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The Power of Prayer- Part 2

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • September 20, 2014
    11:30 AM
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On the screen I have a picture of a painting an artist's depiction of a woman and I would argue that this lady this woman is one of the most influential women of the 17th century she never wrote a book she never held political office she would in the world's estimation not be a significant figure but this is a painting of a woman by the name of Suzanne Wesley one of her biographers wrote this and I quote Although she never preached a sermon or published a book or founded a church she is known as the mother of Methodism why because 2 of her sons John Wesley and Charles Wesley as children consciously or unconsciously as children consciously or unconsciously will apply the example and teaching and circumstances of their home life I remember a quote that says next to God A mother's influence for good is the strongest known on earth and here is a woman that raised 2 spiritual giants that changed England and this woman was a praying woman she prayed for her children and she had this philosophy this is a quotation from Susanna Wesley herself she says whatever weakens your reason impairs the tenderness of your conscience obscures your sense of God takes off your relish for spiritual things whatever increases the authority of the body over the mind that thing is a sin to you however innocent it may seem in itself this is a Godly woman that raised up these spiritual giants and one of them is John Wesley a reformer in England and there's another biographer commenting on John Wesley's life I've shared this quotation before Wesley. Warplane closed preached 40000 sermons during his lifetime that's a lot that's more than one a week if you do the math traveled 250000 miles on horseback preaching he married at 48 worked with 15 different languages at the age of 83 he was angry because his doctor wouldn't let him preach more than 14 times a week. At the age of 86 written in his journal are these words laziness is slowly creeping in there's an increasing tendency to stay in bed after 5 30 in the morning. This man was a reformer he was driven he was raised by a godly praying woman and he stood up in the breach at a point in England's history when England had fallen to its lowest depths of. Depravity and I have this book in my library it's out of print or rare copy and I was able to obtain it by the grace of God It's in title England before and after Wesley it gives the history England before Wesley It preyed degradation Morelli they had declined to the lowest depths of any Christian nation one historian had wrote and then Wesley comes on the scene and he was in college at Oxford University he was a believer in campus ministry a man him and a few of his friends got together and said we have a burden not only for Oxford we have a burden for England George Whitfield another reformer was a part of that group and in that close knit community of fellow believers they started to pray they started to pray for England they started to pray for revival and reformation they started to pray that ethics would return to British society and from that place of prayer England was shaken to the very foundations historians argue that before Wesley was on the scene England was at a low point morality of morality. The end after John Wesley ministry this is what happened England was revived prisons or reformed slavery was abolished the educational system was rehabilitated Christian ethics were reinserted into society and England found its soul one man stood in the gap prayed and England was shaken to the very foundation and I remember this quote from review in Herald April 23 1889 by your fervent prayer you can move the arm that moves the wide that moves the world and so we continue in our 2 part series on prayer another quotation before we get to the heart of today's message revivals are born in prayer when Wesley prayed England was revived when Knox prayed Scotland was refreshing when the Sunday school teachers of 10 and Brooke prayed 11000 young people were added to the church in a year whole nights of prayer have always been succeeded by a whole days of soul winning and I believe what you're witnessing today the baptism of Phil these things do not just happen friends it's not as though someone's walking along they fall into the baptistery Oh they're getting baptized this 7. There is a series of events that took place up to this moment and I believe that 5 years ago when a group of individuals started to pray in this church for revival that the fruits of what you're witnessing today came from a place of prayer because at the heart of every spiritual revolution is a group of people or a person of prayer I like to talk a little bit about personal prayer this morning the Bible says in 2nd. 17 pray without ceasing the implication of this passage tells us that we're not only to pray in the morning but we're to pray throughout the day this is not to say that we're always to be in the posture of prayer on our knees is telling us that we're in to be the we're into we're to be in the attitude of prayer as we go throughout the day another Christian writer wrote Prayer is the breath of the soul it is so essential that it's like breathing physically and I want to read this quotation from gospel workers 254 it says prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the wellspring of life and strengthens the sinew and muscle of the religious experience neglect the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer or spies Modoc Lee now and then as seems convenient and you lose your hold on God the spiritual faculties lose their vitality the religious experience lacks health and vigor we know that Per is essential we know that prayer is necessary but I find that in my personal Christian experience especially early on I didn't know how to pray. Furthermore I found that many times I would pray the same prayer have you found that to be the case or sometimes I would even pray for a meal and pray top twice because I had forgotten that I prayed before or how many of you have experienced this in the morning you get up and you start praying and then you fall asleep and you wake up half an hour later prayer is a challenge for the Christian and here the disciples asked Jesus the fundamental question Lord teach us to pray we need to be taught instructed and today I want to invite you to turn or open yours your bulletin and take out your study guide this is a brief outline of today's presentation up to this point that was just the introduction OK So this is a study guide and I want to model for you are go through a brief outline of one way of praying that give structure to our prayers if you don't have a study guide raise your hand so if he has one for you in the back and raise your hand want to make sure you get this and this is not the only way to pray but I found that this model of praying helps us get all the pieces together in our morning devotional life now you'll see in your study guide that. There is a model of this. And I want to read the 1st sentence right under the heading praying through the sanctuary one mental pictures some have put into practice is using the various parts of the same ship wary as a way to meditate and pray so you can add that in if you're following along in your study guide for those of you that are watching online will be posting a link of today study guide so you can wait for their one mental picture some of put into practice is using the various parts of the same shoe or as a way to meditate and prayed so here we have on the screen a picture of the same ship wherry now you enter the same Schwerin from the right hand side and go in proceed in to the left hand side from the right so you enter the same ship through the gate the 1st article of furniture is the article of burnt offering. Then you come to the laver there's water there we'll come back to that in a moment then you go to the 2nd part of the saying she wary and that is the holy place and the Holy Place has 3 different articles of furniture as a table of showbread the lamb stand and the altar of incense and then you go to the next compartment of the saying she wear it and that is the most holy place where you have the Chicana glory in the glory of God the Ark with the Mercy Seat and the. The 10 Commandments which are in the most holy place there so you go from right to left and this gives us a picture of how we are to approach God we are to go through the several different phases in particular in this case in our prayer and so we enter his gates and so we come to the 1st one so this is what I do in my morning devotions on a regular basis I come into the same sure and this gives us a visualisation of how to pray this is not the only way but this is one way and I find that it works for me and perhaps it can be a blessing for you so you start off your prayer and you enter into the same shit where you enter is gates and that is with praise and so here it is from Psalms 101st floor enter his gates with things giving and his courts with what is to say with this praise give thanks to him and praise his name and so the 1st thing I do in my prayer I start praising dawn and thanking him for what he has done in my life you ever had a friend that the only time he calls you is when he wants something you know how does that make you feel. This is a very important part of your pearl life start out thinking you know we've been blessed especially in this country and there's things even when you're going through difficult times that you can think gone for so I start Thank you Lord that I have a roof over my head I thank you most of all for Jesus Christ and so if you start recounting areas of your life that you can be grateful for that you can start thinking gone forward so that's the 1st part of my prayer I start thanking God I praise Him I give him the glory for what he has done in my life so we go to the 2nd part so you enter in and then you come to the altar of burnt offering All right so the number 2 you can fill it in there in your study guide number 2 the altar of burnt offering behold the sacrifice it says Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world John Chapter 12 verse 9 and so you come into the sanctuary and you come to the altar a burnt offering and there it is that you behold the cross you hold Jesus you think about Jesus dying in your place you see the prayer thought there as you behold Jesus the innocent lamb suffering and dying in your place what the oughts feelings and emotions about yourself feel life arise and so this is the part in your prayer that you think about Jesus you thank him for the sacrifice that he's made on Calvary you behold the ugliness of sin yet the sin pardoning Savior and something happens in the prayer life as you Behold the Lamb there's a consciousness of sin so you come to the next part right there the Laver and that's where we get cleansing So this is where you start asking for forgiveness for your sins this is an integral part of every prayer whichever model you may follow so number 3 the labor cleanse the heart John chapter one verse 29 it says If we confess our sins. He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness So you come there you ask for forgiveness of sins and I would recommend that you asked specifically for sins that you need to be forgiven for many times we ask these general covering sin prayers and I'm not saying that that's wrong but it's important to be specific Lord forgive me for speaking to this individual yesterday in a certain way forgive me for losing my temper forgive me for saying this about this individual behind his bag Forgive me Father for this area of my life and as we confess these sins before God This is where we receive cleansing All right so we start out with praise we Behold the Lamb then we come to cleansing and then we come to the next article of furniture here it is the lamb stand and we come to the Holy Spirit I'm going to read this in your study God says you are the light of the world let your light shine before men that they see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven the 7 branched lamb stand was made out of one talent of pure gold Exodus Chapter $37.00 verse $21.00 and provided light for the service in the tabernacle it was on the left side opposite the table of showbread and was a fitting symbol for a balance life of devotion and service every believer is called to partake in how does the Holy Spirit shine through us the holy spirit shines through us through the fruits of the Spirit but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith gentleness faithfulness and self-control Galatians 522 So there you have it this is the portion in your prayer where you ask God to make you more like Jesus in character you ask for the fruits of the spirit I pray this and I said low. Helping to be more loving give me more joy how me to be more patient and longsuffering give me more kindness goodness faithfulness and gentleness and Lord help me with self-control in my life and this term the fruit of the spirit is really an agricultural term referring to the notion that the fruit is the natural result of being connected to the vine isn't that true if the branches are connected to the vine the fruit is the natural result and if we are connected to Jesus we will have the character of Jesus as well then we come to the next portion in our prayer we come to the table of showbread you can see it there at the top part of the screen and this is where I pause in my morning devotions and I spend time in the Word of God and this is found in Jeremiah Chapter 15 verse 16 when your words came I ate then they were joy they were my joy and my heart's delight for I bear your name oh Lord God Almighty. So this is a portion of our devotional morning prayer where I stop and spend time in God's Word I meditate upon God's word one read the prayer thought in your study guide number 4 besides the verses noted above meditate on the following verses as you think about the blessing of God's word in your life give us this day our daily bread John Matthew chapter 6 for his love and by word is a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path All right so this is sanctuary prayer This is give some structure to our prayer then we come to the final article of furniture there in the holy place we come to the altar of incense and this is where I pray my interests S 3 prayer Number 6 let my prayer be set forth before the as incense and the lifting of my hands as an evening sacrifice in the ancient near East incense was widely regarded as a fitting symbol for a prayer just as the perfume smoke would ascend the petitioner would remind be reminded that their prayers should ascend to the Lord above in the tabernacle in the wilderness the golden altar of incense stood right in the round of the curtain which separated the holy from the most holy place this is the time your prayer in your prayer for others perhaps you can make a list of people that you can pray for every day friends family and loved ones and this is the time you can say you know who has special needs today is there someone that God is calling me to pray for and I like this format of prayer because you are prepared to pray for others after you have been cleansed and so I have a list of the people that I pray for I pray for certain people every day and I make it a practice to go through the membership in individuals that are going through different circumstances this is where we ask God to intervene in the life of others. So this is the pattern of prayer and then finally we come to the most holy place in remember the most holy places there where the ark of the Covenant is and that is where the 10 Commandments are and you come into this place the Ark with the Mercy Seat behold the law of love in Romans Chapter 13 verse 10 it says therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. Love is the fulfilling of the law in the 2nd compartment of the tabernacle was the ark of the covenant which contained the 10 Commandments every day it will be well for us to review our lives in light of this Great Law of Love the Lord has already opened the gates of salvation providing the sacrifice and cleansing water nourishing us with the bread of life in communion with Him and entrusted with his service fully insured of our standing with God Let us go to him so that he may sanctify withhold the truth and so this is where he asked God to write his law of love upon your hearts and so this is just one model of praying and I found that I give structure to my prayer so you come in in your morning devotions you start with praising gone for what he has done you enter his courts with praise then you come to the altar of burnt offering you ask to be hold the lamb you behold Jesus you have an intimate relationship with the cross in that moment then you come to the labor and that's where you ask for forgiveness of sins specifically mention you come in and then you ask for the fruits of the Spirit to make you a better person by his grace you spent time in the word you pray for others and this is where you ask God to write his law upon our hearts I found this works in my morning devotions and I pray that this will be of help to you in your morning devotions and I want to illustrate this in close with this story from Richard Sr He is the founder director and speaker formerly of voice of prophecy of the voice of prophecy ministry. And the story goes that as Richard senior was traveling he was all over the country and he was not able to have a sustaining relationship with his son his son started to stray from the path and go into a lifestyle of rebellion and was out in the world and the story goes that Richards son was on his way out of the house to go clubbing one night he was going to go out to the bar and as he reached for the door to open the door and go outside he heard a voice in another room so he paused to see whose voice it was and he stopped and went closer to the other room and listened near the door and it was the voice of his father it was the voice of his father that was praying and his father's voice could be heard ANY was saying the words Lord Jesus I want my son back please I want my son back please save my boy save my son and it was in that moment that this rebellious son went back to the door and closed the door and went inside back to his room that moment became a life changing moment in the in the life of Mr Richard son and he was converted one to the Lord Jesus and later took over his father's ministry I want to tell your friends that there is power in prayer and it's my prayer that by the grace of God even if you don't follow this model of prayer that you will make time in the morning with our Lord Jesus in your per closet or in your prayer room. This is the most important time you can spend each day with God before the rush of the day before all of the things come in your way too to pause for a few moments and and pray to God and I would say that the most important prayer that you can pray even if you're so busy that perhaps you're not able to follow the sanctuary model of prayer please do not leave the home in the morning without praying the prayer of saying Lord Jesus please come into my heart today I accept you as my Savior today the Bible says in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 Behold I stand at the door knock if any man open the door I will calm him come in and this is the the invitation that Jesus is giving he's knocking on the door of our hearts and the only way that we can allow him in is to give him the invitation now many times I've gone door to door in ministry and when someone opens the door I do not just put my head down and walk in I would be in a very interesting situation in that moment he would be like what you weigh what are you doing and as I'm selling that material going door to door or religious material I would wait at the door during the conversation until the magic words I would say the key words you may come in and until I hear those words it is then and only then that I step inside the home this is the picture that God is giving God is outside the door he's knocking on the door and the only way that he will come inside is if we grant him access inside give the invitation give the consent allowing God to come inside. And I want to tell you that if you do that on a day in and day out basis in your morning devotions your life will be dramatically radically transformed I've met individuals that are demon possessed and I want to tell you that this great controversy is real a person that is demon possessed has allowed the other power the evil power inside their home inside their heart and it's my prayer today that by the grace of God that you will not leave that decision to chance Amen that you will open the door of your hearts this is a process it's not about a track record it's about the trajectory and in your morning devotion just pray to God say Lord please come into my heart today I want to give you access I want to give you the right to intervene one invite you to stand with me as repair to close this morning every head bowed and eyes closed we gave a very simple message today about how to pray and with our heads bowed and eyes closed I want to make a simple appeal here this morning we're going to open the doors of the church we want to give you the opportunity to respond to the spirits leading here this morning. And perhaps there is someone here today you have not fully accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Perhaps you stood at the door Jesus knocked on the door and you've had a conversation with him but you have not given him the invitation to come in. I want to give that opportunity this morning. If you want to say Lord Jesus come into my heart. I'm tired of playing games. I want to give you the right to intervene in my life. This is the most important decision that you can make and I want to invite you just between you and God too to raise your hand won't you and say Lord one invite you know my heart today. There's a god bless you God bless shoes or someone a scum God bless shoes or someone else God bless you in the bags or someone else God bless you in Elko eternal decisions God bless you in the back eternal decisions are being made today someone else gone blush. You want to say Lord Jesus. Come into my heart. My 2nd appeal is this. You have not been baptized. You've witnessed Phil's baptism this morning. And you hear the Spirit speaking to your heart this morning. And you want to respond to the Spirit's call. And you want to prepare for a baptism. Baptism doesn't mean you're perfect it's the new birth This them a new beginning and you want to begin a new walk with Jesus and that's your desire today and I say I want to prepare for baptism I want to invite you to raise your hand I want to prepare for baptism by the grace of God is there someone that wants to respond to the spirits voice say I want to prepare for baptism by His grace or someone. Raise your hand. My last appeal is this. Perhaps as we've studied about prayer these past 2 weeks you've been wrestling with God in your own prayer life and you feel convicted. By the grace of God to spend more time in prayer. And you want to commit by God's grace. To spend more time in the prayer closet but you need help the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and as we begin this new skewl school year students. Perhaps you want to spend more time in prayer. Our regular members our visitors in your morning devotions you want to spend more time in prayer and you want Gaunts help all invite you to come forward at this time you want to commit to spending more time in prayer. God bless you. Prayer is the breath of the soul is the secret of spiritual power and you want to say Lord I want to spend more time with Jesus in prayer in my morning devotions help me by your grace and by your spirit the school year 20142015 I want to be a year bathed in prayer. By our heads together as we pray. Father in heaven. We thank you. That prayer is the breath of the soul it's the secret of spiritual power. And this morning we ask. A special blessing upon the people that have come forward today. It's only by your grace that we even have the desire to pray and I pray this morning for every person that has come forward. I pray that you might help us in our per closet to help us to be not not so caught up in the things of this world that we don't have time to spend with you. Or the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak C.L.S. with your spirit and by God's grace even as you used John Wesley may you use us to transform our families our communities our homes and Michigan State University for your grace. And for your glory for we ask these things in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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