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3. Revelations Answers to Crime, Lawlessness, and Terrorism

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 5, 2016
    7:00 PM
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All right so tonight our topic is revelations answer to crime lawlessness and terrorism if you think about home. What do you think of now this may be a trick question I don't know because home can be different for everybody right in fact I just yesterday was talking to some people about how dysfunctional home can be and how rare it is for homes to be the ideal home was designed to be was to be a safe place of place at the end of a school day at the end of something happening that wasn't supposed to happen it was a place of refuge a place of security a place that you knew Grandma was going to give you a hug and affirm you or your mom was going to hold you your dad was going to put you on his lap or whatever it might be that was what home was intended to be but tonight we're talking about how I believe the devil is attacking our homes and our families and I believe everything that God wants to do and your life to Dell's using the media to undo in your life 21st century homes are often a battlefield and that is all too true even the family dinners people have done their whole doctorate dissertation Ph D. and they've sent it all on meals together they say one of the top things you can do to help your family is to have meals together sit down meals together at the table where everybody at the same time not one of these meals where numbers on the table people are grabbing their grab and go into the back room to study or whatever it is or grabbing their fruit food and eat in front of T.V. That's why your shirts have all that right on a television and this is often the case too it's a go go go rush rush rush I don't have time for supper I don't have time to make supper I didn't have time to go grocery shopping we don't have meaning the where I'm going out tonight and of course this has its own implications health wise. Research reveals the real reality of the Biblical truth by beholding we become changed do you believe that. By beholding we become changed. I mean coaches Lieven tell you if you can close your eyes and visualize yourself making that basket from the free throw line over and over and over it will actually help you do better when you go to shoot that shot that's why some of you can almost do it as going in it's going in by beholding we become changes one powerful about where our thoughts are and if our thoughts are constantly in the gutter or constantly being overly stimulated or whatever it is that's going to change who we are our society is turned his back on God's moral standards I would have to agree with that you may not but by and large I don't see most of society upholding our standards are eroding away just like on that house that we saw a picture of the Bibles being forgotten 2826 says he who trusts and his own heart is a what a fool so I came and trust my own heart and you probably can't trust yours either because our hearts are deceitfully wakin Jose 7 they sow the wind and reap the whirlwind and so even so in the end of violence in the media and we are reaping a whirlwind of crime as a true and hate crimes and terrorist acts and beheadings and on and on and on. We've been sowing the wind of immorality and we're reaping the whirlwind of divorce we've sown the explicit sexual material and we're reaping all kinds of effects on that too let's look at a few of these how do you protect moral values an immoral world it's a good question I think that takes us back to scripture Revelation says this is the 3 angels message right into apex the center of the book then I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the what everlasting Gospel notice said it's not something that's outdated that needs to be improved upon it's everlasting it's not going anywhere is the only solution to the problem we find ourselves in. And he had the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every. Nation tribe tongue and people that's everybody what does everybody need the everlasting gospel and then says Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come now I don't know about you but judgment in our day and age is pretty much a dirty word DON'T JUDGE ME WHO are YOU to judge me who's the Bible to judge me nobody can judge me I'm in charge you leave me alone mind your own business I say a little harsher than then but it says Fear God and again this fear I would say is not about trembling with horror in the presence of God It's about respect God give him his due right realize that he is God Fear God and give glory to him not to yourself for the hour of judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of water so fear God and give glory to Him So the judgement calls us to countability for our actions have you noticed that nobody wanted to be accountable for their actions anymore when I was doing missionary my students they'd come up with all these excuses why they couldn't come up with their homework and it was never their fault this guy so they always say somebody else you know we want to be accountable even in the media nobody wants to be accountable they try and sidestep stuff or they say apologies that to me are not real apologies they say things like well I'm sorry you were offended that's not an apology that's not saying I did anything wrong it just means I'm sorry you're upset it's not apology nobody wants to be accountable for their actions. And so they drink they smoke they they run up the road there's all kinds of things and they blame parents they blame churches they blame pastors they blame their teachers they blame their great grandpa whatever it is there's always somebody else to blame and it's never their fault. I mean it's so refreshing when you hear and you hardly ever hear anymore I messed up we forgive me I made a poor choice I hurt you I'm so sorry for that we you please forgive me you know. Hear that stuff right now what would that do to our marriages I tell you when I'm in a fight with Elizabeth now we don't actually get in fights you understand but just pretend we did when I'm in a fight with my wife Elizabeth if I can muster these words Elizabeth I'm sorry will you please forgive me we could dig it out for another you know however long or I can just say those words and she just melts and she can tell if I mean or not right but it's important you know they can say well I'm doing drugs because that's all I knew growing up and all the rest and I understand your background and your environment that has a role to play but the end of the day you don't have to choose that you don't have to choose if you can choose something else now yes you've been at a disadvantage Absolutely and I'm empathetic to your situation but you still have a choice I still have a choice of what we're going to do and that's the American dream right you've been given a bad situation but you can choose to do something different. Oh boy look at this this is not a doctored picture by the way that's the question is this a man or a woman this is a man that's had certain surgeries to try and be a woman Here's another one that's more popular they call this today transgender. Huge it is huge in fact in North Carolina right now there is huge debate if you watched the news in the last few days over this issue because I may have been born a male but my sexual identity is what is female and you need to accommodate me since my sexual identity is female I need to go unused lays restroom over there and you should be I was taught me and if you stop me you are impeding against my rights my civil rights this is a hate crime and all the rest I mean I just find myself scratching my head on this I mean we're just becoming gender neutral Never mind that there's thousands of studies anybody that studies family ministry or couples or anything they all will tell you that the the mind of the male and the mind of the female are vastly different that doesn't mean it's one size fits all but they are vastly different God created us differently you know what else over half of the people that say OK well I'm actually a female and they go have their surgeries and they have bumps or they have things removed or whatever it is over half of them within just a few years a short period of time over half of them commit suicide because whatever it was that they thought they were going to get after the surgery and it doesn't work because why they still have the male brain or they still have the female brain and now there are too many surgeries get terribly botched up and they're painful and all the rest of they have that on top of everything else and they're so confused but this is this is our society this is actually some kind of a Stars thing or something right anyway this is Time magazine the transgender tipping point you thought homosexuality was the big thing and that's passed the Supreme Court already ruled. Wow In fact this isn't a doctored picture either I almost feel badly that I'm the one sharing this with you. This is a female that has taken hormones to be able to grow facial hair and everything else to look more like a male and she but if I call her she'll be in trouble he once didn't have a child in the hospital because he had to check mother or something like that and he says no I'm the father of this baby that I'm carrying this sound little bit convoluted this is happening over in Europe and it isn't Huffington Post this gets even weirder Oh this is a couple This was the girl and this was the guy I look for the picture of them before they had their surgeries they had these 2 kids together but then they decided somewhere along the way because here they've already changed over right this is now the guy and this is now the girl they're still married but now this who was dad they call mom and this who was Mom they now call Dad What planet are we living on and this is unprecedented the day of no I don't know about you but I have a hard time going to Lowe's picking out all these colors to live at my house the day of I have a real hard time doing that somebody new before there was a little bit of planning that went on I better not go down that road anyway unprecedented. This is I do we live in is this is side that largely says you are not responsible for your actions I can do whatever I want to is that good for our society is that helping our families is that strengthening our churches and forget the whole religious part just from a standpoint of our country is it making us for a stronger country that's what I'm asking if some people might hear my lecture and think that I'm just like you used words like bigot Now don't misunderstand me I believe God died for the homosexuals I believe God died for the transgender person I believe God died for all those people and sin is sin and if you're going to sit there in your high horse or violin to sit here appear to be so smug to think well they have issues I'm pretty good sounds like you've got issues and I have issues right all our centers all of us all of us deserve the exact same thing deaf and all of us are saved only by grace so I believe we need to love these people we need to show them a better way by love through relationship so we need to put our arm around these people we need to get to know them we need to talk to them and maybe the open up conversations that we can have with them but I believe and I honestly I pity these people because they're searching for something so desperately that they're never going to find down that path that's what I believe. That none of us are going to find on any path that we chase whether it's a career or numbers at the end of a paycheck or any of those things oh man I had to be done in 15 minutes God's laws the basis of morality and the standard of judgment you have to have a basis and a standard in fact the 10 Commandments are there at the Supreme Court interesting Lee enough but death another topic as well this kind of gone by the wayside James 212 says so speak and so do as those who will be judged by the law of liberty God's going to make sure that we're judged by something we can understand that we can know it's not fair to me to spank for me to spank my kids or son is. Right I have to lay it out for them and say if this happens this is what will be the result and that's what we have in God's Law So Exodus 20 verse 13 not kill trying to protect the sanctity of life right he wants to protect it he wants to preserve that he want to put a hedge around it because of all the wonderful things that life brings that death does not and so he says don't kill is not good we have things like shall not commit adultery or you take away all my fun really you talk to people in fact studies show again the best. Sex is between a husband and a wife. Studies show it anybody who majors in the field no one will even dare to try and debunk that but the media will never show you that they tell you oh no it's best on the theory Elaine you know Desperate Housewives are or in the bars or in the hotels or on the business trip or or wherever they sneak off that's not the truth and people that go searching for it might be pleasure for a time but then. Bulldozes their life as well gosh I put a hedge of protection around that. Does know what he's talking about I know what I'm talking about and we have example after example after example and in fact the media is a great example because they have everything I've heard. Trying to think which superstar it was that he said yeah when you're when you're rich and money is no object. It's easy for anything to destroy because there's no limits if I want marijuana I can get as much of it as I want if I want crack I can eat as much as I want if I want pornography and have to go there I can give many women as I want I can get whatever I want at whatever extent I want and so you watch these people climb this ladder if you want to call it that they reach success and whatever their issue is that might be some of our issues here good so blown up because there's no limitations Stumm thing about that God has blessed us by giving us limitations sometimes Tao shall not steal how you like it when you live in a place where people are stealing Revelation chapter 11 verse 19 then the temple of God was opened in heaven and the ark of his covenant was seen in his temple here we are in Revelation Chapter 11 the temple of God It's opened up in heaven and the ark of his covenant was seen in his temple if we go back to the Old Testament and we look at the Halo and we look at this is the sanctuary was right in the middle of the children of Israel after they left Egypt and here you have a High Priest going in the ministry and the. Back here in the back here you have the holy place you have the most holy place and there you have the sanctuary there you had the 2 chairmen the 2 angels we talked about Luce for how I believe he was one of them. You have a she kind of glory the presence of God right there in the middle and underneath the foundation of his character very symbolic you have the 10 Commandments is part of God's character it's part of who he is some people said the other night you know you didn't touch as much on why did God create Lucifer because his character would not allow him that would be a lie to not create somebody because of it wouldn't benefit him like he wanted to be a lie be a false truth it would go against who he is at its very core right and so the arc of God's covenant contains his law which is one of the only things we have in all of scripture that Jesus has with his own finger that God edges with his own finger in stone by the way. Now if you are in business and you go back and forth on writing or whatever it is and you say hey check out this draft where you think oh well I think you should do this OK What about that OK it's getting better tighten this up here but sometimes even today we use the expression Well don't worry it's not set in stone it is set in stone what does that mean is permanent Nobody wants their name spelled wrong on a tombstone. You can just erase it you can't you know you break it you throw it away you start over judgment and laws are part of the gospel now if you stop and think about this why would God send His Son to suffer that cruel death if all he had to do with some stroke of magic was change his law think about that if God could just change the law manipulate it tweak it just when them had to come and die at all hey that sounds pretty good why don't we do that because that compromises who God is his whole character now is tweet and that's a problem what else is God just going to tweak you by like to play a game where somebody changed the rules midstream. What actually you only have to have 3 of these hells in your new winner on the way to getting. What That's not how you play this game so much so that God the Father is allowing his son to hang on a cross rather than change the law that's pretty important and crucial if you ask me 1st John $34.00 whoever commits San also commits lawlessness and sin is lawlessness so sin is breaking God's Law We have some more verses on this God's law is eternal moral standard which defines sin and establishes our accountability to God. I think we have another verse here here we go this kid here is watching T.V. watching me you watch a movie he's watching everything else and his brain is a sponge is going in going and going in this father here is investing with his child with the Bible and sometimes even if this kid over here and watching something very benign picture. Whatever it is it can be so fast paced that by the time you try and switch over and go over here there's no pictures. So it's boring there's something else we can read anyway I got to go and God's law is the pathway to freedom and genuine happiness love always leads to obedience if you love me keep my commandments is another key verse if you love me keep my commandments and I think we can insert in there if you don't love me don't bother if you don't love me don't bother a lot of times teenagers like to say well this is salvation issue Pastor I want to as a salvation issue whatever the issue is that we're talking about this salvation issue I tell us the wrong question to be asking the wrong question I say if Elizabeth asked me if she's been a wife yet David can you take out the trash and I look at her and I say is this a divorce issue excuse me is this a divorce issue and she kind of backs up like what's your problem and she says No I just is starting to stink I would like you to take out the trash who is not a divorce issue I'm not doing it that's essentially what we're saying isn't it when we say is this the salvation issue is saying I want to figure out where that line is I want to the least possible and I'm just going to dance on that line my dad had that phrase oh Davy's once how close you get to live without crossing it that's what is showing my mindset to be and what kind of relationship my going to have with my wife if I'm constantly saying is this a divorce issue I promise you somewhere along the way it's going to be a divorce issue right where you know the grass is a divorce you know on and on and on it goes because it reveals in my heart that there is no love and therefore there's no obedience and it is not motivated by love she doesn't like it is. Her. Texting app texting is almost becoming old school now but I had an app that said now you can program a text to be sent whenever you want to on repeat or whatever as an all this might be good I could program it to remind that were mean it's such a time and so I don't forget and so I said well I better try it out on Liz of this so I type in live as I love you so much you're such a great wife and I'm so blessed to have you and all this stuff and I meant it and I sent it to her but then I put it on what repeat. What are you laughing for. Next day rolls around exact same time of the day you know how texting shows you the last when you've only got a text from a tween So it's the exact same time $114.00 she gets the exact same message says the exact same thing the 1st time she calmly said hey what are you doing I was so sweet thank you so much for that text I really appreciate I just like know you're thinking about me and I kind of stuff where they said the 2nd time she always gives after me when she hears me tell a story she says you make it sound like I yell I don't yell I'm just makes for a better story right what are you doing what you mean what am I doing I was out cutting the grass or something and cutting the grass is that OK now what is this thing on my phone and I'm completely clueless one thing on your phone before Vialli dawns on me right oh yes he's like yeah what is that supposed to mean so I try to repeat thing which is like not cool not cool Why is it not cool all because it didn't come from nowhere and I imagine God feels the same way if you don't love me don't bother don't do it for your pastor don't do it for the person next to you don't do it for do it because you love God period and so I tell people well in my supposed to start doing as my posts are doing that show changes I change I said well you better listen to what God tells you to do if you're motivated by love then you better do it but don't do it for me because that's not going to last right you know because of God If you love me keep my commands in fact and I say Oh. 1st chapter I believe he says I abhor your sacrifices Why does he a whore their sacrifices from their heart as though they're just going over and over and over and killing and slaughter and all these things and they might even be slaughtered knowing intentionally what they're going to do or they have a lamb ready to go and they're not even thinking or even sorry they're just like here you go here's paying for my sin on the rez a god he detests it because not from their heart I think it's the same with our obedience if it's not from our heart he doesn't want it in fact it probably hurts him right OK I need to keep going I obey God not in order to be saved because I am saved Is that true now by this we know that we know him if we keep His commandments you could read it by this Elizabeth knows that I love her if I take out the trash if I make my bed if I clean up my underwear off the floor whatever it is and if I don't do all those things it's not a tit for tat kind of a thing it's just hey if you truly love me you're going to I mean think back when you 1st met somebody and you are back in your brain what can I do to impress this person to to make them smile bring them flowers all write them a note all do this all do that motivated by the heart and just melt OK I keep going he who says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth and him grace and law are not contradictory ideas what is the role of God's law by the law is the knowledge of sin and we've kind of touched on now ready so if the devil can do away with the law hey there's no sin let's forget the law Let's banish the laws take it out of our schools take it out of our corals all the rest as all there's no law I can't do anything wrong this is great and if there's no law I can't feel guilty I hate feeling guilty do you like feeling guilty I don't like feeling guilty so throughout the law perfect. Talk. I would not have known sin except through the law Romans 77 I would not have known covetousness unless the law has said You shall not. It OK you get the idea so what is the role of grace you might be asking if Eason's to 89 For by grace you have been what saved through faith and that not of your cells it is the gift of God Not of works less anyone should both see there it is doesn't matter what I do but what I do for Elizabeth I'm not trying to prove to her every day that we're still married not trying to do that I'm trying to show her how much I love her and how happy I am that we are married. Is there a difference there's a huge difference so Grace is God's mercy his pardon his forgiveness his power his love it's all of those things in fact it's even his grace that enables us to do good things and to follow his law we can do that by ourselves God enables us to do that so it's his grace from start to finish but we have a part to play in saying Lord I want to do these things help me to do these things help me to walk according to your ways and it's not just the click of the fingers or click of the heels or whatever it takes time and sometimes is difficult and challenging but if we love him we keep His commandments there's Grace do away with God's Law Well sometimes you hear that do we then make void the law Paul says in Romans 331 through faith certainly not on the contrary we as stablish the law are we saved No We thought out absolutely not we need to uphold it we need to keep it why it's because it's God's protective fence around this is safeguard around all these things that are so precious to him and if I love him the precious to me to make sense what is this picture do raising by blood pressure have you been there oh ma Now let me ask you you have been around long enough if you have been going under the speed limit you have to fiddle with your phone or anything else even paying perfect attention you're at 10 and 2 and you're right in between the lines you haven't crossed anything you're not distracted and all the sudden you see these lights do you panic maybe let me change it up a bit would have somebody just passed you going to 100 miles an hour you ever had to have on the interstate or something else than almost 2 cars. What no more all and all said you see these blue lights now how does it make you feel yeah yeah yeah yeah get out. Here and. Let's change it again. You're the one GO ON 100 miles an hour and you see this in your rearview mirror now how do you feel. Right ro. This is going to be a problem and he bowls you all over and you are so guilty as anybody know of a place in north western North Carolina where you can drive a 100 miles an hour please tell me No Are you guilty yes you are guilty and you're saying it was so I cry. I just I wasn't paying attention what are you going to say and the cop comes up there and you just blubber something now and he somehow has race on you did you deserve to take it you deserve your license being revoked he had grace on you now you can still drive to work. So because you're under grace you say thanks but a and you. Grab all over his car and you 100 miles an hour again how do. You don't do that you say absolutely Officer thank you so much I really really appreciate this I will I will what. I will slow down and I might even wait 1015 minutes until you go on the line you go 1st go on no you go OK and you look in your view mirror others a car 10 miles back under no wait. That's what Grace does it motivates you to. Obey now I've had friends that had the opposite they were the motorcycle and they felt like a cop to them out was a jerk and all the rest showed them 0 Grace and I would recommend this but they wouldn't find another cop on their motorcycle just outrun them because they were so angry I believe Grace is what really compels us and when we see it we figure out what Jesus did for us on the cross and we see that that's for me in my place that my sins kept in there all of those things when we fully understand that we say Wow And if we're buy or sell we might just be a heap on the form I just be crying saying I'm so sorry and that compels us to obey. Lord Have you asked me to do I'll do it because I don't deserve what you've given to me grace oh there's the officer if you look gracious Matthew 517 do not think that I come to destroy the law or the prophets words I did not come to destroy. But to fulfill come to do away with the law but to fulfill it. You know the biggest part of the law that he fulfilled in fact is a book back here 10 commandments twice removed what about all these ceremonial laws yes you're right we don't sacrifice lambs anymore we don't do that whole ritual anymore why. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world Jesus came and he was the ultimate sacrifice the ultimate lamb and so that law was fulfill all the ceremonial laws were fulfilled in Christ but you notice the ceremonial laws are different from the take a man is in the book explains it beautifully 10 commandments God wrote with his finger in stone Hint hint hint the other law was written on parchment paper and put aside not in the ark had a purpose for a time but that time has come and been fulfilled in Jesus Christ but the 10 Commandments are still still there all right Roman 6144 senshi not have dominion over you for you are not under law but under grace I know I need to be done what does it mane to be under the Law Well it means to be under the law as a method of salvation or it means to be under condemnation of the law because I broke it and so what's being said here is that we're not under the condemnation of the law. We're free from the condemnation of the law because of what Christ did for us and so what does it mean to be under grace to be under grace means that I accept Christ part in receive Christ forgiveness and I am filled with His power notice all these are his Christ pardon Christ forgiveness his power I don't add to it with my good works that's just my response and so good works don't have to do with what I'm going to be in heaven or not but it does show what's in my heart but it doesn't keep a check list to times I guess we'll stay married doesn't do that but it sure does reveal my heart doesn't it and my heart's in the wrong place that's the problem the law reveals our need 907 says the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul the law is what drives us to Christ it helps to see clearly how desperately we need him. Need to be done Matthew 2236 to $40.00 teacher which is the greatest commandment in the Law Jesus said to him You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind people say see that's all it is by any more it's not the 10 Commandments This is the 1st great command in the 2nd is light you shall love your neighbor as yourself that's it love God supreme Lee and love your neighbor as yourself but on these 2 commandments hang all the law and the prophets was just mean by that to 10 commandments they all center around those 2 things 1st 4 How do you love God last 6 How do you love fellow man Plessis it out it gives you specifics doesn't make any sense I'm going to care for my neighbor and think of them ahead of myself while I'm committing adultery with their wife killing their animals stealing from them coveting their you know their new truck or whatever it that's not how I treat my neighbor like I want to be treated. And it doesn't make sense that while I'm loving God I'm I'm using his name in vain and I'm looking and praying to idols and all these doesn't make any sense unless this is some ation of these 2 commands hang all the law and the prophets entire law can be summarized into one word love there's a Mason that covers it all. Love your God and love your fellow man giving God law doesn't put you in bondage it takes you out of bondage if there is an issue and a sin in your life you need God to overcome it period you just do now that doesn't mean that there's not a place for counselors or for books or for resources or all those things all those things come together but we need to be praying on the way Lord you've got to do this thing because I've tried enough times I can do it brings them in my path that can help me do it or whatever it is and he will help us do that. Why they keep coming Exodus 20 verse 2 I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage here is this example of God bringing them out of bondage by the blood over the doorpost and so the 10 Commandments have no other gods before me were going to go fast not make into the any graven images number 2 number 3 thou shall not take the name Lord thy God in vain number 4 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days out the labor and do all the work but the 7 days a sabbath of the Lord thy God Number 5 on our life father and I Mother number 6 not kill number 7 now shalt not commit adultery number a Thou shalt not steal number 9 now shall not bear false witness against neighbor and number 10 not covet if you really analyze these I wish we had more time each of those is so rich and so deep and so full and it's the simplest way to put it how would you summarize for all of humanity follow these and you're going to be OK and good to fit onto rocks in your garden be hard to do and you could list all the do this do this do this. This you need like a pile of rocks summarize in just 2 stones very simply do these things and you'll be happier more fulfilled you'll stay out of trouble you will feel guilty all the time you'll be rested. Anyway. Some 11179 the works of his hands are very tea and justice all his precepts are sure they stand fast forever and ever and he has commanded His Covenant forever say the last Heaven because of disobedience Adam and Eve lost even because of disobedience as well and he was a 10 for this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my laws in their mine and write them on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people. That's what he wants for you and I we don't have to go back and refer to the 10 Commandments it's here and it's here not just here but it's also here we're motivated right here in our heart God will have a last day people whose law is written in their hearts and minds how do we know that Revelation 1412 here is the patients of the Saints Here are those and what does it say who ignore the commandments of God that it says who give choosy about the Commandments of God who follow them and what fits them best know here the patient of the saints here those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and then again Revelation 2214 blessed What does it mean to be blessed who wants to be blessed everybody wants to be blessed says Blessed are those who do His commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter through the gates into the city last book last chapter Blessed are those that keep the commandments not forgotten and you might wonder OK I thought as a relationship and why we harp on 10 commandments you know I've heard that you. Keep coming because the 10 Commandments have a pivotal part to play in the Book of Revelation a very pivotal part to play and we're going to get into more prophecy run again more complicated topics we're going to get into all of these things but if you don't have this foundation and understand this topic it's just going to go so the reason we're studying it because the law's a major character in The Book of Revelation makes sense major character in The Book of Revelation to close over in Cambodia. Because of years and years and years of multiple wars there's areas like this danger land mines and they roped off an entire area because they haven't been able to comb it and the jungle so thick they don't know if there's a mine underneath there it looks like a. Metal part of a wheel if you've ever worked on brakes like a drum and there's a little push pan at the top that's maybe this tall and you're walking through the jungle you don't even realize it oh and it goes off hello hello and there are people that in fact I put down in my notes here Cambodia has some 40000 amputees highest in the world and estimated there are some 6000000 mines from 3 decades of war so if you go to Cambodia and you see this or you see this or this or that Cambodia line landmine museum how terrible is that I bring this up for this very simple reason the Earth that we live in is filled with landmines filled with them what kind of a God we serve if we said Go play have fun you know we serve a God that says there's landmines out there and I don't want you to end up being an amputee I don't want you to get your leg blown off or your arm blown off I don't want you to die and so I'm warning you I'm telling you about these things and if you place this hedge of protection around them you won't get hurt and so we have the 10 Commandments like this sign right here danger minds. Want to know what is that sign No and people go running off. And you look all around you there's examples of people waiting in line land mines and I bet you for every one that steps on one you can look back at the 10 commandments and says you know if they just would have done this I'm not trying to be judgmental but if they just would have done this they wouldn't be in that position right every time I've been in that position and blown off something. Because I ignored the sign Dear Heavenly Father Your Holy Spirit has been talking Honest tonight. Oh Lord we believe I believe that you have given us your law out of love that you long to protect us from so many things that are out to hurt us in this world and you knew that and we can either follow the lies of the devil or think that we've come up with it or we can surrender to your way and admit that you know what is best learned us the choices before us tonight so I pray that you will give us the courage to surrender to you just now in the quietness of this moment Lord we're not perfect we sin just this afternoon we thought things we shouldn't have thought but your grace is sufficient and we can ask for forgiveness and you will cleanse us you will restore us you will empower us to be more like you and have your character implanted in our minds and in our hearts grant us that the power of your Holy Spirit to line your name into. 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