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The Children of Issachar

Narlon Edwards




  • August 17, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for the privilege of prayer and study we pray in especially Lord once again for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit Lord we know that we cannot understand the things that are divine through mere humanity and for this reason Laura we are praying for the outpouring and again we are praying for the holy angels to join us and worship in the way for the way the dark forces law that only that which have been ordained is in the sanctuary right now and we pray that our minds may gauge keep us awake and alert and I pray that you give me clarity of speech Lord that the message may be conveyed in such a way that we are understanding and most importantly that we are willing to follow what it says but we ask in Jesus's name Amen. So we've been doing a 4 part series that even at the door. And tonight specific title is entitled The children of is a car the children of is a car. And when I invite you to tell me by was a book a 2nd Peter chapter one. Second Peter. Chapter one. I want to know something very specific. To the apostle Peter 2nd Peter Shapter one and I want to know just what the Bible says in fact before we read I'm just going to turn your attention to the screen before you read it knows what it says here we've been quoting one aspect of this every night and this from the book Gospel workers a White says Minister should present was these next 33 were the forwards shore word of what prophecy. As the foundation of the faith of 7th Day Adventists you know as I travel from place to place I hear all kinds of things and one of things that you hear and quite often and I'm tempted to say a place where I'm not going to do it but one of things here quite often is. We don't need to talk about process any more. Let's just talk about Jesus. And I know that the person that say so things have very good intentions I don't do not doubt their intentions whatsoever but I must say that this person doesn't fully know and understand the ministry of Jesus because the 1st message that Jesus preached was that time is fulfilled. And otherwise says the burden of Christ's ministry is the time is fulfilled now the problem happens when we begin to separate Christ from prophecy when the most prophetic book that we know begins by saying the Revelation of Jesus Christ so misses should present the shoreward of prophecy at the foundation of the faith of 7th Day Adventists in the Bible said the psalm level verse 3 if the foundation be destroyed what can a righteous Do we were built on prophecy Daniel Chapter 8 in verse 14 prophecy link with Revelation Chapter 14 prophecy link with Revelation Chapter 10 prophecy This is what brought the 7th Day Adventist Church into existence my brothers sisters and that was the foundation of our church and she says Do not go away from the foundation else you will be destroyed but here's the problem most ministers that preach prophecy leave what we talk about the 1st 2 nights which is the up of Christ in the power that he has that we don't have a moment so it goes on to say the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation should be what this word carefully study and in connection with them the words Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world now what book or when what chapter and knows what it says down verse 19 we're told and we're going to share the purpose of prophecy we have also a more shore word at the end of prophecy number 16. Peter's talking about what he saw on the Mount of Transfiguration what he handed on the most amount of Transfiguration So he says I literally saw it I literally handle it and then he goes on to say irrespective of what I saw on we have a more shore word of prophecy in other words the same prophecy is even more sure than what I saw and then he said Where do you do the well that you take heed as onto a light that shines into a dark place now watch until the day dawn and the day Star arise in your hearts Peter is saying that the purpose of prophecy is to allow that they start to arise in your hearts who they start Revelation chapter 22 of verse 16 says very clearly that they saw a Jesus Christ so the purpose of prophecy is to allow the Daystar to arise in our hearts now this is very important and we put this up so that they start to rise in our hearts praise God a minute now the reason why I say this is all is that in New York on 911 I remember I was working in Brooklyn and I was at a school and I went to the 4th floor on top of the roof and I literally saw the buildings burning I later saw all the profit I saw the smog I saw everything happened life what was interesting the day after 911 all the churches were packed literally packed and they're going to read this but you notices just a few weeks after the Church of the actually more empty than it was the day after 911 I mean the day before before 911 so what am I saying if we're just talking about events it could drive people to make this decision without that they saw a rise in their hearts and as soon as that event passes then we go back to business as usual. The purpose of prophecy is not just arrest your attention not just to scare you into the time in which you live but it is to allow you to recognize that Jesus is surely coming soon the King is coming and as a result I need to allow him to come into my hearts and cleanse that's what we talked about the 1st 2 nights and I'm praying that we are having that experience a moment now it is also important that we recognize that it is not just enough to know all the prophetic events that are lined up why do I say that when you read the book great controversy page 30 you find that there was a powerful prophetic evangelist that preached his heart out wall to Jerusalem bolted inhabitants thereof and it's goes on to say his voice sees not until he was slain in C.T.F. or told now question was he preached in the right message yes or no was a prisoner right message at the right time yes I know he was but Jesus had given some clear instructions as to what he should do as a result of him on this and the time but he did not listen Jesus said very clearly when you shall see these things happen flee to the mountains and he said do not even if you own the house that do not return the only house so in other words in addition to the fact that Christ is supposed hearts in light of prophecy we are also supposed to be obedient to some specific things that he has given us and I make incense and again as always mention everything looks good on sounds good like he died a mob is dead unto you to read this line not one christian perished in the destruction of Jerusalem why Christ had given his disciples warning and all how many all who believed his words watched for the promised sign and then not only they watched but they acted upon what he said and I make incense the most important lesson for us. Is to allow that they start to arise in our hearts but we must also understand that Christ has also given some practical warnings of things that are is about to happen he says I tell you before it is come to pass that when it is come to pass you may believe so Christ a saint I tell you to think so when they do come I want you to take action to what I say and many of us want a savior but we don't want to Lord a lord dictated that term is what we do so as Christ has to do something when we see it our objective is to say you know what Christ said to do it so I'm going to do it am I making sense my brother and sisters now am I saying all of this because there's a crisis coming and as a result it that they start is truly arising in our hearts if Christ has found entrance into the door of our hearts is going to lead us to action into some very practical things that we need to do to prepare for the crisis that's coming and I'm a consensus for I know is what he says God that this virus is people to the one prepare for the soon coming crisis and I watch the rest of these words prepared unprepared they must all meet it how many all meeting there is no escape that it goes on to say when is the crisis nor is what it says when secular rulers unite with ministers of religion to dictate in matters of conscience then it will be seen who really fear and serve God Christ object lessons paid for its well says it is in a crisis that character is revealed now based upon this reference there's 2 things that we need to know we need to know what is the crisis and then what is the work that we need to do as a result of the crisis and I'm a consensus for. So once we know the crisis then we know the work now that men that were destroyed in Jerusalem Christ told them about the crisis I tell you that before it's come to pass so that when the crisis came they may believe and receive and as a result follow the instruction that Christ is given and all who did that my brother and sisters not one of them died because they demonstrated that the Daystar was in their hearts now Satan does not want to know the crisis because if we don't know the crisis then we don't know what to do so his objective is the blind our minds from the Gospel blind our minds from the crisis brined our minds on the realities of what we're going to face as God's people so what we're going to do tonight is expose plan of attack and as a result shows God's counterattack for what Satan has in store for us I'm a consensus brother and sisters go with me not a 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 in verse 3 so I can go in finish up the form for 3 notes Satan's block the question is do we know the time or have we been learned 2nd Corinthians Chapter 43 The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 in birth 3 but if a gospel be hid in a said to them that are lost How is the gospel hid in whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine on to them so Satan is to teach and systematically trying to blind our minds on the Gospel of Christ Bible talks of another gospel which is the same gospel of the Gospel that I'm going to see it reveals Christ now in what chapter of the Bible is the gospel. That Satan is strategically and systematically trying to blind the minds of 7th Day Adventists from what shop in the Bible has a specific gospel Revelation Chapter 14 we say like 77 his praise the lord amen amen praise God. Revelation Chapter 14 go there with me Revelation Chapter 14 knows what the Bible says pick it up in the verse 6 I would say that if we're admin as we should be a because I was and all coaches were made of but I won't put you on the spot tonight about Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 what are the same our brothers sisters sounds a little bit weak but we'll take it. You guys pick that up to write Amen so we see that the Bible says that there is a specific Gospel and this specific gospel Satan wants to blind our minds from I wonder why in fact it was the 2nd angel's message over 70 AD been a script since was the 2nd angel's message talk to me. It was a 30. For his god this is not a final test. Verse 12 let's reverse all together here is the patience of the saints here all day that was. And had the faith of Jesus now what happens after these 3 angels have done their work in Revelation Chapter 14 Christ comes now let's make the connection now why hasn't Christ come we mentioned 1st 2 nights why hasn't he come he's at the the door he's knocking right. So if Christ that the door knocking and he hasn't come and we see that the 3 angels message once their work is done Christ come Could it be that these messages has to do with the opening of the door of our hearts. Because we see that once these angels have done their work the Bible says here is the patience of the saints What do they do they keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus in other words write just this by faith in verity or another words they have gained victory over a sin as a result of the work of these main Joes and then I will says thrust in bicycle and reap do we see that these messages are a vital import the 2nd coming of Christ is also hinged upon the how these messages are received and how they are given Let's keep that in mind now what do they produce go back to Revelation Chapter 14 in verse one now in Revelation to have the 14 it's like algebra you know sometime the teacher actually give to the answer to the quest the test and then he now strategically want to see your paper on how you arrived at the answer so Revelation Chapter 14 God gave the answer to the problem of Revelation Chapter 13 Revelation Chapter 13 talk about the dire situation the people of God will be in and then God says but I have good news I see the beast I see the mark of the beast I'll be afflicted I see these 2 powers coming together which we're going to study but then Gossett I'm not going to leave it right there why I looked and a little a lamb stood up on Monday I also got a say in ice there is dire problem that's going to take place but I want you to know there's a land and I want to know there's some people that follow the lamb and irrespective of what you see happen in Revelation Chapter 13 I have a solution read Revelation to the 14 and you see the solution to the Revelation Chapter 13 problem I'm a consensus was a solution. And with him and the 140 and 4000 having his father's name written in their forehead so God says no matter what you see thing in place I want to know I will have 844000 no matter what Satan throws at them they will again victory over the beast and obey his power and over his mark and everything that Satan has to throw them I want to know that they're going to gain a victory my brother and sisters and by the way he said we must strive with all of our might to be a part of 844144000 all the one to fulfilled what they feel talked about this morning they're the ones that after Satan has accused God and misuse the name of God all these years I say you cannot find a people that will live without sin God says look I LO I saw 144000 standing with the lamb and guess what they're doing Satan I'll leave the most holy place I like to throw everything you have at them and you're going to give up and say they are an impregnable force I can do nothing with them say this is after all and every single thing to try to get them to sin and there's something that happened in the our hearts that I cannot even get them to say and then God said my name has not been vindicated at the 6000 years a people have been produced that prove that Satan is a liar his acquisition for God is you will never find a people to get Victor was and look at David look at Abraham look at Adam look at all the saints or you soak all saints I've conquered them one by one and God says I'm going to have 844000 you're going to do everything possible you can not get them to sin praise God my brother and sisters now we must also on the stand. Then this 144000 have some special characteristics I with me if I go to Genesis Chapter 49 Genesis Chapter 49 I'll subject this evening is the children of is a car Genesis Chapter 49 notice of the Bible says in Genesis $49.00 in verse one subject to chill notice a car we're going to study tonight I need to mind same and if you're sleepy shake it off Genesis $49.00. Verse one who suspect not let me but just make sure we together who the special people under $44000.00 and what's special about them they will not sin no matter what Satan throws at them right but I want to know that they have some special characteristics and those were the Bible says Genesis Chapter $4149.00 in verse one and Jacob called on to his sons and said Gather yourselves together that I might tell you that which shall be for you when in the last days and then if you notice Jacob had a special message for each of his sons Reuben Simon Levi Judah Zedillo Issachar then Gad Asia Neftali Joseph's so he named them all and he gave them a special characteristic that they have you with me my brothers sisters and was a subject this evening a subject is the children of is a card I want to notice Jacob says I'm going to show you what shall come in the last day now that Jacob live in the last days no he did not but he says My sons I want to know that you guys all have the characteristics that will be essential for those who gain victory over in the last days and we know go to Revelation go to Revelation 7 Our revelations of. Revelation 7 go back there. But trust that your mind is grasping what I'm going to share with you tonight Revelation Chapter 7 fact before read 7617 this is a famous sex recorded often. Revelation 617 knows what it says for the great day of His wrath has come read the rest of it with me and in whom I shall be able to though I stand and look at the answer in verse one of chapter 7 and other the things I saw 4 angels stand on the forecourt of the earth that held in a 4 winds of the earth that it the wind should not blown the Earth want to see nor any tree and I saw another angel fly and ascending from the east have the seed of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice of the 4 angels to whom it was given to her the earth in a sea verse 3 saying her not the earth neither to see nor the trees till we have seen you know that the servants off our God Where in their foreheads and I heard the number of them which were sealed and they were sealed and 144000 of all the trials of the children of what Saints Israel so Jacob says I will show you watch out come in the last days and now we see that his sons symbolically represent the characteristics that the 144000 will have and with 144000 I'm praying to God that is you and I'm a brother and sisters so we must know for sure what all these characteristics of the $144000.00 now we're not going to have time to study them tonight but there's one that we want to look at it was his name his name is is a car now go to 1st Chronicles Chapter 12. Girls chapter 12 and this notice of the Bible says the mail to quite a few of us I'm sure was that was what the Bible says 1st Chronicles chapter 12 and verse 32 and the Bible says and all the children of is a car. Which or a man that had understanding of the odd sayings talked to me the times for a purpose to know what Israel ought to do now was it 2 characteristics of the tribe of Issachar $11.00 day understood the talk to me Saints number one they were they understood the time number 2 they knew what to do is there relation between Know a time and know what to do yes or no lets say I am having some sweet sleep drooling enjoying it praise God and Him and resting and all the sudden I wake up and my clock is blocked out still dark outside I know that at a certain time and to have the vote and get up and get my day going and I know what its if its not a certain time need to roll back open go to sleep right now what would help me to determine my next move I need to get hold of the one of the time if his father talk in the morning I need to get up and get going it is 1 o'clock in the morning I need to. Turn over and go back to sleep so determine the fact of my next move is the 1st thing I did in there was no the time and as a result and I know what to do now the chin the physical they were special because they both knew the time and they also knew what to do and my brother says this If we are going to be a part 144000 we must also be men of Issachar I with me so we see they knew the time. And they also knew what to do and that's why the prophet says I see the one necessity of making haste to get on all things ready for the for the crisis. And I'm not sure how far we're going to get tonight but we're going to look at the crisis and then as a result going to look at what we need to do so we look at this before and we see now we need to know the crisis and then we also need to know the work and what the term is a crisis when secular rulers unite with ministers of religion to dictate a matters of conscience then it will be seen who really fear and the what and and serve God Now I mentioned to many of us that I grew up in New York City and before I knew better I used to go to Broadway play in the back I used to go to school trips and one of things about Broadway plays that interested a lot of people is when they enter in what's called the last act does anyone know but know about that so in the last act what they do is the play is going on and then when they're about to enter into the last act they do they close the curtains over the curtains now after they close the curtains This is very important Don't miss this point all the ones that are involved in the last act get themselves and proper position so that when the curtain is uncovered or unfolded everyone is ready and we say that again I don't you know miss that point when they enter the last act they close the curtains everyone that's involved in the last act in the drama must be in proper position so that when the curtain now is on veils everyone is ready and let me say this we are all involved in the last act of the drama and then the time our brothers sisters that the curtain will unveil and the people of God on that already just like that man that were destroyed in Jerusalem we're going to have some unfortunate reality that's why we must be children if it's a car one know the time to know what. I want to make sure we get it now let's look at some players in the last in fact let's see what the last act a drama 1st is. That's what it says in clear words the substitution of the laws of men for the law of God They exaltation by merely human authority off talk to me Sunday in the place of one Bible Sabbath is the last act in the drama was the last act in a drama in Sisters so that means when the curtains are unfolded the players that are involved in his last act must be in proper position now we need to study with you what is the proper position that God will have his people in because if we're not in proper position we're just going to be like that men who were destroyed in the destruction of Jerusalem so we're going to make sure as we are actors in this last drama that we're in proper position and we are ready for when the curtains on the fold and that national son in law begin to unfold and the wrath of Satan begins on full and God's people being persecuted a prosecutor God has a solution for that crisis but we must know the time and then we must also know one what to do now before on the other curtain it's not ness of the men that you see but the system and the government that they represent is that clear let's see who's Or what is behind the curtain as we enter the last act in a drama now we're going to see that prophecy predicts 2 things Rome and the United States you know unite now how does it unfold Revelation Chapter 13 go there with me revelation to the 30 now remember Revelation 14 is a solution for Revelation Chapter 13 so as we see what on the foal's in Revelation Chapter 13 we see very clearly the solution that God has in Revelation Chapter 13 and also Revelation Chapter 18 Amen Revelation Chapter 13 now I go as far as my time take me tonight and then we stop and then we finish up tomorrow I meant Revelation Chapter 13 verse one. The Bible says and I stood up on a scent of a sea and saw a beast rise up out of the Sea What does a beast represent in Bible prophecy Daniel $723.00 the 4th B shall be the 4th kingdom of the sea represented Bible prophecy people's multitude nation and tongues having 7 heads and 10 horns and upon his horns 10 crowns upon his head the name of what now you going to notice that as the Bible talks about this 1st piece of Revelation talk the 13 and use the bird blasphemy at least 4 maybe 5 times so that means blasphemy is a main characteristic of this beast power verse 2 now was that time to break this down it in depth I was 7 the beast which I saw was like onto a leopard by the way who the leopard beast and rub it in then was 7 was a leper beast in the new 7 and if he were like the feet of a bear who's the bear beast and then his 7 and his mouth at the mouth of a lion who the lion beast and the dragon gave Miss Power and his seat and great authority in other words this beast is so dreadful and so terrible that it takes on all the characteristics of the 3 beasts that preceded it and they all have special crack touristic me to perjure unchangeable laws Babylon authority power and wealth of Greece education and by the way the world is filled right now with the education of Greece which is the education of Egypt and that's why E.S.L. and says we call our people out of Babylon and then we send our children to Egypt in schools now I did to say different schools because they know that Greece got his education from Egypt Rome got his education from Greece and the world now is fill with the grease less Egypt last Rome and Catholic education and then we graduate and we are papal Gar what are hats and we watching up on a stage feeling very proud of ourselves not knowing that we've been educated to receive the mark of the beast. That the books studies on Christian education bring those points out very clearly. But some of us like then you could handle schools and become great AMUN so I'm not condemning all the Bible says verse 3 and ice not back of the verse to where did he get his authority from in verse 2 and the dragon gave him is power and his seat and one and great authority now who is a dragon Revelation $129.00 and the great dragon was cast out that all serpent called The Devil and Satan which those what the see with the whole world and if you look at verse 4 through 6 you find that when Christ was about to be killed or was attempt to be killed at birth who was it that tried to kill Christ at birth Herod what cunt what would represent what nation grown in the Bible says the dragon tried to kill Christ so that means from the very inception of Rome it got a seat power and authority from the drugging because verse 4 says and a tail drew the 3rd part of the stars of heaven and it cast them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered so another was a bomb a saying Rome is such a demon that I couldn't into changing room with Satan or with me my brother and sisters so it got its seat and power and authority from the dragon itself Revelation Chapter 12 in verse 4 makes it very plain now verse 4 Revelation $134.00 and he they worship the dragon which gave power unto the beast repeat it again and they worship the beast saying who is like of the beast who is able to make war with him then he goes on and there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and what else and blasphemies and power was given unto him to continue fall on $40.00 and $2.00 months how long is that. Which is how much 1260 years do we talk about that prophecy what time period is that called the Dark Ages how many Christians died 50 to 100000000 so I want to notice this is key how long the Bible said that this beast power would reign for $42.00 months or. 1260 years keep that in mind verse 6 and he open his mouth and blasphemy those blasphemy again against God the blasphemous name and his tabernacle and then that will in heaven verse 7 and it was given to him to make war with the Saints and to overcome them and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and nations so in verse 7 we see 2 things 1st he made war with the Saints that means it was a religious power. That had power to conquer all kindreds nations and tongues is also a political power so we see that this beast power is both a religious power and a political power is that clear to you my brother and sisters verse 8 and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world verse 9 if any man have an ear to hear let him hear verse 10 I read that and then I back up recap and it come and pick up in verse 10 verse 10 he that lead it into captivity SHA go into captivity he that kill it with the sword must be kill with the sword here is a patience and a faith of the saints now let's summarize so we see one the beast is a political power we saw that in the Bible we saw that the beast came from a densely populated area conquered nations and multitude and tongues Revelation 1750. It also has a name of blasphemy we see is a religious power and the Bible names a blasphemy quite a few times then the dragon gives them a seat we saw that clearly from the Bible then we saw that it rained follow him for 2 months or 1260 years it also asks for worship and in verse 18 Look at verse 80 the Bible says here's wisdom let him that have an understanding of the number of the beast for it is the number of Amen and his number is 603 scores and 6 Now let's look at blasphemy says the Bible mentioned blasphemy as the main characteristics of this beast notice what is the Biblical definition of blasphemy John 10303348 good work we stone the not but for blasphemy and what is blasphemy and because that thou being a men make it by self God So any men that make themselves God The Bible said that is blasphemy now I wonder if there's any power that claim to do this as notice does the Roman church make this claim it's what it says these are their books their doctrines the a periodic rules we hold upon this earth. The place of God Almighty is that blasphemy my brother and sisters I see what else Pope John Paul was what he says and no fair when the people call me the Vicar of Christ when a sale to me was holy father is that blasphemy my brothers sisters I'm going to show the blasphemy of last night to get another definition in a book of Mark job the 2 in verse 7 another definition of blasphemy Why does this man does speak blasphemies. Who can forgive sins but God only so what's another biblical definition of blasphemy that only God can forgive sins so that if there's any man or anyone that is not God that claims that they can forgive sins the Bible says that is blasphemy is that clear let's see they made this claim this I say is a blasphemy of all blasphemy in fact always say that I even hate to read it it was what this says God Himself is obliged to abide by the judgment of his priests and even not to pardon or to pardon them with air and do that the priest is again Catholic documents that assess according as they refuse or give absolution a list of all this this is so blasphemous my brother and sisters the sentence all the priest precedes and God subscribes to it is that blasphemy my brothers sisters So in other words the priest makes a choice God looks at the priest choice and says Well I would I would have done differently but since a priest is already done it I have to go where the priest says that is the ultimate blasphemy that we know that there is only one power that makes all these claims and who is that as none other than Rome now what verse that we leave off and see if you paid it attention what verse that we leave off 1st and go back to verse to know now before I go to verse 10 how many years the Bible said that Rome would rain 42 months or 12 on a 60 years and we know that what that time Peter's call what the Dark Ages what he had a dog to start. What you did the dog ate his end is that clear we sound like 7 is beautiful you sound like you sing like a choir praise the lord amen Now I want you to said the verse 10 now as you read verse 10 it should you should have a date in mind when he said somebody see in it like it praise God Somebody said it knows what it says. He that lead of into captivity. Go into captivity he that kills with the sword must be killed with a sword and it says here is a patience and a faith of the saints now what do you notice what you did it all get a start what they are that end. Now if roll reign for 1260 years then what date is verse 10 verse 10 is 1798 does that make sense to anyone everyone you know some clear phrase God Amen now with that in mind watch what it says in verse 11 now as this beast is going into captivity John the Revelator said and I be it held a nother bees coming up out of the earth and he had to ones I can lead but then what would he do he spake as a dragon so John says While I see that beast going down there what year 7098 I saw another bs rising up out of the earth I wonder what year all right and then assess and he had to was like a lamb and he spake as a dragon Now what are the characteristics of a dragon and was the character of the Lamb What does the lamb who does the lamb represent behold. That's taken the way those who sent it and those who are like Christ or call one so we see that this nation is a Christian nation at 1st but then something happens and it becomes a dragon like I make incense one of the dragon like character said Revelation 1213 knows what that says Revelation 1213 and when the dragon saw that he was cast out onto the earth he persecuted the woman which brought for the man child so 1st Christian nation. Then something changed and this nation that was once a Christian nation become a persecuted and prosecuted nation is that clear to everyone. And what year did the beast go down $79.00 and John says I saw at the same time that beast was going down a nother beast rise up out of the earth who's that beast we're going to see that is none other than a place in which we live United States of America now what happen at the end of a 1260 years go back to Revelation Chapter 13 that's knows what it says no verse 11 and 12 verse 12 the Bible says and he exercises all the power of the 1st piece before who before him and calls us the earth he made other of calls force the earth and then was Dell there in the worship the 1st beast. Whose Deadly Wound was healed so who's the 1st beast so we see that Rome will receive a deadly wound but there's another country just going to cause or give me another of a cause force everyone else to worship that 1st beast whose deadly wound will be healed so what happens after 1260 years we see that there's another nation rising now what with the service the papal captivity mention of verse 10 took place in 79 the 8 in the power verse 11 was seen emerging at that time now after the says listen United States a clade is an independent what year 7076 voted the Constitution in what year adopted the Bill of Rights and what year 791 and listen to this and was clearly recognized as a world power by what year 1798 so we see my brothers sisters as the Bible says I saw that one beast was going down into captivity and at the same time I saw another B. is rising what year 1798 my brothers this is God's word is shore. While Rome was going down 798 John says I see that the United States is coming up 7900 quiet lamblike he says be careful it has a dragon like characteristics and we're going to look at it is everyone clear so far all right now what does the horns represent one of my coins we're told in a book recount of R.C. Republicanism and Protestantism became the fundamental principle of the nation these principles all the secret of its power and what else and then prosperity in fact in the Book of Proverbs 1434 The Bible says right to snus exult of the nation but sin is a reproach to any people so as long as the United States follow the principles of righteousness which is republicanism Protestantism separation of church and state government without a king religion without a pope as long as they have these characteristics and keep church and state separated then it is considered a Christian nation but some things are going to happen and that's going to change and then it will lose this secret of its power and what else is prosperity Now what on earth to means of persuasion that United States uses look at verse $14.15 to means of persuasion a member it's also off as a Christian nation and then becomes dragon like verse 14 the Bible says and he deceive them that dwell on earth was the 1st means of persuasion that United States uses the stuff in verse 14 and he had power to give a life on to the image of the beast that the image of the should both speak and calls him another of a cause force that as many as would not words they meant to be should be killed so you see one is the Septuagint other is what. Is force there we see that in the Bible yes or no all right how will these 2 powers combine and now does this new discourse the very carefully does Rome have power now to enforce worldwide worship yes or no it once had it but remember it were C.V.A. was a deadly wound but then that will not be healed so it of itself it has no power. To enforce worldwide worship Now next question how would it in force worldwide worship if it does not have the power to do it setting it in as a partner who is a partner United States of America now listen to this question very carefully can the United States. In force worldwide the worship if it does not have more power than all the other nations on earth if I want to take something from Brother Waller and I see that he's been hidden away going pretty hard and you know he's bench and 400 Let me quite reluctant right so what am I going to do when I had the right room US elf and when I start mention 45500 S. and brother wall and that thing that you have let's talk about this you know are you with me my mother's sister so while the United States does not have the power to dominate the world it cannot in a force of worldwide worship so that means a prophecy must be fulfilled and was a prophecy the United States must become the most powerful nation in the entire world and by the way it is if not the youngest one of the youngest nations in or 79 years so that means the 1st prophecy that we must understand is that the United States must at some point become the most powerful nation in the entire world does that make sense or everyone. Because you can't force Russia to do something of Russia have more power than you you can force the U.K. to do something if they have more power than you you can force Germany to do something if they have more power and you sort of 1st thing you have to do is have more power then every single other nation on earth and once we see that we know that prophecy has been fulfilled that was our subject entirely by the way the children of Issachar one of the 2 characteristics they understand a time why to know what now what we share with us on the center the time why my shyness that we can understand it time so was who it know what to do now what profs There were looking for United States must become one the most powerful nation in the entire world I wonder if that has taken place. He says Putin says he accepts the U.S. as the was his word you know they were for a sole. Superpower watch what he said America is a what today probably the only superpower we accept that Putin said that's an PETERS We want to and already to the work with the United States now watch what this says is another article there are 5 reasons why the US is the world's was that word only superpower now what he knows what the 7 is a little box right here knows what that says. A superpower is a one country that wheel's enough military political and economic might now listen to these words took convince nation in all part of the world to do things they otherwise would not. YOU GUYS GUESS IT'S NOT brother and sister and now saying there's 5 reasons why the U.S. is remains the world's only superpower that means the United States have enough military political and economic power to force or calls all nations in all part of the earth to do things that they all the whys would not this day in the script are fulfilled in our ears my brother and sisters we need to know the time so that we can know what to know what to do I Let's continue so prophecy predicts that the United States will be taking a moral fall it has to go away from the Christian principles that in which it was built upon and as the United States is going down morally we see that role will be to rising to prominence I wonder if this is taking place in a war right now let's look at the United States is the article by a man by the name of then it's Prager he says America is accelerating the K. what he says he says I write the following words and sadness with a few exceptions every aspect of American life isn't the Klein they name something the clown and family 50 I'm not going to go through the statistics we know these are ready decline in education at the end of male and female end of right and wrong so it says America is on a steady decline now member it must go down morally while at the same time we're going to see that Rome is rising to prominence now these are stats that I put in 50 percent of 1st marriages end in divorce 67 percent of 2nd marriages end in divorce 74 percent of 3rd marriages end in divorce 89 percent of Hollywood marriages end in divorce my brothers sisters cohabitation is a major problem in the US right now and guess what's the most dominant age in cohabitation people living together not married 50 and above. We see that is a more of the climate country we have over 2000000 persons in America 15 above that are living together and are married and that number is the fastest growing of all ages we are on a steady decline and of right and wrong and he says the end of the O.T. they begin to name some things I don't have time to get into it my time is fast going and then he says end of religion there's no morals in United States he's saying I don't have time to read this but then you see that marijuana was 1st legalized in Colorado and now spreading from state to state California and other states now are catching on to legalizing marijuana now mind you this was a nation built upon Christian principles George Washington open of the Bible and had devotion in the White House when he was president I wonder if we could see our current president doing that we see that United States has taken a moral fall and in this into that homosexuality is now a long in this Christian nation build upon Biblical principles now homosexuality is legalized do we see that America has taken a moral for my brother and sisters is beginning to fill up the cup of iniquity and let me tell you it's going to happen we have made some poor choices we recognize now that we are in trouble as a result of the decisions that we've made we allowed homosexuality we allowed marijuana we've gone down morally we're co-habiting we're doing all these immoral things were built upon Biblical principles we must do something to get back to the god. We need a law. To been forced so that everyone could get back to the Bible and get back to God we're in this dire position because we have gone away from the principle of course the enemy you guys get what I'm saying my brother and sisters this is moral fall is only going to lead to the passing of that law the nationals on the law. All right so we see that what he says a lot and for the Observer Sunday is the Sabbath will bring about national apostasy from the principles of Republicanism upon which the government has been founded what with the Says the religion of the papacy will be accepted by the rulers and the law of God will be made void No it says national apostasy from the principles of Republicanism we see that they're going down morally Now member as they go now more morally we should be seen aroma rising to prominence. And Pope Francis admitted that he's a Jesuit when you read Greek on a verse of page 334 it tells you what does with the do you know what it says and I'm paraphrasing they go to hospitals and be at the bedside they go to prisons and minister the prisoners they will do whatever is necessary to win the confidence of the people before they say come in follow me what is he doing kiss and feet right give him money to the homeless you guys get get what I'm saying so we see that Satan is countering the work of the true medical missionary sort of very same things that Christ did as he walked through the streets of Galilee minister to the needs of the people when in their confidence and then saying Come follow me Pope Francis do the same thing and one of the results we see that the pope is more popular than world leaders he's now the most popular man in the entire world so we see that while the United States is going down morally we see that Rome is rising to prominence we're seeing process being fulfilled my brother sister but don't forget the children of Issachar was one men there that understanding of that. To know Israel to all right so we see more than half of the world's Protestants and even the majority of atheists and agnostics view him how. We see that the the war is being healed my brothers sisters in fact notice the comments he continues to amaze me every single day Sally. I would wish we could hear the good he does every single day we actually only hear it once or twice a month what he not only talks the talk he actually walks the walk as well the pope acts more like a biblical Jesus than any other pope in my lifetime finally we have got a pope that is not evil kind of made them say about a church that is supposed to be a saddle of goodness but the reality is former both were not Christians really so we see that they love this man now that come in there stood out to me the most was Daniel's watch what he says I am a proud one and I still tear up when reading about all samee ability of this pope just incredible if there is a God This is the man to be his representative on earth I a whole piece stays around for a long time in other words I don't believe in God but if I do this has to be the man that is his representative on Earth one of my say my brothers sisters while the United States is taking a moral fall we see that Rome is rising the prominence as of scriptures has clearly outlined Now that means Rome has changed there right I mean notice that Rome apologized to the wall and sees apologized to the Protestants and apologized he's apologized to everybody right now is what he says are the Roman Church now present a fair front to the world covering with what Saints apologies her record of horrible cruelty What is the record of horrible closely that is sort of my By the way the dark ages 50 to 100000000 Christians killed she has close herself in Christ like garments but she is what. Every principle of the papacy that existed in the past ages exist today is said the doctor the vice in a dog ages are still held let none the cvs themselves so we see that Rome is put on a fair front and as I said I don't care how many feet he kisses I don't care how many Muslim leaders that he meets with I don't care how many all of trees that he has Israel and all the nations plant in the gather the Bible said that this man is the man of sin and we should not be deceived my brothers this is all with me all right now what happens when these 2 powers combine We sold that there will be no body and no so we give our 17 Revelation 1317 that sort of 16 Revelation 1316 the Bible says and he calls us all boats mall and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man my buy or sell save he that had the mark all the name of the beast all the number of his name so what does it lead to no buy and no sell and the wife says I see the necessity for the whoa of making haste to get all things ready for what same small though. The crisis so if we actually met up is a car we now begin to understand the time which means we need to know what to what to do now that amazing I was in Romania and 1st time of. 3rd time I went I remember I was leaving and I was presenting some subject similar to this now remember as I was walking out one of the guys brother Edwards after what you just presented how the feel to live in the belly of the beast so that I guess you feel pretty safe over here so let me share a reference with you. And I say this reference for nations will follow the example of the United States though she leaves out yet no one same crisis will come upon our people in all parts of the world as yes and where it starts but you can rest assure what's come out of the system and the same preparation that I needed United States you need right here in Romania with me my brothers sisters all right now. I want to I'm going to close here because the time I don't want to start diving into the out other aspects but what we've seen tonight is where we are in time now I'm sure this year we mention in the 1st 2 nights that Christ is not waiting on anything external Is that clear to you my brother and sisters and I'm sharing this to you the share that you can see that even prophetically externally all things are lined up Romans in his position United States in his position the question is what is the position that we're in because remember what holds of Christ Behold I stand at the door and knock knock knock Christ is not waiting on anything X. total my brothers sisters we see all the game players all lined up everything is ready externally Satan is ready to launch a crisis but God is saying to the angels hold O. O. Y. because my servants are not yet see you so we see that Christ's he's waiting on the 144000 our brothers sisters and was he waiting because he needs to get into the hearts of the people so that he says say Satan persecute all you want kill all you want steal all you want do everything you want but I could tell you they're going to be 144000 they're going to be protected from 2 things they're going to be protected from death. And because of the relationship that I have with them as a result of me get inside of the doors of their hearts I can promise you that you cannot cause them to sin but notice if we can't buy or sell right you've got a question if we can't buy ourselves as a result of the necessary preparation that we will have that as God's people if we can't buy or sell these are the questions if we will not be able to buy or sell should we be paying for that time or that we just preach about it if we preach about it or we duplicate it talk to me if we just preach about it who are we replicating that preacher in great controversy great 30 he preached the right message at the right time but he did not make the necessary preparation my brother and sister as he knew the time but he did not know what. Our next question if we will not be able to buy or sell what will we do about food and medication that across all right if we're not be able to buy and sell Do we have a responsibility to share and the warn others to make sure that they themselves are prepared for the time I'm talking about some practical things that we must prepare for so it's not just to. Proclaim the message as by the filicide this morning we are going to have to demonstrate the message in order to demonstrate this there are some practical things that we must have in place I listen to me my brother and sisters what should I pray and study like me like. What should our characters be like so tomorrow I will share 6 solutions for the crisis how many solutions. I saw the necessity to make haste to get all things ready for the crisis God wants our characters prepared. But there are some practical use this word facilities that must also be prepared a moment I'm going to close a little spring and close out tonight and tomorrow we're going to share the message call repairers of the breach we're going to see that there are some breaches has been left that we need to repair and we're going to add the 6 solutions as we preach that message tomorrow evening let us pray together. Father we're so thankful for your love Thanks for your mercies Thanks for all that you've done launched thank you for so so much of revealing very clearly to us the time in which we live we have a solemn warning lowered it is not enough for us to just know the time in fact and it is not just enough for us to know what to do we must do it so I pray that as our mind has been a lie into the time of truly we see very clearly a lot everything is lined up save to think the heart of men and the facilities. That are designed to counteract the crisis so I pray it all or that we will 1st and foremost allow our hearts to be one to Christ and then as a result of our response or the heart tug that will have these facilities in place and make haste to get all things ready for the crisis we commit this to tonight Father we're going to need a miracle spot and we have a great work to do in a little time in which to do a father this is these are some solemn questions that must be answered if we understand where we are what kind of preparation do we need. And we're told that will have to die a great a death than we've ever done. Give us this experience while we plead for and. We ask the precious they were teens. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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