that doesn't mean we don't take time to pray for one another we're going to talk about this we do we need to take time to pray for one another's burdens to strengthen to see us become strong and fortified so there is that specific time where you do pray for those burdens but if we waste our time talking instead of praying we've lost the blessing that God has. Prayed the word keep a record of answered prayers I'm going to talk more about this in another session number 8 I think this is the last point we have any Step Number 8 be willing to sacrifice and be inconvenienced and you have a testimony to share here yes I remember 3 years ago after we had this used conference that was bathed in prayer there was this guy is from the south side of the Philippines and you know there's a background is outside of the Philippines this is a war stricken country and you know when there's an oppression the faith of people gross but when there's peace they left the church so that's guy who once had a full member church and now Church members of fallen away so after he came back from from this year's conference he has this burden I need to pray for those back so he didn't members and most of those back so he did members who were his family especially as immediate family so he said what 2 or 3 are gathered so I'll get my best friend so he got his best friend to pray with him and he said you know what he said we're 2 or 3. Let's add one more. So they asked another friend but this friend has as a wife so God bless them with not just 3 but 4 so they prayed 3 times a day if you get this how many times 3 times a day friends it's a good thing that they work in the same place so. As now said it should be calculated it should be physical so they work in the same place and they work in this field and they will go out he brought me actually because I I did a weekend revival in their church he brought me to the field where they praying they will hold hands the 3 of them and they lift up their voices to God Lord please and they mention the names of their family members who have fallen away and friends and you know what happened the 3 times a day was not enough for them so we want to have a perfect number so they made it 7 times a day. In just a matter of 2 weeks 30 plus backslidden members came back to the church. They did not do an evangelistic series they did not do house to house visitation they prayed and prayed and each and every person who came back to the church they asked Oh praise God you are here oh tell me your story that it didn't say why are you back. Tell me your story is that I was just convicted one day that I have to get out of that life and come back to the Lord and same story one after another my dear friends if you want to see the Lord work we have to be ready to be inconvenienced we have to be ready to sacrifice. Different Perman astri opportunities. Just. So. You know we have a there is these things are actually written in a book there is on the revival Reformation website. I'm thinking if I was going to show you that at the end I might try to show you that at the end we actually have a number of prayer ministry resources and there's several different manuals how to start per ministries and these are some of the things that we actually told from the organ conference prayer ministries manual but these are just ideas different ministry opportunities ideas course you can have your small intercessory group you have a larger prayer church group whole days of prayer and fasting I don't know if you're aware once a quarter there's a World Church Initiative to pray and fast but you don't have to wait for that to do it you can do it on your own you know we're designate a certain Sabbath make sure your church is on board and if they're not maybe this is just something that you and your group are going to do to fast and pray specifically for certain things 10 days of prayer all will talk about that here in a moment circle of blessings we're going to talk more about that weekends retreats weeks of prayer prayer walks door to door praying this is something that's really beautiful and we have some beautiful testimonies from this walking through communities and actually stopping and knocking on doors and just letting people know you know I walk through here regularly and I'm praying for you and I just wondered is there anything specific that I can pray about for you while the opening of doors that we have seen as people have done this and reached out more 24 hour prayer chain focused prayer conference calls all night prayer. We have actually have some things that we've put together people vast How would you lead an all night prayer and so we might we might address that more specifically 10 days of prayer I talked to you about preparing your hearts to go into the new year what I talked about in the last session the the heart challenge is actually not part of the 10 days of prayer it's actually something that I. Put together specifically just to prepare our hearts and I do it specifically for myself but then I decided this is something that needs to be shared so more people can be part of it if they want to so I adapted it and added it and made it a little bit more so that people can be part of that so that is on our website to prepare yourself going into the new year for a deeper walk with God but the 10 days of prayer each year happens in January this this year is January 9th or 19 and what a better way to start the new year then 10 days of prayer and maybe your church maybe you can get your church on board but maybe you have some friends that have come together to G Y C to say you know even if our church isn't praying together we're going to pray together but maybe you can go back and you can talk to your pastor and say you know we would really like to do 10 days of prayer would you mind if the youth let out in 10 days of prayer and there's all the materials there you don't necessarily have to come up with everything on your own we have materials on the website 10 days a paradox org So the resources are there. We're not going to give you time appears to talk. But. This young man here in this room is just been so exciting seeing what God is doing in his life and I know he doesn't mind my sharing a little bit of his testimony but he's come through some real hardship some real struggles when I 1st met him a number of years ago I think he was probably pretty depressed would you say I'm pretty depressed didn't I didn't really want to go on living and he came to one of the conferences where we had a prayer room and he just prayed he spent like 32 hours I think it was in the prayer room and God took him home to a different main and it's been so exciting to see he went back to his church and started doing a permanent street with this church and then God compelled him to start using the skills that he has to to. With pain your muscular therapy to to help channel funds to Panama to his home country and starting a. Program there and he's here in the States right now and this is something new that's just happened and I'm not going to let you share right now because we don't have enough time but he's been talking to Jim and I share and he's been part of our prayer team he's come with us to the G.C. to pray and so we're really thankful for for Andy and what God's doing in his life but he's working with a number of professional people and his business is prayer and he tells them that. My business is prayer and he told me I felt a little weird when I started telling people this but he's seeing God break hearts and the connections that God has given him he's already seen people baptized and brought to Christ through this permanent story and there's a lot of stories he's he's calling I hear from him you know every week or couple weeks but I do You won't believe what God did now all he's living by faith God's providing for him pay. His way paying his. Providing in the ministry is just and I'm now in monitoring the testimony of justice but here's an example and if you want more inspiration go talk to any in New York to raise your hand wave your hand feel free to talk to him afterwards he has lots of testimonies that he can share but he's literally prayer has changed his life God has changed his life and we get to witness that and we praise the Lord for that. As we bring this session to a close. We're we have here for you and some of you probably already have this book I don't know if I want to necessarily distract everybody by by handing it out yet but we'll give it to you at the end but it's praying for rain a handbook for United prayer and you know the prayer time that Jim has been leading each morning you might want to say I want to lead United prayer how do I do this with my church this is actually all very carefully written out in this handbook United prayer book for United prayer so we're not necessarily we're not going to repeat all the stuff you can read it it's here you've already been seeing how Jim has been modeling it but as he already shared 1st things 1st we have to get right with God before we get up and lead a group and just asking God to prepare our hearts as we get forward because what we do we set the tone you know you don't just come in and say OK guys we're going to start praying OK everybody praise the lord it's time to praise the Lord give you know we need to come in with a heart preparation and a devotion and I thought that God has given us in our own private prayer closet that we then bring and share I remember one time I was so excited to eat out because I've seen the effect on people when they got together and pray at the back of my I've done as more than a 100 times. So we lead out and I was expecting that people will do will be blessed the same as the same way my dear friends it was the ugliest prayer session. And this is one thing that I begin to realize I could really ruin it. And this is why it is very important that it is not us that will lead out it's God is the Holy Spirit that will be speaking the prayers and I begin to begin to feel the heaviness like I was praying my own prayers I was trying to save the prayer session I was trying to remember what are the beautiful prayers that I prayed before. Friends it was so heavy but when the Holy Spirit leads out my dear friends it's a lot of difference yes and I can testify to that because I've done the same thing you know you do this you've seen how God's work you've seen how he's blessed and you get confident because you've seen how God's blessed and how he breaks hearts as we come together and pray in the beauty you know and we just get weary sometimes too busy doing that we are staying connected as we should and I I know what this feels like because I struggle with this too that I've had the same issue come and lead a person and I know you know God's going to do something but I did not take the preparation as I should and it was flat it was flat you can tell when it's quiet you know like the Holy Spirit is not there so that's what we're really talking about the most important thing but praying for rain has many more details we want to take just a few moments to talk about circle of blessings because this is something that has been a huge huge. HUGE blessing and what I'm I'm I really want to do is maybe have. 56 volunteers come up here and we'll tell you what to do so you don't have to but just several different people I need somebody to sit in the chair and the rest of us. To circle around you know you want to sit in a chair that's just more your landing OK. Actually let's have another 5 people come up here. So we have a few more people up here now what we're going to do and I'm kind of modeling something here and this is just a little little demonstration. But we've led into this we've been preparing people for this time of prayer already as a church so you don't just do this out of the blue you have to prepare people's hearts for this but we take times where we want to pray specifically for different burdens that people have we talk about breaches in our life and we need to become strong as a church so that we can reach out to others but we're not strong because we have a lot of brokenness in our own circle and so we'll have the times of United prayer like Jim has been doing but then sometimes in an evening or an all night prayer or sometimes in a afternoon we'll take time for I call it circle of blessings There's nothing magical There's nothing mystical about that circle it's just a thorough we come together and there's blessings when we come together in unity seeking the Lord so that's why I call it circle of us things I've heard people take that and twist it like what are you doing with circles. Now don't even go there you know. We're actually told him that we should unite we should have a circle a chain of prayer around the world OK So that's the point anyway so I call people for it and I say we're just going to and it's usually hard to get somebody in the seat 1st we put you in the seat so but we're going to pray for specific burdens and nobody wants to be the 1st one to go because we don't want to you know admit what need is but how many of you have burdens in this room. Right now. OK So all of you need to be here in this chair because we need to pray you know so we all have burdens that we all of me but nobody wants to be the 1st to admit and I have to admit it's intimidating we do this with a conference that Jim and I have been part of for a number of years Army Bible camp where we have a specific times of prayer and all my person is just beautiful we went through not conferences 9 conferences before I was willing to sit in the chair and say you know what I need prayer I'm the leader here about behind the scenes that I don't need prayer while I do but I'm not going to admit it to everyone everyone else has more needs than I do you know they're not necessarily more needs but they're I mean I'm serving them it's their needs that need to be brought not mine right and so but the issue is sometimes God needs to break us as the leaders and humble us because that's an example to others we're going to talk more about this in another session so it took me 9 conferences that's what I was saying it took me 9 conferences before I was willing to sit in the chair and say you know what guys I really need you pray for me and I'm really struggling and I shared and hadn't had to do with pride issues and stuff like that and it was so beautiful what God did is a result of that when we humble ourselves that actually the Holy Spirit is able to use that to bring other people to the cross and it's beautiful so we have somebody come in into the circle and I'm just going to ask briefly. Juanita. Yes So can you share with us something you can make it up or it can be real. So that puts you on the spot here you did know what we were doing something that we can pray for for you and this is. Just something short specific we don't want your life story or testimony right now but just a personal burden that we can lift up and we're going to talk by the way. Later in the sessions about appropriate vulnerable appropriate vulnerability and inappropriate vulnerability that's going to be addressed in a later session but just share something that she wouldn't mind your church family praying for you about. You know it's OK It's OK. You. Got. Here by the way people need to volunteer to come in the chair usually don't make them sit in the chair. I did. I was a bride. She shared a specific need. Pride and I think that's probably coming from the bottom of her heart not just for us here OK. How many of you can relate to that. OK so we can so this is this is the time to circle around our sister and say we're going to pray for her in this specific area. But we're also in agreement that God would do the same in our own lives OK so after we have done this. We have everybody come close so just come close and I just encourage you to lay your hand on her shoulder or on the person next to you whatever the point everyone's not necessarily going to to reach her but we just come together and we press together and then I ask one or 2 people to pray again this is very spur of the moment would any of you be willing to pray for our sister OK he's going to pray and she's going to pray and then. We'll have jam close. The prayer time so 3 of us will pray he's going to start and then you and I'm going to give you the microphone here but this you know we're demonstrating how to do a circle blessings but we're not this is not a mock prayer we're printing right now OK And just a short brief prayer on behalf of our sister. We pray shorten right to the point but so Davis will have you pray 1st Father in heaven we just would like to thank you for the opportunity to come into your presence Lord father. I just want to myself. First. Then lift up when needed. I just ask you Lord that. You may help her overcome this bright issue. And help us all to overcome this bright issue. For that thank you for my prayers. And then my brain tumor. Oh Jesus we just praise you and thank you that you are creator are we demand that you form Juanita in her mother's whom and that all her days were written in your book before she was born and that you have a future you have a hope and you love her Lord we ask forgiveness for our sins ASA blood of Jesus to cover us we ask for an annoying ting of your Holy Spirit to rest upon her right now Father and we ask that you have heard her request that you will heal her of pride and father we ask the same for ourselves we all are selfish and prideful and we need you to speak to you we need healing from this disease called Sun. When I just uplift when needed to you I thank you Jesus that you are in to seating in the heavenly sanctuary for her right now and I praise you in Jesus name. Their father agree with my brother my sister spare the Lord we pray for and we pray for each one of us that you please join us there father at the foot of the cross where pride could not exist a lot I ask that you please bore your spirit up on us Help us Lord to see how much we need you at the only thing that we could be proud about is that we have a wonderful God a loving God will have in the Father so Lord please pour your spirit of a need that upon us be asked is a name Jesus a man. Don't go anywhere. THANK YOU morning or for being willing to sit in the chair even though we kind of put you there so you can get up and we're going to have you sit down we're going to do one more. So again I'm going to ask you tell us your name briefly and then just. Now Mary and then share just in a sentence something we can pray for. My name is elementary held singer and a prayer for my children especially have one son that's not walking with God His name. Is Michael OK So this is a prayer that also impacts a lot of us maybe you don't have a child maybe you have a sibling and I understand the sore loved one. Yes Actually let's let's do that at this point because this would be a perfect time to do that. Yeah so what we're going to do and this is we're going to actually pray for this but we're still in demonstrating how you can do this is a church we're actually going to have you guys as much as possible all come forward and we're going to have a united prayer specifically on the behalf of our and save children or loved ones OK and who you hear has the same burden at least raise your I would like to ask you to be in the inner circle so those that have it's probably all of us but. Go ahead and press up around there's room up here behind us around. The stage and see if we can just press together. So you've heard the burden that she's prayed for what she's asking for prayer but what we want to do you know you've been part of the you know morning United prayer time in the mornings where we prayer where we pray short prayers right to the point when we're praying 2 or 3 in the circle you know it's still short but it's a few more sentences that's OK But when there's a lot of us we can't be praying the long prayers we wear out we can't stand here that long whatever we need to we need to to get to be short and right to the point and all in white actually makes this very clear as well. Especially when we're in a group praying so what we want to pray is those United prayers I'm not going to go into the confession and the Thanksgiving and all of that we are assuming we've already done that we did that this morning probably you know already in our own private per time and in the prayer time together as a group but now we're just praying United prayers on behalf of those loved ones in our family let's start with praying for what she asked for but then we'll pray for the broader So one sentence nothing more short and Col like popcorn around the room and I will close the prayer time. But just speak out a prayer as God brings that to mind OK so Heavenly Father would. Going to bow our heads right now as we pray for the burden that our sister has brought to the throne on behalf of her side in this not walking with you and father there are many here that have similar per request or burdens for loved ones and so we want to agree with this request because you tell us of 2 or more gather together in your name is touching anything that we ask that it shall be dime and so we are pressing together in agreement of father claiming your righteousness claiming your blood that covers us we come here. Not as a mock demonstration but as the sincerity of our hearts we desperately need you to work so at this time we want to give our prayers on behalf of our unsaved forms. This message is recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And soul Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at G Y C What.


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