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4. The Message of the Master

Taj Pacleb


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • December 31, 2018
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C T V In Houston Texas. Other resources like this visit us and she Y.C. where. Our seminar is in tired of the art of time preaching and as I mentioned before we're doing a shorter version of the fuller series that. We have we have yet to record that we have presented in other places within the next few months hopefully we'll be able to get this record and make it available. You can write down our website art of preaching seminar dot com And just just or revelation 4 Ministries dot com and make announcements eventually on when that will be available in the future but in this next presentation we're going to do something very special we're going to sit at the feet of the greatest preacher that has ever preached the Lord Jesus Himself we're going to learn of the method of Christ's the bible study the sermon of Jesus and how to appreciate like Jesus and so he wrote your Bibles holy brother no book Our time is limited so we're going to pray and jump right on into it so please by heads with me and let us pray thank you so much dear God for given to us your word that is not only a map shows us how to get to heaven but it's also a manual that shows us how to live on Earth and how to minister to others so Lord as reopen this your manual we pray that you would please teach us you give us wisdom in understanding that we might have the experience of Jesus in preaching and sharing in witnessing to others please Holy Spirit be with my voice be with all of our minds and bless us and inspire us now as we sit at your feet in Jesus' name we pray Amen. The message of the master we're going to look at the greatest sermon that has ever been preached from the greatest story that has ever been told it's this discourse has been described as Heaven's benediction to the word it is the sermon of all sermons from the preacher of all preachers a celestial address given directly from the throne of God It is a heavenly homily high and in nature and elevated its source and yet it it's a message that touches all of humanity with down to earth relevance a message easy to understand and easy to apply given by the Master Teacher The Prince of all preachers It was early one Galilee morning when Jesus gather the multitude on the grassy mountain overlooking the sea of Galilee my wife and I were there not long ago without a chance to visit the mount of blessings and we were amazed to notice that the shape of the mountain is like a natural ampitheater and because of the unique shape of that mount the coup sticks are such that the one that is speaking on the top can easily be heard from the one sitting at the bottom and that's Rich gave this beautiful servant it was upon this mount of blessing that it seems for a moment the Jesus somehow forgets that he is in this were it he begins to employ heavenly language directly from the law the world of light as the opens his mouth the rich current of blessing flows from his lips words to water the dry porch ground of humanity springing forth in abundant life it is a sermon that's worth repeating. A sermon a timeless message for all people in all ages for all time you see many sermons have been preached in our world and many sermons have been forgotten but this one will be remembered for all eternity it is a sermon that not only teaches us how to live the life of the life giver but also teaches us how to preach the message of the master preacher or to notice what it says in testimonies volume 7 page 269270 says this The Sermon on the Mount is on what an example of how we are to teach what pains Christ has taken to make mysteries no longer mysteries but plain simple truths there is in his instruction nothing vague and nothing hard to understand he opened his mouth and taught them his words were spoken in no whispered tongues no was his utterance harsh and disagreeable he spoke with clearness and emphasis with solemn convincing force an earnest purr for study on the of the Sermon on the mount or prepare us to proclaim the truth to give to others the light that we have received and so my friends to experience the reality of that promise we're going to give special attention to the servant we're going to look into the homiletics of Jesus taking special note of the content of his communication the substance of his sermon and we want to find out what is Jesus goal in the message what is objective in the discourse and friends time is not going to permit us to dissect every detail of the discourse only eternity provides the time enough to understand it completely but today we want to highlight 2 main things of this in the Sermon on the Mount number one we're going to ask the question What is Jesus saying. That's the content of his communication and we also want to ask the question why is he saying it the way and in the order in which he's saying it that is we want to look at his intentions in his instructions we look at the objectives in his directives and the intentions in his in his instructions and we're going to see friends that there's actually an outline in the Sermon on the Mount as I've studied it and observed it carefully perfect incineration an examination of the sermon I found that there are 4 main parts to Jesus sermon I want to give them to you right now and we will demonstrated for the rest of our time today Jesus sermon our line has 4 main parts in this sequence order number one captivating introduction Matthew 5 verses one through 17 is the introduction of the sermon Number 2 a convincing interpretation Matthew 5 verses 17 to the rest of that chapter is that part of the sermon convincing interpretation the 3rd part of the sermon is a convicting application of that convincing interpretation convinced convicting application Matthew 6 verse one all the way to Chapter 7 verse 6 is that part of the server and then the final part of the 4th part of Jesus' Sermon outline is the compelling close you'll find that from Matthew 7 verse 7 him to verse $27.00 and so if I was the one that did the the chapter divisions of the Bible I would have done it like that captivating introduction convincing interpretation convicting application and a compelling close reader go through each one of these sections to find out the purpose of the section and the objectives in the directives of Christ but 1st. Let's imagine the context. As the crowd gathered on that mountainside to listen to Jesus there was an electrifying feeling of expectancy that permeated the people they expected the some announcement was about to be made concerning the long awaited kingdom of God and many eager faces sitting there gave evidence of deep interests their hearts were filled with thoughts of future glory and they felt that the hope of their future glory was fast becoming a present reality now was the time that Israel should have dominion over the hated Romans now was the time for them to trade in their rags for riches now is the time for them to exchange days of difficulties with seasons of serenity in times of tranquility now was the time for them to shine and put all their enemies to shame as they sat there waiting to listen to the sermon their hearts were thrill with the proud hope that Israel is soon to be on to before the all the nations of the earth as the Chose of the Lord and Jerusalem exalted as the the head of a Universal Kingdom so they thought it's so they believed it so they were told it but the people sitting there had no idea what they were talking about they had no idea as to the true nature of the kingdom and Jesus knew the wide spread misconception concerning his kingdom and he realizes that there are so off in their theology and so how does he correct this faulty mindset it's he needs to meet them where they're at and bring them where they need to be and by the way that ought to be the goal of every servant picking up the people exactly where they're at and bringing them to where they need to be according to the will of God That's the goal of every service and the Spirit uses the preacher to do just that to come down to earth relevance in connection and to lift people up that they might see what Jesus in heavenly places. It is to be a spiritual journey that's destined for a decision and this journey always begins with the 1st section the captivating introduction so let's take let's go to our Bibles to Matthew chapter 5 and I want you notice how Jesus begins this amazing sermon Matthew chapter 5 beginning with Verse one and when you're there please say amen. That the 51 says and seeing the multitudes he went up into a mountain and when he was sent his disciples came in to him and he opened his mouth and taught them saying what are the 1st thing Jesus said blessed are the poor in spirit for this year's is the kingdom of heaven my friends I want you to notice we're not going to take the time to read every verse but in this 1st section this captivating introduction Matthew 51 through 17 Jesus does at least 5 things to grab and arrest the attention of the people at least 5 things we will list them on the screen I hope you write them down number one he begins the sermon he begins to grab their attention by blessing and encouragement he begins by pronouncing blessings in other words Jesus did not begin by making a direct attack on the problems of the people friends did the people have problems just to know they had major issues they had major misunderstandings but Jesus does not begin by addressing that he begins by speaking words of blessing words of hope words of encouragement and friends when you begin in that way encourage me it softens the heart it's in preparation to be cut with the word of truth and so if you want to captivate the attention of the person you're trying to win. I don't begin by rebuking them or something that is going to rub in the wrong way begin the introduction with blessing and encouragement let them 1st know that they are beloved of the Lord called with a purpose let them know 1st they got understands their difficulties and knows their pain that's what Jesus did he said blessed blessed blessed last the 2nd thing he's doing in this captivating introduction is he's meeting the people where they're at it's he's meeting the people where they're at Jesus is doing that by speaking to their fail me their work or needs. Realize that there are 2 kinds of means there are real needs and there are felt means somebody heard this before every person has 2 kinds of needs 2 categories of these there are real needs and felt means what is the real need of all of humanity but what specific by Jesus do we need what do we need friends salvation Amen and just what the word Jesus called savior he offers that salvation what we really need is salvation from sin but many people don't recognise their round leader because they have a bunch of felt needs needs that they feel that they can't even think about eternal realities because they have some felt needs that ought to be met 1st what are some felt needs hungry I need some food I'm thirsty I need something to drink I'm dirty I need a shower I have problems with my children I don't know what to do my marriage has been attacked what do I do and many times till we help people or meet their felt needs. Then we can deal with their real needs so that's what Jesus is and she doing in the 1st part of the sermon he's speaking to their needs he's meeting them where they're speaking to their felt needs he's communicating to them that he knows what they're going through here understands the difficulty that they're poor that they're made they're hungry they're persecuted and so when he said Blessed are you who have all these needs they realize well he knows what I'm going through he's speaking to their situation and friend when you speak to a person situation that will automatically grab and captivate their attention and so you have to know your audience in order to do this but friends you don't have to know them like personally am it's far better to know a person personally to know how to reach them perfectly but all we need to do is understand what people are asking the essential questions of life and we talk about that and the practical questions of life we when we remember that people are asking where did I come from who am I why am I here how shall live where am I going how to raise my kids how to manage my finances how do I take care of the practical things of life you speak to those felt needs and that will grab the attention of the people so when I was in Africa I spoke I grab people's attention by by by using the Messiah warriors spear in the shooter to illustrate the spear of God's Word and the covering the shoes of Christ's righteousness in the stolen lands of the beautiful islands of Hawaii I speak about a heavenly paradise that will never be taken away. On the cold campus of Andrews University I lifted up Heaven's ideal for true education in the blood stained soil of Paris we talked about the prophetic events that took place in those lands friend you have to meet people where they're at speaking to their specific situation and that will arrest the attention of the people a 3rd thing Jesus is doing here is he is surprising people with the unexpected he surprise you see this introduction is completely different from what they believe because they thought that the Kingdom of Heaven was for the rich the wise the mighty and the power for but Jesus saying no the Kingdom of Heaven is for the meek and the poor and the hungry and the persecuted this was so different from what they thought was truth in other words his introduction was unpredictable and so in the same way in order to grab people's attention we need a very our approach so as to not be so predictable to our audience and others make a statement with a statistic a story or a song make a point with a picture a parable or a poem surprising people with the unexpected Jesus opening statements were surprising and provocative and encouraging of the same time his introduction was the perfect blend and balance between comfort and conviction he was comforting the poor and the humble but he was also convicting the rich and the proud and that's what he did Number 3 surprised people with the unexpected if that makes sense. And then those 1st 4 team were going to go past the blessings just to verse 14 you can read the whole thing of course on your own but Verse 14 Jesus says you are the world the light of the world a city set upon a hill you know Jesus doing here when he says You're the light of the world he's doing Number 4 he is affirming shrews that the people already believe you see they believe that they were indeed the light of the worlds. This was a long held cherished belief among Israel they mis understood what that meant it's but nonetheless even though they have the wrong interpretation of it they believed it was true that they were called to be the lot of the world they seen themselves above other nations in importance they had the wrong interpretation of this truth and yet Jesus still a firm that they were indeed called in chosen to be the lot of the world here's The Point friends if you want to captivate someone's attention in the introduction you have to agree on any point that you are able to do so you have to affirm the truth that people already believe in their hearts and by doing this you're winning the confidence of your hearers from the very beginning Now sometimes it's hard to do right if someone is so engrossed in error ignorance and darkness sometimes it's hard to affirm something to believe but God will give us wisdom to know how to do it so let's take a few example let's say you meet someone and they're. You know they're strong evangelical and they talk about the secret rapture and they're like man the Lord comes and the church is just raptured out of. It's going to be secret in silent Oh I hope I don't get left behind what can you agree in that statement I mean that that statement is full of error but there's has to be something that we can agree on what is it what can we say to agree praise God Jesus is coming he's not coming in secret after of course but we don't have to directly attacked their idea of the secret rapture because one for someone is 1st attack what is the natural spawn fight or flee right but if we affirm something that is true in what they said we are winning their attention we're breaking down the barriers that are held up about if someone says Man My my my my my my mother passed away and I'm so grateful that she's with Jesus now. I'm so grateful that she's in a better place what can you agree with in that statement thank God that she is in a better place now we know that that better place is not in heaven because if you're in heaven when you die you look in upon the world in us and you see your family members suffer that's this could be terrible the husband dies and goes to heaven looking down upon his wife and notice that she's crying all about us that's that's a terrible thing right but as the husband continues to look and notice that as time goes on the wife is not crying as much as she used to and then all of a sudden someone other brother makes the moves on his wife. And they get together they start a relationship then from heaven he's seeing this and then he sees his alive getting married and then he sees them on their wedding night all that would be terrible. Thank God our loved ones are in a better place if it's in heaven it's not a better place. Than. What about someone you know they're declaring to you their love for for pork chops and bacon than I just love I just love pepperoni pizza What can you agree on in that statement what can you say that instead of going against it thank God for taste buds so I agree thank the Lord he gave a speech but. So sometimes it's hard to it's hard to do but but God will give you wisdom to know how to affirm some kind of truth to find a point that you can agree on do this in the introduction don't do like what some door knockers do they go directly for what we have a different don't do that we have to be right but we need to be when some friends we may be the 1st but together we need to be right and winsome Biblical and beautiful at the same time and so Jesus does that he affirms the truth people really believe he said You are the light or that they didn't understand what that meant they had a misunderstanding of it but he did affirm that that was true and then number 5. Jesus articulate. What the people are thinking before he verbalized it notice verse 17 verse 17 Matthew 5 or 17 What does Jesus say what are the 1st 2 words of verse 17 think not. Now want to Jesus say that because he knew what they were thinking he they he'd know that they were thinking that he was coming to destroy the law in the prophets Jesus said don't think like that he knew what they're thinking and he articulated that which they were thinking when someone articulates what your thinking is that grab your attention of course and that's what Jesus do when he says think not he's articulating what they're thinking so we need to speak as though we can read people's minds now we can't read anyone's mind but when you speak to the questions that people are asking and when you speak to the concerns people have before they even verbalize it by doing so you're speaking as though you can read people's minds by doing this we're answering people's objections disarming their prejudices before they even bring it up and that always grabs people's attention have you ever experienced that listening to a sermon and the preachers describing your situation you're like Man how does he know. Or he doesn't know but you know someone who does know and so what constitutes a good captivating introduction number one begin with blessings and encouragement or to meet people where they're at speak to their felt needs and with 3 surprise people the unexpected number 4 affirm the truth that they really believe in number 5 articulate or the people are thinking before the even verbalized this with Jesus the in the captivating introduction if that's clear saying. Now the 2nd section is a convincing interpretation and this is Matthew 517 to the rest of that chapter 2 verse 44. What does Jesus do here Jesus his burden the burden of Christ in this 2nd section is to give people the correct interpretation of the Law Jesus in the section is appealing to the mind of the people he is appealing to their thinking and reasoning process and the reason why this is so important he's already grabbed their attention and he now needs to deal with their theology their interpretation of the law why because listen friends our beliefs are the foundation of our experience as the foundation is to the house so our beliefs to the experience because it is your mind that produces your thoughts and feelings thoughts and feelings are made manifest in your words and actions your words and actions form habits your habits make up your character and your character determines your destiny in other words your destiny is determined by your character which is made up of your habits which are formed by your words and actions that comes from your thoughts and feelings that originate in the mind so in order to have a correct character and destiny we 1st have to have a correct mindset or theology that's why it is a little Chris it is foolishness it is the deception when people say oh it doesn't really matter what you believe as long as you experience the presents by friends the experience is faulty if the foundation is faulty. And for sure that's what we see happening in this ecumenical movement Supercross the Church of the world today they say we put all our doctrinal differences aside because we all have the press. Will have the experience this charismatic speaking in tongues in these this is some kind of subjective personal feeling but the devil can easily manipulate. That's why we must have make sure the foundation is the word Amen so Jesus laying the foundation in the 2nd section he's dealing with a convincing interpretation dealing with the spirituality of the law and so he is seeking to correct their faulty experience by 1st correcting their faulty theology Jesus knew what they heard Jesus knew what they knew so he took what they knew and he went deeper and further with it he makes the claims of the law practical thus making it relevant I want you notice how he did it verse 17 if you're reading your bible is also on the screen Jesus says think not so automatically He is appealing to the reason I think not that I'm come to destroy the law or the Prophets I am not come to destroy but to work for you for a very lesson to you to heaven or pass one jot or want to know shall in no wise pass from the law to all be you are now friends this is a very popular verse that we like to use and eventually meetings it's a very important verse but you realize that this verse is used in 2 contradictory ways in christian them today number one peoples read this verse and they say this we no longer have to keep the law because Jesus fulfilled it that's how most evangelicals read this verse you see right here we don't have to keep the Lord Jesus fulfilled it and then there are others who say no we still need to keep the law because Jesus didn't destroy it and that's what most Evan to say but friends do realize that both of those statements will have to keep the law because Jesus fulfilled it and we still have to keep the law because Jesus didn't destroy it both of those statements are have true. Because Jesus is not just referring to volleyball he's also referring to the and you know what the law in the prophets are that's the whole Testament one jot one to know that everything in the Old Testament and so the question is this. Are there some parts of the Old Testament that we no longer have to keep your said oh yes are there other parts of those has to mean that we are expected to keep Yes So both of those statements the statement would have to keep the law because Jesus fulfilled it you know we still have to keep the law because Jesus didn't destroy both our half true and so how do we understand this this verse the key because this in some parts of the Old Testament where were stem Prosser monies other parts were eternal precepts So the key to understand this verse is found in the Greek definition of the word for fear is the word Plato can you see that. And this word Plato this Greek word is used 3 ways they can have 3 different applications and the application of the word Plato can be applied differently according to the nature of the subject that it is applied to so let me give you the definitions of the word Plato and will apply will see how they apply differently to different parts of the law in the province one of the definitions of the word Plato is accomplish ratify execute perform Did Jesus keep the law in his life yes he fulfilled it he feels he he accomplished it he ratified it he executed it perfectly he kept the law perfectly. Number 2 to the word play it also means to fill to the form as in a cup for field feel to the 4 to complete to fill up and Jesus did that with along the prophets when he said the law says kill but I say to you if you're angry without a cause you've already murdered he's filling the law to it's 40 C. showing the true depths of the law that the law not only governs our behavior but also the intentions and motives of the heart the letter of the law says national capital tree but if you lust you've already committed adultery he's filling it to the fore he's showing the true depths of the law that is much more than the outward actions like the Jews believe is the intentions and motives of the Hearts now Jesus is not saying that you don't have to keep the law because I'm giving you a different standard He's not saying you can go ahead and lusts or you can go ahead and commit adultery as long as you're not lusting while you do it that would make no sense right my friends many people are keeping the letter of the law but they're not keeping the spirit of the law but you cannot truly keep the spirit of the law without also keeping the letter of the law it is impossible for you to commit adultery and. Because the last comes before the adultery is not right is it you can't murder someone without 1st being angry the anger comes 1st and so Jesus is not destroying the law he's filling it to its fullness is showing the true depths of the law that makes sense. But then there's another definition of the word Plato is it means to carry to the end bring to realization and friends when it came to the ceremony Oh aspects of the Old Testament. Those were temporal prophecies and Jesus carried that to the end he fulfilled it in that way we no longer have to keep those things because those were temporary prophecies and so that's the reason why we say that both of those statements we don't have to keep the law on the prophets because Jesus fulfilled it we do have to keep the law in the prophets because Jesus didn't destroy both or have true does that make sense so the nature or the application of the word Plato is dependent upon the nature of the subject that is applied to and not every subject in the Old Testament is of the same nature of the same category some are eternal principles others are temporal prophecies and so Jesus is is now what is going to do he's going to fulfill the law of the prophets he's going to fill the cup of their understanding of the Old Testament and he does this not so much by giving a new cup of teachings but rather filling up the old notice when he says next in verse 24 I say to you that accept your word righteousness So now Jesus is about to discuss the righteousness of the law on the prophets the righteousness Now what is righteousness Psalms 11915172 my tongue shall speak of the word for all the commandments are righteousness so we go back except your righteousness shout What is that word X. see the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees you shall know case enter into the kingdom of heaven Jesus is saying something very interesting here he says they're not a force to enter into heaven the righteousness must exceed that of the religious teachers of the day now if you look at the word acts see it's the word produce C.E.O. can you see that producer. What's going on here wow. Button got stuck Peru seal and that literally means overflow so it's interesting fulfill means to fill to the 4 X. C. means to overflow Chris is not only filling the law to the fore but in doing so that interpretation would overflow the righteousness of the fair seas In other words the righteousness of God would go well beyond it would exceed the shallow and surface understanding that the people had concerning the law and the prophets Jesus says if you want to be saved it must exceed it must overflow not just fill to the full but overflow that which the scribes and Pharisees understand but here's the thing friends the Jews had $613.00 codify laws in the Missioner. 66613 laws so do we really need more than that what does Jesus mean that our righteousness must exceed its not in quantity but in quantity not in quantity of righteousness but in the quality of righteousness in other words the cup of the understanding of the fair seas was too small to feel of the fullness of God's law so what Jesus is saying is this if you want to enter into Heaven you need a bigger cup not markups not more laws but a bigger one a more quality one and so Jesus fulfills or fills the cup of their understanding for by repeating something over and over again in this section he says this over and over again you have heard what I say to you you have heard what I say to you and has been said. But I say to you what is Jesus doing he's taking what they heard what they understood righteousness to be and he's filling it to the fore he's saying but here's the true interpretation but I say to you and so when you read the rest of chapter 5 you see that repeated over and over and friends when you every see repetition you see a pattern take special note of that there is something there's an intention there's there's something that God is doing whenever you see something repeated phrase being repeated over and over by this expression you have heard but I say to you Jesus is interpret the true meaning of the law he's not really introducing anything new He's simply filling up the OED why because this in friends there is no contradiction between the Old and New Testament the Old Testament is the New Testament conceals the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed Did you catch that let me say it again the Old Testament is the New Testament conceals the New Testament is the Old Testament review they are in agreement it's just a different a different manifestation of the same troops and so you read verse 21 and 22 Jesus said You have heard that and I Q But I say to you if you're angry you've already murdered verse 27 you have heard Rush I commit adultery verse 28 but I say to you if you have lust you're already guilty then the issue of divorce in verse 31 it had been said whoever shall put away his wife let him give them a writing of this divorce when verse 32 but I see. He's giving the true interpretation of the law then the issue of oaths verse 33 you have heard it have been said Thou shall not force or rather I so verse 34 but I say to you swear not a law verse 38 you have heard. An eye for an eye tooth for tooth verse to deny but I say to you again friends you see that repetition that pattern Jesus is explaining he is appealing to the mind to think more deeply about what they had heard and what they had read and then the climax of this section verse 44 and on verse 43 and on you have heard that love thy neighbor hate that enemy but I say to you love your enemies and then he concludes by saying be there for what is that were there be therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect in France the definition of the Word Perfect is mature be perfect mature as your Father in heaven in other words they had an immature understanding of righteousness that an immature understanding of obedience an immature understanding of the law and the prophets their understanding was works based They knew the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law they had cups of truth but they were empty of the Spirit of truth so Jesus fills up their cup he's seeking to perfect the maturity of their understanding of the law he is showing them what shrew spiritual maturity looks like he's laying a solid theological foundation to their house of practical experience this section the 2nd section the true interpretation of the law is what lays the foundation for the 3rd section and that is as we continue a convecting applications Section 2 was a convincing dealing with the mind convincing interpretation section 3 convicting application that begins in Matthew 6 and verse one now for let me explain it we don't have the time to read all the verses but you'll notice these observations when you study for yourself in this next section Jesus now deals with what I call the heart of the matter. His burden in this section is now to make a heart application of the true interpretation he had made in the previous section crys Now deals primarily in the section with the motives with the what the motives of the heart he is now explaining the why is behind the what is the 2nd section convincing interpretation he is explaining what righteousness is in the 2nd session he's explaining why it's so important the heart application the true motive of keeping the law and the prophets he's doing some heart surgery now explaining the whys behind the what you see as evidence we know a lot of what's so many times we are so prone to lay it aside and not care too much of it because we don't understand the why behind the why it's so don't just explain what day the Sabbath is explain the why behind the why don't just explain the things that God expects us to do in His Word in the things that he doesn't want to eat explain the why he's behind the what's the purpose for the commandment and when we understand the purpose it gives us the motivating power to see the logic in it and want it and want it for our lives you see the difference between convincing and convicting is essentially this to be convents means you understand what the truth is but to be convicted is you want that truth in your life many people are convinced but they're not convicted many people know a truth is but they don't want it in their lives why because they don't understand the purpose the reason the blessing the benefit behind it's so now Jesus is dealing with the heart of the matter making heart up location and he does this by repeating a phrase over and over again here's what he does Jesus says do not do such and such like that but rather do it like this so that you can experience these blessings. Jesus repeat this over and over in this section don't do it like that you do it the wrong way with the wrong motive do it like this the true moon. So that you can experience these blessings he is going for the heart in the Section 8 convicting application and so he's taking his hearers deeper than they've ever gone before he's rebuking the selfish motives they had in their performance and he's highlighting true motives he's already finished with his work on the mind in the 2nd section now he's seeking to do the work on the heart in this 3rd section so if you read it Matthew 6 I was summarize it the 1st thing Jesus deals with is charitable deeds he says don't give your arms to be seen and rewarded by men don't do it like that just sound the trumpet before you do it don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing don't do it like that now he's not saying don't give alms he's not saying don't do charitable deeds he's saying don't do it like the way you've been doing it but rather do it like this do it secretly to be rewarded by God only and others your motive for doing charitable deeds is not to be praised by men but to be put to be to but to please and glorify God. He is aiming for the heart application and then that's it that's verses one through 4 Matthew $61.00 through 4 is dealing with arms then Matthew 6 wrist $5318.00 Jesus Jesus deals with the issue of prayer and fasting he's not saying don't pray and fast but he's rebuking there for doing it the wrong way he says don't do it openly on the street corners you remember don't stand on the street corners and do it in the synagogue to be seen of men don't do it like that don't do don't use rape vain repetitions and much words to be heard by men but instead do it like this go in the closet shut the door and say Our Father which art in heaven. Do it secretly and simply to be seen and heard of God and friends the motive again don't do it to be praise the man but do it because you love God not the admiration and recognition of man he's aiming for the heart application of the true interpretation and then in verses 19 through 21 Jesus deals with the issue of possessions and what we seek in life he's saying Don't lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven don't do it like that because the mosque in the rust will destroy it the thieves will break in and steal it but instead do it like this laid up for yourselves treasures where in heaven do a like that in other words deny yourself present pleasure in order to Stuart in a place that will never be destroyed eternal reward set your affections on things above not on things on the Earth do not leave your heart in this world for wherever your treasure is there your heart will be also in other words heaven if you store your treasure in heaven that means heaven has possession of your heart and your heart is not in this world so don't do it like that do it like this true mode and then after that verses 22 through 24 cries uses an illustration to show that your heart can't be in 2 places it can't be on earth and heaven at the same time and that's why you said no man can serve 2 masters it's either the light or it's either the darkness we cannot serve God and Mammon at the same time and then verses 25 to 34 Jesus deals with the issue of physical possessions physical needs and what we seek He says Take no thought about your life which is what you should wear don't do it like that don't don't think about that don't seek that out 1st but rather do it like this Seek ye 1st the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness and all of those things. Will be added unto you he's dealing with physical needs in the most important needs in that and everything else will fall into place and then Matthew 7 verses one through 6 is the final part of this section Jesus deals with the issue of judging others and he basically says Do not judge don't do like that but rather judge yourself while you try to take that speck from your brother's eye when there's a plank in your own. Jesus is not saying don't judge you just making sure we're not we're judging the right thing instead of looking outward look inward take inventory of your own life look deeper than just the outward. He's dealing with the issues of the heart look into your own heart and then you will see clearly to help others it's easy to judge others but we never like to judge ourselves so Jesus in that section is dealing with a convicting application he's going for the heart what Christ is saying in the section is essentially this God's law of love that I explained in Chapter 5 must govern the way you give the way you prayed it must govern and what you have in whom you seek and how you view of others. Jesus is after our hearts why because the righteousness that is truly from God it must come from the heart surrendered to him amen it says in the book desire of Ages 6681 of the most amazing quotations in the spirit prophecy is all true obedience comes from the law therefore B.D.'s not from the heart is false obedience which would make it disobedience or true obedience you see they had obedience but it wasn't from the heart. They were keeping the letter but not the spirits and their understanding was shallow the cup was empty all to be discussed in the heart it was hard work with crisis and if we consent what does that mean or if we give permission and by the way that's the only part we play in the plan of salvation consent giving permission if we consent he will so identify himself with our thoughts and aims and so blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his way or that when obeying him or we shall be carrying out our own impulses Wow. That's amazing he magine that you're obeying God out of imports it is not in our nature to do that but if we consent if we give got permission he will blend He was our lives will be so assimilated with him is that obedience flows from the heart naturally we do it because we love God not because we are afraid of Halo or because we're enticed by Heaven we do it because Jesus is in the carrying out our own impulses Oh I want to have this experience more consistent in my life how about you and what is our part consent you see you have no power to change your life the only power we have the power of choice God has all the power to change our lives the only power that God does not have is the power to choose for us so we have choice God has change when we give God our choice he gives us the change. And then he says. The will refine and sanctified will find its highest delight in doing his service when we know God as it is our provisional him our life will be a life of continual obedience and so that's what Jesus does in the 3rd section 1st section is what you remember Come on now. Captivating introduction 2nd section convincing. Interpretation 3rd section convicting applications 2nd section is the mind 3rd section is the heart it's both of those 2 things are important because thoughts and feelings make up your character now the 4th section Jesus is beginning to land the sermon plainer in a compelling close in this section is Matthew 7 verses 7 through verse $27.00 I want you notice this heavenly revelation now descends in a down to earth application this is where the rubber meets the road so to speak it is where the seat of truth hits the soil of men's heart to take a root and bear fruit in an individual's life and in this final part of the sermon where Jesus is call it is after is decision he's calling for them to exercise their power of choice their freedom of the will to make that convincing and convicting experience a conversion in their lives so if you read Matthew 7 verse 7 what does this say ask it shall be given seek ye shall find knock it shall be the door shall be opened now friends these are salvation verbs these are action words when Jesus says this he is actually appealing for them to go ahead and ask to see and to mark and then in verse 14 or verse 13 a Jew said knock in verse 7 but then verse verse 30 him Jesus talks about enter into that gate and turn into light these are salvation for the people have been captivated in their emotions in the introduction. They've been convinced in their mind they've been convicted in their heart but friends the conversion of the saw only comes from a decision to respond I remember doing meetings not long ago in my home church in Hawaii I made an appeal and many people came to the front deciding for Jesus in baptism at the end we prayed and everyone dismissed I greedy people at the door and after everyone left I went back into the church and I saw this brother by himself in the church had buried in his arms a decision card in his hand and he was weeping and he told me I when I came into my said was wrong brother he said I should have come up God was calling me I wanted to come up but I did and I should have come up and have missed my opportunity and he felt so bad that he did not respond to the appeal but then I told my brother it's not too late of a still life there still how we can go right now so I took him by the hand and we together walked down to that altar we knelt down and we prayed and he made his decision for the Lord Jesus Amen that's what it's all about friends we have to choose the convincing in the convicting would do us no good if we don't choose to let that become a conversion and so in this section Jesus not only says our seek knock and enter but after that he now appears forced to make a choice is how By contrast ing several things he talks about the narrow way and the Broadway and friends this in if you have a contrast of 2 different things a contrast brings you face to face with a choice a decision is the fork in the road right you're going down the road you see a fork you got to choose. Which one so Jesus talks about the broad way and the narrow way why because he's appealing for a choice a decision he talks about the shape gate and the narrow gate he then in verses 15 to 20 talks about the good Shri and the bad tree the good fruit and the bad a bad fruit again a contrasts verses 2123 of Matthew 7 Christ talks about professors of crisis say Lord Lord but then he talks about pulls us of Christ to do God's will and then he closes the sermon with the illustration of the wise man and the foolish man the house built upon the rock the house built upon the sand the hearers of the word and the hearers and doers of the word and friends when you see a contrast of 2 objects it's a call for Decision contrasts compels us to decide which side of the wall we're going to be on Jesus essentially in this final section is saying there are only 2 sides there is no neutrality in spirituality it's other on one side or the other it's either going to be saved or we're going to be lost and if we're almost saved we're still completely lost Jesus saying choose you this day whom you will serve and for as that's the appeal he's making to everyone today he wants to make it through your lips friends 1st he wants to make it to your heart that he wants to make it through your lips you see the life and teachings of Christ were such that it forced people to decide I had to accept Him as Christ or crucify him as a criminal you see like pilot we are forced to decide either for him or against him we have to decide friends like what Jim Elliot that famous missionary martyr said in his prayer. Jamila Eliot said Lord make me a crisis man let me not be a mile posts on a single road but make me a fork that men must turn one way or the other in the facing the Christ in me and so this was the greatest sermon that has ever been heard by the greatest preacher that has ever preached and what was the impact of the Sermon on the hearers here is the outcome verse 2829 were almost finished it came to Bassman Jesus had and these sayings the people were what. On him at his doctrine for he taught as them for he taught them as one having authority not as the scribes his doctrine was astonishing his message was convincing his interpret his application was convicting his appear was compelling it was easy to hear easy to understand very simple but profound in its simplicity my friend Jesus was a religious teacher of the highest order for he came from the highest heavens to the lowest parts of the year he knew who he was and where he came from and who sent him and so he was able to speak with power certainty and authority to astonish the hearers he was a speaker that stood out from all the preachers of the day his message was a clarion call there was heard above the cuff me of confusion in that day and age his words brought healing healing words of life and liberty and unfailing love his teachings inductions had Heaven's of glory and power upon it and it left the here especial bound with convicting power of the spirit on their hearts and I was result people were compelled to follow follow and friends when we follow the example of Jesus we can expect those same results as well. It was so powerful. That the Fair see is the religious leaders sent the Romans to arrest Jesus you know what happened the soldiers came to rest Jesus and they got came near to a Jesus was that they started here speak and instead of arresting him they sat down and start to listen and then when they went back to the fairness of it they asked what where is he wanted to arrest them you know they said never man spoke like that now. And we can have that experience and so the message what is the message of the Master for things as we as we wind this down number one you begin with a captivating introduction then number 2 when you got it when you got the attention. You begin to do a convincing interpretation take the hearer take what they know go deeper with it convincing interpret it number 3 convicting heart application of that convincing interpretation then number 4 a compelling close this is the sermon outline of Jesus the message of the Master how many you want to preach like Jesus Listen friends before we can preach like Jesus preach we must strive to live like Jesus lived minister of healing for 69 says this The officers who were sent to Jesus came back with a report that never man spoke as he spoke but the reason for this was that never man lived as he lived had his life been other than it was he could not have spoken as he did his were his words bore with them a convincing power because they came from the heart pure and holy full of love sympathy but never less and truth Jesus knew what to say because he knew how to live i want to preach like Jesus I want to live like Jesus to live the life. Of the life giver and to preach the message of the master preacher is that your desire is so stand with me as we close less. That he would help us to the area. Before we close when I let you know after lunch of our 3rd presentation for today we will talk talk about the managing of the material 13 steps in sermon preparations going to be very very practical step by step we will talk more of the details and then our 4th presentation for today is the one you dare not minutes to talk about the creative tools of language and speech now is going to be very very exciting so let's bar has this reprint Father thank you so much for your great love and mercy thank you for the privilege that we had to sit at your feet today to hear not only what you said but to understand why you said it the way he said it in the order that you said it we thank you know that you are a God of order in the year not only one has wanted to change our minds wanting to change our hearts Lord we stand choosing. Lord I pray that you would. Give us the wisdom of the Kurds that we might speak like you spoke. First give us the love and the power that we might live as you live. Give us for falling short of your glory. Or make us better make us like Jesus Christ and we pray that. This message is recorded at the to the end in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so we can Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online she why see what happened or.


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