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Bountiful Blessings Farm



  • January 19, 2019
    6:30 AM
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Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for the Sabbath we thank you for the night's rest we thank you for the opportunity to come and worship you to learn from you Lord I just pray that you would guard my lips May 9th not say anything that would not bring honor and glory to you give me the thoughts that I should say and. And may those who hear hear what they need to hear thank you in Jesus' name amen so I even titled my devotional thoughts experimental religion our Ebenezer continued I don't know some of you may have seen the book we wrote of our testimony of God's leading us into agriculture. And what I want to share with you this morning is that the story continues and it's an exciting story and the story can be the same for any of you as you learn to trust God's promises so I just want to share a quote and let me just say you know to me it's in the because I feel like I've heard a similar theme through our whole time here I feel like the Lord has put on the hearts of different presenters something that he's trying to get across to his people. Experience is knowledge derived from experiment you like that experience is knowledge derived from experiment what we need is experimental religion. How shall we know for ourselves God's goodness and His love the Psalmist tells us not here in No not read and know or believe in no but taste and see that the Lord is good instead of relying upon the Word of another taste for yourself isn't that a beautiful definition of experimental religion you know. We don't have time to go into the story but back in 1994 my wife and I felt the Lord impressing us that we needed experimental religion. You know it's all good in theory but what about in reality. And so we embarked on a journey that continues to this day we wanted a personal testimony of God's goodness and love you know it's great to know the doctrines and theories as people have been sharing but what is God doing for you how are you growing in face and so we said Laurie what do you want us to do we will go anywhere do anything as long as we are confident that you're leading us you know we don't want to be led by our own ambitions and desires we want you to guide and direct us. And so as we were exploring again it's a long story but as we were exploring what God would have us to do. We were studying the Bible we were reading the spirit of prophecy and there was just so many promises for those who work the soil you know proverbs he that tell us his land shall have plenty of bread is that a promise if you tell you will have your need supply I love this one after the flood the Lord promised well the earth remain its seed time and harvest shall not cease even in climate change. Seed time in harvest is not going and that's is that job security. Is amazing and you know there are so many Ellen White quotes that gave so much encourage them and if the land is cultivated it will with the blessing of God supply or necessities. Is there is there are alternate readings of that how do you understand that it will supply or necessities we are not to be discouraged about temporal things because of apparent failures nor should we be disheartened by delay we should work the soiled chair fully hopefully gratefully believing that the earth holds in her bosom rich stories for the faithful worker to garner stories richer than gold or silver do you get that have you gotten that idea through this conference there's a lot more than food in the soil it's even better than gold and silver. With proper intelligent cultivation the earth will yield a stranger for the benefits of man the mountains in the hills are changing the earth is waxing old like a garment but the blessing of God which spreads the table for his people in the wilderness will never cease. You know I can still remember when we 1st started feeling a calling to farm course we had no knowledge but anybody I shared with and unfortunately especially within Adventism kind of like yeah that's nice but you can't make a living doing that well who are we going to believe God or man and then of course this was the one that really really took us over the top and God's plan for Israel every family had a home on the land with sufficient ground for tilling thus were provided both the means and the incentive for a useful industrialists industrious and self-supporting life and no devising of man has ever improved upon that plan. How do you take that I mean I said well we don't want 2nd best we want best there was no looking back so again we don't have time you have to read the book if you want the whole story but. The Lord started stretching us it was an easy fact it was hard it was difficult but he always provided and so you know back to the idea of experimental religion how do you do experiments. Yeah you have to you have to try different things and I just want to caution you that there's a big difference between experiments or religion and presumption. Presumption is you know doing what you think you should do and saying well the Lord is going to bless face or experiments or religion is going out on the limb on his promises it's based on his promises it's not what you think you should do so you know in Malakar. God tells us to test him do an experiment prove me see if I'll do what I say I'll do and so the Lord started encouraging us to test him when it came to tithing and somebody else I guess last night the crumbs Mrs crumb was was talking about a 2nd tides the contributions required of the Hebrews for religious and charitable purposes amounted to fully one 4th of their income so heavy attacks upon the resources of the people might be expected to reduce them to poverty but on the contrary the faithful observance of these regulations was one of the conditions of their prosperity Wow So we said OK Lord we're going to experiment. We're going to try to give in you have to understand we were living on very very little We're going to give 25 percent and see we're going to prove test you see if you're as good as your word. What do you think was the experiment as success or failure I just challenge you with this taste and see prove him. It was unbelievable the way the Lord bless believable. He blessed beyond our. Exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think so then you know it's like OK how far can we go with this so we're doing 2nd Ty's what else can we do to to press outsides on below and so we started reading things like this this is amazing manuscript I just want to encourage people to go to manuscript 121899. One of my favorite quotes because it's so power packed for one year this is talking about the Sabbatical year the people were to depend wholly on the Lord having faith in his arrangements as the householder the land needed to rest in order to renew the forces necessary for growth in the laws which God gave for the cultivation of the soil he was giving the people opportunity to overcome their selfishness and become heavenly minded how many of you want to overcome your selfishness and become heavenly minded Canin would be to them as Eden if they obeyed the word of the Lord through them the Lord designed to teach all the nations of the world how to cultivate the soil so that it would yield healthy fruit free from disease and that incredible. God wants to use us to teach all the nations of the world how to cultivate the soils that would yield healthy fruit free from disease. How does he do that 1st he's got to get us to the point where we are depending wholly on the Lord now let me pause to just say I'm not here to try to convince you that you should. You should have a 7 year rest you know I'm going to leave that between you and the Lord you know and I'm not going to try to say that it's binding today you know I know what we decided for ourselves but I'm not here to please don't quote me is saying that I'm telling everybody to do this but we decided let's test him let's do an experiment have some experimental religion here so in 2011 we took off 3 months we said we're going to we're going to take a sabbatical and again I don't have time to go into the details but the Lord worked it out so much more amazing than we could have ever imagined we went to Honduras for 3 months the Lord provided a house for us in the top end of a little mountain village and it was very adequate it was clean it was very adequate nothing fancy but we lived 3 months as a family a quiet simple life free from artificial excitement and in harmony with nature. And I think if you asked my children they would tell you it was. The highlight of their life if you ask us I know we did say it was the highlight of our lives it was incredible I mean just unbelievable and you know I mean we had I think we had 5 $1000.00 in savings and we got to Honduras we lived for 3 months and got home and the Lord blessed it was incredible So it was like OK we tested we experimented and we tasted that the Lord was good so next time 7 years we're going to take the whole year off and. My wife was not totally convinced of that but it's like honey look at help the Lord bless what I mean why not why not just pushed on below looks experiments a little more look at this one the observance of the Sabbatical year was to be a benefit to both the land and the people the soil lying and killed for one season would afterward produce more plentifully the people were released from the pressing labor of the field and while there were various branches of work that could be followed during this time all enjoyed greater leisure which afforded opportunity for the restoration of their physical powers for the exertions of the following years they had more time for meditation and prayer for acquainting themselves with the teachings and requirements of the Lord and for the instruction of their households. So again I'm not I don't want to convince you that you need to do this. Study for yourself but you know there are people and there is a quote a quote from Mrs White where she talks about resting portions of the land each year and so if that's how you interpret it. Great but that doesn't deal with the 2nd half of the purpose of the sabbatical it's not just for the land it's for the people restoration of physical powers more time for meditation and prayer more time for equating themselves with the teachings and requirements of the Lord more time for the instruction of their households and there's some other quotes where she kind of details out the purpose. Of the sabbatical so our season on our farm we've kind of divided the year in half my wife and I are in charge of the spring and summer and then my son Joshua and now with his wife are in charge of the fall and winter so our season ended in the fall of in August of 2017 that was the end of our paycheck the end of August of 2017 like well how are we going to make it now I could tell you so much and we don't have time but. You know we during Greenfield I know the other morning shared about how the Lord really blessed in this 6 year they had. Superabundant cross in that isn't our testimony and I think you know there are probably things I mean there were reasons we were distracted in many ways by Agra and other things and so our 6 year actually our income in the 6th year went down but you know you know I was determined we're going to we're going to test the Lord it's not about whether it looks like we can make it because that's the faith if you've got enough money in the bank to cover your whole year what I mean that's a vacation that's not of faith. So but the amazing thing is even though we had. Less income in the 6 year our savings was bigger than it had been in what 2025 years. You know it's like the largest blast. You know we didn't have any great bumper crop but yet the food we had put up has lasted and lasted We're still eating you know my wife she was sharing where were you sharing this. You know she was want we have to freezers a small one and a big one and she was wanting to the small one is old in needs to be retired she wanted to to. Combine the food and we have too much food in the freezer we couldn't you know we're eating strawberries and blueberries from 2017 I could go on and on we've had an absolutely amazing year fact I heard my wife telling somebody the other day it was the best year ever That's wow that's that's really good. Yeah it's it's been amazing you know I'm half Australian My mother was born and raised in Australia never been to Australia it was always a desire but you know when you have a family of 7 in your farmers what's the chance of that right we've been to Australia twice during the sabbatical us New Zealand you know those for the 2 highest countries on my bucket list of places to go we've been to both of them could go on and on. Our 2 oldest sons got married this year 2 months apart and then in the middle of it you know I mean you know there's a lot around the wedding because we don't just have weddings we have wedding. You know it's it's a whole weekend it's it's quite a celebration. And just after Josh and his wedding we get in well I guess it actually came right before his wedding we get an e-mail from somebody in Romania saying can you come over and help with this impact Rumania camp in July this was in June. And psych Wow. You know that's that's pretty bold to ask somebody at such a late date so we're saying well you know can we really I mean we've been gone a lots and. But as as Pavol has been pointing out the Lord when we 1st started farming the Lord made it very clear to us Your job is to serve Don't worry about how you're going to make a living just serves me 1st and all these things shall be added unto you and so the Lord remind is of that your job is to serve I'm calling you to serve in Romania so we went. With Caleb Yeah and if I had time I could tell you more about that story but amazing we had an incredible time in Romania and we're so excited to to be able to go back in November you know so many different areas our car we have a Honda Odyssey 305000 miles on it. And we're driving across country 2 at Agra you know most people would say well we can't go to Agra it's too far away and too expensive. But we're saying well the Lord called us to serve in at Agra So we're going. You know Lloyd you're going to have to make it work so we're just praying Lord please even Caleb you know was just saying please help our car to stay together. And then of course driving across country in January you know that's always a bit of a gamble and we were going north through Montana and into northern Idaho to visit friends up there before we came down here I mean there wasn't a patch of snow on the roads the whole way 50 degrees going through Montana just like Lord you are so amazing just above and beyond what we kids ask or think. Honey what else should I say we're about out of time about how amazing this year has been. So you know things like car now. Even even things like clothes. You know this is a hand tailored suit says it's. Custom custom tailored for jobs. Not John deicing or because sometimes. I have a relative that has a lot more money than we do who happens to be the exact same size as the slacks. And you know they don't buy from Goodwill and they keep giving us these clothes that I mean we would never buy. And I honestly I said to my wife the other day after we got a 2nd load of clothes Honey I don't need all these clothes what do I do with all this but you know you hate to give $300.00 jackets to Goodwill. I mean just in big and little ways but you know so we had this savings and I will say that we we did. Well we wanted to follow all these guidelines for what we should do during the sabbatical and we really wanted to bless our children in whatever way we could and so Joshua and Jonathan were both launching into marriage we wanted to spend special time blessing them and helping them with that and part of that for Jonathan I felt was to help him with his business he needed help and so I have worked a quarter time 10 hours a week for him when I'm around and when it fits with what we're doing so I have gotten a little bit of income but how did we make it I can tell you except by God's blessing and you know I know my wife as we got close to the end of the year we will be starting. Marketing again in April but as we got close to the end of the Sabbatical year my wife was kind of saying Lord you know we've we've really stepped out on this limb and and you've blessed but you know it just seems like we're kind of going back to ground 0 and. You know we're we're testing you we did things this year like we gave Well I have to back up and I know I'm out of time here but Joshua and Kelly wanted to continue farming this year because starting out he didn't have enough heat he needed some income and he said I'd rather work on the farm with my wife than be off somewhere else and so they farmed a side piece of of the farm we let all our area rest and they farm some on the side and so they were going to market and they decided you know we'd like to give all the proceeds from our 1st market to the Lord and so it was one of the best markets of the season but God bless and you know so we'd done all these things and you know selfishly you're tempted to think OK well Lord so I mean we're we're we're testing you but we'd love to to see maybe some of that financial blessing. But we mean we knew that whether the Lord blessed financially or not we were in it for the long haul you know we had seen so many blessings. But I just want to tell you this this was just incredible this was like the icing on the cake on January 30 I mean December 31 we got a check for $7700.00 I thought the number was just kind of interesting $7700.00 from a totally unexpected source. Something that we weren't even it wasn't even on our radar screen and it was just like the Lord was saying you know I just want you to know that that I appreciate your truss God has sustained this amazingly we've tasted and seen that the Lord is good so in closing I just again want to really reiterate we're not trying to say you need to go far we're not trying to say you need to keep this sabbatical rest what I'm trying to say is taste and see prove the Lord start living experimental religion take his promises at face value in the say Wow Could I really do this I'm going to test you Lord I'm going to follow to the best of my ability what you have laid out in your word and I'm going to see what happens and I don't know if I said you know on the 2nd time I did I say we do it for 3 months anyway that was I told my wife she she's you know she keeps the books and she said look at Honey we can't do this it does not work on paper and so I said we're going to do it for 3 months if it doesn't work we'll we've we've tried we've tested we've experimented 3 months didn't work for us so apparently the Lord's not asking us to do it well. How long was it I mean just a few weeks later after we paid that the 2nd time I the LORD poured out. The windows of have in such an abundant way that we could never go back now taste and see that the Lord is good I'll just end with this text 1st thus alone Ian's 521 prove all things hold fast that which is good God's calling you asking you pleading with you prove me test me see if I'm as good as my word so whatever the Lord is calling you to do I know he's calling all of you to something whatever he's calling you to do prove him test him I believe you will never look back let's pray. There Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your goodness we thank you for your promises we thank you for your blessings I just pray for each person here that whatever you are calling them to do they would step out by faith on your word may they continue to trust in you when the future looks dark may they continue to trust in you when it appears that things have failed. And then when you come through in amazing ways may they give all the glory and honor Jesus. In Jesus' name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio groups a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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