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3. The Matter of the Message: 8 Features Every Sermon Must Have

Taj Pacleb


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • December 31, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C. to the air in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web board. Good morning. Aloha. Want to thank you so much for being here. For choosing this seminar you had a lot of amazing options and I'm just very humbled and thankful that you chose to be with us at least in this session hopefully all day. Our seminars entitled The Art of end time preaching and I how many of you were here yesterday oh ah thanks for coming back so the rest of you. Are here for the 1st time yesterday we basically laid a good solid foundation we talked about the theology of preaching the definition of preaching the challenges and the problems in preaching and how God can take weaknesses and turn them into strengths and how the law Rusty's all of us each voice is to be utilized to share the good news message of the soon coming of Christ and the work of God is not going to be finished by just a few loud voices speaking at the top but when all of us use our voice this that's when the loud cry message will go to the whole world the walls of Babylon will come crumbling down and we can enter into the promised land for all eternity and so I'm so glad that you decided to come here I believe that what we're discussing in this seminar is something that all of heaven it is interested in how to be effective communicators competent communicators for Christ in the context of the last days of this world's history and so we welcome you in Jesus' name before we get into our presentation which is entitled The matter of the message a features every sermon must have before we get into that one of the as if you have an empty seat next to you that you just move to the to the outside walls in case there are others who are going to come to look for seats and so if you please do that they will be a blessing just move all the way to the walls and. Really appreciate that. Now I want to you know or to remind especially for those who are here for the 1st time with us that this seminar is actually a shortened version of a fuller seminar it's. About $10.00 to $11.00 or 12 part series that that we have written and we're giving just a fraction of it in this in this time that we have the 6 opportunities we have together and so if you like to get the whole version with the notes and the audio you can go to our Web site Art of preaching dot com. Art of preaching dot com or you can come visit us at our booth revelation ministries booth this evening and we'll be glad to share with you some D.V.D.'s and what not we don't have this seminar recorded yet but hopefully in the next couple months we will we want to make it available to everybody want to spread far and wide hopefully to every every single minister as well as a layperson so that we can get some practical tools of how we can reach people for Jesus as I mentioned the other night in the word preach are 2 other words reach and each so we want to preach in such a way to reach each but not each is reached the same way and so we want to learn how to contextualize our methods without compromising the message that the Lord Jesus will teach us that will deal with that in this presentation as well as others we have 4 of them today 2 before lunch and 2 after lunch so we hope you'll stick around for all of them if you if you needed to miss a seminar it should have been yesterday seminar but not today today is very very important you let the Holy Spirit lead you lead you to the right 7 are where you need to be but what we pray and jump into our message intitled the matter of the message he is by his with me as we begin thank you so much dear god for waking us up this morning giving us life today and for the time that we have to fellowship together in your spirit LOL We recognize that. Our minds are weak our hearts are so prone to wander and so we pray Lord that you would please fill this room in our hearts with your Holy Spirit give us power from on high Give us a mind that is like a sponge we might soak up every principle and promise that you want to communicate to us today and please me to sing God is be the teacher Lord in Christ's name we pray amen amen. Usually this presentation is about hour and a half there's lots of good information but I'm going to skip the introduction and just let you know that every single sermon has to have at least 8 features in order to be complete and well rounded at every Bible study every servant ought to be measured by these things are given to you right now and then we'll go through them together our message must have number one a foundation number 2 Focus number 3 framework number 4 function number 5 friction number 6 flow number 7 finish and number 8 feel its whole feel remember that we do a quiz at the end see if you can remember. This is it remember that all start with the letter A. And so today in this presentation we want to ask the question What shall we preach we don't have to guess because God has told us so in this lecture we want to deal with the matter of the message the substance of the sermon the content of our communication the premise of our proclamation and the details of the discourse and each well rounded complete message will be measured by these 8 characteristics so let's go through them together shall we the 1st one which is the most important is a biblical foundation the Apostle Paul told us in 2nd Timothy Chapter 4 in verse to that we need to preach what. Preach the word people are not really concerned with Fenty fancy interpretations and speculations and anecdotes people are hungry for the Word of God which is the bread of life now friends how do you eat bread normally not crumbs and only NOT whole loaves but slice by slice isn't that right that's all sermons ought to be not just crumbs and not just a whole loaf to overwhelm people but slices of bread not too much not too little it says in the book evangelism page 5 or one of the hearts of many in the world as well as many in church members are hungry hungering for the bread of life they are interested in the sermon of song but they're not longing for that or even prayer they want to know the Scriptures whatsit the Word of God To me the Holy Spirit working on mind and heart drawing them to the bread of life they come to hear the word how just as it reads and so we must make sure that our discourses our Bible studies are biblically founded that's the most important a house is only as strong as its foundation the foundation is the most important in God like in says words to us solid rock he says that is the wise man that hears my words and does them he is the one that builds his house upon the rock when the rains come and the floods arise that house will stand firm because as a firm foundation the solid rock but friends we have to remember that information alone does not save us we're not saved by what we know we're saved by who we know and so all the information of the Bible or needs to have a focus it is that of number 2 a Christ for kids in this one my friends is so very important but the reason why biblical foundation is 1st is because you can't truly be Christ focus. Unless your 1st biblically founded Jesus said in John Chapter 5 in verse 39 please write it down John 539 Jesus says Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they wish to. See the Jews of all they thought that because of their head knowledge of the scriptures that in and in that they had eternal life for as many many scholars are going to be lost many people who understand the Bible will be lost because it's not about what we know it's about who we know you see the written word is is that is to reflect and to testify of the Living Word Jesus Christ Jesus is the one that teaches in fact the Bible is like an end to the moon the faithful witness and the moon doesn't have light in and of itself the moon in the heavens reflects the light of the sun in the same way this word has it only has light because it reflects the Living Word Jesus Christ and so we must make sure that as we share the truth of the Bible that we're not just communicating information but that we're communicating the person that the information is is to bring this to Christ focus is so very important the book Gospel workers page 315 as want to read a few of these quotations very potent passages it says the sacrifice of crisis as an atonement for sin is the what the great truth around which all other truths cluster in order to be rightly understood and appreciated it says every truth in the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation must be studied in the light that streams from the cross of Calvary the topic of the Sabbath only has value as it brings us to Jesus the state of the dead in the same sure all these beautiful truth that we have only has value as it magnifies the beauty of Christ's. Every truth in God's Word from Genesis to Revelation can only be correctly understood and appreciated as we see it in the light of the cross Amen and then it says in the Gospel workers page 159 let the science of salvation be the burden of every sermon the theme of every song and letter be of poor 4th in every supplication bring nothing into your preaching to supplement crimes the wisdom and the power of God My friend every message must find its focus and its fulfilment in Jesus Christ we said yesterday that the Bible reveals the light of the knowledge of the glory of God But it's found in the face of Jesus Christ God's word is his Facebook if we're not seeing the face of Jesus we're missing the main point of the passage I don't mind if someone accuses me of being long winded when I preach but I'll get upset if anyone ever accused me of not being Christ centered That's my main goal is to help people to see Jesus our ministry is called the revelation of all ministries it's not a revelation of fear or do more gloom but I hope it's a revelation of Jesus Christ a. Crisis God Chrysler sermons are like offerings of Cain and remember the offering of Cain what can you tell me about the offering of Cain why was it rejected I mean Cain offered it to the right god he also offered it sincerely to the right god which shows that not every sincere offering given to God is acceptable you see that offering had no fire there was no light or warmth in that worship why because came off for the fruit of his own labor and it was missing the blood of the Lamb another as his worship was centered in what he was giving to God their fruit of his labors as self righteousness. But friends true worship Christianity is not about what we give to God but rather what what God gives to us when a ball for the lamb it wasn't so much an offering he was giving to God but rather an offering that God was giving to man the lamb a symbol of Christ would give his life for us and it was that offering to have the fire from heaven there was much light and much warmth because it was centered in what God was giving to man and I want you notice of what makes the application in gas workers page $156.00 many remarks have been made to the effect that in their discourses our speakers dwelt upon the law and not upon Jesus many of our ministers have merely sermonize presenting subjects in an argumentative way and scarcely mentioning the saving power of the Redeemer and then it continues their testimony was destitute of the saving blood of Christ's their offering resemble the offering of Cain so it is his the application with Chrysler sermons by them men are not per to the heart they are not led to inquire what must I do to be saved and of all professing Christians 7th Day Adventists should be the lot for most in doing what a lifting Christ before the world the proclamation of the 13 just message calls for the presentation of the Sabbath truth this truth with others included in the message is to be proclaimed But the great center of attraction Christ Jesus must not be left out and so let us continue to preach the whole message but let's make sure that we preach it Christ's focus. Helping people to see Jesus in every single passage in every single doctrine very very important the Sabbath truth yes we need to explain to people that the 7 days the Sabbath. But we need to do far more than that book early writing says that in the last days God's people represent the Sabbath truth more fully more fully how by showing that it's it's to point us to the wonderful creative that maiden's our wonderful commander our provider our Sanctifier and our redeemer every message must point to Jesus I believe friends that every doctrine every prophecy and every principle in the Bible is like a camera lens and if you are photographers any any people like photography here I love taking pictures I miss one of my favorite things to do as an introvert just get out in nature and just spend time with the Lord in just composing shots and waiting for good lighting and I have different lenses in my in my camera bag that accomplish different things in the same way God's Word you have many different lenses many different prophecies and principles in and auctions and each one is to magnify crimes the purpose of a lens friends is to magnify and clarify an object Now obviously the object is more important than the lens but without the lens you can't see the object clearly you can't see OK. And so so too with the doctrines of the Bible the teachings of God Each one is like a camera lens the object is Christ. Crisis obviously most important without the lens of the Sabbath truth without the lens of the health message without the lens of the century message we can't see the object very clearly and so when you remove the lens of doctrine you can't release know who Jesus is you have a burry picture of him and if you have a brewery picture of Christ it's a lot more easier for the devil to introduce an anti christ and you're looking without the doctrines you're looking you think it's Christ but really it's the anti christ in France that's what's happening in Christianity Today as many churches are saying let's put aside our doctrinal differences we can't really know what truth as religious relativism is creeping within Christianity Today what we see we see all the Christian church in the world almost all of them uniting under the anti-Christ the system looking to that man of sin as the head as the one that can bring the whole world together and friends what what caused that is because they removed the lens of prophecy of doctrines the teachings of Jesus my friends we can't biblically separate cries from his own words now you people can do it but you cannot biblically do it many preachers have done that preach the Sabbath without crowds but friends you can't separate it or God is joining together let no man put asunder even oh so much more I can say about that but we don't have the time you see when someone says let's just talk about Jesus I'm all for that but there's a there's a dangerous implication that is attached to that statement the implication they're saying when they say let's just talk about Jesus is the prophecy is not about Jesus but friends it's all about Jesus it is the revelation not only from Jesus but of Jesus. We can't separate Christ from doctrine because he is the locals he is the word that was made flesh he is the truth the way the truth and the life and we see that happening even in pockets of Adventism today friends remember the lens is so extremely important fact it is vital in order to see and to know the real Jesus if that makes sense peace Amen and so if the prophecies of the principals in the doctrines are the lenses and if Christ is the object then the next question is this how do we frame the object the 3rd thing every sermon must be measured by is it has to have a framework and what is that a prophet a framework prophetic profitably frames in other words when we take the picture of Christ and reveal it to the world we must frame him or put him in the context of the end time Last Day message the prophetic framework it says in the book selected messages Volume 3 page 189 please write it down notice what it says here God has raised up his servants to present truth that because it involves lifting up the work on E.G. hope this morning because it involves lifting up the cross has been lost sight of and is buried beneath the rubbish of formality it what is it referring to the lifting up of the cross it must be arrest you and reset and what is this word framework of present truth its claims must be asserted and its position given in the 3rd angel's message and so there you have a profit framework the cross is the focus but the framework the position is in the context. The framework of gods and time prophet ik present truth message and so Christ is the content the context is Bible prophecy the truth of the cross has been buried beneath a rubbish of formality we must read rescue reset it crisis to focus present truth is the framework now what does that mean early writings pay $63.00 says there are many precious truths contained in the Word of God but it is present truth that the flock needs now what kind of shit that we need now let me tell you friend every president truth is precious but not every precious truth is present and it says here that what we need now is present truth. I have seen the danger of messengers running off from the important important points of President true to develop on subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctify the so and so we've been told that what we need now is present. But what exactly is present true. Many people have different ideas of what it is and many people have mis represented this phrase grossly many people claim to preach present truth when they're just preaching a bunch of legalism and their own hobbyhorses and their dwelling upon miners that are not calculated to unite the flock so what exactly is present truth friends I believe the clear is definition of present truth is found in John 14 versus where Jesus said I am the way he. Choose and. Jesus is the way to God He is the truth about God because He is the very life of God The only way the only truth and the only life but when Jesus said I am what tense is that as present. And so when he said I am the way that means he is the present way I am the truth he is the president true I am the life he is the president life so the president truth friends is the truth of the present way in the present life its where every Jesus is presently and where has God revealed the way songs 7730 the I were a god is in the sanctuary and so the way of God is in the sanctuary because the way of God in the Saints reveals the present truth about God that is wherever the life of gods were ever Jesus is presently in the sanctuary is the present truth and we understand that since the year 844 where Jesus pan is been the most holy place and so my friends the prosthetic and time present truth message that we are to frame Christ is where he's at now and that is in the most holy place of the heavily sanctuary doing a special cleansing work for his church above as well as in our hearts below now what message in the Bible calls attention to where Jesus is and what he's doing now what specific messages the message of the century in the judgment book great controversy page 480 says this The subject of the sanctuary and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God It says all neither knowledge for themselves of 2 things what is a. The position Anna work of their great high piece the position that's the location where he is the work is his occupation what is he doing and he says that all of us need a knowledge for ourselves of where Jesus is and what he's doing the position work of the great high priest otherwise it will be impossible for them to exercise the faith which is essential this time or to occupy the position which God designed them to feel in other words if we don't know where Jesus is and what he's doing we're not going to know where we need to be and what we need to be doing we're not going to be on target it will miss the mark for short so it says that we need to understand those books the sanction the Vesey of judgment because it reveals the present shrews where Jesus is presently Now what books of the Bible especially teaches about the century and investigative judgment the books of Daniel and Revelation those of the 2 apocalyptic books of the Bible there are only 2 books in the Bible that are apocalyptic in its entirety down in Revelation it deals with end time apocalyptic events and that's why we've been told in evangelism page 105 Daniel speak let the revelation speak and tell what is truth but whatever phase of the subject is presented all up live Jesus as the center of all hope even so crisis always the focus but the framework is prophecy present truth Daniel and Revelation. Not the quote evangelism one of the 6 ministership present there sure were prophecy as the foundation of the faith of 70 haven't since the prophecies of Daniel revelation should be carefully studied and in connection with them are the words what Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world it's as with John the Baptist said. God has called us to be like John the Baptist of final 4 runners in the last day to prepare people for the coming of the Lord amen and so it's as if Daniel revelation had been side just and she's arguing let him speak don't silence these time books there are most relevance for us living in the last days and so friends let's make sure let us make sure that we never shy away from prophecy I know that there are many people evangelists and pastors that preach these books with a sense of fear and doom and gloom and it's tragic it's very tragic it's terrible actually these books review Jesus so beautifully they're not scary books they're beautiful books because they reveal the beautiful Christ and so those who say I don't want prophecy they're really saying I want Jesus because Revelation is the revelation of Jesus those who say I don't want to hear the 3 messages what they're really saying is I don't want the Gospel because those 3 angels messages are called the everlasting Gospel what is the Love Chapter in the Bible 1st Corinthians 131 of the prophecy chapter of the Bible for a screen thins 14 talks about prophecy side by side because you can't have one without the other who in the Bible are known as people whom God really loved Daniel Bell are greatly beloved and John the Revelator he is the one that's John the Beloved friends is interesting God loves everyone of course but the Bible makes it a point to emphasize that these were loved by God and they received the deepest prophecies for us in these last days and why because it's all about love it's not a cheap sappy sentimental Hollywood version of law. But a love that is deep stronger than death and stronger than sin let's continue more to say about that we'll have the time as a number one in order for a message to be well rounded and complete it must have a what Biblical foundation Number 2 it must be Christ's focus number 3 it must be profit equally framed and then number 4 it must have a practical function a practical function in other words it has to land in the living room of our lives it has to be relevant and practical for day to day living and so that's called a bit deeper on this issue of present truth what exactly is present should realize that there are actually 22 categories of present your number one I call it universal presence truth and then personal presence or now the universal present to the present truth that the general present truth message that the whole world needs to hear is what we just talked about the 3 and just messages the everlasting Gospel that will be preached in all the world before Jesus returns as the universal present through the the hour guys judgement is come worship Him that made heaven earth the fact that Babylon is fallen the mark of the beast issues the patience of the saints the righteousness of Christ this is universal present truth but then there is also a personal present truth that meets the needs of the individual in their present situation if someone has failed God or soul deeply and they are struggling with doubt thinking that they can never be forgiven because of the sin that they committed their personal prison truth they need to know the reality of the power of the blood of Jesus now that's a that's a that's more precious truth that's the truth that's applicable to every time. But if they're shrugging with with doubts of forgiveness maybe don't they don't need to hear about the health message or or the mark of the beast issue in that moment because they have a president they need to know about the mercy of the Lord amen therefore that precious truth becomes a present truth for that personal situation if one is struggling with their marriage maybe they don't need to hear about the 2300 days broken down in fact they don't in that present situation they need their personal present truth is to know the principles of how to have a godly marriage have love and respect if one is infected with self righteous legalism then their personal present truth is to know the true mercy and love of Jesus that's a precious truth but it becomes present truth when that person that person may have the right diet the right dress the right theology but the wrong attitude so what is their personal present truth they learn how to be like Jesus. And so when we combine a universal present truth and personal present truth it is right on target I want you notice we're been we've been told in Testimony Volume 4 page 394 theoretical discourses are essential that all may know the form of doctrine and see the chain of truth link after link uniting in a perfect job but no discourse should ever be delivered without presenting Christ and Him crucified as the foundation of the Gospel making what is that rock tickle application of the truth set forth the people should not be left without instruction instruction in the what practical choose which relate to their every day life is the our message is high and holy and elevated in nature but at the same time it must come down to earth. In practical relevance for the daily life Amen In other words yes it's important for us to have correct theology because the theology is the foundation we also need to have windows and doors in our home and furniture those are the practical things that we deal with day by day and so it must have a practical function now what are some of the practical things that our message needs to have. Our messages need to answer 2 kinds of questions how many. Number one the essential questions of life and number 2 the practical questions of life what one of those or did you know friends that every human being whether they recognize it or not whether they articulate it or not are asking 5 main questions and only when they find the answer to these 5 questions where they have a successful life if they only know a few of those answers they're not going to have a success they're not going to live life to the for their they're going to be missing something in life everyone every single person here we're all asking these 5 questions whether we recognize it or not and the Bible answers them and we will make sure that we present those answers in our Bible studies in our messages what are those questions they are as follows and this is in sequence order where am I from that deals with origin who am I that deals with identity why am I here that deals with your purpose how shall I live deals with more ality where my going deals with destiny and so every single be a human being is longing for the answers to these questions whether they articulated in those words or not everyone is trying to find out what did I come from who am I why am I here Hoshyar live where am I going the Bible answers all of those questions with absolute beauty. And by the way you have to ask them in this order because the only way you can know your identity is if you know where you came from the only way you can know your purpose is if you know who you are the only way you can know how you should live is if you know their purpose and where you're going based on the choices you make when you live so they must be answered in a sequence order and so we must make sure that the message we bear has a practical function it is answering the essential questions of life but not only the essential questions the practical questions of life like how do I raise my kids how do I have a successful marriage how do I take care of my health how do I manage finances how do I overcome sin how do I have a relationship with God These are the practical questions of life that our message needs to deal with so when we share the truth about the Sabbath the truth about the 2300 days the truth about the remnant church and all of these wonderful things let's make sure that we make space to deal with these questions and show how the heavenly theology comes down to earth in practical relevance if that's clear piece Amen. Somebody said like this we must put we must put legs on our lesson and feet on our feet the message the message must land in the living room of our lives the room that we live we must them a shoe with the Gospel looks like practically in the real world it's and God asks all of these questions and answers them in the word you know the Bible the Bible is the book that when you read it it reads you you read the Bible you read it it's reading you in other words it's it's it's asking the questions that your heart has been asking and there provides a beautiful actress Eva and so number one our message must have a biblical foundation number 2 crises focus number 3. Prophetic framework number 4 practical function you folks are slowing down we're only on for only halfway. Number 5 every message every Bible study ought to have a logical flow I have a flow a logical flow my friends I'm so grateful that the message of the Bible is not only absolutely beautiful but it's also reasonable arguable and intellectually stimulating everything in the Bible is indelibly connected together I want you know education $124.00 says this When the search out and brought together they will be found to be perfectly fitted to one another each gospel is a supplement to the others every prophecy explanation of another every truth a development of some other truth every principle the Word of God has its place every fact it's bearing and the complete structure in design and execution bears the testimony to the best testimony to its author such as such a structure no mind but that of the infinite could conceive or fashion the Bible demonstrates divine design 66 books written over a period of 1500 years by least 36 different authors who lived on 3 different continents all talking about the most controversial subject in the universe God and yet we see that with all of those factors you did you see demonstrated divine design. The Bible interprets itself we do the show people how everything is indelibly connected together like a jigsaw puzzle we must look to see how everything is connected we must gather all the puzzle pieces all the doctrines all the teachings and as we put all those things together we will see the big picture of who Jesus is and it's the most beautiful picture you will ever see evangelism page 4648649 all of this quote Don't miss this those who teach the word should not shun what mental discipline every worker or company of workers should by perseverance effort establish such rules and regulations as will lead the to the formation of correct thought and action such a training is necessary not only for the young men but for the older workers in order that their ministry may be free from how many want to have a ministry like that free from mistakes and that their sermons be clear accurate and convincing and then it says some minds are more like an old curiosity shop than anything else many odd bits and ends of truth have been picked up and stored there but they know not how to present them in a clear connected manner it is the relation that these ideas have one to on there that gives them value what gives what gives all the different truth value as we see how they're related together how they're connected together and then it says every idea and statement should be as closely united as the links in a chain a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When I'm is when a minister throws a mass of matter before the people or for them to pick up and arrange in order his labors are lost for there are few who do it and others we have to be organized. We have to we have to make sure that we present the message in a logical sequence or way as in a link links in a chain of truth you see the same words that created worlds also can create new brain cells in our mind the built a world view friends is not a blind faith it's an intelligent face but we have to present it intelligently in a logical flow it must be intellectually stimulating sometimes we mis represent the message by presenting it poorly or mainly So our sermon should be logical the truth should be presented in a clear connected manner and most listeners won't do that work for you you have to do that work so let's not be sloppy in sermon preparation we are presenting the most noble truths in the universe and so friends less sat and let's say it right. Let's not just be beautiful biblical let's be beautiful to this not only be right let's be winsome as well let's not only be sound but let's say in a profound way too I like what Charles Spurgeon said royal troops should ride in a chariot of go. Like that in other words it's not just about the. Content but also the packaging to how we present that content and so what I mean by this here's what I mean. Our introduction should be captivating or objective should be clear our points should be distinct our transition should be logical or illustrations relevant arguments type are explanations should be sound or language or be profound and are close should be compelling it has to have a logical flow and will deal more on that in our 3rd presentation today we're going to deal with 13 steps of sermon preparation how to begin how to write a sermon from beginning to end and the specific steps we need to take in so we hope you'll stick around for that it's all right number 6 our sermons must have the friction or of conviction the friction of conviction the Bible says and Isaiah 58 cry aloud spare not lift up my voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression and the House of Jacob their sins my friends these last days God is calling us now only to get ready for his coming but to prepare others for the coming of the Lord we are called to be the final 4 runners in the last days and I want you notice if we're called to be the final 4 runners What about that 1st 4 Runner What did John the Baptist do to prepare people for the 1st coming out you notice in the book voice and speech and song page 358 and White says this describing the 1st foreigner John the Baptist's and how he spoke it says it was the purpose of John to what. Staro and are allows the people and cause them to tremble because of their great wickedness in simplicity in plainness he pointed out the errors in the crimes of men he was not a free to call sin by its right name and it says a power attended his words and reluctant as the people were to hear the denunciation of their own holy lives they could not resist his words he flattered none neither would he received flattery from any of the people as if with common consent paying to him repainting and confessing their sins and were baptized of him in Jordan kings and rulers came to the wilderness to hear the prop it prophet and word deeply and were interested and deeply convicted as he fearlessly pointed out their particular sins people were convicted but don't miss that even though they were convicted to the point that they were trembling they were drawn at the same time they were drawn to hear what he had to say you see people want to be challenged young people want to be challenged and changed and friends there's a heresy there's a lie of the devil has been spreading around that that the true love will only say good things for friends you love will never cover the truth it's true love that makes the truth known to others because the truth shall make us free but listen listen listen friends before we can be made free by the truth we 1st must know the lie that holds us in bondage We must like what it says about Christ object lessons we must feel the pain of our sins before we will seek Healy from the Great Physician. And so every servant must have the friction of conviction but friends let's make sure we're doing it not like I've seen people do it as if they're rejoicing in iniquity you know there are some people who like to air out the dirty laundry of the church you sometimes see him on You Tube And when you look into their face you look into their face and it's like the they're happy to do it you don't see the compassion and the tenderness and the sighing and crying spirit when they do it it's rather looks like a demon in their face and you listen to the tone of their voice my friends even though someone is saying the truth doesn't mean they're sent by God because in the scribes and Pharisees said to Jesus this woman was caught in adultery in the very act the law says she should be stoned what they said was 100 percent accurate but they were more guilty than the one that they were condemning because their self righteous hypocrisy and their arrogance and their spiritual pride my friends not everything that glitters is gold not every rainbow represents God's promise and not everyone who claims to teach present truth or preaching from a heart filled with the spirit of Jesus Amen so how do we do it then we need to just like Jesus here's here's our example deserve ages 353 Christ him selfe. Did not suppress one word of truth but he spoke it always in. He exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful kind attention in his intercourse with the people he was never rude never needlessly spoke a severe word never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul he did not censure human weakness he fearlessly denounce hypocrisy unbelief and iniquity but tears were in his voice as he uttered those caving rebukes I want to rebuke like Jesus and friends people who are convicted but they are also comforted in the presence of Jesus my friends remember this the hand that points the finger of rebuke that hand that pointed the finger of rebuke that same hand was nailed to the cross the hand that pointed the finger. Was the same hand that was nailed to the cross many people can make you smile some people can make you cry but it takes a very special person very few people can make you cry and smile at the same time and that's what Jesus does. To corral with the conviction of sin but at the same time to smile with the comfort of mercy that's the character of God right there justice and mercy not one of the other but both blended perfectly together my friends every sermon ought to do 2 things it ought to comfort the afflicted and it ought to of flick the comfortable if you catch that that's what the Holy Spirit does the Holy Spirit is the comforter but also the connector and of the message is truly spirit filled it would do those 2 things it would only comfort the afflicted It will also of slick those who are comfortable in their sins but we must make sure that we have the right spirit. We must make sure that we have the Spirit this is but for the grace of God there go the water for God's grace I would be in that same situation we do with the with a deep sense of humility humility and empathy for others a man all right number 7 Number one let's review in order for a message to be complete and well balanced and round it it must have number one a biblical foundation Number 2 it must have a Christ focus number 3 it must have a prophet ik framer present you done in Revelation 3 messages number 4 it must have a practical function number 5 it must have a logical float number 6 the friction of conviction then number 7 a must have a strong finish the close must be strong gospel workers page 151 says no one can tell what is loss by attempting to preach without the unction of the Holy Spirit in every congregation there are solos who are hesitating all most the side to be holy for God those are sad words I fear almost decided decisions are being made but too often the Minister has not the spirit in the power of the message and no direct appeals are made to those who are trembling in the balance don't let that be said of you for it says here evangelism page 280 at the close of meeting decisions should be called for another is every message ought to have a strong finish now only a sermon but the Bible study you give to someone you must call them you must ask them to make a decision to accept the message that you have presented him and I have a whole presentation on how to how to do this is called the motivation of the masses. The art of the appeal the science of conviction the art of the appeal Unfortunately we don't have any of slots to present that message but you're more than welcome to check out the website in and get it there but number 8 the last one our message must be spirit filled it says in 1st Corinthians 2 verse 4 and my speech and my preaching was not with entice in words of man's wisdom but in demonstration of what the Spirit and of power my friends let us never stand up behind appropriate to declare own wisdom in with its letter stand up in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power Amen that's what God wants that's that's my that's that's my desire that even though I may not see the the right words the right way that I feel with the Holy Spirit that I speak not merely from the head knowledge but from my heart experience with the Lord Jesus living in my life to be spirit feel it to be full of the power of God I like it says with Jesus behind you the spirit within you the word beneath you and the people before you there is a power that works through you that Shakespeare and enlarges the population of heaven how do you like to have that experience as we close today let's review one last time every single sermon every barber study every discourse we give needs to have these 8 features in order to be full and well rounded and complete perhaps more you can add to it let me know if you can think of other F.C.S. perhaps more but surely not less Let's see if you can remember without looking at your notes number one biblical foundation because the house is only as strong as the. And it's only when we're biblically founded that we can be number 2 Christ Falcon's he is the object but then when you take the picture of price how do we frame him Number 3 our prophet framework Jesus is the content he is the content the context is prophecy it's Christ in the context of prophecy it's not prophecy in the context of crisis is Christ in the context of the present to the last the message prophetic framework but don't just talk about high and heavenly things theology must have number for a practical or function we people need to know how this beautiful theology functions in the daily life and so the essential questions were like come from who are my why am I here how shall I live where am I going and the practical questions of life practical function and then number 5 it must have a logical flow we must present it in a sequence or a logical way in an orderly way we must show how everything is indelibly connected together it takes mental effort and discipline to do that a logical flow then number 6 it must have the friction of conviction the message ought to comfort the afflicted and of. Those who are comfortable in this world and in their sins the friction of conviction and that's all something is polished right you have to have some friction friction of conviction then number 7 it has to have a srong finish the close must be compelling calling people decision and then number 7 it must be superior it feel it and so if you missed them there they are on the screen. As we preach universal and personal present troops focused on Christ founded upon the word we're going to see transformation take place not only in the pew but in the pope as well this is transformational preaching in friends I want to have that experience I want you remember God calls us to present the message now only for their say but mainly for R.C. because God could use the angels who are far more eloquent than we are but he wants to use the voices of sin for broken messed up humanity why because as we reach out God reaches as we give we receive even more because it's more blessed to give than to receive. So how many want to strive for this how many you want this in your life if so would you stand with me as we close in prayer and just before we pray don't miss the next presentation if you should have missed one maybe should have been this one but not this next or. This next presentation is beautiful We're going to sit at the feet of Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount listening to the message of the master the greatest sermon ever preached to see the the hermeneutic but also the homiletic of Jesus why does a said what he said in the order that he said you know that there's actually a sermon outline on the Sermon on the Mount Jesus has a sermon outline it's fascinating that's what we study at our 50 minute brain so we hope you stick around if the Holy Spirit leads you to that let us pray and ask God to help us Father in heaven thank you so much for your great love and mercy call for calling us Lord you said you have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordained you to bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain Thank you Lord that the ordination has been laid upon each one of us. To be witnesses and messengers Thank you Lord that we don't necessarily have to go to a large educational institution to be used of you because the Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher so please fill us with your spirit and give us wisdom from heaven. Melanie to know what to say how to say when to say. And why we're saying it with the right spirit or please give us the experience of Jesus. Thank you for hearing this prayer present me pray. This message is recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so many Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online see what happened or.


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