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17. Prophetic Movement at End Time

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Well we're continuing this morning with our series revelation and the prophetic movement in times and I tell you I can get excited about this topic so I hope you had a good breakfast I'm going to try and go quick but sometimes I get in trouble for going quick so I don't know it's a lose lose but we're going to do our best here this morning. In talking about prophecy a lot of people are asking a lot of questions today there's a lot of uncertainty what should we expect what might be right around the corner and she was singing about the stars and people look up in the stars and try and think What are the stars trying to tell me about what I should do you know that's not so much Biblical but that's what some people do there's an explosion interest in psychic phenomena and today you don't have to drive too far from where we are this morning to see palm reading and all kinds of things that are trying to help people with this burning question what does the future hold. Books on the occult are selling in multi millions and I probably don't have to tell you that either the gift of prophecy there's a book by Dean Dixon I think sent passed away I'm not sure 3000000 copies sold and this is a pretty old book but just in the last 7 years or so it sold another 2000000 copies that used to be just 1000000 but this idea that the gift of prophecy and all that kind of thing is intriguing to folks and they want to know the future and so they go to places like that Edgar Casey he's another one and this is somewhat old too but people are asking those questions about the future 2000 US new page newspapers have astrology columns. This idea I go go grab the paper and I look and I see what is in the planets and the stars how are they line up for me today well it's not going to be your best day OK Well I'm not going to do such and such. That's what people are doing I mean they wouldn't be in the newspaper if people weren't reading them is it true if everybody ignored him and as prime space but. They keep bringing him we keep him so they keep printing them psychics lucky numbers hotlines people are spending absurd amounts of money it's really ridiculous when you stop and think what people spin. Yet in God's Word we find right here in Amos 3 verse 7 surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets. That's a promise that we have that God uses this method of prophecy throughout Scripture to tell people of what's impending so they have some idea of what to expect and he's not just telling the future of random things secular things things happen in Hollywood that doesn't really make the list for God He cited that spiritual things and how his people can be spiritually prepared for what's coming Jesus warns us against the counterfeit as well we read in Matthew $2424.00 for false Christ and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive so be aware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but in Ridley are ravenous wolves so we know that God has given his church the gift of prophecy but we also know it's going to be false prophets and so now well I'm just confused how do I know which is which. And that's what we're going look at today but we want to certainly be aware of faults profits. There's all kinds of things on the Internet and these are just a few that I you know you peruse I don't recommend if you go to these types of things but you type down then you can find all kinds of things. Different seminars you can go to and all the rest of this one I thought was was interesting join respected and gifted professional psychic medium the Randell for an evening on platform psychic medium ship you'll not forget the has read for celebrities and appear on television and radio take your seat and this opportunity hear from your loved ones who have crossed over above and beyond we've looked at that haven't we the state of the dead we've talked about the dangers that and how the devil can use that but if people are not aware of that if they don't have that safeguard that head of protection called God's truth in His word they could fall for this kind of thing and it's all about this insatiable false prophet they don't carry a card like this. W W W I'm a deceiver dot com it be easier to spot them if they did but that's not what their card looks like and so you have crystal balls and all kinds of things trying to communicate with another world or the other side and all those types of things but what does the Bible have to say what assurance do we have in God's word do we have hope for the future and what can we expect if even for verse 8 as Therefore he says when he ascended on high he led cap he led captivity captive and gave gifts to men and what are some of those gifts that he left to us to his church. What are the gifts of the Spirit and He Himself gave some to be apostles that's in the Ministre to beauty today I would call it some profits there it is some of Vangelis and some pastors and some teachers so here we have the list of the gifts of the Spirit apostles prophets of Angelus pastors and teachers that's what he's given to his church as he's leaving now he could say I already came all the prophecies that predicted my coming are done and so we're just going to have a positive and this passes in teachers but no he includes prophets for his time at church the end for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ notice prophets aren't there to quelch our curiosity if we can say it that way they're not there to predict random things but they're there to do works of ministry for the edifying or building up the body or Church of Jesus Christ that's the reason God gives the gift of prophecy and so any prophet that is trying to do anything other than these things here we can already say or start system you know this doesn't sound like a true prophet that makes sense. Jesus gave these gifts to the church to strengthen it to accomplish its mission of reclaiming the Gospel to the world so how long will these gifts remain in the church you may be thinking well if even for 13 and 14 says till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ that we should no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine and there's plenty of winds of doctrine out there. And so we have this idea until we're perfected in Christ until everyone comes under one unity in Christ and I believe that's not going to happen until he comes in till that happens we still have these gifts in the church and that would be today 1st Corinthians one verse 7 so there you come short and no gift eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ God is not going to have us lacking any of the gifts he wants us to have all the gifts I mean after all the gifts were his idea the gifts He has given to the church to use to build up to edify the body I mean that's what we like when we give a gift and maybe I'm speaking from a guy's perspective we like practical gifts write something they can use but we feel good when they say oh I like this new thing you got me I love it so much is so handy and so helpful as opposed to taking a gift and saying Oh thank you very much and you open the door and you stuff it in there and you close it. God wants to use all of the gifts because he's given them to his church he doesn't want to fall short so he has some characteristics of guys in time church that we've been looking at anticipating the 2nd coming of Christ we've talked about this over the last few weeks it's Bible based it's grace filled and it's Christ centered when you agree with me on all those Also it's law abiding and Sabbath keeping it's not my law it's God's law it's what he does to to help protect me and it's what I do to help honor him that's a beautiful thing and the Sabbath is right there in the heart of the law we meet God in the Sabbath that we can't do in any of the other commandments instead of buying this at spending time. In the Sabbath so that's another characteristic that we've looked at it's guided by what we're looking at today the gift of prophecy and you might say oh I don't know about this. We're going to keep going JESUS promise to give the prophecy would be revived in the last days from now we're going to look at death so there's 2 dangers I can accept the counterfeit which we've been talking about the last 3 weeks but the other dangers I could reject the genuine some that we have a phrase for that right throwing out the baby with F. water I don't want to throw out one of my babies to you if Jesus is given as a precious gift and it's a genuine gift I don't want to throw that out because that would probably be an equal tragedy don't you agree especially if it's the gift of prophecy helping us to see more clearly the events that will take place that have to do with us spiritually and in time. So how do we tell the difference between a truth and the fault we've talked about this as well counterfeit money and all that kind of thing there was a time in our history here not that long ago maybe even that still ongoing probably I would assume but counterfeiters were getting to be very big and so they started having these conventions and in Washington D.C. or these meetings where all these bankers would come together and they would spend I think 3 weeks and you know how many counterfeits did look at. They would look at one counterfeit they would only examine the genuine for 3 weeks as a long time but they would look at all the little details that you and I miss And so after 3 weeks boy you better believe if you try and put off a little counterfeit bill they would spot it like that if you know a genuine Well you can spot a counterfeit. Don't believe me ask your kid when you go on vacation the puppy dies and someone tries to replace it or the goldfish dies or the parakeet dies or whatever dies. The womb. Well look good enough to you well maybe you don't have the same relationship with fluffy as they did they knew he had a little scrape in his ear or I TOOK THIS IS or I don't know. What is it saying God's word Isaiah 592 but your iniquities have separated you from your god and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear you we don't want that to be the case we don't want our sense to separate us from God numbers 12 or 6 if there is a prophet among you I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision I speak to him in a Dreams those are the 2 primary ways God communicates in prophecy and so we are going to list those off here prophets Rizzi receive messages in 2 basic ways an angel brought them a vision. Or a dream. And so here we have examples of various people down to the ages that had visions or dreams that God gave to them. Yes sir so Number 2 the Holy Spirit impressed the prophets mind oftentimes and as he was trying to establish a profit there would be a lot of dreams or be a lot of visions and then those would start to wane after their they were established as a prophet of God and they would just simply be impressed by the Holy Spirit. But we still that's not to say that a prophet could then say whatever it wanted to not at all and we're going to get to that in a minute. Second Timothy 360 all Scripture how much all scripture is given by inspiration of God The point 3 Keep in mind all of it there was a project I think it was back in 2007 called The Jesus project trying to set out and see historically how much of the Gospel can we verify. And they were kept throwing out this piece you can't verify this piece this piece this piece this piece they finally got down there where there was almost nothing left in the Gospels friends when you start to take and take pieces Well I agree with this passage I was going to rip it out. I don't like this Patsy the car but when you start picking pieces of Scripture you're on shaky ground because anything that God wants to say to me that I don't like I can just rip it out of my Bible no 2nd Timothy reminds us that all of Scripture is given by inspiration of God. Second Peter 121 it says for prophecy never came by the will of man but all holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit so we have verses to back this up in visions and dreams are being moved by the Holy Spirit but all of Scripture is inspired by God. See not all of God's prophets are Bible writers that's another thing to keep in mind you might think all of their prophet and they have something here in the canon it's not true we have several prophets that don't appear in this Bible or in the Bible canon as we would call it actually leaven 27 and in these days prophets came from Jerusalem to Antioch then one of them named AG of us return to the book of Agabus. Good luck my Bible doesn't have the book of Agabus but it calls him a prophet stood up and showed by this spirit that there was going to be a great famine throughout all the world which also happened in the days of Claudius either so here we have an example of a prophet doesn't write anything that makes it into the canon but he has a message at that time that's important for the people of that time but here we have messages that are timeless and are for all time but we do have the gift of prophecy what today was we in the Bible writers and these other true prophets Well I think oftentimes these prophets had a specific message for a specific time. And so those people listen to that message they followed that message but it wasn't them that necessarily had to be written down for everyone for all the ages we also have examples of various one John the Baptist Jesus said of his own lips he said there's no greater profit among men than John the Baptist but we have John the Bible is a different John we have John disciple we have John Zarrella Revelator but we don't have John the Baptist writing a book but Jesus said he's the greatest of all the prophets so we have to conclude just because you don't have something in Scripture record forever it doesn't mean you're not a prophet Moses is another one by the way that's mentioned as one of the great as a prophet but he doesn't have. Or doesn't make any predictions I should say he wrote some books because I'm making predictions I'm getting ahead of myself here assuredly I say to you among those born of a woman there's not been written one greater than John the Baptist There it is Matthew 1111 here we are do you have to make a prediction to be a prophet Well the answer will be no Moses and John the Baptist to the greatest prophets never made a prediction they didn't do it they're problems of God But they're not predicting anything they're simply expressing clearly God's will in his direction that kind of thing but they don't have some long prophecy to be searched out how about women prophets in the by when the Old Testament we have Devereaux we have hold in the New Testament we have the 7 daughters of Philip and so we have women prophets in Scripture as well so let's look at the biblical test of a true prophet because what if I'm going to stand up here and say I'm a prophet of God and he told me to tell you such and such are you supposed to take me on my word and say OK I was a prophet of God I would hope not so let's look at what the Bible gives us as test one prophetic accuracy that is one of the tests OK. Jeremiah $28.00 verse 9 As for the prophet who prophesies of peace when the word of the Prophet comes to pass mean it's fulfilled just like the prophet said it would happen if we continue on the prophet will be known as one whom the Lord has truly sent. We've been using the phrase this week the proof in the putting if you say that such and such will happen and sure enough right on time it happens exactly as it was said that's proof. But no this is one of the signs there's others as well and we had to keep in mind sometimes God speaks to prophets and the prophecy is conditional this is an example of Jonah God gave Jonah a message Jonah was a prophet and he said if you don't repent from your stance Well if then if you don't do this then you will be destroyed they did repent therefore they were not destroyed. So if it's a conditional prophecy we have to keep that in mind but otherwise God doesn't guess at the future he knows the future of his of true prophet they're going to get it right not for your 50 percent of time 100 percent of the done. We continue on Jeanne Dixon here sees peace in 2000 defined mystic talent as God given you know she was only right if you take the things that she talked about 30 to 60 percent of the time that's all God's right 100 percent of the time. How is she right 60 percent of time is that if we're going to be generous. Well. We talk about the netherworld we talk about the dark side really we're talking about the devil is evil angels aren't we and I just put it out there it is the devil have all kinds of means at his disposal is he have access to every meeting behind every closed door would it be possible that the devil could predict things just based on the information available to him and then he could make it known to his false prophets and they could predict things with reasonable accuracy is a possible I think it is. This individual here in the in these times the Christian article he went through our magazine he went through and figured out the average leading psychic there actually is only 16 percent that's pretty pretty weak but I imagine they cast cash your check 100 percent of the time. So God 2 prophets are accurate because God is not confused the message he doesn't guess so let's web one prove prophetic accuracy but then there's biblical faithfulness let's look at this passage here the Bible prophets focus on the battle to mean good and evil is not talking about outside of things but how God's Church OK so here we have Deuteronomy 131 for if there rise among you a profit or a dreamer of dreams and gives you a sign or a wonder and the sign of the wonder comes to pass it's fulfilled it happened just as they said but were not done of which he spoke to you saying let us go after other gods. Oh there now we have a problem don't we which you have not known and let us serve them so here we have one finished and you shall not listen to the words of the Prophet or of the dreamer of dreams you shall walk out to the Lord your God and fear him and keep His commandments and obey his voice you see L A Times represent God right there so here's the situation I have a dream this is going to happen tomorrow sure enough it does happen tomorrow and now things are also Wow But why what I predicted I say now I'm a prophet and now we have to follow other gods is that biblical No not at all and so here is saying if that's the case you get far away from that person you shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him capital 8 and keep His commandments and obey his voice could be any more plain and you shall serve him and hold fast to him so predictions coming true is not the only else had to be faithful to God's word that's the other one but the so-called prophets not lean a person to the Word of God to be faithful to Scripture they are blatantly false thirdly they exalt Jesus they have to exalt Jesus Christ. Why would Jesus and a prophet that didn't exalt Jesus Christ right 1st John 4 WANTED TO Beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits where they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God So there we have another key number 3 they confess Jesus Christ is the Son of God Jesus is so pivotal to the whole thing called Christianity Christ G.N.D. right he is so pivotal that if they're denying Christ if they are denying Jesus that's another big red flag right that's another test of a prophet Revelation $1910.00 for the testimony of Jesus there it is is the Spirit of Prophecy the whole point of prophecy the whole thing behind it is to testify about Jesus not sports scores not if he should buy this house or not is to testify and build up and edify the church the Body of Jesus Christ that makes sense. Casey He had this to say about God He is a cosmic master but he's not the divine Son of God. It's not a red flag. According to the tests of prophecy that we've established I would have to say that's a red flag. I don't want to deny the Jesus that died for me because as soon as I deny him I'm denying any chance of eternal life and that's never going to be worse for me. So prophetic accuracy biblical faithfulness exalt Jesus and fourthly commandment keeping Where do we find now is a 20 Mallon read that to us this morning to the law and to the testimony right here if they speak not according to this word it's because there's how much light in them no light that means you and I have to know God's word backwards forwards inside outside because if I don't know God's Word they can say something contrary and I would have no clue right. But. If I'm focusing on God's word each and every day if I'm focusing on the genuine each and every day if I'm memorizing the genuine day after day after day and all the sudden a counterfeit comes up I'll say wait a minute that doesn't fit therefore there is how much light in them no light. That's good you are good students number 5 physical tests. Physical criteria prophets prophets is are the visions with their eyes open their eyes remain open throughout the vision we have that in numbers example of that 24 verse 4. And Invision prophets have no physical strength. We see that they are in Daniel to him verse 8. And prophets in vision Do not breathe because the vision is breathed by who God breathed is not interesting so God breeze into the person and we have that in Daniel 10 verse 17 so some of these physical phenomena and then lastly we have spiritual fruitage I'm not so sure about that word fruit I just like spiritual fruit. You will know by how they live if a prophet is trying to do all these things but their life is upside down. You see their car parked places they shouldn't be and you see them doing things they shouldn't do and they're saying things and words come in their mouths and say maybe just maybe well the proof's in the pudding you're going to think I'm a big putting fan my time this is all over Matt he's 7 verse 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them. And that it's not just about prophecy that's about all kinds of things right if you call yourself a Christian but there's no fruit in your life that's a problem if your spouse says they love you but there's no fruit that's a problem by their fruits you will know them really it's our fruits that show I mean take it for the tree it says fruit is good is the tree healthy yes if the fruits not good or there's no fruit is the tree healthy no and so it's really an indicator of what's in our heart do you know what does not appear on the list this is not on the list of a test of a prophet one is when the prophet disagrees with me not on the list. Cuts across my personal life steps on my toes Ouch not on the list. When the prophet does not fit my paradigm of what it should be not on the left when the prophet disagrees with the latest peer pressure from the scientific community or the time the scientific community leaps said all kinds of things they said that the world was well flat right and if you believe anything different you are kind of. Even today we have all kinds of things that come out of the scientific community many of which I can support with scripture and feel very good about others of which I cannot. So that's not on the list if I had to choose between the scientific community and God's word I think on a little bit more as the creator of the heavens and the earth so that's where I'm going to go with we've got to keep rolling the gift of prophecy does not take the place of the Bible it exalts the Bible that's huge is the lesser light pointing to the greater light and so the province trying to direct people back to Christ back to his word back to faithfulness back to obedience back to the 10 Commandments and oftentimes you see a prophet coming when the people are drifting away and they need someone to stay wake up. Come back to be faithful to Jesus Christ we look a little bit this week about the woman the pure church in Revelation Chapter 12 and the dragon was in raised with the woman a pure woman of Revelation 12 and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring the church who keep the commandments of God and have what they have the testimony of Jesus so here we have an example of the true church the dragon is in rage with the woman and goes to make war with the remnant if you will of her seed that had 2 characteristics they keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus now we use the Bible to interpret itself as just saying what I already said if we use the Bible to interpret self revelation $110.00 says for the testimony of Jesus is was the word is mean if you're doing him a math word problem equals 4 the testimony of Jesus equals or is the Spirit of Prophecy So here we have this poor woman not a corrupt woman. And she has these 2 commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus which is the Spirit of Prophecy so we could say God in time church has 2 characteristics commandments of God and the gift of prophecy can we say that. So if you're looking for a church. That's that God sees and talks about here and Revelation his last book at in time it will have those 2 characteristics it will keep the commandments of God and it will have a spare prophecy some people say you know this idea scare prophecy is too weird for me I'm just going to believe in the Bible and the Bible only That's great and the Bible and the Bible only says in time church will have the gift of prophecy do you hear it. So if I'm going to say I'm going to follow the word in the word only then I also have to believe there's going to be the gift of prophecy in the church and if it is not in our church then it messes up the whole thing that we're not at the end of time like we thought we might be we have to wait for another church to raise up that will have the gift of prophecy and that the whole thing just now or does this church have the gift of prophecy. Don't be nervous 1st Corinthians 1228 And God is a point of these in the church 1st apostles 2nd prophets. Has God bless the church with the gift of prophecy that's the question we're asking if God is not restored the gift of prophecy in his last day church that he would not be faithful to his own word and I says well I'm going to leave in the word well then we have to believe all the word not just part of the word God promised to restore then the gift of prophecy in his in time church now you might say no this is really weird I just this idea of prophecy now you've just gone too far too we've got some psychic in the church this is too weird is it or is it the way God has worked all along is this really brand new is this really out of the blue Do I really have to sit down because this is just too overwhelming look at this in every major period of Earth's history God has raised up a prophet to prepare his people for what's impending. I like that about God He doesn't just spring stuff on us he lets his people know in advance what to expect when there's a major thing happening don't believe me do this when the flood was coming home to God raise up no no as a prophet when God was going to raise up a chosen people who was the father of Israel whom did God raise up we call him Father Abraham he was a prophet. When the Exodus came did God raise up you remember Moses he was a prophet when the monarchy came to Israel whom did God raise up while Samuel he was a prophet and so he's preparing God's people through these profits before every major thing that's impending when the exile came for the kingdom whom God raised up Jeremiah Daniel easy on the list goes on several How about this when the Messiah came the 1st time who knew God raise up John the Baptist's That's right when the Gospel was to go to the Gentiles and all the world who to God raise up struck him blind to get his attention Paul that's right now this question when the Messiah is coming the 2nd time spoken of throughout Scripture the climax in so many ways what we read would God leave it void would there be no gift of prophecy I'll tell you that's the part that be weird that wouldn't follow what God has done all along well the 2nd coming isn't big enough really ARE YOU KIDDING ME So this idea that it's weird to me just doesn't doesn't work it just fits what God has always done a mystery verse 7 sure the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets How much does he do nothing he wants us to know. He wants us to be prepared her name was Ellen G. White she received more than $2000.00 prophetic visions and dreams ranging from just a few minutes in length up to 4 hours long she wrote over 50 books and all kinds of manuscripts and articles and those books have been compiled into more books and they've been translated all kinds of languages lectured to thousands on 3 continents you know one of the books that she wrote called steps to Christ I thought was 134 languages I've been telling people that I look this week now it's in over 150 languages around the world steps to Christ beautiful book filled with scripture pointing people to Christ I love that book if I'm ever in a spiritual down place I called a spiritual funk I go to that book steps to Christ and I get Bey's in scripture I get Basan promises and it just takes me through and by the time I get to the end I say praise the Lord God is good I'd love that book. George James says is this remarkable woman the almost entirely self educated Juliet a 3rd grade education she got hit by a stone I thought she's going to die she was weak and feeble really for the rest of her life but God takes the weak right to monist the wise and all the rest so she is largely self-educated has written and published more books and more languages which circulate to a greater extent than any other woman in history by their fruits you will know them if this was just some offshoot little thing that would have died out long time ago right. 7 am is believe in the Bible in the Bible ONLY as a source of every Bible doctrine let's just clarify that right now we don't get our doctrines from Ellen why we don't you can point to any of the doctrines that we have and we don't point to Ellen white except for this idea that the in church will have the gift of prophecy where we can have to point to her then but as far as the South as far as the day to day as far as anything else we don't get that from why we get it from God's Word is that important I think it is every T.C.M. a church comes directly out of the Bible but then she points is that to God's word back to God's word back to God's word in a remarkable way so biblical test of a prophet really go through these prophetic accuracy she had a lot to say about health and her time there was very little thought of what was healthy that food had anything to do with how you felt and so you could eat whatever you wanted lots of Swedes lots of coffee and I mean very little of anything fresh ever. And people were really suffering for it they were not getting all these beautiful fruits and vegetables and the raw stuff and everything we stayed in the Daniel fast they were getting there and I think back often about how blessed we are to be able to go to angles to go to the supermarket that's it Mark and get fresh of year round you know how spoiled we are so spoiled but they didn't have those things. This person here Clive McKay at Cornell University says this woman is 100 years ahead of her time in the area of diet and health and all those kinds of things that's Cornell University ministry of healing which she wrote page 327 she says tobacco is a slow insidious but most malignant poison that was not what the scientific community was saying at the time they were prescribing cigars and other things for people to smoke to help them feel better yet she knew how did she know 3rd grade education did they teach that in 2nd grade no God gave that she heard any. Why would God do that because his church leaders were dying from a terrible diet. She talked about how in utero babies are impacted even in utero what the mother does the moods of the mother all those kinds of things I just want to go back in time to her time little bit poor hygiene of the time average life expectancy at birth was 32 years old and 800 Can you believe that I'm an old man should be here in 805850 you would live on average to be 415-1950 then 595067 so there's quite an improvement there but you look at her time. Which is mostly on point at the wrong screen mostly right in here and in here. And especially what she knew in terms of her background it was quite terrible and today it's 79. On average while fruits and vegetables are a lot of largely avoided many believe the deadly cholera epidemic was part of that and so they avoided fruits and vegetables lack of refrigeration and Senate sanitary processing they didn't really have this idea the germ theory hadn't even been around most people sell into gas and some authorities claim an average American of 830 S. never took a bath during their entire life. It's kind of like those of you who've never washed your car his whole life you just wait for it to rain and say I wash my car today if you sweat real hard it will help. Even as late as 855 New York City had only 1361 bathtub 48629000 residents who to bed you could smell your way to New York City voice. Sanitation sewage was dumped on the streets along with trash and there was not garbage collection system it was not uncommon for dead animals to line the street for weeks and so here we have a horse who knows how long it's been there and kids are just plain They're here in the gutter maybe things are seeping down into there who knows why people only lived to be 32. Hospitals hospitals were really a place to go and die by the way it was a last resort you didn't want to have to go to the hospital if you did get sick. It tend to be a death sentence to go to hospital places where people went to die they believed in bloodletting was going to cut you open let the blood flow out get all those toxins out right is that a good practice today do we do that given a Mercury and strychnine which are extremely poisonous but they thought that was great effects some of our presidents died early presence to some of this practice I think George Washington am I correct the historian here on the 2nd row. But in the age it was thought that fever bombing and diarrhea were signs of recovery who wants to recover and. Surgery was done without anesthesia so speed was of the essence in the civil war if you were a good army surgeon you could lop off a leg in 40 seconds just bite the stick hold him down how many did it take for surgery well call 12 guys over and lonely take less than a minute will be. Wow And you thought you lived in a rough time a nurse history surgery since surgeons had no knowledge of germs or how infection spread they did not feel it necessary to change aprons or knives or even wash their hands between surgeries so I dig into this person over here I take these tools I wipe them on my apron and I go digging this person here and everybody died of infection how is this happening where you don't know and the 1st person to suggest is idea of germs laughed that laugh at him right. And so she's speaking to a time how did Alawite know the difference between the health fads of the day and sound science you tell me how did you know. I was a god was talking to her and giving your These things way ahead of her time so prophetic accuracy I think we can claim now when. She predicted a huge rise in the occult spiritualism psychic phenomena astrology communication with the Dead which has always been but it was so small back and it's almost like why are you talking about this is a small today I mean you flip on prime time and it's everywhere. Have mercy this little book the great controversy anybody that doesn't have a copy of this book if I have any deacons listening go find some of our box of the great controversy anybody doesn't have his book you're going to get a comment and copy today on your way out this is the cover that we have on the one we're giving you but it has come and been reprinted in multiple covers and different things she says this in that book one of many things she says in that book fascinating book people alone have taken the great controversy you read ahead of me and read that book and that book alone is dead you know what I get back to church in fact I have to find this out keeping church because of so many things that she wrote over 100 years ago that are coming to pass and people say oh the gift of prophecy is outdated friends if you read the great controversy recently you know that every year that goes by this book gets more and more relevant not less more and more relevant this is what she wrote over 100 years ago the Roman Church now present a fair front to the world covering with apologies her record of horrible cruelties written a 100 years ago fulfilled last year June 22 pub apologized to the wild Indian church for the persecution and the atrocities that it did I find that quite interesting. So this is another example biblical faithfulness let's look at that. In the great controversy page 204 she writes in our time there is a wide departure from their doctrine and precepts and there is need of a return to the great Protestant principle the Bible and the Bible ONLY as a rule of faith and practice can you say man she points people back to the Bible repeatedly over and over and over now a false prophet would draw people away he's pointing back exult Jesus. In this word gospel workers he says lift up Jesus you that teach the people lift him up in sermon in song in prayer What does Scripture say if I be lifted up I'll draw all men on to me let all your powers be directed to point and souls confuse the world are lost to the Lamb of God Now again I had to pause here the only way you're going to be able discover for yourself he's a prophet you're gonna have to read it for yourself I've talked to a lot of people that like this or else and I say how much of her if you read. Not much they read other people's excerpts but if you take the steps of Christ if you read desired ages on the life of Christ if you read the great controversy some of these masterful works you will be convinced very quickly on your own that she is gifted and comes from God Here's some of the other books that we're going right now in our prayer me we're going to this Christ object lessons powerful book as she as she points is back to all of these parables and object lessons that Jesus Himself taught and we look and sometimes all find there and one of L.Y.'s books will say Wait where's Scripture say that and I go back and it's right there it's been there the whole time but I missed it and she points me back to it beautiful. This book right here desire of ages on the life of Christ in the Library of Congress has more books than any other one question my preference of choice would be guided they said What's the best book on the life of Christ I mean how many thousands of books they probably have in the life of Christ and this person says my preference or choice would be guided by what I wish to get from the book or books to be read but let me put it this way I would put the desire of ages biology white 1st for spiritual discernment and practical application in that interesting I've also heard it's the most checked out of all books on the life of Christ Library of Congress number 4 commandment keeping is she trying to follow get us to follow some other form of commandments or anything else not at all she's continually pointed back to the 10 Commandments and there are so many examples of that I have included one but she herself is the biggest proponent of everything I'm talking about back to the Bible back to the Katinka manage back to the Sabbath truth. And so we have that there and in physical test we have physical test this Dr Drummond was a skeptic he didn't believe he was a prophet that's fine I would believe you if you tell me you are a prophet I have the bad either right so you want to put it to the test and he knew about this physical phenomenon and the Lord sent and gave her a vision in this doctor's presence and he was able to inspect her for a considerable period of time and at the end of it he was convinced this woman is a prophet eyes open pointing to the Bible turning pages all kinds of things that only could be of some supernatural force and I think by the fruit I would say it's not the devil it really can be a little bit of both don't know it's not that we love it it's either the Dell or it's of God One of the 2. And we have to decipher which is spiritual fruitage this is a book education some universities use this as a textbook by the way. She is instrumental in setting up the largest protestant educational system in the world with this educational system and we have schools all around the country even right here in our backyard Fletcher Academy is one example we have kept in Gilmer Christian school we have mills river we have upward elementary schools we go up the road a little further we have peers go Academy go over to the Chattanooga area have Southern ave his university and the list goes on and on over 1100000 students attend over 5600 schools colleges and universities in the early 145 countries of the world House in 2007 I promise you it's much more than that today. Not to mention the health work that she was in and instrumental in promoting. This magazine here I have a copy of you and look through it says the secrets of living longer this was published back in November of 2005 and had to do with the Blue Zones in by her blue zones where this individual works for National Geographic travel to all these various places and wanted to know why do people live longer in these blue zones and so National Geographic says is no Melendez home and this is where this hospital was in fact this is one of the fanciest nicest hospitals and most prestigious hospitals in the country right here in Loma Linda University Medical Center very well known. So while Melinda let's read long line is home to a concentration of 7th Day Adventists with a remarkable distinction study results have shown that as a group they currently lead the United States and longest life expectancy isn't that pretty cool you want to live longer be a 7 day honest the Sabbath is a time taken to focus on family God camaraderie and nature avenues claim this relieves stress strengthen Social Networks and provides consistent exercise. The Sabbath being 7 day and it's following our health message. And we live where they say 9 to 18 to 10 years longer something like that on average when she turned 100 this is one example and in this article Margie Jen renewed her driver's license for another 5 years what truly keeps her going she says is her Christian faith and so here you have a picture of Margie filling up her gas tank at 100 years old just renewed for another 5 years and there she is doing her exercises $100.00 so if you're looking at pictures and if I did that I'd be sore she's doing that a 100 years old and so that led to this guy kept talking about the Blue Zones and he got on Oprah Winfrey Show he did a TED MED talk he said this in his talk you can get it on you to people who are part of a faith group and actually show up 4 times a month live from 4 to 14 years longer he said. I find that interesting over 13000000 outpatient visit 785 hospitals clinics nursing homes dispensary children's facilities airplane medical launches operated by the 7th they have this church each year we also have Florida hospital a bit more in our backyard and that's a big thing here's another magazine that I have U.S. News and World Report You can look through this one too has Article 11 health habits that will help you live to 100 a body or one live to 100 and here's the list don't retire floss every Do day move around eat fiber look at here number 8 if you are a little kid and you're doing which of these don't match you pick number 8. Everything here makes sense but what it live like a 7th Day Adventist What is that. I know where to get floss where do I get a 7th Avenue I plug it in and. This is what it says Americans who define themselves as 7th Day Adventists have an average life expectancy of 89 they didn't get a 7 day absence part right but that's OK About a decade longer than the average American one of the basic tenets of their religion is that it's important to cherish the body that's on loan from God which means no smoking out all abuse or overindulging and sweets followers typically stick to a vegetarian diet based on fruits vegetables beans and nuts and get plenty of exercise they're also very focused on family and community so if your magazine you want to live to help the 100 like a 7 day over this is that fruit I would call that fruit and vegetables and beans and nuts and all the other stuff. Here's another magazine is in the spring of last year this is the Smithsonian Collector's Edition and if you look here close in the magazine this picture is one of these pictures made up of all these tiny pictures and if you can read it there it says 100 most significant Americans of all time and I pulled this off I'm not sure if you're going be able to read it we have Christopher Columbus we have Neil Armstrong Susan B. Anthony Abraham Lincoln Franklin Theodore Roosevelt Helen Keller all these big names Sojourner Truth Oprah Winfrey John Audubon we get all kinds of book and Will Adams and we have Billy Graham Mark Twain oh but what's what who is this Alan White the 100 most significant Americans of all time 2 page spread is that fruit. I think it's fruit let's keep going out lunch George Barna he's a huge devastation you may not have heard of him but if you're into church statistics of any kind in any denomination around North America George Barnes your man he'll do all kinds of test constantly constantly constantly how come are you to let the church talk on this it happened how come that haven't what age group in this category and all the rest he did a study that blew my socks off he asked most influential authors of pastors under 40 of all denominations he says of all the pastors under 40 what authors are you reading the most that influence you the most that you say if I had to get rid of my library I would get rid of these and these were the top business consultant James Collins I'm a professor so I'm Rainer 19th century 7th day and his icon Alan White and Pastor John or Byrd So in a time when you have people saying well I don't know about a long way. Even sometimes and some damage church Selita say you have Baptist ministers Methodist ministers Pentecostal ministers all these people having breakfast together saying you know what books are you reading I'm reading desired ages who wrote the L why it's phenomenal I've gotten so much sir material and brought me closer the Lord you really need to retire and so word is spreading among pastors under the age of 40 that she is something to really pay attention to but sometimes. I don't know what to believe her nor his way of the bio What are we doing. What are we doing God gave her the god gave us this incredible gift in Ellen White and she has helped us in so many ways and pointless back to scripture that's what I love about her she points us back to scripture. She was instrumental and saying we got to send Mr missionaries out as Jan Andrews 1st missionary to Switzerland by the way had huge portions of Scripture memorized send the avenues have established and I just got this is from D.L. 14 I guess at the time that old established work and 216 of the 237 countries of the world listed by the United Nations. Take very seriously this idea of go into all the world right now. Here's a quote from a review in Herald that she wrote The Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light Ellen why is that lesser light she's never try and take the focus off Jesus but trying to constantly reflected back to Christ give it back to Christ who is the greater life there's another interesting survey I know you're ready to go but I just I told you I get excited you have to leave you can go ahead leave I won't bother me that you need to hear this North American division Church Growth survey by Roger deli and as Cummings they did that in the North American of ellipses and ave survey they surveyed 8200 members of the Santa Anas church of 193 different churches across North America with 20 different measures of spiritual life and one pivotal question but the people taking the test in know what the pivotal question was it was one of the questions and the pivotal question was Do you really ALWIS writings yes or no and then they wanted to see how they answer that question how that would affect the rest of the survey are you with me is there a correlation if you read always right or if you don't and your spiritual life so here are some of the questions those who describe their relationship with Jesus as intimate you want your laces with you to be intimate I do those that read Alawite said 82 percent of them said they're intimate with Jesus Christ In contrast only 56 percent of the nonreaders I find that interesting that's a 26 percent difference here's another question on the survey a high degree of assurance that they were right with God I want to you feel right with God don't you those are red and white 82 percent of the readers said I feel right with God versus only 59 percent of the nonreaders I mean this isn't 3 or 4 percent difference is the 23 percent difference here is no involving Christian outreach and service to the community. It says the readers of L. white 73 percent of readers of Ellen White are involved in community versus only 49 percent of non readers do we see a trend and in some people say well you know what everybody I know that reads all white they're just a bunch of funny dads and they always had these long and they always are saying well this and this and this Sister White says this is white says that beats everybody over the head with her and I'm just I'm fed up I'm done with or I want to read the Bible the Bible only well this is a one and not my socks off have daily personal Bible study that's what's about right and they always say all they ever do is we don't lie and they never read their Bible that person might exist but is that person everybody Kori in this survey 82 percent of readers and why also read their Bible on a daily basis versus only 47 percent of nonreaders that to me speaks volumes of the fact that she is a true prophet has he's point people back to scripture a false prophet would say would pull people away and say I have something new Follow me let me show you where you really need to be going but a true prophet says no you get back into the word and that's what she's doing and that's what bears out right here 35 percent difference this was our conclusion seldom does a research study find the evidence so heavily weighted toward one conclusion in the turret Church Growth survey on every single item that deals with spiritual life the member who regularly studies ALWIS books tends to rank higher than does the members who read them only occasionally or never Wow Is this a gift to God's given to his church is the precious gift to uphold the Bible to bring us back to Jesus in a closer way and if we discredit the gift we're doing ourselves a huge disservice I have to tell you if I was the devil I would want to cover up this gift with everything I have I would. If I were the devil I would I would make fun of it I downplay with a snicker with a joke I'd find the most obscure little passages and run them together to make her say things she never said. I wouldn't worry about the principle of what she's saying but I would take the you know she says well you shouldn't purchase a bicycle buys was so expensive back then was the principle it's a stewardship principle that's timeless has nothing to do with a bicycle today I mean it could I suppose but but if I was a devil I would attack you in every way that I could especially that little book I wish I had when the great controversy because it exposes completely his whole game plan I don't want my game plan exposed I want to be top secret I want to come with the element of surprise if I was the devil I would stone the Prophet with everything that I have when it makes sense I would raise up every diabolical website possible to discredit the prophet friends if she was a false prophet I don't think she'd be attacked near like she's attacked I don't think so but if she's a true prophet with the devil set his sights on a true prophet would he raise of all kinds of people that are better against the prophet would he have people dedicate their entire life to pulling down the prophet I believe so that's what I would do if I were the devil said Chronicles 2020 it's lunch time you guys need to let me go believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe his prophets and you shall what's the word prosper her I want to prosper you want to prosper and here's the rest we believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe his prophets is still really his word and you will prosper and so I invite you if you have not of this is all brand new to you or if you stepped away from it before I invite you to pick up the steps to Christ that's where I'd start. I pick up the steps to Christ and I'd read it and I say Lord of this is from you reveal yourself to me through this little book and I would read it if you haven't read it for a year or more pick it up and read it again if you're in a spiritual funk pick it up and read it again and again and again go desire of ages go to the great controversy if you're if you're like in prophecy and some of the things we've been presented it's all outlined there better than I can say it and it exposes the devil and his plan and it prepares God's church God's people for in time so it's like it's like cornflakes takes him again for the 1st time maybe I don't know but we can do ourselves a huge disservice to throw the Prophet out it's a precious gift that God has given to his church and I would urge you I would implore you with everything that I have my favorite way to study bible hopen and one of L Y's books is open and offline there's an index in the back and she'll go through in desire of a Judicial to tell you the passages and so I read the passage I read what she says I go back to the passage and I think wow God You have incredible do that don't take my word for what I know I have gone to puberty yet Rangers No. Faith yourself all right we need to be done but I believe that God is calling a special group of people to be obedient to God's Word that follow all 10 of his commandments and have this Precious Gift of The Spirit of Prophecy the testimony of Jesus Revelation says is the gift of prophecy and I am a 7 am today because I believe what the Bible says I believe what the Bible says and I believe in the spirit of prophecy and if you want to get to know Jesus read steps to Christ that book will be a self-fulfilling prophecy in your life if you do I'm going to go ahead and skip Our him today because we're short on time but will you pray with me before we go let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father you have done in our time what you have done all along. Time and time and time again before every major thing that was impending on your people that affected your chosen you people your faithful people you sent a prophet to prepare your people and lord it is no different today you have sent the prophet Ellen White and she has written so much Lord help us not to ignore her help us not to cast her aside help us to read her and decide for ourselves and may your Holy Spirit convict us if this truly is from you that will lead us back to your word in a deeper way leave it lead us back to you in a deeper way that we can follow you and follow lamb wherever you go and that when you come in all the things surrounding your coming we as your people will be prepared because you have shown it to us in your name we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service please visit W W W audio verse or.


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