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Treasure in Heaven

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • January 12, 2013
    11:30 AM
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Our message this morning is untitled treasure in heaven. And I'd like to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to our scripture reading Matthew chapter 6 verse 19 to 21 this is from the Sermon on the Mount Matthew chapter 56 and 7 is the greatest sermon that was ever preached in the history I would argue it was spoken from the lips of God himself the Son of God Jesus Christ Matthew chapter $56.00 and $7.00 and we will go into the heart of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 6 verse 19 to 21 will be our passage of study here this morning 1117 Matthew chapter 6 verse 19 and onward Jesus says the words do not lay up for yourselves treasure on where and where Jesus said Do not lay up for yourselves treasure on earth where Mark and rust destroy and where thieves break through and steal Jesus here is giving financial advice he's giving investment advice about where we should invest our resources. This is not for Delany Edward Jones or T. Rowe Price this is the divine blueprint for where we should make our investments you know the Bible gave us financial advice it is grants financial advice to us he's talking about investments and with every investment there are risks and returns those 2 components are in every investment risk and return Jesus is giving us some financial advice and he starts out by saying Do not lay up for yourselves treasure on earth if you're there at the 1st century you'll probably be thinking Jesus if we're not going to put it on planet Earth. Tell me please where I should put it because that's the only way or the only place the only means that I can place my resources planted where this was prior to the time of space travel NASA was not in existence Jesus said don't put your treasure on earth because if you invest in certain things the Bible says that moth will destroy it. You ever taken a sweater and placed it in a drawer forgotten about it and pulled it out and it's just eaten with mobs. If you invest in anything made of clothing material or cloth the moths will destroy then someone else says oh I'm not going to invest in fabric I'm not going to invest in clothing I'm going to invest in something that Martz cannot eat I'm going to invest in metal. Well Jesus goes on in his financial advice if the motts don't get to it then rust will destroy all of the vehicles that are represented here today in 20 maybe 30 years mine included will probably look like this. By the way a car is not an investment and if you're. When we drive it off that lot it depreciates exponentially in value and every year the more miles you place on it it decreases in value. And investment is something you buy and then it appreciates and gives back more in return and that's why we call that an investment a car is not an investment attempt is not an investment your phone is not an investment and some people invest in metal and Jesus says that invest in cloth mosse will destroy if you invest in metal rust will destroy and then someone else says you know what I'm going to invest in something that is so impervious to rust or even tomorrow I'm going to invest in something that is so low. Long lasting never changing perhaps like diamonds well Jesus finishes off his statement and says listen if the mosque don't get it if the rust doesn't get it then the thieves will get to it as well. Even if you have electronic investment we have hackers that can go online and literally drain your assets there is no security on earth that is the thesis of what Jesus is saying you put your investments here on Earth it's too risky you will not get in good return on your investment because of the high risk and then Jesus goes on you know he is saying he says we should place our treasure not on Earth but in have been because in heaven we don't have these things we don't have that destroy We don't have rust that destroy and praise the Lord when we get to heaven everyone beyond Stayman one of the lock your cars or homes anymore what a relief can you imagine going about life not having to always check your back pocket for your wallet the lack of fear just with that element of alone just just thinking about it for me it's liberating honest Jesus said make your investment in Heaven not on earth our treasure should be in heaven I'd like to talk a little bit about simple consumer economics for a moment how many of you like a great deal I do. I am a deal scavenger I don't that's proper illustration but when I walk into a a store I head straight for the sales rep that's just the way I operate right as a semi. And I take it in the other step further I go into a store and I try on a jacket and I say this is a great jacket and then I go home and then I go on e-bay and look for a used jacket just like that and I love a deal. Some people don't like use things but I don't mind now the composition of a good deal goes like this you get more in retort returned than what you paid in other words the value of it is like this and then what you gave is something like this you get more in return than what you put in now a bad deal is the converse top How many of you had a bad deal you bought something and then later on you recognize it oh you should've bought it somewhere else I've had happen before buyer's remorse or buy something and then you look at the sale that takes place the day after 50 percent off in your life and then you look at the fine print you can't return that item I mean talk about the worst day I just take a bad deal you bought you bought something that was worth this much but you paid this much consumer economics but what if you pay for something that cost you dearly. Furthermore it cost you so much that it changed your life forever but in your mind you believe that it was worth it even if everyone around you thinks you've lost your mind have you ever sacrificed for someone perhaps your children you've invested in them you are pouring your life in your resources into them and everyone around you is thinking like have you lost your mind why are you doing that but you can't call that a good deal because you've invested it dear you can't call it a bad deal because the person is worth so much especially in the eyes of God when we call it is 8 worse while sacrifice is not right. A worse. Sacrifice the Bible gives an illustration of a treasure that's hidden and feel the man is plowing in midday it's not his field and suddenly his plowing hits something that sounds like a rock but it's a little bit different and he hits it and then he stops he pulls away the dirt and he sees something that a little bit like a container and he pulls it back and it's a trench. He's digging around he gets to the bottom of it opens it up and it's diamonds rubies emeralds gold he closes it back up and then like like I would do I look around in there right now and AHA her head no one sold me when you put it down you cover it back up. Stomp down a little bit make it look like the rest of the field you go back home you say honey I got to sell the home what's. We got to sell the furniture to of and your wardrobe and my wardrobe my suits we gotta sell everything if you must. Just trust me I can't even tell you this is so secret. I labyrinthine a little bit better not in the Bible but you get the point. And he sells everything it's an open yard sale he puts everything on the street and then and the neighbors are thinking this man has lost his mum. He's lost his money takes all the money and goes to the owners that I want to buy that field or why do you want to buy that one not I trust I want to buy that he gives all of his earnings to buy that field and imagine his sentiments he's not thinking all I've just sold everything he's saying he's making Hollywood praise the Lord I'm rich. Here is a person that gave all the Bible also tells a story of the kingdom of heaven is like a pearl of great price same story same illustration the merchant is looking all his life for a pearl and he finds it and then he sells. I was talking this week with a father and a lot of good spiritual conversations we can. He has a son. And he told me David. I love my boy I don't think I can even comprehend because I'm not a parent but just thinking about the implications of my own earthly father's love for me I can catch a glimpse of what he's talking about he said he said David. And the entity that I love the most in this world next to got my board I love my son and those of you that are parents will recognize that the the being that you treasure the most are your children is that right Bill your children there is nothing more precious then your children your son or your daughter and he even went so far as to say David I love my son so much that I would be willing to forfeit my place in heaven listen to his words he said I would be I would be willing to forfeit my place in heaven if it meant that my son would be there that's what he said I would rather my son to be there than me. Of Harvard's allowed for us son losing a child is worst then death. And yet in this passage that we know so well the Bible says for a gone so love the world this is the farm that he gave a he is only son I want you to think about as parents you giving your son. This is what the father is thinking I believe that the Father in His own heart which was more difficult to do the son to go die on Calvary or for the song for the father to go all for the father to watch in this situation you have the the implications here are given that the intimate relationship between God the Father and God the Son the way that it's described in the holy trinity is the Father the Son Jesus the gift in which all of Heaven was poured out I don't think even the word everything can describe what God gave in his son what a price for you know that it was not with perishable things as silver or gold that you were we deem here Peter's saying that we're not bought with silver and gold if that was possible or probable or even plausible he would have done it but he says we're not bought was silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers but with the precious blood of Jesus of Christ a lamb without blemish or defect he says he bought us this is a divine transaction with his own blood you were bought at a price and right book of Revelation the Bible says the same in heaven and they sang a new song and you are worthy to take the scroll and to open it seals because you were slain and with your blood you purchased men for a God from every tribe and language and people a nation this is the divine price that was paid desire of ages says that God rist everything he depleted his savings sold off all his assets and invested everything to pay the price and that was for Hugh. I mean what do you call that. You can't call that a good deal because the cost have everything you cannot call it a bad deal because he bought ups. And I want you to think about the implications as the Father Jesus hanging upon the cross caught crying out to his father and the father is watching and every father in this room instinctively knows the feeling of watching their son suffer. What would you do and got had to watch I believe that instinctively within the heart of God would have been the sentiments How dare you touch my son. Up. Your layer thinking. On my son's Holby. And he had to watch. The sentiment that God gave everything does it even incompetence what The Father gave. All of Heaven was poured a. Book of Romans says God gave a son how much more will they give us all things you see friends you can see how much God values you by the price he was willing to pay it changed Jesus's life forever Bible says that when he comes in the clouds of glory he comes as the Son of Man did you know that the composition of the Trinity is for ever changed he is human forever he gave up that aspect of his divinity omnipresent and the composition of the very Godhead is changed forever any Forever will bear the scars in his hand he gave so much and his life is for ever change for you and I and I believe that if there is such a thing as a vault in Heaven which I don't believe there is but if there was a vault in heaven and you were able to look inside the vault and recognize what heaven treasures most you would see your picture you would see your face because From Heaven's perspective you were bought at an infinite price. He paid everything it's you. You're the person that God stays up thinking about. Heaven treasures are people it's souls it's not monetary wealth slot stocks or bonds it's not investments it's people. That's what the whole of heaven considers priceless because of the price that was paid. And today God wants us to partner with him in investing in what heaven values. He says Don't place or treasure here on Earth. But in Heaven make your investment in the treasury of God And right now friends we have the time and the capability to convert our dollars in the exchange of have been into souls Amen. Do you believe that you have the ability right now with your dollars with your resources with your time and energies to convert in the divine exchange of Haven't I don't know how he doesn't but you have the ability to convert it into say well that's what you're up so every time you give to church budget yes you don't see an investment you don't see your portfolio this side of heaven but you are investing in the exchange of heaven and buying a share of his kingdom that's what the Bible is telling us in investment so that when you get to the kingdom of God someone will come to you and say thank you thank you for that investment in the kingdom of heaven because I got a piece of literature that that dollar supported and I read it and I accepted Jesus and I'm here there thank you and talk about an eternal return on investment eternal returns. Because friends we can't take anything to have it we can't take our we can't take our bodies praise the Lord we can't take our houses we can't take our cars all you can take is you. And people and that person you take throughout the season sages of eternity will be more and more reflect the image of God and they will always be giving back. And you turn all return on investment. Last year I had the privilege of. Doing a little bit of traveling. Promises to be a lot less. And what I notice very quickly is that when you travel there are 2 things that are very important. What you take with you because have you ever gotten to a destination and forgotten to take something you're going hiking. In the Grand Canyon and you forgot your hiking shoes you brought flip flops it dramatically changes the nature of that experience if you forget something not only is what you take with you what things but but the person or persons that you go with dramatically impacts that experience. Jesus says look we're on a destination. We're headed to have her and guess what you can't take anything with you absolutely nothing but I want you to enjoy the experience there so I want you to invest in men I want you to invest in heavenly stock treasure people. Because when you get there I want you to be able to enjoy to the fullest an investment that has eternal returns I was sitting on the plane with a banker on my way back from G Y C. Very wealthy man and he told me David I went to a banking conference comprised of individuals that are very wealthy they take care of their money and he said at this conference the people were talking and they said looking at the financial situation that our country is in they said we have no hope these are secular people they're looking at the finances they say there is no hope they wanted to get out of the banking industry we have no hope in this person being a Christian he said there is hope it's Jesus but friends one day our resource our bank accounts will not be worth a single thing and right now Jesus is saying the windows open. The exchange is still open you can still convert your dollars into a heavenly investment don't lay it up here put it in the bank account of HAVE want to read this statement as we close. Review and herald March 25880. This is talking about so winning here is a work for every one of us to do never did I see Listen to this this sense of the value of souls as I do at the present time how can we realize the importance of the work of salvation in comparison with the value of a soul. Everything else sinks into insignificance this world and its treasures this life and its happiness are of little consequence and when we come air them with their joy even one soul eternally save one soul eternally say the consequence of that until we have a clear and distinct ideas of that of what that soul will enjoy when the kingdom of glory calms until we can fully comprehend the value of that life which measures with the life of gone until we can fully realize the riches of that reward which is laid up for those who overcome and gain the victory we can not know the end asked to move or value of the saw and she goes on if I had a 1000 lives I would devote them all to the service of the Lord let us consider dear friends what joy unspeakable will fill the hearts in the day of God Imagine this standing before God in heaven as we gather around the great ripe wrong we shall see you will see the saws say through our instrumentality praise the Lord will that be great you go up there you see the person you minister to the person that you lead to God by the grace of God see the souls saved through our instrumentality with the crown of immortal glory upon their brow how shall we feel as we look upon that company and see one soul saved through our agency he has saved others and still others a large assembly brought into the haven of rest as the result of our labors there to lay their crowns at the feet of Jesus and to praise him with immortal tongues the route the ceaseless ages of eternity talk about of return. An eternal. And. I want to be them. How many of you want to say today Lord. I want to be there and I want to be there but I don't want to be there long. And what a shame or for their. Own why should support our children. Are not there our extended families on here your neighbors your coworkers that you bump into every single day it is not there. What a shame. Now we have the opportunity to to decide where we're going to be Jesus says Don't lay it up here on earth put it up there was a your desire to say I want to make an investment in in have been the treasure. I want to give my resources and time and energy. So that I can bring as many treasures with so you desirous one Raise your hand to God saying lower that's my desire help and help by your grace this power heads together as we play. Of Father in heaven. Who can estimate the value. Of a soul Lord you paid a price that we cannot even imagine you gave us everything in that gift of Jesus Christ there's nothing more that you could have given. Help us to recognize our value because of the price that was paid help us to recognize the value of even one soul in the ice of God in measurable price and Lord we pray that you would help us to make our investments in the kingdom of heaven to turn our resources in the divine exchange in to heavenly treasure souls for the kingdom. Help us all help us to stand there before you on the sea of the last in heaven rejoicing because our entire family is there our neighbors our friends our coworkers they are all there because you used to us to communicate the love of God Bless and Keep us to that for we ask these things in Jesus. 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