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Praying For the Spirit

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • January 19, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity that we have this afternoon to reflect on the Holy Spirit and prayer and revival and we pray that you would bless us as we as we look at your leadings in the past and we think you that we have nothing to fear for the future except we shall forget how you have worked in the past so bless we pray in the precious name of Jesus Amen Amen on the screen I have a drawing of one of the reformers This is John Wesley and I have a quotation from Ravi Zacharias on John Wesley Wesley warplane close he preached 40000 sermons during his lifetime he traveled 250000 miles on horseback preaching he married at 48 he worked with 15 different languages and at the age of 83 he was angry with his doctor because he wouldn't let him preach more than 14 times a week at the age of 86 written in his journal are these words laziness is slowly creeping in there's an increasing desire or tendency to stay in bed after 5 30 in the morning. John Wesley was a driven individual and the Lord used him in any powerful and profound way to transform England and turn it back to God I have a book in my library it's untitled England before and after Wesley it's out of print and the thesis of the book is in the title it shows England before Wesley and then England after Wesley. England had collapsed to a degree that had never been before known to any Christian name chin and John Wesley and a group of his friends gathered together and prayed for England prayed for the Holy Spirt prayed for a revival and it began a series of events that transformed England on every level England was revived prisons were reformed slavery was abolished Christian ethics were inserted into society and industrial England was emancipated it seems that there wasn't a segment of society that was not touched by the influence of John Wesley and this this afternoon I'd like to talk about the relationship between prayer and revival and when you look throughout history you will note that with every significant spiritual awakening there is always someone that has a radical per life and you look at Jesus in Mark chapter one verse 35 the Bible says now in the morning having risen a long while before daylight he went out and departed to a solitary place and there he prayed you could see that Jesus is spending significant time in private prayer and in Luke Chapter 5 Verse 16 the Bible says but Jesus would often slip away to the wilderness and pray there are several instances in scripture where Jesus would spend the entire night in prayer as well. And the impact of Jesus was documented by the historian H.G. Wells who says in his 5 volume work on history historian and religious skeptic H.G. Wells found himself devoting the most space to Jesus Christ he wrote historian like myself cannot portray the progress of humanity honestly without giving Jesus of Nazareth the foremost place Jesus was an individual that spent significant time in prayer and I want to go very quickly to different revivals in history every spirit to revival can be traced to a person of prayer we just celebrated last year the $500.00 anniversary of the Protestant Reformation Incidentally there was a fascinating article in the Catholic Herald where Pope Francis indicated that the Reformation was essentially over and it's quite ironic that in a time of celebration for the 500 anniversary that the counter-Reformation has been over all largely successful in bringing Protestantism back but here we are the book great controversy page $210.00 says from the secret place a prayer came the power that shook the world in the great Reformation Lutheran did not fail to devote 3 hour it's each day to prayer and these were taken from that portion of day most favorable to study. Here he is a an obscure monk in Wittenberg and he prays for the Holy Spirit and revival and the greatest revolution in the modern era took place the Protestant Reformation and it came from a praying individual you have on Mount Carmel and then James Sheppard find verse 17 says it was a human being even as we are any prayed earnestly for the revival that took place in Israel you have the upper room experience where they were gathered in a prayer meeting the whole book of Acts in the Christian Church started in a prayer meeting and imbalances this God shapes the world by prayer prayer is gone singular condition to move ahead in his son's Kingdom therefore the believer who is the most highly skilled in prayer will do the most for God and the secret of success in Christ's Kingdom is the ability to pray I have often wondered this why should I pray if God already knows doesn't he want to intervene doesn't he desire to intervene isn't God a God of love and all power which means not only does he have the ability but he has the desire and in my reflection of scripture I've come to the conclusion that there is a certain limit in which he will intervene in the life of an individual. And when we pray for revival. Specifically in terms of intercessory prayer it gives gaunt permission to intervene above and beyond what he would normally be able it gives God authorization remember in that story of that man that was paralyzed and his 4 friends brought him to Jesus it's interesting because in Mark's account the Bible says when Jesus saw their faith in other words it was the collective faith of the people that were bringing their friend to Jesus that was a part of the process that brought about his healing you can have faith for someone else and so intercessory prayer gives God authorize ation and permission to move above and beyond what he would normally be able and when we pray for the Holy Spirit and revival God has permission to move in the lives of individuals this is from review in Herald page 23889 by your fervent prayers of faith you can move the arm that moves the world. So it's a crisis page $94.00 Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock Heaven's storehouse and I read a book last year on Hudson Taylor My son is named Hudson and I was so moved by the missionary spirit of Hudson Taylor that we're so honored to name our son after him and this is an account of Hudson Taylor at a prayer meeting Mr Taylor opened the meeting by pleading out in a hymn his appearance did not impress me he was slightly built and spoke in a quiet voice but when he said Let us pray and proceeded to lead the meeting in prayer my ideas underwent a change I never heard anyone pray like that there was a simplicity a tenderness a boldness a power that hushed and subdued me and made it clear that God had admitted him to the inner circle of his friendship such praying was evident the outcome of long tarrying in the secret place and was as the due from the Lord to hear Mr Taylor plead for China was to know something of what it is meant by the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man the meeting lasted from 4 to 6 o'clock but it seemed one of the shortest prayer meetings I had ever attended and Hudson Taylor began an organization to reach China and made a commitment not to ask or solicit anyone for funding by the end of his tenure with this missionary organization hundreds of individuals had signed up for missionary service to China and millions of dollars were raised. I had the privilege and opportunity of ministering in Los Angeles as a bible worker in South Central L.A. and we pitched a tent on Florence and figure ROA and it's known as prostitution lane and we were staying in Compton and ministry in Watts as well in I was going door to door with a big 6 foot 3 praise God for this. Black guy and I was praising God as walking through Watts and I remember one night. I heard firecrackers outside on July 1st and I said why do they celebrate July 4th on July 1st in Compton and my friend said David that's not fireworks that's gunshots and I said oh this is quite experienced but but we went door to door for about 11 weeks and it was a very simple process we would go to the door and say we are in the neighborhood and we'd like to pray for you to have a per request and people were just telling us what they wanted to pray for and so we write down there per request and go back to our rooms and every other night. For 11 weeks we prayed all night. It was pretty radical. And one time I fell asleep. And everyone left me in that room and I woke up to this terror and Anyways we would pray through every single name and asking for God's intervention we had a list I think just of my partner myself of like $200.00 individuals and we would pray name by name and we saw miracles. No mail out just door to door and there were 802-8000 people every single night coming to that tent to hear the Gospel being preached and there were about 300 baptisms as a result and it changed my life I saw people from the door to the meetings to baptism and I remember just beings beside the baptistery in tears as I saw the individual that I had been the 1st contact go down into the water and be baptized it was a transformative experience and I can tell you that I believe it was the prayers of those Bible workers that brought the people out every single night this is from Dr Wilbur Chapman he says revivals are born in prayer. When Wesley prayed England was revived when Knox prayed Scotland was refresh when the Sunday school teachers of 10 and Brooke prayed 11000 young people were added to the church in a year whole nights of prayer have always been succeeded by a whole day's of so when you can see it throughout history every single revival is linked to a radical perfec you can't get around it and here we are in an age of tremendous resources and money and technology. You cannot eliminate this factor of radical pray for the Holy Spirit and revival it is there all throughout Scripture and so I like to go very quickly 3 keys praying for a Bible this is so elementary but I can't pass by number one ask and we noted this last night in our presentation on the Holy Spirit in Luke chapter 11 verse 9 to 13 look at how many times Jesus has asked so I say to you ask you know be given to you seek and you will find knock you know be open to you for everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks still be opened if a person asked for bread from any father among you will they give him a stone derby as for a fish will you give him a serpent instead of a fish or he asked for an egg will be offering him a scorpion if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him Jesus says 6 times ask ask ask ask ask ask for the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit brings all other blessings in his train the Holy Spirit is what brings revival and Jesus says ask for the Holy Spirit he's telling us what to ask for the Holy Spirit the greatest give that heaven longs to bestow is the Holy Spirit and as we noted last night in the original language it literally says how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who keep on asking in other words it's not asked once and done it is a continual posture of asking for the Holy Spirit. Last night we noted the quotation from Christ object lessons page 145 God does not say ask once and you will receive He bids us ask unwearying really persist in prayer the persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude and gives him an increased desire to receive the things for which he asks In other words it's not as though God is up there saying look David's asked me 50 times now I'm going to grant him his request. But there's something about prayer that increases our capacity to receive there's an increased desire to receive the Holy Spirit when we are continually asking for the Holy Spirit great controversy page $525.00 it is part of God's plan to grant us in answer to the prayer of faith that which he would not bestow did we not ask James Chapter 4 verse 2 you do not have have because you do not ask I have a picture on the screen of heaven Roberts and he began to pray for the Holy Spirit at the age of 13 and to pray for whales and this is a true story you can look it up in your history books in 1004 Evan Roberts age 26 began to preach. 17 young people gave their hearts to God 70000 people were converted into months 85000 in 5 months 100000 in 6 months I had to look this up because I thought it was fiction but this is true it was the great revival of 1000 No 4 taverns were closed for lack of business crime plummeted and Wales was revived here's an individual that was praying for 13 years for a revival and he preached the gospel and a dramatic genuine revival took place and I think of this quotation from the book selected messages page 121 a revival need be expected only in answer to prayer a revival need be expected only in answer to prayer do we need revival in our church today. Amen we need revival in the local church all the way up we need the Holy Spirit as never before and as I reflected on the challenges that face our community of faith moving forward it will take a supernatural solution because we're facing a supernatural problem we need help I'm not saying that we don't need to organize and to plan and to do and to work but this is what we've been doing all along we need the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will only begin to give in in the answer to prayer to continually asking for the Holy Spirit and a revival need be expected only in answer to prayer here's the other element to praying for a Bible and it's. It's almost a dirty word here in the 21st century it is the word sacrifice it is the word sacrifice. Now this is not to say that our prayers and our sacrifice are member tourists in this is not some sort of transactional thing that happens in which we merit revival by the duration of time that we've prayed but there's a transformative process that takes place in this posture of asking and personal sacrifice now what type of sacrifice are we talking about I'm talking about sleep OK I'm not saying that we should sacrifice our sleep but you know what I'm talking about when you get up in the morning and that alarm clock goes off and you want to hit the snooze button but here it is it is talking beyond that even whole nights and prayer here isn't Luke Chapter 6 verse 12 it was a time that he went it was at this time that he went off to the mountain to pray and he spent the whole night in prayer to God Jesus would spend time at key points in his ministry all night in prayer Now this is a radical idea a radical notion and Jesus was sacrificing his sleep and this is from E.-M. bounds he says there was a time when we gave whole nights to chambering and to wantonness to dancing and the world's reverie we did not tire then we were chiding the sun that rose so soon in wishing the hours with ladder while that we might delight in Wilder merriment and perhaps a deeper sin A Why do we weary in heavenly appointments Why do we grow weary when asked to watch with our Lord how many of you before you came to cries Don't raise your hands spent an entire night party and you would get up. And sleep the whole next day and it was just quarries and suddenly after you come to Christ and you asked to spend some time in prayer Oh that's that's illegal and you can't do that that's sacrificial Now I had an experience in my previous district in East Lansing I had arrived at this district in 2007 in Michigan and 2008 happened and Michigan was hit particularly hard the bottom of the economy fell out and Michigan is closely tied with the auto industry and everything fell off a cliff including our church budget I just arrived at this church and our church budget. Just went into the negative immediately because their own members were being affected by this and we had an emergency church board meeting slashed every budget and I remember I was at a permeating Wednesday night prayer meeting and our members came together and said Pastor. We need to have a real permeating. This is not permeating this is Bible study and we praise the Lord for that but we need to actually come to per meeting and pray so I looked at these members and I said Well are you willing to pray sacrificially her revival and the Holy Spirit they said Yes Pastor we are going to pray for the Holy Spirit and revival sacrificially And I said Are you sure you want to do this and they said absolutely I said I'll tell you what this next Sunday morning I'll be at the church at 4 am. You be there you should a seen their eyes. Eyes became like saucers and they were like OK and they walked out the door I found out later one husband wife Cupper they're walking out the door and they said that man is insane. So why did you stop that man and the wife said Why did you stop in and I showed up that next Sunday Sunday morning now mind you many times Saturdays for a minister goes very long and into the night and so in order to get to the church by 4 I need to be up at least by 3 saw me exhausted I get up at 3 I go to church at 4 and being somewhat cynical I assumed that I'd be the only person there so I've taken care of that problem and have my own little per meeting and just show up the next step and say Where were you I don't see you there pray for a viable sacrificially So I show up there for am fully expecting to be the only person there and suddenly I hear the doors open and files in a group of bloodshot. Hair are going every place they came in and said Pastor we are here to pray for the Holy Spirit that are let's go and so we would pray from $4.00 to 6 am and we continued to do that for the next 6 months. I mean this is in the ads church where I can you get my saints to come out at 930 for Sabbath school for a. Sunday morning and the Lord was doing something and I and I said How long is this going to go Finally we decided to move that time just because of a number of reasons from from 4 to 7 cases still sacrificial 1st Sunday morning from 4 to 7 am and we would prayed specifically for the Holy Spirit and revival 7 to 9 and we continued that I stayed in that district for almost 7 years and we began that part way through my 1st year so for the next 6 years every morning Sunday 7 am was a group of individuals that were gathered together to pray for the Holy Spirit and for a Bible and let me tell you what happened just from a financial standpoint and remember the Holy Spirit brings all the other blessings in his train and we saw in the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression and especially in Michigan our church budget that year I started to go the other way and we ended that year in the black Mind you every single year after that we ended with a surplus. On top of that we hired an associate pastor a Bible worker and a web pastor from the local church providing health care for all of them so people are opening their pocketbooks as they saw the Holy Spirit moving in the congregation and we were able to do marvelous things in that church and in that community and the reason why the Lord was giving us resources financial resources is because the Lord puts his money where his mouth is and the suddenly that church was galvanized to reach Michigan State University which has over 40000 students for Christ Here's a few of their stories on the left hand side we have Michele a Dem a she was a black back slidden 7th Day Adventist at Michigan State University Holy Spirit touched her life she accepted the Lord recommitted her life and started giving Bible studies to her roommate on the right hand side Renee not administering mate a long story short Michelle gave her a Bible studies and I had the privilege of baptizing Rene she later became our Student Association President Rene got on fire for the Lord she's on left hand side she was just recently baptized during that time and then she started giving Bible studies to Tara and who was at Michigan State University had no Adventist connections and our students were out there giving surveys and so forth and Terence signed up for bible studies and Tara was baptized. Karen was baptized she later became our Student Association president and started giving Bible studies as well and she was at the Union at a table with some literature and so forth and she met Elvis and Elvis took Bible studies and Elva was baptized I mean this is just remarkable and so each one of these students are winning other students for the Lord and then you have this gentleman right here. Is Anthony Burrell Now Anthony Burrell is the son of a Baptist minister he was in the jazz program at Michigan State University and he was there rising star he was the individual that was going to be someone he had a full scholarship to Michigan State University in the jazz program incredible saxophone player and he's there and we have Carlos not in this picture but Carlo door Vai he plays some time said these different youth conferences a G. Y.C. he played this classic pastime his one arm Carlo was in the same program at Emmis you and he engages Anthony and says look you want to study the Bible with me later and then he gave his testimony and said look I was going to show this brother something you know because I'm the son of a Baptist preacher anyways they have a study and Carlo gives him a study on Daniel 2. And Anthony is like Carlo you are a pliable scholar I have never heard anything like this in my life and Carlos of this is just the beginning. So he brings him out and then he starts attending our church. He becomes convicted on the Sabbath and our entire message he calls his father up because he is scared that his father is going to disown him potentially called his father up and says I've been studying with the 7th Day Adventist Church and I'm convicted and I'm convinced to become a 7 Day Adventists and his father told him Son My greatest desire for you is to follow your convictions. We baptize this man we baptize this man he's in the jazz program and Emmis you we did not say one word on music or anything you know we don't you don't have to be the Holy Spirit Amen and there is no absence in the 3rd Person of the Godhead and so suddenly he comes into my office distraught and he says Pastor I need to meet with you I was working in the cafeteria and I felt convicted by the Lord to give up the jazz program and to go into gospel ministry. And he said Pastor The problem is the moment I drop out of the jazz program I lose everything a $40000.00 annual scholarship to Emmis you free ride I have to move out of the dormitory and I'm sitting there so we need to pray because I feel responsible. And what do we do with this and he's receiving pressure from his mom who's saying you are crazy you know be a 7th Day Adventist and stay in the jazz program why are you going to walk away from this like if you know what are you doing and so he's feeling all this pressure and I said Anthony you pray about this and and so forth and immediately I got on the phone started working the different members of our church and saying this is our situation long story short Anthony Gibson his notice that he's dropping out of the jazz program and Michigan State University and he has no where to go so we. Galvanize our congregation and we send him to Emanuel Institute Michigan conference and he gets trained there comes back the church hires him as a bible worker he goes canvassing that summer and just this year Anthony graduated from Southern administering the versity and is now ministering on the East Coast as a 7 day Adventist pastor. Praise the Lord praise the Lord and I believe it began when a small group of people decided to sacrificially pray to sacrificially prayer for the Holy Spirit I skipped a slide here earlier on I want to read this from. Roger Moore no notice what Roger Morr No says and I knew exactly where to find the power to help such people in prayer and supplication to God who waits for our request for help so that he will then have the legal right in this side of the universe to move with how into say domain and rescue his captives. Do have legal right to move forward in other words there are rules in the great controversy remember in the book of Jude when Jesus is going to raise Moses from the dead who was there to contend him it was Satan in other words God was going to move in an unprecedented manner to raise someone from the dead and Lucifer Satan is there saying look you can't do that what authorize ation do you have now so every step when God is about to move Satan is there to contest. Satan is there to consider contests so when God goes to move in the life of your family member who is apart from the Lord or Satan is there saying look you can't do that you don't have authorization and yet Jesus is able to say look the LORD rebuke you because he may not have asked for this but his mom has been praying for him. I have permission to move. Excuse me this is the way that it works in the Great Congress so when you have a group of people that are praying for the Holy Spirit to move and to revive long Melinda for the Lord Jesus and I believe that God is able to move in an unprecedented manner that he would not have had authorize ation to prior to individuals praying is not as though God loved the east lansing church more than any other church is that God had clearance beyond what he would normally be able because of that small group of people that were praying for revival and the Holy Spirit and I believe that Anthony Burrell is a 7th Day Adventist minister today because of those saints that gather together faithfully at 7 am to pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on the campus of Michigan State University I believe that I want to go back and tell a few more stories we have Anthony this is this is Lou game she came from China as an exchange student atheist but she was very open and curious about other religions and so she was given a catechism and she was holding this catechism on Grand Avenue there in Michigan State. Grand River Avenue and one of our students Carlo again saw that she was holding a catechism and you got to love Carlo because he was on fire and he had this card that was made from Vistaprint it said free Bible studies answers to life's most difficult questions and he doesn't know strangers so he sees Lou They're holding a catechism he says hi have you been reading that you're interested in Christianity and its race card and he's like hey where are you going on the bus and he's trying to figure out a way to logistically get on the same bus that she was on and he's not able to work at all but gives her the card long story short she responds to the card in an email and says I want to give it bible study she starts coming to our church and we the church was very gracious to her because she needed a place to study and so we would give her a room in the church to study any night that she wanted she would be at the church studying and doing her homework she became a part of our family and I remember one evening my associate pastor Daniel John Francoise. We were eating in the fellowship hall and Daniel came in and he said David we got to go and I could tell by look on his face that that there was something important so he said Look Lou Lou right now is in the belly of decision and and we need to we need to call or to a decision right now and says OK let's go so I wiped my mouth went to his office and sat down and I could tell by her face that she was convicted she was convicted I sat there and I said Lou I can sense of the Holy Spirit's working on your heart would you right now like to kneel down and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and I can see at the corner variety here went down her cheek and she said yes and. I want to tell you. She knelt down this Chinese atheist and accepted Christ as their Savior and 2 weeks later we were baptizing her as a 7th Day Adventist she came to America as an atheist and left as an abacus it was a remarkable experience to see the Lord move and I am so tired of mediocre Amen I'm tired of average when I read the book of Acts I'm like why can't that happen to tell. Now same old the spirit same Jesus in heaven we need to have the upper room experience we need to have that that experience the other aspect of it is to live authentically in the experience and to remember that God changes the world by 1st changing me revival begins with the individual ministry of healing page 649 and the officers who were sent to Jesus came back with a report the never a man spoke as he spoke but the reason for this was never a man lived as he lived to this is Michelle a Democrat who I showed you earlier she was going to door door to door south of Lansing and she met this individual at the door Christian bull and started giving him bible studies he was baptized and a few weeks later his mom showed up at our church his dad showed up at our church his brother showed up better church and his aunt showed up better church and you know what his mom said his mom said I wanted to go to the church that had been instrumental in changing my son's life in other words when she saw the transformation in Christian she said I want to be a part of that she was baptized her son was baptized. In order to convince others of the power of Christ grace we must know its power in our own hearts and lives and I want to encourage you to to pray for the Holy Spirit and for revival now I arrived in Anchorage Alaska it'll be 4 years this October. And I had been in this congregation for about 2 years and I had a conversation with God and I said Lord I don't know what's wrong but I How come I'm not seeing the same types of things that were happening in East Lansing in Anchorage and the Holy Spirit came to me as to David it's because you're not praying like you were in East Lansing felt so convicted I called the Elders together and they said look I feel convicted that we need to pray for the Holy Spirit and revival and I'm not forcing any of you to attend I can't anyways as a volunteer organization found out that very quickly as a pastor and but I said look up and I won't judge you if you don't show up I know that we're all busy I'm just letting you know and I'm going to be there and if you would like to join me 7 am on Sunday morning I want to you to come and also invite other people in our conversation that may be interested. And so I told them also I'm not going to make a big push from the front I'm not going to make an appeal please join a Sunday morning I said I'm just going to leave it in the bulletin amazed how much the bulletin is like. No one reads it and even if it's so so I'm just going to leave it in there and we're going to let this go by word of mouth and then the next Sunday morning I was shocked to not only have every one of our elders there but $25.00 people showed up and it's cold in Alaska you know and freezing and so so they they came and we started to pray for the Holy Spirit and for revival and I mean this seems to be like the trend I arrived at the church and we're bleeding money I'm like What in the world is going on you know bleeding thousands of dollars and we started to pray for the Holy Spirit and revival and the Lord started to bring souls in and I just looked at our church budget statement and we are $50000.00 in the black $50000.00 in the black and we were praying for the Holy Spirit and revival it's been a little over a year now in which this has been taking place and just 2 Sabbaths ago we had the privilege of of baptizing right before I came these 2 individuals we got an e-mail about a month ago from a remote island in Alaska in the middle of nowhere they have to take a boat out there and they run their entire house on generators and solar solar panels and I don't know how but someone sent them a great conjurors true story I baptize them 2 weeks ago. And someone sent them a great controversy they they read the book great controversy and they said this is the truth this is the truth and online they just studied their way into the church accepted every one of our believes and they said that woman Ellen White what a gift what a gift so they call me and they said Pastor we're ready to be baptized. And I said Praise God So I talked with them some more and they were clear on every single one of our beliefs. They came to our church to Sabbaths ago and we had a baptism that just blessed our congregation and for the sermon I talked about the 3 Wise Men Well there were 3 we don't know from Scripture we assume it is but the wise men that came to Jerusalem the Bible tells us that it was a star but is really angels that led them to Jerusalem notice that God led those men not straight to Bethlehem but to his church and notice the response of the church they knew exactly where in the Prophet Micah's writings Micah 5 to where the child was to be born in Bethlehem and they're like yeah it's going to be born in Bethlehem yawn pass it off and these individuals go on to Bethlehem and I said look every time we have an experience like this it's a wake up call to our church it's a wake up call because those individuals in Jerusalem. Were still listless and left large ik and went right back to their hay stacks and to their veggie meat and there and I praise the Lord for those types of things but you know what I'm talking about to their comfortable Adventist culture the transformation that we are experiencing at Hillside O'Malley and I believe that God led those people to to our congregation I will What a remarkable thing that took place I highly recommend this book. Step to personal revival by Helmut have below you can get it online you can download it just search for the title and you can download it as a free e-book. Is a reflection of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy on this notion of the Holy Spirit and revival and we've been sharing in our congregation and it has been tremendously blast as we have a core of individuals that have been praying for the Holy Spirit and for revival and I want to courage you to get this book to watch is mail it to you for a minimal fee if you want to hardback copy of this but I believe that the Holy Spirit longs to move on the campus of Loma Linda University Amen I was talking to an individual this afternoon and they were saying how a large percentage of the students that come here have no advantage to affiliation what an opportunity what an opportunity the Lord is bringing people here right to our doorstep and I believe that the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out it's going to happen the latter rain is going to happen that is a fact and we have the tremendous opportunity to receive. The latter rain amen and I believe the Holy Spirit can and will move on this campus in this city in this state as never before and it only takes a handful of individuals that are committed to 1st sacrificially praying for the Holy Spirit and for revival and I tell our Sunday morning per group I said look I don't care about the numbers it doesn't matter it just takes a group a small group people that are committed to pressing together to ask for the Holy Spirit to have that upper room experience I believe ADD and hope that God has called for such a time as this Amen to pray for the only spirit. And with this quotation from Ellen wind in the book Home Missionary revival mean be expected only in answer to prayer when churches are revived it is because some individual I notice you don't even say individual some individual seeks earnestly for the blessing of God and God is calling for a people that is willing to open themselves and be transformed to increase the capacity to receive the Holy Spirit that heaven is longing to pour out on his church God is not reluctant to give us the Holy Spirit He is long is the greatest gift that heaven longs to bestow upon men and here we are 2019 now is the time Amen now is the time to press together and plead for the Holy Spirit and to say Lord May you change the world. And made begin with me and it's pray let us pray Father in heaven here we are 29 teams and Lord we have a supernatural problem that requires a supernatural solution father we need that upper room experience your calling your church to gather together in that upper room to lay a self aside to humble ourselves to be reconciled to our brother in and to stirrers and to say Lord pour out your spirit upon your people revivals transform us involved I pray for Loma Linda this institution that has been raised by God to reach the world through the medical missionary work and we pray that your vision for us might be realized we pray that you would start a movement here that when the red Latter Rain falls upon your people that there would be a host of individuals that is here ready to receive the outpouring of your spirit we pray for transformations we pray for conversion. We pray for your people to be revived. We know that you've heard it answered our prayers for we have these things in the press. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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