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Mesmerized by Media

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

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  • February 1, 2019
    7:00 PM
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So it's a joy for me to come back I am actually from California born and raised lived California my whole life and I lived in Los Angeles for about 10 years I got involved in the film and television industry wind through film school in my college years and ended up in Los Angeles and fell in love with my wife who was going to school here at Loma Linda So when I come back here it's like this is where I found my mate and it's always kind of a joy for me to come back in Remember I live in Tennessee now in Chattanooga So I'm getting used to bugs and humidity it's a little different than what we have here but it's a joy to talk with you guys tonight if you guys are here for the 1st time and have never heard of our ministry before Little Light Studios we have a passion for for young people. Generally high school college age range we like to tackle topics that specifically young people are dealing with and so it's kind of a passion of our of our ministry media obviously being a huge portion of what young people deal with and so often most often our ministry is invited places to speak on the topic of media I'm going to give you a little bit of a media talk tonight but there will be 3 kind of very different presentations if you come to Advent hope for Sabbath Tomorrow you'll hear something that's very different and then Sabbath afternoon we're going to talk a little bit about social media and so I courage you guys to come out to to all of them because you're kind of get a big picture of of what God is really wanting to do inside of us and specifically inside of our church so my goal here tonight is not to share with you a ton of movie examples but to more or less just kind of teach you a principle that deals with with media and movies and why we're influenced by what we see and what we hear I titled this presentation called mesmerized by the media and we think of the word mesmerised you think of you think of what. Like hypnotism right like like actually like zoning out have you ever ever looked at the definition of what it means to be mesmerized I'm going to show you guys what the actual definition here is this just coming from a regular dictionary it's to hold the attention of someone to the exclusion of all else so as to transfix them I'd like to submit to you tonight that really what God and what the devil are both trying to do is almost the same thing they're trying to literally transfix your attention so that you do not see anything else that's what God is wanting us to do to put our eyes on Him and Him only right and the devil's God His tools to literally keep you distracted so that you don't see anything else than what his message that he wants you to be so that's why I kind of titled it gives you a little background on on the message tonight I'm going to read you a couple of verses that are pretty interesting and over the week we can we will unpack these in greater depth here Matthew 622 through 24 says the light of the body is the I I if therefore the I be single the whole body shall be full of light but if the eye be evil the whole body shall be full of darkness if they are for the light that is in the is darkness how great is that darkness no man can serve 2 masters for he will either hate the one or and love the other or he else he will hold to the one and despise the other you cannot serve God and Mammon So I believe that this verse can be applied in a few different ways we can't hold to 2 different worlds the media is often portraying one type of a world view and Christianity is often portraying a different world view and sometimes even in the church we say I know the truth I sit in church all the time I read. My Bible but we ingest and digest evil things from the world and so I kind of wanted to give you a little background on that Soames 1013 says I will set no wicked thing before my eyes I hate the work of them that turn aside it shall not cleave and to me and what the so must is saying is like I don't want to put anything in front of my eyes that literally is going to turn me away from my path my path being in the ways of God And so we would do well if we took this type of advice in our own lives as well Proverbs 237 says as a man thinks in his heart so is he really realistically what you are is literally what you have brought into your mind your thoughts your feelings that makes up who you are so we want to be careful what kinds of things affect our thoughts and feelings right that seems like it's pretty logical Romans 122 says Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God You see God is promising something he is promising to give us a new mind in fact that's exactly what 2nd Corinthians 15 says casting down imaginations every high thing that exalt us all to excess itself against the knowledge of God and brings into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ this is a picture of where God wants to bring us in our walk with Him He wants to bring your mind into the captivity of Christ so that literally every one of your thoughts is in the obedience of God That's a picture of where he wants to bring us as a people. I'm going to show you a little bit of a graph because. This will make a little bit of. Sense when we start talking about people's media habits and media use Time magazine did a little article on what people actually do with their time and if you look at this graph this is about how much people sleep they sleep about $8.00 hours people generally work $5.00 hours out of the day which I thought was rather low and this says leisure time spent playing sports playing with social media or watching T.V. is about 3 or 4 hours out of the day and I want you to notice this little pink line right here point 21 hours out of the day is generally how much time speed people spend in religious activities and I want you to think about this if you are spending 4 hours out of the day digesting movies and media from the world and only spending 20 minutes a day reading your Bible what do you think has more weight in your mind very logical right very simple to kind of understand whatever has your attention is generally going to shape us now you have filled out those Nielsen rating cards anyone ever fill those out you ever got one in the mail you know what Nielsen ratings card is so in the olden days they used to actually send a piece of of like a survey to people and you would fill out how much time you watch T.V. what you watch T.V. like what kind of shows do you watch this was how the movie industry actually got the information of who's watching what and for how much time now there's a lot of digital ways that they can do this but look at this this article came out very recently in 2018 and I want to show you the impact that media has in our world they are saying that nearly all adults are spending almost 11 hours out of the day in front of media devices. Now this is not I'm watching television for 11 hours out of the day this is playing with your phone playing with your computer you work at a computer you're playing with social media all these things added up we are literally seen an average of time spent in front of a screen of Levon hours out of the day that's a lot of time so it matters what you are actually watching and paying attention to now I'm very interested in psychology human psychology and as I've gone around and studied what does the T.V. do to your brain and I've traveled around and and interviewed neurologist and scientists and doctors about how much this media is actually really impacting us or how much does it really impact us there are these things called social conformity I've ever heard of these experiments Socialcam 40 give you an example if everybody gets into an elevator generally you walk into an elevator and you turn around and you face the door that's what almost everybody does so they were studying would people not do that if everybody would face the back wall it's very unnatural for you to face that wall and they found time and time again if everyone is facing the back wall people would get into the elevator and all of a sudden they turn around to face the back wall so here is an example of social conformity everybody in the room is aware of what is going on except for one person that comes into the room and watch what happens. Fear that the. What. Was. More. So this social conformity is very interesting they tested this many many different ways with many different experiments and us can find these things on You Tube You can look them up and you want this guy right here standing in a line that says The line starts here there's no information given to anyone that walks by literally it's a guy standing in a line and what they wanted to test would would people come and stand in the lime just because there's a line so some curious people would come by and be like hey why are you hearing he said I don't know I just said there's a line here one by one people started scamming in the line now what's more fascinating about this is he said I want to see if they'll actually follow me wherever I go so he takes them now keep in mind no one here knows why they're in the line. They don't know where the lines going they don't know what it's for they're literally following this guy because everyone else is doing it now he goes there you test them there's a line and there's objects on the floor and he says if I jump over the line would everybody jump over the line with me now. I found this pretty interesting because all it took was the 1st guy to do it and then all down the line everybody starts doing it. That's pretty fascinating to me he did all sorts of things like hopscotch and everything right but why do we do this why do we have why do we have these things that we follow everyone else what's the reasoning behind that So this particular clip it talks about we all have these things inside of our brain that are associated with learning they're called mirror neurons and so this gentleman here is going to talk a little bit about what those mirror neurons do inside of our brains. And. He. Won his. Now I want you to think about the implications of that if we have special neurons inside of our brains that are associated with learning and they trigger when we watch other people do things I want you to think about the implication of that of watching someone do something evil if you watch someone do something that you know is evil or your bible says you should not do it neurologically inside of your brain it is as if you are doing it yourself now he goes on to didn't demonstrate how this works he put somebody in an effort Mariah machine and tests this by just looking at some pictures of a face. More. So in his brain all he had to do was see somebody do that action and literally the same parts of his brain were activating as if he was making those faces themself and that's it that's a very interesting thing because when you start to look at why the Bible talks about don't be angry with your brother and you can just look at the titles of major films and say My Bible tells me not to do this and yet this film is about this to your brain when you watch them is it's at as if you do them yourself Jesus illustrated it like this you've heard of them say of a time of or that thou shalt not kill and who are so killed should be in danger of the judgment but I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without cause is indeed will be in danger of that judgment so Jesus is illustrating it saying listen. You don't have to take out a gun and shoot someone to be in danger of the judgment of killing them all you have to do is be angry you can still be in danger of that same judgment by creating that anger in your mind he goes on to illustrate it and talks about sexuality this was a movie that came out a few years ago and it I found it kind of interesting because it said permission it shows a picture of a guy and a girl and on the on the bottom here reads Can you be certain that he is the one if he's the only one not translate what does that really tell you that you should try all the flavors don't just pick one you should try them all and before you actually commit to one that is not a Biblical concept and so Jesus illustrates this. Kind of a concept by saying listen if you look after a woman and lust after her you've already committed adultery with her in your heart you don't need to actually go through with the adultery to have that sin a part of you all you have to do is start it in your mind this is the reason why it's important as we analyze and look at media what does the Bible say and what does this piece of media teach me if they don't line up then I believe that we should make some serious decisions about it you can look at just some of the titles of the different films that come out you don't even have to watch a trailer you can see easily see what that film is going to be about now people ask me all the time they say yes but I've watched a lot of movies with killing and I've seen movies with killing I'm not going to go out and kill somebody I'm a good Christian I I come to church all the time and I read my Bible but listen to this verse listen to how Paul illustrates this in Romans 132 he says knowing the judgment of God they would commit such things are worthy of death meaning if I go in and I rob a bank I'm worthy of the judgment of robbing and killing. That's what that says But listen how he brings it one step further and he says but not only do the same but take pleasure in them that do that now have you ever been around any young teenage kids and asked them Do you guys know what the video game fortnight is and when this is one of the most popular video games and many many many many young kids play this video game and I asked was speaking to a group of kids the other day and I said please tell me what this video game is about and there was a row full of about 1st graders in the front row and I was even actually a little bit questioning should I even bring this up I mean their 1st grade right that's like 567 years old and I said No I bet you that they're playing it and the whole entire front row raise their hands and and I said can you tell me what the video game is about and he said it's about killing everybody to be the last man standing. Now what do we do with that if it's just to game but yet a verse like this says listen if you kill people you're unworthy of that judgment but if you take pleasure in someone else doing it you're worthy of that same judgment as well so think about that when you watch. Films or movies or anything like that how many of you have ever heard of the term called binge watching anybody so we have a new phenomenon in our world because you used to have to wait till Tuesday night 7 o'clock for this T.V. show to come on and it wouldn't come on till the next Tuesday night so it was a very slow process to watch that entire T.V. program now because of the dawn of Netflix you can sit down in one sitting and you can watch 8 hours of the entire season you ever known anybody that does this so listen to this this is the research that is starting to come out this comes from N.P.R. It's saying that people that sit down and binge watch such as things like House of Cards is or the Orange Is The New Black all in one go it seems like harmless spawn but the binge watching is making people miserable and depressed now listen in article after article after article you can look this up on the Internet if you want to listen to this this is the New York Post what Netflix binge watching is doing to your mental health every single article says that it is increasing your depression 10 fold and in B.C. even said something and put something out and said Listen binge watching is making people severely depressed now I want to share that with you and Adventist Church because of this we often talk about the church and the Laodicean message right what is that Laodicean message the message is this I know that works that are neither hot or cold or hot I wish that there were a cold or hot so that because that lukewarm. I wouldn't and neither cold nor hot I will spew the out of my mouth because that will say yes I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and no less that the wretched miserable poor blind and naked now question what does the word wretched mean wretched give me a definition of wretched. Listen to this I looked this up on the Internet and I said What does wretched mean I want to know it says it's a person that is miserable unhappy heart broken sorrowful despair ean deep pressed and I when that isn't that interesting that that the group that the that the End Time Church is struggling with they struggle heavily with this thing called depression and we have these things in our world that are heavily increasing the Depression amongst our young people amongst lots of people and you'll find article after article the more that you engage in watching tons and tons and tons of this modern media you will find that it causes depression I came across this article the other day and I threw this in not the other day a while back and I threw this in here because I wanted to illustrate a certain point these are 2 singers R. and B. singers hip hop singers whatever you want to call them and they were honored by the state of Florida for the teachers of the Year Award how many of you knew that they were teachers. Now here's what the article says it's pretty fascinating they were named Best Male and female teachers after judging them on several categories demean them more influential than teachers who actually commit themselves to children's education you better bet their teachers their 100 percent teachers what are they teaching our children that's the question you see these celebrities know that they can put something out and people will follow them the funny thing is often we in the church do not know that but I guarantee you you talk with any celebrity they know the power of their influence you may recognize this individual Her name is Taylor Swift she came out in Time magazine I used to subscribe to this magazine and I read this article and I thought it was pretty interesting Swift was talking about the people that follow her music and this is what she says Taylor Swift. Swift is happy to minister to them she's talking about her fans and I think it's a very interesting word of choice they're discovering the music it tells them how they're going to live their lives and how they should feel and how it's acceptable to feel I think that's kind of exciting you see all these celebrities know that they have an influence over people TIME magazine did it. Article on celebrity worship is it good for your health and it says new scientific research shows that celebrity crushes are not only common but also help healthy a study that was published suggests that celebrity worship can boon people's self esteem and the article goes on to say because people form bonds in their minds with their favorite celebrities they are able to assimulate the celebrities characteristics in themselves and feel better about them when they think about that celebrity Now this is 100 percent true if you focus on a particular celebrity you watch this person's movies over and over and over again who do you want to become like like that celebrity if you focus on Jesus and you read him over and over and over Who do you want to become like. It's that simple the more time that you spend with these characters yes you take on their characteristics in yourself there's lots of articles on the Internet that talk about this so I want to talk about celebrities how much of an impact do they actually really have if you remember a film that came out last quite a few years ago now there was a funny film called Anchorman and this particular comedian. It was one of the actors in the man who played a funny character Will Ferrell and he had a commercial series that came out that he was in these dog commercials and if you ever saw the commercials they were really funny he would talk about how many sandwiches you could put in the glove box how many pieces of bubble gum you could put in the center console this was literally what the commercial was about it said nothing about how far the car drove what the gas mileage is how long the car's going to last it literally told you ridiculous information like how many sandwiches you could put in the glove box and I want you to look at this this sales for DOJ went up 40 percent because of these commercials so people that go oh you know what I'm not influenced or affected by these things Listen the proof is in the pudding now Brad Pitt was paid $7000000.00 for this commercial that I'm about ready to show you maybe some of you have seen this you tell me if you would pay $7000000.00 for this type of a commercial. My 6 year old could have shot a better commercial than that. Second 1000000 I mean do you kick can't even wrap around your head why would they pay 7000000 dollars for this right in fact people were making fun of it so bad Saturday Night Live got a hold of it I kind of wanted to show you this just for how ridiculous it commercial like this is here's Saturday nights version. So you get the point seriously ridiculous but the reason they're going to pay $7000000.00 is because they know if you like Brad Pitt you will buy whatever he's selling Why would Catherine Zeta Jones be paid 20 $1000000.00 to put a cell phone in her hand that's an incredible amount of money to literally hold a cell phone in Iran because they know if you watch her movies you're more likely to go and use the brand that she uses. $100000000.00 Tiger Woods was paid to wear in one swoop this is just insane amounts of money does anyone want to take a guess who the highest paid sports person is I'll give you a hint they're not from the United States. David back on my heard it OK So listen how much David Beckham was paid $160000000.00 to simply wear the Adidas logo if you don't think that these people don't have an influence over you the proof is in a Putting they would not pay this kind of money that would be a bad use of money so my question is even though we're talking about simple advertising here why do you think watching your favorite celebrity in a particular movie and if he's doing something that you know your Bible says not to do he's robbing a bank he's cheating on his wife he's doing whatever the Bible says that you shouldn't do do you think that you would be influenced by that as well I want you to think about that listen to this quote that Mrs White says I love this one it comes from education page $57.00 the greatest want of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought and sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall What a beautiful quote what a beautiful quote of a picture of the people that God is promising he's going to give. People that literally the world can fall around them and they will stand for write I wanted to put this quote in there because I want you to think about this when we digest truth and error truth and error truth and error there is a time coming that is going to be extremely confusing In fact if it's not getting confusing enough already in today's world we haven't even seen the beginning of it yet and so when we train ourselves over and over and over again to to accept this truth in error we are setting ourselves up down the road for a very very difficult time I want to. I want to share something with you that I that I came across that is very interesting I'm also very interested in technology I love technology I keep trying to convince my wife why I need an i Watch and I have enough Apple devices to probably last a few families I think that technology is a wonderful thing but I also am very aware of the dangers that technology poses and as much of a blessing as I think that this thing truly is it is an absolute blessing did you realize that we have in our hands. Entire libraries of information that we can literally ask a question and it comes straight up do you realize that someone in the 1900 did not have access to what you have in one day in their entire lifetime that's the privilege that we live in with this technology it's a beautiful thing you can use it in a beautiful way I'm not saying that we should just live under a rock and not have anything to do with it but I'm telling you with the blessing of technology also comes from very dangerous things now I don't know how many of you have ever read US patents before but there is a a patent that was very kind of interesting and this pattern that came out quite a few years ago. Came with an abstract that was basically saying listen psychological effects have been observed in the human subject in response to stimulation of the skin through week electromagnet medic fields and that pulse with certain frequencies near blank and blank hurts such as to excite the sensory resonance many computer monitors T.V. tubes when displaying these post images emits post electromagnetic fields of such aptitudes just kind of put this into layman's terms for you we know that we can affect someone's emotions based on the technology so we know if you watch this certain type of technology it's coming from a T.V. screen or a movie it can produce an effect in your in your actual body and that's what the abstract is basically saying but there is an analog say thing so like a wave form that's coming at you like this where they have now the ability to embed a message inside of the waveform that is virtually in perceptible to you you do not get the message that's coming at you and yet they can totally control your thoughts. Not now this this this was interesting to me if you've ever watched those You Tube things you know they have technology that they can beam sound you ever seen those so I get New York if you're walking down the street they actually have billboards on the walls or on the on the buildings and they can beam a tunnel of sound down to the sidewalk and when you walk down the sidewalk you can walk into the beam of the of the sound and you hear the the billboard and literally you can step this far away from the beam and you cannot hear anything like the technology that they have today is just mind boggling and so in this technology in this patent they're saying listen we can embed a a different message they come with diagrams and they say listen you can use a V.C.R. or a T.V. monitor or some other kind of device a D.V.D. and you can actually control people's thoughts video tapes can be edited as such to overlay this this pulsating by means of modulating the hardware I mean this is like jumbo if you read the whole thing it's pretty easy interesting but the end of it says that certain monitors can emit these electromagnetic field pulses that excite the sensory resonance in a nearby subject through the images that are so weak as to be subliminal This is unfortunate since it opens itself to miss Civitas application of the invention whereby people who are exposed unknowingly to manipulation of their nervous system for someone else's purposes such applications would be unethical and is of course not advocated when if you ever seen a U.S. patent come with a warning label. That's kind of fascinating to me and this is one of many that are out there that are literally there the technology that's going into these these things are just mind boggling so. I wanted to show you this before I kind of got to this and I think it was in here but I might have. A man to take us out actually let me let me and skip this so I can show you this. So this particular clip here that I'm going to play for you is an interesting device that they are demonstrating how they can beam sound into your brain not using your ears and he's going to demonstrate it. So they know they can beam signals into your brain that your brain can interpret and completely hear and understand yet they do not hear it with their ears now this technology exists I'm not saying that movies are using this or whatever I don't I don't want to freak you out but I want to tell you that the technology is scary in and of itself and if somebody wanted to use it maliciously it's there and it will basically probably find its way in as the world gets crazier and crazier Now I want to bring up a couple of examples because what is the end game of all of this media. I find a pattern and when I find a pattern there's gotta be some reason for this pattern Have you ever heard of the Marvel Universe or any of the Marvel movies that are out anybody ever seen any movies or anything from any of these guys right so this is kind of interesting this is 10 years in the making the movie that they just released the Infinity war this last year they took 10 years and many many different films to lead up to this one last film and it also enters around a universe where basically there is an evil bean this guy in the purple here who's coming to destroy the world this is the storyline of the actual thing and he's coming to destroy half of humanity and when he collects these different stones he has these different stones that give him different superpowers and he puts them in this glove and when he puts them in the glove each one of the stones gives them the ability to do these crazy things and I'll tell you what the powers are the super powers. Are he's the most evil character in the in the Marvel Universe one stone gives him the ability to be on the present one stone gives him the ability to create life out of nothing one stone gives him the ability to raise people from the dead let me know when your spiritual alarm bells are going off so as you go through each one of the Stones it's literally an example of God and that is what the entire series is about God is coming to destroy half of humanity we must fight against him and when this kind of stuff gets put out there he shows up to Earth on a warship called the century to a warship called the. I wish I could make this kind of stuff up but I can't in when I see our young brothers and sisters going to see these movies easily literally like watching the devil tell you the great controversy from his perspective that's literally what it's like and so it's time that we are getting a conflict in message that is opposite of what the Bible is is is illustrating Now I'll give you another one that is a culturally sensitive film to talk about in fact we just released a documentary on this particular subject the Black Panther broke all kinds of records and it was brilliantly laid out because it was at a culturally sensitive time in our. Society and so everybody latches on to this and says finally listen this demographic is under represented in Hollywood and the fact is they are under represented in Hollywood that is a fact there is a way under. Even plain field in this thing but when we start to begin to allow our cultural sensitivities to trump Thus saith the Word of God Now we have a problem. When things happen that are literally things that the Bible completely talks against in the beginning of the film they showed a clip of how the black panther came to be and I'll play a little clip so you can hear and understand where he got his superpowers from and where the 1st black panther came from. So if you have your spiritual alarm bells working and you will notice that and animal came and gave him a piece of fruit that made him have some super powers you would immediately go up I've heard this story before and perhaps should not watch this and so I found it very interesting that this little cat that is the God of Goddess Bast that they're talking about here there's all sorts of spiritualism that's in here to Charlie comes and talks to his father who's dead who was a cat in a tree an animal in a tree that comes and talks and I mean it just goes on and on and on every single 7th Day Adventist in the beginning of this film should have walked out right there literally immediately and but but but we miss that because we're not thinking of it in terms of what the Bible is saying and what does this movie teach that got us Bast is an ancient Egyptian cat God and this is the one that gives him the super powers and so this god is from this city called neck or Paulus now neck Romanes dead and Paul this means city right so he's the strum the city of the dead and this is what it says there were common city. Of the Dead where the Black Panthers go to die and where you rule as King of the dead not king of the life every Panther has ever lived ever straight Their knowledge is now yours every battle fought every battle won and beaten and broken and crowned a King of Kings who's the king of kings not the king of the day that's that's Jesus but they flip the whole thing around and that's who they're holding up as their God and the Bible's very clear about not having their God So I wanted to give a couple of examples to you like that because I want you to know we are engaged in a war you've got to look at every piece of media that you watch everything what does the Bible say does it speak according to the Word of God because if it doesn't like it says in as a 1920 to the law and to the testimony if it speaks not according to this word it is because there is no light in it now I want to read this 1st to you 1st John 1527 then this is the message that we have heard of him Jesus and declare unto you that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all if we say that we have fellowship with Him and we walk in darkness then we live and we do not have the truth but if we walk in the light as he is in the light and we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin if you are a child of the light you should walk in the light don't walk in darkness don't look at the things of the world that are full of darkness have you noticed that a lot of media is really really dark if you notice that be careful of that and be careful that when the Bible says Be a child of the light don't stand in both worlds for at one time you were in darkness but now you are light in the Lord walk as children of the Light says it's 58 this is why it has some really good advice for us she wrote in our high calling if we would at last share the reward of the righteous we must wisely improve. The time of our probation moments are more precious than gold She also says in our high calling Life is short the things of the world must perish with the using Let us be wise and build for an eternity we cannot afford to idle away our precious moments or engage in busy activities that will bring forth no fruit for eternity let the time hither to be devoted to I don't this Fribble T. worldliness be spent in gaining knowledge of the Scriptures scriptures and in beautifying our life and blessing and ennobling the life and character of others this work will meet for us the approval of God and when for us that heavenly benediction Well done good and faithful servant brothers and sisters I believe that we are on the cusp edge of eternity I believe that we are out of time and I believe that we don't have time to be wasting in all of this dark media of the world and so it is a burden of mine I want to to share that and I want to share this message with you tonight and hopefully if you guys are there tomorrow it will make a whole lot more sense as we begin to unpack what is this thing of Christ being in US What does that actually mean how does that actually transpire and what does it mean for us to be found in Christ and when you kind of understand those concepts it makes a lot of sense why you you cannot stand in both worlds if you fall in love with God Things Should Be Evil should make you feel sick when you see evil things you should you should shun away from them not want to sit there and digest them so I thank you guys for coming out let's bear our heads for a word of prayer. Dear gracious Heavenly Father we thank you so much for this beautiful Sabbath day that we're about to enter into here a day of rest that we get a chance to take our eyes off of the things of the world and to just reflect on spiritual things or we want to be a people that are prepared for you and we want to prepare our hearts we want to prepare those that are around us unfortunately there's a lot of things in this world that are vying for our attention but Lord it is my solemn prayer that we can be a people that are found to be ready for you we want to thirst and seek after your kingdom 1st and we want you to be in our hearts we thank you and love you in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st or if you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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