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God's Loneliness

Siegfried Roeske



  • December 5, 2009
    10:00 AM
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him hold him and men of love that God has bestowed upon us him and that we should be called the children of God him like a dog with the privilege as it was on the morning and him to be an end and hope him to find convenient for someone that I believe I made a commitment years ago that I was asked to do something for the Lord cinema right mind and how the body and soul that would get him and him always happened to be at Avenal because this is a special place for tourism this laziness joy for me to come and share their blessings that you are receiving here fantasy for the hot remember well that uniformly made in nineteen fifty seven long time ago many of you are still an anticipatory oblivion is but finally allowed him now come early to their father is the outgrowth as I was preparing to sail for America to devote time and I and my brother and I knocked around the harbor him not to father Don him to thought seeing that I shall never forget it without all the young sailor and his belongings saying goodbye is not sometimes we are maybe a new by the departure of Lublin slung from the other is one of the abundant element in the agony and despair in on those two as a basis and who got rated and appears to questions that they had him would allow Joe Armstrong in one another's absence what rivers each other again in short time later but hundreds of people on the Pierre waiting from their jobs and sadness mixed with showers and loud there is a huge eighteen thousand and Folger library moved away from the dog is about that time the band began to play and how the again how my heart was torn because those sentiments in my heart as well and see my home country again without I see my sister my two brothers were maybe a nice goodbye would ever see them again there is an old in this kind of pain and separation and are familiar only people in this InfoWorld 's arriving on campus of Loma Linda found some right here in church separated from friends families jobs even home and separated by distance is an advanced program gives him not you are one of these people on the prior step in this morning and you will better understand him to a topic that we would like to think about him and God 's loneliness found somewhat of a strange thought that you think about it admittedly when it becomes very me and the light of the songs we sang this morning for Christmas him and everything to him tonight will be nothing but a holy night it was and will always remain in divinity descended into the very depths of sin this body of the simple race is only as of the universe he stars and constellations exhorting all the evangelical other beings him in the morning God is the only begotten God is not only for you and for me was the only God God created for purpose the purpose was long the apparent and very inherent creative nature as well was the reason for creation and loud I wasn't all him to have an encounter God together said to begin and that is wrong you need me to bring as it seems as for by him all the things created in the hand than the earth and all things were created by EM and Faria Street have someone enough and beaten out of him and is a fifty four and since I know you why I love you I want everyone with you that man was a very unique auto the universe in terms of the challenge of Russo for regarding the character of God is without God went a step further in creating designing and integrating family relationships and broken as for other things and fall in order to demonstrate the nature of his character 's love him and thrown out in the mind of God that was a beautiful picture of a richer and following all of because of these human beings that he had just created his times and ending the present aspect of his character that he had not revealed in quite the same way you and you and God the unique measure all think Autoblog shall install a new and exciting ways to know you could watchmen grow and develop his capacities becoming more and more like his father degree in turn is your him to graduate she am always defined seedlings of the these objects is supremely all these beings would understand more and more and more and more injuries pleadings and is being him to have a friend that had two boys remember you a policy can hardly become a voice a girl I like to go camping without a ball of light for them to share my life might be using him in my mind my dreams were of an man blocked in fog and the God of the end it was the beginning of the fulfillment of a beautiful dream Isaiah forty three seven says I have created him for my car and rework them share in the glory of God I informed MJ and I have made him him and I am an exciting future for the children of my birth and my creation we do not know what happened soon him and Muslim turn away while we know it was a terrible disappointment filed on Adam and Eve were not the only ones who suffered because of sin hard drive from the beginning of the gods now his dreams are shattered for the time being at least temporarily reversed God 's original plan and if you compare a beautiful situation and he augmented with his regular final cells as compared to God 's original plan the job help us remember that sin is a monster that is not anything to do i.e. as soon as a child saying that Satan does integrating the riot hardened purposes of God is going in the happiness of man by destroying the happiness of God she was dreaming about the plan for him and separated from God not because of God we are separated from God because of sin God has not separated powers Satan has separated us Isaiah fifty nineteen is as is your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins and hid his face from you shuffle isolations embraces a terrible thing and it's interesting to note that on this planet who uses phenomenon for punishment that is because it hurt so much to punish her separation isolation I will work on the students have been able to Sharon prison ministry for twenty years in Lincoln and many kinds attended Bible study in the evening so maybe missing in the city with Jack for feed you don't know him seizing the whole site you solitary confinement terrible to punish him in isolation I read recently in the Sunset magazine of a father complained to his neighbor and he said things are different now than you my son is a color TV you will move the exterior oh radio call for his own following the computer in his room is one of punishing lapsing into my room is available twenty nine of its assets in not only shut as they made their way from God but the stories in man and in his soul these iron and the ability for knowing him is terrible in this matter of separation is founded as a quarantine it's a very contagious condition that we are being we are not in touch with other planets in other beans of the volatility will be someday because sin is a contagious disease and so isolated from the rest of the universe this garden is under quarantine hundreds of God across the regular news heart is aching form and fifty dollars for a shabby on foreclosing is no unity for wanting this sounds fun oh three thirteen and fourteen seconds as a father his shoulders of the Lord 's films eleven unit in the hospital nursery there are by the window see parents coming through the nose and squashed against the new pain that Darlene is inside a very basic is isolated eliminating the baby four months four months not only between life and death for whom the first week of his life IQ so I know something about him and wondered me at night it is bundled in all I does all of father mother God love them all and there is the expression on heavens of a two-month mother and father under one duty United dates and she just separated and that the pain and the tears dripping down months James Reginald on the little darling for English and he or she will do well on his own voices when she feels the pain of separation the independent and more because his capacity for love is infinitely greater than our capacity so why hasn't an citizen problem for throwing that has caused him to break into quarantine that's an awful yesterday integrated price is a determination of winners in the August solution for all that they called his name and on the all time memories I can stand it no longer I will invade their territory of the Avenue to redeem one because we cannot be separated any longer and that no sacrificial love of God wrapped up in the name the ninety one twenty three the virgin shall be with child shall bring for this on the job call his name Immanuel you could use most said they will call his name sacrifice because he will be determined tonight what is separated with us the story is told you know what you want to discuss the rules of the household is just as many times as you must visit the discipline both father sons of the father because this must be a lesson for you that he will not soon forget him in going to have to ask you do street in the attic for the next three days all in all we had an attic was driving golden scary out there but the attitude was the isolation seem terrible to the small is that nights him to believe to be trying the dark mirror stares him to make use of it in the dog knows him in the attic is another stairs him dark dark isolated these experiments and bit to see him daily stirring back and forth finally the father consented no longer cannot get from sleeping bag and mother who was what was happening you come to bring the family photo no-no no can do that the father took the sleeping bag quietly made his way up the stairs quietly ruled on the sleeping law that makes to sign this and wasn't sleeping him and his arm around the sentences oh shiny underneath so much in the side to do so very much father in heaven couldn't stand that separate and fully sunk in Downers Grove this meeting that next is delivered to regroup on earth God withdraws him as a creation God with us and send problem of God without the shoring up in the presence of God provides comfort and are in sinful world God 's license I was mourning him to review even if you are experiencing separation and uniqueness in God 's eyes God belongs to be received among us is twenty five is a incest that they make me a sanctuary that I need to go among them did not go through in the sender and all the Jewish moving city from it can be seen the glory of God 's presence God couldn't be kept entirely always know we couldn't filter out the same God song developers people wouldn't allow him to come in because she wanted to live in the hearts funded using him and him and the heart and life of every every person that God has a nurse and yet to be decent only voice greeted people on planet Earth he wants about it all him and he wants to run our school and our churches and our very hearts of those who love him that's often the tragedy happens over again he comes to his own and his own regular by President Garrett and so many games are many things are happening is a new for the normal mankind the level of man's soul Jesus is a German song this is easy him Jesus was to him in his voice that seems mean to him there was no room in the union that was no room inherits Temple that was no room in the mansions of the scribes and Pharisees who was known and proven stable saving you in my heart this morning he came unto his own and his own received him not to Jewish nation drifted scribes and Pharisees interested in him and even his own mother and his brothers and sisters she's him to understand him and thinking to his own TVs over Jerusalem in Matthew twenty three twenty seven fall Jerusalem there was a micron module will all gather you did like any endeavor that you do what you want not a hard on for you all acceptance is instead an guide broken heart because of the loans even if you should return to him he hasn't changed him next to for very few people understand I'm changed to either him to New Orleans for the love is only for the companionship they will not give him and West Germany off our flight by calendaring from East Germany we had a neighbor during Grover two listings there is him down we didn't know when he was alive this new communication some years of trials and hardships people sustain by the dream of someday going home finally that it is our goal is to find the founding out all still be on the quality of his boy Martin is my schoolmate in school you must be grown up now you must become a young man my daughter Erin God is using this address is my sister told him of becoming a young lady knowledge you want the girl years ago his wife I miss her participation as a lens mounted him and every mile of the train rivals to maximize your way into Germany is going hard to reach out to the two of his three found as far as always that immediacy is why was there but if you want another hour or she will engage to be married to a man is on the evening feeding the husband didn't mention who you wound me to tragedy a terrible tragedy what is appointment will pray for that matter I'm waiting for years the mess hall we do all the wrong again without thinking that I can how Jesus came into his own him so him a him tries to either ignore because I was lonely for you and let me tell you a you and is only as it cannot be all those untreated meetings from other planets or even angels in heaven but only you can by me I have been later from Jesus wants to these old parties were appropriate to the father version this morning from Jesus some of the finest speaks to us again tonight is your name is following the Sabbath morning I guess everything is better to tell you how much I love you and care about you I thought you said you were walking with your friends as tolerated all in all you would come and talk to me also as evening I gave you something to close you'd be kind of cool we used to rescue him and him and we didn't entertain him tall are her sleeve but I felt on you because I threatened him and I thought you fall asleep last night and I love long to touch your brow so patient to move IW below and your face again I waited in the morning to write down so we could talk I have so many gifts for you him away and I saw for the day and night to you is when the rain today was an swallow it makes my day I think although I understand my friends that means all or we many times to file you are trying to tell you in a quiet green razz is a wizard do you in the colors of the flowers I shall interview in the mountains means you can get the word is enough songs to sing I know the sunshine and perfume the air my love for you is deeper than oceans to hear him and the biggest one on the and a half we will spend eternity together in heaven I know how hard it is found me on this earth really know because I was there anyone help you my father was out to him sees that way you know him says follow us a call me as we talk to me I have chosen him and because of weight because I have you need to bring him tease him and pretending to him and I stand at the door and knock him save any man hear my voice and open the door I will rush in level if you need me him following him in the house of versions one and wounding him living in him him D so wrong for him to this increasingly nice separation is very painful to him and the evangelical twelve ahead and being him nor there's more to him since a presence in Vietnam have an enormous outdoor minorities as the family to him to him and said no Jesus Communion beyond one note on him and take the throne in office today and for ever under the glorious day when the heavens will break and were only negligible and we shall be for ever united and see the face-to-face and new for the end of the human being for eternity in Jesus name amen


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