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Outdoor Education - Part 5

Angela Boothby



  • January 16, 2019
    3:00 PM
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Family time often those of us who are very work and oriented and tasks motivated we really focus on working together in accomplishing really what we are playing together but what you don't realize is sometimes to your kid you're really not playing together like you might think it's play but your child doesn't always think it's play and so just the really a couple of fine I.D.'s to get out and to get moving as a family how many of us have ever gone geo caching anyone here ever gone geocaching OK Well there is an amazing app that is for free on your full it is a green white little button it's being way I describe it in here. P 3 it's called geo caching and it's a free app. And basically right now in our area I'll get close to where the blue dot all the dark ones are green geocache is a geocache is within walking distance of us right now. I'm pretty cool like this close I bet you'd want to go geocaching hombre. Like right now within walking distance where the Blue Dot right now within walking distance there's a stray geocache is around us OK and I mean I can keep going bigger if you can see like I can just keep going for it so. What you do is you just click on the geocache. One really close to his probably hidden here on campus but if you want to go with your Mom It's called bike walk to a 5 you're looking for a micro and tell you what size you're looking for micro means that it's literally sunrise the size of a screw and there's a tight little white logging you right inside of it so there's micro those small those regular there's large if if you're in to find it for the little stuff the toys so I just took my friend's kid geo caching yesterday and it was their 1st time in their 4 year old and 6 so I look for the large and we had like toys from the treasures that we took and we trade out toys for toys and is just honestly junk but you know another man's junk is another man's treasure you know how the whole kind codes as well they think it's fantastic and there's so many cool spiritual lessons with geocaching I mean I take my I run that out great program at Heritage Academy I started and how I based it was Pathfinder honors OK So if you're looking for an idea to do for fun with your kids as you have Pathfinder honor pass I know honors are super fun I don't know how involved you are the a half minute club or if your church has a local Pathfinder club that's another incredible way also to get your church involved they don't have a pastor in a club being willing to start a half minute club but I take my my teens geo caching and at the end I ask them to draw Spiotta Les's and they have a really awesome ones like for example you know when you write on the logbook It's like when God writes our name on his logbook and when we are searching for the treasure it's really difficult and the ones are the most difficult to find of the most awesome treasures you know and I just find that geo caching lends itself quite naturally to some really cool spear so I'll Blick object lessons. But it's really quite simple you simply click on it once you click on it you click navigate and you just I kind of miss the old fashioned geocaching we had like the cord in it and you had to like figure it out in compass walk your way now you just click on this and follow the blue. Mindless but at the same time I mean it works for whatever level you're with a different kids because you don't have to do it that way you can do it more advanced if you want to you can click on it and it can give you the chord it as well and you have the if you know the expensive G.P.S. and you're into your car and it's you can still do it in other ways but I just think that this this cat this geocaching app is super fun and super cool to do with your family. Another thing that I think is super important super important to do with your family I think there are several things that made me the woman that I am today and definitely Grampa farm is huge but I can tell you know the thing that was a huge thing in my life was failing vacations and I don't know if you guys are taking feeling occasions if you're not taking feeling vacations for us we would do it between 2nd and 3rd cutting says Hey that was the window that we could go my mom was a teacher she took off 13 years to raise a 3 kids I have an older brother and I have a younger brother and so she stopped teaching when she was pregnant for my older brother and she started teaching again when my younger brother was in 1st grade and then she's been teaching ever since but she's about those years when we were home to be with us and when she went back to teaching then she had a server Haitians and so we would load up the pop up camper where there's much food and sometimes we would just go for a week and we go to a local state park and bring our bikes and explore the state park but often we would go for 2 or 3 weeks and we'd head out west and we would drive all the way from Michigan to Washington because my dad's twin brother lives in Washington Idaho back and forth Spokane Moscow back and forth and so we would love that pop up camper and you know there's several things that it taught me. One my my parents always plan our vacations around seeing family and I was always the goal right so we would see 3rd cousin twice removed from the hotel but there was a relationship built that's why and then you know we see this family friend here and this friend here in this family but our goal was always my dad's twin brother in Idaho to spend some time with them and we we had planned out national parks so I got to go to all the national parks Rocky Mountains Grand Tetons. Grandstand dunes in Colorado Zion Bryce there's some incredible national parks and we would hike and we would hike and we would hike in We'd hike and I greatly disliked I hated it actually I'll be honest with you because my mother was the kind of mother that had to see the waterfall from all 4 angles not just from wanting go you know we're at Yellowstone we have to see a picture from this one we have to hike you from this when we have to go on the others. And I run high gear from this one and like literally one time we hiked 11 miles to see a lot of salt my parents had in the fashion with waterfalls and they were just hike and they were to hike and we have a picture of like 13 and I am seen on a rock and I lean against it and I have my arms crossed my head my tongue out and I'm done like I'm just done and my dad is like leaning up against me too like I feel like he's done too because I was done I did not like hiking at all but ironically guess what I've turned out to be the exact same thing I will drive miles to see a waterfall I will hike miles to see a waterfall I now I lived in Europe for a year when I studied and you will that England and I literally spent 6 hours in Paris and I like a countdown I want to go and see the the French countryside I want to see what this makes this country because my parents had instilled this love for exploring even though at the time I was probably more than whatever child you can imagine in your head whining time that I turned and that was probably me because I really I mean I promise you we hide all the time every Sabbath we would hike we would go biking and we have I think as I heard like of Rails to Trails It's a program where they've taken railroad beds and they've made them into biking trails so in Michigan we have one called the Calvin trail I looked up you have to in Oregon. But it's called rails to trails and it's just turned railroad beds into trails and so we need a bike on Sabbath afternoon or we go to for Custer and bike because my brothers are big into mountain biking and I'd be so frustrated I was terrified and they go off and I stick on the yellow trail with mom because I wasn't going to go I couldn't go on the steep hills I'd get scared and jump off the bike and get hurt through I don't really well but I really am thankful to my parents for doing this family vacations and honestly they were they were not huge costs because I can't be at the National Parks is very inexpensive now you don't have a shower so you have to balance your campgrounds Unfortunately I feel like Kathy has really gotten on in price because when I try to do roaches with my friends recently like K O L K O A's are like $40.00 so you definitely need to like figure out how. They can find it easier than it is currently and maybe it's getting like a pass or something but the national the national passes I think now set at $50.00 at $75.00 for a national pass if you know of course created in the family National Guard National Park so for a 4th graders right now you know what last 2 summers ago was another thing they had switched it to something else I don't remember what they had this other thing that was free if you had this but junior ranger programs are really awesome at national parks incredible I mean your kids are going to lose so much information and you can take you could take your summer vacation programs and bring them back into your school year or you could even you know have them have research I know for me I was in 3rd grade and I looked in the history book and I saw Mesa Verde and I was like mommy I want to go to Mesa Verde and all of my planning was someday to go to Mesa Verde and I still honestly it's one of my favorite places I just think is so fast and those cliff dwellings and the Anasazi Indians I have a fascination just because I saw a picture when I was in the 3rd grade in my history textbook and I wanted to go there and my parents made it possible IMO it's a Zion would to me 30 I just really appreciate that my parents made a priority to see national parks because it also gives me a desire to preserve my environment like there was a it was a trifle that was time with family I now like for example these 3 weeks I'm going to drive 67 hours to go see my doctor and brother and my cousins and I hope because I'm like 67 hours away like I have to drive that's so close like there's no way I'm gonna run a car and drive people fighting that's crazy that's he's away but my mum always made family a priority to so it just is now a priority to me no matter if there's a little bit of drive because that was what I feel like the cases were about it was time with family and time with nature and that's just what in my brain that's what a family vacation is so I used to beg my mom was like Can we just like go to a cabin like us all so much restful and my dad used to open up the snaps on the pop up camper and pull me out of bed because I like the bed while those things through and he'd sing part kicks on the griddle like big open but a funny little bit got him a country. And you know hold on. Let me sleep then we never got to sleep because my mom had a whole plan you know we're going to go this park and we're going to hike this or we're going to do this and then all this park and she had the whole thing mapped out and I was like you know some guy like me the Family Guy just it's can we just have a city recreation but guess what when I travel around England I was like I'm going to this park and then I'm going to this park and I'm going to go see this park and I had it all just like my parents you know monkey see monkey do but they created that love in me that I really appreciate and also there's this desire to make sure like my money I'm interested in making sure national parks are preserved because like they're awesome and they need to be fought for their worth being fought for another thing is state parks if you can if a national park is to to in tell me of a chip and honestly I think we probably did it 3 times the big giant one where we saw a bunch of national parks 3 or 4 times in my in my lifetime at with my parents so I wasn't aware that we did every summer but state parks have incredible programs to for your children also you should check out like your local nature centers they have programs for 2 or $3.00 per child to do some really awesome units and they do really cool things with your kids and their honesty 2 or 3 dollars per person if you just look up your your local your closest nature center they are really good and state parks have Ranger junior ranger programs too for your kids which I think are super fun. Friends super awesome so that is that to me is is just make it a goal if you just take one if you just take one national trip park you know one national park trip I think it's well worth your investment of time and I'd wait till they were older you know where they could handle the 11 mile hike. Home you know I think we were 13000000 parents were they were well they were smart So definitely definitely try to do that and it was good for me not to want to sleep in and so get out of bed even though I really just wanted to stay in bed. Also I think that for me Sabbath is a really awesome time to connect with as a family and connect to nature and so when I taught K 2 I had this thing on Friday called Sabbath celebration so Friday the last hour of school established celebrations a little bit time before and for us homeschooling this would work really well Friday night but we would clean the classroom and we would sing a little song and like clean the costume and then after we had our Friday preparation we come and stand behind our desk and then I don't know if you know this but the 10 Commandments are in song and we were seeing the 4th commandment in song so if you haven't seen the 10 Commandments our song for his sins other people to listen to Cory I'm not going to sing it for you if I was a reporter probably would be singing. I have to listen to it again probably So I listen I think I want to say to you is Saugus are super powerful. I can send you a list of him but if you just pick out him so there's a scene about nature you know there's this is my father's world and what's really awesome is your little ones will be singing huge words you know and their vocabulary will be expanded because those hymns are so all powerful and so all things bright and beautiful this is my father's world sing the mighty power of God. Whole joy to the world what is doing to the world. You know what it is yeah we sing it at Christmas time it's a Christmas songs well think about how delighted your little ones are going to be when you sing Joy the world not at Christmas time the good think is the best thing ever Everyone loves to sing Christmas songs out of season if you listen to Joy to the world that's a listen to the lyric it's let no more let sentence all ring well when Jesus came the 1st time is there still sentence all remaining Yeah as that was put in the wrong sex never hymnals it's meant to be a 2nd coming song joy to the world or a thorn to a fest and invest the ground you know as is talking about nature and is talking about the 2nd coming. So critical So definitely you know make a point in your family worship to sing about nature so back to the 1000 celebrations So Friday I have them clean the costume and then we stand behind our destiny scene Remember the Sabbath for our for our start a Sabbath celebration they were like OK with Cyrus I was celebrated and I always talk about how the Earth is a gift you know I've got over that I think the Earth is a gift to us and Genesis is one of our 1st commands to take care of the earth and I say let's spend time with Jesus and we have a special Jesus journals and we do something nature related spending time with Jesus but the biggest thing is I want my kids to never think that Sabbath is boring so I want to send them home with a tool box of ideas and mom and dad are tired and want take a nap they can be like oh my teacher did this I could do this so it might be something simple like taking Plato and making Bible scenes and making nature scenes that might be simply going out for a hike and there's a sticky tack paper that sticky both sides I just stick it to their bellies and then they're allowed to stick whatever they want on their stomachs and they just think it's fantastic because so much fun and then I just take that sticky stuff and I say to get to like this white tack board and then they have their art that are hanging and that's their art and everything and that little sticky stuff means something to them and some little point in their adventure you know they learned it and we did the fruits of the Holy Spirit one time that was my theme for the year so I correlate all the fruits of the spirit every month that was one of them and I said you know this isn't something new earn this isn't thing you work hard to be like is something that is proof that the Holy Spirit and your heart you know you don't work hard to be loving is something that you ask is coming your heart that he makes you more loving is proof that you have us in your heart so we look for examples of love and we would find in nature we look for the fruits of the Spirit but we look for them in nature where do you see Love happening where you see peace where do you see gentleness where you see long suffering and we go out in nature and we try to find where the food of the spirit was being shown in nature. Other things we would do is we might. Just go for a hike and go for a different scavenger hunts There's also lots of cool scavenger hunts I like the one page for the awareness scavenger hunt something humans can't live without something read in nature evidence of an animal the youngest natural thing you can find all this natural thing you can find something beautiful in nature to seeds something with a smooth texture something with a rough texture something that makes a sound when the wind blows something that has a good smell something natural that has no purpose. That one but I just think this is a cool awareness scavenger hunt but even having your kids come up with a scavenger hunt is super awesome so one of the ideas I did with my teenagers and they love this one too was I had them take Frisbees and they took their Frisbees and I put them into groups I had 16 or 20 kids and I put 5 in a group and what they did is they took their Frisbee and I had built. A heritage I built this help by King Charles like a mile long or 2 mile long loop on that goes like behind the girls around boys dorm greenhouses and goes around and I said you have to hide it within 50 feet of the trail this this Frisbee and then they came back and they had to write a map they could either drawl a map or they could write a list of clues and then we traded maps and then it was a race to see who could find the other person's Frisbee 1st and my teenagers loved it and it was awesome because here I have a bunch of you know what I want to me and so I that was kind of chilly that day but I have them running all over hoop and holler trying to find these frizzy bees and they thought it was great they thought it was like a fantastic fun thing and I think it's like a game that you can play with your kids as well but just really making a Sabbath a time of celebration it doesn't mean that you've put a lot of work in it's like exhausting thing but it's time that you just tell your kids this is time with Jesus in nature like really stress that this is the time to connect with the Creator is a pint through your mind that you are not the creator but your Creator. Did you know it's a lot of pressure off you when you don't have to be the creator of your own life story you just have to surrender and the Lord makes you the let the Lord be the creator of your life story you know and so constantly going out into nature and be reminded that you are created I think is super needed in our in our lives some other fun. Sabbath ideas that I think are super fun is the memory hike so I know for me hikes were not my favorite thing now I'm thankful for them but as a child I just thought they were truly a never ending and maybe your blessing your kids absolutely love hikes but we would like all the time but I think his memory hikes sound super fun when hiking around the world this weather is in the mountains or in the forest or in the desert it's important to pay attention to where you're going and where you have been for this hike tell your kids that they will be hiking for a certain distance and when they get to that point they will be asked questions about certain objects along the trail to test their observation skills as a variation have each child think of 10 questions of his her own her own after the hike have the children write down their questions and then exchange with each other and example on which side of the trail was the tree with the Bird's Nest and where it what color is where the flowers in the middle of the trail so at the end you say and I would say for little kids make it just a very short amount of time you know because that's a lot of information to take in but say OK from this tree to the top of that hill you know I'm going to come up with 10 things I want you to try to just observe and then get a top of the hill case so which side did you notice there was this did you notice that there was this and then also have them come up with questions and you try to answer you're like oh I have no idea where that was that's a good observation you know and then you can even go back and look at it. My teaching them to observe cloud races Yeah that's not the original idea but you know I think it's cool sometimes the cars are really racing sometimes you can even tell the clouds are moving but when the clouds are a set they could be fun to take a finish line back or right who's clouds going to make it 1st you know the whole like who sticks where you you whenever you cross a bridge you get 2 sticks and you stick them on one side of the bridge and you run over to the other side of grazing to see who comes out 1st the kids love stuff like that you know and just like I was doing that with my friends' kids the other day I was having the plague who sticks next thing I know these 4 year old and 6 year old are dragging this is an enormous logs like they're coming out of the forest well they're going to play with sticks but like literally they're trying to carry through this. Here Peter just like all right Chuckles like you Rico but like if they're just interacting you know and I think that's super important where they're laughing and thinking that it's super fun and funny. If you another After I wanted to tell you about that free is called All trails it's green white again and maybe you'll see a theme here all trails it has a side that's listed as a resource in the back of your she. Other apps and resources it has within now that there's Mt Talbert nature preserve there's Middle Creek feeder this karma it's a prison preserve loop and it tells me all where then where I wherever I am where I'm standing all the trails over a little to me right now so I think that's super cool because. Sometimes we don't even know like sometimes we need to be tourists or known cities we don't even know what's available to us sometimes around us or when we go you don't always know exactly what to check out but I like that at the all trails app has lots of really awesome hiking on it but yeah this trying to like liven up the hike there's other hike activities says the alphabet hike where you you know ask them to as you're hiking along or give them a piece of paper where you just try to find something that starts with the sled alphabet as you're hiking you know anytime I'm sure you've done that when you're driving with your kids you're like Ah how do I keep these kids engage they're going crazy Well we used to play off a big sign you know looking at signs he's the 1st one to race of the alphabet as you're driving along well do you that would make sure you know OK Look for something the size of A which is going to be more difficult and you're going to have to know your tree identification but it might help them be more interested when you pull out that she identification book to want to be able to know way I want to know more trees I want to know more plants because they want to be able to the top of it can be a lympics touching trees oh yeah this was super fun so what do you do how tough is you. You. Lida you take one person you blindfold them and you take them to a tree and they feel all over that tree and they just try to they just really try to identify that tree and then you lead them back and you can leave them on whatever crazy trail you want just don't make it too far away and you leave them back to the starting point the young take off the blindfold and they have to go find their tree that they touched K. is super difficulty push a super hard and let's you can really figure out some identifying factor about you know so you do want to separate orders or they can just be super discouraging for your kid maybe just say you know you only can lead me within 15 feet or 20 feet you know that parameters but I found that that was like Superfund is just to go for feel the tree and try to find which tree you felt was super funny and super fun. Other ideas. Simple outdoors practices simple outdoor activities for kids that list is just a big list because sometimes you don't know what to do with your child so I think that's super cool another thing to do is go time somebody else came up with that phrase the lessons I myself are over she sent me she says that now they have go time and go time stands for go outdoors and they just they've now like put that into their family and they're just like all right is go time let's go and they just think that's fantastic. And they have. Like like I talked about that special backpack with whatever outdoor gear you want to put in their bucket magnifying glasses binoculars field Journal pencil Koreans and definitely trying to encourage them to start using their Bible which I'll talk about next session about how to really make that Bible come alive it's super awesome super exciting. Like how to make that Bible and if you don't make sure your Bible has a concordance that is what I have found has really made my Bible study come alive is when I've been able to start using my can chords and I just all over my Bible now because I have a concordance and I love it so it's kind of hard to find a small Bible with concordances but I don't usually now even buy a Bible and this has a concordance in it because I just found that so helpful to me now people call you can just use your phone but I'm trying to just be away from my phone I don't need my phone for the concordance So there's something but go time is just super super awesome and I think too that is worth thinking about is planting a tree nursery resource as a family. By shelter and shade for animals and smaller plants trees can make a garden 5 degrees cooler than I had been at the case without them we should all plant at least 2 trees a year because that is what you use in one way or another so something a little bit interesting to think about is the fact that you use 2 trees so we should each plant 2 trees food trees are especially worthwhile so it's quite important to involve young people in growing planting and protecting trees developing a tree or she can be a very important service for a local community so once again I just love any I don't know the 1st experience that I ever had being a part. Of talking to my community was when I work at heritage and we have one that I think is really awesome we have a disaster response program so I think it's incredible and if you don't have it at your high school you should try to have at your high school so we work on it as branch called to serve and what we do is we train all of our kids inserts which is Community Emergency Response Team and when it is asked to head to hit we have 2 weeks plan to academic calendar where we go responding to. Natural disasters so we spent a week over in North Carolina responding to Hurricane Florence we spent actually we went over our time we had to make it up on our school days but we spent 2 weeks down in Florida responding to Hurricane Michael and our kids they go in there and we got houses I mean when the house gets flooded after the water recedes you have 90 hours. To get everything out or black hole is going to set in that that's all that the window you have and there's the you know the incredible thing is the Mormons have an incredible disaster response program in fact we use their data to know which houses to respond to they have one day a year where they fast and all the money that they would have spent on food goes to natural risk responding to natural disasters fund that is what they have in their in their curriculum and in their plan as a church is responding to natural disasters so you go down there you'll see helping hands everywhere and different Mormons all over the place and that sort of Ashes is just incredible how they're so actively involved in it so we were down there responding and this was actually last year we were down responding and they gave us hurricane Matthew hurricane or most of all remember there's been so many terrible and so we're down there responding and you use this giant database and Uganda's database and you click on different houses to see what their needs are and our kids are in there getting out houses completely picking up you know you watch piles and piles of everything you can imagine all in the yard in like a army of you prove it's God It's incredible and awesome and totally incredible and we'll we'll take every. They own to this terrible everything they own gets ruined it all can you imagine everything you ever own is up on the curbside and it's very sad and so we're down there and the community the public the public board the pastor was a member on that communities on that community's board of whatever local government it was he was on it which I've never seen added to the pastor on the local board but he was he was on his his governor's local board I don't know what you call it anyways they asked us to come because they wanted to think of so we went to Mayor the mayor's office we went to the community center where they're having all the officials meet we have we're listening to their meeting and they're going back and forth and then they think us and then after they think us we're like Can we sing for you so every time we respond to a house we sing this song called Still I don't know if you know why that is but the the. The chorus goes when the oceans rise when the thunderous roar I will soar with you above the storm I WILL BE STILL AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE God and it's powerful so we sing this in the entire year like all these community members leaders community leaders just sat there and wiped the tears off their feet. You know like if we could get involved in our communities is go back to that line you know if your church closes doors was your community even notice you know and I think it starts with us as families not just blaming our church you know as our family willing to put the time into our churches our family willing to look at the church as my family and not just as my church any sister of me that's my church and he survives this for me no I am I willing to get involved in my local church and I willing to start programs that get us out there that give us a face in our community that make our community aware that we are actively involved and we care about their current little local living conditions you know we care to improve it and so I just think that is super important if you can ask your local community you know can I plant a tree somewhere can't is there needs you know is there needs is there weeding needs you know. Talk here talk to you and said I don't know how me is I've ever been even to your your governor what am I looking for the mayor's office in your town or I can you think of the phrase that I'm looking for but a city council think us all looking for you know how many of you are thought about considering serving on your city council you know getting involved that we talk about separation of church and state which is important but that doesn't mean we can't have a relationship with our local city government is running and have a by in about our community and about the environment that's enveloping around us some other fun hikes that are super fun our color walks just look for certain things that are certain colors shapes walks I just did this with a 4 year old on my back we look for everything that was a triangle and then he would call the shapes and we would just find a couple things and then he was like circle and then we'd find everything that was a circle and we'd find everything that was a square and then you know it was like That's not a square that's a rectangle Who are you going to supervise and so we're doing a shape walk a wet walk animal implant walk microclimate walk spinny walks color walks. Just laps of I.D.'s to help make those hikes because that's usually what we do right I don't know about you guys but if you do Saturday afternoon is usually a hike and I've got redundant to me by the same time I end up becoming that person so keep the redundancy up as after what you guys are doing my parents didn't make super exciting but it worked and it was fun. In the end maybe not always along with Journey so but just try to make sure that you're having fun as a family and that you're not just. Just working hard together a couple other ideas that I have that I think are super important is that idea storytelling in the family I've already briefly mentioned it but I think you know helping kids prayers not get redundant that rock idea is super super special or something where maybe it's just a book you know and it's just the nature Treasure Book and they're writing in there like things that they saw all in nature. I recently read a book about this goal for this lead that to change your life is how gratitude change your life in a 1000 blessings was what she was looking for in a year's time to try to make a list of a 1000 things that she was thankful for and you know helping our kids to be thing full and I think a good place to start is in nature like it usually I think life all the better I don't think well that that tree you know is biting and think well this is just really something that they they can easily start doing and so. What you could do is either have that journal book or you could have those rocks and you just let them collect a huge pile of rocks and then when you go to pray everybody takes 2 or 3 rocks out and then when they go around the circle they pray for what's on that rock or they think God So what's on that rock that way Piers get a little bit more creative than that and all thank you for this day they give for my family Amen which are precious but I think we can teach our kids to pray deeper and more meaningful and then the other big thing I think is that bold idea I think that's fantastic if you're willing to have a bowl in your house that kids bring in their treasures so you have a point to start and for them to talk about because they're not going to know always what to talk about during the day but if they bought in that little sticker they bought on that little leaf or they bought in that Little Rock all of a sudden they can talk on and on about this adventure that they had a nature which is super super awesome so one time I played this there's another. A game and I think I have it somewhere on the papers but if I don't you can write it down but the idea is that you're hiking and you make a list or you try to think of all the things that you're not hearing right so the sound of photosynthesis the idea of a set up a seed growing right now that like you try to go on and I really thought I had it somewhere but it's a it's a hike where. You're listening for all the sounds you can hear wander through the woods. Or feel to listen for sounds you cannot hear and make a list for example sap rising a sunrise a sea Germany my toes this feathers would petrify in a sighted weaving its web a leaf changing color so try to come up with a list of all the things that you can hear if you haven't done it yet as a family but how do you guys ever like watch. The. Like a meteor shower as a family I know it's super late in like really disturbs the times and makes their probably you know nightmares of kids later but watching them you shower as a family can be super awesome even if it's just one or maybe it's a treat that you wait to later also on this one really random holidays out there for example I think the last day of June is Camp in your backyard day. So that would be super fun to do if you haven't this camp in your backyard your kids would love it your kid with think it was so fun that you went camping in your backyard if you're just looking for something out of the box take your tent set up they're going to be so thrilled that they're camping in their backyard they're good think it's the best vacation they ever had and you're getting a fantastic because you can go take a shower. And do also it's a great thing another awesome thing to do too as one of my professors told me. Does anybody know right now that the moon is wacky no waning waxing that's issue out her education right there if you don't know if your moon is waxing there Wayne it probably means you're not outside enough. Right if you don't know because you that means I mean you have no idea by looking at the size of the moon that's not going to help you figure out of this waxing and waning is because you know that a full moon just happened or crescent moon just happened you know and so one of the assignments that I actually did in grade school and this is another English idea is a moon Journal So for every night for 30 days or for whatever the moon cycle is at that time we had to go out and we had to do all the moon and let me tell you sometimes really difficult because it's like well it looks the same as yesterday so everything called Charlie I'm like well this assignment and so I suggest you try to add a little bit of variety with what else can you include because I had a hard time with it I did it in 5th grade and I remember not really loving it I think it sounds like a great idea at the time but I remember it needed a little something else so you know but knowing it's the moon what season it is shows you how much time you saying outdoors but maybe it's something where you can take advantage and teach them a couple constellations I think that astronomy is so incredibly fast and I love knowing the different shapes and you know please as written in job you know that is amazing you know what other names you know has God given yes man the worst kind of like the whole astrology thing and you have to be careful of that with the same time like knowing stars annoy the North Star you know can help them do compass walks you know doing Night Walk to be done and they walk with these tiles that is soul fun and so exciting when I talk out education at campus Abo I always include in that walk no matter if it was cold and I always have them walk by themselves for a certain portion of it you know just be quiet and see what you can listen and we was seeing in the dart kids love to sing in the dark is so special to us being in the dark and even the I mean when they're in our snow pants so this Michigan like it's not warm but we would have worship out in the dark because it's something so different and so magical to look across the pond the lake and it's frozen in those stars out and your kids I just seen and they just talk like this they just have so much to say about teen God and then I think too that's amazing as I don't know if you've done. That popcorn prayer with your kids have you ever like right now our church is just finishing up word is finishing up on Friday I think or they just finished the fish out of 5 to 10 days of prayer have you guys done that or the North America is as finishing at this friday think that the 10 days of prayer Mark working through that with your kids outdoors doing that you know starting with praising God is super easy the praise God when you're out in his nature compared to when you try to praise God inside you're like I can't think of anything else when I'm outside praising God All of a sudden I hear everything and I start and were quiet right because when you have that popcorn prayer that pauses so take it through those 4 things praise God afterwards praise God It's confession and after his confession then if you ask God for things and then after you ask God for things it's thanking him again that's one way that we do it and that's one method and you just go outside with them like take worship outside because if you think about with these us you know you hear this all the time but he literally used lessons that people saw on the daily basis when they were outside always interacting so the more you can bring worship another thing that I think would be fantastic other church idea Ziva church will allow you to have church one time one time outside just one time a year you have church outdoors then that may sound crazy you know like mothers with their girls their cute little dresses what if you have found a school outside you know you can buy seats at Goodwill for $0.25 or a dollar lay them over on the logs you know so that way people are sitting on sheets but how far the school start going outside you know start just taking our people outside and I think as you take them outside they'll fall in love and I know there's there's rain and then like the wind makes it so difficult to like here because the sound is going crazy but as much as you can like I think that is what encourages us to get our churches involved as when they just experience it as a whole thing like you know Jesus and 1st on 11 to 4 it's like Share what you have seen what you have touched with your own hands what you have handled what you have heard that is what you have to share and so. We don't like give our church members an opportunity to experience the nature of this particular hard tell them you need to be outside OK you know like let them have the storytelling time you know even maybe include in your church service where you talk about you know you spend time a little bit in your church service talking about how you saw Guy nature in church time should be more participatory and less sitting down as should be more talking about how you experience God working real in your life and as you share stories other people are going to want to share stories and if you're not ready for a church isn't ready do that home where you just start sharing how you saw God throughout the day in nature yet yes he saw it praise God after you praise God then you work to confessions that after confessions it's just ashen asking for things and then the last one is thankfulness. And you know you have to teach your kids the difference between praise and thankfulness because that can be really confusing so praise praises more praising God for who we is and what he is and thankfulness is just thankful for the things that he's done in your life so live life the ways but I think that the biggest and the most important thing to take away is this is super important to model to your kids what you want them to have the kind of relationship you want them to have with the Lord but the kind of way that you want them to live their life has to be in your lifestyle at home and in the home right and so if they see that mom and dad love to get down and get dirty in the mud and I know sometimes it's hard it's a whole lot of work but like with my high school kids one time we had a full on bomb mud fight now they know how to get sprayed with a hose after which I hear copper in your hand some months I would respond when I moved. And kids would love it they love to see mommy and dad have mud all over them they would think that's fantastic and sometimes in the garden you might just have to take that opportunity just to play with them in the mud because let's be honest like I grew up in the garden I didn't always love the garden I didn't always love the car in the garden is a lot of work and the garden takes a long time before you get some gratification I mean it is this month before you actually get to be like oh this is all worth it you know. When it is hot you know and so play with them turn on the sprinkler and run with them and in the water you know show them that you you understand that you're willing to work hard but you're also willing to play hard right next to them one day I don't know if your church is do this but my church also does a camping retreat at a little I don't have 4 H. for each is a new area but they often have abilities for Little can't grounds and for bigger groups where they have to billions of stuff and it's the one we always went to for years was can't get well and that was the highlight of my life I remember looking forward to the time when our church was in have a church camp out so if you if your church doesn't do that then maybe you could start a church camp out and it doesn't have to be something like we did it all Leslie eat together there was a cafeteria. At the camp kid well but the other one we went to everyone just had their own meal so it could work either way but or another way to start small is by just saying hey I'm camping at this camp during this week this summer does anybody else was help preserve campsites around you know because I just think those kind of memories that you make with your church family I can think of crazy stories that happened as I played and I had fun and my church members now all suddenly just those people that I saw in the fancy suits like no they're playing in the water with me they're throwing me around the tubes they were splashing me they were roasting marshmallows next to me you know like I just think we really need to start thinking about building community in our churches before we lose our churches and it's a burden on my heart that maybe just because I'm young and single I see this vast need you know once I have a fair go if I can be here that nothing's on the calendar we don't need any more than is on the calendar so I can't say I'm in your position but from my perspective what I see is a lot of islands coming together and then going apart and coming together and going apart when we really could encourage each other and this walk and support each other and I think really that nature is the key in the answer compared to more creative programs and better music or fighting about music or you know whatever it comes down to but just simply Hey we see a need in our community and we're going to go pick up trash we see a need in our community and we're going to plant trees we've talked to our city council and there's a pond that needs some restoration so we're going to get in there and the kids are going to be in there and they're going to think it's fantastic. Another big brain on my heart I think because I work with teenagers is the fact that we have this idea and we do in our churches today Sabbath school has this age group in the next Sabbath school is this age group in the next I was cool as this age group and we feel this need to put everybody with their age group but there's something so incredibly special about crossing the generations like it's just I wouldn't trade it for anything I remember as a 12 year old girl I would hug all the elderly people in my church as I went out it was as I was no way I was going to not pass grandma's so and so or Gramma so and so like I love tugging that and they were so excited to see me and I was less where we live week my younger brother and I could by current Our neighbors are Adventist and we could bike down their trails and there is Grandma Mary we've got Senator fee to listen to stories and we'd love to hear about her live her life and her husband was the one who invented the blueberry picker but he didn't paten it so he never got the money for the blueberry picker and and it was just it was wonderful to cause that generation gap you know if you can cross that generation gap you know and create outdoor experiences where they can tell all your kids because the truth is your kids don't know they know this world they don't know the world where your parents you know your parents live in a whole new different age you know even me when I talk to my kids you walk down the street to your grandmother's house yeah I walk down the gravel road across the field cross the other field down across the other field up behind the woods and down the was down the lane to my grandma's house 30 minutes later with my grandma's house like why that's from the movies you know what I thought was from the movies was walking a dog in a community like walking a dog on a leash like what I get when I graduate from college like I leave my daughter like war feel like I was the movies I've never walked a dog on a leash before because I can knock on the door and we never had dogs on leashes period ever so the 1st time I walked a dog on a leash I thought that was obviously the coolest thing ever I was like whoa this is so fun. But that's what our kids think about like when you tell your story so crossing that generation gap I think is vitally important and create opportunities in nature which really help to connect the generations but you know. The older ones can teach the little ones and that helps them in so many ways because they feel like they have a purpose and your little ones look up to in my or the older ones you know there's there is such a win win situation when you can in power and that always be the head which is really hard to relinquish and trust that they can work together to become this media was brought to you by audio groups a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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