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Think on These Things- Part 3

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • April 12, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you for this beautiful Sabbath and the software to Najee that we have to worship you in spirit in and in truth to come apart from the cares of this life. From the stress and the business there of to come into your presence on this all the Sabbath to worship with your people to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of lords and we pray now that your Holy Spirit would come into our hearts and into our minds help us to be able to discern spiritual truth as we open your sacred scriptures hide me behind the cross may Jesus be uplifted in scene we asked this in Jesus' name and for his sake amen amen. Today we conclude our 3 part series of messages in titled think on the things and Calvin could you make sure to turn on the television monitor so I could see the words I think on these things and I've enjoyed this series and it's been a personal journey for myself as we've gone and delved into scripture about the relevance of our thoughts pertaining to the Christian life and I invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to the last chapter of the last book of the Bible Revelation chapter 221425 if you are using the Bible that is provided in the pew there in front of you 1425 and I want to invite you to turn with me there this is a beautiful seeing this is after God has created. Or recreated the heavens and the earth this is after the trace of sin has been removed from Planet Earth Revelation chapter 22 verses one through 5 and this is going to be an amazing day Him Man when we're standing with the redeemed of God before the King of Kings in the Lord of lords and it's going to be a sense in my heart you know we made it I made it by the grace of God Revelation chapter 22 and this is an angel that shows John what is going to be on the very edge of eternity a new reality and he the angel showed me a pure river of water of life clear as crystal proceeding from the throne of God and of the land in the middle of its street and on either side of the river was the Tree of Life which bore 12 fruits each tree yielding its fruit every month the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations and I know that an artist depiction doesn't do this justice but this is one person's imagination as to how this is going to be there is a river of the water of life flowing through the center of the city and the tree of life is on either side of the banks of this river and this tree bears the fruit of the tree of life this is Eden restored Amen and the Bible tells us that the leaves of this tree are for the healing of the nations scholars speculate that this means that in heaven there will be no more ethnic nor racial conflict Amen. That people from every nation kindred tongue and people will be able to gather there in the kingdom of God and we will be in perfect unity and harmony in the kingdom of heaven verse 3 and there shall be no more curse but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it and his servants shall serve him and they shall see his face and his name shall be on their foreheads there shall be no night there they need no lamp nor light of the sun but the Lord God gives them light and they shall reign for ever and ever Won't that be a glorious day friends this is going to be the new reality we already know the end of the story this is Eden restored in the Bible you have to bookends Bible scholars tell us that in the beginning in Genesis you have even lost that is the beginning at the end in the Book of Revelation the last chapter begins with Eden restart the return of the Tree of Life the return of God to His people and in between Eden lost and Eden restored you have a 6000 year history of the story of the plan of redemption in which God brings us back to Eden restored there's a lot that we can bring out of this passage in the Book of Revelation when you study it. 2 out of 3 verses actually quotes the Old Testament there is an allusion or implication to the Old Testament so the way that we unlock the Book of Revelation is we need to go to the rest of the Bible and there's a lot of things that we can look at but I want to hone in on this verse verse for a fascinating verse in the relationship between these 2 items these 2 things that are described they are related it says they shall see his what they show see his face the Bible tells us that in Eden restored we are going to have face to face open communion with God and the 2nd part of this verse tells us and his name shall be on there where on their foreheads there's a relationship between these 2 and I will highlight the 2nd part of this verse later in our presentation here today but I want to hone in on this 1st part of the verse that I have highlighted on the screen it says they shall see his face in the new earth that is going to be recreated we are going to have open face to face eyeball to eyeball with that beautiful communion with God himself it will be amazing face to face now in any relationship we must recognize that the foundation of that relationship is built upon communication and the best type of communication is not over the phone and today we have Skype even sky does not replace face to face communication when I was dating my wife. She went off to Africa for 6 months for her internship. It was a difficult 6 months distance relationship and I spent hundreds of dollars going off to the store and buying these phone cards for Africa it would see me regularly in my my phone bill Spike I talk to her almost every single day on the phone you know when you're in love you just. Want to spend time you want to talk to that individual that significant other don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about so it was just on the phone but the frustrating thing as wonderful as our technology was Skype wasn't prominent back then you know and I was on the phone and 6 months of that duration of talking to her over the phone but I looked forward to the day Amen praise God that I could see my future wife face to face to have that dialogue nothing could replace that in you see that God in his relationship with us he does not want any barriers he wants to have open face to face eyeball to eyeball looking into each other's eyes this is the type of intimacy This is the type of relationship that God wants face to face and indeed in restored we are going to have that type of communication with God Himself This is what happened in Eden even it was open communion with God But Bible tells us that God would come into the garden and meet in during the cool of the day and they would have face to face conversation with God himself this was Eden and we lost that and God says look I'm going to bring that back open face to face communion with God Himself. This is from the book education powerful cold Taishan face to face heart to heart communion with his maker was his talking about Adam Adams high privilege had he remained loyal to God All this would have been his forever but by dis obedience this was forfeited something happened because of sin this face to face communion with God was broken not because of God's choice but because of our choice there was a veil that had to be placed over it and this is the whole story in between the bookends of even lost and Eden restored to restore man to restore in man the image of his maker Listen to this to bring him why to bring him back this is restoration to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created to promote the development of the body mind and soul that the divine purpose in his creation might be realized this was to be the work of redemption you see redemption is not just the forgiveness of our sins in the past it's not just character development but God wants to bring us all the way back to where Adam was that is where he wants to bring us to eyeball to eyeball face to face communion with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords himself this is the plan of redemption he wants to bring us back it's restoration Genesis Eden last revelation Eden restored in the Bible and the Bible tells us and they shall see his face I like to go through a few biblical examples. Of where we see God wanted to come nearer to humanity you see God is the initiator in the salvation process he wants to come close to us you see the burning bush God wants to communicate with Moses gone not just come out like he did in the Garden of Eden he has to clothe himself behind our within a burning bush This is the medium through which he has to work he communicates the Moses through the burning bush God wants to come close but he has to Valium self he has to package him self in a medium then we see in Exodus Chapter 33 turn with me there in your Bibles as we go to our next biblical example of God wanting to come near to his people to communicate to have this open relationship with them but there is a barrier to this Exodus Chapter 33 verses 17 through 2311 in your Bible if you're using the church Bible Exodus Chapter 33 verse 17 want to one so the Lord said to Moses I will also do this thing that you have spoken for you have found grace in my sight and I know you by name this is on my Mount Sinai God is communicating with Moses is when he received the 10 commandments which was written by God on 2 tablets of stone with his own finger and then in verse 18 notice this part and he Moses said Show me your why Show me your glory this is a bold request by Moses he's communicating with God Himself but most of us wants to see more he wants to see God have this face to face encounter with God Jesus show me your glory. Please verse 1000 then he said I will make all my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you I'll be gracious to whom I will be gracious I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion he's talking about his character he said Show me your glory and the glory of God is his character goodness gracious PNAS compassion those are characteristics of the character of God verse 20 but he said you can not see my way you can not see my face important for us to recognize what's the reason for no man shall see my face and what and live and the Lord said here is a place beside me and you shall stand on the on the rock so it shall be while my glory passes by I will put you in the class of the Rock and will cover you with my hand while I pass by then I will take away my hand and you shall see my what you shall see my back but my face shall not be seen this is an interesting dialogue between Moses and God Himself He says Show me your glory I want to see your face and God says not you can't see my face because if you see my face you will cease to exist is all you can see is my back I will hide you in the cleft of the rock. He said you cannot see my face for man shall not see me and live you see there is a distinct change between Denecke perfection where they had open communion with God Himself but this was no longer possible because of sin he said you can't exist in my presence face to face and live you can only see my back you see the dramatic change in the relationship with God not because God is not willing but because if we were to stand in the presence of a holy God we would cease to exist because of our sin then you see Jesus this is the closest that God could possibly come notice language here John chapter one verse 14 and the Word became flesh and what is the word up there and dwelt among us that literally is the word tabernacle he tabernacle with us they were originally the literally to dwell or tabernacle or tent the tent was his human body God came close but the divinity the glory of God was veil in a body a human body and the beauty of the Incarnation we cannot understand the physics of how this is possible Bible tells us the heavens itself cannot contain the glory of God and yet God became a human being so that he could come near he could come close and we can know the character of Jesus Christ and look in Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 5 Consequently when Christ came into the world he said sacrifices and offerings you have not desired but a what is a there but a body you have prepared for me God wants to come near he wants to reveal the character of God but he just does not walk like he does in the Garden of Eden he has to come in human form veiled under the veil of flesh tabernacle among men just like the saying she wary of old. Now what happens when we do not have this veil what happens when we are encountering the she kind of Glory of God without this shroud this is a picture of the Ark of the Covenant there's a story in 1st Samuel where the ark of the Covenant was taken captive by the Philistines Israelites took the Ark of the Covenant into battle and they lost the battle of the Ark of the Covenant was taken by the Philistines and they took it to a city and then there were terrible things that started happening plagues and pestilences and finally they took it to another city another city and finally a village scenes in the next city they were going to take it to said don't bring it to us anymore and so the Philistines thought to themselves look we got to get rid of the Ark of the Covenant and what they did was fascinating they took the Ark of the covenant they put it on a cart and they had oxen pulled the car and they said Let the oxen go wherever it might desire and it took it straight back to Israel seemed to be led by a divine hand it went to the city ABBESS. And when it got to the city of Bashir missed the people gathered around it and said the Ark of the Covenant is here come let's gather around and what they did was a fatal mistake they took the covering all of the Ark The Chicago glory of God was there in the ark of the Covenant and Moses had been given specific instructions you aren't to never take that covering off except when it's in the most holy place and they took the covering off and instantly those individuals that are around the Ark and that witnessed the ark 70 individuals died instantly and notice what the people of Israel said after they had died the people that were remaining said about the people that had died. Listen to this who shall stand in the presence of this what hold God. Who shall stand in the presence of this holy God The implication of this verse is evident the reason we cannot stand in the presence of the holy God is because of our own what sins and our own and holiness good so here we have the dilemma God wants to come near he wants to have the optimum relationship with his people but because of our sinful condition he cannot have face to face communion with us because the moment that he does because of our sins we will be Paul rise in his presence and the Bible tells us who can stand in the presence of this holy God Now the ultimate question is how does God bring us from even last to Eden restored and the key really comes when we look at where the ark of the Covenant was located in the earthly sanctuary Incidentally the century structure can be found from Genesis to Revelation allusions to it every time you hear the term Lamb of God That is a sink reference remember when Jesus came John the Baptist looked at Jesus and said Behold the Lamb of God in the Book of Revelation you have the Lamb slain from the foundations of the earth in the beginning of Genesis you have burnt offering Leviticus sanctuary all the way through the scriptures and this is where God's presence is this structure provides the way that God brings us from Eden lost to eat and restored this is where Adam and Eve were face to face open communion with God After Sin Where did we end up we ended up out here outside of the sanctuary. The way that God brings us back is through this channel there is only one way back to eat in restored and in this we have 3 different compartments the courtyard the holy place and the most holy place there are 3 different phases 3 different stages that God brings us back that God restores in us the image of God Let me walk through it very quickly with you you come in as an individual just the way that you are that's the only way that you can come you come here confess your sins the laver symbolizes baptism praise God when you're baptize you have not arrived you've just started the journey all right baptism is not graduation baptism is not here many people think you have to be here before you're baptized this is where it is it's in the courtyard as soon as you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you're baptized you need to recognise what you're getting yourself into and that's why the Bible tells us teaching us all things that God has taught us Matthew chapter 28 so you come in here you accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord you get washed symbolizing baptism and then you come in here to the Holy Place table of showbread scholars have told us this is the Bread of Life mansion not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God the altar of incense represents the prayers the lamps and represents our witness the Holy Spirit working through our lives in sooth these 3 bible study prayer and ministry witnessing this is the place the holy place where God makes us holy God makes us holy We cannot make ourselves holy this is important for us to recognize just like we cannot make a day holy. Amen or God made a day holy and incidentally when you rest on the Sabbath day. It is resting in the reality that we cannot make ourselves holy it is God that makes us holy All right now through this we are allow God to make us holy because the prerequisites before you enter here we must be holy by the grace of God If we are ever to have face to face eyeball to eyeball communion with God Himself that is the condition because God wants the optimum relationship with us so in order to do that we must pass through justification where God clears your past your penalty of sin so when God looks at you he sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ and then you come in here any deliveries you from the power of sin so that your character can be developed for heaven and this is where God makes us holy by His grace and by His Spirit we must pass through the holy place where God makes us holy and then we enter into the most holy place face to face communion with God and that is a cool or if occasion these are the steps that God brings us back even last to eat in restored the sanctuary provides the structure I want to look at a few passages here Psalms Chapter 243 through 4 listen to the words of the psalmist who may ascend to the Hill of the Lord all of whom may stand in his what holy place this is asking a question who can go into the presence of God Himself and listen to this he who has clean hands and a pure heart the pretty whack was it to seeing God face to face is purity holiness. Jesus himself said these words in Matthew chapter 5 are Sait blessid are the pure in what heart for they show what for they shall see God there is a relationship between the ability to come into the presence of the King of Kings in the Lord of lords and our own morality in order to see God we must be like God let's go back to our original verse here Revelation chapter 22 verse 4 they shall see his face and his name shall be on their foreheads in the Bible names are synonymous with character notice the place that the name is it's on the forehead the frontal lobe where reason conscience character is it tells us that God's people will have the father's name written on their foreheads and I would contend here this morning that the only way that will be able to see God is if we have the father's name written on our foreheads when you look at the Old Testament there was only one individual in Israel that was able to go into the inner sanctum of the most holy place and that was the high priest and I want you to notice what is written on the plate at the head on the head of the high priest the only individual that is able to have face to face communion with God Exodus Chapter 39 verse 30 they made the plate the sacred emblem out of pure gold and engraved on it like an inscription on a seal there's a hole that the sermon right there. But I won't do that I'll resist the urge OK like an inscription on a seal and notice what the inscription says what holy to the Lord is not fasting that the only individual that is allowed into the inner sanctum of the Old Testament sanctuary to the most holy place is the high priest and all the plate of the High Priest are the words inscribed holy to those Lord the character of God inscribed on the forehead and that is the only individual allowed face to face with God Holiness to the Lord and I praise the Lord that is not only the high priest of the Old Testament that will have that awesome privilege to see God face to face it is every one of us that accept Jesus as Savior and Lord and allow him to recreate in us the image of God when a painter paints his masterpiece many times after he completes his masterpiece he places his signature upon it the painting did not paint itself it just allowed the painter to do his master piece upon the canvas and in the same way when God recreates in us the image of God He places his signature his seal upon our foreheads just like God created the earth in 6 days and he places his seal his signature the Sabbath the signature of God is the condition seen God face to face. Here is Chapter 1214 for the holiness without which no one shall see what no one shows see the Lord it's in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation Christ object lessons 69 Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church listen to this when the character of Christ notice what the book what it says Christ object lessons based upon Biblical inspiration when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them at as his own God is not waiting for final events friends it's all lined up if you haven't read the news recently all of the final events are there God is not waiting for final events he's waiting for a people that have the character of Jesus Christ the fruits of the spirit of love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness in temperance when we have the love of Jesus abiding in our hearts by faith when the character of Christ is reproduced in you and me by the power of Jesus Christ then he says I can come. 1st John chapter 3 verse 2 beloved Now are we the children of God and it has not been yet revealed what we shall be but we won't won't we know that when he is revealed Listen to this part we shall be like Him for we shall see him and he is when God Jesus the angels come the 2nd time there is going to be a group of people as we read in a scripture reading today Revelation Chapter 14 These are the 1st fruits the 144000 have the father's name written on their foreheads and God is going to say there is a people that are just like. Just like Jesus and character how do we become transformed in character so that we can see God. We allow God to work in our life we accept justification by faith then we go through sanctification by faith we allow ourselves to be the canvas through which God inscribed his character upon us 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18 but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory the character of the Lord our being what is the Bible say are being transformed into the same what is a say image from glory to glory from character to character just as by the spirit of the Lord the way that we become like Jesus is to think about Jesus to meditate upon Jesus for Bobby holding we become this is a natural law that what we think about what we meditate upon with the things that are in our inner consciousness the things that we choose that think about envy hold by be holding Jesus we become like Jesus this is a natural law in which God recreates in us the image of God and we behold Jesus through His Holy Word by talking to him and we grow and exercise our spiritual muscles by sharing our faith with others. How do we practically do this I love this statement from desire of ages $83.00 and I encourage us to do this as much as we possibly can it would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day and if it's not an hour start small 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes half an hour it would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of what of the life of Christ we should take it point by point and let the imagination grasp each scene especially the closing ones as we thus dwell upon his great sacrifice for us our confidence in him will be more constant Our love will be quickened and we shall be more deeply in Bude with His Spirit think about Jesus' friends focus on the cross focus on his character focus on his unselfish life and by be holding we will become changed that your desire here today I want to be like Jesus friends a man was standing there as we prepare to close here this morning every head bowed in eyes closed. You heard John speaking to your heart today all the spirit has been convicting you and I just want to give an open invitation here this morning you have not been baptized you have not entered the courtyard. Perhaps you've accepted Jesus but you need to go to the next step to the laver for the Bible tells us that no one will enter the Kingdom of God except they are baptized by water and by the Spirit and today you hear God speaking to your voice and you want to prepare for baptism doesn't mean that you have arrived you just want to begin the Christian experience in USA Lord I want to prepare for baptism today and I want to say Lord take my heart for I cannot give it if that's your desire I want to invite you to raise your hand to God here this morning Amen you want to be baptized you want to be baptized by immersion you want to prepare for baptism is there someone here today that hears God speaking to their heart and it's a lord I want to be baptized when I make another appeal this morning there's something in your life that you hear gone speaking to your heart calling you to surrender it's a challenge and this morning you want deliverance you want to lay that on the altar and one invite you to come forward this morning saying Lord I want to lay this area of my life on the altar I want to surrender this area to you it is holding me back and when I come to meet the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS I want this area to loan longer have a foothold in my life you want to say Lord take my heart today I want to lay this area of my life upon the altar we're not coming for because we're worthy friends we're coming forward because we are helpless and in need of grace today and you want to say Lord I want victory in this area of my life God bless you God bless the Lord here's your prayer all we can do is surrender we can't beat this thing on our own and the Lord knows this area of your life and it is only he that can grant you the victory by His grace he just wants us to come. Our burdens are lifted at Calvary and today you want to lay your burden on the altar before the king of the kings and the Lord of Lords believing that you will receive deliverance aspirants together as we pray our Father in heaven we think you that we know the end of the story we thank you that you have won the war that that reality in Revelation chapter 22 when we shall stand before you face to face with your name written on our foreheads we know that that will be a reality and today while our hearts are still beating and while our lungs are taking oxygen in we have the ability to choose to surrender our lives to you to choose which side we will be on to allow you the right to paint your masterpiece upon us and place your final signature of your creation in your recreated power and today we have come forward asking you for victory in this area of our lives Lord you know what it is you know our hearts we can't even give our hearts to you Lord help us to be willing to be made willing change our desires because we cannot help ourselves I pray for a victory for every single person that has come forward here today you know our hearts you know our desires and I think you that you promise to create enough of a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us we cannot make our selfs like you but you can and we've come asking pleading that you would restore in us the image of God and that when you come in the clouds of glory that we will be like you. That you will see in us the image of God Your reflection that you have created. We think you and preach for the Victory in Jesus Christ for we asked and sings in his name. And for his sake. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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