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Receiving the Spirit

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2009
    10:45 AM
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forty thousand hours eleven forty five I might enjoy relentlessly foreseeing in a minute ahead you know you have to we have six a six part series on the Holy Spirit in our first presentation we talked about the promise the personality and the power of the spirit in that session we look at the fact that Hebrew Sixers eighteen by two one immutable things it's impossible for God to lie we don't have to we don't have to beg God to fulfill his promises we've made a promise he cannot lie in God 's promise we look to said Luke the twenty fourth chapter the forty ninth person he said wait in Jerusalem to the promise of the Spirit comes to God promised to give his church the spirit and it is only through the Holy Spirit in our lives are transformed from within his only through the Holy Spirit would be the witness the world when in the first session we studied the reality the fact that the Holy Spirit was given to the early church at a specific time and what happened on earth was based on what was happening up in heaven when Jesus ascended into the sanctuary heaven it was the one that his sacrifice was accepted by the father the Holy Spirit was poured out in the earthly church so we are looking to the sanctuary in heaven now not the holy place of the most holy place just as the early rate was for help in the holy place where looking to the most holy place for the outpouring of God 's Spirit both in the transformation of our lives can also bear witness to the world so we look at the promise of the Spirit we saw that it was an amazing truth of Jesus that his fury managed by Galway John sixteen percent for if I go not away the spirit will come to you if you manage why would be an advantage for Jesus to go away he could sit by Peter 's side and teach him truth while he was here but when he was by all believers size in addition to that remember we read Ephesians chapter three verses fourteen and onward but Christ lives in our hearts by what they threw the power the Holy Spirit so Christ dwells in us through his Holy Spirit why can Jesus be closer to us now than when he was here when was your visit by his R side but through the Holy Spirit he can live where the Horace and I want you to begin to grasp the reality that promise Jesus you want to be closer to me than when you were here purse you want to be closer to me than when you walked the dusty streets of LA two thousand years ago what you want to live in my heart in a way that reveals to me your grace your goodness your power so we looked at the promise of the Spirit of promise that Jesus would dwell in our hearts the promise of Christ that because it wasn't out there when we were when he was here we look at the personality of the Holy Spirit we said that the Bible teaches the Holy Spirit is not yet it is not a thing and that makes all the difference if you believe the Holy Spirit influence or power use the power was there something like that the Bible they wanted to use the power of God Simon I guess you ever wanted to use the power of the Holy Spirit is a power or influence we want to use it in place there is a third person of the Godhead we want him to use us and there's a big difference seen the work of that our lives can only be transformed in the work of God and only finished as the Holy Spirit is poured out through us that was our first session in the session were looking the baptism of the Holy Spirit what is the that is the Holy Spirit this afternoon very powerful presentation this afternoon the counterfeiting genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit what about miracles this afternoon how can you tell truly false miracles I'll give you biblical tests for the Halloween tale signs and wonders true of loss what about the gift comes deal with first in chapter fourteen the deals with the different columns when you look at that verse by verse this afternoon and then do some very serious Bible study so will left in it were dealing with true and false manifestations of the Holy Spirit into sections two thirty to three thirty and then three forty five two four five then tomorrow I'm dealing with the early and latter rain the outpouring was the latter rain and how to receive the latter rain and enmity with the sanctuary and the manifestation was the sanctuary so will do that tomorrow this morning we're going to finish up the morning by looking at the baptism of the Holy Spirit let's pray father had as we enter into this topic on the baptism of fire I pray that our hearts to be baptized with fire I pray that the outpouring of your spirit would come in many this group of young people and UIC be the Vanguard group may they be a group who lead out in a mighty spiritual revival here with every prayer bands and rooms they see the space process to you and to one another if we brought one another their hearts he made right with you gave those habits in our lives that we have indulged in the heart of hearts we know are contrary to your will maybe be going crush father do something in us so you can do something through us do something for us so you can do something with us May the fruits of the spirit be manifest in our lives so the gifts of the spirit to be manifest in a witness and Ward we open our hearts to you just now teach us about that Hezbollah Holy Spirit and Christ they what he thought that an evil time an evil generation they were immoral man had an immoral time generation the rich oppressed before and the poor trampled on one another to try to eke out a meager existence it was a time of pleasure seeking it was a time of sexual immorality it was a time of formal religion it was a time of great spiritual darkness then he appeared he was a straight talking no nonsense out in the Judean hills his name was John the Baptist he didn't have any theological degrees he did not have any high education not those things are wrong he didn't have any see was not part of the religious establishment not that that's wrong that he just wasn't but there's one thing that he was filled with the Holy Spirit and when he spoke people 's lives were transformed and they came but I was still hear him speak let's listen in and look in on one of his strongest appeals is found in Matthew the third chapter of Matthew chapter three and we look there in Matthew chapter three and listen to the words of John the Baptist Matthew three verse eleven ninety three verse eleven I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance but he who is coming after me is mightier than I sandals I'm not worthy to carry see Jesus will baptize you with the whole lease direct and fire John the Baptist talks in the something more than formal religion he talks about something more than ritual something more than that of the Pharisees is talking about something more than Sabbath observance and helped reform the something more than all something more than all of these external one thing about young people as they want what anticipate they want something that's a real and genuine young people can smell of bacon a thousand miles away you might be able to pull the wool over the eyes and felt she can do that with you they want authenticity they want that which is real and genuine and authentic and that's what John is speaking about here John is saying to Jewish Pharisees that understood doctrinal truth but whose lives were not transformed by the filling of the Holy Spirit John was saying seen Jesus is going easy to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire now notice it does not say is to baptize you with the Holy Spirit war with by sea it's not easy when you need to be baptized in Holy Spirit Oregon burn in fire all know that's not what it says it's as easy to baptize you with the Holy Spirit what hand with fire in other words you need to be baptized with the fire of the spirit now so you're not consumed with the fire of God 's presence in time and that's easy Junior because he makes that transition when he talks about in verse twelve he is willing to visit his hand and he will thoroughly purge his threshing floor and gather his wheat under the barn will burn up a chat with unquenchable fire in other words you will I see you soon with unquenchable fire these making a play on words I don't want anything in the East Jerusalem you say something with one phrase he was going with the second phrase so here is the universal life the baptism with fire baptism of the Holy Spirit is baptism of fire now the question is why diseases fire heap as a single of Holy Spirit here are their other symbols of the Holy Spirit the Bible the reason examples of simple Holy Spirit when we boil a job water matter how case again but particularly when boil water the job is a symbol of the spirit why does he talk about baptism with iron why does he use that and what is fire a symbol of the Bible let's come back to the book of Genesis I want take you through the Old Testament and really catch the richness of the symbolism of fire and then discuss what this baptism of fire is and how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit that this file so we've seen now that the baptism the Holy Spirit is also the baptism of fire and were asking yourself the question why is fire and then we want to apply that to our own lives are going to Genesis chapter one and let me give you the conclusion before we prove it sometimes that's of the biblical prophets did they give the conclusion of the beginning of exactly proven fire represents God 's glory God 's presence and God 's power as an additional unit of the Old Testament fire represents God 's glory God 's presence and God 's power so when the Bible talks about the baptism the Holy Spirit is filling up the baptism of fire is argument of baptism in God 's Lori God 's presence in God 's power what is another word for baptism the merciful so the baptism of fire by definition is giving you the conclusion of the work that we would the baptism of fire baptism is what everybody immersed in what is I represent God what a glory in his presence and his power so the baptism of the Holy Spirit finally now is not to get the job the baptism the Holy Spirit is even worse in it God 's glory will emerge you need God 's presence and emerging God 's power that is Holy Spirit now in God 's glory to God he is the glory of his character the latest truth is everything the court represents Celexa back to Genesis in which I discover from the Old Testament symbolism of fire Genesis one verse twenty four Genesis one verse twenty four this is the first mention of fire actually it is Genesis chapter three verse twenty four Genesis three verse twenty four this is the first mention of fire in the Bible when we have this mentioned fire what's going on here at the bar leaving the barn in the Bible says Genesis chapter three verse twenty four so he drove out the man and he placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden and a flaming sword which turned every way to guard the way to the tree line what did the flaming sword represent the presence and glory of God that would not let as many come back to think of it are you with me so the first mention of fire is the presence and glory of God we go to the next mentions the book of Exodus Chapter three is thanks a shattering them were looking there at the experience of Moses wandering in the wilderness and as Moses monitors in the wilderness because the way Bush now just a little aside on this story how long did Moses wandered in the wilderness forty years how old was he when he went into the wilderness for what he is like Moses into the wilderness and he killed a man in now I wonder what Moses was thinking we wander in the wilderness God I messed up my life feeling great I answer me God you really wanted to do something special with my life you providentially preserved me at my birth you let my Hebrew mother raised me for twelve years you gave me a education in the University of Egypt I understand history geography culture math science organization but Lord I became angry and I killed a man and I have totally ruined my life we went into the wilderness he was forty five years went by ten years went by twenty years went by twenty weeks the years and all the time is heavy thinking Lord I am wasting my years from his perspective they wasted years without a warrant God was playing a man Moses and Noah God was preparing and so the great Moses didn't know focusing what do you hear is using God I made a mistake God I see you got my destiny is never to be revealed I'm wondering around here in the wilderness of your related mistake in your life a big big mistake he said God wanted to use it one time and I really messed that up I messed up my moral purity maybe I never have a happy family I really messed my life I look back and amazing decisions that really were wrong and I don't know your choices that are not gotten usually God appeared to Moses after years of the burning Bush and God said to Moses Moses about what's happened in the past I have powerful future for you and through the glory and Francis of the fire of the spirit of the Lord to encourage our hearts in how our lives can send this out even if we think we failed God still meets us in our wilderness wanderings sealed the Holy Spirit comes to us so X is three were looking at verse two in the angel of the Lord appeared to him in the flame of fire in the midst of the Bush so he looked and behold the bush burned with fire the police was not one of Sue what did that fire represent the representative glory of while God because verse fourteen God said to Moses IEM who I am iambic iambic speakeasy of the Bush I am to my leaving power the killer thing I can finite iamb in the cloud that protection by day I am your strength to overcome the Amalekites and the Edomites in the Moabites I am your man a suitable heaven I am the rock where it becomes the rock Diane Diane and so the symbolism of fire represents the presence of God through the ministry of the Spirit who is our close efficiency every time to read fire in the Bible it's the presence of God shall acquire leads Israel by nine and what does that tell representative presence of God is leading when they made in the sanctuary and they made the most holy place what is right maybe art now there were two angels on the top of the argument was in the middle of that the chairman arrived in the Chicago area and that I represented well the presence of God did you think of other experiences the Old Testament that reveal the virus presence of God Mount Sinai enshrouded in the glory or the fire the presence of God similar one other one is deviant sure the one we meet about getting it pictures and what's in the pictures fire torches which is the presence of God similarly an Ottawa fire the presence of God we'll just take us that intestinal income areas like to mount caramel sure on this amazing parallel with that when on a lighter note card for three and a half years as a famine in the land right through that here is two hundred sixty days to sixty days five thirty eight seventy ninety eight euros symbolism Eli can translate without saying that you like to raise up after the literal drought the Advent movement the remnant raised about the this spiritual drought may have in Jezebel Church and State United just a great thing they want to Gilly like you to be like you cause them to the ten Commandments twelve sixty years by thirty to seventy ninety eight got raises up his arraignment he is Elijah movement as they go out to proclaim his law the fire falls the presence of God even the latter rain power to believe God 's Word and the cloud comes in the rain you know you see the parallelisms but again the fire you there represents the presence of God it beats that all courses details now you let's come to the you can come to the book of Ezekiel you have fiery streams such as Ezekiel Ramon what this foundation is extremely important on installing a biblical principle that William Miller established in what was millions principle let the Bible do well let the Bible do will be interpreted while self so when I read in revelation about fire coming down for nap like to interpret that is some nuclear holocaust what I interpret that as you fire is the glory presence of God yet the genuine fire the flow liar must be like the Gloria presence of Satan music so the fire coming down from heaven it works both miracles is a false Holy Spirit movement is a false spirit movement rather than belligerent Satan we you find the Internet itself accordingly that deeply this afternoon in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight Ezekiel chapter twenty eight word of the cleared Ezekiel twenty eight verse fourteen Ezekiel twenty eight verse fourteen you remember Ezekiel twenty eight is always speaking about is exactly discussion of Satan up and have it says in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight the end of verse twelve you were the seal of perfection full of wisdom and perfect in beauty you were need the garden of God is this Elizabethan garden got was that Satan Lucifer every precious stone was recovering the Sardis topaz diamond Darrell Onyx Jasper where those stones there can happen I think there in the new Jerusalem there in the capital of the universe the workmanship of the cables and pipes is a great musician was prepared for you on the day you were created you were in the anointing Sharon is Lucifer the Congress now the significance of that is going to shower the conference K when you look at the earthly sanctuary there were two what's another word for Sharon Angels they were to chart the envelope formed goals right and where were those two child support formula build in the earthly sanctuary where were the aware they were over the argument so the Bible says that Satan was in and pointed Sharon what he has anointed me shows and set aside Gabriel wasn't anointed cherub so Satan was what Lucifer was in was an anointed cherub conference he was one of the big angels that had one of the highest positions in the next of the ark of God throne of God right by the Shekinah glory of God that's why you would value is a significant because if anybody should know God 's character it was Lucifer the anointed Jen and Angel then it says very clearly here you walk back and forth in the midst of the wild fiery stone and what I represent what is this a loser for you will want to let that shows an angel you were next to God you are in the midst of the glory in the presence of God so fire the glory of God fire the presence of God fire and what power God than in the New Testament now acts chapter two we read in acts chapter two that God had given a promise in acts chapter one acts chapter one verse four six and being assembled together with them he commanded that not far from Jerusalem but to wait for the well wait for the promise of the father and that's a promise of the Holy Spirit which he said you ever made for John truly baptized with water Jesus promised in Luke chapter twenty four verse twenty nine we read the Bible within Holy Spirit shone in Matthew three verse eleven is actually baptized with the Holy Spirit and with one the fulfillment of that baptism of the Holy Spirit and with fire is on Pentecost in the early rain first time John truly baptized with water but you'll be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now first he but when the when you receipt you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you'll be witnesses unto me identical saving are you baptized in Holy Spirit I think the phrase the long run I is is how you know and as I speak with the is and what you are not the I speak with tongues or we can understand what I preach I speak with tongues and nobody noticed him egregiously good to operate the big guys and I speak English when I'm with the Americans like understanding using the greatest evidence that even baptized in the Holy Spirit is a transformed life that reveals the fruits of the spirit and places of passion in your heart to witness man is not the stages assure you this afternoon aesthetic utterances that nobody understands when talking about this afternoon three with the Bible truly teaches the greatest definition baptized with Holy Spirit is that you are transforming our leads you from a selfish to sell less life and you have one passion unless the witness because that's the Bible says in verse eight but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me so we you are at the Holy Spirit will witness if you have no desire to witness as an indication when I get baptized in Holy Spirit is a central aspect of your life is a self-centered egotistical life it's evidence that the Holy Spirit is not emerged yet you may be convicted by the spirit to spirit ranges work in your life but once the spirits feel you you have a desire to share his love for others you have a desire to share Jesus with others that can be no inner baptism without a outer witness the Internet is always leaves of the outer wing is now infected tongues of fire and here in acts chapter two the Bible says now in the panic day of Pentecost had fully come asked to verse one they were all with one accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting then there appeared to them divided tongues of fire and one sat upon them and they were all field with the Holy Ghost were to talk about what it means to speak with other tongues this afternoon and get the significance of that look at every passage in investment on Psalms one hundred times miracles and assigns this afternoon but this morning we need to concentrate on his fire buyer is a representation of immersion in the presence of God that God uses finer because of three reasons yes fire shows the presence the glory and power of God but God could have chosen water he could've chosen when we chose fire why buyer does three things the fire reveals fire consumes and fire energizes or empowers and that's what I want to study with you this morning if I truly baptized by the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit living in my heart reveals my pride my selfishness my love of the session Michael Sheen this might have assisted my downright meanness if you are truly baptized by the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit within you shows you things about your cell but nobody else knows first Corinthians chapter three verse thirteen the first point were making use of the genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit is not electrical impulse shooting up your spine it's not your dearest tangling and is not yelling out gibberish in pride and that nobody else understands in fact the true manifestation of the Holy Spirit is God speaking to your heart through his word in writing in your heart to reveal D&D to use things that nobody else he wanted to see first Corinthians in chapter three verse thirteen first Corinthians chapter three verse thirteen oh to verse twelve and thirteen now anyone builds on this foundation with gold silver precious stones wood hay and straw like that talking about if you try to build a foundation of faith on your own wisdom euro strength your own spirituality one this can be revealed because you can you can do a lot of pretending you can do a lot of you can pretend to be a Christian in the drywall the actions of being a Christian and you can do a lot of external fooling other people beautiful letting people hear what you're building a foundation the Bible says of gold silver precious stones wood hay straw it is all extra each one's work will be manifest for the day that his second coming will declare it because it will be revealed by fire and the fire will test each one's work of what sort it is the first thing that I want to talk to you about is the buyer reveals fire reveals on my knees I pray Lord revealed to me the things I don't see Lord in Laodicea I am spiritually blind at times baptize me with your presence what is the baptism of fire is busy worshiping in God 's glory in his presence and his power Lord baptized me with your presence baptize me when you glory revealed in my heart things about myself that I do not know my wife and I been married forty three years and forty three years ago in June and June twenty five nineteen sixty seven we took our honeymoon into New Hampshire we went to anything in college both of us as we were married there in sixty seven and so I had very little money at that time don't do much today but anyway I I had very little so we decided to take a very simple little honeymoon stated a very small place the hotel on a little late Bob Aziz and I want to go up to four Ticonderoga it's a fork in which took place in the French Indian war and then I want to go there and I was interested in arrowheads I want to find an arrowhead so I was looking all around parents I never found one but I was looking all around looking over and translate these arrowheads and I think I was against it before and I said tell me a little bit we walked delivering even more nice in wearing some of the greatest arrowheads these of you know you're walking over that ground all around before we found arrowheads every year we ground is so hard on you I think possibly my narrow it is very interesting and logical when you think about when the Indians before they shot at the floor obviously added that they were shooting is where the arsenal falling into the one thing I need to stick the Internet over the years maybe those hours basic fishing outings reasoning are sticking around the fourth and has I was on those arrowheads seem in the soil so there about an inch beneath the soil when this warning comes after the winter and there's a flaw brings into the top any sending me those arrowheads are about an inch or two inches beneath the soil and in the spring law is to bring them to the top and when the Taurus are coming through then you'll find arrowhead here in our hit their other arrowheads in your heart either arrowheads in your heart the arrowhead of pride the arrowhead of loss the arrowhead of egotism the arrowhead of bitterness the arrowhead of resentment the arrowhead of racial pride and prejudice other arrowheads in your heart the down there and they're not on the surface it on your knees before God praying your same Lord their arrowheads in my heart that the gentleness in the Springs and make the spring bring them out later reign of the spirit bring about me the buyer of the spirit revealed and what inspired you fire reveals fire reveals look at Hebrews police fire reveals and the Hebrews chapter twelve fire reveals what's deep within us via reveals what's deep within the soul keeper chapter twelve verse fifteen the Holy Spirit the baptism of fire is the baptism of the glory of God that revealed within me seems that nobody else sees that leaves me in the final generation to confess those sins before God so they are not hindrances in my witness to the people around me or hindrances the people that I am trying to witness to worship twelve verse fifteen looking diligently looking how looking casually looking halfheartedly looking superficially looking occasionally looking like is not working diligently earnestly and determinedly carefully okay looking carefully determine her lest anyone fall short of the grace of God I will call short of the grace of God you lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble and by this many become to file so he says diligently lest any root of bitterness have you ever seen as a leading below are by chopping off the weed in the surface and leaving the room there that takes care the problem is the shop that thing off and you got weeds growing up in your drafts and you just come along with about an thousand leaves off and what's can happen the next time you cut the grass and daily background what does the Bible say looking while diligently lest any root cannot live on the Internet spring up and cause one trouble roots produce shoes and shoes produced for this really is pretty is what shoes and she was producing offers excellent you will Internet it's in a previous issue anger which is going to produce the fruit I broken relationships if you have the will in your heart you should direct a you reduce the shoe immorality which of the you see so the overall season battery loses introduces a shoe which ultimately will reduce a friend so I want to deal with that I have to chop down that she was at the root because I don't count down the issue at the roads we'll continue to produce the fruit minute I want to find I got a gift that brings you are that the Bible thinks is right and that's the Bible teaches looking diligently lest anyone fall short of the grace of God lest any root of bitterness spring up was trouble the roots are always in a cholesterol was a large deal with that room for me he went that route I wanted to cut this thing on top I want to cut it off I want to get at the root he will never get at the root of you don't see the root yelling at Richview my wife and I have a patio we made a mistake we should report concrete on the patio we put some papers on in the big ten cement between highest going after those mean Sigma between newspapers constantly taken us into thinking I was thinking of things that for about four years I picked them up and never get all the rooms I found a guy who could come in and using all of those things he puts a special chemical all between them it seems than he does is not implemented yet but anyway ridiculous rooms with everyone I want the fire of God 's Spirit to reveal to me the roots in my own heart God is not the type why is the operating table and reform the psycho spiritual surgery on your mind he will allow you to kneel before him in deep repentance asking him to reveal to you those deep shoes within the heart Ellen White saw this take place and she had to have quite quite incredible vision I want to read that vision to you she describes a scene that she saw in a dream and it's it's it's a quite an amazing scene that takes place in this in the stream in the dream she sees a vision of a meeting with Senator family church leaders and Ashley sees this vision she hears of power as she sees this new imagery in this vision he sees this and you can even check this out if you want if you want to get a reference in altering the story it's a final testimonies page one oh four six eight vitamin A testimonies page one oh four one oh six eight yes volume eight page one oh four one oh six in the dream she sees the group of address and the role together as a leverage the power concerned and she sees the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on she sees little programs for she sees people weeping and repentance of their sins she sees one person get up over here and he finds one of his brethren decision on sending and human so sorry she sees people coming together and from the result of that she says God 's people went out and preached the gospel to the world and it hasten the coming of Jesus then she woke up and she was just trembling and she said this is what might have been but it didn't happen because of pride in the heart what is amazing to me why did that happen because they can go deep enough and good enough that they were not willing personally that generation to look within their own hearts and let the fire reveal what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit is not emotional ecstasy inches deep repentance when in the presence of God on my knees allowing God to do work in my heart through the ministry and work of his Holy Spirit so the first thing the fire does is fire what reveals the second thing the fire does is fire consumes a Ezekiel chapter twenty four verses eleven to thirteen in Ezekiel chapter twenty four verse eleven to thirteen fire consumes Ezekiel twenty four and were looking at verse eleven to thirteen fire reveals and fire consumes what is the baptism of fire the baptism of fire he is a the presence of the spiritual life that not only reveals character deficiencies but consumes them through his power is allowing the spirit to do something in me that I never do in myself Ezekiel twenty four Percy Lebanon will then set the pot empty on the tools that it may become hot and its bronze labor this is a horrible that God was getting to Ezekiel that is filthy this may be melted that is all may be while consumed she has wearied itself with a lie verse twelve inner greatness is not going from her letters being the fire in your filthiness is lewdness because I curriculum your current field and so he's he's talking Israel and he says let her yes the file so what does fire his injuries burns or consumes the law this adhered on you knees and say Lord I started my life I want that something is I want to be baptized with Holy Spirit in baptism the Holy Spirit is emerged in the presence and glory of God where he reveals to me what stands where he considers those areas of open rebellion against God now there is a difference between the mean is that we have because we reside in human flesh and rebellion against God UN IRS are are we we tendencies toward Judaism is the devil 's temptations lead us to fool through the power of the Holy Spirit God can enable us to be strong but we still is long is where this world are going to have a physical body any week and mine and we will never come to the place we decided she'd rather arrived we are all saved by God 's grace we are below wasting it on the indwelling of the Spirit in our hearts and lives to a lesser faceless invasion the same there is never a time in his life where I can say is gone on me I have the spiritual strength to overcome Satan wanted that attitude you have already fallen because you orient brining your heart the Bible says that God is going to consumers on this what is the purpose of fire duties to reveal it is to consume take your Bible please enter to Malachi chapter three verse two and three Lord Murray him he three Holy Spirit assume everything is not in harmony with your will Malachi three verse two and three three verse two and three but who can endure more than it is coming out by last will and testament chapter three verse two but who can endure the day of his coming to understand that when he appears he is like a wad of refiners fire what we do in verse three use it as a refiner 's and purifier of silver he will purify the sons of Levi courage them as gold and silver that he may offer to the Lord an offering of righteous in righteousness where I want my life to be offering in what righteousness not in unrighteousness right and drive through the baptism of the Holy Spirit do you see the expression of that has been always there is a lot deeper than many of our Pentecostal friends and never imagine the baptism of fire is the mercy and in the presence of glory and power of God than any videos got permission to reveal in my life separates me from the Indians got permission in my life to consume those things that he reveals I sometime ago read a story about old diminishes Dalmatian and old Dalmatia the real problem with finding adequate either wood for homes for rent for whole so what they have to do is use a break that had been truly mean it now feeling an opportunity to all its stakes I mean its things and stinks instincts bitumen is so bad usually older from I don't know how unified our yards away that the wind is going in the right direction in the field is so bad driver it's time they build their homes out of two women uninhabitable by the patrolman is combustible so once they would build their homes they would burn it when the two minute was an undergrad would come to the surface and you would be all over and out all consumed in the homes would look like white marble and they would smell this now a beautiful pure hi Mike an old bitumen Brink I think pretty that there's a lot of scholarly and Jesus comes with his spirit he says Mark I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit I want my spirit to fall upon you to burn up everything in you that is still everything and use feel and I want to make you a temple for the living God that my spirit well the baptism of fire occurs when on our knees before God we ask them to reveal who we are and we asked him to consume that feels we need us to make us the kind of people that we ought to be there is one other thing about fire and is why God gives us fire I would like you though just before I go to that point I missed the text that I wanted to give you and that was numbers thirty one verse twenty three numbers thirty one verse twenty three is talking about this idea of fire in a cleansing power of passage numbers thirty one verse twenty three this is the house so that God has given and it LEDs and phrases is talking about the leave ordinance of the law phase talking this out in this passage of the rings when they come back from war in the enemy 's goods and he makes an interesting statement in verse twenty three and you show to the Old Testament concept of fire again cleansing it links those two numbers thirty one verse twenty three everything akin to our fire you shall put through the fire and it shall be one clean it to be purified with the water purification brought it cannot endure fire you put through water so fire here again is mentioned as a great sample of what claims and purification he read that now I frequently read it you read it again fire is shown in the Old Testament as a symbol of cleansing and a symbol of empowerment and sometimes those things are linked a good illustration of the linking of cleansing and empowerment is Isaiah so we seen that fire symbolizes the fire revealed as we seen the fire consumes or cleanses baptism of fire now we're looking at Isaiah and you will notice in Isaiah the sixth chapter of Isaiah chapter six and this is the story of seeing Isaiah 's death in God 's call to Isaiah and verse six in Isaiah six but the back and reversed by well at the back of reverse brain well it's been reversible not to be in the year that were rehearsal here at design time I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up in the train of his robe filled the temple instead about the seraphim each one had six wings which to recover to we covered his face and do not receive into his blue and white right the utterance that holy holy holy is the watercolor is full of his glory now to get the impact of this here's what I gather the baptism of fire the baptism of fire the glory of God the cleansing of God the revelation of our sin and the proclamation of the gospel the last days okay now the whole earth is full of his glory keep your finger in Isaiah six what prophecy in Revelation talks about the whole article of the glory of God forty nine revelation flag well not quite fourteen is okay but not right on this point PhD you've got okay revelation eighteen emperors what one after these things I saw an angel coming down from heaven having great what power or authority even one power in the earth was illuminated or field with his wife Lori when the latter reign of the spirit is born out in the baptism of fire on class a church the Lord will be filled with the law glory of God and the glory of God 's character and what is the baptism of fire it is an emergency and in the presence and power and glory of God and when does that occur when the fire of the spirit reveals in consumes and empowers our life so we read in Revelation eighteen one about the earth the illuminated with the one on the white guy now we come back to Isaiah six because Isaiah says in the year thing is I die what significance of that is the ISS facility the sanctuary and all pillows I hope what I control the fan when Isaiah God Isaiah and I would like the whole world was on control it would look like Elizabeth was found in the midst of chaos I saw John on his front and their godsend to me the earth is the zeal with my glory now we go to verse five when we are baptized in the Spirit and the fire from the sanctuary comes into our hearts but we safer side and I said what was being I wonder because fire is what first revealed his because I'm a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips I seen the King the Lord of hosts the closer I come to Jesus the more I feel loyalty all my own eyes I want to say something because in a group is large is always somebody is a little over conscientious it's more right for the fire to spirit to reveal your sin but that's cool happens to you you can be so depressed so this garden so guilty on such a sinner for me I told him about ugliness of it would dry out that we do something which is not overly it's all right to see yourself some time and look to Jesus and Jesus and Jesus Hanauer he will show you your cell so that you will look in the goal of the Holy Spirit is not to leave you guilty is a gift of forgiveness is the goal of finishing his collegiate lacrosse cry so I think that would join up the outpouring of the Spirit Isaiah says in Isaiah chapter six verse six first first by what was me I'm done the fire dispute reveals because I'm a man as well this is the likelihood my eyes seemed as because I come to the King and I see his gracious loving righteous character had the more I know I need him then it says then one of the Sarah flew to be having as an ally would you take a windfall from the altar here is the coal of fire the glory of France is the power of God I see myself I need to cleanse the eight thousand is the will is is touched your lips and nursing is taken away this is your release words and cry words and criticism words and the words of arrogance cursing words immoral words what color juggling touch your elitist you see anything away your sin is very when the fire of the Spirit reveals to us I see him we linger before God Jesus is filed when he is often encourage our there's nothing in your life is still atmospheric temperatures as there is those the volumes you the spirit cannot go towards levels you there is no failure in your life that cannot be coins by the Spirit no weakness in the power fan he says also I heard the voice saying like those who will go for us then I said here and I see you many say tell these people fire reveals fire consumes fire energizes fire in our the Bible calls God 's ministers some take your Bible please enter to the hunger games what song the hundred and fourth Psalm him and God 's fluoride is not a generation of youth the fire of his Holy Spirit and through the energy and power that they are God 's final movement is to take the gospel to the world Psalm one oh four verse four who makes his angels spirits and his ministers a flame of fire you laid the foundations of the earth what is he talking a flame of fire bugle boy field with his glory filled with his friend filled with this power to share the gospel to the world Hebrews chapter one the capital 's counterfeit is the false fire of time this handful of miracles and false sign the genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit is the repeatedly transformed life that goes out with the power of the living God to take on the bastions of hell and to triumph over the principles in principle principalities available Hebrews chapter one verse fourteen and they are they not all ministering recs send forth to minister for those leaving inherent salvation there is a relationship in Psalm one oh four four with Hebrews one fourteen in Psalm one oh four four eight talks about ministering spirits angels I unite with the minister is likely over the Holy Spirit here in says that these angels are ministers of those that will be heirs of salvation the Holy Spirit and Angels cooperate together as we are tied with virus filled with the Holy Spirit Angels direct us to the homes of those white thinking angels direct people who are seeking to us what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit baptism of the Holy Spirit using version in the presence of God for God to reveal sin in my life got to consume sin in my life and God energizing power minister is what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the version in the glory of God and letting God 's glory just flow through me the three Angels messages fear God and give glory to him for the Army judgments getting God 's glory what is the baptism the Holy Spirit is an attitude where everything I have been everything I am I give to him because I want his glory to flow through my life when God 's people who are so immersed in his spirit that are baptized with the fire of his glorious presence he will pour his spirit out through them can energize them I love the way that the tools home puts it so clearly and so beautifully so magnificently physical holdings puts it like this it says oh fire of God burn on burn on chill all my frosts is burned away of fire of God Vern on burn on prepare me testing for the sing a song spirit of the living God fall fresh on me and this was using my audio verse four Gbytes generation of Christ are you like to learn more about you might see please visit www. received my son when you are hereby the more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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