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The Gift of Remorse

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • May 3, 2014
    11:30 AM
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Morning on vite you turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew Chapter 8 purses one through 3 this is 1119 if you're using the Bible then it's been provided by our church Matthew Chapter 8 verses 123 Matthew is the 1st of the 4 Gospels and here Jesus has just given the Sermon on the Mount and matter of fact why don't you go to the last 2 verses of Matthew chapter 77 verse 28 and 29 Jesus has just given the greatest sermon in human history chapter 56 and 7 and after he gives this sermon the people are astonished verse 28 and so it was when Jesus had ended these sayings that the people were what does the Bible say the people were astonished this was not your average sermon this was a while sermon these individuals were floored because they had never heard a sermon like this before ever in their life they were astonished and they also had a little bit of comparison going on verse 29 for he's pot them as one having what is your bible say a Florida and not as the scribes this is a sermon that they had never heard before it was such a great sermon matter of fact that in verse 8 or Chapter 8 verse one after he's coming down from the mountain when he had come down from the mountain great multitude spall owed him this was such an amazing sermon such a good Lorie a sermon these words they had never heard before in their life that they kept following the preacher after he had finished his sermon. Kind of like don't recommend you doing this but I give the sermon here and. It's like a funeral line you know traffic's backed up because you're all following me to my house this this is the kind of dynamics taking place they were like This is an amazing sermon we've never heard this before in our life let's keep following him so they're following him down the mountain after the greatest sermon that has ever been preached. And verse 2 it says and behold now and time you're reading the Bible and you see the word behold pay attention because something is about to happen a leper a came in worship him saying Lord if you are willing you can make me clean a little background on leprosy during the 1st century it was an incurable disease can shape contagious in character and it didn't matter if you were a king or a peasant you were ostracized from society you were put in a leper colony you were considered unclean ceremonially as well as physically you were not allowed any sort of human contact it was kind of like the Ebola virus or a terrible virus that was incurable during that time and so this leopard comes to Jesus and you can imagine the multitude is starting to split like the Red Sea They don't want any contact with this individual and finally it is just Jesus and the leper and I want you to notice the interesting exchange between Jesus and the leper in verse 3 then Jesus put out his hand and was the Bible say then Jesus put out his hand and touched him that was a meaningful intentional touch Jesus didn't have to touch this leper notice that Jesus did NOT say you're clean and then touch Him Jesus touched him before he was clean. This was a significant act you can imagine a hush went over the multitude how can how can you touch a man like that he touches the leper arguably that was probably the 1st time in a long while that that leper had been touched by a clean person Jesus reaches out and touches the leper and then he says the words I am willing be cleansed and immediately his leprosy was cleansed right before their eyes his scale East skin became new he was fully restored in the presence of that multitude and make a few observations as we get to our main thesis here this morning do you think it was uncomfortable for that leper to come to Jesus. You ever been in a situation where you're about to do something and this is just not turning out to be an opportune time and you think to yourself maybe I'll come back next time this is one of those situations is a great multitude following Jesus down the mountain and the and the leper do you think he felt vulnerable coming to Jesus. Very vulnerable do you think he felt exposed do you think that he feared rejection he didn't know what was going to happen but he made the decision that day to put himself out there and to calm to Jesus even though there was a multitude following him and the only way that he could come to Jesus was as a leper Isn't that right there was no precondition there was no prerequisite there was no requirement the only way that this leopard could come to Jesus was just as a leper and I want to read this statement from one of my favorite books and if you have not read this book please read it it is one of the most inspirational books ever printed number 100 languages talking about exactly what the title says steps to cry just your Christian relationship and your experience it says if you see your sinfulness do not wait to make yourself better how many there are who think they are not good enough to come to Jesus do you think that leprous felt the same way all of society consider him clean do you expect to become better through your own efforts we must not wait for stronger persuasions for better opportunities or for a holier tempers we can do nothing of ourselves and read that last line with me here this morning we must come to Christ just as we are this is the reality of the gospel. That the only way that you can come to Jesus is in the condition that you are in you can do nothing to rectify that condition just as the leper could do to cleanse is leprosy prior to coming to Jesus sure he could to try to cover himself up put on a new suit combed his hair but the reality was that man was a leper and the Gospel is so beautiful that there are no preconditions before you must come to Jesus this is the only way that you can come there is nothing that you can do before you come to Jesus Amen we must come just as we are now How radical is this just coming as we are and many times we have an altar call in an appeal in evangelist makes an appeal and says Come just as you are but how radical is the nature of the Gospel steps to Christ goes on page 31 we can do nothing all by ourselves we must come just as we are and listen to this part ask him to give you what is to say up there to give you repentance to reveal Christ to you in His infinite love in his pure AFIC purity Now the concept of repentance is prevalent throughout Scripture John the Baptist gave the message to repress repent and turn to God repentance simply means a sorrow for sin and a turning away from sin that is the definition of repentance it means you are sorry for what you have done sorry enough to turn away from it now the thing about this statement here and it's backed up by Scripture is will see in X. after 5 years 31 it says ask him to give you repentance the reality is Acts Chapter 5 verse 31 validates this saying God exalted him at his right hand as leader and Savior to give repaired tends to Israel and the forgiveness of sins. This is how helpless we are when it comes to the gospel is that we can come to Christ and the only way we can come to Christ is saying Lord I don't even have the capability to be sorry help me to be sorry this is the reality of the gospel is that when you come to Christ Repentance is not a prerequisite to coming to Jesus it comes after you come to Jesus We are so D. generated as human beings that we do not even have the capacity to feel sorry. I have a younger sibling about 2 and a half years younger than me and you know sibling rivalry growing up now we're very close but my parents would many times have to mediate and come in and I don't know if you've ever experienced this before but. The parent comes in and says David Linda you see that you're having this argument you having this fight David tell Linda you're sorry or have this happen. Or this is like a forced repentance right and so I remember you know just I'm sorry. Right and then and then the discussion goes something like this you don't really mean it you know and until you really mean it we're going nowhere in this discussion. And that is the dynamic of this relationship but this is the reality of the Gospel that when you come to Jesus you say Lord I love this sin I enjoy it matter of fact I don't feel an ounce of remorse I don't feel an element of sorrow Lord help me to be sorry help me to repent because I can't fabricate this on my own and I don't know how many times I even as a minister have in the back of my mind that I need to repent I need to feel sorry before I even approach Jesus how many of you ever felt that before you know it's like look you're kind of in the doghouse you have to feel sorry before you can even approach Jesus but the reality is that you come to Jesus with all your baggage with all your wrong motivations not even feeling sorry for something that you should feel sorry for and you say Lord I don't be on our own suffering More's But what I've just done but help me to hate this sin because I enjoy it take away this desire help me to be sorry this is the reality of the gospel on a read on I love this book steps a cry for going to quote it again every Penton such as this is beyond the reach of our own power to accomplish it is obtained only from whom Christ. Who ascended up on high and as given gifts unto men just here is a point on which many may err This is a critical point in the progression of the Gospel that many people have a misunderstanding a misconception regarding the way the Gospel works many people think that repentance is a barrier prior a prerequisite a precondition before you must come to Jesus but the reality is just the opposite just here is a point on which many air and hence they fail of receiving the help that Christ desires to give them they think they can not listen to this they think they can not come to Christ unless they 1st repent classic misconception but must the sinner wait till he has repented before he can come to Jesus is repentance to be made an obstacle between the sinner and the Savior steps to Christ goes on the Bible does not teach that the sinner must repent before he can he be imitation of Christ we can no more repent without the Spirit of Christ to awaken the conscience then we can be pardoned without Christ Christ is the source of every right in. You come to Christ even with all the wrong motivations even without an ounce of remorse because this is something that you cannot possess in your own ability and you say Lord I'm not repentant give me the gift of repentance the man this is the beauty of the gospel. This is the nature of the Gospel you come to Christ literally just as you are on repentant sorrow full laden in sin and you come to Christ and you say change me because I can't change myself create this desire within me because I cannot create it in my own ability Repentance is not a barrier before we can come to Christ most for his highest of all chambers strictly speaking a person cannot repent when he chooses repentance is a gift of God In other words it's not ability that we can fabricate on ourselves by ourselves but all pirit used to pray for the gift of tears the gift of broadband. Now how does this work I want to invite you to go to another passage with me to Luke Chapter 19 and it is a similar story a similar exchange and then you see this repentance played out in the life of an individual that we've heard before Zacchaeus and I want to go through very quickly through this Luke Chapter 19 verse one. 12 o 9 in the Bible that you have there in front of you then Jesus entered and passed through Jericho and behold there was a man named Zack he is who was chief tax collector and he was rich so introduces this character Zacchaeus he was an I.R.S. agent he was over our region he was a supervisor over I.R.S. agents but he was not a clean I.R.S. agent he was corrupt he would charge 50 percent tax instead of 30 years 35 I don't know what the tax rate is but and then pocket the rest for himself so he was very rich he was hated in Jewish society he was considered a traitor because he was a Jew but he was taxing his own people and profiting off of it for the Romans but there was something about this man that was a little bit different look in verse 3 and he sought to see who Jesus was but he could not because of the crowd or he was short of stature Now I personally can relate to this man. I empathize with him because I've been in situations like at the museum I went to the Holocaust Museum one time and just crowded around the exhibit and you have people that are you know 6 feet tall or even 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 9 Anyways all right and they are in front of me and it's quite a challenge to try to see over these individuals and I you know you know you try your tip you to try to find a bench to stand on and I really can feel for this man so he's trying to see if. But he is physically limited OK he has a physical limitation he's on able to do so and so he gets a bright idea in verse 4 so he ran I head so he kind of maps out where Jesus and the pro a procession that is following this heading is all that kind of headed in that direction so you runs ahead of them and this is a grown man OK so he climbs up the sycamore tree to see him for he was going to pass through that way and you could just imagine he's up there he's all I get to see Jesus this is great and he's hoping against hope that they'll just pass by but the nightmare happens he's Jesus is going under the tree and then he stops. Thinking oh no this is not good and then make matters worse he looks up OK verse 5 Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and said to him that he is now this is fascinating because Jesus knew his name I believe that Jesus made this trip just for this man probably steered the crowd under the sycamore tree and he calls his name he knew what that man was going through he said Make haste calm down for today I must stay in your house now I want you to notice the nature of Christ request Zacchaeus make case to calm down for today I must stay in your house where there are any preconditions to Jesus coming into that man's house No he said Come down OK well yeah he had to come down so he can go to his house but there were no more role preconditions this man was living in sin he was an explorer shyness. And Jesus approaches this man and notice the way that it goes he didn't say you know I'm going to be a guest in your house but we'll you need to change some things 1st he said on that quickly he said I'm going to come down and stay at your house and notice what happens in the next part. 7 But when they saw the. Wrong verse verse 6 so he made haste and came down and what's the key word there and received him joyfully but when they the crowd saw it they all complained saying he has gone to be the guest with a man who is a sinner now they had a misconception about the way the Gospel worked misconception that it's prevalent today there were no preconditions before this man. Could have Jesus into his home now look at what happens in verse 8 we know this this is our scripture reading then say key is stood and said to the Lord look Lord I give half of my goods to the pour and if I have taken anything from anyone by false accusation I will restore fourfold notice the way the progression of the Gospel worked he received Jesus and in receiving Jesus he received the gift of repentance he gave evidence of the nature of repentance. Now I turned I told this story a number of years ago and I want to tell this again thankfully it's one of the few stories I have that I can relate to. To stealing. When I was in high school I was. I was at peace. This is before Christ OK so you have to watch your wallets or your purses here today. And this is an interesting thing about Satan because the more you do it. The easier it gets meaning that in the beginning when I stole something I used to work in the cafeteria and there were just conveniently would small bowl ice cream out of the back door and soda out the back door and things would start disappearing and in the beginning when I started to steal you know I wouldn't be able to sleep at night it was a challenge because it bothered me and I had stolen a block of ice cream and I was just like all but the more and more I did it the easier and easier it got and the things that I would start to steal got bigger and bigger. To the point that it didn't even bother me at all this is the nature of sin is kind of like leprosy in that you become numb and things that used to bother you don't bother you anymore I it and this happened for a number of years I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior I was my junior year in high school a dramatic transformation. I experience the nature of the Gospel and the beauty of it was it was just like this story Jesus didn't come to me and said David you've been a thief before I can come into your heart you need to make some things right it was on a quizzical acceptance it was so beautiful and I remember that night in the hills of Pennsylvania when I kneeled down accepted Christ and my life was transformed and I shortly thereafter took the call to ministry. But one morning I remember this morning. Vividly in my mind I was doing my morning devotions and this is the way the Lord works. He works incrementally with the areas of your life I'm so glad that he didn't show me the whole path because I've been discouraged and given up you approaches and shines a flashlight on this area of Elections are you willing to give this area up in your life. You know that's a struggle and then when when you give that up to the Lord the shine's another area now you're saved during this process is called St occasion it begins to clean you up one morning he woke me and and something came to my mind and it was this particular experience where I had. I had stolen a bicycle. I went online to find it this is not it but it was actually a unit like this one and I was into bicycles and I mean my friend a spot of this bicycle at Highland Academy Cademy where I was and we backed our car up there and then we put it in the car we took it out in the woods took all the parts that we wanted and threw the frame out there to rust and I went to bed slept like a baby that night at the new bother me but that morning years later the Lord came to me and said you know what. You need to make that right. Now just prior to this the Lord had already convicted me about all the food that I had stole during my academy days at this previous Academy and I made that right and the Lord brought this to my attention and I was just like old Lord Come on I mean. Really this this is this is just impossible I don't even know whose bicycle that was and I was going to another academy at this time and and you know how it is. Perhaps it's like that in your relationships with one another you try to have a normal relationship but there's something in between you 2 you know what I'm talking about and until you resolve that issue your relationship is not really going anywhere and that's how was the Lord brought this before me and said David as much as is humanly possible you need to make this right so I went home on spring break and I contacted my fellow accomplice that helped me steal this by sickle and I went to miss it and I did this counselor I said hey man do you remember whose bicycle that was and he said I think it was this girl's So I said oh you know I just played it off and so OK OK You know I and then I went in the yearbook and I found her phone number and then I went back to Arkansas where I was a student and. I just felt the conviction growing you know you need to make that phone call. I don't know if you heard confess something to somebody your made Rusty I mean MY HEART IS GOING TO 1000 miles an hour and I feel this burden I'm like oh lord i just need to make this right and and the Lord was creating this desire within myself it was not something that was fabricated I really felt I needed to make this right so I called the number and I remember the to this day the mom the mom answer and I said always so and so there and she said No I said well maybe you can help me solve this mystery. If your daughter have a bicycle and I mean she just lit up she said yes. Someone stole it. We don't know where it went it was a gift and it just disappeared and we don't know where it is can you help us find it then and I said so many where I said you know I was the one that stole it and she said can you bring it back and I said that's impossible and so I said to her I said look. Let me take down your address I'll send you a check for however much that bicycle is took down information and she was so grateful and. We sent the money off to borrow from my parents. At the confessed to them as well but. The son the next thief so so something money off and then I got a letter in the mail and this letter. I have in my files tucked away to this day she expressed to me that she had. She had faltered in a Christian experience and that this had renewed her hope in Christ in the reality that God still reigns on his throne can you say man can you say Mitt and I want to tell you that this experience cured me of stealing the reality is that when Jesus comes into your life he gives you the desire to make things right with others as much as humanly possible and stealing is a particular case because you have wrong someone and it's our responsibly to make things right as much as possible and this is the beauty the reality of the gospel that you come to Christ just the way you are but he loves you too much to leave you in that condition want to be this quotation steps to Christ page 28 you who in heart long for something better than this world has to give how many of you long for that. Recognize this longing as the voice of God to your soul you know the emptiness that we many times feel is really the Holy Spirit ask him to give you repentance to reveal Christ to you in His infinite love in His perfect purity this is where it begins this is where dance with Jesus and through Jesus working in your life and I want to by you to stand with me. As we prepare to close here this morning every had bowed in eyes closed and I just want to make a very specific appeal here today as we have talked about the nature of the gospel. You have in the area of your life and that God is calling you to make a decision about I don't know what this area is what you do in the Holy Spirit is in speaking to your heart and you need help you need God to work in and through you and you've been trying to long by yourself and today you want to say Lord I need your help I want to buy you to come forward this time you have an area of your life and you need help in you know we're all sinners in need of grace and you just want to come forward and say Lord I need your help I need the gift of repentance in my life in this particular area help me for I cannot help myself and you want to come forward today lay this area. At the foot of the altar. Jesus never turns anyone away a man Jesus never says no when you come up and today you want to come to Jesus just like that leper you want to accept the invitation of Christ just like that he is you know we have nothing that we can bring to Christ we just need to come. And today you want to say Lord Jesus. In and through me I am coming to the foot of the Cross a sinner in need of grace I want to lay this area of my life before you Jesus loves you my friends Jesus died for you and coming to Christ is the only solution in the world you want to submit this area of your life to Jesus Christ wanted by you to come forward here this morning Jesus wants to touch you Jesus wants to embrace you. He never turns and he won away and he promises to work in and through us today God bless you. With parents to go as we pray our Father in heaven. We thank you for G.'s. We thank you for the Gospel. We thank you that repentance is not a barrier between us and cry. That the only way that we can calm is just as we are and that's why we come here this morning lord there's an area in our own of our life that we've been trying too hard by ourselves and we want to surrender this area of our lives it is as incurable as leprosy but with the word you can cleanse with the word you can restore with the word you can make us new again and grant us the big 3 through Jesus Christ and father if there's an area of our life that we need to make right with you we pray that you would bring that to our attention. We pray that you would help us to make things right with our brother sister if if if there is a breach in our relationship. Lord grant us this is dire do for us what we are incapable of doing for ourselves. Thank you praise you for what you have done and are doing and will do. We thank you for these things she says precious. 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