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14. Mark of the Beast Exposed

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 20, 2016
    7:00 PM
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Dear Heavenly Father we thank you again for your many blessings to us we thank you for the things that we're learning in these health nuggets and I pray that we will be able to apply them to our lives that we can feel better and experience a better quality of life and so we thank you for that as well and now as we open up your word we pray that your Holy Spirit will be your mitts that you will make it clear and plain in your name we pray Amen. OK so last night I felt like I didn't give us the big picture of what we're talking about and I think we may have gotten lost in the details a little bit again I'm not sure we can fix it but there's several contrasts in the Book of Revelation and really the point of last night was to highlight a contrast. To look at some of these contrasts now we can look at this this is new I suppose but we have 2 leaders the lamb and the dragon and you've probably already noticed that we have 2 signs the seal of God and the mark of the beast we're talking about that tonight we have another contrast to cities Jerusalem and Babylon we have 2 women the bride of Christ and the harlot woman that's we looked at last night and we contrast of those 2 we have to harvest of gold and grain and of gory grapes we have 2 spirits Holy Spirit and a spirit of demons. And then lastly we have 2 choices righteous and the unrighteous and so we see all of these contrasts back and forth if you're going to have a counterfeit you have to have a genuine and that's the same with tonight's topic with the marketing beast if there is a mark of the beast then there is a genuine mark or seal OK And so we're going to look at that So last night we were trying to contrast these 2 women we had the pure woman of Revelation Chapter 12. He was a woman close with the Son Jesus is on the light of the world with the moon under her feet the sacrificial system of the Old Testament is kind of the lesser light point to Jesus Christ in. His sacrifice the greater light if you will and honor Hedda Garland 12 stars we can talk about the 12 tribes of Israel we get in the Old Testament to talk about the 12 disciples in the New Testament but the whole idea is we have a virtuous woman the doctrine is pure the woman is pure the church is pure and then the inverse of that was this a PA state system that was well in contrast and contradistinction it was opposite of the pure woman and I don't know about you if there's 2 main churches that are contrasts at the end of time I want to be in the pure church what about you with pure doctrine following the Bible in the Bible only and you might say well you're picking on certain groups I don't intend to pick on any group but I do intend to share with you what I believe the Bible says on these topics and if God thinks it's important and maybe it's important. And so we looked at and I'm not going to go through everything again but some of the things that the verse brought out and if it's in quotes That's straight from the verse but it talked about this harlot or false doctrine says sits on many waters influences many people commit fornication with kings of the earth that's this church and state uniting Kayser all aspects of this Falls Church sitting on a scarlet beast again church and state 7 hills on which the woman sits we talk about how that was Rome the only city with 7 hills is Rome arrayed with purple and scarlet we looked a little bit about blood being the color for red or symbolic and royalty for purple and so there is the church that talks about red and purple the blood of Christ equals royalty but it doesn't bring in the lot all in all the way through the Old Testament banks where we have those 3 colors but blue isn't here they think the 10 Commandments were out of blue. And so we talked about that we have the cup of wine intoxicating with false doctrine and then it was called Babylon. And then we talk a little bit about balance what is that word in for in the mind of the listeners in Biblical times when they heard the term Babyland And there's another list for that Babylon literally means confusion or manmade system of religion it also associated with image worship false teachings about death and even Sun worship So if even still you get lost in all those details the point is there's 2 churches there's a peer church and there's a false church there's one that you want to be part of and I want to be part of and there's one that we want to stay away from that we're being warned to stay away from in the Book of Revelation and so we're going to look a little bit more not so much in the same chapter but another chapter that talks and example a bit deeper on this so now we're going to get to and if that still went over your head I'm sorry. I will get pastor Pastor Hyman up here next time he'll do a better job OK Mark of the beast expose that's what we're going to look at tonight so what is the mark of the beast as the burning question is then what is it I want to know what it is how can I avoid getting some the if I don't know what it is right well it talks about a forehead the mark of the beast written on the forehead or on the handle these kinds of things is it going to be a literal tattoo $666.00 are going to force like a branding iron just. That we're talking about I mean if that's the case I know pretty well and so you don't have it I haven't seen anyone here walking around the number 666 on there for it. Is that in fact the mark of the beast some say well is a government identification number that's the mark of the beast. And I would. I would consent to the fact that there is some corruption in the government I would also say that we have a far better government I think we're blessed to live in this country as opposed to many other countries but I don't think that's what this is talking about in Scripture we're going to look at the scripture in a minute but I don't think it's a government benefit cation number is it a bark or code on a can in a grocery store you know those have been out for some time so that's not so much of a scare but it used to be that's the mark of the beast it's kind of like when I show anything. To my uncle on my phone I member when P.D.'s were new before it was a phone and you could pass things back and forth you want to address I have all just beam it to you remember those days and the nerds out there and I'd show it to my uncle and he'd say that must be voodoo. So it's kind of this running joke anything you know I just got an email that sounds like no it's not technology and the same with this barcode in fact the next thing that I've been told by a friend of mine who works in the industry is that they have a little chip that they can put on all of their or all of the groceries or anything in a store for that matter. And you register with your credit card or whatever it might be and all you do is you put everything in the cart and you walk out of the store and keep the rings everything up instantly no more waiting in lines and I said oh this sounds wonderful when is it going to come out and they said well the big holdback is that the little chip to put on all the groceries or whatever the item I think they said it costs about $0.90 or something and they said if they get that cost down to about $0.06 or even 4 since then it probably would be a thing and you just walk out I would even matter if you were shoplifting right you just stick it in your pocket the way you go in your charge. Is that the mark of the beast high I don't think that it is. Just help us get out a little bit faster than if they have to punch the numbers in for everything. Is it a number on a credit card has anybody been issued this card right here what's your number 6666666666666 How many was that. A lot. I don't think it's a number on a credit card number I have heard of people that have been very nervous about living on their street on the house number 666 and the phone number they can I get a new number all this kind of thing I don't think that's the mark of the beast I think that we could have a perfectly good HIM ON HIM number 666 in our Him and we'd be OK. That we have Bible verses probably that I have that perhaps I guess I haven't checked but I'd say it goes up pretty high however 666 I don't know go home figure it out so who is the beast that's what we're wondering one question you might have is the beast a person. Well some people feel like the beast is some but some ominous character of course you know who this person is Hitler killed 6000000 Jews in the Holocaust. Is he the mark of the beast other people believe I haven't heard of this one before but a child born in the Middle East to rule the world to death somehow the mark of the beast. Other people believe it's a president of the United States or some some person or figurehead like that that's the mark of the beast in this political climate you might think seeing them on the news every night is the mark of the beast. Tired of seeing their faces I don't know. Anyway I would just move on from that is the beast an organization. What does 666 mean we have that by what's out all about number 4 How can I avoid it that's all the mentally hopefully what we want to know tonight we want to know what the market beast is because we don't want it doesn't sound good does it feel and God sounds a whole lot better than the mark of the beast so what's this idea we're going to look at this idea what this idea of it being in the forehead and in the hand what's that all about what we're going to look at those things so we're going to turn now the Book of Revelation the Revelation of Jesus Christ and ultimately I believe this teaching is about a counterfeit of what God has it's genuine and we can get we can major in all the counterfeits and counterfeits are important we want to be aware of a counterfeit we don't want to fall for it but the best way not to fall for a counterfeit is to study the genuine there's no way you can study all the counterfeits that way too many but if you just study the genuine you'll be in good shape revelation I believe reveals truth and exposes error and I think that's why God gave it to us at the end of time he wants us to study it he wants us to understand it so we don't get fooled and deceived. So Revelation Chapter 13 is where we're starting our study tonight verse $1.00 and $2.00 it says then I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns same as the beast a woman's right in that we looked at last night and on his horns 10 crowns and on his head a blast and this name now the beast which I thought was like a leopard his feet were like the feet of a bear and his mouth like the mouth of alliance so here we have a beast that has all these characteristics of these beasts we've already seen before. More or less or many of them by a prophecy uses symbols to describe world powers and events and we've looked at that but just for review this is a verse here out of Revelation $715.00 the waters which you saw where the harlot sit are peoples multis nations in tongues so when this beast comes out of water comes out of a very populated area that's one thing you want to take note of. So you can just write this in your notes if you're taking notes water is a symbol of people and prophecy. You have to be careful not in applied it everywhere water is mentioned in Scripture but when we're talking prophecy it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense you probably can apply this rule and it will make more sense and then all of these various beasts that we have seen before battle and me to Persia Greece and Rome all of them represent a power don't they and so we're thinking of a power when we're thinking of a beast Daniel $723.00 helps with this Does he said the 4th beast shall be a 4th kingdom or power on the earth so we're thinking of about a power thinking about a kingdom when we read those verses in Revelation 13 a beast is often a political power. So the beast represents a political or religious power and that's what we're looking at here tonight so continuing on the dragon gave him his power his throne and great authority who gave it to him the Dragons now often times in prophecy in Revelation it speaks of the dragon that old serpent the devil but we had to be careful too I'm not saying it doesn't mean that necessarily but we also have a beast that's a dragon that we've already looked at right you member Babylon me to Persia Greece and Rome and I don't care for this picture it's not hanging up in my house but what this is a depiction of a dragon and of course it has all these horns and so it's really interesting looking dragon so to look at that verse as coming up out of the Dragon also could be symbolized and I believe it does coming out of Rome and this is simply do. Make plain this idea we still use Beast by the way for countries but we have to make sure we're looking at the beast in Scripture verses the ones now otherwise you might get confused because the dragon today would be characteristic of what nation today. Probably time is what comes to mind right we have different beasts if you want to call them that for the political parties your pride tired of of all that kind of stuff. What animal is also signifies getting away with the slide but when you think the United States of America the Eagle right now and now the lion today is. England OK very good but in Bible times the lion isn't even as depicted with a wing this is what archaeologists had told us the lion was Babylon and we want to make sure polling that symbolism from Scripture and not just what's current today so Revelation 124 and 5 in the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth to devour her child as soon as it was born now the dragon I believe is the devil wanting to devour Jesus but it's also the devil working through which power Rome which is also the dragon right so it's really both of those so dragon is symbolic of Satan but it's also can be symbolic of Rome as well I believe in Revelation 12 Satan works through Pagan Rome to destroy Jesus is the 2 working together Demick sent. So a Roman official tried to kill baby Jesus we looked at this before Roman governor condemned Jesus a Roman executioner crucified Jesus. A Roman. Emblem was sealed on his tomb and soldiers guarded it so all of that Satan is working through Roman who did the dragon Pagan Rome give its power throne and great authority to that's the question we're asking based on that test because it says the dragon gave gave its power and and throne and great authority so the Beast of Revelation 13 we're going look at 6 identifying characteristics. And we're going to find out maybe the mark of the beast is one of you do you fit any of these things anybody here come from Rome for a very populated area. Another might be a few you there just decided not to raise your hand if so you're still on the table we're still considering you. Don't be too nervous All right number one authority from Pagan Rome we've established that there's a professor of history in the University of Rome by the way it says to the succession of the Caesars or the kings if you want to think of it that way came the succession of the pontiff in Rome or the Pope's if you will. When Constantine left Rome he gave his seat to the pontiff now just to give you a quick history lesson when the Roman Empire was falling apart and it was crumbling consing recognize he had to do something different and so he wanted to reestablish his empire some place else but he didn't want to leave that area I think Constantinople is where he went in the country of Turkey they didn't want to leave this without anybody and so who did he put in his place the pope and so that's what we see Constantine doing he put a pope in the place to rule and so that's how he kind of got his big start if you will in terms of political power Stanley history page 40 says the pope's filled the place of the Vankin emperors of Rome inheriting their power prestige and titles from paganism the papacy is but the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire sitting crown upon its grave that's what one historian writes about that so the beast is not a person but it's a religious political system if it was a single person or persons long gone you understand but we're talking about a system. A political religious system so the Beast of Revelation 13 describes a religious political system that grew up out of Rome revelation $38.00 all who dwell in the earth will worship him another hint it is going to be some small isolated sect or group or cult or whatever you want to call it that nobody's ever heard of except for Google No this is going to be a major player on the scene a major world power because of this part right here all who dwell in the earth will worship him so he's a worldwide religious power anybody here worldwide religious power to have anybody still on the table maybe you came out of Rome have a populated area and oh you're not a worldwide religious power all and less or something about you I don't know Revelation 135 and he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies So there's a spokesperson for this entity that has a mouth that speaks and speaks blasphemy. How the Bible define blasphemy Well if we go back. Really Christ is the only one that can pay and die for our sins right there's no other name under heaven by which man can be saved in Jesus Christ and in fact 1st tempted to $5.00 says for there is one God and one mediator between God and man the man Jesus Christ how many options do we have. One not half a dozen not 3 or 4 we don't have a bank on every corner this is keep on works at all these various fast food chain now there's 11 way one Mediator between God and man that's Jesus he was $725.00 therefore he is also able to save to the uttermost that is a beautiful text. I know we're proving a different point but if you're discouraged because you feel like you're too bad and God can save you and all the rest you are severely mistaken. He is able to save to the uttermost those who come to him come to God through him and whose to him since he always lives to make intercession for them through Jesus isn't he say's to the uttermost and it's through him not through any means you choose or desire John 1033 the Jews answered him saying for a good work we do not stone you in reference to Jesus but for blasphemy we have a definition practically coming up and because you being a man so the thought make yourself God So is the heart his ideas of blasphemy is you think your god when really your man if I stood here tonight and told you by the way I am GOD and here's what you have to do and how you're going to do it and all arrest I imagine many of you would say soon the red flags go up yeah. So that's really the Bible definition of blasphemy and we have times when the people of God so to speak in quotes try to take Jesus to the cliff because he was speaking of blasphemy no one can say those things except God In essence they were saying you are not God We don't believe you now if they would have studied their Bibles there were plenty of prophecies including the $2300.00 days that would have told him he came right on time. And we looked at that already so does the Roman church make that claim now we can try and bring in other people so we're not trying to pick on this church I'm not trying to pick on this church but I believe this is what the Bible talking about and I haven't found any other churches that are big and influential that are making this claim and so we continue to ask these questions. And 6 call letters of Leo the 13th we hold upon this earth the place of what does it say. On my my we hold the place of God Almighty what you think if I sit here and said I hold the place I'm not going to say blasphemy that's what you say Mark 27 Why does man speak that blasphemy is like this who can forgive sins but God alone another reason they want to take you to the cliff is this idea that he said Your sins are forgiven pick up your man walk or whatever it is and they said whoa whoa whoa healing that's one thing but to forgive a man stands only God does that and they wanted to kill him they were upset with him. And this is the dignity and duties of the priest so if I'm a new priest and I want to understand what my duties are this is the book I go to and when I'm rain along in volume 12 page 2 I come across this God Himself is obliged to abide by the judgments of his priest So who's in charge of who. Will God's obligated if I'm a priest he's all the gated to me. If you don't believe me write this one down dignity and duties appraised volume 12 page 2 and either not to pardon or to pardon so I'm going to decide not God If you're forgiven or not forgiven and that poses all kinds of issues in my mind because 1st of all who can read your heart and my heart only God can do that how much of sin is created is out here and how much of it's in here but if God is the one that's obligated to abide by the judgment the priest who can't read the heart who doesn't know the motives I'm starting to have a real hard time with that. Are you I don't know let's continue a Korea is a refuse let's back up here again God Himself not obligated to abide by the judgment of his priest and either not to pardon or to pardon according as they refuse or give absolution or forgiveness the sentence of the priest proceeds and God said Scott subscribes to it so he's just waiting for the priest to give him his marching orders are we going to say this person or not let me know I'll let you know by the end of the week OK Well just you know I'd like to know when you know I don't want to bother you. Interesting X. for 12 nor is are there salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved God alone is this high priest who is interceding on our behalf and I'm thankful for that because not only is he God not only as he said less and perfect not only live the perfect life and die in my place but he's walked in my shoes he knows what it's like to be a human he can relate with us and understand on a level that others cannot in the heavenly realms and he is our intercessor He's our High Priest he's the lamb that takes away the sins of the world so we have authority from Pagan Rome we're all right religious clap our claims equality with God We just point out the text and if you think you can come up with something else that fits all of these I'd be very curious to hear about U.K.. Revelation 13000 is granted to him to make war with the Saints and overcome them so here we are back again in Revelation 13 we're looking for characteristics of this beast and he was granted him to make war with the Saints and to overcome them what could that mean persecution anybody here persecuted saints not yet. KING. There was a period in the Roman Catholic Church or just in history I suppose we call it the Dark Ages Why was it the Dark Ages Well there's several reasons for that the Bible was basically went underground in it nobody had access to it and along with that anybody that was not giving their full legions to the Roman Catholic Church and any way that they deem that they should what happened. Persecution they weren't slapping anybody on the wrist they were chopping off wrists and heads and other things too as a real blood bath. In fact I don't have there where I put the statistics of how many says the church and state unite under Roman persecute those who do not go along with its teachings Yes it did. It says this The church has persecuted only a tyro in church history will deny that tyros another word for beginner or novice only a novice would deny the fact that's taken place. And here's my note here they thought it is thought that 30000000 Christians were persecuted by the church 30000000 how many 1000000 did Hitler. How does 6 stack up against 30. 5 times. And the church doesn't deny this in fact this just happened I think of in June 28th of last year Lee says when the paper said I don't know may have been the day before but in June of last year this is Pope Francis and he is apologizing asking forgiveness of this man who this man whom I know. No it's not Rick Warren this is one of the leaders I don't know who received him but whether he's a pastor or a leader or something but he's representing the wild Indians that were persecuted and he said Please forgive us for what we did now that's good to ask for forgiveness but it's kind of recognizing 2 right. Yeah. So anyway. This is in public ecclesiastical law so this is part of the law of the Catholic Church and look at what this says the church may by divine right was the authority here divine right I'm God because of who I claim to be the guy the divine right I can confiscate the property of heretics to do the move I have the divine right and I'm taking an unlikely view to best imprison their persons so I don't like to hear you complain Anyways I'm going to see a prison and condemned them to the flames and what right do they have according to this divine right. That's their authority and they still have this they just choose not to talk about it much because they're not in a position just yet but I believe there's a lot of positioning happening. Anyway so we have a story from Pagan Rome well why religious power claims equality with God and persecuting power anybody else come to mind besides the one we're talking about I mean if you just have one or 2 provide time you start adding 3 and 4 and the list grows it's harder and harder to make somebody else fit and he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies. And he was given authority to continue for 42 months now we've already studied that in prophecy a month is or I should say a day equals a year in by a prophecy so we have this random number that's thrown out it doesn't make a lot of sense we can just applies anywhere in Scripture but we're talking about beasts and and the language is obviously different. We can apply this day for a year principle so we have $42.00 months of do a little math here to try and prove. The beast power here the prophecy one per prophetic day equals one literal year we have 2 text here that give us that is equal for 6 numbers $1434.00 but to me the biggest proof is the fact and $2300.00 days just works so perfectly that to me is the biggest proof so we take that principle $42.00 prophetic months and in prophecy you have 30 days for every month that gives you 1260 Prophetic days or literal years so this power was going to have power absolute power for 42 months or 1260 years literal years so if we apply this only star 8538 it will take us 280801798 so can we just make up dates in the sign things no I would recommend a doing that. I guess that I amas live with I'll just have to tell you but the Roman emperor just in the end gave the pope of Rome religious and civil authority and 538 he gave them Justinian if you're writing it down 5 years type in just in 538 pope saying pop up you know what I mean when I say that right and then after 1260 years it was to receive according to the text a deadly wound I'm not sure we look that part of the passage you have a death is going to happen so we fast forward here to 798 what's going to happen with the pope in $798.00 it's going to receive a deadly wound. So birth year one of Napoleon's generals entered Rome and 798 he fell and tempted by the pope in like he felt challenge so you sent him his general Berthier down there to take the pope captive to put him in prison actually died in captivity and 798 deadly wound and everybody was rejoicing because they thought the pope has done away with has done I mean if you think about this at the end of the Dark Ages he was not popular and in fact you look at history up until relatively recently. The pope never came out of the building ever you never saw them they were never out in public I mean when I say ever I mean EVER LIKE never ever never ever. Largely because they weren't popular and so the pope winning captivity everybody was excited everyone was rejoicing because he was done away with once and for all he received a deadly wound and his endless certainly. Plummeted had a time of power 1260 years and that came to an end according to the starting point he was given religious and political power when he's taken in captivity by a prophecy fits step by chance I don't think so god knows what he's talking about. What does history tell us about these remarkable events turns history page $24.00 says the murder of a Frenchman in Rome and $798.00 gave the French an excuse for occupying the eternal city or the Vatican and point an end to the papal temporal power and so the age Pontin in self was carried off into exile to Vallance and the enemies of the church read joist the last pope they declared had resigned and everybody was was cheering and so excited so what does the Bible say and I saw one of his head as if it had been mortally wounded what kind of a wound is a mortal wound. When it kills you. Right if I'm if I'm going to suffer a moral rule and I'm going to die so I want his head as if it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was wait a 2nd the Wound was healed the pub didn't just go away and never come back again but it was healed do we see the pope healing today oh man I don't know if we can even say well it's not healing I believe it is he old Talk about power and influence already this pope that we have he's wasting no time at all and I have a lot of respect for a lot of the things that he's doing and the humility that he's showing I mean what do they call him the people's pope you've heard it too because he blesses people in fact he brought Who did he bring back on his airplane some refugees Dinny from his last visit I mean people are this is unheard of this doesn't happen but he's doing and they're saying this is the people's pope in fact they're making T. shirts now maybe I'll put one on the list next time of how people just they love the pope Sippy PL spoke so is Deadly Wound was healed and all the world marveled and followed some translation say $100.00 after the beast marveled and wondered I feel like we're already there and I have to wait for anything to happen where there. 129 San Francisco Chronicle had this in the headline and that's a little ways back but moodily is the Italian leaner guess part is the Catholic cardinal and this is what they printed on February 11th 1929 the Roman question tonight was a thing of the past and the Vatican was at peace with Italy boom a big huge story front line. When surprises today but in a fixing the autographs in the moral document healing the wound noticed the terminology healing the wound. Extreme cordially was deployed displayed on both sides I mean this idea really of the Roman Catholic Church fulfilling this prophecy is not new this is old I'm not telling you anything new this is old. But so many people are unaware of it because nobody talks about it hardly So we have a story from Pagan Rome role why religious power claims equality with God persecuting power and range for 1260 years here is wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man his number is 666. And I've heard a lot of people say this whole idea 666 and on and on let me let me go I'll get to that in a minute perfection in Scripture is symbolized by the number 7 we see over and over and over again 6 is a symbol of rebellion really it's shy of perfection it's incomplete and we see that over and over and over and Daniel we have this image remember the dream that I make an editor had he was the head of gold but never has known I'm not going to head I'm going to be a whole statue I'm gonna be all gold I'm not going anywhere the dimensions of this the body remember. 60 and 6 it wasn't 70 and 7 was 60 and 6 so here you have ideas of this 6 and rebellion here is wisdom let him as understanding calculate the number of the beast for his number of a man number is 6661 of the official titles of the papacy is vicarious fill a day in fact it used to be on this hat that he would wear this tall hat it was right here across the top. Or vicar of the Son of God. And if you add up all of these numbers here is Roman numerals it comes up to 666 now I've talked to before about the fence posts and things lining up there is a real great possibility in fact it's not totally uncommon that you can take your own name and add up all of the characters you can go online they'll tell you what the values of each one is and your name might come up to 636. What does that mean I would submit to you means absolutely nothing OK because you don't have all the other characteristics behind it if we're going to base our theology on one fence post where the fans go wouldn't go anywhere I want to do so just because your name or somebody else's name I come up to 666 that's great but just because somebody else was born in Rome or populated point place that's great you see my and my point here so it's not that one of them fits is that all of them fit and some people have given this one a bad rap Oh your business all of the number No we're not in fact I mean you could take the number away altogether from the text even though God chose to put it in there and we still could come up with a very clear understanding of this passage Don't you agree All right so the number of his name is 666. And I think there's some symbolism there too of rebellion as we've seen in some these other passages so because all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive mark on their right hand or on their forehead there it is bum bum Bob. Come back tomorrow night and I'm going to have prayer and we don't know I'm kidding OK and that no 1 May be able to buy your cell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name and so that's where we get the idea of all $66.00 tech to the cross for it on my wrist Well you're going to be disappointed with me but bible prophecy there's lots of symbols and so we have a mark of the beast before I tell you definitively what is the mark of the beast we're going to switch and look at the Seal of God because the seal of God helps us understand the mark of the beast so I know you won't go anywhere till I'm done right for every counterfeit there's a genuine Is it true yeah there is no counterfeit unicorn any way to understand the mark of the beast we must 1st understand God sign seal or Mark if 6 is rebellion and 7 is perfection perhaps 7 has to do with God Theo Let's see Revelation 72 and 3 and I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice of the 4 angels to whom it was granted to harm the Earth and the sea saying do not harm the earth the sea or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads so here's this idea of not a mark this time but a seal and it's going on the forehead his saying about the hand there will be that out that the next version of this lies open on the sly. God's seal is only in the forehead How come well the forehead isn't symbolic of what we have right here behind our forehead brain and our frontal lobe is where we make our decisions and where judgment is how's all things but virtually the whole brain would want to pick the brain apart but this is where we are convicted of things this is where we do things I don't know too many people to act out sins by using their brain I understand you can think impure thoughts and all of those things but even then as you're thinking those things it's going to lead you to do something right and so here God's seal is in the forehead he's not going to course or force anybody where is the mark of the beast if in the forehead he can just pick people all together or he'll just force them and Course them and he doesn't care which God cares he says I don't want to force or course anybody I want them to follow me because they love me right and so he wants in the forehead he's not concerned with the hand that makes sense. The forehead is convinced it is RIGHT HAND IS course to go along with it God never uses force and I believe that to be true if so we would have done away with this sense problem a long time ago he just would have forced everybody but we've talked about that before if you force love it's not love it's rape business. Not the same thing at all Romans for verse 11 and he received the sign of circumcision a seal of the right just misname I think what is circumcision have to do with this absolutely nothing we're looking at this idea that it's a sign and it's a seal in the Bible sign or seal represents the same thing or you with me sign and seal are virtually synonymous so this is $816.00 says the sea seal the law among my disciples says Time Out sealing the law Here's another verses equal 20 verse 12 Moreover I also gave them my Sabbath to be a sign or seal between them and me are you picking up on it and so we have a seal of God Now we go looking for a seal in the 10 Commandments not an act of rebellion but a true seal of guy where might we find it well a seal authenticates a document we homeschool our kids and we. They finished their year a little bit early because they were working hard and so we said what should we do one of us is I know will give me a gum ball I said no no we got to go we have 2 more now and so we went downstairs and I got a template of a Word document and I printed off all this fancy wording and put their full name and I print I says No we got to have their middle name for OK OK so I went back and did all that and I printed out in color look really nice and then I have one of these similar to this right here it doesn't say steal it says the N.W. and I use it to stamp somebody gave to me as a get to use the stamp my books because no one unless I tear the page of the book but if you do it several times on the library see that so I took the stand I put it right in the middle was very official. Well a seal authenticate a document if you had to go the bank it's on the notarized same idea. And if you look every C.E.O. here we're going to use the present night stays an example every C.E.O. says the seal of the president of the United States. And so every C.E.O. has a name so if I were to use the seal or of Abraham Lincoln let's use him as a SEAL he would say my name is Abraham Lincoln I am the president of the United States kind of backs up who this person is. If somebody writes a very official letter or looks official and they just sign it Nicholas you might be like Who are you why do I care you owe me X. amount of money Nicholas. But if it son Nicholas and it has his title What might his title be treasurer a collection officer of the I.R. ass or something like this all is done oh I don't know Nicholas but I know the I.R.S. and I would like to know you know all of the sudden it has more weight right. So we're in the 10 Commandments we're looking for a seal of God we're looking for these characteristics name title and territory 4th Commandment this is talk to anybody I told you to set this on the shelf if you weren't sure about it here's where we're pulling it off the shelf and we're going to see why this hour is so important why can't I just worship on one day versus any day I want or you know why are you being so picky as a legal istic the 7th day and on a haunt you always talk about the South leave it alone here's why you're seeing tonight why we're taken off the shelf Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy For in 6 days the Lord made the Lord is what. Is the name made it is creator and what is the have territory heavens in the earth and it goes on the sea and all that is in them and rested the 7th day so here we have the seal of got even in the 10 commandments specifically in the 4th commandment you don't have any other commandments that also not kill says who I mean it's the same person it's given the whole list but only here do we have the name the title and the territory right here in the 4th commandment. Heavens in the our lives Meghan will OK therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how it is. And so we have God's seal right there 4th Commandment. God seal contains the name Lord your God title creator or maid and territory heaven and earth right there and we've seen over and over again in the Book of Revelation it talks about Here's a paste of the saints who keep the commandments of God shall be all these pieces are starting to come together they're all coming together in a beautiful way not our idea of God's idea but I think he wants us to know something which you agree. He's Eagle 2020 how low my status and they will be assigned there's that word again it's really the same idea as a mark it just sounds all nice it will now be a sign between me and you that you may know that I am the LORD your God and so God has this song and the Devil has to come up with a counterfeit which is his mark God has something true and genuine and pure and beautiful he has our best interests at heart he wants to give us rest he wants us to be loyal to him and if you stop and think about it if you look at all the 10 Commandments of all of them you could say the most arbitrary you want to mean by arbitrary random. The 4th Commandment remember the 7th day why don't we remember the 1st day why I remember Wednesday I mean if it literally said remember the 3rd day to keep it holy we would do that right there is nothing in our minds that says this is common sense that will not kill kill you know that's common sense so we have it everywhere now so not commit adultery Well that's common sense but that's really been attacked pretty significantly or it will be soon enough at the rate we're going but all these other things it's common no other gods before me as common sense but you get to the 4th Commandment What's this day has had to be this day why is it so specific and on and on and on this have of the day it is arbitrary but it's a sign if you will be faithful to me I think it is during this dog basher thing I talked again illustration about a farmer who's going to inherit the farm I don't have time to do anyway he's going to Heritage father's farm and he really was excited about this he had gone to school he learned all these things he would take all these ph samples I mean the soil has ph just like eyes that ph was talked about tonight and he would take all these samples to figure out which crops would do best and those crop rotation and which ones work well together and this one prepares it next year for this crop and all the rest and so he's really excited because dad said no if you're going to take over the farm I'm going to will the farm to you 1st you have to plant everything like I've told you to plant it for this 1st year and you can do all your soil test everything else but I'm going to map out the farm and you have to do it just like I say when you take your mom on a cruise it's long overdue and when I get back I'll check on your work and if you've been faithful to I've asked you to do then you'll you can inherit the farm seemed pretty simple pretty straightforward sure so I said all right Dad you got it here's kind of Leave It to Beaver type. I don't know I'm just saying in that what are some of the words they used to say in those shows. Remember know. In those 2 OK. So they went on their cruise and he went he did all the soil samples everywhere and sure enough Dan was right on this would be the perfect place to plant corn to be the purpose for soybeans and for okra and on down the list all the way on this huge farm until he got to this little plot down by the river and also on his soil sample said that he should plant lima beans and instead his dad said plant tomatoes and he says to me is they're all wrong that Pete they're never going to even produce anything well what you do. He says I'm going to plant which one and I say his dad told him. To mate as well as Dad says we should plan he says it's going to be on a surprise I was going to have is probably a typo anyway and so on his typo a scribble Oh and he says I'm going to put my line of beans there and sure enough Dad came back he walked around the front where everything looks good this is great this is wonderful you've done such a fine job when they go to that little patch by the river and all sudden there's soybeans lima beans anyway there's a lot of beans down there instead of tomatoes and he says Oh son what do you do down here oh I know dad you told me a plant tomatoes but I did my Ph sample and that was going to be all wrong in fact it would even hardly grown here but this live in Perth and so I planted don't kill a great dad and he says yeah I knew I told you to plant tomatoes there on purpose I knew that they would totally rot on the vine we wouldn't get anything out of it but I wanted to see if you'd be faithful to me and plant and do just as I asked you to do as the parable goes he didn't inherit the form Why because he didn't obey his dad at all he obeyed his Ph Tests and one made sense in his mind all the way through and on this one where did they disagree what do you follow like you've done all the rest he made his own choice. And I think when it comes to the 10 Commandments we have people say oh all the rest of those make sense but this 4th one I don't know what's the big deal I'm going to plant so I think it's God has my sign to see if you're listening to see if you're truly faithful to my word. All right. The South is God sign of loyalty or faithfulness to the Creator the central issue regarding the mark of the beast I submit to you is worship I mean after all we have God's seal right there in the 4th commandment the whole commandments about worship who we worship why we worship why is he entitled to our worship all those kinds of things Revelation 146 and 7 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven the earth the sea in the spring the water it's about worship how we worship are we going to worship our way or God's way as he asked us to do or as we want to that's the central issue continuing on in a 3rd angel in these 3 and a message follow them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships there's that word again the beast and his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself also drink the wine of the wrath of God It's about worship it's about a seal or a mark and it's one of the other I'm not into this field or Mark business I'm not going to do either one doesn't work that way doesn't work that way Revelation 1412 says here is the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God on the faith of Jesus it's the commandments were important that verse wouldn't be there. This is the end of the book and he says the commandments are still binding and I'm going to have a people on this earth that are still faithful not just to the ones that make sense in their own mind I have a people that follow all because I was the one asked them because I'm the creator God who made the heavens and the earth that's what gives me my authority to say something that might appear to be random but I know what's best for them I know how their body is made up I know what what they need and they need rest every week I'm going to give it to them is going be a sign when Revelation 3 angels message we have worship the creator we have don't worship the beast in verse 9 and we have keep the commandments and faithful and faith of Jesus in verse 12 what is Roman Catholic Church claim is a sign of its authority Sunday we looked at that already have only they don't make any bones about it Catholic record this is their own work OK there's a thing worth saying about them this is what they're saying about themselves Sunday is our what we're Do they use Mark Sunday is our mark of authority the charges above the vive all really and thus transference of the Sabbath service is proof of that fact laymen's terms proofs in the pudding don't believe me go down the road on Sunday morn and see how many parking lots are full as approved bars or any Sundays are Mark so God's Mark is the Sabbath 7 days out Catholic or Roman Church is Mark is Sunday and so many Protestants have adopted that Mark as well what is the mark of the beast Sunday that's what it it's not on anybody's forehead or hand what's his forehead or hand it's because some know better but they are coerced and they do it anyway or they're just tricked into doing it somewhere can you know all this kind of stuff well do people have the mark of the beast now no. That's why we have come out of her that's how we in last night come out of her what people are my people so God has His people in other denominations all over the place and he's calling them to come out come out my people so nobody has a mark yet but someday this issue is going to continue to climax and build and build and build and tomorrow night we're going to see how it climaxes and builds and is doing that even now in this country but eventually everyone will have the opportunity to see this and to be able to be convicted of this not just hear it and I could go on some street corner and babble all day long the top of my lungs about the Sabbath and people walking by would they say oh I'm convicted no they'd say he's a lunatic I've seen lunatics before I know they look like he's one of them they're not convicted and I can you know go away like this say well Lord I was faithful I did my part of the unworn I'm now you know a time will come when people have an opportunity and they'll be convicted of the truth and then the question becomes what do they do with that conviction when they do that conviction there are times in our relationships with our spouses or kids or whomever when we're hurting them significantly and we don't even know it and we can do one of 2 things we can say what was the big deal you know I love you could be the legal rest or we could say I'm so sorry I had no idea I literally I mean I'm a guy I had no idea. But I'm sorry I'll stop that bothers that much I'll do something different please but I'm sorry eventually everybody will have that opportunity to make that choice. We need to be done some other quotes perhaps the boldest thing this is saying Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel again this is their stuff not our stuff perhaps the bolus thing the most revolutionary change the church ever did happen in the 1st century the holy day the Sabbath was change from Saturday to Sunday not from any direction noted in the scriptures. But from the church a sense of its own power people who think the scriptures should be the sole authority should logically become 7th Day Adventists and keep Saturday holy OK. I believe there's going to be people that are faithful to God God going to have people on the earth that want to follow him fully and totally and they're going to be willing to take their stand like these 3 Hebrews did amidst peer pressure amidst You know there's a lot of parallels here to the end of time in the death decree and all these things are going to look at that tomorrow but these 3 decided to stand by the heavens fall they're going to stand for God. Even when church and state united in the future the final issue of loyalty I believe will center around worship and I believe the scripture is playing on that we'll look at it more tomorrow. In the days of Noah God invite his people to take a stand Was it easy to take a stand then no but those that did were in the ark of safety Christ and His Holy Word the Bible is our only ark of safety in these times because I believe a flood is coming and the Days of Daniel God invite his people to take a stand and the days of Jesus got in via his people to take a stand and the days of early Christians got invited his people to take a stand in the dark ages same thing God invited his people to take a stand in the last days I believe we're living in the last days God again invites us to take a stand to stand up and stand out Jesus was willing to stand up and stand for you know I. It wasn't easy it wasn't popular It wasn't fun it was painful but I promise he do it all over again for you if you had to and when I think about all that he did for me how can I not do this little thing for him I mean really he's not asking me to go labor in a mine field somewhere he has me to rest to rest in Him and His salvation and maybe he's calling you to do the same your Heavenly Father. It's really that simple and I'm convicted in my heart even at this very moment I want to decide right now to follow Jesus and anything your word asks me to do if I'm convicted of it you know what I want to follow or I know that I'm human I know I'm going to mess up I'm going to make mistakes but you promise not only to give us the truth but to give us power to live the truth and solo you want to follow you we want to ask you to help us to follow you to give us the courage to stand for you in these times in these days in which we live because we're on borrowed time we believe you're coming soon. And we don't want there to be any doubt in anyone's mind that we have chosen to serve you and follow your word only your namely praying with. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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