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Strange Fire on Church Altars

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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El Salvador type of thing is true in counterfeiting in the spirit but I wanted to see his friend Lewis had a dramatic encounter with God and the Holy Spirit transformed his life so will come on up and I met with about a year ago and will I get the mic on CNET that we don't have a handheld see and understand pretty closely as is your first UIC well yes it first do I see but two years ago what we doing I was partying and drinking you okay party drinking on drugs two years ago about a year ago something happened in your life what was it my mother had invited me to the discovery zoning down in Orlando Florida Orlando Florida the first night you came was rather interesting what what what what what was the state you were in when she brought to the meeting on Friday and eighty four I had during my eighteen years and I came to church every homeowners on alcohol so will walk into the meeting down in Orlando he was hung over and came to my evangelistic meeting and that these his mother and I drank you there but what happened in your heart will first night I felt the Holy Spirit guy I went in front and I give my life to God in him and in that commitment what happened is torture happened to concern I quit drinking in my neck is broken and him and understanding the first the first years over and I need my life so much I see him door is open for you during the last year while I was offers unemployed those able to get my alcohol I am coming to Florida Hospital where I talk to the patient that they would know my diseases they share their testimonies and in the same I personally with them you mean the testimony on this it was so many things are not what is the difference in your mental state and the difference in the peace of mind you have now seen for alcohol you do not find that you discovered in Christ it was like a shadow everything they can remember ten years emphasized smoke for ten years and I think for a and I really can't member everything I normally start calling them when I was baptized in November my vision my memories love the guy asked me just herein and is able to see again and feel like I I'm no read more of the Holy Spirit is alive fear is a young man walks into our evangelistic meetings hello but yet through that he's suffered is the Holy Spirit site using machined using remakes and he's out there now working for a hospital witnessing for Jesus as we start today let's have a prayer for wheel and a prayer that God 's spirit will continue to move father I thank you from will be brought in off the streets in your transformed his life by your Holy Spirit and hearing is today a witness for God he reassuring his testimony with others we thank you for that Jesus we know that your Holy Spirit is real we know that your life-changing power is real now I pray leaving you bless will continue to open doors before him to serve you and during this meeting this afternoon give us a glimpse of your glory and your power we pray for you in Jesus name amen thank you well God bless my brother when you go out and work for Jesus and the Holy Spirit works in your life you seem like life changed for God 's glory I was given a Bible study back in Tennessee we were the little log cabin was blocked the main road we gone up in your rodent on week after week for months I've been and what we call when the Tennessee tolerance of your Tennessee you know what I'm talking about any Tennessean see if you day and night back in those hours you know you go back in there and you wondered anybody lives there you keep going back and back further in this log cabin floor at dad getting Bible studies I've been giving studies this family for a number of months and one day a man walking and first words I was not the phrase of the Lord on heels that is again raised the Lord unhealed time is smoking a big cigar magazine praise the Lord O'Neill 's appraisal or any of the things that are this was many years ago when I was young in those days and not quite as diplomatic as I looked at the big cigar man I said to the big cigar man thinks about and what one practices are what we are healed up in the smoke the big cigar he said praise the Lord I'm healed of lung cancer and he repeated it raise alarm on heels of lung cancer and I think tell me your story makes a darn hand says he smoked a cigar he said that about six months ago I went to the doctor I was having trouble with my love is in trouble breathing the doctor turned in at the rate and they found a spot of my will the doctor told me that that was cancer I have just gone back to the doctor now and it seems that the X array the long is clear and I am healed praise the Lord and I said to the big cigar man I was not to I sent by the server will help the big sendoff and this is what he said to me young man you know this was a number of years ago and John Van if you have enough space you can smoke as many seminars as you want an answer will never touch if you have enough faith you can smoke his many cigars as you want and cancer will never touch my question is what is the what is the is they believe they did that I have taken it if I have cancer and I believe hard enough I will be healed is that faith is faith believing that he is on a and don't have enough income and I pray hard enough and I believe hard enough that I may find ten thousand in the mail tomorrow what he is saying is that he is a good luck charm that enables me to do whatever I want believe they that God is a cosmic Santa Claus is going to give me the gift I needed it bad that I desire what is faith faith in fact in the Bible is still important and incidentally faith in the Holy Spirit are closely aligned and this is a series of the Holy Spirit would very much windfall manifestations of the Holy Spirit so we begin by clean looking at moment Luke chapter eighteen safety and I'm so glad that so many people occupied homes that you're taking notes that your underlining some of the questions asked in this section I would like to write out any questions you want to remain between this session in the next session and now start next session by just taking a written questions and answering that time Geoffrey Chambers you say is so important that he came drinking per se Jesus says he's speaking about the time the time that we are now living I tell you that he will avenge them speedily nevertheless when the Son of Man comes will he really find faith on earth Jesus is so concerned about genuine authentic faith that it will be in short supply just before he comes the Bible says when the Son of Man comes will you really find faith on earth in other words music and the genuine faith is real I count everything I call understandings about faith but will that be genuine Willoughby what authentic faith and honor what his faith was selling for God gives an entire chapter in the Bible on Hebrews Chapter 11 subject your Bible please turn the recap her left because people never understand the genuine and the counterfeit manifestations of the Holy Spirit is important to understand the nature of biblical faith because the nature of biblical faith in the Holy Spirit closely law outlawing so Jesus says in the last days of earth history will say these things will be in short supply honoring what is the Hebrews eleven verse one now faith is the substance of things hoped for sauce Stan is so Marines that means understands means the essence of the thing is the essence of faith is the essence of that which stands under your entire religious experience thing is the essence of that which supports thing is the very foundation of your Christian experience faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen faith is the foundation of the things we hoped for Faith is the essence of the things we have not yet seen for buying by see the elders obtained a good testimony he talks about by faith we understand that the world was created by God this is just the first three by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God one should never try to prove creation by science I believe there is an adequate scientific evidence to reveal creation but there are loopholes there are questions that we don't have all the answers to that doesn't trouble me and will because I believe the scientific evidence for creation is greater than the scientific evidence revolution if you think we has no approvals we normally have some creation we all there's things we are stand still some things the scientific world we can explain that doesn't help me one bit there's a lot of delicious but you can't have you never take things on the Christian life and that's why the Bible doesn't say by science we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God since I live by faith faith is the foundation so we accepted the Genesis account my family and we look to the scientific evidence to confirm that say but would never complete scientific evidence because if you want proof creation by your intellect alone you leave out they face is the essence of what Christianity is all about so do we have evidence of creating sure but don't ever look for who are rocksolid argument is that in the leave no questions because the existence of God ours acquire Spain nobody's thing and hottest things related to healing and how does it relate to the Holy Spirit mirror were to look at verse or not by faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain through which he obtained witness that he was righteous God testifying of his gifts and through the being that still speaks as long as this thing was so good you got it killed people did not have faith he would have with but since Angel had faith you die it was me on this one some people say if you have faith you will always be healed but the first illustration in the Bible is a man Wednesday and I didn't have faith he would win the day and have faith changing their faith in what he came to the live but IMO I think any guy cables that was over he got killed he is a a will is a cooperative animal sacrifice Cain did not have faith any presumption anytime building the next one here first by thinking he was translated so we didn't see death not get real confused here people in Dayton he died in a dead faint he lived let's get going here very interesting person by faith Noah being divinely warned things not just the mood with godly fear prepared in our bill I have faith and he found exactly what God said the state in the same place and didn't leave his hometown crowd in twenty years verse eight by faith Abraham obeyed when he was called out over the place but he would have to would receive an inheritance know what they know had taken a state neighbor and I think the left angle I think he died because they feel it will keep going and you think you can please now for select by faith Sarah herself also receive strength of the cc well Sarah I think and she conceived it takes our agency told what he was a child ninety if you don't think that is faith talking great great grandmother him I say that I surface stains and she has this paper is to receive the child look at verse seventeen by faith Abraham where he was tested or perhaps I so sorry state and she receives the child Abraham has faith in your present the same child able has baby dies Inc. is a new lives no as they these days a revisiting Windows server has been confusing as a job they were missing the office of the child we keep going Joseph has faith verse twenty two and Joseph has faith in God sends him into Egypt to become a rich man Moses has faith verse twenty three and got Legion on Egypt to become a poor man must now wait a minute where we go in here with this able has faith and he was dies intestate any lien is the last thing that he is staying as ignorant as they go Sarah has faith and she can see the job and resume paying present a child Joseph estate and he goes into Egypt that he is rich Moses is faith and he gives up the riches of Egypt and he comes out coolest things greater cables or UNIX whose faith is greater Sarah 's array perhaps the site is greater Moses now what kind of really brings this whole chapter to a conclusion and begins that the lights turn on your mind on the nature of biblical faith is found in Hebrews Chapter 11 verse twenty four is talking about these worthies of faith in insisting on Wednesday the violence of fire they escaped the edge of the soul or so here these people through faith the state-of-the-art in a sort of fashion aroma and persecute a Roman persecutor is running to take the head of water in question in the Christian has faith and invisible Angel holds the hand of that Roman persecutor the sword shapes in their hand they draw in the person estates the edge of the sword by faith but they looking at verse thirty seven they were stolen they were sworn in some error they were tempted they were slain with the sword some verse thirty seven says these people thinking they were slain with the sword and verse thirty four says these people and that gives it the edge of the sword what is faith let me give you definition of biblical faith here is where Hebrews eleven is coming from Hebrews eleven gives us examples that are contrast pictures didn't teach us that they has nothing to do with what's happening around you but everything was happening inside city is trusting God as a friend well-known that leaves me to do whatever he asks regardless of the consequences phase this is biblical faith they is trusting God as a friend well-known that means me to do whatever he asks regardless of the consequences Sophie is able saying Lord I'm want for this sacrifice because he is trusting you it is obedience to you and please enable to die I think Leeds United to live living or dying is not the issue of trusting God and glorify him in my life is the issue him as saying I know in your hometown and never traveling to the mission field but witnessing for God in building the Ark where you are is a God calls you might like Abraham even in a state like no are you with me because he is neither stated nor gullwing state is hearing the voice of God in your heart entrusting him and doing whatever he has to do it takes as much faith to stay in your home search of forty two members than it does to the mission field for six years in three to six thousand days is doing what God tells you to do in the heart gets trusting God in all circumstances it takes faith to conceive a child about say something when those gifted teenagers and I give them up it takes faith to visit when you can see them all when you give them off it takes faith to be poor but it takes a lot of faith to be rich so the issue is not an original for the issues like Prescott do whatever you so what these things why was the big cigar with wrong because feedlot is a was is telling God what God was supposed to do for him rather than trusting God and opening his heart to be obedient to God and letting God transform his life still in the issue of the Holy Spirit revealing Dave says Lord I know it is your will to heal but I'm not quite sure when the time is the time could be immediate healing it could be a gradual healing it could be a healing when you come again I know that your character of love wants me to be healthy but I also know that I live in a sinful world where sickness takes God 's children and if you calling me to glorify human death I want to do that if you call me glorify you and gradually feeling a want to do that if you're going to will I you and in an instant healing wanted to have surely when the Bible biblical concept of the Holy Spirit revealing that will look at the counterfeit manifestations genuine biblical faith is trusting God as a friend well-known knowing that you'll never do me any harm in any circumstance in my life and a willingness to do whatever he asks whenever news when I trust a friend and I have a close friend I know that Sprint will never intentionally doing any harm is a wonderful thing to have friends like that and know that you can trust them to know that they are never going to intentionally willingly do you harm note that they always have your best forth in them some people say they got you back music that's in a friend 's they are somebody who's honest with you somebody was open with you but somebody who's there will never intentionally do you harm God is like that God never again has harmed for us and even if we are in the midst of a sinful rebellious world were sickness comes God will take that sickness and use it for his glory and either he was instantly gradually allow us to go to sleep as we trust him to bring glory to him once this nuance in my mind it made a big difference and it's this there is something more and more than my individual healing it is the glory of God God 's glory if God can be glorified with instant healing phrases name if I can glorify him through the afflictions of the body during the time that life goes on and I can be witness to others praise his name in fact close my eyes and sleep praise his name there was a time in the Gospels where Jesus had healed people all day and the next day as he walked away and left six people it wasn't because they didn't have they any tell you why else the hardware to this Bible passage in Mark one and if you have your Bible I was sitting with Johnny Erickson 's hot some of you have heard that name Johnny Erickson is hot you'll remember that she was a teenager you may have seen the movie on her life or written the book on her life she was in a diving accident and became a quadriplegic she had a spinal cord injury after the diving accident she couldn't use her hands and couldn't user fee and I was sitting in her studio and I was putting pencils in her mouth as she didn't know drawings he was in she was using a soft pencils at the time and I put a pencil in her mouth and she would use it as you is driving the horses pictures and I said what's the most difficult thing to draw about drawing like this and she said the lousy taste of these pencils and so he is by doing something like this and she just an amazing person but we left there to do some traveling routes in the back of her man I said Johnny have you ever been concerned that you weren't healed and how have you worked out a theology of healing is using MRI first had the accident I was in had this one avoiding injury I was paralyzed from my my entire body she's right many Christian friends they simply break even got a few new and appraising the Gato healing eulogies and one day I was reading and in those early days she would of course have revival above her head and user hands and it would be a little standings you were to turn the pages with her talk she is one of the best Bible students that I have met she's just a great from men dislike Christian committeewoman and she said Marco I read Mark chapter one and she gave me insights on Mark once I have never seen before I've read at another time but Mark one you start with verse thirty two mission this passage with me explaining to me a biblical theology of healing that makes so much sinus gives Marquette one verse thirty one onwards it is now an evening when the sun had set they brought to him all who were sick and those who were demon possessed so here you have a city in verse thirty two of Mark one that brings the Jesus everybody was sentencing the possessed minute says at first thirty three the whole city was gathered together at the door so you have scores of people and hundreds of the menacing the whole city is that Jesus don't then he healed what's the next order to heal verse three for what is healed while his manual all is not many many is not all he healed many who were sick with various diseases and cast out many demons we develop demons to speak because they knew him so inherently heals many who were sick next night Jesus goes to sleep verse thirty five now in the morning having risen a great while before daylight he would help the party to a solitary place very brave there's certainly a relationship between Jesus prayer life in Jesus power verse thirty six Simon and those who went in search for him when they found him they said and everybody is looking for you what these people are looking for Jesus what happened the night before you they were looking for and why to get healed because he can heal everybody tonight before there were still people say and they wanted to come and be healed so zero people that want to be healed the next day now what if Jesus response to Peter when he says many stupid people are sick and they are not healed Jesus now a lucid days and gives us light on the reason why he came Peter says everyone is looking for you verse thirty seven or thirty eight but he Jesus said that let's go into the next town that I may preach there also because for this purpose I've come for all so Jesus is very clear he doesn't say the purpose I came forth is to heal sick I is in the purpose I came for is to do well proclaim the gospel because of our people Jesus healed it would be still more people that were sick so Jesus came not to give them seven or eight or ten more years of this life he came to give me directly please add this purpose I came for didn't you preach the gospel to bring glory to God so the purpose of Jesus ministry was certainly physical mental and spiritual healing but Jesus recognized that you can heal the body but if you don't transform people 's lives spiritually than I die and they to be consumed in the lake of fire so he said the greatest issue of life is bringing glory to the font however this purpose I came forth to glorify my God proclaimed his word so any understanding of the healing and the Holy Spirit must factor in these two things one that faith is not a good luck charm to get God to do what I wanted to do the things he is trusting God as a friend of well-known knowing he will never did me any harm and that they access his way around my something any theology and biblical teaching of healing and Holy Spirit the link those two things secondly that the purpose of the gospel is not predominantly physical healing but spiritual and where physical healing can bring glory to God Jesus for that is our feeling but their time the greater glory is brought to God by the sea gradual healing or by revealing God 's love during the time of your now there are prophecies of the Revelation that reveal that one of Satan 's greatest delusions in the last days is going to come over this issue of counterfeit healing I want to look at those processes in memory in the back and say happy deliverance between genuine and currently viewing we are living in a generation the postmodern secular generation that says you show me before I believe showing importantly no here's what's going to happen because we live in a society that is dismissed God 's word and a Hollywood generation that does not want to study very much but once the instant one of the major problems of mass media is that mass media gives instant solutions to complex problems when you spend a hundred and twenty million on a moving terrain the branding it does just that it is not merely the content of the movie but it is a scheduling sensation that occurs as you sit on the edge of your seat in a spellbinder that destroys the brain for rational study that's the issue that's the issue is not only the content into the medium that so stimulates the brain that Revelation twenty one looks for because when you allow a twenty million dollars just to stimulate the brain cells here allowing the devil regulatory and you're surrendering him I too another for us and so what happens is that you go to study the Bible and it seems only what is most exciting thing in the world when you take that which is real and make it real it takes that which is real and tries to give me the impression that the real is unreal unreal Israel and the mind becomes confused between the two so what the devil is smart to the devil is really really smart he was Lucifer the covering angel so here's here's what he's going to do in the future I'm not proud of reprocessing is a nonprofit arena prophecies if you can take a whole generation of youth and saturate their minds with mass media on television and you can get them to disbelieve the Bible and distant and become skeptical doubt God 's word and if you destroy the mine for rational study but yet the heart longs for transcendental reality heart longs to know that there's something out there is a so you develop a lot of movies that have the great controversy thing as you develop a lot of movies that have been demonic satanic the music when this is going you stimulate the emotions with this satanic themed with this great controversy thing you stimulate emotions then you counterfeit genuine biblical religion it's like transformational with false miracles and because the mind is not understanding the Bible because we have a whole generation of illiterate biblically illiterate people in America today you counterfeit the study of God 's word which is licensed transforming with the spectacular and the spectacular sensational based so what you do is you weren't false miracles false healing the people that are the most old for the false manifestation of the gift of tongues today are the intellectuals because they want experience in one experience using it from another way in a computerized nonpersonal society when the devil due to the counterfeit gift of the Holy Spirit and that so-called fill your heart and let everybody don't we long for experience don't we long for love don't we long for the genuinely authentic the real so here's that it wasn't available these can take a cold impersonal society is looking for reality and he's getting him a sensitive religious experience any necessity religious experiences and it was some kind of power this can be false miracles as he besides wonders how I show you that revelation and accidentally to the market-based power shortage of revelation and wanted to just tell the difference between the genuine account reporting aquifers at the revelation we look to what biblical faith is now branching into what's happening in our world window first Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen the devil is preparing a genuine if you have these preparing the counterfeit for this world we go to Revelation chapter thirteen were to get a little bit of this obvious counterfeit manifestation and then we'll get revelation the thirteenth chapter and you look their Revelation thirteen and let's start with Revelation thirteen verse thirteen he performs great signs so that he makes fire down from heaven under this item and remember in the Bible you Whitney before I first class fire represents what the power presence and glory one of God you thought you will is making back down what's that is the power and presence and glory of the evil one is a counterfeit you know because in the book of Revelation you have three representing the father son and Holy Spirit but you also have to drag these you have so for everything that there is a genuine there is a counterfeit CNN genuine manifestation of the gifted jobs that is the true manifestation that God deems the ability to speak in a language that people understand him without looking at the second link to preach the gospel you also false manifestation of the McDonald's with your tongues of fire which is a few of the true Holy Ghost movement the following is movement so the five thousand happen represents the walls manifestation of the Holy Spirit leads the deception to put it simply OKs overlooking verse thirteen thirteen performs great signs that he even makes back now from heaven under the site map for sorting the deceives those what does he did a few deceives those who dwell near how what is the method that the devil uses the disease secular people secular people say we are intellectually honest if seeing is believing right so for sorting the deceives those that dwell on your account by those well signs are well what is that worth your miracles which he has granted to do in the side of the beast telling those who dwell on the originating image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and a live why do they make any mention of these what causes charges thank you nine over a false networking what causes that are going to buy I heard and what is a miracle in other words if you have a decide that while many in the back of their minds has been conditioned by Hollywood that there is a that there is a great controversy between good and evil if they already say seeing is believing I will believe anything I can see and what ready their longing for something and I don't know what it is in the double palms off course miracles at a time of crisis when the economy falls apart when there is economic disaster the stock market crashes when people are employed where there's natural disasters and the average person says wait a minute we need something to bring us together and what secondly that was the usual miracles as they sing is leaving here it is not this is all through revelation what you begin looking at it Revelation chapter sixteen what is it to bring the kings of the earth and the religious powers of the earth together Revelation chapter sixteen we look there at verse fourteen Revelation sixteen verse fourteen for they are the spirits of devils performing what miracles are signs so can the devil perform miracles are signs scanning really do that in the last things in Wilson's Seventh-day Adventist the Jake and Ian and why because they were because seeing is believing because rather than opening God 's word and letting the word transform their lives this brand that Dennis wants something spectacular and they need external emotion to make up for the internal moving the Spirit in their life that reveals sin that they don't want to look at that cleanses them from sin that they don't want to face it empowers and witness the world make sacrifices than one bank to the genuine manifestation the Holy Spirit fire does three things what are they missing one important point is important find is what he revealed so that January Holy Spirit is made manifest in the fire that reveals the nature of our hearts and once God shows us her meanness in our criticism of our gossip and a selfishness fire reveals fire then consumes the fire the truth are the Holy Spirit as the leaders within that heartbroken over sin and firing powers the juvenile oysters and powers with the false choir is a given external experience of signs and wonders and miracles that bypasses this can be more of an emphasis on the other gives the spirit and on the fruits of the spirit of God is never that will equip you with the use of the spirit LSU manifest fruits of the spirit because what I am is always more important than what I do you can do without being the Jamaican never be without doing you can do without being that you can ever be without doing so the devil is going to people and external experience so we look there at Revelation chapter sixteen were looking at verse fourteen of the spirit demons working miracles they go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them about the great day of God Almighty so it is the false miracles that bring the kings of the year is into union with the religious leaders of the earth to prepare the last battle of Armageddon or court final battle on earth Revelation chapter nineteen Revelation nineteen what I want you to see here are your calls false miracles are the agency that the devil uses false miracles false science also wonders what prophecy is the is the agency that the devil uses ten worked miracles began will God work miracles in the last days he will but is there a difference between genuinely false miracles various so revelation nineteen verse twenty then the beast was captured and with will will work to sign 's formula tells in his presence by which that by which is important by which either devil deceive those who receive the market-based how did the capital deceives those that receive the marketing study do that through what America did we see in Revelation thirteen that follow miracles were ace for a happiness that we see that we see Revelation sixteen we see in Revelation nineteen now I'd like to let Ellen White in the great controversy summarize this idea how flawless miracles great controversy page six four sixty four these two paragraphs they are in intensive care and I'll read the prophet of God the messenger the reminiscent words to this final generation and then ask you some questions about you sent this before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the earth wonder what the final visitation of God 's judgments on the earth what we call that said I place it before the final visitation got judgments on your the seven last plagues they'll be among the people of the Lord a revival of primitive godliness as such not has been witnessed since apostolic times that's good news is that what's on the way a revival of what the godliness is different in that Bible religion this direct and power of God will be poured out upon his children what we called the Spirit of God is poured on his children and the latter rain and the latter rain comes we can give the lot the lab cry so here is a prediction in which Ellen White amplifies the Bible says that before the seven last I support out this is a revival and that revival is going to leave me exactly by young people adults can be on their knees he seemed on little groups of Shreveport by leaving the opening our God is a God send me the baptism the Holy Spirit the first thing in the spirit revealed to me this is my life but I don't see show me in my heart with her selfishness and pride greed lust and what revealed I think this is that by your Holy Spirit energizing for me by the fire the spirit so before the seven last plagues there's a revival of primitive godliness this year and power God I love this dozens they may be possibly what we'll deport out on his children in this revival is coming and the only question is we can participate in and there is some generation and be serious about the reception of the Holy Spirit this song generation open our hearts to God and say Lord we begin this work long enough we been here long enough some generations receive this year and empower God now the enemy of souls continue to redirect Congress of the enemy of souls who is the enemy of souls who is that I think is the enemy of souls desire is to hinder this work what work is the enemy of souls desiring the revival and revival leads to what I forgot Holy Spirit in at least one letter grade and loud cry so far because over here is the coming of Jesus before the coming of Jesus is the seven last life in way before the seven last plagues when probation closes something must be given global outcry with a loud cry for the proclamation of the gospel can ever be given until the latter rainfall the labyrinth you will deal there is a revival okay now Satan desires to what were what were the revival while because of the revival was deleted and the latter rain when the latter rain comes and leaves in the cry people will accept the message of God probation will close in the market these the seven last plagues will be then born out in an diesel okay the enemy of souls desires into this working before the time for such a movement will so before the time for such a move will come before the genuine before that time before the revival before the latter rain before the loud cry sees Satan will endeavor to prevent it what is that you want to do prevent one the revival prevent what A prevent why not try prevent what coming to Jesus Gillett to endeavor to prevent like introducing a counterfeit doesn't correctly come before or after before because of the congregation after it what would be the purpose of having the counterfeit when people according to deal with the genuinely spirit so no found this he will endeavor to prevented by introducing the counterfeit in those churches which he can bring under his visa the power he will make it appear special blessings for now to make it appear that got special blessing is born they will be manifest what is thought to be great religious interest multitudes will exalt God is working marvelously for them when the work is that of another spirit under a religious guy has Satan will seek to extend his influence of the whole Christian world the devil knows that he can rain on our emotions with a false counterfeit religious experience which appears to give a lot of touchy ceiling will which is here is to make people feel good he can prevent the genuine revival the genuine revival is bold faced repentance weeping before God because of the failures of our lives but it doesn't leave us there if that's all you had defendant guilty and depressed and discouraged the genuine revival we begins with repentance every great religious revival in history has begun with repentance how I recognize that Sandy is a bad word in the society that we live in the tolerances the words you have your way I had my way but there is something to gusto scissors selfishness and greed and lust and anger and bitterness and resentment are not merely genetic avaricious docent and the genuine revival begins our knees only say God you've shown me what I'm like not allowing now Lord I need your power your Spirit to cleanse this man from within I need you to make me over an area the groups young people and adults that are praying that are confessing their sins before God to receiving the grace of Christ that understand the forgiveness of Jesus and understand the passion of Christ and understand the love of Jesus in there there there there they see themselves and they see the cross they believe their knees with a sense of peace forgiveness and power the shackles broken in a sense of the dream God empowers their life so what is the essential difference between the true and the false manifestation and give the spirit the stated simply is this the true manifestation of the gift of the Spirit leads me to a broken heart of repentance for sin and it leads me into an encounter with Jesus empowers me to go out this world on the false manifestation gifts of the spirit leading to an external feeling good and they bypass the word of God the Spirit dwells in our life through God 's word the words I speak to you John six four sixty three Jesus said they are spirit and their life as the same Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible the same Holy Spirit inspired the Bible transforms our life we read read the Bible the same Holy Spirit that brought the world into existence the spoken word of God is the power and got spoken word creation is manifesting his written word in re-creating our hearts are using the same power any approach to revival never get out of the eleven inch here any approach to the Bible it is based solely and alone on music and testimony any approach that space solely alone on music and testimony is very superficial and not like transforming and lead people to evolutionary experience Shannon you when revival must come careful study of God 's word that is the life transforming the existing the creative energies of the world into existence are in the word of God it transforms our lives the Bible says in Matthew chapter September seventeenth you probably suspect that December seventh Matthew seven percent there is a genuine revival of the way but notice that genuine revival leads us to Christ that we just would transform the life that leaves us with obedient heart there is no genuine authentic revival without obedience Matthew seven percent starting with verse want not everyone who says to me Lord Lord July seventeen oh seven but he who does the will of my father which is in heaven so the issue is does this revival lead to repentance commitment transformation of character doesn't lead us to do God 's will many will say to me in that day Mandy Moore Lord have we not prophesy in your name did they prophesy anything yet they say they did we prophesy in your name we cast out demons in your name we did wonders in your name then I will declare to them I never knew you he never knew the they were prophesying in his name he never knew that when I was doing that he says I never knew you doesn't say I don't know you now but I knew you then these is I will never leave and never is never because it never was never never will be sometimes sometimes not never never in the never thought sometime right okay he says I never knew you you never knew what was his name they were doing wonders in his name but it was next turn I'll show Palm and it did not believe in the doing of God 's will because all the time they're casting demons in his name in the background and doing lawlessness but it were running around they were doing there until everything they were filled with pride and arrogance Satan they were I have a webcast about his name so call but they were filled with anger bitterness but in resolving conflicts between people they thought that the spectacular substituted for the transformation of character than only Jesus Christ can bring genuine Holy Spirit religion leads to a transformation of character and puts an emphasis on the inner rather than the outer what is the difference between the fruits of the Spirit in the gifts of the spirit God will have solely endow us with gifts of the Spirit in their fullness unless we revealed the fruits of the spirit the fruits of the spirit of love joy peace long-suffering the fruits of the spirit are the internal character qualities that come to us as day by day we come before God seek him the fruits of the spirit Galatians Chapter five are those in her character qualities that come into the life of the believer as we spend time with God every single day second Corinthians three proceedings is not beholden I become changed so the fruits of the Spirit by the internal character qualities that God gives to us as we spend time in his presence the fruits of the spirit have to do with the trance formation of our characters the use of the spirit on the other hand are modalities to witness that God gives every believer God does not tell us to seek his gifts he tells us to seek his fruits and he tells the claimant 's gifts we see his fruits we claim his gifts we see the fruits of the spirit of the transformed life and character we believe that for every leave early gives us gifts we claim that those gifts in our next session talk to you about the gifts of the Spirit were going to take a look at those gifts look at the gifted tongs in the true and false manifestation of the gift of tongues take a look at that just as the session ends in the next five minutes I do want to look at the genuine gift of healing in the New Testament James chapter five James chapter five I have had recently some amazing experiences where I personally believe God has manifested his hand in some unusual physical healing does he do it every time no he is not file when we follow James chapter five the truth is so current in contrast with the false that you see it immediately there are four major thoughts presented in James chapter five and I want to look at them with you just momentarily as we can to bring this session to a close and then come on to our next session we look at James chapter five what are the earmarks of a genuine manifestation of the gift of healing where to start James Vipers thirteen here we go is anyone among you suffering I pray is anyone cheerful let them sing songs is anyone among you sick let them call the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up these committees seems to be forgiven confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much better for lines of reasoning that will put you what they are this distinguishes the genuine from the falls get the feeling one is this a public meeting or surprisingly what is the text that is this economy where a guy what's on in a classy soothing rings every hand he says there are disease and cancer he'll is this economy that's taking place in okay so from the text here this meeting is a what I mean frightening out as a reason for that and I suggest that God doesn't heal sometimes the public he does but that's not this meeting this is a this is a privately second-place player is the this is for healing coming from all the ways is this individual exactly this is so doesn't that make you want to suspect that if anybody gives and superimposes ceiling upon some in the congregation this is not a public meeting it's a private meeting where individual colors of the elders of the church and the Bible notice of the Bible says it says is any sick among you let him or her call the elders of the church they are doing the calling in his reason for that so the first point were making yes that it's a private meeting the initiative for healing is when the individual secondly it says let them pray over him why crime in prayer we acknowledge that we have absolutely no power for healing and prayer we had knowledge that will healing must come from God in prayer we acknowledge that we don't know what to do but God can accomplish that which we don't know so it says the person calls for the elders of the church the Bible says let them pray over him I'm really meeting with oil in the name of the Lord now we need to look at anointing oil anointing oil what does the Bible say light and don't because a candle is assembled by the spirit was the Bible said open the window and we will win because we disassembled the spirit was the Bible say bring cleansing water there's a reason anointing oil when you study the sanctuary in the Old Testament every time the priesthood was consecrated he was consecrated with oil when the sanctuary was inaugurated are the altar candlestick was anointed with the light on this is a very appointed important point to look at Exodus twenty nine percent Exodus twenty nine percent because I'm trying our class together just now with some things that once you understand become powerful in helping you to distinguish between the true and counterfeit manifestations begin the healing exit is twenty nine percent area see any signs are being set aside for a minister living set aside for service to being set aside by God same expression in Exodus twenty nine seven as we have been changed by critical to understand Exodus twenty nine percent and you shall take the anointing oil and put it on his head and anoint him what were they doing with the person in James five into the adjoining loyalty to put on is totally monotonous some wickedly on his forehand and what's happening here in Exodus twenty nine freezer being set aside for God 's service solely by putting oil and therefore it so the anointing service we invite with oil oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit anointing with oil on the forehand is a symbol of consecration and dedication so he was a private service with the artisan of riot and when the person doesn't be dedicated to God this is not a service for commanding God to heal it this purpose we are dedicating heart mind soul of persons in God now notice also for example Exodus thirty first twenty five Exodus thirty first twenty five axis thirty verse twenty five and you shall make from these all holy anointing oil in ointment halogen according to the art of perfume against the only thing while you shall anoint the tabernacle of meeting and the ark of the testimony praise and tabernacle were anointed set aside for holy purposes so why then do we bring olive oil when I do it in linking the person the same they've requested if we go we tell them there is no power in us we tell them that that is based on the word of God that we are seeking the manifestation of his spirit we tell that we are to follow changed chapter five hundred with oil and the anointing as a symbol of their high downline their life is being set aside now the Bible says here in the name of the Lord in the name of the Lord did you see in James chapter five this is anointed in the name of the Lord what would we pray we pray in the name of what Jesus what does it mean for a in the name of Jesus mind and spirit of Jesus okay what else to pray in the name of Jesus Brandon Blessing okay when you safely in Jesus name we pray what you mean you you are according to his window so in the name of Jesus is an expression is an interesting comment on this as our pages which only says that bring the name of Jesus is right in the spirit and will of Jesus so I think the name Jesus VMI prayer rising the will of God what was going on beforehand because this is the forebrain were conscious reasoning judgment located and I think I am surrendering all of my reasoning capacities do you so when we at Newington a person they are all this laying that we have no power at all we explained the oil is a single of setting them aside by the Holy Spirit in consecration that we are lifting them up in the will of God and I say that it's God 's will to heal you but he may desire to heal you instantly be magnified healing gradually remained as I let you give him glory and sleep until he comes again we put this anointing oil on your head are you saying God I am willing to put my life in your hands I'm willing to consecrate my life totally to you I want the consecrating all LMI for any reason aside for God I want only to give him glory brings you glory sealed the deal we now bring you glory it we gradually do that brings glory to heal in the resurrection do that and then the Bible says the prayer of faith receiving will save the sick and who are raising babies but it seems that we forget this is ace still sore so the anointing is not only for physical healing reason anointing of the sick as a spiritual act of commitment and dedication when they present their body living sacrifice to God and the Bible says here you are trespasses one to another and pray for one another you may be healed the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much what's the difference between true and false feelings this is false healing we command got to do what we believe you want to do right now before stealing the believer once got to do there will in true healing the believer wants to do God 's will in false healing there is a command of God in true healing this submission to the way it purposes of God in false healing there's a public service for demonstration and show at times in January healing there is a private service at all ceiling there is no mention of repentance and commitment and consecration and dedication in genuine healing there is the B2B heart felt prior that my life will be right with God before stealing there is no discussion of CNN and confessing sin if there is a mass thing that only one spectacular the last these verses very gods and were miraculous feelings and see his feelings are to be in contrast with the devil there will be times when God 's people his servants will be dying and they will be set aside consecrated to the Lord and they will open their hearts and pour out their souls to God I've had two experiences of recently both came at an ASI convention about two years ago I was there in a woman middle age woman in her forties was dying of cancer I was invited to come and do it anointing service I explained to her that as we put the oil on her hand that she was being consecrated to God I explained to her that was a spiritual service in which we were opening our hearts to God and asking him to manifest his hand in our lives as we took out the anointing spoil I explained the Old Testament the anointing of our and the anointing of vessels the doctors had given this woman is six months at most she was planning to go on a mission trip and planning to preach she had little hope because of the nature of this service I want to be careful and guard the people very very carefully because it was a very private financial service we did the annoying thing with her family there and her husband her children there was weeping and tears he spoke of how he had drifted away from God but he was there as I am want back to God the children open their heart it was genuine confession of sin in that room we knelt and held hands and prayed a week went by two weeks went by and finally the family contacted the illicit market this is an amazing story but God reached down and miraculously healed our mother of cancer it was a miracle there is no question when I was in your at that same ASI I had a similar experience with another family at the end of six months the men called me he said I want to tell you a story God did not heal my wife she died but I want to tell you the last six months were some of the most glorious of my life she witnessed the doctors she witnessed and nurses she witnessed the issue was not one family had faith the other didn't have faith that was the issue the issue was this in genuine healing there is something more in Portland and are healing and that's the glory of God in which you were healing we want only one thing God score it's God 's glory for me to die so we it's God 's glory for me a link so we in false ceiling caught his menu chelated to do what I want him to do and the devil is preparing a whole generation who have drifted from careful study of God 's word generations as we study today this is the signs and wonders here is the key in determining his one sentence let me determine the genuine empowerment in the genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit we are led to repentance obedience in a study of God 's word and a desire witness in the false manifestation we are caught up in the euphoria of the moment rather than having our hearts transformed by the grace of God on this I am certain I would rather die in the Lord and be healed by the devil is I am certain the genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit will always lead to a broken heart it will always lead to a transform character they will always lead to empowerment the witness where the false always leads to be caught up in the sensational emotional moment of this section rather than the truth I thank God that is a whole generation of youth today that it will have a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit God whether in heaven we know that before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the earth there will be a revival of primitive godliness the spirit and power of God be poured out upon his children we know Satan desires the sender this work and before the time of the work of revival would come before the loud cry of the latter reign Satan will introduce a counterfeit board we do want that counterfeit we don't want a footstomping handclapping sensational emotional religion that is like a sweet sugarcoated candy in her mouth believes is hungry in our souls what we want toward is the genuine and what we want is the real and if there's anything in our as a genuine if there's some sin that we don't want with knowledge more revealing to us taken out of our hearts O father I pray the that he would pour out your spirit from this UIC meeting I pray that this would be the place that revival begins this would be a place you look at Daniel and changed in Empire into the Joseph and change the kingdom into the Paul and change the Mediterranean world you're taking young people today are changing lives changing schools and changing churches changing conferences and unions I pray Lord that your spirit would be poured out upon us and that the genuinely be so obviously manifested in this place that they would be repentance of sin it would be transformation of character they would be in power for witness to send this out to the world board to share your love with others pricing this was used by audio person working twice generation of Christ through our humanlike to learn more about you might see please visit www. when I work you might have missed more free online sermon please visit www. audio verse more


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