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Confession of a Godly Sinner

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • October 3, 2018
    10:30 AM
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Well as great father got me thank you for this opportunity to study your work once again make me just the nail up on the wrong rusty sorry. Apart M.L.'s that you have a portrait of Jesus Christ so that I am but seemed to that step father let us hear a word from the Throne of Grace is up there in Jesus is precious and holy. In bed so we've been following our um it can draw right our eyes are still our soap operas we send state is a very interesting soul whopper actually. And it is based on a story of David and Bathsheba So this is our ethics this is the earth where it has been lived with Betsy as his wife for a while the rumors have kind of died down nobody is really thinking about it date it is got away with murder literally it because it got away with everything toss wholesaling it big nobody knows but of course that murdering a rope doll it is somebody their servants in the castle or in a palace they want to see and then know what's really going on so it does seem but it seems in the entire Bible is this the 2nd said Whats App a 12 and 1st one says The Lord sent it the note big came up to him and said up to him there were 2 and in one city. One was rich and one was for expanded seating. And birds of the part and it had nothing save what little you would you had bought and nursed up and it broke down with you and with a little drink and it of it all eat at a up as old fool and drank exult up and look at this most of us will out well like a lot of the Met. Some very close tests I can't travel on to the rich man and he's taken his old slot and of his own herd to dress for the wayfaring man that he was that was to come up to him but the poor lad and dressed it all the man that was come to him and when 8 years this part over a parable is that there's a rich or poor and rich and has herds of stuff that if there were any but of course who has a lot of I who does that is where you get that right if. A lab lays out his pulls it out like a dog leg you know I don't really get it but it's not because it's August he's got a figure like that I don't really know how to a lamb to the public but he's so he had to lead his nurturing the lad was feeding a lamb the Bible says In the parable that a lad was like one of his father's so rich bad as the president comes to visit at parable the big public to him that there's a reason because it was a parable the respect goes to where the poor man is takes it what'll you this is where he has kills it eats his trouser leg or even told that rich man had plenty that he could have killed to see that the trouble was and here is that there's a cedar madness with the young given day it was great the candle against the man he thought was lookin store again and jumps up off which is wrong he's ready to fight and he says that if that as a lark lives that has done this for spite the bad that is this thing just on a lot just want to die and he so restore the lads all because he is sick because you have bought but didn't get off the phone just like what who did it just east of the bottom of this for he was he got up there back 4 times when he took. The next verse is one of the most chilling verses in all of Scripture it's just a few more words etc as such as have the dogs out and says and then said debated are the best in other words you are the men in the story did you order it would up the stuff and the other. Is the guy you killed you took is what's that what you have to understand is that what see what happens when you think you've gotten away with sin when you think you've got away with murder in this case literally that body got with murder and you're confronted with it a lot of normal human response to make up a Spencer is to say it was not me I didn't do it it was something else. This happened isn't it excuses the frankness of the say you are there at no idea what the fuck up is not my fault but you're right that murdered killed in about the war is what he told the messenger. Live and all of them died or one of the top a messenger but in this case. Mr Davis says this or did we get the business speak any more and verse 7 the rest there were 7 make them says dust that the Lord out of his will I anointed you came over Israel and I delivered you out of the hand of song I gave you just as house in your master's wives and to your will and gave you the house of Israel as of Judah and it died and too little is about to be but I did it moreover had you been known to be such and such things outside. If you had so much. If not most of it and not what you had asked for or are a lot of. The new or. That's just so out of the to me that the 10 somebody else is vice and kill them is absurd because we had the kind of relationship where you said listen it oh it cut out what I have out of if you will durst not make the problems as we are for. As I despise the commandment of the born to do evil incite buzzkill deride the good side with the sort of us taking his wife to be the wives and us laid him but the sort of children of different things why do you prevent it did the guilt the right to judge his wife surely you killed him our claim in that at least so on even brother insult to what's happened that they can begin to the David all the time is important up there for the source of never apart from your house because you have this buys it and I think the one you're ready to be your life doesn't have a board with all I will raise that evil against others all those what happened to you but is sort of Absalom later on and I will take that wise before their eyes and the hearts of that paper and. Oh by the wise in the side sub but the one God as a person by you did it secretly but to disable for all is your go and will support the son so there is more consequences we will see the relevant buttons that talk among the rest of the series it would be very relevant we can see in children is as a member of about 4 decades of people who would die or some of. Right the big that that. Buzzy the has to be dives Absalom dies his door is rigged I want to suds that son is killed I mean it just goes on and on up to them is a bust of rebellion against them a war never leaves the tops is why the public in Ireland by his own Absalom that wanted to Celebrity Big want to like it Pollard on his own saw the public what sort of a said. You have to ask a supposition when it comes to sex just right and bold when you are talking about sex is the future all exist as your life. That. Most of the times were not dignified that I didn't get in the heat of the moment that well it is a secret to say they had a sex is that never get into the book of open stand really old it's a look at the moment to get heated up because of the heat of the moment when the homo stuff reason you don't use up the street to make a decision out of lust and out of a desire for pleasure that the consequences of which will last you a whole lot. But I'm up base it's what I was when I was doing the exact the work 1st starting up what exactly were and stuff for. I'm never forget it was a beautiful girl from want to spend as Caribbean islands came in as a patient one day and test it or. Like a few days later the test came back to the figs I beat I would take them the next week the way to almost full of bed a little like medicine for the eyes could see. The ocean to do. L. like a boy's dorm I made it without a lot of people. And all of them had slept this girl and out for some of the. 4 year old goes up. A sit in the waiting age that you could get on with like a little. One. Applies it to get medical on your break it down a bit early. But whatever it is just a few seconds of look at it for that little part because this is why in the messy inside marriage is so much more rewarding then off the outside and outside marriage but at the time you try to run in the opposite direction you will over look at the person next to you what you know world without thinking and what was in that drink out of the notice or like that he got dropped and woke up at someone's house in Jamaica he woke up and that's what I meant but the whole. I don't like a real job at a kid he said rather that household size was put out a little down the street if you get what I'm saying you have to await them to sections of again it all one not at all is that this is only the beginning because it caused the debate and said let it rot is all in. And it actually resists existence of the Messiah in the future Satan understood Don't miss this 2nd episode that if you could get it up to be this big 8 that the live huge would leave the site wotsits No they didn't get some of us to mess up in one bite they can break our lead to the side they get almost messed up the 1st coming of Jesus you can mess up at least yourself you could mess up the 2nd coming of the roads. Those decisions are serious dug up very careful of what you do because what ends up seeing your believes in as a dig up parts that even as a war is the press which mean David unsolved and others response to us says then it sounds innate that I have sinned against the law or you see that 123456 words I have sinned against the Lord I that's already been Saul was caught sending He said all I actually took all of his cabinet to sacrifice to the Lord in the proper said it's a little bit eat then to sacrifice remember that and stop it up excuse incident and carry it all up if you want to do offer and. Even do that don't look at the ups and disappear for us all in the story of a good. So why go in opposite directions. And say that this must be your response. If you know what I'm saying if you try and make excuses said if you try going on her or if you have trouble getting a divorce it flew to bump want to Davis on the S.N. against. Hearing no excuses and this is why I says this is a big because a rocket speed $0.72 truck to touch the heart of big projects was arouses you appeared in all its enormity his soul was evidence before trembling lips he said I have sinned against the Lord all wrong as reaches back from the injured one typical to the up date that committed a great innocent or both your riot and Sheba and he only thought it was but and Phillip the greater was the sin against whom as a selling it's up. I want you to. Reason that this is such a serious thing is because of what you let me put it as a young man don't you see it's a people look to you if you open your eyes up and happen and you figure out a silver top when you start trying to woo barrels and beg them to sleep with them what to eat inappropriate with them and your dues and your pets who are in the. US will understand the sin against but there are also civilians to a good spot you should get a forefront of your mind but don't was trying to get them to think. Up or to get. Them it says the baby the more Also I put away you see and you shout that because it was what existed sin the poor did. To understand as well remember the old testament law was that if you committed adultery what you were stalled She was tall was the great accusation against the one reserves any Bible supposes misread your right to take Bill because you don't want him to be on the brink that his agent gets paid you would have figured it out so they wanted to make sure that it happened that was the day such notice that. You not get it done however. Because by just the will but has given great cases to the enemies of the Lord glass. Also that was born to be shutting out and making a part unto his house and the law that you rise one here on. This very exist so the story goes from a night on the roof. Cashen. I think that is really thinks he gets away with it so he comes back and she says Actually I'm pregnant. And they realize that could be even harder brings up the whole buys the light it to get to live is why so that everyone knows it's the husband shelled out big That's at the heart and a soul or lots of pain that. Sets the right where does all that debt. All take back to Joel app but you're right to set up the battle and it is really starts to read meditated murder on the part of being. Really does what it is. When that happens it takes your eyes every hurt and bring Turkey into and it's out. And it's what it means if he's sitting pretty and it was fine tell you at the end of the story doesn't call for his sin just talk about the terrible of his is this is strictly. OK the layout lives with AT and his family at bags realizes in the end that he's And David Bell says it's all it's own punishment on himself he says imagine what Dot that I made that others say you're not going to drop because engine published but he pronounced other men he was supposed to get that is supposed to replace all it took to rise what lines all of his own budget would be destroyed so they can pronounce one thing one unless they want to get from is it wrong if you are out approach someone who you know is that living right. And gives us a lesson this nation rather to take as a go are open like Bruce Lee buck everybody go boys David he's in trouble God's got a kid doesn't run it over say. I look at it because some people are going to be in positions of leadership. If you want to come across that which is what people fall it's up to says that when we want someone to solve those of us who are able to help them back will be an assistant. Realized you know what about job church if you. Aren't finding it a lot of structure and alienation you want to find a way to resource them back to go up that's what you really want to do because that's what it's about is doing for us and I know it just out of a grown up in charge there was a Ken who is Bob was it was a was the director and he was always at the bar the court kid went along with a bottle of your books by your father something but again what that a bar that a large a motel a spot was not isn't our does whatever you and comes out to one of the church members drive by is a true story Bob Oh I was coming I was like 16 years old I was coming out the Far from talking to it's hot diggity out all in all of the mother told to do kid you love that one day out at out in church raw it was more of the order the church. Is 60 ear old boy out of church God that I've been here into not because. And suspect this better but the other White says if we're going to make a mistake to make it as a church and people form pieces if we're going to look at it and become extinct on the side of mercy acted on the side of justice and does it not us and. It doesn't go dormant about a doornail Center City or a point B. without big holes in it and have. It and tell all sin story. Then they can and can do this because an 80 relationship with. What I want to challenge you is that. Real police. But if you ever need to talk to someone about what's going on and I like you have a platform from which to do it because I was not happy that guy was cut out of a bar he left church because I'm 18 years old he will charger and I'm. Asking so that you know lost him for ever other babies come back to be lost and for those that are church maintenance approach that big say it is a lesson to everyone who have been in leadership in your not the roots of the park police Jackie Chan would prescribe a movie you know that will be your beat everybody up and not everything over it because the 1st thing you should be thinking is looking at this is true out restored is part of you to think that you approach the old it's a bit different. The baby gets sick a bit in the trouble everyone knows this and start the day but Mike says this this passage in David's history is full of significance to the river and center it is it is one of the most flexible illustrations given us of the Ruggles and temptations of humanity and of the genuine repentant Lord and say in our war Jesus crowds are all that isn't a source of carbon the souls that have been sought the sin struggling of the burden of. Historical and Obama said is the story to be 12 steps 12 Steps of repentance up to a bit of a purpose but the story tells us that I'll get out if there's a new mother and don't do this Miles you are a steals about his wife until the day. Mostly. Up bill but it doesn't look like a but this story the point of the story is that if you are from block it can be restored and here in the big back quite a pretty good us up there that is interested because of the suck up the Sabbath with agreeing to Biblical joy and use the love the. Us the leprosy because the dead are dead state of the dead I love the doc it keeps me merry saying it when it goes at the hospital and what it is no most of us because I'm going through a Met I call a lot of other Christians because of this truth unlike religion immoral person the Abbey says you cannot save yourself at the end of the service or mine just as a poem from within oh I just come from Rights Act process process without works is dead as just must live by faith that's why I'm a Christian I'm not out the back of the Muslim I could be a dual I could talk I thought I could get into another religion but preserve any is a liberating. Because it takes on this all to save myself at least it. Is of us elevated on the boulevard and sacrifice of Jesus Christ but me but to live by healing. It would state it so do it here in state I don't know who. Don't even need to know I don't know what of the 2 but don't want to know is that it doesn't matter what was States you may get but as you probably haven't got it was bad and even white. No matter how far you all are at David says you can come back and you can that doesn't mean a bad gods all art that's how we started this whole series to remember so let's look at this 12 steps while step based on science if you want to get this 12 step you made out of somebody you don't give away you hope to meet one day you'll have a friend the relative who needs this will go through something to you what principles and this person could come all the way back to Doug responses something if you want to verse one says this works in upon me. Or into the loving kindness that is about 2 years after everything is happen they have a mulligan seats built in shape I think a badge of what might be a bit gets up to and decide it doesn't go to lift up. Best that he goes to a desk up it depends on a piece of paper. A screwless power and get a pen and date that begins the lights of the divine inspiration of the East 1st that this is a bizarre 2 years most of us ate up everything in our had a baby died Solomon's already been born and he said it here and he still wrestling it but the weight of the show. Is our. Biggest Our Why does that happen. Oh God according to the love by this I'm a want if you want to be. Got very far is to be allies that mercy and bought. A sins a group that it's. Marcy and others love to hear that and a lot of people will talk back to 5 because they see it as a school of. Like up. As a what they think is what I've seen so bad that God still loves them that's why they say but the reality is it God's love for you transcends your behavior in fact even up to what Austin helped script to says this box that acts as a full showing in the destruction of. He loves even those who want that make it into heaven is all up to you doesn't it that's why you could always come back it's like a product is not a particle so I went back to get to be a surrogate when he got what happened thought a father who stood up that. Bugs you no matter what and His mercy meditations and Psalms it says His mercy doors. Have a lot of it in Boris Douglass of it's it's always a veil of all the better what happens in your life that's that number one you've got you have to know mercy and Doug loves other beings in a reply to the 1st and be present that is that according to the multitude Updyke tender mercies of what he said based on that mercy blot out my transgressions blocked them out then he says and I'm sure I want to see it is so great is that the word blot is going to come up a few times in this that there is cause there is a book of works and there's a book of what light in the book of words we're told that is greater probably and it's in the scripture but it is always being recorded always being what. Everything you watch everything we do the messenger is recording what we do want what we stand for the judgment seat of power but like a giant movie all those axes will come up for everyone and yet the problem is more scary for someone like me Sid it is that was a terrible mistake I don't want to pay for them all or all of them well as they are witnesses and $1.00 less than the butler lost comes up and my life begins to play out a lot of whole universe to see THAT'S WHAT I WAS THAT IS see Gordon take the great see that you say it was that the citizens are ruled and if you're a priest if you've been covered but blood with X. comes out the screen is going to go. Jesus was about to say this isn't his but I've covered him with my blood because in the book of life it is the product Jesus that will literally have blotted out the transgressor So when they go to read your life book a sin will be visible it will have been written that you get mad that's why I'm a Christian because in Christianity a sin can be blotted out that's a multitude of that tender mercies blot out the transgressor that he says was sorely from my equally and conscience me from my sin at the focal point to the point of you going to be needed by that point of repentance part and he. Said you don't repent so that you can 7 X. we get messed up what are the lessons like love can maybe get a fresh start like it was a little bit then that's we get. It is to remove it. Took out what was it off you as the purpose. If you want to verse recess for I had knowledge of my transgressions and my standards what ever the horrible one of the dangers of sin or growing up what are the biggest things a set is sin works like medication the reason that medications don't work long term and I'm about a doctor and I could tell you this because your body is very complicated and is about it processes that will override the medication upward You can't develop tolerance to the medicine so we put someone on blood type leprous of medicine and a lot of these lovely like what we have to keep put on higher and higher doses that are medicine because the body gets used to it and pushes back against it as their body and just as a medicine and add a new medicine and as it happens it used that so do what America at the heart of people's cabinet so that they got to think about like this full of pills every day I'm exaggerating but you get a point there at taking 121520 at which it. Could be all these different things because you develop a tolerance for medication but it's similar to say. If you expose yourself to something the 1st time you want something that you know you should know what the 1st you see an R. rated film and this of nudity you've never seen it you a little uncomfortable you don't feel right for 5 years and you get up and up or to pick and sober. If you keep exposing yourself to send out you to the public. And that's going to double words least if you small doses of something Burjanadze of the strong it put water. Up brought up on what is your duty you don't jump out but if you put up enough water and who the water if you heard a fire on a lot of oil what happens. Stays than they are. But that is about as far up the jerks in the around you. So that you will sick. And die that's why not acknowledge assent and yes it has to be ever born as baby said You see because it turned step as you can incest what you owning up and of said. Stuck on that was it's just the way I am just the way it's always end up this is how it was what it is and as it approaches and guess what I'm fully repaired there with you that a call it by its right name send us up so. Let's see if you want to burst or is it like it is the IN THE only have I said this would be princes of this evil and by sight I just beat justified with a speaks it clear out that it was a look at the Lord that I guess he just is Lucy if you really look great but the story is not I guess you are right and I thought Oh absolutely he had. What David did to your I sobered up to the burning and all the Bible he had begged carried a letter telling them to kill him. At least it states a spot that is so wrong on so many levels of eternity that if your eyes loyalty that Gary is all there all the way to Joe a phrase. He took his wife he was the cancer he was in the position of power so is very difficult but argues for her to say no so basically you could argue he just picked up the bill to be said easily against a right he said against. His wife yet when take most of our pet he says listen I only said that you are not. So I think the only guess that an upheaval in the US that might be done if I do not speak and play with the deficit for you was realize use and against God and you want to take it as the one into you what up with the act in the context of return. It this is the point I'm trying to make is Satan said that God's law can't be kept every time we sin and we're unrepentant we may say it's a point of God as our judge or you get this is the protocol a consequence of soul if you sin and you're not bill is to work at it if you said you're not really up to that in a right way to go back to the 1st data such as I'll put you to me justified when you speak I want to be clearly judged. The whole point of the present welcome to point of the quietness outpaces of. Everybody you know what's in them and such as the order is a. Is Right so I was purpose as will be said by Christ French response and behold out of shape been iniquity and send it my mother and the seed above says to the step 20 that ascends of the father visit the children to the 3rd and 4th generation weed out know that you keep your mark character traits you can pick up so if you come from a fat where everybody drinks a lot now not alcoholics you should not try at all because the very traits might be you demanded parts of it as if some of it is environmental some of it can be genetically should drink but we also have all of this something now called he did not exist at meeting that source certain characteristics could also be passed to. The point is what they understand his lesson. Up to the center before I committed this particular case it was basically I was born in sin I was shaken in iniquity and said that my brother can see me these weaknesses I always had as elder that does have to relate to the sin all what a prop is a lot of times what are we what isolates they are and I'm. Sorry I did get Point Z. happen again we say my sin problem is what happened to us out at night but the real problem is who will act in a Saturday night you are the sitting problem you will all or what Dick Cheney the more of the past to be because of the sin of Adam Adam and Eve It's not just in step is this project but in the truth that your sin problem is bigger and your recent problems with other people want to say of us looked up that way last weekend submodalities and part of what I want to put on your one of those just the OS just self when you talk to God Lord help us where does my sin problem actually go 1st it's a build up desires to make it work box and in the heat part us out make needs of no wisdom deep inside and big has gone beyond just the what happy one with. And with and with and with your right it is going to be a you are to be inside or even was it was a liar and a murderer. So that is it does you have to recognize it dud see it correct simple. So you why you were there and it will be see you in it and to help you deal with the cause what's this the captain of that allow you to admit that the state. God will be ugly where your God seeks to correct sin and truth you must be asking but so that it says in verse 7 birds be within is a weakling one speak and I mean one spoke the birds of the book be it removed up in Perfect. Harmony at least 77 to one already it is the cleansing not just being Salahi and you are what caught a lot of people are really sorry they said that this sorry they got caught as I really never more upset interfere don't like. More upset and they got caught so they're not really ripped up see it ever but not eat. And that's why I would have just started to duck pot a lot of what happens is you don't really think that all of us that problem areas muds each later back to say you want to start or who are only sorry that does not repentance that's called the void and you don't want consequences burst excess back here joy and gladness at the palms of which that has brought me rejoice I face for my sins and blood of all I make it is there that we're plotting and does hide your fate my sin was that that inverts. Doing that is all of. This is a simple sit up the balls to Jesus bring. The crowd was about Jesus that is only to be broken and it doesn't have broken both the symbol of said even when he was all across to the 2 thieves the sap is coming they need it isn't that what it does to. Broken legs why couldn't they couldn't push up on the cross and keep reading what you wrote them back to what it was to get out they would suffocate a crucifix our way to boat and they died but when the souls don't wipe the whole Diesel's leg what happened it was already dead it poked a bit aside what came up blood and symbols of when they put water in it's a book by the what. Never had a broken bone when we said symbolic disparity big break old the bone in your body is interesting because 2 sided Bowl is the matter is what we produce is blood and the life is the what the boat is also the most innovative the most connected nerves of almost any part of the obvious when you break up only effects so much so you can imagine what David is saying he said listen here Joy and go back is that all good to at all get with Joe It has to get those of a better cook spect to get up and it said write it he'll go to a stronger do you get that it's lead. You get in this thing I want you to know spiritualized to say what you all do mark since from your fall you can come out of it all stronger spiritually and it's good of all day to ask such joy. It is only getting back to. The way in a psychic a movie set and I say that because what a lot of people even charged brought up I grew up in a 4th generation 7 is what I returned to what a lot of people expected to be was the rest of your life. Because you've messed up and thought that what you got out of the. Car to limit what's right or not plowed or was that all the time. It is always bad luck everything they want to our likes and everything bad is always happening to you one of the gives you back your sin he wants to restore our Sure and let me tell you why that's important because you see sin is not joints sin is exciting sin is pleasurable but is a short lived it just like radical relatives are that if you have a point you have to go to the state and you doesn't it is just one of those that you will stand in line that is the legislative you list that I like the 3 hours 4 hours so that 10 hours you will wait to get on a rollercoaster and a rollercoaster the last 35 seconds 45 seconds I can't do it out ready to fight but I get the fuck up I can do it as all people most and I am the engine up into talking to an agent he gets up I get out of and 44 seconds over. I don't find joy in that but this excitement in the moment that since it was like that all the post rather you want all that out but not a stance. So I doesn't just come and go in a hole with joy you have when things are going. Even with the goal like not so good. The question should be JOYCE You got it correct and that people were just miserable up from didn't always think redux Why would I want you or Jesus if what you teach us did you just misery they did says when you said you were. Showing in your life. That toil of others the shepherd boy when he spoke to Larry and he sort of dear Doyle about to kill the light yet joy over the bar in place of toilet because I'm going to boil it up in right in front of me with the words according to the experience but still most of you have experienced Still it all you of. The. Other of. It I doubt it is yours at home and out of our sad our own if. That's true all. Joy got to seek to be accepted back into the fold on to see that your parents stop being mad at you and just see to at the church people don't come back right. See you in the Lord up call to be busy but I read this there has to be many calling to the Holy Spirit. So when Davis is created me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you. That's the 1st year he says that to a halt to the Holy Spirit you are in the breach after you repent you want Louis you want to be removed if you repent and $51.00 and Burton says restore and be the voice of this and started to all of us all these are all to apply for experience and our friends Chris is now we. Converted on to you and says ask to be brought waste we are. And it's because guess what one of the most powerful things I have learned in witnessing the other people is to tell them. That would come out I remember meeting of the ones that would want to at that and the trouble be that but anger something here on the prison that we were all sitting around that was telling us this as the morning I spent time in a state and an interview and while it was in the state that it would raise the birds and got a good candidate at least it is began to eat and the priest in the prison because I had been baptized inside the prison while he was serving his turban he was out on the bringing us to go to every work of the hour and we only 30 miles away and we were in the finest outcome. Which store in its terrible. As it you know bottles of fresh and all but. What it didn't take. Credit that story would meet the stay focused on the body I was at school because I understood that this bad experience with up so that we don't want the world to know arson we want to hide it but you know what some love God allows you to be restored from it because you didn't want to disappoint. The Church on what was going to but you went. And you can tell a lesson out of not given up on us if that happened in church when the young lady got pregnant and the whole church was ready to toss this quote for girls and the like 7 in talk about it I don't look even looking for a lot of correct we read about a scarlet letter on the girl about the blood of the who got her pregnant and I've nothing yet a woman in the church. And from the church while they were having one of these meetings which is archaic in many cases around this girl's life and around this girl's Egypt this woman a lot of respect and actually buried didn't children the leader in the barracks said I did that and said as a bet you don't know this but my 1st shot was can see outside of what a lot I see the story aloud to her and yet she was out the streets she found. Out. Outside of church and it was a legs and ends up in the streets what it really is finally getting eagle to uproot all our books to get back to the Nazis the leader he said you put your op ed on this early one soul. But those. That say the charges lowered standards in a people make me just. But I am 2nd and that actually goes that way who among us will be able to stay it when people make mistakes it all is restoration so I don't think you can say listen you can hold it up as we can censor you could last but guess what but a person to the church out of diapers with us and some baby clothes we ought to make sure the L.N. knows we love art regardless of what mistake you make the chart to show that you love the church are gentle. What does stopped loving us when we made a mistake you know the Bible actually says why you were yet sinners Christ that bought us and his arm around that already love of your not much is all written with the rate of observation baiters by the place that is they were no I've been many many years and I love my cousin it was the leaders Eve party and think us home on break into our lives where does Michael I'm going to beach and those days was a little too I was doing this that when you go pull up the little of the police cars are already lined up and ambulances. Right so they just wait and this is a lot of drugs because it is a bit when they get a call that you walk inside and drag that out over the back there who lives in the rest of the doubt so we're bubbling around to the music or public bubble and accidentally on a man's foot but because it was in front of me hours here you know that director when I passed on the guys look at what it said Who as that could so I just kept walking. I don't know who are turns out. We go big drug dealer it was his last ep done it was that Keller Ellis doesn't he set it that the high they can buy. They can buy kind of him so you know it's a Heineken bottle any busted up Bob side the head of the guy behind me he thought he stepped on his foot and all glazed erupted in the war like that out of the movie everybody was coming you know if there. Was that don't stop at I grab heaven and the red out I got the current of law I think I've done with the battle of life after that. But what's this. When I was telling that story that prayer meeting. But very big it was that act. Or it you know but it didn't help. She said you know it's a good thing God text us before we even have enough good sense to ask supports In other words not to do that because our public image that why it was raised that minutes with an update look as must be where they're at and it's already part of us 6 and us apart from the debate and so. My point is when you're dealing with a dog and you're dealing with dogs people rubble I got roaches to remember how far you may have come up remember that it wasn't for the grace of God not of us. And so many other try to restore full so I think that if you if you'd Buddhist and for me it started but I have to be whole no different spirit weird if you believe that the middle of a doc can people only spirit out of and dive team up teach transgressors died with hits and sin or stop being what they was I will use my experience to help somebody else that's what they would say deliver me from blood guiltless but blood guiltiness all got myself in the sink a lot of your right it's somewhat of a problem at the difference exulting is right to say this is not your choice so once I'm told they come out of sin and you know they do they become self righteous it's not up to date that I would use them the fact that I've said and I don't want to know it keeps me humble. I'm that kind of art over to you about I think or do the difficult I'll try to teach you to write wait a so you know what the Scripture says that we're going to be fooled into believing. Or writes is than everybody else never going to get to that point because that's what Lucifer it. Is that I deserve to be the highest one of the head eyes of exhaust all above the the stars of the most high got on the sides of the earth I had you know what are you. Of easily walk away from. The luck pass it is a constant reminder to keep them don't let your past hard you let your past humble. Obviously given your obvious and accept the joy but stay home don't let your past and your victories begin say but another soul. Exotics rightists some 51 verse 16 and 17 says that the lightest light and burnt offering the sacrifice of God are in what a broken spirit broke at a tug right hard all God's will but this spot it's God doesn't really want to run off let me just him but if we never sang praise it American leaders of heaven pray the worst and then haul up a little care that I did do it they said it if you want more song like that do it. More but he. Is not concerned with how many balls you can put on an altar he's more of a softer had he been broke and had to make it all the old that's what God wants he wants a problem because when you're hopeful he can lead you so I said Moses was meek and only act of Scripture says. Even when you go to present your presence the last step is this will offer you a broken mess that done. As a while as a sacrifice because when you offer God your brokenness He can mean the bottom line is that it is a part and the Potter wants to put out again if you didn't object broken that the war in it you and what he repeats you I'm going to live out of the state of sit at live it or his. Arrogance but in the utility follow it up because you love him because we experience by him in dealing with as them says to me but again I'm a Christian because of God's mercy and the groups I love the Lord I had such as I sit here and I did either the teachers or I was just as a happy chap to accept a sacrifice Christ and for me I brought that up I looked it all I have are out of. Reach of Christ it. Doesn't mean I did anyone else but it's very possible and it makes me not want to break my Christ's heart and. Make me cease and differently because every time I said Scripture says actions I am afraid it makes me want to study the 10 men study the scripture understand what that requires of me is that I don't want to hurt them or I'm not trying to sin because I think you know I'm not trying to be seen because the big somehow sin is that a saved me I don't want to see it because not all are. But road to have it isn't paint by my behavior macro to happen as paint with the blood out is a big 8 year it's his right is that it has a. Right as that's going to give me. What I want I want to make this where can I use it in prayer I ask God to give you victory over said because you love him because you're in a loving relationship with the Lord your God. And if you look up border God with all your heart and with all your soul and all you understand it you're not going to take civil lightly because and I got a lot of hurt one you love so lot. Why does it hurt so much when you get when you break when you mess up and your mother finds out most of us of a just tired about like what I'm best up and my mother had to sign up let me just of up I went to Italy some of the other kid I would bet if they could let me be. As an adult or a bit of a young adult lessons that I would try but I just all of that there's so much of me that hurt me that go back and tell our messed up like this how much more for God to try to live right so I don't break his heart as if 43 abreast 25 says I even a lot and he that blots out by transgressions for my own sake I don't not remember your sins. And will not remember that I since God doesn't just promise the bludgers and he promises to do what if again he says he will cast this into the sea of forgetfulness and that he will remember to sin no more beds that means that your sin or be remembered that the forget is that you know that some of us do go get a deep sea diving boat we have scuba gear we asked loaded to the deep thought it was it we dropped out and did all that and we go looking for all sit gods but not us it why do you spend so much that I want if forgot let it be forgot $711.00 date comforted Betsy his wife went on to her and lay with Actually Verizon and he called his name sobbing and the lot of them obviously got what we stored up store so much up to it does what it does it's. The 2nd sow the Best Buy has to him double loves is a map our A lot of us and we set out a kid would never be right and there will be blood but it came into this world. Just up the thinking that life is a legitimate doctor if you know what it is Jesus that when he lets out it teaches them that they did know was probably. Don't ever do that anymore and this story some of it is luck of the Lord and he is up out of the story gets a lot of that's what it is about. But this is Judah the fall when the Bible mention that day that descends from only possibly Betsy but is of the house of Israel something that may not actually have been rather definite with her 1st husband who will take more of a prophet and better father lost the better and take part as one of Jesus is one of Jesus's great great great great grandmother there is Bruce a mole like this who used the words of idols she has a son a boy that was a subtype test and who is David's heart and seat as a woman for whom Jesus ascended that was a plus to. Jericho and yet And yet she also isn't a lineage in that when you read of the lineage of Jesus but there's Bathsheba and made it out of the tellings take it out of all X. insult God still lark good to have such good that other day you'll get a. Patsy but you wouldn't say that then some of it was born to pick up with it with great insight the teaches us to support from that you. Don't ever think that you commit is up so badly. And still use you. That is no good they could do it don't ever let anybody like you like that exporting 7 dogs out general bomb but they have the Lord God of Israel for as much as I exhausted the from among the people and make the prints over my people Israel and right by keeping them away from the House of David gave me and yet that has not been by God as my servant that the Bible says about David kill the lad and commit adultery it's as if I cut and mince David's saga with all its heart to do that all really what was right in my mind a. Day that was like. I said a man what is all that took his life there horrible stuff probably the Bible can say that because it says this. Even though he up the transcript of the final insect say it and what and love but remember this is. To die but I want you to get more than anything is that troops got the will to since he forgets them don't let the devils in you deep sea diving back into your past but God has given you figure something that you fall back not as my stand on today in a moment it would have I not you I said I would confess my presence of the Lord and of the ability of bison. It's the space of a 26 thousands of children of God Look been betrayed to sin and ready to give up the spirit remember it updates and say repentance and confession were accepted by God not the spending he suffered for it by expressing it all of it empowered to repent and try again to walk the way. To Bed whoever under the returns of the soul with confession and repentance as the David if you see or that there is hope for them all for him what will in fact except doubt promises or find parking lot of never cast away one truly repentant soul he has given these 2 promises let him take hold of my strength that he may make peace with me make peace with me Isaiah 275 as if you 57 Let the wicked forsake his way and the on right as bad as thoughts let him return to the Lord he will have mercy upon him and 2 are what the last part is as for you well. Are. Don't let and don't have a big yet long some 130 day was a blast and passing on his children so the Lord has been passing of those who see her or him Noles out sorry but remembers that we are. But dust got mill's And if you make mistakes and understand that. A wife says a likeness is desired me to speak for 62 she says met the center while they love the said Christ the sin. But loves the center as work in another and look at the Veterans Hospital of our favorite stories of our medical careers this is one organ of the addiction unit at the V.A. hospital I went in I was in there one day and a man came to be seen. We sat down in the chair and he said Dr I want to. Also with an inability to think you had you want to die already. He did it in life and Sparky said that it was dead serious that. I want to die. As I do want to die wearing in the hospital he said because I thought it would be easier to die here than anywhere else I said was going all it's we said listen 2 years ago I bought the died a year ago our father died he said Doc 2 weeks of all my dog died I don't have any one. He was dead serious I said at last all of us now want to come here he said I was going out to the desert. I've been struggling with addiction problems I was molested when I was a boy by an older man he said he started telling me all the stories I was like you said is that it up and I went to Vietnam and was fighting for America in Vietnam. My wife found another man here in the States and I was setting my money home to her and they were spending it when I got back she ran off with the other back he set up committed terrible sin of lip contrary to what they would like to do what he said I just want to. Use that's what's out of the press or what I say to this and guys that ask him I said Do you know the Lord Jesus the man said Yes I know Jesus is the son of the Living God I said if you know Jesus why do you want to die why do you want to commit suicide that's really what it was it said absent so that up wouldn't ever except it's about neck government issues a part and I began to write on it the plan of salvation I did have a little tract that it never the I didn't have anything to hand out I began to write a plan to sell these. The Jesus before the birth even existed a sort of foundations of the world it was a land that was smart and I started marched into the Old Testament I got into the birth of Christ as a diesel born in a manger lived the setlist I said he was the pain the beatings of the thought of crowds of very forms that Drew can be parted when Adam sea and all the forms they put on Jesus's bra said they beat him I googled it across and coolly about him dead. And he died so that you could live he could have call 10 hours a day in chips but he stayed there for you and for me he said You mean you think Jesus died for me I said Sir if you are the only sin old it's he would have come and died. The man began to cry it began to weep me God still loves me I said listen I can guarantee you that God will forgive you of your sin and He will respond more you up to his all as I can bear it because under sinner that's been saved by grace not a bed together boogies I'll go for the hospital if you get a cry right err on the floor of the better that's Hospital Lobel at the California back at it like that is that it's right et a week later it came running down the hallway brother doctor brought the doctor straws arms around me. So how is everything he said doctor you don't know misled me ever since we prayed last week ever since we had that experience he said I don't even have the desire that I'll call drugs anymore. Because he was going to the desert to make crystal meth amphetamine speed that he was drinking that's why I got pulled over by the police in the 1st place or wound up with us he's our That desire for drugs and it was that's what a fool as a Hollywood to go it doesn't duck out one problem is that what that is that he can't get out of Alcoholics Anonymous and about topics about it will be that like that many he said that selling out Paul at all the Bay of Pigs us. The baby it's. Sort of made a few years later he was the only Christian commit except at this we preach about the blood of Jesus and his saving tawar is ability to save and and to bring people from the gutter also to the other this is not just something to look at we we say it's not just some fairy tale we recite it is raise them sees us is original is blood as real as up billeted the good etc Stuart is revealed about shallots you. Know some of you have done stuff you're not proud of. But got those which you done while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and you will be a better Christian when you want to stay. Just how much God loves it when you understand Christianity depends all a power of his blood or your will power over you understand that you can live a victorious like was said apply his blood to your lights stop worrying about what you did. Start asking God but God now with. Larry had about every eyes closed somebody gets a knight was to stand with me and accept the free pardon of the blood of Jesus Christ you want to stand with me tonight say listen Jesus paid it all and all to him by a. Sinbad left the premises. But he washed its widest so. You want to stand up just say Lord Jesus I give it all to you I swear to stand. For a lot except the pup Jesus Christ in your life. You want to follow him you want to know him. More and more and more doctor wants. To be one Jesus Christ. Except the part that we are. Very had about it we are whores. Or. Let's pray that we can see. All that out children said. You know how serious this is but it is Laura I taught not to make you don't really help me but are the best. And young people need to know that you love them and if you love the department by their behavior you love them because they are bought they had a book about the 1st job and that you are God is a lost soul I want every young person are going to know how much they are loved by your not looking for it seems the spoiler now looking for a reason to publish them don't go trying to find an opportunity to save them so that out of the sick bed committed or are to God you still love them and you want to bring them back you want to connect them to you Will you want them to. Ask for us a get this to repent of this it is and you want them or by the power of the blood of Jesus to not only have to sit watch that we would have a big tree over said itself but they could live it up. Well something a lady here or right now are buying just going back to think that this is our product ordered by her that you do as you say and all of us A I even be that brought up what transcriptions and I remember the suit is no more I'm told that your willing to forget what she did this is what it is it to. The young man who knows he's not me right he's got the little rights that does according to what he's been taught to do at old church he's been to the 3rd period billed as piling up I think it was odd that I thought out of God a built in shape but God showing. That if you can accept the blood of Jesus Christ on his wife. All those that have been broken to be healed they can be a stronger Christian out of the love as a plot athletes talk back to. Bust up the god to devil these. Obsessed with Bob adjusted. His Lord never to be afraid to bring us to do you will help us Lord to always know that you are faithful and just to give us a posse. Cleanse us of all of righteous. Uprights about. The process that only unable to exist but that starts a. At and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W. audio or.


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