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The Seventh Day- Part 1

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • August 9, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you for this opportunity that we have to come apart from the cares of this life to worship you on the Sabbath we thank you for the Word of God that you provided for us and we recognize this morning that there are individuals in history that gave their lives so that we could have this book and we thank you for this privilege that we have to worship you in freedom in this country we pray now that as we open your word that you would speak to our hearts may your Holy Spirit inspire instruct and encourage for in Jesus' name amen amen. On the screen I have a picture of a statue that is found in St Peter's Basilica in Rome it is called the Top It was crafted and formed by none other then Michelangelo it is highly regarded by many as the. Most remarkable piece of art that Michelangelo ever made it took him 2 years to make this statue out of marble and he finished it at the young age of $24.00. And you believe that. The story goes with this statue that after Michelangelo had finished it he overheard overheard another individual that was admiring the statue and tributed another sculptor to have created it. As you can imagine this did not go over too well with Michelangelo and so shortly thereafter Michelangelo went and etched out in marble he carved it into the marble a inscription and I've blown it up here on the screen I think you can see it you can see the 1st word there it's Michelangelo. He wanted to make it very clear who the creator of this sculpture was in that he had it in stone he signed his name to the sash of Mary and the statue is of Mary holding Jesus there shortly after the crucifixion he etched it there across the sash of this statue and that's not all he wrote when you translate the inscription across the stache the sash of this statue it literally can be translated as Michelangelo when. Florentin made it. All right so he wanted to make it very clear who signed or who created this statue Michelangelo made this Michelangelo created this Michelangelo form this and they say that this is the only work of art that Michelangelo ever signed. This morning we want to look at another masterpiece by an artist that is even greater than the great Michelangelo. We want to look at the beginning of the Bible in which the Creator God creates the world and he signs it at the end of his creation I want to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles if you have not already to our scripture reading Genesis chapter 2 the 1st book of the Bible Genesis chapter 2. Verses one through 3 I want to think Sharon for doing our scripture reading this morning Genesis chapter 2 verses one through 3 reading from the Bible that has been provided for you there in the pew thus the heavens and the earth and all the hosts of them were what does the Bible say were finished God had completed his creation his masterpiece he was done it was completed it was finished and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had done then he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done then God bless the 7th day and saying defied it because in it he rested from all his work which God had created and made this is what we see when you read the Genesis account today if you have some time on encourage you to Regenesis chapter one in 2 you see that God creates the earth in 6 literal contiguous consecutive days he finishes his masterpiece and the Bible says He said it was very good it was complete he was done and on the 7th day the Bible tells us in Genesis chapter 2 verses one through 3 that gaunt rests on the 7 day and he does something very unique he does not sign his signature in a particular place or location it is not etched in stone but in this case gaunt signs his masterpiece in time. Any time period he infused his holiness into a $24.00 hour period this is the signature of God after the Creation account and so that when we go through our weekly cycle that like a holy wave this sacred time comes across our reality wherever you are in the world you can participate in this sacred sanctuary in time can you say man I'm so gone I'm so glad that God did not make a place holy like Jerusalem so that every 7 days you had to go to that place Praise God you know I would want to live very close in that situation but God made it so that wherever you are in the world you can be a part of the sacred time that God infused one encourage you to take out of your bulletin you will have a study guide they're provided for you and if you don't have a study God raise your hand and going to call out to Leon back there if you don't have one Raise your hand Liane will get you one there's a few hands out here I want to make sure that you have the study guide now for some of the this will be a review and that's all right because the Bible tells us that we need to always give a reason for the hope that is within you with meekness and fear so when someone asks you about the Bible Sabbath this can be a study that you can do and for some of us this may be new information but either way I want to encourage us to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God we want to be individuals that are people of the book people of the Bible. One encourage you to fill this out as we go through our study here today our 1st passage is Genesis chapter 2 verses one through 3 I filled in the blanks conveniently for you there on the screen thus the heavens and the earth and all the host of them were finished and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had done any rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had done then gone the last the 7th day and sanctified it because in it he rested from all his work which God had created and made now I have a question for you here this morning how many Jews were around when this happened none Adam and Eve were not Jews friends Jews came along much later after Abraham Isaac and Jacob that is where the Jewish nation came from there was not one living Jew during this time this was before there was even sin this was before the time of Moses This is during the time of a Denecke perfection God institutes the sacred sabot at the very beginning of the Bible if you read on in your study guide in Genesis Chapters one and 2 we discover that gone did set a day a side as special this day was the 7th day of the week God did 3 very special things on this day list them below he rested he blessed and sanctified that 3rd term sanctified means to make holy now gone is the only individual that can make anything holy and in this case he made a particular day holy a $24.00 hour period he made holy. Now when you look in the Hebrew. You know something very fascinating about Genesis chapter 22 and 3 is that the 1st phrase and on the 7th day God finished his work which he had done its 7 words in the Hebrew and he rested on the 7th day from all his works which he had done again 7 words in the Hebrew so God bless the 7th day and hollowed it 7 words in the Hebrew Furthermore when you look at the literary structure of the creation story you see that in Genesis Chapter one Verse 5 it says the 1st day Genesis Chapter one Verse 8 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day 6th day in each one of these accounts the day is only mentioned once but when you read about the 7th day you'll notice something interesting it says the 7th day the 7th day the 7th day now the reason for this is not because God wants us to forget about the 7th day it's because God wants us to take note of this day it's by. Intention that in this case God says the 7th day the 7th day the 7th day now if your mom tells you don't forget this don't forget this don't forget this is it because she wants you to forget or because you want to remember she wants you to remember right when you repeat something it's for the sake of emphasis and when you study Hebrew syntax when they want to make an emphasis on something they would repeat it again and again and again many times they would repeat it twice but in this case the 7th day the 7th day the 7th day something different about the 7th day in the Genesis account there you have it on the screen Genesis chapter 2 verse 123 The 7th day mentioned 3 times. When you look at the heart of the 10 Commandments which was written by God on 2 tablets of stone a matter of fact this is the only part of the Bible that God wrote himself the other parts of the Bible are inspired by God he inspires holy men and they wrote the Bible but in this case Gaunt said Look Moses I don't want you to write this down I don't want you to dictate this or take addiction of this in this case God wrote himself on 2 tablets of stone the 10 Commandments telling about its immutability and unchangeable nature Now some people get confused when they talk about the 10 Commandments they naturally assume that the 10 Commandments was done away at the cross but this is a misconception when you look at the nature of the 2 laws in the Bible there are not one but 2 laws the law of God was written by God it was written on stone it was deposited by Moses into the ark of the Covenant Moses Law was written by Moses it was written in a book and it was deposited by the Levites by the side of the ark to be a witness against the people most is law pointed forward to Jesus coming and when Jesus died on the cross we no longer have to kill a lamb anymore can you say praise God for that because the Lamb of God had come Moses Law pointed forward to Jesus and when Jesus died on the cross the temple veil was rent from top to bottom indicating that the sanctuary service here on earth was no longer to be taking place it was no longer relevant and Jesus who is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world after the resurrection went to heaven according to Paul and. He is our High Priest in heaven in the heavenly sanctuary which God erected and not man so most is law was a. Temporal nature but God's law was unchangeable and this is a common misunderstanding in the Christian community so much so that the great Billy Graham had to address this in a question answer format in an editorial some religious people that I know tell me that the 10 Commandments are part of the law and that they do not apply to us today they say that as Christians we are free from the law is that right and here's the answer Billy Graham No it is not right and I hope that you will not be misled by these false opinions it is very important that Christians understand what the Bible means when it says they are freed from the Law It certainly does not mean that they are free from the obligation of the moral law and they are at liberty to sin you see the word law is used by the New Testament writers into sense of how many 2 senses sometimes it refers to the ceremonial law which is Moses is law of the Old Testament which is concerned about ritual matters and regulations regarding food drink and things of that kind the ceremonial law was of a passing character and was done away with when Christ came from this law Christians are indeed free but the New Testament does also speak of a moral law which is of a permanent Listen to this unchanging character and is summarized in the 10 commandments this law sets forth God's demands on human life and man's duties to God and His neighbor that it definitely applies to Christians is made clear in Romans Chapter 13 versus 8 through 10 Billy Graham. He makes it very clear there are there is a distinction between the moral law and the ceremonial law I want to invite you to turn with me in your Bible so you can see it there at the heart of the 10 Commandments the Deca log Exodus Chapter 20 verses 8 through 11 page 83 in the Bible that you're using if it's the one in the pew Genesis chapter Exodus Chapter 20 verses 8 through 11 page 83 Genesis keep saying Genesis but it's Exodus Exodus Chapter 20 verses 8 through 11 it says and what's the 1st word in your bible it says Remember now this is the only commandment that begins with the word remember now isn't it interesting that the only commandment that begins with the word remember is the one that the majority of individuals are telling us to forget this is quite ironic I find Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days you shall labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do no work you nor your son nor your daughter nor your male servant nor your female servant Mary Catherine New your stranger who is within your gates for in 6 days the Lord made the heavens the earth the sea and all that is in them and arrested the 7 day therefore the Lord blast the Sabbath day and hollowed it you can fill it out in your study guide I also have it here on the screen some key words that I want to focus on here this morning talking about the 10 Commandments the Lord God arrested the 7th day and he blasted and made it holy as other translations tell us this is at the heart of the 10 Commandments now many individuals want to give you a 10 percent discount on the 10 Commandments and it begins with the word remember. Now I believe that we should not kill a man we should not commit adultery we should not covet all of those other commandments are so binding matter of fact that many countries have put into civil law the principles of the 10 Commandments and here at the heart of the 10 Commandments gone says I want you to remember a particular day and if you look at the last phrase of verse 11 this is almost a direct allusion to Genesis chapter 2 verse one through 3 this was not created at Mount Sinai this was not instituted by Moses This goes all the way back to the Book of Genesis I want to read in your study guide it's as Remember me remember me and Exodus Chapter 20 The chapter contains the 10 Commandments God reminds his people about the importance of the Sabbath we can be sure that God was reminding them about the day because he begins the command with the word remember don't forget who wrote the law God would his finger on tables of stone and it was placed inside the ark God wrote this law on stone to show that it can not change God made this day holy in Genesis and here in Exodus reminds people about it it is worth noting that only God can make anything holy. Now many times when I've shared this with individuals they say Pastor I keep every day holy now by the grace of God We can live holy lives but if you look at this commandment you'll notice that in order to keep a day holy it says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy Now how do you do that the next sentence tells us 6 days you shall labor now part of this commandment tells us that we should be industrious and work 6 Asia labor and do all your work but the 7th day is these Sabbath so in order to keep a day holy according to the Bible we are not to work in our normal profession on that day that is how you keep a day holy when we look at this concept of the Sabbath I want to recognize here this morning that when we look at our languages across the world that in over 140 languages of the world the word for 7th day is literally the Sabbath What is Sabbath in or the 7th day or Saturday in Spanish. OK So all right Salvatore So this is a list of the languages are some of the languages and you can see that they literally mean Sabbath even when you look at the structure of certain language is to see that the 7th day is the Sabbath now many times individuals will say pastor has in the calendar been changed how do we know that the 7th day today is the 7th day going back to creation now the most recent calendar change came about in 1582 the Julian calendar was converted to what we have today known as the Gregorian calendar. Now this is what happened in happened on Oct 15th $82.00 and you can see the 2 parts that are highlighted there on the screen October the 4th was the Julian calendar the next day they switched to their Gorean calendar and knows what happened on October the 4th became October the what October the what the 15th everyone see that October the 4th became October the 15th anyways you get the point. The 5th became the 15th thank you thank you has is that someone needs to keep me in line here OK So October the 4th the next day it became October the 15th I think I'm saying that right now now you see what happened according to the week then the next day still become Friday yes or no it still became Friday in other words the week never changed when we switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar Furthermore there's a there's a whole lot of people that are a whole lot smarter than I am that keep time and this is from James Robertson director of American whatever at the Navy Department and it says there has been no change in our calendar in past centuries Listen to this that has affected in any way the cycle of the week not in any way has any calendar change change the cycle of the week now this is a picture of the royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich England this is the place through which the International Date Line runs this was historically set up to keep time based on the stars and the movement of the planet and so forth precise time now this is a quote from Dr Frank Jeffries from the Royal Observatory in Grand which England and listen to this it can be said with assurance that not a day has been lost since creation and all the calendar changes notwithstanding there has been no break in the weekly cycle. These individuals that are brilliant at studies time say that begin from the beginning according this person that believes in God evidently from the beginning of creation there has been no break in the weekly cycle which means we can go with a surety back to the time of the Bible knowing that the 7 day to day on a weekly cycle was the 7th day when Jesus kept it over 2000 years ago and you say men. Let's go on in our study guide is equal Chapter 20 verse 12 what is one significance of the Sabbath 20 verse 12 I have it there on the screen you could fill it in your study guide Also I gave them my Sabbath as a sign between us so that they would know that the Lord makes them holy that I the Lord makes them holy when you keep the Sabbath it's a testament to righteousness by faith Amen. It's not a testament to righteousness by works some people say that the Sabbath is works not really I should say not at all because every time you keep the Sabbath you are giving a testament to the reality that it is God that makes you holy and not you by your works that makes you holy you're resting in the reality of the Creator God that is the beauty of the Sabbath and so here in the Genesis account gone takes the Earth which is without form and void and he forms it and fills it he creates his masterpiece and he signs it with the Sabbath the same is true in salvation God takes David Shinn who is a mess and he recreates in me the image of God Psalms 51 verse 10 Create in me a clean heart the same word used in the Creation account gone takes me and creates in me the image of God and He puts his signature upon me which is the Sabbath so here we see the Sabbath is not only a symbol of creation it is also a symbol of redemption as well a symbol of salvation a symbol that we cannot save ourselves but rest in the power of a creative God to create in us a clean heart you can see it there in your study guide according to chapter 20 verse 12 the Sabbath is a sign that it is gone who can make us holy What 2 things is the Sabbath a sign and symbol you can see it there on the screen number one creation and number 2 salvation moving on very quickly just as Adam and Eve were called to rest in and remember God's work of creation so too are we called to rest in and remember God's work of salvation we cannot earn salvation we must rest in the salvation that God has already won for us by. Jesus Christ God is both creator and Savior and the Sabbath is a powerful sign and symbol of that fact so when you keep the Sabbath not only are you memorializing creation prints you're also memorialising that God created in you a clean heart is it is a memorial of salvation as well we look at the heart of the Bible in Isaiah Chapter 581314 we have a special sabbath blessing it says if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath a daylight the holy day of the Lord honorable and show honor him not doing your own ways nor finding your own pleasures nor speaking your own words then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high heels of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father the Bible tells us that when we keep the Sabbath there is a special blessing in store for us found in Isaiah Chapter $5813.14 Now what about Jesus the Jesus keep the 7 this is the New Testament some people say the Sabbath was limited to the Old Testament but you see in Luke Chapter 4 verse 16 so he Jesus came to Nazareth and where he had been brought up and asked this custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read. That word as his custom was or that phrase as this custom was tells us that this was not the 1st time that Jesus had kept the Sabbath it was a regular occasion for Jesus it was a regular thing for Jesus to do he kept the Sabbath now we see that not only did Jesus keep the Sabbath but after the resurrections we see that the Apostles kept the Sabbath in your study God Again I don't have it on the screen but not surprisingly the Apostles also kept the Sabbath see for example the following text of course they kept the Sabbath why wouldn't they after all every single true follower of God from Adam to Abraham from Abraham to Moses and from Moses to Jesus and from Jesus to the Apostles kept the Sabbath left out a phrase there kept the Sabbath and here's a few phrases that are few passages that I want to go through very quickly Acts Chapter 13 verse 14 this is after the resurrection after Jesus said gone to heaven but when they departed from pergola they came to Antioch in Presidio and went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and sat down these are not all the passages I just want to give you a couple of them and the other one is Acts Chapter 16 verse 13 and on the Sabbath day we went out of the city to the riverside where prayer was customarily made and we sat down and spoke to the women who met there so here is the trajectory we have just gone very quickly from Genesis before sin to the heart of the 10 Commandments to Isaiah to Jesus to the Apostles who all kept the Sabbath all along the way now I want to take us to the very last book of the Bible because many people talk about the Lord's day they say the Lord's Day is Sunday. Now in Revelation Chapter one Verse 10 it says I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and I heard behind me a voice as of a trumpet here the word the Lord's day is used or the phrase the Lord's day is used now which day is the Lord's day though the only way we can find out is to cross reference it with Matthew Chapter 12 or say it says For the Son of Man is Lord even of the what even of the Sabbath so the Bible is not inconsistent here friends the Bible when it talks about the Lord's day it is talking about none other then the Sabbath Day Now how did this happen how did it come to be that this truth about the Sabbath down through the centuries has been lost and replace not with the Word of God but which tradition and this is actually going to be a 2 part series so next Sabbath I want to encourage you to come out for part 2 of this 2 part series entitled The 7th day and if you look in your Boldin you'll see the contact information for our pastoral staff and if you're hearing this and you have some questions I want to encourage you to contact our pastoral staff We'd love to sit down with you and have a personal one on one meeting in which you can voice some of your questions as we go to the word of gone to see what the will of God is now this is not a secret about the Sabbath This is from Catholic Cardinal James Givens and notice what he says you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line author raising the sanctification or the holiness of Sunday the Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday there it is. Very clearly etched out by a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church saying very clearly that if you go by the Bible the Bible supports the concept of the Sabbath of being the 7th day and that is Saturday. What about in heaven our last verse Isaiah Chapter 66 verse 22 and 23. For as the new heavens and a new earth which I make shall remain me before me says the Lord so show your descendants and your name remain and it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another AM from one Sabbath to another all flesh shall come to worship before me says the Lord now the logic of this is very apparent if Jesus kept the Sabbath the Apostles kept the Sabbath and were going to keep the Sabbath in heaven it only makes sense that we're to keep the Sabbath today. I want to read the last paragraph of our study guide do you see the issue will we follow Christ and the Bible or man made traditions it is not merely keeping a matter of days the numbers it is a matter of Masters Jesus said If you love me keep my commandments the way we show our love for God is by our willingness to obey Him It is it your desire to show that your love for God by following him instead of tradition. Now friends I want to make it very clear here this morning in our study that we're not just talking about a day we're talking about the person behind the day this is in the context of a relationship and you know husbands and wives that in the context of a relationship time matters a lot a man if a husband went to his wife and said Oh our interview that's just a day. I mean you're probably sleeping on the couch the next day OK a day matters or someone comes to you and says Oh your birthday oh that's just a day who cares what it matters if you care about the person. And the Sabbath matters because God matters and if you love the Lord you will love the Sabbath it is not just about a day it's who is behind the day and in the context of a relationship God says one day a week on the 7th day that is my time with you relational intimate sacred time between us and the creator and gone says I want to meet with you on the Sabbath and if you love the Lord you will love the Sabbath Amen want to invite you to stand with me as we prepare to close here this morning every head bowed and eyes closed I want to make a very simple appeal as we conclude our study on the Sabbath. If there is someone here today. And you're hearing about the Sabbath and the Lord of the Sabbath but you have not accepted the Lord of the Sabbath as your personal savior and you want to say Lord Jesus I want to invite you into my heart today Bible says If any man opens the door of any woman if any person if any child opens a door on I will come in that appeal still stands today and you want to respond to God by saying Lord save me I want to accept you as my Savior enough if that's your desire one invite you to raise your hand right now and say Lord I want to accept you as my savior God bless you God bless shoes or someone else here God bless you God bless you want to accept you as my Savior. My 2nd appeal is a. Perhaps you have been struggling to keep the Sabbath. Perhaps you've heard about the Sabbath before this is the 1st time and there is a struggle for you to keep the Bible Sabbath. But you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart here this morning and you want to say Lord Jesus I don't know how. But I want to ask you to help me keep the Bible Sabbath that's your desire I want to invite you to raise your hand here this morning you say Lord Jesus I've been struggling but I want to ask you God bless you God blesses or someone else. Help me to keep the Bible snapping has been a struggle him in. My final appeal is this. There is someone here today. You've been struggling. The Sabbath is about rest but you've experienced anything but rest in your Christian experience and today you want to say Lord Jesus there's an area of my life that I do not. Find peace about. This is an area of my life that I'm struggling with and I want to surrender that to the Lord of the Sabbath this morning on invite you to come forward here today if you want to say Lord God bless you for someone else God bless you said Lord there's an area of my life that I've been struggling with that I want to surrender to Jesus and lay on the altar gone blush to someone else Bible says Just calm. Calm Jesus is back in you this morning this is not Pastor Shane calling you this is the Lord Jesus calling to you from the words of Scripture there's an area of my life that I want to lay on the altar God bless you someone else God. And you want to say Lord I want experience rest in this area of my life please Lord give me peace give me assurance give me the victory. Spirits together as we cry. Father in heaven we thank you that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath Lord who recognized today that because of Jesus because of our love for Jesus we want to spend time with you on the Sabbath that the 7th day is centered in a dynamic intimate relationship with you and I pray this morning for the individuals that have come forward there is an area of our lives that we are struggling with and today we want to ask Jesus to grant us peace we want to ask Jesus to grant us rest we want to ask Jesus to grant us the victory. I pray that as we surrender this area of our lives to you that as we say Lord Jesus take our hearts because we cannot give it save us from ourselves please take our hearts because we cannot give it Lord that is the plea of our hearts we want to surrender to you please come in and fill us and grant us the peace that passes all understanding I pray for every individual that's come forward every individual in this room may you cover us with your robe of righteousness we asked the scenes in Jesus' name. This year media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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