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End Time Symbols of the Spirit

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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father thank you we can study a topic so exciting so moving is the Holy Spirit who are we deciding how to be filled with the Holy Spirit having godly adults and young people howling while I share your love and grace and how the world I just pray that he will now come with us and through this ruling and just sell us with your love grace and may we even if this conference be spirit filled in Christ's name amen number of questions practically how to why no robot will apply this to my life in other words how can I apply the concept of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit ministry the spirit of my life we discussed some of that Zechariah ten verse one and onward asked the Lord for rain the way you want like your life is taking the first two steps that we have been outlining in the seminar on the Holy Spirit Lorraine asked God to fill your life with his spirit asked him to granting you did that in filling tell him that you want in an undivided heart out directly like your life set aside time every day to write and sing God and to see him in his wording to be filled with his Spirit secondly ask God to give you an undivided heart find somebody else to pray with him Illinois makes an interesting statement in the semifinal of the testimonies page twenty one seventh by the desolate one two he says why cannot two and three meet with God meeting together white enough to remain together and weave with God the salvation of some special one and then still another solution with three people meeting together students youth meeting together pleading with God 's audio file find something else to pray with open your heart don't let what we have walked here from the Bible don't let that him him visual in your life but go back and complete with God and ask him for the Holy Spirit has to do with our new programs going in your church your school ask God to give you an undivided heart this next question is a fascinating one it says shouldn't we like to harass the holies in our prayers and worship should we worship and praise and prayer to the Holy Spirit there are a least a number of questions that are very various and Mueller that one question in the city is at least one person put it this way yes here is how much you're going to stay in your answers correctly to the Holy Spirit is one of the Godhead why can't we pray and praise pray to the Holy Spirit and praise the Holy Spirit just like we would be Jesus or God in other words the question becomes do we praise and prayed to the Holy Spirit the issue is not whether the Holy Spirit is the third person the guy or not Holy Spirit is the third person the guy that brought Scripture and we find that Genesis six says the Holy Spirit not always strive with man on defense force says it don't grieve the Holy Spirit but the issue is the function of the spirit if you take your Bible and turn to religion chapter eight and I just want what's on this one a little bit the Bible what is the function of the Holy Spirit the function of the Holy Spirit as we studied according to John fourteen fifteen and sixteen is to exalt Jesus the work of the Holy Spirit is to draw us to Jesus what is the work of the Holy Spirit during our prior now here's what you find in Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight verse one six likewise the Spirit also helps in our weakness for we do not know what we should pray for as we want but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be honored now he who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is because he does spirit makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God so it is not that we are according to the Holy Spirit we pray through the ministry of the Spirit as the minutes of the spirit prompts are mine so that we know what to pray about the spirit takes our words and interprets them before God so the question is function what is the function of the Holy Spirit the Bible does not talk about brain to the Holy Spirit it talks rather about the Holy Spirit taking our words and I can say thank you Lord for sending the Holy Spirit as your personal emissary to warm my heart thank you that is I cry I know the Holy Spirit takes my words and turned in some places and before the throne of God so I am praising Jesus and that's when the Holy Spirit is working hard the greatest honor and give the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit do the work of the Bible to the organic feel there's a lot of people that want to appraise the steering while I praise God for giving us his Spirit there is no difference in the Godhead they are three separate beings about the son and Holy Spirit remember I told you the other day somebody said to try to understand the father son and Holy Spirit in their eternal nature in the Trinity is to lose your mind but to deny the Trinity is a loser soul and so you know we are praying to the father in the name of Jesus through the intercession of the Holy Spirit and his Holy Spirit in our hearts is the personal presence of Christ the Holy Spirit and this is within us every desire to do right have no desire to write less always good way to get no desire to do to exalt Jesus Luz Holy Spirit awakens the couple more questions some of the asked about CS Lewis 's Narnia by CS Lewis is that acceptable readings appreciate I don't have a reading list that I can check what is acceptable this is not acceptable this is acceptable there are many people in the glass by the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis they have been really blessed by its touch their lives it's transformed and I don't approach it by saying this is writer this is wrong you need to let the Holy Spirit when deciding about guiding you he will guide you but I will tell you this in my own life I have very limited time to read now maybe you have a lot of time to read more time to read your Bible when you can possibly imagine more time to read Wrightsville and white I don't approach things right or wrong I approach things from the standpoint of what time do I have and how to allocate my time okay next what was the role of the Holy Spirit before the cost before Pentecost is a view of the ministry if you look at the scene the Scripture this way in the Old Testament we see Christ concealed in the prophecies in the Old Testament we see Jesus foreshadowed in the Lamb in the Old Testament the manger however there are on the landscape is not God is revealed through the whole Old Testament we see him there in the New Testament we see Jesus revealed in the Old Testament somewhat concealed the sacrifices point reported he's revealed severe in the Old Testament is largely gone revealing himself the New Testament Jesus reveals himself but Jesus ascends to heaven him how Nicholas is the Holy Spirit that empowers believers and leaves us to Christ in the kingdom so if you looking at it in three specific phases you look to God the father God the son and Holy Spirit working for salvation now each one is inclusive not exclusive is there compartmentalized God in the Old Testament is revealed through Christ in the New Testament and Jesus doesn't come down to take over the ministry the father but to expand what God is like Nestlé have got the father and Jesus when the Holy Spirit is not without of living in the dispensation of the spirit so we've got to suspect they are simply not get along nothing like that it is rather that the Holy Spirit comes to amplify magnify explain reveal the ministry of God in the Old Testament Mister Jesus in the New Testament in the Old Testament the spirit convicted the Spirit led men and women into truth the spirit stroll with men and women but it was not till after Pentecost the Spirit was poured out in all of his fullness and so it is not the spirit didn't exist before but it's like this you can have ten dollars in your bank in time this when you are in the third grade you can have a little more money when you are in Academy nonlinear in Collegeville but you get a job and its documentary money and the form of a check against the flow free nice the Holy Spirit was has always been present but the spigot in the water coming out was turned on a panic wasn't God gave us much more okay you this for science yesterday here's another first rent is fourteen says at first because fourteen twenty six twenty seven twenty eight post talking about the gift of tongues in languages why did they need interpreter back there doesn't defeat the purpose of the gift here's what was going on in prescriptions fourteen weeks plaintiff yesterday was currently has fourteen was Paul any church it was really a problem for I would open it for survivors yesterday was a problem because if you look at first printing chapter one and two they were arguing they were debating there was this big strife in the church there was conflict the once out of the palace on the safest there was division was egotism it was prior when you come to first Corinthians chapter four and five there's immorality right in the Corinthian church they are not dealing with it there is sexual immorality there is incest you come to first Corinthians six seven eight there is suing one another they're taking one another to courts of law the church is being embarrassed before the Corinthian society you look there using the Lord 's supper even the Lord 's supper they bring their own meals and somebody in one place assembly another so it's a it's a church of selfish exhibitionism there up using the gifts of the spirit they're saying I'm the greatest there striving for leadership they have put emphasis on the external and not the internal and the manifestation of God 's grace in first Corinthians fourteen you have a cosmopolitan church the true gifts of the Holy Spirit being abused they are not the false heels so in first Corinthians fourteen they'll be times that a person stands up and speaks a real language that nobody in the congregation knows is he has been the end of that language that God gave them in the international cosmopolitan city of Corinth to preach the gospel in the church nobody knows it so Paul says if there is not in interpreter present don't use it because identifying the church the purpose of the of the gift of tongues real language is to bless the church I promise you that I would look for you incidentally remember we studied yesterday and got the four criteria the gift of tongues one is we understood we were asked to ten and nineteen we studied really in detail that it becomes a real language we look at first Corinthians four to communicate the gospel order to authenticate the gospel when we look at first rent is fourteen we studied yesterday the fact that this gifted toddlers was being abused it was still a real language imported criteria for number one if you speak in tongues there only one person at a time while this business of everybody speaking no end of tongs or languages of using a foreign language in the church wanted time no more than two or three people in any service there has to be an interpreter and for no women can speak in church income specialties talking about we show that first rent is fourteen we explained the reason for that is that at the pagan Temple of Aphrodite in Corinth the rest that was an immoral Kenyan prostitutes that were part of the worship service that awkward sexual favors to those that came it was a horrible situation and there was as static utterance in a pagan temple pulsing even in the Christian church ever is battling this kind of aesthetic utterance in you that women jumping up here and there is the Corinthian non-Christians think this is just like the pagan Temple and posted no look the whole purpose of the gift of tongues is the community of the gospel if you use it in the church one person speaks at a time that's a real language nobody else understands that language is they don't understand the language that that person speaking because they don't speak it because it was to preach the gospel to people but that is because one at a time only to integrate an interpreter and village women becoming up because the people don't understand the language you think that this is like the pagan temples of that was there I promise you that I would look at the first four verses of first Corinthians and then we go back and we're going to will to power finishing off with the reception of the Holy Spirit is really the most important part of our class I want to be sure we say that it was time for that but since I promised recipients fourteen verses one to five is only what we look at I do want to look at first Corinthians chapter twelve the first in chapter twelve because we were going to crosspost this is regular help you based on what I said yesterday first printed in chapter twelve notice we do not seek teams of the spirit God gives the okay first Corinthians twelve verse four now there are diversities of the gifts of the same spirit so it's the same Holy Spirit who gives the gift but there are one diversities of there are differences of the ministries of the same Lord so the purpose of ideas is to lead you into a wild you missed it the purpose of a gift is to lead you enjoy while ministering verse six new King James there are diversities of activities kids ministries activities are altogether articulate the to do a ministry Satan now that different in a service in the world that's the purpose of spiritual gifts the purpose of spiritual gifts is not selfish exhibitionism every gift of the Spirit is the lead you on ministering to be actively involved Jesus then it says in verse eleven but one and the same Spirit works all these things distributing each one individually as he will wow you understand that one tax anything at all was cool distributes the dance who distributed it is hysterical I see you again distributors and who is he him as he wills so God distributes it is individually is everybody going at the same gift of everybody's talking at the same camp and this idea that you have to speak in tongues you are baptized by the Holy Spirit is not from the Holy Spirit is from the Holy Spirit right because the Bible says so when you start working with Pentecostals are here and say let's study the nature of begins now look but still I drop down to first Corinthians chapter eleven and where to look at it we see the body of Christ their differing gifts in the body and then he says in verse twenty nine is talked about the kids he says are all apostles are all prophets does everybody have a gift of prophecy what what is also quite different rent is twelve or twenty nine voices are all prospects are they'll know that he says are the all teachers what's the answer article works miracles what's the answer no to all the gifts of healing why don't they all apostles quietly all teachers landfill profits why aren't they all working miracles why not because the church is the body of Christ and God is distributing media is in the body to build up the body into the body administrator activity is with God is distributing against we need a variety of uses now he says then he says Douala is appealing to all the good times what is the answer to the question what the answer the question outrageously good luck with languages by using the Pentecostal would say everybody speaks with what times let them in as always your pulse is now out it's very interesting if you back in verse twenty eight here's what we call the higher the obedience where Paul listings he is in some one of the water of the report any say first twenty eight God has appointed these in the church first apostles words divine leaders that have wide seeing vision videogames Church of God people Moses like character in the Jeremiah the I say that the great leader is a God Therese first apostles second prophets to guide the children these three teachers in teaching the word of God after that now notice the list people first apostles prophets teachers after that miracles then gifts of healing what's the next help that administration and the variety of songs you hear a lot about the state will get the times a day and begin to help displaced people to get the dogs is a pastor God would give me a church filled with people to get it helps that will do it whereas the carnal nature wants the spectacularly and that I can use praise God for being humble people that want to give it helps what is Scripture saying Scripture is saying that God himself is the gives out I open my heart and say God show me what gives you have for me show me how I can serve the body of Christ I know it's ingenious I standing before a group of young people and adults that have unusual gifts given by God and no seminar the Holy Spirit would be complete without my sharing with you that on your knees you're saying God what you said you given God 's God by your Holy Spirit showing a stance you may have gifts that you have no clue that you have kids that are not fully developed these I could never do the Bible study how you know the guys individually that as a teacher those kids don't come fully developed are cleaning it into something way and you might find that God will community is in the dislike the talent couple married in the soil of your heart God is leading you to work with children shopping to do it we may see gifts grow and blossom with God is leading you to get tedious I have still got something to it even I think your teacher dry-cleaning was a young person holding evangelistic meetings jump in and do it whenever you see godliness and thinking and doing and it's not the thing for you try something else because God has given you just because the Bible says in first Corinthians chapter twelve we read what the Bible saying verse eleven one in the same spirit once all these things distributing to each one and you are each one distributing to each one separately has a way of contrast in the dance the Holy Spirit will reveal them to you have to do the right about get involved in God 's word against the counseling about do something for Jesus until I now presented in chapter fourteen so we see the gifts that give its all is the get the real languages to communicate the gospel cuisine is one of many deists not everybody gets that if we seem relievers are these fourteen that the gift of real languages was being abused in the Corinthian church they would stand up and use that we've seen prescriptions fourteen is one false problem churches that we starting first rent is fourteen verse by verse and we left out the first five verses we need to finish those up we finish our class in a little different way for the in-store team pursue law and desire spiritual gifts but especially you may prophesy that he can proclaim God 's message pursue love now for he who speaks in a him like what somebody asked me what about the word is unknown before you haven't seen James version of the Bible the word unknown before Tongass could be in italics do you see it there what is italicized word in the Bible ready to supply for so that's what this was not there see you drop the wording is not there is not anything that I know it's not unknown to man an assignment and to God it simply with the word simply means language that says he was the exact language does not speak to men but to God what is that talking about it's talking about in the context of Corinth when the person stood up and spoke a real language for selfish exhibitionism that nobody else could understand in the church the person speaking understood in God understood but no one around him in the church understood it because they are Spanish-language okay that's what it's discussing for you speak the language is not demanded and got the understand for no one understands him exactly nobody understands it in the church witnessing all he has been gifted to get the languages of the Holy Spirit was bestowed upon him so this person was attempting in that shirt to use that the authorities will purpose is to exalt himself insulin says nobody understands it however in the spirit is the mystery Jets mysteries of these people at around when you brought the size that proclaims speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men these leagues in a language edifies himself sure he knows what he's saying is what he saying you that the church doesn't want to prophesies edifies the church I wish you well spoke with tongues languages even more than he prophesied for you prophesies greatly speeds of languages unless he interprets that the church may receive what is policy which is what languages because I need him preaching the gospel and I continue to get the real language using the breach of people in that you are not poor enough that he says were six as what we went over yesterday now brethren if I come to speaking with languages what's the problem you invite unless you understand so first Corinthians fourteen is a view is the gift of tongues now we need a back finish up our class here we have been talking about the latter rain we've been talking about personal infilling of the Holy Spirit we come to the last few moments of our class and looking at five criteria to be filled with the Holy Spirit A power criteria number one is what pleading with God asking the criteria number two is an undivided heart criteria number three is this is my saturated with God for you I love that statement a divine testimony stage nineteen there is no limit there is what the left to the usefulness of the one putting self aside makes room for the work in the Holy Spirit upon their heart lives a life wholly consecrated to God there is no limit to what God wants viewing your life you are letting yourself because God will never leave you there is no limit to the usefulness of the one putting self aside makes room for the working Holy Spirit upon the hearts and lives life fully consecrated to God it doesn't say you would they like the perfect the issue is enough on divided heart the issue is the desire in your life to please God the issue is seeking God 's will the issue is likely consequently got the third criteria for the reception of the Holy Spirit is a mind saturated with God 's word as we want to go there were looking at John chapter six verse thirty three John six verse thirty three to be sealed with the spirit is any field with the word which this theory has inspired intellect and three Re: being guided by the word John six verse thirty three for sixty three is the spirit John six or sixty three and is the Spirit who gives life the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are lying if you want a life in your Christian experience let the word of God into your life because the word of God is not in debt word is a living word and you cannot separate the Holy Spirit from the word the Holy Spirit feels the mind through the word so use the eighties not that the Holy Spirit experience when the believer is a mystical experience this kind of the areola packages in a wax on about understanding no as I pray and seek God with an undivided heart and open my mind to God I open his word his words saturates my mind as his word saturates my mind he guides my life through that word as I base my life on the principles of God 's work so to be filled with the Holy Spirit is filled with it and filled with the word being away our any approach to the Holy Spirit that is based on music and testimony and not the word it will be superficial at best and receptive at worse music can help to set a tone to receive the Holy Spirit but those people that are more interested in any emotional feeling after they've sung for forty five minutes rather than spend five minutes reading one devotional tax there is something about opening the word him allowing the Holy Spirit through the word to transform your character the word of God is different than any other word man's word is declarative God 's word is creative take your Bible please turn to Hebrews chapter four Hebrews chapter four keepers for inverse twelve for the word of God is living in our home and sharper than any two and sword piercing even to the division of sort in spirit and of the joints and marrow citizen the server the thoughts and intents of the heart of verse twelve Hebrews four for the word of God is while living and what are our and sharper than any two a sore the word of God is living and the word of God is powerful so the word of God is a lie do you remember seeing this prayer in Psalm one nineteen and verse one fifty four Psalm one nineteen versus one fifty four plead my cause and redeem me revive me according to your word refi according to your word so God brings revival as please is why were why because the word of God is living and it is one of power power how was this world created in some one Psalm thirty three verse six and nine by the word of the God of the floor where that will have his day he's so any was one time he commanded any so what I have survival does not say he's so it was in the process of being under a hundred million years the Bible says in Psalm thirty three percent by the word of the Lord when it happens while I may in the host of them by the breath of his mouth person I these vote it was what John will be demanded is that God 's word is so powerful that what he says is so even if that were never so before because when he says it becomes so God 's word is so power PCs in the water will word that comes out of his mouth becomes tangible matter what God said he is so if you were never sell before what God said is it it never was before when God says let the dry land appear and the word comes out of his mouth he is word creates that we need declarant this is a fundamental point about understanding the Bible God 's word is a greater number word is a declarative word I can say this is a podium like to declare what is I didn't say this is a podium in the wine out of his mouth creates a voting guide to say I can say this is going to say this is a son and there was no sign of the water out of his mouth is about the creations being said about God is all-powerful evolution has no room for the all-powerful God no here's why that's critically important to you and me the same word this global world into existence and creation the same word carries power in the written word today God said at creation let the sun shine and dispel the darkness in his wording says let my son of righteousness shine in the darkness of your heart the spell God created the fruit trees at his word and got treats the fruits of the spirit through his work got treated babbling Brooks and refresh the land God creates the rivers of the Spirit in our heart to refresh our hearts the following very closely other books may be inspiring but the Bible is inspired by the books may declare some truth of the Bible has creative power to transform our hearts and just as God created the world with his power and is worth the read creates our hearts with no here is a concept that for many years I did not understand I will not pretend I fully grasp it but I want you to begin to probe with me when you accept any promise of God by faith the promise contains within it the power of God to accomplish the promiscuity set by state so when we read for example if any man or woman confess their sin is faithful and just to forgive us and that is not only a statement of legal declaration of what is in heaven although it's that it's not only a statement that God in heaven will cover your sins with his gracious blood in his righteousness and don't never bring it up to you again is not only that but it's this ryegrass that promise by faith if anybody confessed their sins you forgive it that creative problem that promise carries with it the creative power to create wind in my mind a sense of peace freedom from guilt and forgiveness so every wrong this is a creative promise that I grasped by faith that creates divine reality with inmate in the divine reality is I no longer guilty reality is no longer condemn but it's not only something I believe it's a living reality that changes my brain cells so when I'm struggling with some sin in my life and I read in Philippians four resigns the first thirteen I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me accepting that promise by the internalizing it in the mind because this is not a dead word but a living word it's like playing a CD in the soil of the mind of the Holy Spirit takes and transforms the brain cells and enables me to develop new new new new neurological pathways in the brain 's synapses in the brain through the word God in those old sins or dispel because there is a meeting creation taking place at every time I get up and preach there is in every time you preach every time you share the word gotten something else creation is taking place all over God 's re-creating hearts God is regrading mines his word was spoken word Ellen White has a marvelous statement education at page two sixty three were he says the power that brought the world into existence is in the word of God every promise accepted by the wheel brings with it the power the infinite one this is wonderful every time I open the book I say will see God incarnate in my heart my lord for a long time you know your mind and going one direction a saturated Windows TV program he's saturated with biographies saturated with Ronaldo it is accurate to win when you opened on its winner this is not some cycle being is taking you back to the past it's a regression therapy this is what do this when creating portals house this is a new pathways in the rain this is the Holy Spirit working through the word of God if you want to be filled with the Spirit is not tapping your feet and singing the hallelujah is all is mingled where believing God filling your mind with that word and letting God re-created in your heart and mind his variant is what it is that they feel the Holy Spirit number one were pleading with God in the spirit number two wrestling for the undivided heart one believes the number three is at Claremont with his word number four next chapter three verse nineteen patient three verse nineteen overlooking their next three verse nineteen verse nineteen verse twenty first twenty one we can't therefore can be converted the accuracy of this may be blotted out so that the times of refreshing one of the times refreshing rain you are a surprising reference on that his early writings page eighty five early writings eighty five is write a little note if you want in your Bible or write a note to yourself to go back and read that the times refreshing of the latter rain repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out so that the times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord and that he may send Jesus Christ who was freaky before what's Peter saying these things Jesus was preached before you come again and repentance of the time a refreshing drink who happen must receive until the times of restoration of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of the world 's problems since the war began is there any restoration of all thing him easier to make their living habits of the newer the restoration of the past like that comment the work of God is finished on her saga the latter rain fall and that's not to come until there is a repentance that there is an interesting word in the original language required to be just a little more of an immortal repentance it needs a change of mind for so what is repentance repentance is a change of mind toward San the things that I once did I no longer choose to do because my mind is changed toward those things God takes away the desire to do them there is a metamorphosis in my mind just like the caterpillar becomes a butterfly might want patterns in my thinking patterns are changed because I don't want to bring sorrow to the one that loves me by doing something this convert is well wouldn't at least three in a policeman is called to a home in a white golf is my husband 's murder in the please advise the fingerprints a man at all any evening takes the body away of course is that you will all cry the counselor goes out the woman any season is all dim lights in the home and here's dancing music and she's dancing with the murderer is is wrong there I for a woman who's been married to dance the murderer I want to dance of the murderers of Jesus in a lost cry anger bitterness resentment I say Jesus I want to break your heart by breaking your law the greatest of the they are for victory in your life is not the fear of hell or the reward of heaven the reward of heaven is our motivation theory that hell is also a motivation theories not as powerful as reward if there is powerful but neither fear of hell for the reward in heaven is sufficient enough because if all you do is your hell some time because I rather have joy in it so-called joys can overcome that fear to fully want to reward you the immediate rewards or take it away see the fear of hell everyone Kevin is not sufficient enough but lobbyists love is the strongest motive in the universe is love him if I know that the one that knows me best Leslie most in Christ what anything is in his heart forever if I'm not save if I know that Christ longs for me to be in heaven is broken hearted and he wants me to be with him and if I'm not clear who missed me for eternity if I know that my Lord who died for me who gave everything for me wants to be there more than anything else that he cares for me he's doing everything can to save me I can't turn my back on one loves me so much I can't walk away for one that wants me to have been so much I can't walk away from one is doing so much for me that he shows making my life is not in harmony with as well I want my heart to be in touch with him and to him to the Bible says repent on her knees were saying God I'm asking you to give me your spirit guide give me an undivided heart Lord whenever you want me to do I want to do that Lord please fill my mind with your word saturated their if there's something in my life not harming your will I repent now what is the latter reign given for what remember we study the early rain and the latter I was at a bad time to complete the gospel commission is not like might not by power not by my spirit says the Lord the latter rain walls to empower our witness why would God give the latter rain if we were witnessing if the latter rain comes when our our witness why would God give the latter rain if we were not involved in witness you would not need to be empowered for something you are not doing you receive the Spirit in the latter reign of power as you become actively involved in doing the things that God has asked you to what did Jesus say about the early rain here we go back to everyone what did Jesus say about the early rain acts one what was the early rain given for the disciples had a mission before they had to ask before metastasis take the gospel to the world accepted one we look there at present in a and he said to them it's not for you to know the times and seasons which the father has put his authority and I say to you the issue is not the times and seasons is not the time for seasons God is not called the design of the study and time charts with such specificity that we think we know that these obvious that in the next event he says but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you and what is the purpose of that power to be witnesses to me in Jerusalem you're sitting in Judea Avery Robinson Samaria the next front in the engineer and God said to the disciples the reason you pray the reason you we can ask the reason you see me with an undivided heart the reason you feel your mind with the Word of God is one that is preached the gospel to the world the Holy Spirit will not report out on insurance that has away at the scene complacency and no passion about winning the lost and the latter rain power the spirit to enable our witnessing to lead us to proclaim the gospel and that day is coming Seventh-day Adventist around the world today as I travel I see that that is the day are rising to their destiny there are records around the world you may hear a lot about the church 's latest CNN charges in place and there is a serious group of people that are praying the Holy Spirit and their people young people around the world I need them in Brazil and even in Russia I mean in Africa to meet the needs are in South America there aren't all their pastors and leaving their congregations the finished church today is not told that in Laodicean and maybe your local churches but that's not true I see them around the world there is young people are on their knees praying they are seeking God that repenting of sin they're filling our minds with God 's word there is studying the Bible and these prophecies the legal field this is this gives us hope and write some reason aren't you rather pessimistic about the church is God 's church Jesus said I will build my church in the case of doubt will not prevail against him liberalism is not to prevail God 's word is criticism and altar conservatism that sees something wrong and that's not available QWERTY is secularism is not prevent God 's word is not church is I have always signed the losing side and the Bible says Jesus and I will build my character the reason I'm saying the church is that Jesus healed in some man-made bureaucratic organization Jesus it will feel my will is to be built that will be part of it when you say that Jesus is not now will not prevail in love with the examiner that his sisters here is a vision of the future encourage his first band the new year here is the great work of the is not close with the last manifestation of the power of God markets open custody repeated right the prophecies which were fulfilled in the outgoing and the former rain is great not receiving six eleven at the opening of the gospel are the individual field and the latter rain it is close servants of God are you a servant of God and what that service of God with their faces light up while highlighting up data on their knees praying they did on their knees seeking God and shining with holy consecration will he's in from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of police is all over the world the warning will be given miracles will be wrought SC will be Neil signs and wonders will follow the believer is these is coming but it's not coming into the five steps on our knees seeking God asking the Holy Spirit telling God that we wanted on divided by and do nothing that is in any way displeases him saturating our minds with his were in asking God to fill every nerve tissue and brain cell with his word on these repentant in an e-mail to CNN telling Jesus I want when you urge you and asking him to give us a love for other people the Holy Spirit is poured out on a generation passion for the world I want to be part of a generation if you I got a few gray hairs here I been preaching forty three years like a feel-good sermons left in the yet him Tyler Long I long for the day in the Holy Spirit and latter rain powers for the emphasis of our lives is to be filled with that spirit is to exalt Jesus and to live for him and share his grace with others father thank you for these young people who are just now in the spinal moment for class we seek you with all of our hearts both father we spent just a few seconds opening our hearts to you but this day we want to spend some time quietly alone but with a friend or two seeking you when this first day of the new year father we won this convention to be saturated prayer is we will all is Sabbath comes for the Holy Spirit to report out here we long for dramatic outpouring of this father as we leave this place this weekend these days are to go so quickly send us home to organize prayer groups and Bible study groups in our churches send us some different men and women young people than when we came in may we be part of a final generation that receives your spirit I was out of the world Howard by your grace to share the last warning message in the remnant church with the world we pray in Jesus name this means he was using my audio person working twice a generation of Christ you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. 's wife when not working like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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