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11. Why So Many Denominations

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 16, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Today we're looking at Revelations for horsemen that reveal why are there so many denominations and we're going to answer that question best we can today and then tonight at 6 o'clock revelations lake of fire and if you've ever wondered is that fire is burning now does it go on forever and ever and ever and if you've ever had a problem with this idea of a god that just burns somebody forever and ever and ever I would encourage you strongly encourage you to come to hear the message. That we have in God's word about the Lake of Fire because I believe it's a wonderful message and so you're not going to want to miss that tonight at 6 and it comes with supper so who wants to miss out right but today why so many nominations have you ever wanted and. If there's one Lord one faith one baptism we find that in Scripture if you know the Bible says the same thing in mind as it does in yours how come we have so many denominations Let's suppose you move to a new city as many of you have done before and you trying to get out OK where should we go to church how do you decide where to go to church that can be a challenging thing you might get a brilliant idea well let's go to the phone book and let's see what some of the options are all my. There is a huge section of charges in the phone book anything and everything under the sun Well we're going to have to visit all those to find out which ones are right one 0 my now maybe you've heard people that have basically done that and they bounce from one to the next to the next to the next to the next but there's so many options you have the Church of Christ you have the Christian Science you have Christian Reformed and that's just in the sea that mean you can go all the way through and it's a very long list if you haven't done that maybe you could do that this week a look in the in the phone book there are plenty of options. So how do you choose the average person is be wilderness by this confusing array of searches. And I think it's a fair question well 1st and foremost and here's a slight Have you ever wondered how how can I find truth why I would tell you that if you want to find truth rather than go to different churches go to God's word this is where you will find truth and I've heard of people that have read themselves into the church meaning they find the truth in God's word and I think that's what this next side slide talks about you know the Bible to find out what truth is then find a church teaching in harmony with the Bible that's what I would encourage you to do there are all kinds of message out there why want to go to the popular church where most people are going to want to go to church where there's most young people going on to the church has a nice facility I like this church that has valet Pike parking I like that church that you know whatever it is and there's a whole list I would submit to you that most of things on the list today have to do with me as a consumer is church was that they were supposed to be me as a consumer well at my church they do this for me and my church they do that for me and my church I am able to get this at my church I mean I get that I remember on was it a farside or something remember those little calendars and everything else and in this farsighted said well I go to the generic church the generic church why do you go to generic church because we only had to pay 9 percent tied Oh OK. Is this consumerism approach isn't it to church and I think back to do this Damon Ask not what your church can do for you. But what you can do for your church. So yes certainly you want to look for truth the church that has the truth and find a church that lines up with the truth but then beyond that you want to as where is the church that I can put in the gifts and the talents that God has given to me maybe there are churches that are just brimming with talent and then there's some churches that really have some some real needs and you say you know I think maybe we could fill some of those needs by God's grace and you pray about it but I would submit that we need to choose a church one based on God's truth and 2 what can I do in this church how can I be part of this church as opposed to what this church going to do for me that makes sense. And so we need to search out the scriptures and find which one has the truth now they all claim to have the truth I don't know of any charges that put on their sign come to our church we have 98 percent of the truth. They don't put that no no we have the truth and I think some people may go to the Yellow Pages they get so overwhelmed they say you know what I threw all that away I'm non-denominational don't talk to me about the nomination I'm non-denominational that's like the no name restaurant that's a name no it's not it's no name yes that's the name that you registered for your restaurant was no name no there's no name you go around and around and around around all you want Bible prophecy I believe clearly reveals wild why there are so many denominations and we're going to look at that this morning Amos 3 verse 7 says surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret to do his servants the prophets That's right and so God I believe reveals through his prophet again this question we're asking revelation reveals why they are so many denominations and so for that we're going to look at the 4 Horsemen. That reveal the future of Christianity that unmask and tell us a little bit about what's going to happen revelation 4 Horsemen represent 4 successive ages in the history of the church did you know that maybe you did maybe you didn't. It's been there all along and it talks about how Jesus opens the seals of this prophecy and so let's get into a Revelation Chapter 6 verse one it says now I saw when the lamb and who's the lamb in Revelation Jesus Christ I saw in the lamp opened one of the seals. And of course we know Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world we looked at that already and I heard one of the 4 living creatures saying with a voice like thunder come and see now if I were there if I were witnessing all of this if Jesus said to open the seals he says Come and See I think I'll be paying attention and so when we read this I think we need to pay attention and as we continue on his and I look and behold a white horse and he who sat on it had a bow and a crown was given to him and he went out conquering and to conquer here we have a white horse I would submit to you that white is a symbol of purity in the Bible we even have that even today don't we a bride doesn't come down the aisle in an orange dress or a purple dress certainly not a black dress what color is it a white dress symbolic of purity. And so we see that in the world today it didn't need to be pointed out in that time that when armies would go off to war if you saw them coming back there was no text messages we won the battle there was no e-mail there was no nightly news there was no nothing but when you saw the commander coming home on a what color horse white horse you knew that they had won or lost one whose symbol of a victory that they had conquered and it was a wonderful thing and so feel Number one we have a white horse and we have a powerful pew or face you think about that time period 800 $31.00 after Jesus' death and resurrection what happened to the church did it just peter out not at all it grew and the momentum only grew it was a powerful faith it was a pure face it was a conquering face the horse was white and that continued for some time if you look through history and in your history books that continued and they went to all over the place right in fact Paul Well here we have deal number one we're going to add to that list but Paul went preaching everywhere and that's a lot of what we have in the New Testament is when he he talked to the church at Corinth and talked the church that Philip high and emphasis and all these various places and the church is growing rapidly all throughout the known world virtually now is the devil like this idea of this message going around the world No he does not and so he's going to come up with a counterfeit one Roman historian wrote this You Christians are everywhere here in our armies in our navies you're in the marketplace in the shops and you're in our Senate and universities you are everywhere X. $514.00 and believers were increasingly added to the Lord's multitude of both men and women grew like while far White Horse conquering horse. For a period of time but the devil wanted to stop it but it appears that nothing can stop the progress of Christianity in the 1st century so what happens well when men and women do not compromise truth in their life the church has power that used up make that point so often I believe people get stuck in a rut you know I mean when I say right if I'm out driving in my truck and all this done I fall in a rut and maybe it's a muddy right and I'm spinning my wheels sometimes use that expression how you say I just feel like I'm spinning my wheels I'm in a rut I can't seem to get out of it oftentimes in our Christian walk we find ourselves in a rut and I would submit to you if you are in a rut there's a good chance that probably it's because you're compromising in truth and somewhere in your life you're not living up to the light that Jesus has revealed to you. And he said then you say well I want more light I want to reveal more truth into my life friends if you want him to reveal more truth in your life you need to live up to the truth that he's given to you as you live up to that then he will give you more and more and more it's the same with our kids right we give them a simple task and if they don't follow through on it they're probably not ready for a more difficult task are they. And sometimes we're in a rut and we say how can I get out of this rut everything feels stagnant I would submit to you there's not total surrender not total surrender one foot in one foot out you're kind of on the fence sometimes you lean this way sometimes you lean that way and you wonder why God is not more real in your life if that's the case put both feet on God's side and see what happens I believe that 1st period from 831 to 100 it's spread so rapidly because virtually everyone had both feet on God's side what would God do in your life. In my life if we put both feet on his side what would he do. What would he do in your Sabbath school class in your small group in your marriage and your family in this church family in the world turned church what would God do if everybody decided to put both feet by God's grace I'm going to put both feet I'm going to live up to every bit of light that I know to be true I'm not going to compromise I believe the church would grow rapidly and in places where people are willing to do that it's growing quite rapidly and I need to keep going here Colossians chapter one verse 23 if indeed you continue in the faith grounded and steadfast and are not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you heard which was preached to every creature under heaven of which I Paul become a minister then it will grow rapidly don't fall away from AD continued to stay grounded in the face. And you'll grow but the devil didn't like that he said we can't have this going on this is a problem and so we have another course what colors this course kind of reticent Revelation Chapter 6 verse 4 continuing on another horse fiery red went out and it was granted to do to the one who sat on it to take peace from the Earth is a sound good not so good and that people should be killed or should kill one another and there was given to him a great sword I would submit to you that this is the blood stained face that begins at 8100 and goes to 313 the blood stains face the red horse if you will and it was during that time that Satan strategy was to inflict persecution. And so during that time you had coliseums people would come and they would release right we have pictures of things like as lions and they would watch as people as Christians I should say were persecuted for their faith not in some backroom but in a means for entertainment How would you like that I had tickets tonight let's go see some Christians get eaten by some lions Oh yeah. While other times they were burned at the stake was their faith still strong yes it was me and them were praying and were singing all these things were taking place and in fact one of the things we'll get to that in a 2nd what's one of the phrases that we get from this period of time. The blood of the martyrs is. Seed What does that mean the more we persecute them the more they continue to groove this is a problem that I will says we can't continue to do this we're actually inflicting you know we're hurting ourselves in this process we have to try a different means stop and think about it when somebody is willing to be persecuted for their faith they're willing to lose their jobs or their faith they're willing to lose. I don't know prestige or the praise of other people or any of these things when they're persecuted anyway especially physical persecution the ultimate persecution you take notice or you just. You take notice don't you Elizabeth today for lunch I'd like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sorry we're going to have soup I want peanut butter and jelly sandwich I will die before I you know if I went and made that statement and then actually I do die what happened where and where is your husband he wanted peanut butter and jelly. Would people take what is it about a list of his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are worth giving your life for now as of us a real cook she doesn't make people butter and jelly but you get the idea. If you give your life for something and then you give it away in a way where you are singing and praising the Lord rather than calling curses down on people people take notice and so the blood of the martyrs was seized this is a church historian. Eusebius that's how you say his name we saw the most marvelous inspiration of force which was truly divine and the readiness of those who had faith in the Christ of God immediately when sentence had been pronounced on one group another party came forward before the tribunals acknowledging themselves to be Christians they want to expect in this where they thought I would snuff it out there would be afraid and they would hide and cower in fear but that's not the case and remain unmoved before dangers and torments of all kinds indeed they reason with joy the final sentence of death we'd rather die for our faith and to compromise wow we need that today don't we. We need that today Death 1st we don't say that very much anymore what are you willing to die for let me just ask you what are you willing to die for if not peanut butter and jelly was. Is there anything you're willing to die for or are you willing to do whatever it takes to look after number one a lot of things that capitalize on this in the media what would you do for a 1000000 dollars whole shows have been built on this whole premise and this whole idea what would you do for a $1000000.00 would you go out on some deserted island would you lie cheat steal stab people in the back and then would you reason well it's OK because I want the $1000000.00 interesting and sad at what point do you sell out. They sang hymns and offered things given to God of all you until their last breath. Powerful. So the Devil had to come up with something else as red horses blood stained faith was not working it was working against him and let me submit to you if you think that just because bad things are happening to you the devil is winning think again sometimes the most powerful messages in the post powerful sermons ever preached are when bad things happen to you and to me but we stand for the right even though we burn at the stake and we have no idea why God didn't deliver us but we're singing praises to him people take notice people take notice feel Number 2 is the red horse the blood stained faith we go in circles I don't know we have another rider spoken of in Revelation What color is that horse black horse the compromise will mine verse 5 when he opened the 3rd seal I heard the 3rd living creature say Come and see so I looked and be held and behold a black horse and he who sat on it had a pair of scales and his hands scales this idea of judging. He judged the people and unfortunately I believe he found them one team there was some compromise in the church that crept in same strategy. And we can apply some of that today as well compromise. Compromise it's a good thing I want peanut butter and jelly she has soup it's going to be soup and sandwiches compromise. Now please don't everybody bring me peanut butter and jelly that's really not my favorite but you get the idea. Compromise can be a good thing but can it be a bad thing absolutely can and will say introduce compromise into the church they start to adopt pagan practices. To try and make it more palatable if you will white horses purity and truth black horse I would say is the opposite of white and is compromise or error and it's mingled and it's still in the church but it's air in the church it's a black horse. And we see that in the church from 313-2538 Act 20 verse 2930 says for I know this that after my departure savage wolves will come will come in among you where are they. Among you not sparing the flock also from among yourselves in case you missed the 1st time among yourselves men will rise up and speak perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves compromise people among you. Discuss or here doesn't mean right people among you compromise and so we see in the church the teachings of men would be substituted for the teachings of God in the church compromise. God a little man a little straddle the fence foot in both camps we will be purely pagan at the terrible we're going to be purely God we don't want to be wild holy rollers out be terrible to we're just going to have an even balance we're supposed to balance in all things right balance and paganism and and spiritual things balance and truth and air just a little bit. One of my favorite children's stories is a mother that made cookies. Nonny that. This mother and her kids wanted to go see a film also known as a movie and the mother wasn't so sure she'd like them watching this movie or this T.V. show or whatever it was hardly matters. And their kids had this case oh mom is mostly good it's got a lot of good stuff in it some good points it really makes a good you know there's just a lot of stuff we can learn there it's historical it's true it's all these things and he says you know what I've read about it and there's these other things that I just I don't feel comfortable with especially this one main thing Mom this is small part of the thing I want to watch all the rest of it the good stuff let me think about it so mother went back to her kitchen and you heard this story it's a good story she goes back to the kitchen and she makes herself some chocolate chip cookies but what does she do before she bakes them you know what it is right you heard the story I mean we have great ingredients organic ingredients and lots of sugar cookies she goes out to the yard and they have a little dog maybe it's like our dog Jack and she just gathers that just a tiny little bit she probably had American Pie with more like this what I have. Poppy. Chocolate chip and Poppy. Takes it back inside I mean this is such a shame but I do love chocolate chip cookies and she puts it in there and mixes it all around just a little bit I mean it wasn't even but it was a tiny just a tiny bit and she puts it in there and mixes around she puts in the oven oh the house smells amazing job and the kids are playing hard they run inside Oh mama smells so good I want some good I have some Oh sure no problem but just just one for right now I don't want to ruin your summer and so they all grab when they're about to put in their mouths just but there's one thing you need to know stop mom wife among 3. Well there's some you need to know about cookies and she went on to explain I used some of the best ingredients and on that yeah yeah yeah we know home we're going to take a bite and then she said but there's also something else in there what. Why would you do as I did thing in your own like Bowl and then everyone. Well I didn't think you'd mind. Oh Mom why do you think we would much was just a little bit the rest of it is so good. Get the point. Compromise compromise where I don't have a picture of Doug. Daniel 8 verse 12 and he cast truth down to the ground he did all this and prospered talking about the church says in development of Christian doctrine page 372 we are told by Eusebius that Constantine in order to recommend a new religion to they he then transferred into the outward adornments to which they had been accustomed in their own now I think about this we have a lot of this going on today too why do you want to win over the heathen we don't call them heathens anymore do we I brought a heathen with me here no we don't say that we say unchurched. And the thinking goes if I'm going to win over the unchurched I have to create a service that is palatable for them as we bring in all kinds of things into our church things that they feel comfortable with music that sounds just like the pop music they've been listening to all week long or the rock music they've been listening to or whatever else they get rid of anything that feels churchy because that might make them feel well you know condemned or something so we're going to be in a warehouse or an art museum or when it now I'm not trying to be judge mental but I wonder if we're bringing in some compromise into the church in order to make it more palatable. You see where I'm going. And we need to be careful of that we're calling them to something different not the same but just a little bit different no completely different that's what we're calling them to now I want to be sensitive to their needs and do everything that I can but the same time we should be different we should be distinct from the world rather than follow this idea of Constantine and we might be able to pack the house with our concerts of big names of people that sound just like whatever but does that mean that they're really getting the meat and the message and the truth of God's word not necessarily And so we need to be careful how we do church even in our time so salvation through Christ was replaced by the requirements of the church and we see that in history is not salvation through Christ you have to go through the church and the church monopolize everything you come through us and largely had to do with some money we end up getting to that do but if Eason's to verse 8 says For by grace you've been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God It's the gift of God So as you pay for it's no longer a gift Daniel $725.00 he shall speak pompous words against the Most High shall persecute the saints of the most high and shell intended change times and law we've already dealt with this a little bit in our seminar so here we have the law of God written with his own finger in stone expression we still use today to mean it's permanent and we're going to replace some of that with the traditions of men not all of them calm down calm down this little bit. Little bit. Exodus 24 and 5 you shall not make for yourselves a carved image journey likeness of anything that is in the heaven above. Or the as in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth you shall not valid down to them nor serve them yet we see that being thrown out we have cults of Diana and ISIS to female deed he's made it easier to evolve into the veneration of Mary the Mother of Jesus so here you have these pagan symbols and we're just going to kind of baptize them if you will and make them Christian symbols we have other examples of that Saint Peter is in the St Peter's Basilica in Rome actually wasn't St Peter to begin with you know what he was he was the pagan god Jupiter with the sun over his head but was going to baptize them and when I call him Saint Peter interesting don't make any graven images what is take that out just. Because after all we need to try and meld we need to bring these groups together and you end up with something that really is not distinct from either one Daniel $725.00 L. think the change times and last we're going to be without even more this week in a significant way there's only one of the 10 Commandments long we're talking about the law to deal with time the Roman Church is a version of the 10 Commandments is different from God version written on tables of stone annex this chapter 20 year realizes they don't try and hide it I mean there's another church they can do what they want to according to them but if you take the 10 commandments they take out the 2nd that says veneration of images you know you shouldn't bowed down images I should say the saying doesn't really fit with what we're doing we're going take it out on the how you to still have can he can say we believe in the one commandment right so the but the 10 and the 2 and then move everything else up so the Sabbath now the 3rd commandment and so on and so I read something like this as you have no or God before me that's not taking the Lord thy God in vain then we go straight Remember the Sabbath on your parents towards the end else will not come your neighbor's wife. Because that's completely different than thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods and so we're going to make that 2 different commandments saying to change times and law that says in Daniel the Roman Church in the Roman state united to make Christianity more acceptable to the world. And that cry still exists today we need to make the church more accessible to the world what ends up oftentimes having the church becomes more worldly to become more worldly. And I would submit to you as far as winning people for Christ it doesn't work because people come in they say well it sounds like what I was jammin to on the way here this is exactly you know people here don't speak any different they use the same foul language as the people who work. For the people here and they don't see any difference and they say you're telling me I need what you have but I already have what you have why don't you would you have already have and so I would submit to you doesn't work and history we have shown that it doesn't work doesn't work the apostolic creed book 7 Section 2 it says oh lord almighty thou has created the world by Jesus Christ and have appointed the Sabbath and memory there of the Sabbath as a memory of what creation we talked about that already. But it's been forgotten just as to verse 3 then God bless the 7th day and sanctified it because in it he rested from all his work which God had created and made we talked about how God blessed and how he sanctified and how he rested his divine example only on the 7th day sabbath. That's the one he tells us to honor he doesn't get to the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th or 6th day but only the 7th day if God says it. And I think we need to follow it and we need to do it but during this age of compromise the pagans day was of the sun and so it was replaced with that of the Bible Sabbath or the 7th day of the week. History of the Eastern Church page $104.00 says the retention of the old pagan name of Dius solace for Sunday is in a great measure owing to the union of pagan and Christian settlement continue on without which the 1st day of the week was recommended by Constantine and his subjects pagan and Priscilla like as the venerable day of the sun so Satan's master strategy was to an influence powerful church leaders to unite with powerful state leaders in the black horse period church and state are going to come together they're going to unite they're going to come together in a way that's quite dangerous Here's another question here and doctrine of catechism page 174 it says QUESTION Have you any other way of proving that the church has power to institute festivals or precepts really use the church by itself how can you prove these things that you're able to institute vessels and process answer Oh it's really quite easy it doesn't say that but it says Had she not had such power could she not have done that in which all modern religionists agree with her and what would that be she could not have subs do the observance of Sunday and the 1st day of the week for the observance of Saturday the 7th day of the week a change for which there is no Scriptural authority what is all that saying it's saying the proof in the putting That's what it's saying the 2nd theme of the day is the food is food I guess I don't know peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cookies putting Are you going hungry yet says approved in the putting How do you have authority Well we changed it there's no Bible authority to change it point any way place else for the story the change other than the fact that we did it because we do in fact have the power and authority it's interesting it's interesting. The other worship of the sun. And pagan worship mixed with. Being God in creation and all of that so the black horse is a compromised fate now this isn't just a history lesson I hope this is something we can apply you and I write the white horses when I'm sold out I'm told out the red horse I might even be persecuted and somebody here might say I feel like I'm going to persecution that's OK God can be glorified and you can grow as a Christian through persecution sometimes more than any other time. And then thirdly we have a black horse sometimes we can find ourselves compromising our faith and it doesn't end well when we do that but then we had this 4th one. So I looked at me hell the pale horse and the names of Him who sat on it was death and Hades followed with him and power was given to them over a 4th of the earth to kill with sword with hunger with death and by the beasts of the earth here we have this pale horse a dead face has the form of godliness but completely denying its power there is just an empty case and it was during this period Earth's history that all these buildings rose up. Why because people if they wanted forgiveness for San they had to come to the church and if they want to get somebody out of purgatory they had to pay lots of money and they paid lots of money and put them in to the coffer then all of a sudden the church had lots of money and was able to build themselves up and make these beautiful cathedrals now they're beautiful until you realize how they were paid for. It's my humble opinion on that. Church history says Christianity became an established religion in the Roman Empire and took the place of paganism Christianity that as it existed in the dark ages as we referred to it might be termed as baptized paganism we just going to take the pagan practice we're going to baptize it's going to put church language around it we're going to have the priest doing it or whoever else doing it and that will be baptized paganism worshipping on Sunday rather than on the 7 days baptized Agnes' I'm calling it St Peter instead of Jupiter baptized paganism. Having to pay to pull me out of Purgatory rather then I'm saved by faith through grace in Jesus or by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as baptized paganism to go the other way and now I have to pay and all the rest I thought was a gift now I'm paying for the 4th Seal is this Pale Horse this dead face and it goes from $538.00 to 1798 when to break those dates the parliament more this week but we have a significant union of church and state power during that time to where the church is a sign things rather than scriptures deciding things the church is the final authority rather than Scripture is the final authority and Christians again are under severe persecution time and dead faith we have steps to compromise one traditions why do we do it that way because we've always done it that way whereas the biblical story for a while we don't worry about that is tradition they say then there's penances which took the place of Jesus then you have indulgences going to get out of Purgatory just come and pay your dogs is what really isn't credible to me is that you could pay indulgences for a sense you hadn't committed yet you know it's Saturday afternoon I'm in church I'm doing the right thing but I have to remember to give the pastor a 100 bucks because I'm going to party tonight and I'm going to have fun. Maybe I'll give him 200 bucks because I want to live it. Really Yep no problem as long as it's cash yeah have fun you're covered Wow. Or somebody passes away and they didn't make the right choices the right decisions you could pay for them right we call that purgatory they weren't quite bad enough that they go to hell but not quite good enough to go to heaven for the common it's in between place but we can pull them out of purgatory by paying for them how are these cathedrals built and what still jingle that they used to say. As soon as gold in the casket rains the rescued soul to heaven Springs beautiful How do you like that for our offering call. How save you want to me how bad was the oh let me write out I'll give you an estimate and a quote on year passed away relatives and you can come back tomorrow but if you want to man of purgatory you'll find a way you'll find a way so we have indulgences what they call it and there they are putting their money into the casket as they said as the casket rings and receive soul to heaven Springs then you have images of innovation images then you have church hierarchy who said it could be change what we said it could be changed and yes things like human dogmas and it's just kind of a slippery slope business I would submit in our lives in my life and in your life it's a slippery slope to you compromise in one small area small small you know I can really see it and you know we're all going to complain to somebody else and I'm way better than that person over there and I don't feel like that present over there and this is just so small. But how does downward path of compromise go. This is just still smallest a tiny bit bigger Oh we're still it's still it's still it's still I can still carry it it's and it gets out of control fight the battle where you can win it friends fight it when it's here. Because eventually when it's here and you're overwhelmed. You just that you're overwhelmed fight the battle where you can win it with God's truth be trodden down forever and here's the good part we've been going down this slippery slope of compromise of people just losing in fact the Bible was lost sight of only the church could have it and I would be the only one allowed and you guys would not have any Bibles in your hands at all and ladies to be the only one in fact most of time and speak in Latin so you could only really not understand much meaning and so for a long period of time centuries God's Word was in the dark the dark ages but we have good news now because we're going to start coming back up out of the dark side a good thing so let's go here. Says in God's Word and Jude verse 3 beloved while I was very diligent to write to you concerning your common salvation I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the face contend fight for engage with don't let it go contend ardently for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints and that's what we see happening with these bible believers the wall dandies in northern Italy in southern France there was a group of people that kept God's Word Alive and you can go and take tours of actors a place not far from here in North Carolina is that kind of a replica of this sounds like a good idea we should do that as a field trip sometime. But you can go and take tours of their hidden wild Indian mountain villages and there you can look inside some of these houses and you can see things like this a table copying table and they were really good at memorizing scripture one no one can take scripture away from it memorized but they would also copy and they'd write it down and they give this book of John to this person here and they give this book there and they change it around and that was the most precious thing to them and they are human so they're close with a secret pocket and in certain places where they can hide portions of Scripture so God had his people that were keeping scripture alive during this time here's this Bible copyist table made out of stone it looks a little bit cold in there to me how you've been there by the way anybody Yeah yeah very good so wild Indians are bringing back God's word and preserving God's word praise the Lord then you have John Huss if we think about John Huss he was from Prague from Czechoslovakia and he brought back this idea obedience to God versus obedience to man and you might say well that's common sense one might be more common sense now but it certainly wasn't common sense then and he restores this idea and he died for it by the way but he's challenging people thinking obedience to God and God alone not to men. So we were going to put Huss on that line as well and we have Martin Luther we think of Martin Luther oftentimes right this is pilot stair case he was concerned about his salvation for a long time and he went up this staircase on his knees and saying prayers and all kinds of things still in given peace finally he's studying in God's Word and Romans one verse 17 The just shall live by works no by faith they just don't live by faith and this verse just completely rocked his world. Continue on if Eason's to verse 8 this time for by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves is the gift of God and then acts 4 verse 12 there is no other name under heaven given among man which we must be saved and he told these verses together and he brought back this idea that were not saved to the church where they have Jesus Christ and Christ alone by grace through faith so we have him nailing these 95 theses on this church and Wittenberg this is actually the church door on all those doors have been replaced or not know if that was over the top of it then or not but is where it was and you may have been there as well again re storing these pearls of truth that have been uncovered for so long and so Luther brought us grace but the light of God's truth would print penetrate the darkness even further God's not done Proverbs $418.00 but the path of the just is like the shining sun that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day and so just as it took 500 years for the church to go from the White Horse of pure up faith to the Pale Horse of a spiritual deadness it took time for God's faithful followers to grasp glimpses of truth lost sight of down to the ages and what you have is that each one of these reformers if you will created their own church and they just kind of stopped there but we're still making our way back you see and so when you have a church that takes something and grabs them is beautiful as I'm saved by grace through faith and just stops there there's other true that are yet to be uncovered are you following me and so that's on the timeline. But there's others as well. Who we have next John Calvin John Callas in Geneva Switzerland his contribution we need to grow in the grace of Jesus Christ not just a once done type of thing but we need to grow in him. He's continued to reform our characters until John Calvin Broadus at what he's on the list with growth largely the Presbyterian Church and there's Calvinist and those kind of things to great idea but they stayed right there there's still pearls to be uncovered. The pastor this is the Mayflower John Robinson was his name with these pilgrims and he says this If God to reveal anything to you by any other instrument of his be as ready to receive it as ever you were to receive any truth of my ministry saying continue on grow for I am very confident that the Lord has more truth and light to yet break forth of his holy word he says I don't know it all yet but as you get more light revealed in God's word you need to accept it and keep growing in Jesus Christ that's what he's saying. They were burning and shine light to the time and they were penetrated not only to the whole counsel of God. That seems too small an internment here but where they now live in would be as willing to embrace further light as that which they 1st received so that's the idea of being able to embrace new light Well what's new light it's when the scripture reveals something new that perhaps has been hidden for a long time as a new light it's not new light just because a preacher is Dana. So you have Luther and you have others but they're still baptized by sprinkling it's not Biblical we haven't quite covered that just yet but the Anabaptist discovered that in Scripture Jesus baptized by immersion Bab T. the means to dip under not to sprinkle or any other form is to baptize with water and so we have the Anabaptist that brought us and reveal the truth of baptism and we could go on and on and on down this line Matthew 281020 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe the things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age going to be baptized into the into the age and so here is an example of. Baptism with water and that's what symbolism is of Jesus' death and burial in the watery grave baptism I mean brought up into newness of life beautiful beautiful. John Wesley he was another one that brought us his contribution was holiness and this Wesley a movement so Wesley and we put holiness up there they're continuing to reveal truth in God's Word to be committed within a family to allow God to transform how you do things in your home and guys calling us to a higher standard of Christ then you have William Miller What was his contribution Oh he is now as no I wasn't he was another reformer and God laid on his heart this idea of a 2nd coming the advent the advent and so we have Miller on the left we have the 2nd coming. You see it pictured there and then we have God in time people. Then time people the Sabbath and the Commandments to be fully restored to their proper place as God fully intended them to be. John 1415 if you love me keep my commandments so we see truth restored God restores the Bible instead of the dogmas of man God restores Jesus rather than earthly priests and grace in place of work the law of God rather than religious tradition the Sabbath has restored instead of Sunday baptism instead of sprinkling resurrection instead of immortal soul and 2nd coming to this earthly kingdom we see truth restored in that beautiful Revelation 146 and 7 then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the ever lasting Gospel that's the gospel of that white horse is meant to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of waters there's another message that follows that that we're going to look at this week it's a message to come out of her my people God has his people and other denominations they have a part of the truth. And a lot of those things we have grabbed as this part in this part this is difficult this is difficult and you grab them together to make the very best that you have and the avenues church the 7th Avenue Church is set up to where we don't have creeds or anything else and God reveals new light with a process that we go through to make sure absolutely this is what the Bible says we accept it because that's our what we're all about is grabbing all of these things that are scriptural that make sense and so we're going to talk a little bit in the age of evolution God restore the truth about creation and we've seen this before Revelation 1412 here is the patience of the saints here those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus I believe that's why we have so many denominations as they stopped. As there was this uncovering of the beautiful truth of God's word. And so friends I'm a 7th they have this and they have some damage all around the world you can virtually go anywhere in the world there are certainly places like Nepal where we need to have a lot more evidence there's no doubt about that but virtually around the globe today people are worshipping on the 7th day sabbath in places like this under a mango tree what have you and I'm a 7 day having this pastor not because of you not because of this church in this beautiful sanctuary or the stained glass or anything else I'm a 7th Avenue is because I believe that most closely follows this book. And if you can prove me prove me otherwise I'll do everything I can to convince you before I leave if there's some truth that we're not following then we need to do something else but until now this is the denominator that I have found that most closely and here's to the truth that we have in God's word that's the only reason is not because some Davenant's are friendly or is not because they're more involved in mission not because their churches are more beautiful or anything else it's not because I'm a real saying this because of the Truth in God's word that's upheld in the 7th day on this church and is calling for people of every nation race tribe background to become part of God in time people do because we're better than anybody else not at all all are welcome to become part it only has to do with the fact that we have here to this word this is our only rule of faith and practice period and when we come across things that are challenging and difficult and hard if we're ever going to choose between pleasing man and pleasing God we always choose God by His grace we always choose his word and so in a sense I'm a wild Indian because I believe in the Bible in the Bible only in a sense on the her site if you will because I believe in obedience to God. In a sense I'm a Lutheran because I believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. In a sense I'm a Presbyterian because I believe the organization the church has taught in the Bible and how we need to grow in that grace and we need that organization I'm a Baptist because I believe in baptism by immersion. I'm a Methodist because God has called us to holiness so we're conglomeration of so many of these things and I'm an avid this because I believe in the 2nd ad and that Jesus is coming again and I believe it's going to be soon I believe it's going to be soon. AND LAST am a 7th Day Adventists because I believe that God never changed his Sabbath from the 7th day that's it that's it and God is inviting you and I be part of his in time people he's inviting all of us will you follow God's word and the beautiful gems that have been restored I don't know about you but I want to say yes to that only say God I want to follow you only own to follow your word only I want to be faithful to you only and not just in Jews in the nomination but in every aspect of my life and that gets tough but by God's grace and by His power last week we talk about not just part of the office as we are in this power by His grace I want that in my life I want that in my life and I hope you do too thank you that you have resorted to your truths through your people down to the ages. Lord help us not to describe one pearl or another pearl but Laurie want to put all of these truths together as your word says we want to be based on the Bible and the Bible only we want to follow Jesus Christ and Him alone Lord help us to that and help us to be strong to be courageous to be able to face persecution to not compromise but be sold out for Jesus Christ Today we pray in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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